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Nokia 6230 review

 Review: July 2004  

Last updated June 2005


In a nutshell: The 6230 is a business class phone that also includes an integrated digital camera, video recorder and a music player.

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Slightly larger and a touch heavier than the 6220, the Nokia 6230 brings a number of enhancements, not least being the active TFT colour display with 65,536 colours, compared with the measly 4096 colours of the 6220. However, the screen resolution is still relatively poor at 128 x 128 pixels.

The quality of the camera has also been enhanced, with full VGA resolution up to 640 x 480 pixels. The camera is easy to use with the phone display used as a viewfinder, and includes useful features such as a self timer function, a choice of standard, portrait, and night modes and a choice of 3 image quality options: high, normal and basic. The video recorder has also been improved by extending the maximum duration of clips that can be recorded and played.

Another welcome addition is the Bluetooth connectivity, which replaces the infrared connection of the 6220, and the faster EDGE connection.

Overall the 6230 represents a significant improvement to the 6220 and is highly recommended, although it does suffer from a poor quality screen compared with other camera phones in this class. The new Nokia 6230i significantly updates the features of the 6230.

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Nokia 6230 features include:

  • Integrated digital camera (640 x 480 resolution)
  • Video recorder and player (record up to 2 MB; equal to 5 min, subject to available memory)
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
  • Bluetooth
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Downloadable Java™ games & applications
  • 6 Mbytes shared memory (expandable)
  • Colour display (65,536 colours, 128 x 128 pixels)
  • Speed dialling & voice dialling
  • Voice recorder
  • Built-in stereo FM radio
  • Music player for MP3 and AAC files
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS, HSCSD & EDGE (max 236.8 kbits/s download)
  • XHTML browser
  • Email
  • Pop-Port™ interface
  • Phonebook (1000 names)
  • Alarm clock, stopwatch, wallet
  • Built-in infra-red modem
  • Size: 103 x 44 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 97g
  • Battery standby: 150 - 300 hours
  • Battery talktime: 3 - 5 hours
  • Tri band

Nokia 6230 user reviews

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Average rating from 243 reviews:

Reviewed by RichardU8 from UK on 17th May 2012
Reliability: Have used a Nokia 6230 for many years now. Will definitely keep it handy for occasional 'ruffy tuffy' use when I (finally) get a smartphone. My 6230 has proved to be very sturdy and had been dropped onto several hard surfaces with no functional damage - maybe one of only a few genuinely 'rugged', but not too big, consumer mobiles ? Useability: Nothing fancy, simple to use from the very first. Ancillaries: Earphones and (shared cable) remote microphone both work well. FM radio is not bad - if you can get the earpiece cable 'aerial' stretched out in a fairly straight line. Less good when walking. On the down side the camera is pretty low res by modern standards,less that 32k pixels! And no flash or extra features. And setting up the DKU-2 cable caused me a lot of grief more than once.

Reviewed by Jill from UK on 26th Oct 2011
Best phone i ever had ive had the phone for over a year and no problems at all battery life is amazing lasts long i recommend you buy this phone

Reviewed by Legan from UK on 9th Aug 2011
I've had my 6230 since 2004 & it is The Best Phone Ever for Business minded people. Quickest texting & Phonebook entry on any phone I've tried. My phone now sometimes switches itself off every now & then but it's really High Talk time as my total talk time is a shocking 2,802Hours/116Days/3.89Months! It's shocking that I've acutuall been on the phone for nearly 4 months solid during the last 7 years! Also 40,583 TEXT MESSAGES sent & recieved!!!

Reviewed by rach from UK on 4th Aug 2010
really good phone but loudspeaker is poor! anyone recommend a budget nokia with a great loudspeaker??

Reviewed by sultan from UK on 29th May 2010
my 6230 simple bettery time is very low i chang the bettery but problem not solve please help me thanks.............

Reviewed by hafsah from UK on 26th Feb 2010
good phone

Reviewed by tejaasvin from UK on 4th Jan 2010
i have this phone since 2004 no probs at all one of the best nokias ever!

Reviewed by jeremiah from UK on 30th Dec 2009
the strongest so far

Reviewed by alex from UK on 26th Nov 2009
i have owned this phone for 5 years, problems, none. I have had newer and better featured phones but keep coming back to this little gem of a phone, was going to upgrade to the 6700 but after reading the reviews for it i'll stick to my 6230.

Reviewed by juttinlondon from UK on 31st Oct 2009
i do not have words to describe it. i have used this phone over 2000 hours . i am using this phone from last 4yrs n 8 months

Reviewed by Laszlo Domjan from UK on 5th Aug 2009
It's 2009, this phone is out of fashion, but I just had to get one as a secondary phone. (Normally I'm using an E71) Even if 6230 is old, it's very simple, still elegant and the most reliable phone ever, compared to 8800, SE T610 (other oldies I have).

Reviewed by Stephanie from UK on 29th May 2009
Ive had this phone now for 3 years and it has everything wanted in a phone and the amount of times i have dropped it and it has not broke yet, the battery lasts long enough for me and i love this phone and it is well worth the money i spent cus of how long it has lasted

Reviewed by knutole from UK on 7th Apr 2009
this phone is UBREAKABLE... amazing stuff, must be the sturdiest phone ever. i have dropped mine >100 times, once from fourth floor into concrete - and every time i just piece it back together, turn it on and get on with it... amazed to find it's like that for a lot of people - it must be the best model ever made by nokia, and yes, we all feel loyal to our trusted phone! i will leave mine behind now though, battery (BL-5C) is bloating and unsafe. but im positive i could have just changed the battery and used my phone for another ten years, easy! godspeed, thank you dear 6230i...

Reviewed by kamz from UK on 31st Dec 2008
1 of the best phone i had it has every thing u need like e.g camera, mp3, bluetooth, infrared and takes memory card and its a simple phone to use not difficult n looks nice

Reviewed by Damien Rayen from UK on 16th Nov 2008
For a price like this nokia 6230 can be so useful.6230 has most of the features that requires for a good mpbile such as camera , video recorder , voice recorder especialy it has Bluetooth connectivity and supports MMC Card. It is very useful on taking to long journeys as it is compatible with quality music too. Although not so many people know about this model it is still somewhat popular relatively for the cheap proce. I use it too. Tcks

Reviewed by jamal from UK on 10th Nov 2008
a good phone the only problem is its way too slow it takes forever

Reviewed by Ostrichboy from UK on 9th Oct 2008
My god are they tough.My stepdad ran over his 6230,nothing happened everything still works.He ran over his motorola Z8 and it crushed.Both accidents

Reviewed by CH4RLii3 from UK on 3rd Oct 2008
itsh a rubbish fone mayte

Reviewed by Ostrichboy from UK on 17th Sep 2008
Gooodies!!!Very easy,Louder than a K800i,tougher than.....well...Mine basically has 1 bit hanging off it,and lots of scratches.Its been thrown,punched,kicked,run-over...you name it.Nicknamed Indestructible phone

Reviewed by bugzy from UK on 25th Aug 2008
excellent phone, ratings speak for themselves, need i say more

Reviewed by clare from UK on 16th Aug 2008
I loved this phone it had everything i wanted on it. I don't know what they are on about when they said about poor screen resolution as it was fine on mine. I couldn't find one problem on this phone.

Reviewed by G. CRONNLEY- UK from UK on 11th Jul 2008
have this phone 3 months now and have not used the 10 credit yet as I can bearly hear the person callin me and they can bearly hear me. HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM OR IS IT A FAULTY PHONE.

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 6th Jul 2008
This is still *the* best Nokia phone, and after 4 years I still use mine every day.

Reviewed by xxx from UK on 2nd Jul 2008
is kind of weird because it keeps switchinf of on its own!!

Reviewed by Imran Hussain from UK on 26th Jun 2008
I think this phone is sick because it has all the features that a ordenery phone dont !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by J.S.Johnson from UK on 1st Apr 2008
It has all the features needed but it just does not have the spark that all phones should have. I have had this phone for about two months and already I am considering getting a new one. It also needs more memory for songs and pictures.

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 12th Mar 2008
This fone woz good 2 start of wid! But i have had it for more than a few years nd da battery needs replacing! Da bluetiith is now broken.

Reviewed by Chiller from UK on 18th Feb 2008
One of the best phones ever built by Nokia ... i still have it for close to 3 years now and not a problem .... it has everything from excellent camera, modem, bluetooth, mms .... heck i've used this phone extensively and it never let me down and still doesnt .....

Reviewed by Raqeeb from UK on 21st Jan 2008

Reviewed by Marcus from UK on 12th Jan 2008
This phone is brilliant, i dont think you can buy it anymore, but ive had mine for nearly four years, and i havent had any problems! it lasts forever!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 18th Dec 2007
this phone has served me well since 2005 surviving football matches, gigs all over the country and many a drunken pub crawl with drops and "water" [carling] damage. It didn't come with a lead to transfer music files to and from pc but they can be found and bought cheap from loads of places. all in all its a great phone, RECOMMENDED !!!

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 17th Oct 2007

Reviewed by matthew from UK on 27th Sep 2007
i have been using this phone for 2 years now and i could say, its a nice phone and very packed in terms of features. the only downside of this phone is the low resolution camera and the MP3 player that cannot play in songs randomly in the phone's playlists.

Reviewed by soneekuri from UK on 3rd Sep 2007
ive had this fone for over 3 years now and havnt had any problems with it. i think its a great fone, easy to use. Due a new fone cant choose which one to go for. HELP!!!!!

Reviewed by saif from UK on 4th Aug 2007
an ideal mobile.......thats all.

Reviewed by ClickAstly from UK on 2nd Aug 2007
Never fails, Nokia before they went poo

Reviewed by Vishal from UK on 2nd Aug 2007
I have been using this phone for over 2 years. Been quite happy with its performance. But of late facing a strange issue of battery not charging in this phone. Replaced charger & battery, still the same issue. Found many 6230 users too face the same issue with their phone after a year.

Reviewed by Brendan from UK on 29th Jul 2007
Just havta write a review because I owe this phone so much! I have had mine for nearly 3years and it is still going strong. I am always on the internet and I can check my emails and the latest news and have never had any trouble with it. But the most amazing thing is it has lasted 3years of a student lifestyle where it has been dropped on hard surfaces at least 100 times, been smashed against walls, floors, u name it..been used as a football..the list goes on. To this day there is no phone as sturdy with all the features it has. Brilliant stuff!

Reviewed by humdytumdy from UK on 28th Jul 2007
well its a simple phone, but the camera is so basic, enyhow if your a simple dude, this phone is right for ya!

Reviewed by salman from UK on 28th Jul 2007
i feel that the 6230 changed the way fones work. I think that the 6230_6230i were the fones of the century

Reviewed by Aliya from UK on 23rd Jul 2007
this phone is NOT good at all

Reviewed by shamz from UK on 7th Jul 2007
used to have this fone befor it got stolen...and i am plannin to get exactly da same model again becoz it is simply stunnin!! its a standard nokia fone, al the features wrk so beautifuly and it has a great keypad and shape. the mp3 player sound quality is superb and the camera quality is realy fantastic..i wud recomend this fone to anyone!!!

Reviewed by kc from UK on 5th Jul 2007
This was one of the three best phones I have ever had. The other phones: Samsung D600, Nokia 6310i. So, don't go for this phone if you like to have "the best camera" and such. Go for it if you like: 1) reliability (NEVER did anything buggy) 2) speed (no phone is faster than this) 3) Sync (it syncs with mac, pc) I unfortunately lost it (fell off my pocket) and got myself the 6230i, which I didn't like at all (TOO SLOW!!!)

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 12th Jun 2007
This phone is rubbish compared to the phones out now! (2007)

Reviewed by Oly from UK on 31st May 2007
Great phone, I got this on a contract back in 2005 and then upgraded to a flashy samsung X820. Big mistake so I went back to my 6230. It does everything I need, makes calls, sends texts and battery lasts for a week. Shame they dont make phones like this anymore.

Reviewed by Kyle from UK on 24th May 2007
The best phone I have ever had in my whole life! I got this phone round about when it first came out. I still have it now in 2007, i just can't bring myself to upgrade! I've used a motorola RAZR v3i and i don't like it anywhere near as much as my faithful 6230. Countering the stupid thing that some people have said, you can alter the video so that it records for round about 4 minutes. The photo quality is great! The video quality could be better, but remember this is a PHONE people! The battery life is also excellent! It has everything the average consumer could ever wish for, I highly reccomend this excellent piece of gadgetry! 5 stars from me! However, the best phones come with their downsides. The square on hte keypad is rather fiddly to use. Also, you should have the background set to 'off' otherwise you can't see the time and the date and things, or who's calling, which to me is one of the most important thing even in this evolved world of technology.

Reviewed by ?? ?? from UK on 18th May 2007
the best phone i ever had. camera quality is sick mp3 player is good and the sound quality is the best i have ever heard.

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 17th May 2007
its a nice phone, but is getting old now. i am wanting to move on to soething like a samsung D600, they look nice!! the only bad things about this phone are that the video camera only takes 4 mins, then stops. Also it takes one of the bigger memory cards. Plus the camera is bad, i find it incredibly irritating.

Reviewed by anyone who wants to buy this phone from UK on 17th May 2007
it has absolutely no memory and when i tried to expand the memory it was useless because it would not let me put certain stuff in the right folders and it kept crashing it is hopeless reading all these other reviews in would say that its all rubbish and i would truly recomened nobody to buy this awful phone!

Reviewed by GETHIN from UK on 13th May 2007

Reviewed by Chink Ov Bradford from UK on 12th May 2007
di$ i$ a $ick fone Braaaaaaap!!

Reviewed by Jackpot from UK on 10th May 2007
The camera on this phone is poor, the screen is too small the navigation buttons can be hard to use. It's not very good, but I suppose it's worth the money.

Reviewed by Desi from UK on 8th May 2007
my signal strength keep going so I don't know when my phone will receive or not unless I look at it, what could the problem be? I love the phone as it has so much great features but I cant live with the signal going as it do

Reviewed by SHOMA RAHIM from UK on 8th May 2007
THE BEST PHONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Reviewed by jack from UK on 8th May 2007

Reviewed by taseer from UK on 27th Apr 2007
i brought it for 100quid and it was fab

Reviewed by DAVIID from UK on 18th Apr 2007

Reviewed by DARRYL from UK on 11th Apr 2007
have always had nokia & this is the best so far. i feel it's more user friendly than the N70/73!!...now that's saying something huh!. better even than it's later 6230i!...delivery reports etc. this phone will be part of my life for some long time to come. well done nokia!. always nokia, always will be.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 28th Mar 2007
This phone is really good! It has everything i want in a mobile..Bluetooth,vidio capture ect ect. I have had no problems with this phone at all! And i would recommend this phone to anyone!! It;s the best!!!

Reviewed by sammy from UK on 28th Mar 2007
i think its an excleant phone! its got loads of memory, vidios, music. Its the best ive had yet!

Reviewed by Dershna11 from UK on 27th Mar 2007
a veri gud phone, but have faced a blockage and its causing alot of problems

Reviewed by Christopher from UK on 20th Mar 2007
i think this is i really good phone because off wat it has and does like (mp3,camera,video and picture messaging but the camera could be better i think like zoom in or something By Christopher R.I.P Jamie Feehan

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 18th Mar 2007
had this phone years. resistant to just about anything

Reviewed by casper from UK on 16th Mar 2007
the over all of this fone is good

Reviewed by AJ from UK on 15th Mar 2007
Well 2 tell u the truth I recently bought a Nokia 6070 and to tell u the truth it's a good phone and all but the quality of the mp3 ringtones is very poor and the memory is 2 low 4mb can only hold 1 song. But this phone is the bomb, it holds so nicely in your hands like. U shud get it and remember nOKIA WILL ALWAYS BE THE NO.1 Brand

Reviewed by koli from UK on 14th Mar 2007
ysh ysh dis is a sikkk fonee

Reviewed by michael from UK on 8th Mar 2007
the is good

Reviewed by ola from nigeria from UK on 8th Mar 2007
yep nice phone been using it for 5 months now no fault at all a very good phone no matter wat u lookin for its all on d phone its a very great and good phone cos its very portable presentable and very nice cool phone nokia keep it up so so amzing phone if u get dis phone u will never regret its very outstanding excellent everything

Reviewed by darwinn21 from UK on 6th Mar 2007
i have a nokia 6230 i love it but the camera has no zoom its sucks i wish you guys can make new data for 6230 for better upgrade.come on every 6230 user in the philippines is waiting for that and they willing to pay for it.just make a new data for 6230 please.........................................we beg u!!!we love are 6230 coz its cute!!!(but it needs upgrade)now do it!!!NOKIA

Reviewed by scarface from UK on 4th Mar 2007

Reviewed by josh from UK on 3rd Mar 2007
ive had so many phones and iv always come back to this one it might not have the most features but it does everything you need it to do take pics play music and it even makes calls very simple to use and a good size **************** the most starts possible great phone

Reviewed by Sharique Rana from UK on 25th Feb 2007
I have been using this phone for upto 2 year, and what can i say just outstanding phone.Im looking for a phone like Nokia 6230 for a long long time. All existing models have been made with a lot of compromises: one model was lacking in one thing, another one was lacking in something else. But 6230 has everything, except lack of increasing video time.

Reviewed by matt from UK on 23rd Feb 2007
mint fone all features you need cooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllll

Reviewed by marko from UK on 17th Feb 2007
it's nothing special the camera is average,mp3 i good have enought memory.Its good phone...but it's not for child at all it is soo complicated

Reviewed by richy from UK on 13th Feb 2007
great phone easy to use i would recommend this to people

Reviewed by twitch man from UK on 13th Feb 2007
I once loved this phone, and have owned 3 but until my screen magicaly turned blank/white I have changed my mind. i cant see anything on my nokia 6230i screen it has become useless, i cant see my numbers i cant see nothing the only thing i can do is answer the phone. Now after paying for the phone, i've lost my receipt; now have no guarantee and now left with a useless but good phone. how wonderful. have you realised everything in life is a scam for money ey.

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 19th Dec 2006
This is my dad's phone, he always seems to have a better phone than me but not any more as i am getting the new Sony ericsson w810i :). I personally think that this nokia ain't that great, it's camera quality ain't dat great and also the centre control pad is very fiddly, the memory is great and so are the tunes it plays but i have to say, go for a sony ericsson model if ur looking for something fun. This is more of a buisness phone, Overall- It's fairly dull, but great memory, an ok phone

Reviewed by Kyle from UK on 28th Nov 2006
great all rounder,simple light weight phone with all the heavy weight features such as a memory card slot, mp3/aac player,camera+video,video player,infared bluetooth usb via cable. all great features, but the main let down for the nokia 6230 is the screen which in modrate light can become hard to use but is good for a 14yr old like me as it performs well and is UNBREAKABLE well recomended phone!

Reviewed by joey from UK on 15th Oct 2006
i think 6230 is quite a nice phone.however, i got bored of it after one and a half year.

Reviewed by Jamie from UK on 17th Aug 2006
This phone is cheap and it does everything. Its small, it has a camera, it takes video, bluetooth, mp3, mmc slot, easy to use what else could you ask for!

Reviewed by Owen from UK on 30th Jul 2006
This Phone is brilliant i have had no problems with it ( i treat my phone good dont drop or do stupid stuff ) ok a phone is used for calling people and messaging so dont go complaing the camara is bad cos if you want to take good phone go buy a digital camera this phone is just the right size the rectangle shape non of the other junk there bringing out this phone is very great

Reviewed by Bruce Davies from UK on 1st Jul 2006
Right, this phone I think is the best one I have had so far, however I have had so many problems with it, mainly the software that the phone runs on, for the first 6 months that I had it for there was a pixel on the screen that was constantly ORANGE!! sometimes it would not send or receive text messages, really helpful! though I have had these problems sorted out. Today the phone just does not work, when I switch it on, and go to set the time or just press a button the screen fades off but doesn't switch the phone off, well I don't think it does! Moving on to the phone itself, there isn't a zoom function on the camera until you have taken the photo, and it is just to one extent. The camera seems to be good quality, however there isn't much you can do with it, for example change it to black and white, sepia or anything else, there is just the four settings including video, also I find it a nuisance that there is not a flash on the camera, though the Night mode does assis t somewhat! The video play back I personally think is not up to standards, it is very unclear sometimes and the sound quality is awful and does not always pick up everything said. Just four minutes ? It could have the option of being extended to at least 10. The memory for this phone I think is rather dull, it says 32 mb on the memory card but the phone tells me there is only 30.2mb in all, where are my other 1.8mb of memory ? ? , the mp3 player I think is good and the hands free set gives very good quality, though the loud speaker could be louder and a bass and treble control would be convenient. Also with the Mp3 and video play back, why isn't there a fast forward and re-wind ? very frustrating I find. The overall quality of the phone I am happy and disappointed with at the same time, I am happy with the feel of the phone and the buttons textures, I find the phone to be "aesthetically pleasing" (my technology teacher should be happy now!) I do really like my phone, when it is working though, I would go through the features but it won't switch on so I can't! Another little annoyance is when sending a file via blue tooth or infrared, it does not tell you the percentage of completion! so you are left wondering how long it will actually take!!!! Oh well I've had my moan!! Thanks Bye! :D

Reviewed by Ryan Williams from UK on 18th May 2006
I have had this phone for 3 months now and its great. But I red on several sites and got told in the shopp it can only have a memmory card with 128mb but I have a 256mb memory card in it and it works fine and yes this is the 6230 NOT the 6230i

Reviewed by Abby from UK on 17th Mar 2006
Good little phone. It gets a bit dusty under the screen. It has everything a phone needs, however I'm getting a bit bored after a year of it. Xx

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 8th Mar 2006
Had the phone just over a year and love it! Its easy to use, shortcuts easy to set and change. Am due an upgrade now and got the Samsung e700, had it less than a day and sent it back! Been looking for something else to upgrade to, and although the V3i and the SE 750i/w800i have great cameras/mp3 players but after reading reviews and basic flaws in both im upgrading to the 6230i. Its not the highest spec of phones but works best for me!

Reviewed by Ryan Williams from UK on 1st Mar 2006
Hi all I worked out where the mem card goes its a wicked phone id recommend neone to get it

Reviewed by Ryan Williams from UK on 28th Feb 2006
Hi I just bought this phone today and I love it but it was second hand so didn't come with a manual or nothing and I was wondering could someone tell me how to expand the memory please cos i cant figure out where a memory card goes. Please email me thanks: ryanwilliams479@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Jemma from UK on 17th Jan 2006
I have had this phone for the past year and it has been excellent overall!! Really impressive, hasnt let me down at all!!! Not the best quality photo's n the video time is a bit rubbish but v.reliable!!! Can't complain, recommend it if you're looking for a good phone that you know is'nt going to conk out on you!!! Not v.flash though!!!

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 15th Jan 2006
You can hardly fault this phone except the battery life isn't great. Apart from that the phone is excellent it is one of the toughest phones out my mate put his through the wash by accident twice and it still works fine the music player is very clear weather your listening to it through head phones or not.If your looking for a new phone get this one

Reviewed by John D from UK on 11th Jan 2006
On my 4th handset after 10 months - bluetooth keeps breaking down so unable to use with carkit. Was advised unofficially that this was a known fault.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 15th Dec 2005
This is a poor phone. It tries to do too much for too little money and as such is a huge compromise. The camera and video are ok if thats what you want from a phone but the central menu button is a fiddle and difficult to get to the correct screen. Bluetooth is adequate and voice dialing works well. However mine will not hold a charge and runs down within 6 hours. Has been returned for software upgrade but this has made little or no difference. I have reverted to using my Sony Erricson T360. On the basis of this experience I would not have a Nokia again.

Reviewed by steph from UK on 23rd Nov 2005
i have had this phone for about 4months but have just changed it as i like to keep up with the latest stuff! i think overall this is a great phone but i think there are some improvments that could be made . it is very slow to start up and turn off and quite slow to react to what you are asking it to do and the mp3 sound quality isnt up to much and neither is the camera , i do think it is a good phone but i think nokia have got alot to improve on. good try though, i dont think that this phone is worth the 180 (aprox) that i spent on it , for it to be worth this i would of liked it to have more extra features on , if u want a phone that ROCKS get the samsung d500 definatly value for money and it is fantastic!!! so if you want a brilliant camera and good qualtiy video and sound i dont think the nokia 6230 is the one for you hhowever if you are just looking for something to take DECENT pictures and call n text from then yer buy it but not at the stupid price it is at the moment definatly over priced

Reviewed by SCRABBLE KING from UK on 18th Nov 2005
Bought my 6230 secondhand for a good price but soon found it is very limited as a camera which was main reason I bought it. I thought it was 1 megapixels but of course it turns out it is only half that. Also found mine had missing pixels which often spoil photos with a small black area. Also the turning on is a randon event! Battery life is dismal compared with my geriatric Nokia (albeit that is a brick by modern standards, but that one has survived numerous drops onto hard surfaces and still works!) Alos the central control is difficult to use in my brief experience, often selecting the wrong choice through failing to hit it dead centre. Also trying to send MMS has proved totally fruitless after a whole week and various calls and e-mails to my carrier. I am amazed that this model is still current sales model at a price way above what I paid! I now find for only slightly over twice the money I could have bought a much more brand new powerful camera phone on 3G. Maybe later models are better built or have betetr software?

Reviewed by Bolster from UK on 30th Oct 2005
A very good phone with enough extras to keep you busy in your spare time. I've had mine a year now and have had no problems. As with all Nokias its solid and easy to use,a little outdated now but still recommended.

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 25th Oct 2005
I write this after several months of use of this phone. In my honest opinion it is total junk due mainly to the incredibly poor display. If you need to use the phone out of doors you will be unable to make out anything on the screen if the weather is anything other than night or very dull and overcast. This means that dialling is well nigh impossible and the camera is useless for taking photos or for looking at photos. I have now returned to using my old Nokia 3210. The 6230 is a total waste of time and money. Even trying to install the Nokia PC Suite to make the thing interact with my PC ended in complete failure and I am not a computer novice. Avoid this phone at all cost even if offered to you free.

Reviewed by Callum from UK on 10th Sep 2005
This Phone is gr8. The graphics are gr8. The bluetooth is brill. The buttons are well designed and east to use. everything about the phone is gd!!!!! highly recommend!!!

Reviewed by Krush from UK on 3rd Sep 2005
This phone is really rubbish. I am telling this from my experience. Nokia always cheats people with its brand name. I bought this phone and after a week i sold it only for 30% of its original price bcoz of frustration. The menu key is kind of funny. most of the time instead of select u will end up pressing up/down. No zooming function in camera. No skins. display quality is not good. No proper usb connectivity accesories......I am wondering why people still go behind nokia........#uc$

Reviewed by tauseef from UK on 1st Sep 2005
this fone is excellent but one thinkg is bad that its screen is too small to wath vedio on it

Reviewed by Nowfal from UK on 22nd Aug 2005
I had this phone for a little over a month, so far so good. Firstly the weakness of the phone; 1. The Menu layout is plain and not very colourful- But actually its very simple that way 2. The screen looks nice, but is very small compared to the ones of Samsung, Sony ericsson. 3. There is a limit on the voice recording function..its a few minutes 4. The video recording function is a joke compared to phones like Samsung- its viewable.. but is quite pixelated on movement 5. Its annoying to change to speakerphone while making calls as you have to press 2 buttons ( In my sagem MY x-5 you just press the call button twice) 6. Dust gathers quickly behind the screen 7. You cannot fast forward or rewind video at all, you can only pause it 8. Removal of the back cover requires a technique you cannot master at first, but it can be done with only a reasonable force and movement. 9. The supplied headphones are reasonable but low end bass cannot be heard with full satisfaction- can be fixed with an pop-port to 3.5mm jack adapter which enables the use of more superior headphones. 10. Picture quality declines when photos are taken in low light conditions But there are a few reasons why i gave this phone an outstanding rating, here goes 1.Simple menu means that anyone can understand the layout of the phone by just looking at the screen. 2. The screen can be viewed in direct sunlight and the menu layout is readable 3. The speakerphone is very loud for a phone this small!The mp3 playback is quite impressive on the speakerphone 4. The picture quality is good when taking pictures in a bright outdoor environment and photo doesn't blur when taken on a moving car for emaple 5. The button in the headset is useful when recieving incoming calls when running or on a bike etc 6. Bluetooth works well with any phone, transfer of files of 2mb is no problem 7. Lots of useful java application available including free games 8. WIth a good pair of headphones, this phone has stunning music playback- good as Ipods! 9. You can buy a bigger MMC card so that you can store a lot of music, videos, pictures etc- avalable at a very reasonable price at mobymemory 10. Buttons are simple and easy to press.. aprt from the d-pad in the middle which takes ime to get used to, but you will learn! 11. Decent price since the new 6230i and other new phones pushed the price right down 12. Battery lasts a long time while listening to mp3 and radio 13. Nice and big on off button 14. predictive text is very predictive and saves a LOt of time! 15. Very good signal- in some places it gets signal that other phones dont have! On the whole, i believe this phone is a business phone but with a twist of fun for the busy person who needs to enjoy their life with just one device that does most things they need for the commute to work etc. Even though this phone might seen more expensive than other phones with simular features, it has the feel of a good phone that will last for a very long time. Buy this phone if you want a good communication device with the capability of having some fun. But before you buy, make sure you have seen it al first, some people find this phone very plain and boring while others see this as a way to make life more simpler.

Reviewed by Phillip Lopez from UK on 22nd Aug 2005
This is my 4th phone but my 3rd Nokia. I bought the 6230 just about a month ago for $285US after selling my 6310i, which I've had for two years and which, by the way, was a really good phone. Small wonder why so many folks very chasing me to buy my 6310i. The 6230 is very much in demand here in Trinidad. I am very pleased with its many avant garde features. Bluetooth works fine, camera quality is good enough when set to 'HIGH' and I've just learned from this website how to extend the video length to 4 min. The 6230 hooks up to the my dell pc via NOKIA DKU-2 USB Cable and with PC suite transferring music, pics, ringtones to and fro the phone is child's play. Regrets: phone volume could be louder, battery life is shortened significantly if you listen to a lot of mp3 files or ringtones with vibration set to on position. Fat-fingered folks will have a problem with the key pad. Overall, I have no regrets about my new toy.

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