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Nokia 6300 review

 Review: March 2007  

Last updated June 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: Our favourite Nokia for years: a classically designed phone with a beautiful stainless steel finish, good multimedia capabilities and really easy to use.

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Nokia's slogan for the 6300 is "Simply beautiful - beautifully simple." The beauty comes from the sleek, classic design with stainless-steel surfaces, and the simplicity reflects the fact that this is an all-round kind of phone: not a smartphone, not 3G, but including all of the functionality that most people want. Sounds like a winner! Could Nokia finally be getting back to what it used to do best - a phone that does just what you want and does it well?

Certainly the phone looks good when you pick it up. It's like the early 6-series Nokia's: exclusive- and expensive-looking, practically designed with a good sized screen and functional keypad, yet updated for 2007 with a 5-way navigation button and high quality colour display. The size is perfect: it's very slim (just 11.7mm) and not too wide, and the weight is enough to make it feel solid and substantial, but not so much that it feels heavy. The keypad is a decent size and is easy to use. The display is exceptional: a high resolution 240 x 320 pixel display with an amazing 16 million colours. On the outside the 6300 ticks all the right boxes.

On the inside, the phone is equipped with all the features that a typical user would expect. The camera is 2 megapixels with an 8x digital zoom and with a video recording function. Enough for casual photography, but not brilliant. There's a music player and an FM radio. A standard Nokia headset is included in the sales package and support for a Bluetooth stereo headset is included. Memory for storing music is limited, with just 7.8 Mbytes of user memory, however you can expand the memory to a maximum of 2 Gbytes by buying a microSD card, which will give you as much memory as an iPod Nano. Both Bluetooth and USB connectivity are supported, and the phone has GPRS and EDGE for fast data downloads. Battery life is below average, which is often the case with superslim phones. The user interface is a standard Series 40 interface, that Nokia users will be used to, but with the latest enhancements. It's basically a very easy phone to use, with everything well thought out and some real attention to detail.

This is our favourite Nokia phone for a long time. It really is beautiful - quality just oozes out of the phone when you pick it up. The metallic finish completes the look, although this may show scratches if not treated carefully. Ergonomics and user-friendliness are good. The strange thing is that Nokia built their reputation with phones like this, but what have they been doing these past few years with their funky but unusable fashion-phones and their buggy brick-like smartphones? Welcome back Nokia! It was worth the wait!

The new Nokia 6303 Classic updates this phone with new features including more memory and improves the battery life too.

Nokia 6300 features include:

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Nokia 6300 camera use - how do you display on screen the image you wish to take?

Asked by Richard H from UK on 26th Jul 2016
To most it may appear a stupid question but are you not able to view the item you want to photograph before you take the image - like any conventional or Digital Camera??

I install fb version 3.4.1 in my nokia 6300. Why can't i change my profile name?

Asked by Joan milby from Philippines on 27th Mar 2016
There's no change profile name in my setting.. I can't open my fb account in other mobile that's why i want to change my profile name.

Nokia 6300 user reviews

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Average rating from 1403 reviews:

Reviewed by Kishori sharan gupta from India(Nagpur) Mahatastra on 1st Nov 2016
Its TO DO LIST make this phone a total business phone. There is to much option in to do list. Any entry can be shift to Calender Directly. 17 option in to do list 18 option in calendar. Only memory is very less. If it could be increase 4 times. Then there won't be any business phone like this.

Reviewed by dzumbululo from south africa on 5th Jul 2016
Nice unbroken cellphone nd very fast in internet *so i love this phone because i started use this phone in 2009 and now i 2016.

Reviewed by Tony from England on 8th Jan 2016
I have just bought a rare version of the 6300, 6300 Sapphire, it is in perfect condition, the metal parts are gold plated 24 caret, it looks amazing.
I just love how simple that this phone is to use, I have ditched my smartphone because of constant nagging emails and location monitoring.
If you are looking for a 6300 Sapphire good luck, only 5000 were made for the whole world.

Reviewed by jim lafferty from scotland on 21st Dec 2015
I have the silver and shinny black got to say great wee phone i have always like nokia they make great phone the 6300 was excellent iv'e still got it 2015 works excellent kept in good condition i have never really liked the fully black i like the silver and black version there still really popular phones today i used to have it on the orange network but from then i switched it to 02 i give it five stars.

Reviewed by Ranjit kumar from India on 28th May 2014
I love this phone. I am using this phone from last 6 years

Reviewed by William from India on 29th Jan 2014
I like this slim phone but,I don't like battery backup & mp4 clips are not works.

Reviewed by Chris Wallker from England on 19th Jan 2014
great phone but doesn't show incoming call id when some one calls that is on the contact list - any suggestions?

Reviewed by Glory from Nigeria on 5th Sep 2013
Have been using it since 2009. There's no issue. It has really lasted long.

Reviewed by bunny from india on 25th Jun 2013
battery backup is very poor.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 12th Apr 2013
Still have this phone - use it between new smartphones. Still makes me smile when I use it. Does what it says on the tin... Battery lasts forever - texts and calls - refreshing change from being bombarded with emails, FB, Twitter, news Feeds etc etc - Whenever I feel a retro moment coming on - out comes the Nokia 6300 :-)

Reviewed by rachel.stark. from tel.aviv on 27th Nov 2012

Reviewed by David from UK on 6th Nov 2012
I have had my 6300 for about 5 years and have never had a problem. I have stored 40 cd's on the 2GB menu....(is that a record?)and use it as a music player cum radio. Obviously I have upgraded so now use the Nokia as a spare phone. It has NEVER let me down. Originally all all black handset, I have recently bought a brand new stainless stel case which was £15 with free fitting and have transformed the phone making it look very slick. Whilst my Sony touch screen has faltered after 3 months I have relied on the 6300 to deliver essentially what I have always wanted....reliability and basic features. A kid at the school I teach in said to me today...."Wow....cool retro phone"......says it all really.

Reply by David from United Kingdom on 26th Feb 2013
I have just brought one of these phones and it needs a new case but the cheapest i have forund a case for is £25 can i ask were did you get yours from?

Reviewed by WILLIAM DEACON from ENGLAND on 30th Aug 2012
I bought my Wife one of these phones and was so taken by it I went and bought myself one.
They ave both been trouble free for years now and are excellent to use and great value for money.

Reviewed by Stonesy from U.K on 25th Apr 2012
I have had one of these phones for 4yrs now and is still going strong.I love it and have been meaning to get another to put aside for a spare.
Well i was passing a charity shop today and guess what i saw?...A brand new boxed Black Nokia 6300 with everything in with it,all for £5-99!! What a bargin i couldn't believe my eyes,and yes everything as expected for a nokia 6300 works fine.
These phones are the dogs I now know that i will have a trouble free phone for years to come.

Reviewed by JOHN from U.K on 15th Apr 2012
First and foremost this phone is just the biz, super smart, easy to use, looks sheek to. I have had smart phones in the past but decided to resort back to a nokia 6300, why you may ask, well you dont have to worry about apps crashing thats one thing and second of all you get plenty of characters in the sms text messaging (1000 to be exact) with a smart phone you only get (160) thats rubbish, especially if like me, you have friends that txt you alot, so well done to nokia, just wish smartphone makers would sort this problem out with their phones, take note all phones makers, do something about this quick.

Reply by LIZ from UK on 16th Apr 2012
I agree with u John, most of us use txt messaging and calls to contact people we care about, after all a phone is supposed to be connecting device not show case piece.

Reviewed by ANNE 1-73 from U.K on 14th Apr 2012
I have been a NOKIA 6300 user for about 4 year`s now, and i have to say this little phone is F A N T A S T I C!!! My workmates all have fancy SMARTPHONES and have all said at some point or another that something wasnt working with their phones and get angry and iritated by them, i can honestly say my phone has NEVER given me any such problem`s, it does exactly what i want it to do with NO cliches, i HIGHLY recommend this phone to anyone looking for a phone that looks good, works well, and is easy to use, in truth i wouldnt trade it in for a BLACKBERRY or an IPHONE, now thats really saying something isn`t it!!!!!!! x :)

Reviewed by Akshay Parab from india on 8th Apr 2012
I use nokia 6300 from last 5 year and it's working fine .only battery create problem it need to be charge frequently after 8 to 10 hour.

Reviewed by slivka81 from UK on 26th Mar 2012
I've had this phone for nearly 4 years now, the best phone I have ever had. I love the steel case, it fell hundreds times and it never broke. Reliable, with enough features ( I don't like all dancing, singing,touch phones).Unfortunately ended up in the washing machine and I am truly gutted. May buy another one, simply because I love it so much.

Reviewed by dillian from philippines on 20th Feb 2012
:-) N6300?
what a very nice phone!!.. i use it for 3 yrs. and it's very impressive.

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 16th Feb 2012
Bought two of these new and boxed via Ebay in 2009. Both phones have been totally reliable and battery life is exceptional still (three years later).

The only thing I've noticed is that the power socket on one of them sometimes sticks out a bit which doesn't stop it working or charging etc. so I came here to see if anyone else has the same.

Reviewed by Pat Cusson from England on 13th Dec 2011
1st nokia to go wrong. Not quite 1 year old & the phone didn't work. I.e I couldn't hear caller & I couldn't hear phone ringing out. Unfortunately only dealing with 'orange' as on a contract. I only need a phone to text & phone occassionally.very disappointing.

Reviewed by selvaraj.s from india on 12th Dec 2011
Nokia 6300 is one of the best and beautiful handset i have used it is simply the best

Reviewed by Tamasin from UK on 7th Dec 2011
Still love my Nokia 6300 - upgraded to something else and found it over-engineered and frustrating for what I mostly use the phone for, calls and texts. This is simple, does the business and it looks good too. Outstanding design and it does what it says it does.

Reviewed by Ahbab hossain (Munna) from Bangladesh on 4th Dec 2011
It is a good phone

Reply by Rick from UK on 16th Feb 2012
Hi Interested to know why only 2 stars if its a good phone? Did you have a problem with the 6300?

Reply by Ray from England on 18th Sep 2012
Yes i also wondered about that....seems a bit strange.

Reply by Phil from uk on 4th Oct 2012
I'd be worried on a review of a 'poor phone' if you rate 2*'s as good !!....?? I think they're great, & wish I knew where to get a Gen.- Gen. Nokia battery from ,not a copy cat 1 that lasts 5-6 hours

Reviewed by Anthony from UK on 29th Sep 2011
I love Nokia 6300. But Something is not right. Recently the phone has been going on and off. There seems to be something wrong with the screen going blank and after a few minutes coming back. This problem has been persistent for the last one week. I'm now considering buying a new phone since i cannot make calls when the screen is on blank mode. What could be causing this? Please Advice. Nokia Enthusiast.

Reviewed by Mohammed Kabir from UK on 23rd Sep 2011
Iam using Nokia 6300, and I love it so much because the phone is qualitative and beautiful, it is also suitable to handle. High speed internet browsing, style, design and screen display of the phone is what makes me love the phone so much.

Reviewed by phil sellers from UK on 23rd Sep 2011
i have owned a nokia 6300 for approx 4 years and wouls say it is probably the best phone i have had. the only 2 negatives for me are the battery life is fairly short and the earpiece volume is quite low.

Reviewed by p chibaya from UK on 14th Sep 2011
this is a good phone

Reviewed by Sam from Elham from UK on 18th Aug 2011
Having gone around the houses with various mobiles i have come back to this little gem of a phone. There is just something about it. I have it in white its really ivory in colour its stunning to be honest with a gel clear case which makes it easier to hold and text with. The blue reminder lights are the biz as they dont stop until you have cleared a message. Unlike the 6303 that do after ten minutes, how silly is that. You can of course turn them off completely if they annoy you in profiles setting. Downside is the small screen but hey you cant have everything. You can still get them easily enough but the white one is superb especially if you are a lass! You can then put a ping clear gell case on it and it looks stunning. Battery life is rubbish but you live with that. Carry a spare in your purse or whatever. Cant beat it why did they ever stop making it?

Reviewed by shahg 4rm pakistan from UK on 16th Aug 2011
i am dis fone 4 2 years an i want to say it is outstanding ................................ buy 1...................................

Reviewed by kesty from UK on 7th Aug 2011
it is good phone

Reviewed by pk from UK on 29th Jul 2011
Very Very Nice Phone!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Tej from UK on 28th Jun 2011
63 is a beautiful phone for look.its headset quality is super.but battery backup is very bad.but it is well good phone

Reviewed by jaeo8987 from UK on 16th Jun 2011
My phone just died yesterday, I'll miss him a lot. Best phone ever

Reviewed by Mr Boxfresh from UK on 15th Jun 2011
love it! its very nice to use, the standard blue theme and the blue side lights for new messages really give this phone a very happy and generally nice interface, the phone is very solid, and will withstand most drops & smashes, the battery life isn't very fantastic, but it'll last a good day or two between charges. The keypad & volume rocker are very easy to use, they are soft but not too soft, the keypad is very easy to use, for the standard nokia user, texting can be very very quick, and signal isn't really a problem as i always have above 2 bars. The internet browser, is very good, it completes all simple tasks, eg checking your social networking site or simply looking something up on wikipedia. But yes, this phone is a very attractive phone to use & i am very happy using it, i may feel a bit down with all of the other people with iphones, and massive sony ericssons, but to be honest, i am very happy with my strong old nokia 6300.

Reviewed by Manish tripathi from UK on 7th Jun 2011
Good display,excellent audio quality,beautiful body but very bad battery backup because of bl-4c battery and do not support mp4 videos,no wifi or 3G

Reviewed by Miguel from UK on 3rd Jun 2011
Im only 10 3/4 ,i jad this phone for about nearly a year now,it was my first phone but i think it rocked,it was slim but the only problem is its got an awful battery life

Reviewed by Suresh from UK on 25th May 2011
head when speaking,...battery low

Reviewed by cindy apeah from UK on 22nd May 2011
5 *starz* kool simplistic phone easy to use no hassle .

Reviewed by chandan tripathi from UK on 19th May 2011
awesome phone

Reviewed by Solin from UK on 14th May 2011
Mobile features are good but battery backup is poor.

Reviewed by TonyKhoa from UK on 12th May 2011
I just bought a new Nokia 6300 .When I turn the power on the screen light not on , but the key light is on .But everything in O.K . Any idea for this problum ? 12-05-2011

Reviewed by jaykumar from UK on 12th May 2011
Nokia 6300 is not a 3g phone so I didn't like this Nokia handset. Please update softward of 6300 to new software including 3g facility.

Reviewed by Dami from UK on 2nd May 2011
A good looking phone

Reviewed by kumar from UK on 5th Mar 2011
I purchased nokia 6300 and loved it for al ong time until it troubled me.. For six months it wprjed fine then i got a problem,Phone is getting restarted itself,I have upgraded the software wice in nokia prooruty showrrom,it works fine for a week or two then the problem repeats.I think it is software failure.

Reviewed by brando from UK on 4th Mar 2011
i used it tell now still working great no worry bou't the battery i have always 4 fully charge battery to replace.

Reviewed by kiran from UK on 17th Feb 2011
Nokia 6300 is a beautiful handset from nokia.2 mega pixel camera with nice clarity. It like very slim. Scrn size 240*320 . Memory slot up to 2 Gb. It is is very useful set. Stailness steeled panel. Also availble in black, silver, chocolate.

Reviewed by Dave, Cramlington from UK on 5th Feb 2011
The very best phone. Shame the battery was not better. Five star rating.

Reviewed by Javed Shah from UK on 5th Feb 2011
Nokia 6300 is really excellent mobile.

Reviewed by zorro from UK on 14th Jan 2011
some of the shortcomings i've experienced are, * it's not a 3G phone *if i use it as a modem it is slow and takes hours to just load a youtube song. *when i connect it to the computer via the USB cable,i have to remove the back flap of the phone in order to plug in the mini USB to the port in the mobile-so the battery might fall off ! *you cant view attachments in your e-mails,so you have to download it to your mobile,connect your mobile to the computer and view it using word or acrobat reader.-nokia 6300 doesnt support word,acrobat reader or flash player. *short battery life. Other than the above draw backs the phone looks smart.if you are going to buy a 6300 then try to get the red metallic phone,because it looks smarter than the black one

Reviewed by tweety from UK on 28th Dec 2010

Reviewed by lynn from UK on 17th Dec 2010
i had this nokia 6300 for 2weeks,poor battery,i had to charge it the next day eventhough i never use the phone,i really hate this unit.had full signal but i coundn't receive any call and same with outgoing call.bad experience for me.hassle.

Reviewed by meer from UK on 26th Oct 2010
i hav nokia 6300,ive never been more satisfied with any of my phones

Reviewed by arbër from Kosovo from UK on 21st Oct 2010
This phone does all the thing i want.It looks good,feels good.I love the simple menu,it has internet,great battery,and its realy outstanding!..NOKIA FOR LIFE

Reviewed by chandra mohan jha from UK on 16th Oct 2010
this is best mobile i ever had after nokiA N73...i give 4 out of 5 coz battery doesnt work longer rest is amazingly beautiful..

Reviewed by dSantosh from UK on 14th Oct 2010
That's why Nokia is famous all over.

Reviewed by NOT URE BUISNESS from UK on 21st Sep 2010
this fone is RUBBISH

Reviewed by Corné from UK on 19th Sep 2010
My 6300 is now over 2 years old, so out of waranty, and all the trouble begins... The front cover wich is able to come of, is starting to come of by itself.. the little plastic clips who holds the cover in place just snaped loose... battery life is bad, and if you're not fast enough with plugging in your power, you have to hope that it will recharge when the power is plugged in... first 2 year were awesome, but this is really iritating...

Reviewed by dondevere from UK on 17th Sep 2010
I've had this phone for two years now and find its not as reliable as I would like it to be. It goes faulty by the fact that the person I am calling can hear me but I cannot hear them. This can be most annoying when you are expecting an important call and have to explain to the person, that you can't hear, what the problem is. Other than that I have found quite a good phone.

Reviewed by bikram from UK on 24th Aug 2010
battery backup is very very very low not more than 24 hours

Reviewed by 6300 from UK on 3rd Aug 2010
every thing is excellent in this mobile... but, battery backup is very very very less......

Reviewed by Professor Sibanda from UK on 26th Jul 2010
i only used a Nokia 6300, but in-terms of sound quality it is the best, but as for now i want to order a new Nokia6303 if you know the prices pliz let me know.

Reviewed by Mr I.S.Morton from UK on 2nd Jul 2010
Had this phone for over 2yrs & simply the best I'v ever had. Does everything that I need without complcation!

Reviewed by bhushan from UK on 29th Jun 2010
it has low battery period so i very angry with this handset & i hate it

Reviewed by ajkeuropean from UK on 24th Jun 2010
Moved from a 6300 to a 5800 then to a Blackberry. I have gone back to my three year old 6300. As a business phone, MP3 player and camera it is quite simply the easiest, most stylish and easiest to carry. I agree the battery life could be better, but having the in car charger and access to a charging point every night, this is not a huge problem for me.

Reviewed by checkmate from UK on 22nd Jun 2010
poor battery life, easilly corrupted, slow on internet. needs a lot of attention. not recommendable for young and the restless....good finish, like the steel touch!!!!

Reviewed by Katrina from UK on 1st Jun 2010
I have had this phone for 3 years now is it is still a very good and stylish phone. Every thing you need is on the Nokia 6300!

Reviewed by donald ezekial tembenu from UK on 1st Jun 2010
this is the best phone and hard but the only problem is the battery

Reviewed by dude from sydney from UK on 20th May 2010
i have had meny nokia before this one has got to be the best one of them all its a great phone have never ever had a problem with this fone at all..phone calls are clear...sms is easy to use best fone nokia ever made....

Reviewed by Sunny Patel from UK on 17th May 2010
Nice Pretty Slim phone with a good screen that can be viewed in direct sunlight. Bad Point - Very Poor Battery Life you would be lucky to get 3 days Max in standby mode (Without using it). Nokia Claim 14.5 day which is non-sense. I did complain to Nokia when I first got it but they said that was normal - Not happy. The second most important thing on a phone should be battery life. when you pull it out of packet you want it to work and not to keep having to charge it constantly. Also other bad point is that you can not even charge from USB port, so you have to buy another charger. My Last phone was a Sony K300 which had approx 2 weeks standby time and cost a lot less to buy. Probably would not buy another nokia unless it had a good battery life.

Reviewed by a b c from UK on 27th Apr 2010
I used it for so long but very very un-happy with it,it has no battery life for long as stated,take too-long to recharge/charge it,and generally its not good any one who is looking for good mobile telephone,i recomended please do not buy this one for any small amount.Very dis-satisfy.sorry about it.

Reviewed by reet from UK on 19th Apr 2010
love my Nokia 6300 and will be gutted when i have to use a different one . best phone that i have ever had .

Reviewed by Tomi from UK on 16th Apr 2010
Still using this and I still have not found anything to replace it! Had mine since they came out have dropped it loads of times but it still works perfectly!

Reviewed by siva from UK on 4th Apr 2010
The 3.2 mega pixel camera integrated into the 6303 does not serve the exact 3.2 clarity. I think tat it may be due to the low cost offered by nokia.A camera short key is necessary.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 1st Apr 2010
Terrible battery life. I have to charge every day. Ridiculously fragile charger plug and socket (socket now refuses to hold in the charger plug after breaking 2 of them).

Reviewed by kasuk from UK on 21st Mar 2010
Love this phone. had it for somewhere between 9 and 18 months before i lost it :( its simple and did everything i wanted it to do - for instance you could set an mp3 as your message tone. (little things like that, you know). but most importantly it never went wrong, once. which a lot of the new function-heavy phones do. Slight downsides are battery life isn't great and the camera is rubbish in low light conditions due to lack of flash. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a decent and robust phone

Reviewed by bjdkj from UK on 17th Mar 2010
it is very very very very bad phone

Reviewed by shive from UK on 13th Mar 2010
i love my nokia 6300 it has everything you need just i wish the camera was a bit better but i love the style,buttons, i could marrie it but then i would get complaints about calling to much!

Reviewed by binda from UK on 11th Mar 2010
had this phone for over 2 years now, and can honestly say it has never let me down. Its a no-nonsense phone. you want to take pictures all the time, browse the net, play games etc then buy something else. If you rely

Reviewed by jings crivvens from UK on 3rd Mar 2010
had this phone for over 2 years now, and can honestly say it has never let me down. Its a no-nonsense phone. you want to take pictures all the time, browse the net, play games etc then buy something else. If you rely on a mobile to make calls and send messages then this is the phone for you. i upgraded last year to a 5800 Xpress Music, but ended up selling it as it was the worst phone ive ever had. back to my trusty 6300 after only 3 months. due another upgrade soon, but i'll be keeping this in the cupboard just in case!

Reviewed by Da slags of lbec from UK on 28th Feb 2010
it is sik i have got thath phone 3 years ago lol

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 28th Feb 2010
worst battery life a phone can ever have

Reviewed by ZAIN from UK on 24th Feb 2010

Reviewed by Peter Moreton from UK on 20th Feb 2010
the phones great, but it would be better if it could warn me of bithdays a week in advance.

Reviewed by ravi from UK on 18th Feb 2010
a little late but this is one of the best phone in the world

Reviewed by annoymus from UK on 15th Feb 2010
this phone is really good but my decided not to work this morning the screen shows all black iwth bits of red and this liquid is coming out of it even when the phone is swith off it vibrates by itself.

Reviewed by Zair from UK on 9th Feb 2010
I have 6300 2 and half of year. This is the best phone which I have ever used. It is easy to use, very strong. I have dropped it too many times. Even from 2 meters of height. It didn't make me sad even then. But one day after I have used it in -5 celsius it lost its front nikkel pannel. I have looked for new nokia phone. But there is no other model which I can choose. I do not need more functionality. And also SAR value is very nessesary for me(6300 SAR=0.6, you can use 2 6300 together but not apple's iToys(SAR=0.8~1.4)). Even it has lost its front panel I can not decide what new phone to buy. Another 6300 ?. I do not know. I use it without front nikkel panel :).

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 26th Jan 2010
This phone is rubbish if you want to listen to music or anything out of the headphones, because after a few months the phone doesn't register that you have plugged in the headphone. Don't buy this phone, it's boring, rubbish and a waste of time.

Reviewed by LF from UK on 18th Jan 2010
this mobile is great! Nothing to complain :) I would not trade or change this mobile for any other even if it were better phones, nokia 6300 is surprisingly good and I never got dissapointed of this phone. :) Winrar, Mig33, Micro Counter strike, 50 3D games and much more stuff make this phone basically a portable pc

Reviewed by G from UK on 12th Jan 2010
well, had this 6300 phone for 3 yrs and very good indeed it is too! no complaints apart from would be better if battery last longer, which is why im finally thinking of upgrading, but to a similar model. this, hwever is good quality no nonsense phone, primarily for purpose of phoning people, being reliable and looking reasonably nice! it does these things very well! I think you should review what you said about the 6700 being great and reliable at the end of the 6300 review, in view of the huge numbers of customer complaints about its reliability!

Reviewed by Tiarnán from UK on 10th Jan 2010
i own a 6300 and it's like a toyota hilux......indestructible i dropped it like 5billion times and it still works and it fell into a river and still works its an outstanding phone

Reviewed by disgruntled from UK on 10th Jan 2010
The phone was fantastic until i got over 1,000 msgs (inbox and sent items combined) the phone then proceeded to freeze every 2mins, it seems it cannot handle that many msgs and will never load them so i can delete them. nokia care centre very helpfully flashed the phone, conveniently losing all my contacts and msgs. 3 months later, it does it again! my old ericson had over 3,000 msgs in the inbox and never skipped a beat.

Reviewed by Tony Achum from UK on 5th Jan 2010
Excellent phone. Its exquisite finish, durability, functions, and ease-of-use make it very very good. However the underside of the screen has the tendency to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt; I've not been able to clean it.

Reviewed by sahr from UK on 1st Jan 2010
simply outstanding

Reviewed by Agne from UK on 31st Dec 2009
Best ever mobile.

Reviewed by hameed from UK on 30th Dec 2009
I like nokia 6300 this nokia is very good

Reviewed by MALCOLM from UK on 29th Dec 2009

Reviewed by ankammarao from UK on 26th Dec 2009
above excellent mobile

Reviewed by alan from UK on 24th Dec 2009
Had this phone 2 years and its very robust.If it ever wears out i will buy another.outstanding build quality and its pretty to look at.

Reviewed by Kiran from UK on 23rd Dec 2009
Hi Iam using Nokia 6300 Everything is good with this mobile other than video player... It is not able to play mp4 video files with good resolution... If Nokia Can fix this problem then 6300 will be their one of top mobiles..

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