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Nokia 6233 / 6234 review

 Review: September 2006  

Last updated January 2009

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6233 (and its twin, the 6234, exclusive to Vodafone) is a 3G phone with looks very similar to the old 6230i.

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It's a good-looking phone with an attractive stainless steel finish and a practical design with a good keypad. It's a nice size, and not too heavy for a 3G phone, albeit heavier than most 2G phones. The phone is user-friendly with a new Series 40 interface with an animated 3D menu and graphics. Some things have been updated, but the 6233 still encapsulates the user-friendliness for which Nokia is famous.

The 6233 is a jack-of-all-trades with no outstanding features, but ticking enough boxes to make it appealing to a broad market, much like the old 6230i. It has a decent 2 megapixel camera (no flash unfortunately), a music player that can handle a range of formats and a stereo FM radio. A nice feature is the use of twin speakers to give a 3D surround effect. The sound quality is good, but not as good as when using stereo headphones. The 6233 comes with a 64 Mbyte memory card which is enough to get started, and this can be upgraded to 2 Gbytes if you're serious about storing music on your phone. Bluetooth connectivity is supported, as well as USB and infrared. There's also a good choice of 3D games, including a multiplayer option. Web browsing is fast, thanks to EDGE, and battery life is very good.

The 6233/6234 is a 3G phone designed with mass market appeal. It lacks a video calling function, which is a strange and surprising ommission in a 3G phone. Reception is not always that great - a common problem with 3G phones, but the 6233 seems particularly prone to this, which makes us suspect a hardware/firmware issue, and it's a phone that displays an annoying tendency to freeze, reset or randomly shut down. For these reasons, we cannot really recommend it. A much better phone is the Nokia 6300 (not 3G), or if you want a 3G phone try the Sony Ericsson V630i.

Nokia 6233 / 6234 features include:

Nokia 6233 / 6234 user reviews

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Average rating from 105 reviews:

Reviewed by Md. Serajul Islam from Bangladeah on 27th Jan 2016
I love this mobile. Please where I got this mobile.
6233 or 6234
serajcu21@gmail. com

Reviewed by omar from eygypt on 1st Mar 2015
the battery is slow down quickly why ?>> is 6230i battery we can put in this model

Reviewed by r.k from india on 10th Jul 2014
it is the best phone

Reviewed by sukanta from india on 11th Mar 2012
Nokia 6233 is a good 3G phone.i like it

Reviewed by P-S from Iran on 8th Feb 2012
I have 6234-Vodafone, Its very Best.
although it is Different in sim-settings and need some extra
works to read every sim.
It is Best for Music, enough power for regular photo,
very handsome and long lifetime.

just it doesn't support .pdf and document files as its weakness.

Reviewed by NITYANAND DUBEY from INDIA on 10th Dec 2011

Reviewed by J from UK on 24th Sep 2006
I've had the 6233 for about a month now and am really impressed with this phone. The camera is good, the screen is a nice size too, and the speakers are the best I have had so far. The internal phone memory is very small at 6MB, but the 64MB additional memory card is more than enough for my use. I've had none of the problems others have mentioned, touch wood! I've transferred pictures and music via bluetooth from other mobiles and to my laptop and vice versa really easily. I think Nokia could have done better with the ringtones and text alert tones the phone came with, and its a pity you cannot change phone covers(like my previous Nokia's have), but the rest of the phone more than makes up for this. Another total plus i found was Soduku in the games bit (I'm with O2), wehey! I'd recommend this phone as its easy to use and looks great!

Reviewed by David from UK on 24th Sep 2006
Brilliant - love the phone - but what's the point when it collapses (orange network) several times a day, and won't charge on a correctly fitted car charger. Neither Nokia or Orange much interested in sorting out the problem. Back it goes under complaint

Reviewed by Alex N from London, United Kingdom on 24th Sep 2006
This Phone Is Great! Everything About It, Well Done Nokia, Making A Phone With Everything That A Teenage Would Want, Well Pleased Happy I Changed My RAZR For This. WOO GO NOKIA!

Reviewed by unnikrishnan from india on 24th Sep 2006
while the earlier models of nokia has a very good contact memmorry,nokia 6233 can add only 500 contacts.Its very pathetic.i got a severe hit from customers.

Reviewed by Ashis from India on 23rd Sep 2006
I have purchased this phone recently. its terific. with music and its picture quality

Reviewed by Dave E from England on 23rd Sep 2006
Great looker, and I love the blue backlighting for the keys. Big clear screen, though the backlight doesn't stay on long enough. I like the way the screen completely goes to sleep to save battery - it needs it too, so far mine will last a couple of days on a full charge. Maybe this will improve as the battery gets conditioned... Don't like the new menu's for text messages - they've seperated out delivery notices and message date / time, so you have to exit the message and go into another menu to find out when a text was sent or delivered. A backwards step! The phone has reset three times in the week I've had it, though it only takes 2 seconds and hasn't (so far) lost any data. The screen simply goes white, then a couple of seconds later returns you to the home screen. A friend has returned his phone for repair after a week as it has crashed and won't accept incoming calls. And we both chose this phone partly because it's simpler than the N series and was less likely to have software issues through trying to be too clever! Camera is good, though not up to the standard of the current range toppers like the K800i. I didn't buy it for that so it's not an issue for me. The keypad buttons are domed, and although they are big (I chose it partly because I have big thumbs!) I find it easy to catch two keys due to their shape. Annoying. Radio and MP3 player are great, and the sound is amazing considering the size of it. It truly can replace an Ipod. Good signal reception, certainly better than the 6610i it replaces. Excellent sound quality from the phone speaker too. Overall, a good phone let down by software glitches, domed keys and bizarre changes to some of the familiar Nokia menu's. Almost...

Reviewed by Maria from uk on 23rd Sep 2006
Got this phone few days ago-nothing but trouble!It loses reception 6-7 times a day for no reason and also when mp3 player is on.Looks great though and screen quality is good.Camera is also nice and there are lots of good features-but whats the point if you cannot make or receive a phonecall?!Big let down for NOKIA as faulty 6234s are being sold...

Reviewed by anil from englnad on 23rd Sep 2006
this phone is the best k800i is no way near beta this phone has evry single feature iand i would recommend it to any1 trust me buy this phone this nokia 6233 is the best the loudness of the mp3 k800i is so big this phone is compact and is only 180.00 not like a k800i and £250 mark my work buy the 6233

Reviewed by timmy from india on 22nd Sep 2006
dis is an amazin fone.i got it as my bday present n m lovin it!damm gud choice if u r lukin for a gud fone buddy!!

Reviewed by LGP from Australia on 22nd Sep 2006
This is my first Nokia for a while and I think it will be my last.The phone has many problems such as low volume for the music player and 8 to 10 second backlight.The car kit does not have any light so you cannot find the phone at night even to answer a call. The phone switches off without warning. Nokia can only suggest that I take it to a service center, who has time to waste doing that after you have just bought a new phone. Nokai wake up it is now 2006 not 1956 give us the service that other companies do, make all your firmware updates available online and stop releasing phones that have so many problems.

Reviewed by Bev from UK on 22nd Sep 2006
I bought this phone because I wanted a \Nokia and it looked good. Previously I had the 7610 - which is excellent. In the two weeks that I have had it I have been 'restricted' several times. I have been unable to use the phone for many hours at a time. I was told it would only happen the once and that it would be resolved if I switched it off, separated the battery and sim and put it back together. This is rubbish. It now turns out that it is a known fault and is happening to many people. Nokia are bringing out software to supposedly deal with this, but why put them on the market if the problem is so widespread? I cannot rely on this phone and am having to use my old one until I can access the software. I may return the phone and get a different one. A pity as it looks great!!

Reviewed by turkeybrains from turkey on 21st Sep 2006
what an outstanding phone, i can ring all mymates now, tec it motorola!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Rampant Rabbiter from UK on 20th Sep 2006
OK, I think a few people on here should actually get to know a phone...or maybe read the manual...before complaining about it. So many things on here that people are moaning about can actually be changed! For those who don't think the backlight stays on long enough...go into the power-saving settings and change it! There are quite a few options in this phone regarding the display - it has 'power saving mode' and also 'sleep-mode'. Both of them do slightly different things and will change the way the phone performs. There is also an option to change the length of time the backlight stays on, but obviously the longer it stays on, the shorter the battery life. Anyway...I have to say I'm quite impressed with this phone. I did have the Nokia N73, but I found it too bulky and also felt guilty for having it, as it was wasted on me! I have two contracts, therefore I always have two phones, and as I have a SE K800i (which is fantastic!), I was only using the N73 as a secondary phone. I'm not that into Smartphones...too complex for what I need, and far too slow! So I decided to flog my N73 and get a 6233. The most noticeable quality about this phone is the build quality. It really does feel very well-made, sturdy, and classy. The screen is also very good...though it's not the standard of my K800i. Still, unless you have a superior phone to compare it to, you wouldn't notice it. It's very fast - a dramatic improvement on my N73! There are several menu views as well, which impressed me. The speakers are a feature which is actually better than my K800i - dual stereo speakers, and it sounds incredible playing MP3's through them. The keypad is exceptionally easy to use, even the navigation key, which I thought looked fiddly on the photos before I bought the phone. Again, another thing I prefer to my N73 - it has a joystick, which takes some getting used to. There are also a few other little features which impressed me - being able to change the stand-by font c olour, and being able to change the type of clock, or hiding the clock and/or date. Not very important, but these little things can be quite handy, depending on which wallpaper you're using! Unfortunately, I can't comment on connectivity yet as I haven't installed any of the software to my laptop, but I have already used Bluetooth and had no problems. To be honest, connecting to my laptop is not so important to me as I use my K800i for taking all my photos (superior camera), and I have an iPod, so I don't intend to use it for music. I've had no problems with the phone crashing or freezing yet, and I've already sent an MMS, as one reviewer found their phone to crash each time they tried to send one. However, I did buy my phone completely SIM-free, and I think this does make a difference, as the phone is not full of network software, which often causes problems. But OK, the phone isn't perfect...and it's a shame, coz it so easily could have been. Firstly, where's the flash?! I could have forgiven Nokia for using a 2mp camera in this sexy new phone (given that many other new phones have now moved onto 3mp)if only they had given it a flash as well! That was one thing that really shocked me! Luckily, my K800i takes fantastic photos, so the camera on my 6233 doesn't bother me at all...but for all those normal people who have one phone, it could be a problem! Secondly, it would be really useful to have a 'C' key. Both my K800i and my N73 have one, and it's very useful for correcting while texting, and quickly deleting items in the Gallery...but it's no big deal. Another thing that's no big deal...but would have been very useful...is remembering symbol selections when writing texts. For example, I always use the '&' symbol when texting to save space, and on the K800i and N73...and numerous other recent phones...it remembers the most recently-used symbol to save all that searching through the symbols. These are the only things that have really bugged me so far...and they're nothing major, except maybe the lack of camera flash! Phone memory does leave a lot to be desired...yes, it's expandable, but 6mb is rather stingy! But again, it can be expanded...so it's nothing that would affect the performance of the phone, we'll just have to fork out for memory cards! As for the network, I've had no problems with signal strength so far (I'm on o2), but I don't use 3G. My K800i is 3G, the N73 was...but I've never used it. The charges are shocking, signal is never very good anyway...if I want to see someone that much, I'll go and see them instead of straining my eyes to see them on a grainy screen! So in conclusion, this phone is a pretty impressive piece of kit. I think I'll be keeping it for quite a while...but sorry Nokia, SE can easily give you a run for your money! And my K800i remains my primary baby!

Reviewed by srinivas from india on 18th Sep 2006
i have just purchased this phone and its rocking!!

Reviewed by Antoeknee from UK on 9th Sep 2006
Have this phone on Orange and have seen the same problem as in one of the other posts (phone restricted etc). Problem stems from poor/weak 3G signal and phone on switching to GSM correctly (its not alone in this). Losk phone to GSM only and switch off, leave 2 mins and when turned on again. Phone will start up OK and card will be recognised. Not had any problems since this change. Opinion of the phone is very favourable - good screen, important for and old git with failaing eyesight. Good keyboard - I've big fingers and these keys are a good size. Basically everything is good apart formt he voice dial implementation with is a pile of poo.

Reviewed by blu from united kingdom on 9th Sep 2006
Well i am surprised in some of the reviews people saying the 6233 isnt all that good.I have been a nokia fan for some time but i did change to sony ericcson k750i and a w810i which are both very good phones.Soon as i seen the 6233 i though i got to have a play with one of these thinking it would never stand up to a sony w810i etc but im so glad i did get one.Firstly in your hand this phone feels expensive and very well made,the look is very sleek and the keypad is excellent even with my big fingers i never hit a wrong key.The screen is bigger than my sony and some how it looks clearer more sharp.Plus when ure out doors and its a sunny day i can actually see the screen perfectly.The new speakers are great really loud and they dont sound tinnie or crackly which my w810i suffered with at max volume.As for the phones interface its very simlar to a n70 or 6280 symbian o/s very simple to use plus they now have animated themes which previous nokias never had.Another nice improvment is the full screen picture of the caller when the phone rings same again previous nokias never had this.Sending texs etc is quick and easy the whole menu etc is easy to customize to how you like.The camera is reasonble probley not as sharp as my old w810i and the lack of a flash and auto zoom is a shame but i can live with it as it still takes nice pictures.Only other draw back is the low memory you get which i am sure most nokia user come to expect now with all nokia models.Nokia simpley dont give you the memory maybe its so you go out and buy it i dont know but i did buy a 1GB card for £24 of ebay so i got that sorted now.In all i think nokia is finally gettin there act together as they was going a little of track but i would recommend it to anyone thanks.

Reviewed by Lukman from Lebanon on 8th Sep 2006
according to the rate i signed its just an outstanding mobile..everything is great in it and to me i found all nokia phones in this 6233 REALLY OUTSTANDING

Reviewed by matthews from UK on 7th Sep 2006
i just got this phone and when i switched on the phone says no network connection, i switched off and on again then it is not showing any tower. i think this is a common problem with this phone. so i sent it back to 3.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 6th Sep 2006
I just got my 6233 on Orange, and it has a big problem! When you switch it on it says "Phone restricted", and all you can do is press the middle button, which results in a prompt to enter the code. If you switch the phone off & on a few times, then eventually it will probably start properly, though it has also failed to register the SIM a couple of times. Orange say that this was first reported in June and they are awaiting a software update from Nokia, but don't have a date for it yet. I'm going to see how it goes for the next few days, but send it back if I can't live with it. Really unimpressed at the poor Q/A on this.

Reviewed by Nair from Malaysia on 6th Sep 2006
I bought this phone about two weeks ago. Very nice phone except the message centre sometimes missing.Have to go to message setting to retrive it.

Reviewed by ererce from Poland on 5th Sep 2006
Very good phone with an excellent value for money. Firmware (4.54) still dodgy and needs to be fixed, but otherwise good choice. Excellent quality, good sound, options. Real successor of 6230i. However, menu should have option to change font size as sometimes characters are too tiny.

Reviewed by BunkMuffin from UK on 5th Sep 2006
Had this phone a couple of week, and is an excellent phone. Good quality screen, great pictures, reliable, quick. Only gripe is if take a picture and set it as my wallpaper it will display it Landscape only. (Anyone know how to solve this!?) Apart from this, much improvement over V635 I replaced it with. Would recommend.

Reviewed by Ankit from India on 5th Sep 2006
Dude, this is the most amazing phone ever **Good looks** **Amazing style** **compact** **Amazingly fast** AND **It has more battery power than the N70 and N72** This phone is the best choice for anyone in this world. **NO BAD POINTS FOUND** A Thumbs UP To NOKIA

Reviewed by Cesar Javier from Philippines on 2nd Sep 2006
Great phone except that when using the music player it sometimes turns off and after a few seconds then turns on.And the message alert tone is a little bit quite. On the positive side the 6233 has a great screen resolution,nice looks.

Reviewed by sunshine-27 from UK on 1st Sep 2006
I was very happy with it but after a few days, everytime I tried to send a picture message the phone crashed,white screen and then back to the main screen. They gave me a new one and it worked fine...for just one week again and then the SAME problem. Very annoying. Would like to keep it, but wher's the point? Can't send any pictures. Would like to know if anybody has had the same problem.?

Reviewed by Hussein Shehab from Egypt on 30th Aug 2006
very nice phone it took me round 2 weeks comparing the phone. the only problem is that it does not chare the memory for the contacts and the Text Messeges, ONLY 500 contact then its full. if this is not the issue for you, so go and buy it, its wonderfol

Reviewed by It'sTheWayITellem from United Kingdom on 30th Aug 2006
Menu features are a bit non standard, which was why I always bought Nokia before, and I am a bit disapointed that they have decided to change these. Connectivity is a bit of a problem between competing Bluetooth manafactures as in trying to send contacts or other information between this and anyother non-Nokia phone. Cable connection is a standards nightmare, why can't this phone guys do like the PC guys and come up with an accepted standard that they all implement? Com ports and serial cables come to mind. Apart from those irritating things, it's pretty little thing with an above average camera, sound quality and look, but if your a mobile work (freak) like me you'll have to spend a little time & money before this little bad girl connects on all fours (yee haa ride that beaitch)

Reviewed by Rich from England on 29th Aug 2006
A good allrounder. i absolutely love this phone, it's a well built, atractive, powerfull handset that's so simple to navigate and extreemly satisfying to use. The display is simply beautiful, the battery life is impressive, the keypad is a joy to use and the voice quality and stereo speakers are outstanding. with all of the above and the new series 40 3rd edition os the 6233 is an impressive upgrade from the nokia 6230i. the only shortcommings are the 6mb of internal memory and a twitchy camera. An Almost perfect phone for business or personal use.

Reviewed by fred from England on 29th Aug 2006
Good news, new firmware for nokia 6233 avalible now. Its v04.52 dated 06-07-06. The phone performs much better than before.

Reviewed by s40se from UK on 29th Aug 2006
Nice phone, bad points ringtones, it has got two speakers but when phone rings its so quite. I keep missings calls. But when you play music its really loud. Another bad point phone memory 6mb, its joke. Forget transfering files more than 5 mb trough bluetooth into phone memory. Good point very fast operating system, really fast start up. Most important this phone keep you entertain four ever. Really good video quality, can view in full screen.Supports up to 2gb microSD. I run my on 1gb,no problems at all. No hadeaches with this phone. Had N80 kept crushing alltime. Any way better than symbian s60 operating system.

Reviewed by Miko from Philippines on 29th Aug 2006
All features was good, 2MP CAM, visual radio, upgradble mem, memdia player etc. Except for the two things, Bat life will only last for 2 or 2 1/2 day. Other thing is the default message center that was already setup, sometimes it gone, then all you have to do is to select it again from the setting, then again it missing.

Reviewed by Am from England on 28th Aug 2006

Reviewed by Gaz from Uk on 28th Aug 2006
ace phone

Reviewed by Michael from Australia on 28th Aug 2006
Nice Clear display, text is sharp. Reasonable sound quality. Good feel. Doesn't automatically connect to my Bluetooth II. Can't work out how to set up my own voice dialling commands so that if you have a landline, mobile and home phone for a contact you can choose which one to dial.

Reviewed by underatenner from UK on 27th Aug 2006
Brilliant phone, was at first a bit scepitcal, choice was either the Sony Erricson K800i or the Nokia 6233, i went for the nokia.sexy, silky smooth.smaller than i expected being a 3G phone and all.very pleased with this buy. Go On Get It.you'll love it.

Reviewed by Jimmy C from England on 25th Aug 2006
I am not going to write an essay concerning this phone and i am not going to go into any of the specifications of this mobile phone, I will just tell you my opinion, i used to rave on about how good nokia phones were to everyone i new and until owning a sony ericsson has my opinion changed, a little matter of auto focus and camera specs turned my head around, sony are going to be the new market leader in mobile phones in the future years to come, everything about a sony phones will have everything you need, camera, ease of use, style,innovation an most of all value for money. Nokia phones are way to unstable the new breed of nokia mobile phones are not any near surpassing the ageing sony k750i that is including the down right disgraceful nokia 6233 which has a great screen resolution and decent video recorder but has not even a flash for its mediocore 2 mega camera and no auto focus(PLEASE FORGIVE ANY SPELLING ERRORS} please do not think that i am totally biased when it concerns SONY i just believe that they have all the right bases covered when it concerns mobile phones, NOW IF YOUR TALKING ABOUT THE CONSOLE WAR MICROSOFT have already won that battle, £400.00 plus pounds for a playstation 3 its an XBOX 360 any day with a copy of GEARS OF WAR........

Reviewed by Nadeem Ahmad from Pakistan on 25th Aug 2006
I got this phone a couple of days ago.Nokia 6233 is an excellent phone set with its lot of qualities.The major quility of this set in my view its soft control penal and quick response while other sets with such camera and colour scheme can not perform such result.

Reviewed by KDon from UK on 25th Aug 2006
This is a great phone, fast menu system, really fast start up. The black and silver chrome look is very unique. Its got tons of great features from radio, mp3 player to video recording and some 3G services and you can expand the memory with large capacity microSD cards. Overall very nice and feature packed. This phone has alot of depth and quality to it.

Reviewed by Suhail Osman from United Kingdom on 22nd Aug 2006
Amazing phone just recieved it today on a upgrade great soudn amaizng features recoomended for people who want a good phone

Reviewed by Chris from Wales on 21st Aug 2006
I've had this phone for almost a week now. Good features - solid build, great screen, expandable memory, mp3 player, good camera with zoom. Clear sound and excellent battery life. 3G features. Super sound via stereo surround sound speakers. Bad features - some minor bugs in the software meaning that it can freeze (usually during music playback), a little heavy, camera is situated where your fingers usually go to hold it, finger marks show on the shiny surfaces. No camera on the front for video calling. Software CD-ROM in the box but no USB cable to hook it up to your PC. Overall a solid phone with the ease of use that you've come to expect from Nokia. It improves upon the excellent Nokia 6230i.

Reviewed by Lee from Australia on 21st Aug 2006
This phone sucks, the backlight goes off after a few seconds and cannot be adjusted, the phone resets itself for no reason. The car kit is completely unusable as the backlight does not stay on even with the so-called advanced kit from nokia, this leaves you fumbling around at night in the dark trying to find your phone it does not even light up when you receive a call. Nokia's answer to all this is that they do not have a solution but have a nice day. Take my advice do not buy this phone I have and now I need to go out and by another.

Reviewed by Julie Hanke from United Kingdom on 21st Aug 2006
I don't know much about phones. In general the phone looks pretty slick and the speakers are great. Like the screen savers blabla....BUT..the ascending ring tone is annoying as I never hear the first three rings and even as it gets louder it's barely audible! I keep missing calls. It keeps crashing - goes back to a white screen with the green battery thingy sign above left. Then I need to set it back to the main menu.The screen goes dark after a couple of seconds. I've had "phone restricted" on it a few times with obviously no code(!) to allow access. So I've been hanging on the phone to Orange to sort that how(am on phone right now...holding for 32min right now!!!). I've worked out myself how to bypass the restriction code issue: Dismantle your phone,take out battery and sim then put it back again. Abracadabra - phone works again. All I wanted was a functional phone that is reliable. All this fancy stuff interferes or hides all the mistakes....anyone know a good phone I should get???? Thanks!

Reviewed by Peter from Australia on 21st Aug 2006
Just got this ohone this morning. Having a few issues so thought I'd look up some reviews. My issues first. Attempting to activate a theme gives message insufficient memory. There are only three themes on the pnone and all are already loaded into memory. All I want to do is set one to active so it should not be affecting memory at all. Bluetooth flaky. In trying to access PC Suite on my lattop it couldn't find the computer. The computer found the 6233 though. I connected eventually but it keeps disconnecting and connecting by itself which is not good halfway through a transfer. Screen dims way too quickly and does not seem adjustable. In response to a comment about the screen not staying lit in handfree I would say that all the nokias I have had over the last 12 years have been the same. You have to enable this feature in the handsfree/car phone profile. This profile traditionally only appears in the list after the accessory (car kit or wired headphone) has been connected for the first time. Don't know if this is still the case as I don't have car kit yet - thought I'd use the phone for the 14 day trial period Nokia give first.

Reviewed by suhail from UK on 20th Aug 2006
wata fne itz gr8 amazing features superb sound quality gr8 phone

Reviewed by mark from england on 20th Aug 2006
best phone ive ever had i had the d600 before i had this phone and i have to say this iz easily better to start with the music iz soooo loud on it n the camera is very gd it iz 2 megapixel that meanz it snaps 1600 1200 pictures and it records video clips at 640 480 so this means it iz extreamly clear the videos arent jumpy either itz perfect...music lovers MUST BUY THIS PHONE !!!!

Reviewed by yongchong from singapore on 19th Aug 2006
After reading the excellent review on this site, i went out to buy a 6233. Overall it is a very good phone, but for serveral hundreds, there are stil some critical "usability" issues that nokia has missed. 1) the battery last only 2.5 days even without any 3G usage. 2) the camera capture button is rather useless. The quick access button is designed at the right edge of the phone. Each time you press it, the phone will run the camera application on the viewing status. The next press of the button will capture a picture. Then the button is of no use, it does not response to further press. Nokia should obersve that when user take a digital photo, usually they would try a few times to get the best shot. As such, the button should allow user to go back to the viewing status after capture a button. It should not force the user to move his finger away from the camera button to the small back button. They should learn this part from Samsung phone 3) The sms reply step also an extra s tep. When I read a new sms message on 6233, and if I press the reply button, the sms application stops at the send to: line. As such, it forces the users to press an extra down key to start writing reply message in the textbox. Nokia should have observed that when a user reply to a sms message, 99% of the time, he is reply to only the sender. He does not need to reply to any other people who did not send him the message. Stupid software. 4) Nokia still do not see the importance of wifi being incoporated into its newest series 40 phone. It does not let me connect my custom application to my PC or to use free wifi network easily available free in Mac Donald n Singapore. It has turn a blind eye to free VoIP or Skype application. Otherwise it is a perfect phone, hope Nokia does pay attention to usability and important communication trend, instead of rushing out new model that provide only average user experience.

Reviewed by Ordinary Guy from England on 18th Aug 2006
A very good and functional mobile. Radio and mp3 for the commuter and all the usual connectivity. Downside - appears to be attracting complete braindeads like Wes Moore to write reviews of his sex life under the pretence of reviewing the phone - in a questionable language. The phone has everything I need and quite a respectable camera for the informal non serious photographer. Well worth considering.

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 17th Aug 2006
WITHOUT talking like im out of a Dizzy Rascal song im going to give a quick review of the Nokia 6233 which i have to say is BAR FAR AND AWAY the best phone i have ever had !!! I currently own the N91(cracker but too quiet) the 3250 (brill but full of bugs), Samsung D820 (no aac playback so turd) and the Moto V3i (cool looking but son of a b**** to use)as you can guess i like my phones ANYWAYYYYYyyyy the 6233, the BAD POINTS: are it crashes under stress from using it too much ie. fuzzy sound then screen goes white and reloads back to menu but this bug lasts only 5secs and you can use the phone again, the only other bad point is the memory toooooo small. GOOD POINTS: Its so fast to navigate through menu's, dual speakers mega loud,wallpapers cover FULL screen and are pixel perfect, the look and feel of the phone is great, text messaging is rapid plus 6233 stores the last few people you texted so no need looking for names and finally the camera is good not fab but buyers of this phone aint buying it for the camera, ive had a lot of phones trust me and this at present tops them all, eliminate the bugs and its the perfect mobile.

Reviewed by Wes Moore from England on 16th Aug 2006
This is di best phone i have ever owned, some reviews ere aint givin it no justice man. the phone is hot. My mrs said buy a nokia dey is well better and i was like no samsung are init, and she said they aint and when my phone got mashed up i decided to make my britney happy and get one. The phone looks and sounds good, di phone gets street looks, the phone is how can i put it, sound, wicked, respectable and most of all, di battery lasts. You see my Britney dunt know this, but i is half seeing someone else. And when she is at work i have my other girl round upstairs. This phone tells me through bluetooth when my britney is in range, that way i can hide shakira so she dunt find out, you get me.............. buy dis phone, buy dis phone, the streets are calling for you, the phone is ringing but it aint a nokia, do you feel poor, buy one and get respect of your couins, your uncles, you brothers and their real mothers. give it beef no more, lets all come together and get one in it , get one in it. I as to b honest i aint dat clever, but i know what i like and i know quality gear, so forget the west end fighting, forget the east side battles lets come together through a mutual respect for quality and stop the fighting Nkia 6233, quality speaks for itself Nokia 6230, quality talking Respect to Britney Respect for Shakira,(not as much she as her brother erics old battered samsung) Over and out

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 16th Aug 2006
Very nice progression from a 6230i. I am trialling one of these before ordering about 15 for our company. However there are several issues currently putting me off:- virtual voice tags donít work very well, Iíve not yet managed to get it dial the correct person in my phone book and you donít appear to be able to record your own. The phone has crashed several times in the 5 days I have had it, albeit when jumping around menus and playing media files, unfortunately you almost have to expect this on new phone models these days. Hopefully all the above issues can be resolved soon with a firmware update and thankfully the 6233 supports firmware updates over the air so you wonít have to take it to a service centre. If you can put up with the above issues for a while I would highly recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 15th Aug 2006
Just got my phone (free) from O2 last week. Excellent phone with great features which work quickly. A classic design which does 'exactly what it says on the tin'! Only frustrations are a) O2 ship the phone with the software CD but no USB cable, b) the camera lens has no protecting cover and c)O2 ship the phone with the themes and some of the tones on the micro SD card which is only 64mb. If you then buy a bigger card (1gb) you have to transfer all the data.

Reviewed by Barry from on 15th Aug 2006
This phone is great, but how do you change the text settings so instead of telling me there are 1000 characters left for me to use in my text, I want to make it say 160, anyone have any ideas?

Reviewed by Michel from Netherlands on 14th Aug 2006
Cheap phone, display lighting duration not adjustable, so using the phone means it goes dark constantly and you have to turn on the light every few seconds. Phone is made of plastic, feels and looks plastic, also the keyboard. Photo and video quality is terrible, when making a video and you go from dark to light place, the video is overlighted for 4 seconds, if you go from light to dark the video will be completely dark for 4 seconds. Phone crashed regulary, nasty beep sound, white screen and back in main menu. Keys don't make a sound every time you press them, so while writing sms you think all the time didn't I press the button? I hear no sound, but when looking to the screen you see it is writen. Phoon is very heavy, old looking design even with the stylish looking chrome touch. Receiving calls is good, but you can't put the sound very lood.

Reviewed by Smiler from England on 13th Aug 2006
Having read the good reviews I went ahead and bought the nokia 6233. It is a good handset and the stero speakers are great, however, I noticed a fault with the message/ringing tone alert volume. When on the highest volume I cannot hear the message tone as set i.e It is is much lower than the example tone given when selecting the volume. Having reported this to my operator I was sent a replacement. This has the same fault and I also asked a friend,who has the same handset - the same fault was noticed. The ringing tone also starts of quieter and gets louder, without being set on ascending mode. Good handset otherwise, although the fault has meant it is of no use to me - I need to be able to hear messages so have sent it back and opting for the new Sony Erikson Cybershot. I'll miss the stereospeakers though!

Reviewed by Matt from Australia on 13th Aug 2006
This phone is awesome. It does everything that I want a phone to do and have. Battery life is AWESOME. I used to have the nokia 3200 (horrible phone) and this phone is 10000 times better. so worth the money!

Reviewed by Andy from Wales on 12th Aug 2006
Iíve just had mine 6233 for a day and the software has crashed so Iím not best pleased at the moment. However, for the short time that the telephone was working it seemed very good!

Reviewed by Hiten from UK on 10th Aug 2006
An excellent phone, with an array of above average features that are all of good quality. Menu structure is simple, quick and easy to use and reflects Nokia's industry experience. I purchased Vodaphone's 6234 as it has the best network coverage in the UK and I adore its silky silvery sheek!! I strongly recommend this phone for first time buyers or those simply wishing to explore modern mobile/ social capabilities (e.g. 3G, photography etc) as it provides an intuitive learning curve with great sophistication and ergonomics!! tkcr :~}!

Reviewed by Gaurav Johri from INDIA on 10th Aug 2006
This is one of the best Mobile Handset ever made by Nokia. Great Screen, Outstanding sound quality, Strong Signal Reception. Outstanding stereo speakers with 3D Effects. Highly Recommended. Far superior than Nokia 6230i.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 9th Aug 2006
Excellent phone, voice dialing feature is great; automatically asigns contacts a voice card, no need to programme them in like before on old nokias. Sound quality is very good, as is the overall finish. A very well made phone and compact size. Had a 6280 but fell apart and rubbish in comparison. The texting features are also a lot better than before.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 9th Aug 2006
Phone won't stay permanently lit in car kit! Test messages won't always save to drafts quickly enough so you lose them if you press wrong key and exit the message. Inability to set time-out of power saver functions. Inability to send pictures by email (old 6230 could do this).

Reviewed by BigKing from England on 9th Aug 2006
Had this phone now for 3 days, WOW what a phone!!! Does everything I need it to for work, then straight after does everything I need it to for fun! Some people argue Nokia phone are 'simple' - surely this is a good thing! The 6233 has lots of cool features such as the games, and the ability to control PowerPoint presentation remotely through Bluetooth! Well done Nokia, a very future packed, sexy and fun phone!

Reviewed by Steve from England on 8th Aug 2006
Phone doesn't always save text messages if you accidently press the red (hang-up) button. My old 6230 always saved the text which was sitting there when you went back into the text message menu. 6233 sometimes saves messages to drafts but NOT always! Hate the fact that there is no facility to have permanent backlighting in a hard-wired car kit. Ringtones are too quiet and for the first ring start even quieter! Why have Nokia changed the charger socket size?

Reviewed by Elvis 2000 from UK on 7th Aug 2006
Really like the 6233. I suppose it's not cool enough or cutting edge enough for the 'dis fone' people, but it does everything it was designed to do brilliantly. Two things which are very important in mobile phone design, keypad and speed of software, these are both spot on. Just try Nokias own N70 against this, and see/feel the difference. Good points:- Superb keypad, nice high res screen with rich saturated colours, speedy operation, smoother sound from the stereo speakers than alot I've heard, very customisable shortcuts. Not so good points:- Is it just me, or are Micro SD cards pointlessly small? change of charger design from older Nokias, why? just ok batt life, some won't like the shiny silver look, a bit 'Dad phone!'

Reviewed by BSB from Brunei on 6th Aug 2006
I was eagerly waiting for a candy bar phone with 3G, 2Mp camera, BT etc etc.I am Nokia user. I finally bought 6233.Features excellent,typical Nokia. But the back cover flimsy. makes squeaky noise when pressed. The chrome coating near camera lens also very poor, be careful if you are using a pouch.Crystal clear screen, good camera and a good battery life.

Reviewed by www.oiltec.co.uk from uk on 5th Aug 2006
I bought this mobile just 2 weeks back and found it superb. Its a high tech mobile and perfect for my use. Its look are also dashing. I will recommend to those who are looking for 3G mobiles to explore the 6233 and you will love it.

Reviewed by praj from England on 5th Aug 2006
what a phone, nokia has brought out a stunner with great features to match. i have not a single regret about buying it.

Reviewed by Smogthemog from England on 4th Aug 2006
Excellent phone. What the heck is all this dis, dat, fone, dan, cum, u r, omg ????????????? LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH YOU IDIOTS !!!

Reviewed by Ross from UK on 4th Aug 2006
Former phone: Samsung D500, Nokia 6230 Requirement - general phone, MP3 player and radio. The nokia 6233 is a big leap on from the previous phones I have owned. The new mini-SD memory cards are affordable (if you shop around) and I now have a 1 GIG card in the phone. The interface is highly customisable and the sound quality is superior. This performs well as a phone - slightly shorter life than the nokia 6230 (allegedly) but I have you to find battery life a problem. This phone is superior to most other nokia phone son the market at the moment- certainly as a phone it reaches above and beyond the competition - outclassing Samsung and far superior to the Sony efforts. Downsides - with a 1 gig card it seems there is no way to get the music player to recognise new tracks without switching the phone off and on. Plus it takes a few seconds to read the card - not long enough to be painful but a bit of time. The nokia smartsuite is, as ever, largely useless. I ended up downloading an MP3 ripper that at least then provided me with track information and then used a USB key to transfer the files to the memory card. If you want a new flashy phone, with a camera(why? Well I guess it's nice), an MP3 and radio player and decent interface - this is the wise choice. If you want some sparkly wi-fi thing that is laden with first-gen bugs and crappy support - well Nokia seem to offer a wide array of them so far in the E-series phones.

Reviewed by Johann from UK on 2nd Aug 2006
I have a 6234 - a Vodafone only 6233. Positive: 1 Very responsive Ė no lag in operation 2 Buttons well spaced for fast texting 3 Joystick works well 4 You can now see signal strength, battery etc whilst typing a message 5 No crashing as per Symbian OS phones 6 Synced with Sony bluetooth car kit HBC-60 easy 7 Customisable menus and look of OS good 8 Soduko game on 6234 Ė not on 6233 apparently (but it goes dark too fast when you are thinking!!!) 9 Great screen especially for Mobile TV on Vodafone via 3G 10 Lots more words as standard in T9 dictionary like "yr" 11 Text messages have an Outbox. So you can type messages underground to send later 12 Simple hold the # key to go swap between Silent and General profiles 13 Music player plays AAC files bought on iTunes 14 Scientific calculator 15 Note area on active standby useful for reminders Negative: 1 Screen goes dark too quick Ė canít change time 2 Canít specify image folder on microSD for pics/video other than root folder 3 Radio connector clips in and out too easily when walking 4 To send message/call you are 3 button presses away from contact list more than 6230 (similar to SonyEricsson so no worse) 5 Need to replace all chargers as new Nokia uses different fittings 6 Picture quality not what I had hoped for 7 Included 64MB microSD too small (had to upgrade to a 1GB one) 8 Canít copy games from included microSD to new SD as they are hidden files on a PC 9 Pressing voice recorder starts the voice recorder but pressing the button again does not start the recording. You have to press the central button. 10 Switching CAPS on for one word keeps it on by default. It does not revert back to lower case after the word is done like on 6230. You have to remember to switch it off. 11 PC Suite deleted ALL my old saved SMS messages from previous PC Suite 12 New PC Suite does not file the messages in an easy via to search find again Ė apart from giving them nonsensical names ordered in the time sequence they were sent/received. So useless to help you find an old message without having to click on every message individually. 13 Earphone foam things hard to fit - I tore both! (have never done that to any other Nokia or iPOd earphones!) All in all the best Nokia I have ever had. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by blackmax from Egypt on 2nd Aug 2006
A very big fault on this phone is that it has a smaller phone book memory compared to the 6230. so if you have many contacts, this new phone cant store them. Nokia better correct this fault if not this phone will be a failure as its a downgrade to the 6230 on this aspect. h'ever its a improvement on all other fronts.

Reviewed by Laurentiu from Finland on 1st Aug 2006
It's a very good telephone. Signal, battery, everything. I may say perfect!

Reviewed by Andy from United Kingdom on 1st Aug 2006
Great phone. Never had a camera phone, or an FM Radio in a phone before, but have to say the radio reception is excellent, and the 2MP camera is very good quality also. Only criticisms are that o2 do not yet recognise this phone for sending the downloads to enable multi-media messaging (unless I'm missing something, which is likely as I'm not very technically minded!). Would definitely recommend to anyone who, like me, enjoy the simplicity of a Nokia phone, but now want enhanced functions. And it looks great in black with the chrome surround. Can anyone tell me how to download my football team's badge as the wallpaper?

Reviewed by David from England on 31st Jul 2006
Had a 6230 and just changed to the 6233. Didn't change earlier because I couldn't find one that was worth the change.I have now. It is a class phone. Well built. Great screen, very clear sound and lots of features.Easy to get to the battery, memory and sim card too! Only downside was the fact Nokia have ditched the wallet feature on this phone which I found usefull. Possibly a security problem if the phone got into the wrong hands. I have no hesitation in recommending this phone.

Reviewed by John from England on 30th Jul 2006
Outstanding phone from the kings of the mobile phone world. After trying the nokia 6280 , the sony ericsson W810i and the samsung E900 (none of which i liked) i tried the nokia 6233 which is by far the best phone. got mine in black and it looks very sexy. after trying most phones up to date i would say the nokia 6233 is the best phone on the market!

Reviewed by Nokia 6233 from Malaysia on 29th Jul 2006
Very good phone but it can store only 500 contacts in the phone memory which is very disapointing when compared to the 6230 which has a storage capacity of 1000 and the 6230i which has a capacity for 2000 contacts. Why this downgrade for a new phone???

Reviewed by Raj from India on 27th Jul 2006
I bought this phone last week .I am sure this is the phone for all ages.Beautiful design with stainless steel body large display,3G ,quick search options & excellent sound quality.Take this one immdly and experience the touch of royal in 14k.

Reviewed by Chris James from England on 25th Jul 2006
I brought this phone this morning in the o2 shop in the high street and it is a great phone.I had a demonstration in the shop before I brought it and it is easy to use

Reviewed by mary from uk on 24th Jul 2006
This phone is fantastic! I have had the nokia 6230i for the past year and I like nokia phones very much. This is a really beautiful phone. It is a little heavier then the 6230i but everything about it supercedes its predecessor. I cannot recommend this phone highly enough.....I love it!!

Reviewed by Roger from England on 20th Jul 2006
Right, I got this phone 2 weeks ago. I used to have the 6230 and 6230i. Loved them both very much, but the 6233 is far better in every way. If you have/d 6230/i, you'll absolutely love the new 6233. It does everything nicely, menus are super fast, pic is great, so is the radio & mp3. This is an absolutely beautiful phone, and feels very well built too. I know these are going for about 200quid, but it is well worth it. The black and silver colours are just great, but I much prefer it in black. Great little gadget.

Reviewed by Ron from UK,London on 17th Jul 2006
Excellent phone, I love it! It has great battery life for once, unlike my older 6230i. It has all the great features that you will need like the 2 meg camera, Bluetooth, etc.. Recommend it!

Reviewed by TH from ASIA on 14th Jul 2006
This phone is excellent and is just an improvement over the 6230i. The only PROBLEM is....the fonts are too small. Even though you adjust the fonts to the largest size, they are actually the same size but in bold font. Not good enough. I feel the usability of the 6230i is much better and that 6233 has the bells and whistles but for ease and convieniece of use, I still choose the 6230i.

Reviewed by The_Third_Doctor from Scotland on 12th Jul 2006
What an excellent piece of kit... Slim, light and rammed full of features. I could not be happier with my phone to be honest. Very hard to think of any cons really. Battery life is spot on as is the camera, the screen and the sounds. No excuse for anymore 3G bricks on the market really. A definite return to form for Nokia. Long overdue at that !

Reviewed by Rich in Wales from England on 12th Jul 2006
I've upgraded from a Nokia 6230i on Orange, only available in the Orange shop in Telford, even Orange had ran out of stock. This 6233 is a superb phone, lines 1 & 2 works fine, 3G works well in major towns. Only faults so far are it looses the profile settings sometimes and doesn't light up in a Nokia Car Kit. The screen is stunning and the sound just like the older 6310i. Battery life is far superior to the previous 6230i. Over all I would recommend the phone, there are less faults than on my previous 6230i. Very well built and feels really good quality.

Reviewed by Nian from england on 11th Jul 2006
Upgraded on orange a few days ago from a nokia 6680, have to say i'm very impressed with it so far! Design looks very slick in black. The 2 MP camera is awesome, you can use the whole viewfinder in landscape mode which is a nice feature. Menus are quick and responsive which is great cos i found the menu on my 6680 quite slow! The micro sd card is tiny, the one supplied was a 64mb card but you can get upto 2Gb. Stereo speakers are really good quality too. The only minor moan about it is it didnt come with a pc connection cable even though the software cd was included! This phone can do everything my 6680 could do but a lot better, nokia have done well to sort out the problems of the 6680 and the n70 series. I would def recommend this phone, go out and get one!!!

Reviewed by Boga from England on 9th Jul 2006
dis fone is sik blud

Reviewed by charlie ford from England on 9th Jul 2006
This phone is gr8 so buy it cause it is the best, if u buy and other phone you are wasting your time so buy this one!!!!

Reviewed by Gaz from England on 8th Jul 2006
Got this phone 2 days ago on T-Mobile i upgraded from the nokia 6230i and it was worth the wait. more a less the same phone as the excellent 6230i but with a much bigger and better screen (and picture quality) and amazing sound quality with the 2 stereo speakers either side of the phone. ive tried the sony eriksson W108i and i must say the nokia 6233 is much better. any nokia fan buy it you wont be dissapointed.

Reviewed by fred flinstone from UK (england) on 8th Jul 2006
This phone is gr8 so dont buy any other phone cause you are wasting your time so get the new Nokia 6233!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by tom from uk on 7th Jul 2006
after seeing this fone in the shop i decided to upgrade to it. i had the 6230i which was grand so when i got this it was amazing it had everything from the 6230i (but with better quality) and much more. looking for a sturdy fone with amazing features and for everyday use, then get this fone now

Reviewed by Bigmac from UK on 2nd Jul 2006
I have been waiting for this phone for ages. I require a phone that has 3G for my work, but do not need or want Symbian 60 smart phones as I have always had problems with them crashing. I have had the phone for 2 days and can safely say that it is just what I need. It is light, easy to use (just like the 6230) The menus are simple and best of all the software runs really quickly. One of the worst things about smart phones is the way they take so long to start-up. The 6233 is ready to use within seconds of powering up. It comes with a basic kit, charger, headphones. It is really solid in build and looks like it will take everyday life in it's stride. Unfortunately it does not come with an adapter to allow the use of your old Nokia chargers. The ring is nice and loud. The 3G works well and holds on to a decent signal. The battery has a decent run time, still not as good as the old 6230 but better than most other 3G phones. One of the only problems I have found is the standard message alert tone appears to be slightly different and is not as loud as it could be. If you are looking for a decent phone which is just that, a decent phone, this will not disappoint. Bigmac

Reviewed by Pete Soor from England on 2nd Jul 2006
Having spotted this phone on the Nokia website in February 2006, I've been awaiting Orange (UK) to launch the phone so I could upgrade to it. My time finally came (June 30th 2006) Iím very happy customer! The phone is all I expected and much more...well done Nokia. The only thing I'm upset about is that the phone arrived on the same day as England were knocked out of the World Cup on penalties again! Bring on Euro 2008! - (England Till I Die!)

Reviewed by THE BEAR from ENGLAND on 30th Jun 2006

Reviewed by Neil from uk on 26th Jun 2006
Love this phone, and yes it was worth the wait. I only have one complaint and that are the other reviewers who do not seem to have been taught how to speak! what is "dis and dat" all about?!!

Reviewed by Black Magic from ENGLAND on 21st Jun 2006
Sleek yet simple, as with almost every Nokia the phone is easy to understand. Have to admit I was expecting a little bit more for my monies but it does the job.

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