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Nokia 6288 review

 Review: November 2006  

Last updated June 2009

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: A 3G slide phone from Nokia, the 6288 is an attractive phone available in a high gloss black or white finish.

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The Nokia 6288 is an updated version of the 6280 3G slide phone. It has a high gloss finish, available in black or white, and is an attractively styled slide phone.

On paper, the 6288 is identical to the 6280. The one difference is that the 6288 ships with a larger 512 Mbyte card.

The 6288 is a high-end phone with most of the features found on a smartphone, except that it uses a fast Series 40 operating system instead of a Symbian operating system. It comes equipped with an excellent 2 megapixel camera with a flash and digital zoom, and a second VGA camera for video recording and for making video calls. The display was one of the best on the market at the time of launch - a TFT display with 320 x 240 pixels and 262,144 colours.

The phone comes with a stereo music player compatible with MP3, MP4, AAC and eAAC+ formats, as well as an FM radio. With a 512 Mbyte memory card you can store plenty of tracks, and the memory card can be expanded further if desired.

The 6288 is fully specified with features such as enhanced voice dialling, a voice recorder, an integrated handsfree speaker, email and Nokia Xpress audio messaging. There are three 3D Java games supplied with the phone - 3D Rally, 3D Golf & 3D Snake and you can download more.

The 3G connection is fast, and the phone also supports EDGE for fast downloads in 2G mode. Connectivity is excellent, with Bluetooth, USB and infrared all supported.

The old 6280 was an unreliable phone and users reported all kinds of problems with it. Nokia have evidently worked on this and the 6288 is a more reliable phone, but still not up to scratch. Three issues prevent us from recommending this phone - first the battery life is not very good - secondly, a number of users are reporting problems with the phone shutting down by itself, which reminds us of the software problems that the 6280 suffered from - and thirdly, the phone is simply not durable, with many users experiencing problems with the slide mechanism in particular, but also with the LCD screen breaking.

Nokia 6288 features include:

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Nokia 6288 user reviews

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Average rating from 590 reviews:

Reviewed by bryan nangana from cameroon on 4th Sep 2014
Internal memory is very small

Reviewed by Michael from Nigeria on 3rd Sep 2014
I dont like the phone and there are three reasons for it. 1...unreliable battery that couldnt last 5minutes,it doesnt cut bars from 3 battery bars to 2 and to 1.but it does cut every 3battery bars resulting to short time low battery.. 2...Application error.. Most of the applications i needed, i downloaded it and i couldnt display it. e.g....operamini....real football, uc browser.nd so on. 3.....Hanging:the phone usually hangs and it will shows white light and it on's itself again...nonsense....thanks to nokia for the problem the've given me by buying this useless phone.,...."i will NEVER buy a nokia phone again"

Reviewed by Wylie from Portugal on 3rd Sep 2012
Waste of money. It goes into programs by itself, starts beeping for no reason, the keyboard will just stop working. I am replacing it tomorrow with something much less expensive that works.

Reviewed by Dr Q from Britain on 1st Jan 2012
To put it in short, I was a lost man before I received my Nokia 6288. Friends had deserted me, my family had disowned me and I had an aunt who was suffering from cancer and I was looking for a new job wihtout much success. I stood in the rain for hours searching for a phone that would match my needs for animated wallpaper, infra-red capacity, Bluetooth and radio, but all I could find was the same i-Phone fever, into which so many hapless people were drawn. As I returned home one day, drenched to the bone and with my last vestige of hope draining away, one of my friends offered me a phone. I looked up and he threw it to me across a crowded room. As the phone arced across the room, I had a fleeting moment, only a moment, but it was enough, to recognise its sleek lines, its 2 megapixel camera which glinted in the dim fluorescent lights of the room and its superb large screen display. Suddenly, the world looked brighter. I felt the weight of the phone and it seemed balanced and light. At that very moment, the sky cleared its clouds and rays of blinding sunshine fell upon the fully MP3 capable phone. My heart almost missed a beat in my excitement. The house phone rang - my aunt's cancer had gone into full remission. I stood up to my full height of 5'7" and declared in a stentorian tone:'Times are a changin' and they were! Within 24 hours I was offered the job that I had craved for years. My family then rallied around me once again, eager to explore the depths of mystery that is the Nokia 6288. I found new popularity as strangers smiled at me shyly as I held the 6288 aloft in my hand through the sunsine-filled streets. Everything changed that fateful day. Some call it sheer damned luck. I call it the Nokia 6288....

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 1st Jan 2012
Glad to hear your Aunt is feeling better.

Reviewed by Akinyemi from UK on 26th Oct 2011
I used the 6288 Nokia phone.It really gave me a lot of problem.I am thinking of buying Nokia x3.And recycling my 6288.The 6288 phone switch itself off.Can i know the point in Nigeria were Nokia phones are refurbished or recycled.

Reviewed by binaya dahal from UK on 3rd Jun 2011
I really like this s.ph.

Reviewed by gan from UK on 4th Nov 2010
am not happy with nokia 6288 because there are lots of problems with it which I will list below 1. phone switches off automatically and thanks to nokia I am forced to miss all my calls and text messages. 2. For some reason, when I make calls, message comes call not allowed , I have to switch the phone off and then switch on again before I make calls. 3. Nokia refuses to provide software update or S40 operating system incase the phone crashes. Since I have paid for the phone, I have written to an operating system cd so that I can reinstall the S40 operating system. 4. Speaker sound goes dead because the usb cord used to connect the phone to the pc has faulty contacts which mutes the sound. I never want to buy a Nokia phone again

Reviewed by Sawera naz from UK on 2nd Oct 2010
I love it this is best.

Reviewed by Jay from UK on 15th Sep 2010
Nokia 6288 is a good phone and perfect phone

Reviewed by Bill from UK on 7th Sep 2010
Glad I never viewed these reviews before I bought the phone. Three years and still works flawlessly although styling and camera quality show their age its reliability and bluetooth functionality have had me revert back after trying newer nokias. About to try another new nokia lets see how long it lasts.

Reviewed by Soni from UK on 26th Jul 2010
It's such a good phone to keep as a back up but I must admit the battery life is really weak after a long period. However it only cost less than $10 to buy a new one of ebay. So overall, I love this phone.

Reviewed by Akon from UK on 17th Jun 2010
Am always disappointed with the battery life sperm. I have up to six battery which i used for 3 hours or so. Why?. Ve searched around even to the nokia distributors centre, still the same. It's only the battery am fed up about. Can't any thing be done?.

Reviewed by ghostrider from UK on 9th Jun 2010
i have this phone for 3 years STILL IT LOOKS NEW wow great phone and the battery i changed because some one thrown it in the glass to see what happens lol so its cool lives for MANY years!!!1

Reviewed by 7032398062 from UK on 16th May 2010
The phone is good but the proble i have with it is that is not portable to use in terms of its large body and it can not be use for security like other nokia phones that is flat.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 22nd Apr 2010
I love this phone. It is compact, easy to navigate, has all the features I want (phone, text, plenty of storage, and a camera with surprisingly good photographs and video capability), as well as some features I don't want (internet access, music). Great value for money. Yes, I have to charge it each day that I use it, but you just have to be organised and take your charger with you, and that's fine unless you travel abroad a lot. It works equally well in Spain, France, Germany and Britain. All in all a terrific little phone.

Reviewed by Ray from UK on 4th Apr 2010
Well i have owned a Nokia 6288 for nearly two Years now, Its worked fine,only one problem is the batt life,Very short,I never go out with my charger for the car.

Reviewed by saha jamal from UK on 7th Mar 2010
before three years i used thiis phone but my in one accident my phone is breaked up but stil i am looking for the nokia 6288 but i am not getting in india, may be after few days we will go the singapore then may be i will get there. but main thing is that after using this phone i dont want to use any kind of another phone.

Reviewed by RAYMOND from UK on 3rd Mar 2010
I LIKE my phone I HAD MINE FOR ALMOST 3 YEARS THE ONLY THING JUST STARTED is a battery, you charge it but once you get a call it just switch itself off, but it is a good phone

Reviewed by Lefttestie from UK on 28th Feb 2010
Wont reconise format?

Reviewed by shizad from UK on 2nd Dec 2009
good phone

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 19th Nov 2009
Had this phone for 5 months and the screen died completely. Don't even bother.

Reviewed by rey from UK on 30th Oct 2009
the ribbon connecting the LCD cuts easily when its accidentally folded..then its gone blach out ewwwwwwwwwwww

Reviewed by Dibongz from UK on 30th Sep 2009
i don't even know where to start u know,nokia 6288 is the best phone i never had,the other day the taxi driver was in a hurry and i wanted to ake a picture of the table mt.in cape town.Because i had my Nokia 6288 i was able to take the picture although the taxi was in a high speed,do u know what i did?i just zoomed-in the whole table mountain and even now i still have got that nice,clear and smart picture.Just try the Nokia 6288,you'll see what i mean cheers.

Reviewed by Gladys from UK on 28th Sep 2009
This is th best fone,iv used.t has evlythng u need.

Reviewed by Sheila from UK on 17th Sep 2009
I have one of these phones and have found in the 18 months that I have had it, I have not experienced the phone shutting down. I admit the battery life is not fantastic, but in reality what phone is. The only problem I have had is that on occasions it was not possible to hear it ringing. This was solved by turning the phone off and then on again.

Reviewed by priya from UK on 8th Sep 2009
I like the Nokia 6288, its been a great fone. Only issue is that the battery does need charging quite often. Apart from that the phone slides really well and you can easily text other people with it because the buttons are great and easy to use. I am also pleased with the glossy look of the phone, which still remains after ages. Nokia 6288 could be improved by making it slightly slim and by having a bigger internal memory.

Reviewed by ameer ali shah from UK on 5th Sep 2009
so beautiful camera result i ma satsfied

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 31st Aug 2009
Terrible phone, loved it when I first got it when it came out because it was my first slider and was going from a budget Sharp GX17. After using it for a short while it was a pain, not only was it very buggy it was very sluggish and unresponsive to use when compared to other phones of same price or even cheaper. Camera is absolutely terrible quality at best (when compared to others like the Sony Ericsson's of the same price and age) and media functions are average and suck the life out of the battery quicker than you can enjoy using them. Only things I liked about it were the size of the screen, playing games on it (before the battery would go flat, not long) and the lists of details you could put in the phone book. Over the 3 years I have owned it I tried to keep it going for sentimental reasons and because I didn't want to admit to myself how bad it really was, I think I would have spent triple the phones value at least getting it repaired many times and even trying brand new batteries in it to no avail. This phone put me off multimedia phones and I am buying a Nokia 8910 now instead, that phone is simple, reliable, tough, and a whole lot more stylish than any of the current Nokia's in my opinion. If I wasn't getting this older Nokia I would be switching to Sony Ericsson for sure which are phenomenally better phones, I'm never buying a new model Nokia again.

Reviewed by LEE from UK on 11th Aug 2009
yes this is an all round good phone but i dnt agree with the 6mb internal memory, but apart from that every thing is good and simple to use!

Reviewed by N/A from UK on 11th Jul 2009
when it works it will do but it is not reliable ive had it for a couple of weeks and the screen has broke about 5 times and it has gone all funny

Reviewed by Nicolaj from UK on 31st May 2009
after a while it starts turning off when you make or recieve a call.. as if there was no battery left... but when you reboot it the batterys full... major malfunction.. dont buy this phone !:. after having it send to repairs for the 3rd time now they still havent fixed the "unexplanable" issue..

Reviewed by Majesda from UK on 13th May 2009
This phone is great phone, but because of the use of fast Series 40 operating system instead of a Symbian operating system (like with the 6280) you cannot make use of the FREE Skype to Skype calls on the 3G UK network, which is more than unfortunate! I managed to force the 6280 version of Skype onto the 6288, but voice calls used my minutes/credit up instead of it being FREE so it ended up being pointless, but I can get FREE IM over Skype on 6288 with 3! So my advice is stick with the 6280 as the extra memory and slightly faster OS is not worthy of an upgrade to a phone that still looks the same, especially if you cannot make use of the amazing FREE Skype calls for life that 3 UK are currently offering which is compatible with it's lesser version the 6280!

Reviewed by john cardall from UK on 4th May 2009
dear sir ,in spite of the revue I like this phone but can anyone tell me how I can take my pictures onto my computer please

Reviewed by me from UK on 1st May 2009
ok i did think this phone was good for the firs year i had it but after this time it kept shorting out nd this white screen came up and it takes foreve to reboot... i called the company and thy told me to reset my factory settings nd that didn't work so i cant use my phone for more than 5 minuets without it shorting out. if u want a phone for only a year then yeah its good and easy to use with a good battery life but after a year it messes up

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 14th Apr 2009
Best phone ever!!!! no disappointments... 1 word 2 describe dis phone is 'FANTASTIC'

Reviewed by Julie from UK on 4th Apr 2009
had this phone 18 months now. i find the keypad difficult to text off. preferred my 6680. however, my phone has had a tough life. it has been dropped numerous times. has been full of dog hair, horse hair and bits of hay and straw and it has never complained. i have had the odd problem where i have had to switch it off and back on but then it has been fine. if it was easier to text off then it would be the perfect phone. battery life is fine.

Reviewed by bilal ahmed from UK on 30th Mar 2009
i have purchase Nokia 6288.its very good mobile.i m so satisfy.thanx nokia team

Reviewed by Michael Dodds from UK on 27th Mar 2009
I have been very happy with this phone paricularly the heaphone sound quality and camera picture quality. I would have given it 5 stars but it does reboot every so often and occassionally locks me out so I have to remove the battery several times before it lets me back in. It has been dropped a fair few times though in fairness.

Reviewed by Flynn from UK on 24th Mar 2009
Pretty bad phone, out of all the bad phones that i have had this one causes the most grief. Sometimes it charges, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it tells me I have voicemail when I actually don't. It turns on and off when it feels like it. You know when you just want a phone that works? This isn't it...

Reviewed by Abeera from UK on 8th Mar 2009
ive had this phone for over a year now, my contract finishes next week. so im getting a new phone. this phone is brilliant!! good camera, good sound and everything, only this is, that my front cover and back cover like came of.. and i have to use tape to stick the back cover on agen, and the front cover, well, when it came off... it snapped, but that may have been my fault as i kept dropping it on the pavement outsdie, other than that, its a good phone!!!!!

Reviewed by Jean Yorke from UK on 25th Feb 2009
Had it for two years, and love it!! So far have not had even one problem!

Reviewed by STEVE R from UK on 17th Feb 2009
Battery only lasts 3 HOURS AFTER A FULL CHARGE, my camera is always stuck on standby mode. Apart from the 2 faults the phone is very good.

Reviewed by naqeeb isthiark from UK on 17th Feb 2009
awsme fone

Reviewed by Iain from UK on 23rd Jan 2009
I've had this phone with 3 network. Can't use it in the house so its costing me to use the landline. I find the battery life is very short. Suggests 280 hours above (11-12days), i'm lucky if it lasts 3 days. Otherwise it works fine. Not had any problems with things dropping off it, like others on this site even though I dropped it a few times.

Reviewed by user from UK on 22nd Jan 2009
its tehe best phone.I have used it 2jears and i dont got eny problems

Reviewed by steven from UK on 9th Jan 2009
it is the worst phone i have had i only had it about a month and now the screen does not work

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 30th Dec 2008
ive had this fone for roughly a year, and i have to say it is the worst fone ive ever seen!! at first everything seemed good. but then after id had the fone for about 4 months, everything screwed up. the navigation buttons completely fell off and would not go back on. closely followed by the screen. then the keypad cracked. and then just recently the screen completely shattered when i pressed the power button!! also, battery life, signal strength and file transfering is completly rubbish. if you are thinking of buying this fone, DONT!!!! it is the WORST piece of junk ive ever held in my hands and im so glad my contract just ran out!!!!!

Reviewed by gowtham u.k from UK on 12th Dec 2008

Reviewed by Kelly from UK on 9th Dec 2008
this site never gives nokias good ratings and i think they are way better then sony ericssons because nokias been going longer... have they got something against nokia sorry for posting it here

Reviewed by charlotte from UK on 6th Dec 2008
i found this phone to be rubbish, it is just coming up to a year since i got it and it has completely broken, the screen freezes, the phone restarts every few minutes nad worst of all the screen turns upside down. i wouldnt advise you to get it.

Reviewed by tommy from UK on 27th Nov 2008
i think it is a great phone and it has got everthibg u would need so but this phonr as quick as possible

Reviewed by JoJo from UK on 21st Nov 2008
the nokia 6288 is a copy of the old nokia phones. but a slide, it has bluthooth, usb connection and all the other things. its batteries dies like in one day. the memory card is to big if only it was a micro sd.. it says micro sd but its something else. i dont like this phone. thats why im selling it on ebay!!!

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 11th Nov 2008
I adore this poor phone.. but it's cost me. Two LCD screens at $110 a pop.. and now the damn thing won't turn on.. extremely long boot-up time, and a stiff slider (better once I got the green tea out of it though).. However, the interface is wonderful. It's easy to use, looks good, and great to text with. I'm afraid that mine is on its last legs, which does make me sad.. I've dropped it more times than I can count, and it doesn't seem to have broken it too badly. I wouldn't pay actually money for it, but getting it "free" on a phone contract isn't a bad way to go. Pity it's basically outdated now.

Reviewed by Krys_x from UK on 10th Nov 2008
BAD phone!! yea its fine for the first couple of months but then it starts stuffing out had two friends that had the same problems so not worth getting!! would recommend getting it if you were only gonna have it for a month or so!!! BEWARE!! xO'

Reviewed by me from UK on 8th Nov 2008
i had one of these and it was really dodgy second one is fine no problems so far, i love this phone. outdated now tho :(

Reviewed by misho from UK on 6th Nov 2008
i love my mobile but its size is very large also i can't accelerate any soundclip and i have problem on making tracks but it is the best

Reviewed by James from UK on 24th Oct 2008
I'm finally getting rid of this awful thing tomorrow! im on the 3 network. the signal is awful, it fluctuates from 3g to nothing in seconds, it freezes and turns off after i receive messages. if i ever go out of signal (which is very often) it fails many times to re-connect to the network, so i miss important calls/texts! also its incredibly flimsy! im now on my third internal screen, and ive spent 95 on repairs during my contract, money that i could have used to get a better contract with a better phone. i have also had it repaired when navigational buttons and the backlight stopped working, the flash on the camera turned on, wouldnt turn off, overheated and melted the back panel, during a call! yesterday it decided that the memory card was no good and rejected it for no reason (it had been in the slot for months). even the music player was rubbish, it would only let you scroll through a list of songs (which were set in the order they were put on the phone - no artist search, no way to quickly find something) which took forever and was ridiculous when other nokias of much lower spec had a better music player. if you ever see one of these dont ever EVER buy one! nokia, what a joke of a phone.

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 21st Oct 2008
Terrible phone, on a terrible network, 3! I've had 2 put up with the phone freezin, not switchin on, backlight lasting only 8 seconds, battery lasting a couple of hours, quite possibile the worse phone ever made! Its very poor from nokia. DON'T BUY!!!

Reviewed by dick from UK on 19th Oct 2008
it is awesome

Reviewed by Billy from UK on 15th Oct 2008
Both my wife & I have this phone and have had no problems with it at all. Would recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 4th Oct 2008
worst phone ever ive gone through 3 in 12 months because they kept breaking enough said

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 30th Sep 2008
I'm waiting to send mine back for repairs. All round this phone is a Jack-Of-All-Trades. But as a phone itself the quality is poor. It's sound quality is good but without headphones it is pretty useless. No games supplied in my contract (Hardly bothered anyway XD) But it also has a terrible heating problem. I've seen it overheat quite a lot in my pocket, to the extent once or twice i have been scolded. Another problem is the ol' rusty slider. After spending a day in the rain, the darn thing had never been the same. I'd have more chance wrestling an alligator than sliding it up and down. If you want a cheap all-trades gadget and don't mind getting the occasional burn and don't use it in the rain, you'll be set.

Reviewed by Lachlan from UK on 28th Sep 2008
Okay I have this phone and It's not that good. But its good how it has alot of memory and a memory card! My phone has been serviced 3 times now and it brakes and turns off all the time!Its quite annoying. Soon Im going to get a Hiptop slide :D Thankyou Lachlan :D

Reviewed by Geofrancis from UK on 15th Sep 2008
I have had this phone for 18 months now and have just upgraded to a nokia 6500 slide. the main reason i got it was i have always had nokias and they have been the most reliable phones ive had and i wanted one that the covers could be changed if i dropped it. the only problems i have had is: 1. the plastic over the screen cracked from just being in my pocket with my keys. but it was easily replaced, any harder and the lcd would have been damaged 2. the signal this phone gets is poor and it would lose the signal randomly usually just after a call or sometimes during a call and takes about 20 seconds to reacquire it. 3. battery life is not great on this phone my old 6610i would get 2 weeks between charges if i was easy on it, this struggles to get over 3 days. i got mine on a 15 a month contract with three and compared to much more expensive phones it has got nearly the same features 3g/2 megaspixel camera/mp3 and mp4 player

Reviewed by sally from UK on 14th Sep 2008
had thisn phone since march and had nothin but problems with it. Not only is the battery useless but it resets its self and loses the signal to the point where it needs to be reset at least once a day. not just me my friend bought 3 of them for her daughters and they do the same thing.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 12th Sep 2008
I have had the phone about 5 months now and it has already been sent off for repairs when it was only 1 month old because it kept freezing and turning itself off. It now needs sending away for repairs again because of the same problem 2 months later. But now there are even more problems with it. these include: keeps turning itself off, keeps saying 'sim card registration failed' then cuts off all my signal, the case is broken, screen cracked and broken, a very loose slide machanism, keeps freezing. It's a VERY POOR phone so i advise you to stay well away.

Reviewed by bob. from UK on 12th Sep 2008
outstanding 5 starzz

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 7th Sep 2008
i have had this phone on contract for about 9 months, and already i am having problems. the screen quality isnt great, its okay but they could do alot better, the size is good though. after a period of time the phone does start to stop working altogether, you buy a phone to call and text people and my phone just wont do that, even with full signal, it still manages to not send or recieve messages when you want them. also the battery life is hardly great. i really think sony ericsons are much better value for money so i advise you to go for one of those phones as this one is of very poor quality. i would say its the worst made by nokia, past ones have been better.

Reviewed by dj from UK on 7th Sep 2008
its terrible!! im on hold to three as we speak. ive had nothing but problems, and everyone i know with one has as well

Reviewed by Angit from UK on 31st Aug 2008
This phone is very good, got it 18months ago, never had to go into repair, and i dropped many times but i still kept running, software is quick and reliable, texting is easy, sound quality is fairly clear, however overtime it started to get worse, only problem i had was that the slider wasn't very smooth and was kind of jerky, other than that, great phone, would reccomend it to anyone who wants a simple and reliable phone.

Reviewed by Fay from UK on 28th Aug 2008
This phone is brilliant, it is so reliable, i mean i dropped it from 25 feet acidently and the screen didn't even break! BUY IT NOW!

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 24th Aug 2008
I've had this phone for about 8 months now and I love it, has everything you need. Only issue I have is that I need a bigger memory card! Much better than my old LG flip, that thing was terrible.

Reviewed by Lei from UK on 24th Aug 2008
Very poor in quality. My phone's battery drained then the time I charged and started in it wont start up normally it just stopped on the welcome message. I had it repaired a week a go, then it just happened again.

Reviewed by azzie from UK on 22nd Aug 2008
Dear God please don't buy this phone! I bought one at the end of last year and it died the first day I had it, replaced with the same phone (stupid stupid) and it was gone again within 4 months! Sent for fix and gone again 4 months later (notice a pattern?)Not to mention the battery haveng to be replaced somewhere in the middle of all this 'cos the damn thing switched itself off whenever it felt like it! I also agree about the burning sensation when using it - it gets incredibley hot! Please spend your hard earned cash on a decent reliable phone - NOT THIS ONE! If I could I would give it less than one star.

Reviewed by bekki from UK on 21st Aug 2008
had nothing but problems with the phone. Crashes and never has signal. People on the same network can have full signal and i dont even have emergency calls lol. dont buy

Reviewed by jackie from UK on 21st Aug 2008
i also have just purchased a nokia 6288 my problem with the phone is it wont let me use bluetooth any help would b appreciated.

Reviewed by Makhsudul from UK on 19th Aug 2008
That is a bit odd because I always listen to music on the phone and i get to charge it every two days, although it depends on how much you use the phone, but i use my fone a lot. if used for calling only the battery life will last you around a week and if you use it for both listening to music and phone calls, then it will last you a maximum of two days. So if you are a normal calling person then this is probably your best and cheapest option. At its price it is probably the best phone around.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 16th Aug 2008
I should have read the reviews beofre i got this phone. I have had the phone two months and the screen is cracked. I would not mind if I had thrown the phone about but I picked the phone up put it down and the screen was cracked. NO pressure at all. The carphone warehouse wanted to charge me 45 to fix this fault. Under the consumer sales act this phone is not fit for purpose and is not of satisfactory quality. do not by this phone

Reviewed by :( from UK on 15th Aug 2008
I experienced many problems with this phone and I had it less than 12 months. I would not recommend any of the newer type nokia, as the screens are so easily damaged. Not a good phone.

Reviewed by Joanne from UK on 15th Aug 2008
Do not buy this phone!

Reviewed by Leanne from UK on 15th Aug 2008
Had this phone less than 12 months and the screen has gone wrong again as with my previous Nokia. The light has gone so in order to see the screen you need light (such a pain.) It has put me right of buying another Nokia phone as I prefered my previous Samsung. I like the messaging features, I'll give it that. Music player is just a pain. Not bad camera but that's no use to me as I can hardly see the screen! Wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy!

Reviewed by Makhsudul from UK on 15th Aug 2008
i think this phone is really good for listening to music only thing i would pick up on is the camera sometimes it is fuzzy but other than that as a normal day to day phone absolutely fantastic!!! The mp3 is just top-class.(That's from someone who is an apple ipod lover!!!!)

Reviewed by Michael Q from UK on 15th Aug 2008
Hi, I have been using the Nokia 6288 for over a year, all the functions work well, no problems whatsoever. If used simply for phonecalls, the battery life is fantastic, almost a week without charging! Treated with respect, it serves me well, still in fantastic condition, a strong and sturdy handset. Although its an older model, I like it.

Reviewed by Richard Large from UK on 15th Aug 2008
Although the phone has good reception in my opinion it's not that good a phone. The battery life is poor, the battery has to be charged every other day. The software still has the same problem as the old 6280 and the phone will switch itself off, even with key lock on. So far I've had the screen replaced three times as the cover is so flimsy that anything pressing on the cover will crack the screen. I even went to the extreme of sticking a piece of perspex across it to stop it happening. The sim card cover is not strong enough and has fallen off mine.

Reviewed by Chris Irvine from UK on 10th Aug 2008
I really did like this phone when i had it but suddenly the screen went all bad and is broken. Nokia also wont give me a replacement because they seem to think i throw my phone at passing traffic.

Reviewed by Lloyd from UK on 8th Aug 2008
This phone is one of the most inconsistent phones I have ever used. On a contract with three, and have had it for 14 months now, but after 6 or so it started having issues with reading sim cards, and has tendencies to crash, reset itself and generally have a "hissy fit". However, when it functions properly, it can be a good phone, which has a variety of features.

Reviewed by Malcolm from UK on 4th Aug 2008
Great phone. Big screen, huge memory for storing txts. (at least 2000 in inbox). Fun image editor allows you to add text, pictures, frames to your pictures. However sometimes when taking a picture with the camera the quality lowers after taking it plus has a very small memory. If you're getting this phone make sure to get a miniSD card. Not Micro, MINI SD card.

Reviewed by Sylvie from UK on 4th Aug 2008
When I first bought the phone it was flawless. But after about 8 months, it started to turn itself off in the middle of calls. The battery life is appalling and doesnt last very long. I however have to give kudo for the camera. It's pretty good for 2 megapixels. My friend also has a 2mp camera but on a different phone. When we compared pictures, the 6288 turned out to better. Overall, I recommend you go for another phone.

Reviewed by harriot from UK on 4th Aug 2008
phones have got really good over years so glad this phone is allright but not as good as new phones. nokia and sony ericsson phones are my faveroit tipe of phones they rule

Reviewed by joe from UK on 2nd Aug 2008
this is the worst phone ive ever had it breaks all the time and everyone i know that has one it has had the same happen to them

Reviewed by amy from UK on 23rd Jul 2008
rubbish phone!! had mine fixed 3 times and the back light keeps braking! so annoying sometimes when i slide the phone up the back light works, other times it doest, cant wait till my contract runs out hate the phone so much!! the screen is very fragile and the Chrystal display behind the screen always rakes i spent 40 gettin mine fixed twice for the same reason :@

Reviewed by Anoymous from UK on 22nd Jul 2008
I have been useing the older versuon of this phone. The 6280 phone is brilliant..It's perfect and very easy to use. Its not complicated anyone can figure how to work it oyut. My mu did! she has no idea about phones and even she agreed that it was very easy. I would give it a 5. But it's a 4 from me because i love my music but it's not loud enough for me and it is a little blocky. But truely It is a great phone.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 22nd Jul 2008
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! Me and 5 of my friends had this phone and all of them broke within 6 months. The software is verrry poor so the phone starts to turn itself off, refuse to send texts, freeze, go funny coloured on the screen etc. Thr battery life is rubbish and the screen breaks with the smallest bit of pressure. The plastic casing of the phone cracks constantly and the buttons ware of quickly. I will never buy another Nokia.

Reviewed by shahid kamal from UK on 20th Jul 2008
Sorry, but I want to start first with 6280. I got nokia 6280 about one and half years ago. Its convenient to use and I liked it BUT one day I noticed that the screen has gone blank. I sent it for repair and nearly lost all the contacts in phone book. One of my friends has got 6288 which is the newer version of 6280. She had the same problem. I would say that this is an easy to use, but unreliable phone and I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PHONE TO ANYBODY.

Reviewed by Terry from UK on 13th Jul 2008
I currently have this phone purely because I'm still paying the contract fee! The screen has cracked 3 times, its froze at the moment and its gone all fuzzy with different colours.. bad times! Definately not buying a nokia again

Reviewed by alex from UK on 10th Jul 2008
this phone is awsome

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 5th Jul 2008
I've had the 6288 for 18months now and I've found it to be reliable and easy to use. Admittedly not the smallest of phones, the sliding action makes it feel compact and it doesn't feel a burden in the pocket. As with most Nokia phones it is very easy to use and sticks close to what you would expect from a Nokia. I have never used the music features and occasionally use the camera (which is absolutely adequate) - making me probably a typical Nokia customer - all I want is a phone that does the basics well....... Easy phone calls, texting etc. The 6288 does all the basics well and if I had one criticism it would be the batttery life. Overall pleasing.

Reviewed by Sami Beck from UK on 5th Jul 2008
This phone is overall a big dissapointment as the music it plays is not loud and it is slow oh and to top it off the screen broken when i put it on a table

Reviewed by Saqib, Bahrain from UK on 5th Jul 2008
The phone was good for the first few months when i bought it an year back, then it started having problems...the screen went off, the java games dint work, after 3 vists to the dealers they changed the set finally..was happy that i got a brand new one but it was only good for 5 months and then it started agian the screeen went black when the slide was open and den the second day it was black wid the slide closed nd the 3rd day it was total black out...took it back but this time the gurantee had finished. they asked to change the screen which would cost me half the price of the 2nd hand set... Worst phone ever !! dont buy

Reviewed by elle from UK on 30th Jun 2008
this phone was great in the beginning..but at this point in time i have to say its the worst nokia phone i have ever had..on the 1st day of the 8th month of having it, i strtd experiencing problems with the screen..it changes colour or goes all fuzzy like a tv with bad signal or the screen just goes blank and i gotta bang on it cause it takes too long to get back to normal! it really is annoying! im taking it for repairs whilst i await my N95..

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