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Nokia 6260 review

 Review: October 2004  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6260 is a business-orientated smartphone with a range of interesting features.


One of the characteristics of the 6260's clamshell design is the rotating screen which can be rotated to a number of positions - open, closed, facing inwards and facing outwards. The display face can be closed with the screen facing outwards for browsing the internet or using applications.

The screen is very high quality - one of the best from Nokia - using active TFT technology for a sharp bright image, with 65k colours and a high resolution. A good quality screen like this is essential for making good use of the various business applications that come with the phone.

The 6260 is a series 60 phone with a Symbian operating system. Foremost amongst the pre-installed business applications is a mobile email client that uses Quickword and Quickpoint viewers for viewing attachments (Word and PowerPoint documents). Additional Java™ and Symbian applications can be stored, and a pre-loaded memory card is supplied with a number of "try-and-buy" applications.

The internal memory is not huge at 6 Mbytes, but the memory can be expanded with 32 Mbyte memory cards. The 6260 has an excellent range of connectivity options: Bluetooth™, infrared, Pop-Port™ connector and USB.

The 6260 includes a good quality digital camera that can shoot pictures at VGA resolution (300,000 pixels) and also record video. The camera is side-mounted with a movable display that allows for self-portraits. There's also a built-in FM radio and MP3 player, although the MP3 player is mono and not the best quality.

Nokia have succeeded in packing a lot into the 6260, with the clamshell design enabling them to have a large screen but still keep the phone size small. The phone is quite heavy, but no more than the average 3G phone, and this will probably be acceptable when the full range of features is considered. The screen is excellent, the spec of the phone includes everything that most users will need, and the range of Java and Symbian applications available for the phone is impressive. With the Nokia 6260 it seems that it is finally possible to have a business-orientated phone that retains the stylishness and fun features of a mainstream phone.

The 6260 will inevitably be compared with the Sony Ericsson P910i. It has to be said that the P910i beats the Nokia is most respects, however the P910i does cost and weigh considerably more than the 6260, so there should be room in the marketplace for both.

On the negative side, the Nokia 6260 does appear to have software and reliability problems. You should read the user reviews below to find out about people's experiences with this phone, but the main issues seem to be faulty phones, phones breaking and software glitches. It seems that Nokia smartphones often come with reliability problems, especially any like the 6260 that feature novel designs or features.

Nokia 6260 features include:

  • Active TFT rotating display display (65,536 colours, 176 x 208 pixels)
  • Push to Talk (PTT)
  • Mobile email and VPN client
  • HTML browser
  • Quickword and Quickpoint for viewing documents
  • Bluetooth™ wireless technology
  • Additional connectivity: Infrared, Pop-Port™ connector, Nokia Connectivity Adapter cable (USB)
  • Local synchronization of contacts, calendar, to-do items, and notes to a compatible PC using PC Suite
  • Downloadable Java™ and Symbian applications
  • Voice Features: voice dialing, voice commands, voice recorder
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Integrated digital VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels, digital zoom)
  • Video recording and playback
  • FM radio and MP3 player
  • Polyphonic ringtones & True Tones
  • Five-way scrolling navigation
  • Text messaging with concatenated SMS: send and receive messages containing up to 459 characters
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) for receiving, editing and sending messages with text, audio files, voice clips, video clips and images
  • Predictive text input
  • Memory: 6 Mbytes
  • Includes a 32 Mbyte MMC memory card, preloaded with a number of applications you can try for free
  • GPRS class 6
  • Data transfer up to 43.2 kbps
  • Triband
  • Size: 102 x 49 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Battery standby: up to 6 days
  • Talktime: 2 - 4 hours

Nokia 6260 user reviews

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Average rating from 193 reviews:

Reviewed by bijoy das from india on 8th Feb 2015

Reviewed by EJ from UK on 29th Oct 2011
Fantastic piece of kit. Had this phone in the family since 2005, had 3 different owners and it's still running perfectly. Great features and easily competes with my new HTC, so thumbs up.

Reviewed by victor from UK on 14th Sep 2011
love this phone

Reviewed by Avinash K from UK on 24th May 2011
Nokia 6260 is the world's best smartphone that I have ever used in my life.I have been using it for more than 5 years & the baby just works fine. Bye :)

Reviewed by Dejan from UK on 16th Dec 2010
My favorite phone... 5 years i have enjoy it with him.I will new one...

Reviewed by Labu from UK on 18th Aug 2010
This phone is not quiet best.its size is too large.it's not a stereo mp3.camera quality is not best.Internet is slow.

Reviewed by Arif from UK on 25th Jul 2010
Its a preety ok type cell. but u want real time entertainment plz ignore this..

Reviewed by noland from UK on 10th May 2009
i love it but i have some problem cause the camera is not to good i dont like camera too low quality

Reviewed by Abdul Muhaimin Doutie from UK on 7th Feb 2009
when i heard of it people made it sound cool so i gave it a chance just to see it be a piece of nonsense i had it for 3days now and now i wasted my money on that. i like the deign its cool very stylish i have been a nokia fan for so long and now the want to disappoint me sorry nokia this phone aint cool just when i walk around with it in my hand peole thinks it is a toy. this phone is very faulty when i plug in the charger it doesnt charge it has 2 be put in a certain way for it to charge. the memery sucks and the camera you wud expect better from nokia the camera could of aleast be 2 or 1,3 megapixel camera with a flash and when i send theames it ses data not supported so what do i do now i dont know i would sell but it turns out nobody wants it now im stuck with it for a long time and i mean real long time could it get any worse than what it is now this phone is very slow i dont know what to rate this phone i hate the phone but i like nokia so i'll give it a 2 sta r i thaught it's like the nokia N90 thats a cool phone. the screen of the phone big but the video and pictures come out very small i dont know what you guys were thinking evry time i put it down the memery card gets loose i have much more to say but i wont just 1 more thing in the future make better phones and dont be so expensive!!!!!!!!~! i cant believe that nokia let me down plz make better phones in the future.

Reviewed by Lucasz from UK on 10th Nov 2008
I have been using this phone ever since 2005 November. The Nokia 6260, smart phone, in exception of the ringer it is one of the best nokia I have ever used. It is user friendly and very flexicible when it comes to capturing pictures and browsing the net. It has a lot of features and application hence supports a lot of software. If I have to buy another phone I would definitely buy it again just for fun.....

Reviewed by FavoriteReview.com from UK on 2nd Mar 2008
This phone has the best clamshell design hands down. I reviewed the Nokia 6260 after 4 years of heavy usage. It still works like a charm! you can read the full 4 year review on our site.

Reviewed by nawaar from UK on 25th Feb 2008
hii nokia 6260 is my best mobile i use it for 5 years and nothing happend to it but now there is a problem with the mobile i wan to make format for it how

Reviewed by ASHLEY from UK on 23rd Feb 2008

Reviewed by lanre balogun from UK on 18th Jan 2008
i love ma 6260 wit ma life,its sooooooooo reliable

Reviewed by Adeel from UK on 17th Jan 2008
Nokia 6260 is a good cell but not very good beacuse it has small disply.Bad sound quailty .it HAS TOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH Weight .Nows a day the lg shine whaaaa! the beauteuos mobile.i hate 6260. To nokia company:make your weightless And also has sound.

Reviewed by sumachy from UK on 3rd Dec 2007
i've had my phone since dec 04. I think its a fantastic phone my only problems being it takes ages to load up and the camera lens now a bit scratched. all in all a perfect phone for quality and price. I havent needed to reset it ever or buy a new battery for it. Its un arguably one of the best phones i have bought.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 21st Nov 2007
good phone, it can be a bit slow at times but that might be because ive had it for a couple year. theres only 1 thing really, Memory! when you are sent someting, it saves to the phone memory first rather than the memory card. oh and the camera could be a bit better.

Reviewed by nitin chhabulal patil from UK on 10th Nov 2007
wonderfull / beautifull

Reviewed by HANAN from UK on 20th Oct 2007
I do like my Nokia 6260, but honestly it keeps bothering me all time long as it was formatted several times and now they told me it needs software too which is not available everywhere. can you help me.

Reviewed by iulius from UK on 8th Oct 2007
excellent phone!

Reviewed by oliver from UK on 14th Sep 2007
its the best phone ever it has a good screen and is so good so u should get it

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 10th Sep 2007
Easily the best phone ive ever owned (no kidding) its got everything, style, features and everything is the right size (keypad, screen .etc) . Chicks seriously dig this phone :). I stupidly sold it to my friend for £50 when i upgraded to N70 and then discovered it was rare and worth at least twice a much! (i should have sold the N70 instead cos its a peice of junk and i was stuck wid it for a year)

Reviewed by Nasir Butt from UK on 25th Aug 2007
A poor phone. Don't bother. No called id when phone is closed. Keeps turning itself off - many times in the middle of a call. Uses Symbian and is very slow indeed to navigate through menus etc. The size is too big. Wish I had waited for the next one.

Reviewed by Bogfrey from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
An amazing phone from an amazing brand. The phone is full of great applications and games, ideal for a business-man. extremeley easy to use. 5*****star

Reviewed by Anurag, Bangalore India from UK on 20th Aug 2007
I am using this phone from last two years and never had a problem. I have used most of its features like Blue Tooth, Infrared, Vedio recording, MP3, FM and everything works fine. I dropped the phone so many times,it got wet in rain at least thrice but nothing happened. I am totally satisfied. Am I "just lucky" or is it the phone which is good ?

Reviewed by neha from UK on 19th Aug 2007
its a good phone to use for not more than 2 yrs...i am currently experiencing difficulties like it switches off if hold tightly..it should be handled with atmost care as if once kept somewat hardly will close ur cellphone....it had no difficulties for 1.5 yrs but after dat its not possible for me to use......(dats d truth)

Reviewed by Kyle Combrinck from UK on 26th Jul 2007
This is my first phone. All features impress me, except for the fact that the battery may run low very fast when texting, but the camera and recorder are decent. I could not have asked for this phone that is easily usable, and very productive. I am 13 years old, so I have not experianced all that the phone possibly has to show just yet. This phone is imppressive.

Reviewed by Weasel from UK on 12th Jul 2007
Had this 'phone for a fair while now.I don't use the internet on it,(that's what my computers for),and I've had no problems at all.I carry it on a belt pouch and use the Bluetooth H/F at all times.Calls are clear and distinct in my car, often with noisy passengers. I'm a taxi driver. Good phone. I may upgrade at the end of my contract,but I only use Nokia.

Reviewed by Ashwathi from UK on 27th Jun 2007
For all those interested in buyin this phone? With all features... at the best price.. Go for it.. at this price.. its worth pickin it up !! :P a few problems here n there but nothing an software update cant fix !

Reviewed by rahul from UK on 27th Jun 2007
mind blowing

Reviewed by norman from UK on 17th Jun 2007
used 6260 for 21 months without a hitch,was amazed i could store up to 600 photos between phone and card memory. swivel got abit loose after a while and the 2 faces rubbing against each other destroyed chromed surrounds quickly,hence phone looked old after 3-6months.nokia turned my request down for warantee repair(said it was wear+tear)NOT IMPRESSED WITH SERVICE!!!!! no problem with software but sometimes died for no reason.just upgraded to nokia6388 nice phone!

Reviewed by S K Khanna from UK on 15th Jun 2007
Bought this mobile NOKIA 6260 in December 2005, from a leading dealer of nokia In connaught Circus New Delhi . There was no trouble with phone till December 2006, however in January 2007, the phone did not accept the simcard and was sent to their work shop In New Delhi for which an amount of Rs.450 was charged but the codition of the phone is as it is still not acceping the SIMCARD. The phone was returned thru, the dealer personnel who referred it to the work shop, where they are demanding more money and it seems the technical personnel sitting at New Delhi Work shop donot know how to rectify the phone and is trying to milk money on this and that pretext. I think such practice by organisation like NOKIA as a international company tarnishes the IMAGE of Company . The phone was sent to HCL INFINET LIMITED 30/28 East Patel Nagar NewDelhi, thru the dealer Narendra stores Connaught Circus New Delhi. It is important to mention here I was advised to change the battry, which had no effects but I had to incur extra cost of Rs, 1350/. My contact No is 91119871037506

Reviewed by Jamz from UK on 31st May 2007
Well.I love my phone really really really much,been using it about 2 and a half years..It was a really good phone except for the internal memory is low and the skin is wearing dowo,batt also cant hold long time..Otherwise its almost perfect fone

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 20th May 2007
I love it i love the way you can twist it! It's defantly got my vote! Rachel Age:9

Reviewed by ghost013 from UK on 29th Apr 2007
This phone is GREAT, it's have only one GREAT error. IT'S SWIVEL !!! Flat cable die very quickly. :-(

Reviewed by andrei from UK on 27th Apr 2007

Reviewed by ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh from UK on 14th Apr 2007
It isn't that bad it is actually better and cheaper than some phones even though i do not live in UK but i'm still in love with this phone

Reviewed by stranger from UK on 14th Apr 2007
Nokia 6260 is a good phone, but it does have a problem....it lets me to take lot efforts in switching it on once it is switched off.....at times it takes around 2 days or more to switch on.......

Reviewed by watson mushambi from UK on 13th Apr 2007
your phone has a problem of swithching on and also my phone is not displaying the nokia signal when switched on.its new.Please advise on the possible if you can. Regards

Reviewed by mnzava from UK on 12th Apr 2007

Reviewed by ekul from UK on 7th Apr 2007
i find this phone very good it has a fab camera but nat much memory but you can add a memory card it neverlet me down and is reliable

Reviewed by tyson from UK on 2nd Apr 2007
i have the nset it is so beuatiful like n93 i lik e it thanks nokia

Reviewed by erginyo from UK on 26th Mar 2007
i think the nokia 6260 is a very smart phone..and could simply be a 3g phone...

Reviewed by tulasi from UK on 25th Mar 2007
its ia cool phone

Reviewed by bereky from UK on 5th Mar 2007
i used for almost one year and three months unfortunately was stolen on january 23rd this year im trying to get one here in my town but no where to get it its out of stock

Reviewed by Shehab from UK on 4th Mar 2007
I have just bought it its great and i have always LUVED 6260

Reviewed by Omid from UK on 2nd Mar 2007
I Think That 6260 Has Two Great Weak Points , 1- It's Inbox can't be moved to the Memory Card Like 7610. 2- It's Camera has Low Quality. but finally i love it because the number of programs which i installed on it and my nokia 6260 runs them is more than any other phone which i had before : 6630,6600,N70,N90,K750,W800

Reviewed by Damien from UK on 28th Feb 2007
Iam an owner of a Motorola V3 Raza and please dont buy one they arent any good. the camera is crud and take forever to load stuff up on the net.

Reviewed by bhushan charkha from UK on 10th Feb 2007
i have this mobile since 2 years i am enjoying it i love it,because of the rotating camera.

Reviewed by laura from UK on 8th Feb 2007
i used to have this fone and i rele rele loved it and thought it was gr8 but it got stolen yesterday :( i suppose it jus shows wot a good fone it is! I miss you fone!!

Reviewed by kushtrim from UK on 30th Jan 2007
i love my mobile for me nokia 6260 is evrything ok vey

Reviewed by ryan from UK on 30th Jan 2007
i had this phone a yeatr ago and got the samsung s500i but that broke so i moved back to the 6260 till i got my new one(SE K750i)i love this i would kepp this one but ive paid the K750i lol.great great GREAT phone the 6260.

Reviewed by Laurie from UK on 27th Jan 2007
I have had this phone for 3 months and have found its performance on par with, n80,n90series of which I have owned. the n90 was to bulky, and the n80, I cannot get on with the slide action. the 6260 does all that the afor mentioned do, apart from the camera capabilties. great phone recommended

Reviewed by val soliman from UK on 23rd Jan 2007

Reviewed by Ali G from UK on 21st Jan 2007
dis fone is wiked i could marry it i bought it for ........... £13 off ebay i rule

Reviewed by marina from UK on 18th Jan 2007
i think that n73 is better than 72 but i would like to know every thig about 6260 and which is better 6260 ,7380

Reviewed by addz from UK on 14th Jan 2007
i have got this phone it is wicked

Reviewed by babar khan from UK on 13th Jan 2007
I have been using Nokia 6260 from the last one week and i found it according to my requirement. A little bit heavy in weight, I want replace its casing, but I have not found its casing from anywhere in Pakistan.

Reviewed by Augusta from UK on 9th Jan 2007
its ok....but the duration of the battery is too short. the sound of the music..is too too poor.the wear and tear is so so bad...the picture quality isnt so good…

Reviewed by akhil from UK on 6th Jan 2007

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 26th Dec 2006
I like this phone ive had it a while now its does everything but the size really lets it self down but if your ok with a big phone then this does everything!

Reviewed by Brenton Dixon from UK on 28th Nov 2006
This has been my 12th Nokia and from what looks to be a great phone feature rich it really is a poor design. I had my fone 2 months and after a holiday in the tropics my fone died. after taking it to Nokia they reclined to repair it under warranty as there was moisture on the board. now this makes sence but ike i said i have had 11 other phones most of which had traveled to more humid conditoins that the type i experienced on my last trip. VERY POOR DESIGN. if humidity can get into the board.

Reviewed by Evans Kwame Aboagye from UK on 16th Nov 2006
Well, its not brilliant but it aint bad either. Its not really the features that let it down, its the limited amount of thought that went into the design of it. Firstly, they put the camera on the side so that to use it u have to twist the fone into imaging mode, but, once uve taken the picture, its half the quality of wot it would b in normal mode. How stupid can the designers get, they make a dedicated imaging position but it doesnt take gd pictures. Secondly, the twisty screen is really annoying. it feels really delicate, as if it will break any second and i dont no if this is just me but in browse mode the backlight is really weird and just turns on and off at will and sumtimes when ur browsing through the menu it just automaticlly goes back to the desktop and turns the backlight off. Could sum1 plz confirm this coz it might just b a problem with my 1. Apart from that its a really gd fone. the screen is decent, the OS runs flawlessly, i like the themes(my old 3650 didnt a llow them so it was really boring), the memory is gd and the connectivity options are good. Overall good, but i would recommend waiting 4 the 3G nokias in development.

Reviewed by samatar, south africa from UK on 31st Jul 2006
this is one of the best phone i ever had...better than the p910i which i replaces writing the message is something wich i enjoy the camera and currently the many applications out there for the phone the clamshel design and everything about the phone but i am going for the nokia n90 now as it looks better and got the same symbian operating system althought the 6260 is much cheaper ...

Reviewed by Kayce and Mike from the Philippines from UK on 20th May 2006
For a few months of using this fone, it really ROCKS!!!! This fone is sooooooo superb and cool! Its got the great specs, features! really nice! I recommended you guys would buy this fone!!!!

Reviewed by maxwell dennis from UK on 29th Apr 2006
this phone has style with its rotating screen to view pictures from any angle overall if u want this phone get it

Reviewed by Ridhwan W Nugroho from UK on 17th Apr 2006
A Superb Phone indeed, FM Radio, any kinds of N-Gage Games, flexible photo method, it's like holding a handycam if I may say. Rotating clamshell...? what could you ask more? some might say the mp3 quality is not-so-good but Hey, it's a phone! buy an I Pod instead then. And the size is just excellent, not too bricky and not too petite. In a nutshell, it's a complete phone! Worth Buying! ;-) it's been 9 months now, and it's still worth having!

Reviewed by Wim from UK on 19th Dec 2005
I've had the phone for about 6 months, and have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand it's packed with great SW and features, it has a nice design, and it's cheap (for a smartphone). On the other hand it's construction quality is poor, sound is poor and booting the phone takes forever. On top of that sometimes it says it doesn't like my SIM card (changed it twice already). Also sometimes it looks like everything's fine (full batterie, good reception), but I cannot receive or make calls. The most essential thing on a phone - making calls - is obviously not this phone's forté. I also bought the nokia bluetooth keyboard, which in turn is quit expensive. And I connect to an Apple PowerBook to sync with Entourage. All of that works like a charm. Haven't figured out how to sync tasks and notes though. Finally I noticed that the paint of some buttons and from the case are peeling off. Hence my comment on build quality. Did I mention slow booth time? Like very very slow? It takes about a minute to show the PIN request, and another 30 sec's after entering the PIN. The old 6310i that's in my car booths in 5 seconds!! I can deal with a longer start-up time, but staring at your phone for 2 minutes in anticipation of making a call is just silly. The 6260 was sold to me for 340 euro's, simfree, no contract. In hindsight I should have paid the extra euro and buy a Palm treo 650 or a SE P910. No need for the extra (bulky) keyboard, obviously better built, and good phones to start with (as in: you can actually call people with it).

Reviewed by Tom is da best from UK on 2nd Nov 2005
this phone is really good but needs an external screen and the camera is in a really dodgy place and there should'nt be the buttons by the screen they should be by the keypad oh well bluetooth and expandable memory make up for it

Reviewed by Rean Kriel from UK on 20th Sep 2005
The phone has a constant hissing sound during a call. It drives my nuts. Nokia eventually replaced the phone with a new 6260, but the hissing sound persists. I'm confident that the phone has an audio design flaw. All other features are fine, apart from the camera taking a picture only a second after the "click" sound.

Reviewed by Mazen .J from UK on 16th Sep 2005
I bought it yesterday and till now it looks and feels good. It’s oriented towards people who will count on it for business, schedules, organizers, that sort of thing. The design is also corporate and stylish though it reminds me of Star Trek communication devices “ Beam me-up Scotty! ”. The standby upward screen position is handy and looks pretty sexy near your Scotch on the bar on a night when someone calls you. I think it’s one of the best looking, software is a bit complicated but not bad, many many features and options. Enjoy.

Reviewed by Natalie from UK on 11th Sep 2005
Absolutly appauling phone. i have taken it back three times due to the screen loosing its colour and it not sending text messages. The quality of the phone is overall awful and i would not reccomend buying it. It's been away for repair for longer than I have had it.

Reviewed by oli from UK on 8th Sep 2005
best phone ever

Reviewed by gav from UK on 30th Aug 2005
ok where do i start ive just sent my third 6260 into nokia to get fixed and just got a call that there going to be replacing it but there is upto a 4 week wait fir the phone ok well the first phone was ok for the first 3 weekds when it crashed it keeped freezing, dropping calls and been really slow took them 8 weekds to get me a new phone the second phone i got had a phone lock on it any sim you put into it it was locked this was ment to be brand new from nokia head office but the imie number had been used before ok 3 phone lasted 4 months then the screen died it went all black and you coulnt see anything so off it goes they going to replace it with another one ive told them i dont want this phone it is a beace of junk they should recall all of them and burn them i tryed to get nokia to change modle phpne for me and there like no were not aloud to do that ... so my advice is to stay well clear of nokia mobile phones

Reviewed by Dom from UK on 28th Aug 2005
I have owned this phone for 8 months now. My battery lasts 3 days - and I am a very heavy user. With the USB cable (don't bother with the Infra Red) or the Bluetooth connected to my Laptop, I get a good GPRS connection every time. Call clarity is excellent. What I cannot understand, are all the people slating it's photographic abilities! I am a Photographer by trade. There is one bit of advice I can give to these people - IF YOU WANT TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS BUY A CAMERA! Anybody who thinks they can become David Bailey with their mobile phone is in need of help from men in white coats. And to the person who mentions that it doesn't give delivery reports for text messeges - actually it does. And you CAN see who is calling - unselect the "Answer call on opening fold" option. Do people actually READ manuals anymore? This is an excellent phone that (to use the advert's slogan) does exactly what it says on the tin.

Reviewed by Katt from UK on 5th Aug 2005
I have had the phone for 6 months now. Overall i am really pleased with this phone and very glad that i bought it! The camera is pretty good and the pictures dont appear blurred when trasferred to pc. The video capture isn't bad either - depends on the quality at which it is captured! I haven;t actually succeeded in finding out how to improve the video shooting quality yet!! so any ideas are welcome! The memory is great! option to upgrade. Can store plenty of mp3 tracks and playback isn't bad either! One criticism I do have is of the infra red. It is temperamental at the best of times - sometimes not working at all! As a result have had to resort to buying a USB transfer cable! All in all though an excellent phone and i would recommend you buying it!

Reviewed by andy from UK on 20th Jul 2005
I had this phone for 6 months and it is that bad I had to revert back to my 6100 I have finally managed to convince my local store to take it back and give me something else. The menus are fiddly to say the least, the phone is bigger than a brick, you can't see who's calling you, the quality of the speaker is poor, the contacts system is not as easy to use as previous Nokias. For the first time in 10 years I am disappointed with a Nokia phone. I would avoid this like the plague.

Reviewed by Matthew from UK on 1st Jun 2005
This phone is outstanding. I have ordered it and it may be a little bit on the large side and take a while to load up but it is worth all of that with the fetures it has such as Symbian OS and a twisty screen and much much more so don't take any notice of any one else go out and buy it. Again don't take any notice of what any other people say about this phone because if the size and the startup speed is the only thing people can say about this phone then it is a pretty good phone!

Reviewed by Prinal Kapadia from UK on 26th May 2005
I just got my nokia 6260 today. the problem with the phone is that the keys are so stiff and gives pain in your fingers!!! the looks is alright (if you are a large phone lover!!!). too less wallpapers, images installed in the phone otherwise you can download it. I am thinking to take samsung D500 by returning this one. i recommand to go for samsung D500 instead of this.

Reviewed by femi from UK on 17th May 2005
i recommend it for all

Reviewed by a from UK on 10th May 2005
this fone is sooo rubbish dont buy it!!! after only a few weeks of having mine all the paint started scratching off, it looks so cheap and nasty! not recommended wen i ya gota keep it4 a whole yr!

Reviewed by Jacob G from UK on 6th May 2005
This phone is outstanding! ENOUGH SAID

Reviewed by James in Atlanta from UK on 4th May 2005
The OS is great. The signal strength is great. I have the 512mb mmc card, which is great. The camera is below average, the photo is actually taken 1 full second after the "click" sound. The camera being on the side is good. The screen changes according to how the camera is tilted. You can turn it backwards an see yourself in the screen. The software for XP will lock you computer up. Many bugs. Batteries are good for 48 hours with little use. The will go from 3 bars to nothing with heavy use. Could be much thinner. James

Reviewed by Jack Shore from UK on 17th Apr 2005
I Work for Nokia retail. This phone is Shocking a classic example of trying to cram too many features in to a phone with out the software to manage it. It frequenly frezes and it easily damaged. It also sometimes does not always record missed calls. Though i have found texting to be very easy and the large keys are vary accomdating. My advice is go as simple as possable, so theres no lag and not as much can go wrong. Jack

Reviewed by Joseph from UK on 17th Apr 2005

Reviewed by T money from UK on 15th Apr 2005
k well i got this phone cause i thought it was a great looking phone. There is one issue that really bugs me. Well i have a friend whos number i try to save but when i go and save it, it won't save. It will save in the phone book but when she calls it won't show her name. For some reason why is just number some far. I jus hope that its stays that way and when i save someone else on the phone it will be ok. Has anyone ever heard a issue like that before?

Reviewed by Moose from UK on 27th Feb 2005
Well, its not brilliant but it aint bad either. Its not really the features that let it down, its the limited amount of thought that went into the design of it. Firstly, they put the camera on the side so that to use it u have to twist the fone into imaging mode, but, once uve taken the picture, its half the quality of wot it would b in normal mode. How stupid can the designers get, they make a dedicated imaging position but it doesnt take gd pictures. Secondly, the twisty screen is really annoying. it feels really delicate, as if it will break any second and i dont no if this is just me but in browse mode the backlight is really weird and just turns on and off at will and sumtimes when ur browsing through the menu it just automaticlly goes back to the desktop and turns the backlight off. Could sum1 plz confirm this coz it might just b a problem with my 1. Apart from that its a really gd fone. the screen is decent, the OS runs flawlessly, i like the themes(my old 3650 didnt allow them so it was really boring), the memory is gd and the connectivity options are good. Overall good, but i would recommend waiting 4 the 3G nokias in development.

Reviewed by Nitesh K Vijayvargiya from India on 26th Feb 2005
Outstanding phone. That should summrize all the features of this phone. Great look, great screen. Only two problem I see are hinges and battery (4c). Otherwise there is no need to argu on quality of this phone.

Reviewed by Bobb from South Africa on 25th Feb 2005
I really like it so far, had phone for a week. Having problems getting email etc to work, being a syncro addict it must talk to my PC. Having difficulty in getting Bluetooth to my USB device. IR is annoyingly not working or haninging up (cannot figure which yet). So, as a phone only and not using the functionality, it's great. Not minding the brick size for the moment but the menu is annoying me as I don't know where to find anything yet..

Reviewed by Mark_In_London from UK on 25th Feb 2005
This is my 2nd review of this phone (See below). I've only had it about a month and it's now faulty, looking at some other reviews seems to be a common theme. Can make calls but I can't send or recieve SMS. MMS doesn't even start, neither does bluetooth, can't get to settings. It has been stroppy once in a while, just requiring it to be restarted - nothing will fix it this time. I even have tried a factory reset and format. So will get it fixed under warranty, though with others experiences I'm a bit worried now. All my previous Nokia's have never had a problem. As for living with it day today, no real change from my previous comments, can live with it but not as useful as it should be with a little thought from the designers. I'm glad some people think it's the best but I question their experience of other phones.

Reviewed by Shruthi from India on 23rd Feb 2005
Its a very very nice phone has all the features needed.Good buy. Any one who has baught it did u face the problem of the hinged joing becoming loose?? and the flap not standing stiff as it is suppose to. This seems to be the only drawback otherwise it very very good

Reviewed by Tomo from New Zealand on 21st Feb 2005
This is a great fone. Ive had it for a month now and it hasnt had a single problem. It does everything i want, the build quality is high and its so damn stylish! Id recommend it to anyone. The only thing im gonna do to it is upgrade the mmc memory card from the standard 32mb to a aftermarket 1gb card. Now who said you needed an iPod??????

Reviewed by Carl Smith from England on 20th Feb 2005
Recently I upgraded to a Nokia 6260 It seemed a great answer to a number of problems particularly the UK Hands free driving restrictions. As by reversing the screen and using the Loudspeaker function, it becomes a speakerphone. Sadly this phone is after only 6 weeks a useless pile of junk.It snaps shut and one day the screen sadly was no more. During its short life it has often frozen, needing the battery and sim card removing and replacing to get it to reboot. It has turned itself off without any input from me and it has also taken ages to re-boot. I have asked for help from my nokia/service provider. who tells me its a chargeable repair costing about a £100 - Well the phone is just not worth it. I took some fine once only unreplaceable pictures of my daughter which are now locked in the phone together with a number of essential phone numbers as it downloaded all my data from the sim card into its memory. Once and if I retrieve the data I will quite happily junk this monster.I made a huge mistake buying an all singing all dancing phone. Now My old 6210 without all the frills etcis back in service. It does what its supposed to! Works as a reliable Mobile.

Reviewed by Geirmund from Norway on 20th Feb 2005
This is the best phone I ever had! It's just great! big screen, nice look... what ever any one say's, this is one nice pice of phone I got here! :D

Reviewed by SG from UK on 20th Feb 2005
A poor phone. Don't bother. The 6170 looks better. Do not be taken in by the swivel camera. No called id when phone is closed. Keeps turning itself off - many times in the middle of a call. Uses Symbian and is very slow indeed to navigate through menus etc. The size is too big. Wish I had waited for the Motorola Razr V3.

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 19th Feb 2005
Nokia 6260, good if your a business person lookin for a (not so mini) mini pda. Push to talk and presence are relatively new products, no one i know has them, but then again they are premium services. I have had this phone week and a half now, moved to contract from a nokia 3100. this phone is substanially big, but good features. Battery life is awful, needs charged every other night, would recommend buying another battery. Camera not bad quality, video and and bluetooth. Realtones etc, but buttons on screen are annoying. No external screen, so advisable to turn 'answer when flip opened' off so you can screen your calls. i am a teenager, so this phone isnt great for me, somethng smaller would be better, but will stick with it for 12 months and pray that by then Nokia bring out smaller flip phone with bluetooth.......

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 17th Feb 2005
Just a reply to Glen of UK really, I too have a problem with my phone switching itself off and takes me ages to get it back on again. Not as reliable as I first thought. Also the battery life is not all that good, I never get anywhere near the 2-4 hours talk time, maybe half an hour if I'm lucky, then it needs recharging. Only had it 2 months and the supplier refuses to replace or fix, as they have a 21 day policy. Suppose it serves me right for buying it. Have been unable to get the email to work, not sure why, 02 can not seem to give me an answer and fob me off with "our engineers are aware of the problem and will get back to you once it has been rectified", three times I have now had this message and still can't send/receive email.

Reviewed by Perry from United Kingdom on 16th Feb 2005
Just got this phone, first looks were great; it's light, and has a distinctive design. The applications and features are good, camera and video quality are decent, music is alright although I'm not really into music. Also John, this phone uses a special Reduced Sized Memory Card, I've searched for a site which sells them and this looks decent. (http://www.mobymemory.com/RSMMC_Memory_Cards.asp)

Reviewed by Andy from India on 14th Feb 2005
isnt that great. but worth buying and using it for a year or so.

Reviewed by Baudhayan Lahiri from India on 14th Feb 2005
I am an amateur Mobile Phone tester & after conducting all sorts of R&D on this Phone, it seems to be a perfect Phone without any glitch. There are also many coool applications like FExplorer which can be used rather than the traditional File Manager that comes pre-installed with the Phone. There are also many other free apps available on the Net that can be installed & everything seems to work fine. The only loophole I found in this Phone is the MP3 Player, as the Sound Quality & Baaz effects are tooooo poooor compared to the awesome Sound Quality of the Inbuilt Radio. All in all an Excellent Phone.

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