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Nokia 6220 review

 Review: January 2004  

Last updated August 2004

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6220 is a business class phone that also includes features like a camera and FM radio.

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A novel feature of the Nokia 6220 is the EDGE connectivity, which along with GPRS provides a very high-speed internet connection. In addition, the 6220's XHTML browser provides a rich full colour interface to the web.

Nokia have resisted the temptation to make the appearance of the 6220 "cool" and have sensibly provided a conventionally-styled keypad, making the phone usable as well as smart.

The main problems with the 6220 are the poor quality screen (just 4096 colours and 128 x 128 pixels) and poor camera (CIF resolution - that's just 352 x 288 pixels). These really let the phone down, and a much better choice is the Nokia 6230.

Nokia 6220 features include:

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Nokia 6220 user reviews

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Average rating from 77 reviews:

Reviewed by nic from australia on 11th Mar 2009
battery cover borke after a day, and the battery life lasts 1.5 days which is contrary to what it said in the advertising. if these problems were not present after suich a short time, i woyld rate it 4/5

Reviewed by ADAM from INDONESIA on 19th Dec 2008
SO GOOD..... nOKIA 6220

Reviewed by geo from scotland on 25th Apr 2008
I love it . Had the wee thing for years and its never let me down. I use it every day..hands free in the car...and its been frozen, dropped, and subjected to extremes of weather. I wont be changing it until it finally dies.

Reviewed by Eugene from Canada on 7th Oct 2007
had this phone like forever, does the job of calling and sms, built tough, had dropped it hundred of times and never had any problem, never really loved it but its a phone you can rely on, never had a problem using it, like other people said, if you want to listen to music get an ipod if you need camera get a camera, there's no phone can really put all the functions together. a perfect mobile for who's looking for nothing but phone. period

Reviewed by jill from philippines on 21st Sep 2007
I have this phone since 2nd quarter of 2004 up to this time. Resolution is not clear, hangs randomly but still working like day 1.I use this phone for sms and calls only. Its an average everyday phone. Phone has been dropped countless times. Latety,I spilled water on it, inside part was soaking wet and it was not turning on (battery was damaged). I was hesistant to buy a new battery because i thought that it would be it, and the whole unit could be damaged but i was way too wrong!!! This phone was built tough. Have plans upgrading to a K810i but i guess im still waiting for the phone to die.

Reviewed by mario from england on 8th Aug 2007
this phone is rlly leting me down the screen u can hardly see anything on the screen no blurtohth camera rubbis DONT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by tony from pak on 3rd Jul 2007
the same thing happened 2 me, the phone restricted message after using it with dku-5. perhaps nokia should acknowledge its noncompatibilty with the dku-5. anyway i got it to work by getting it reflashed with a new version ( 4.x to 6.x ). the new bios looks better, all gradient and stuff. the phone itself is really good, can withstand extreme shocks, showers and things, but software compatibilty and nokia support is waaaayyyyyyy below average.

Reviewed by Michael from Australia on 29th Apr 2007
I was using the nokia DKU-5 cable and next time the phone turned on. it said "phone restricted" i pressed undo and it then said enter restriction code. not a puk code, a restriction code. and when i rung nokia, the guy had no idea. I then tries the *#res0wallet# code and i can use it without the sim card. ah well

Reviewed by M.N.Deuskar from india mumbai on 2nd Apr 2007
iam in india using it . very nice. can i get softwares list which i can play on this mobile MP songs3 like real player etc . in my area GPRS is not available .

Reviewed by Byton Simwela from Malawi on 22nd Jan 2007
the phone z just goog but can be better if colour, camera and memory can be improved. i have used it for two with lots of fallings but still survives.

Reviewed by Joe from Philippines on 16th Oct 2006
This f0n s g0od...It's juz g0od...The camera s n0t that clear though but what can u xpect wid d 4000pesos priced celp0n?I'ma get myself a n0kia 6600 on pay day...

Reviewed by bangee from SCG on 13th Apr 2006
Boring becouse it is perfect... Men who use this telephone, don't have to be boring, don't have to be perfect.

Reviewed by CH from Meranticoon on 4th Apr 2006
Dust build inside phone horible still and motion capture Horible sound recording low on memory bad key pad shat screen and no point for BT since theres no memory its azz

Reviewed by Aerio from USA on 29th Mar 2006
If this phone can survive being stepped on and dropped numerous times, as well as freezing temperatures, then it's good enough for me. I've had it for four years and probably won't change until it completely breaks. It's light, compact, and basic (I don't use 70% of the features on it I bet you). Simply the best I've had...

Reviewed by rodd from oz on 18th Jan 2006
this is a capable phone that has been designed well and has an easy to use interface, it is also small and styley - and although i have 'upgraded' to the amazingly small VK2000 (which i love) i still have fond feelings for this trusty phone. things i love: size, looks, user interface, basic features eg calendar are all well designed and easy to use, the speaker and microphone are excellent and ppl can hear me talking clearly on a crowded city street. things i hate: that goddam faceplate that seems to pump dust and debris under the screen like theres no tomorrow!, i hate the fact you can't have a recurring alarm you have to set it each time, the camera is poor and not really worth using, its kinda slow to respond to button pushes but you get used to that. and thats probly it. overall a quite decent phone and if you need mp3 get a ipod, if you need camera get a camera and if you need bluetooth this phone doesn't have that either but for everything else this phone is great. 3 stars at least.

Reviewed by Keith Thomas from UK on 26th Nov 2005
Absolutely, without doubt, the worst phone ever created. I think Nokia are on the slippery slope with other manufacturers overtaking them. Try any of the samsung range for a far better phone.....

Reviewed by isidora from serbia on 23rd Oct 2005
Not bad at all.

Reviewed by gareth from england on 10th Oct 2005
ive had this phone 4 bout 2 yrs and its fine i hate evry1 hu is dissin this fone its cheap gud quality and absolutly fantastic.

Reviewed by martin from england on 19th Sep 2005
this phone is rubbish, it hardly ever turns on. and when it does it turns itself off again dont buy it!!!!!

Reviewed by Gary from England on 9th Sep 2005
I've just moved on from this fone but it has given me 15 months loyal service. I agre with the other writers about it's poor screen res etc but, to be honest, it's never let me down. Always liked the way that it looks and particularly like the fact that i've never seen anyone else with the same model! Don't believe all that's written here - this has been a reliable and stoically good mobile for me

Reviewed by cathy prested from england on 8th Sep 2005
Software is terrible...keeps turning itself off. been back to menders 3x and now on/off switch has bust....hate it!

Reviewed by Rodolf Kamasutra from UK on 1st Aug 2005
Rubishhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Slow if you add many games at it hangs if you play bounce!

Reviewed by Clank from UK on 28th Jul 2005
Worst phone in the world do not buy this because i have only had this phone for 5 days and it is so rubish I would even prefer the Nokia 3310 then this I repeat DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. If you buy this phone you will find it so boring and don't buy this phone from ARGOS because they won't take it back if you want to return it.

Reviewed by Aashy from India on 12th Jul 2005
i have used this cell n its really good cheap n best 5 stars r very less for it

Reviewed by scott from scotland on 8th Jul 2005
utter pish. had this fone 4 6 months now and it is rubbish

Reviewed by snobby from usa on 4th Jul 2005

Reviewed by ben lockhart from england on 15th Jun 2005
the nokia 6220 is an absolute amazing phone its better than all the phone sin the world put together its just that every time i go onto jamster it is compatible with every thing and to go on wap its so cheap buy this phone

Reviewed by Teddy... from Singapore on 27th May 2005
This fone looks very business stylish... had it for 6 mths everything was fine till one day the software turned nuts... It restarted itself whenever i pressed the go to button... Poor screen quality, poor camera... Well Everythin is fine... but for the software.. it sucks... thats why i give em 2 stars...

Reviewed by Grant from Australia on 24th May 2005
This phone is average. but the 4096 colour screen is poor.the camera takes awfull photo's.the ringtones are dreadfull.the thing that really ticked me off about this phone that is has no bluetooth.if you want a awsome phone go for a 6230. 1 up from this hunk of plastic people call a phone

Reviewed by Phumzile from South Africa on 23rd May 2005
It's an okay phone. A bit ugly.

Reviewed by Aditya Chawla from India on 5th May 2005
Its a really cool phone. Small n compact with so many features and looks so business class . Very elegant and sober phone with a very comfortable keypad.

Reviewed by Raj Shah from UAE on 13th Apr 2005
A good phone with impressive features though, Camera and colour are not good but by mony valu it is valu of yor money. I am happy with 6220.

Reviewed by Rabz from South Africa on 6th Apr 2005
great phone!just needs improvement on the clarity of the picture function,fix that and we shoud have a gemstone.

Reviewed by Anthony from Australia on 1st Apr 2005
I have had my 6220 for 1 year and I initially thought the battery life was excellent. Then, one one day about a week ago, my fully charged battery went to zero in just over a day. Now, it lasts on average one and a half days, even less if I take a few calls. Having had the same problem with the old 3210, this is the last Nokia phone I will get.

Reviewed by John Patrick from Philippines on 26th Mar 2005
I have nokia 6220. Its good though. For the average rating, the color is bad. The camera is even worse. The keypad is not that good. But for the other features, I can say they are good. Im sick of my 6220. Im gonna buy a 6230. Way much better.

Reviewed by Me from UK on 24th Feb 2005
This is the worst phone ever! Sound on it is awful unsble to hear people talking, Picture quality is the worst I've ever seen and the screen is bad. Also if used to much the Night Mode perminately sets although this is needed to stop the pictures been so dull. The front case pulls off so easily and exessive dust builds up behind the screen! Phone is thought to be good for first 2 or 3 months but novelty soon wears off!Before I have always had a Nokia and this phone has put me right off. All the people who say this phone is good need testing for madness because I've had it for just about 1 year and I hate it! And I realise if I want a good camera to buy a real one but this one is pathetic buy a samsung D 500

Reviewed by king liam from england on 11th Feb 2005
these fones are rubbish camera is rubbish and vid is same no blutooth etc dnt buy this rubbish piece stick to the nokia 6230 or nokia 6630 or samsung d5000 do not buy this nokia 6220

Reviewed by Eddie from England on 3rd Feb 2005
Reasonable phone! Good features. Picture quality, camera and video are bad. Tried to get mms & wap settings many a time, NOTHING.Good Features but rubbish if you want a phone for picture etc.

Reviewed by jordilaforge from UK on 26th Jan 2005
Do not buy one of these, they are rubbish. Useless camera and useless keyboard. J

Reviewed by brijesh from india on 25th Jan 2005
this handset 6220 is a pain in the neck..i had the hardware changed, changed software (3 different version) but the handset continues to have problems as it automatically goes to speaker phone mode and you have to reset the handset to solve the proble. and the company has ver poor response to cunsumers problems..just making u run every where and they also have shut down a few company outlets cause they cant handle many problems..nokia is absolutely hopeless

Reviewed by Far from England on 20th Jan 2005
Um, I smashed this phone in my car door (by accident) and i cried and cried!! its a great phone but the pictures are a bit bad!! I now have new phone, but i did have withdrawal symptoms from my old one at first! But any way i have the gx30i and it wicked so all buy it!!! love farzah xxx

Reviewed by Tim from The Netherlands on 9th Dec 2004
Verry good phone! The 6230 has everybody, the 6220 is an special phone mostly sold out in the stores. In some stores they have only the 6230 phone. 6220? Never hurt off is het answer you mostly get. A high business look en good quality. For example, check the volume button on the left or the keys. The 7250i is more a toy en verry breakable. The camera modus and speciality the night view is better than the 7250i. The 6610i is also a verry nice telephone but the software is running out of date en the phone also. I recommend this phone above the 6230; probably more for your money but quality?? Okey enough about this.... check it!

Reviewed by Tory from AUS on 7th Dec 2004
I have had problems with this phone from day 1!!! I would discourage anyone from even contemplating buying this phone. I had non-stop problems of phone calls dropping out, and shocking shocking reception, and the quality of pictures is very poor. After five months and five replacement 6220 phones, all of which had the same problems, I gave up and bought a new phone. I have quite a few friends who had this phone and they have all bought different phones because they had the same problems as me plus more. Don't bother with this phone!

Reviewed by K J Dinesh from India on 5th Dec 2004
Well This mobile is really excellent . Handling as smooth as any other nokia , this has efficient video and EDGE features...

Reviewed by santhosh from India on 1st Dec 2004
It is good

Reviewed by - from Singapore on 24th Nov 2004
A good phone with impressive features though,but it's now useless cos its been it's sucessor the nokia 6230 has taken this phone's popularity away.

Reviewed by OKAN from TURKEY on 24th Nov 2004
hey guys.buy this mobile phone as soon as posibble. it is wonderfull.i have now 6220 and 6670. both of them are really good. 6220 has normal cam. BUT 6670 has digicam.(1.3 mp) SAY Hİ TO TURKEY...

Reviewed by Sanna from Finland on 3rd Oct 2004
I went out to buy this phone last week and I was told that it's going out from the markets! There weren't any left because of that so I bought one second hand. This sure isn't out-datet or anything. It has everything I need in a compact package. My recommendations to everyone.

Reviewed by Sven from UK on 30th Sep 2004
An excellent phone. I just bought it and it still rocks! Only the camera is a little hefty, but at least it captures the precious moments :)

Reviewed by Jack from U.K on 25th Sep 2004
I have always been a Nokia person and recently purchased a Nokia 6220. I have to say this phone is an excellent one. The look and feel of the phone is very good. The camera quality is good and the battery excellent. The loudspeaker, video and radio facilities on the phone really do make it an excellent buy. It is also very easy to use. My wife has a Sony Ericcson T630 but compard to the Nokia I feel the 6220 is the much better phone.

Reviewed by Lewis from England on 24th Aug 2004
This phone is wicked, but Im not too impressed by the photo quality! I wouldnt recomend this to my mates, cos you can get the Nokia 5140 for much cheaper!! and it has a load of new features, e.g: digital compass, Temometer,camera and a video recorder!!! I give this phone 4 stars because the Nokia 5140 sounds much better!!!

Reviewed by IBBI from PAKISTAN on 14th Aug 2004

Reviewed by Akshay from India on 5th Jul 2004
It\'s a great phone overall no doubt......but funny keyboard yaar ! The numeric keypad is quite nice, but that bloody four-way scroll key is **** compared to the simplistic and practical 6610 four-way.

Reviewed by Fanok from Pakistan on 10th Jun 2004
6220 is simply amazing... thats all I want to say!!!

Reviewed by Jake from UK on 26th May 2004
This phone rocks!!!! Its really similar to the 7250i but i like this better its brilliant phone with all the good features, although sadly no bluetooth or mem card :(

Reviewed by Tim from Great Britain on 17th May 2004
This phone is really good, it's really neat with good(ish) photo quality and looks fantastic. You are able to listen to mp3s (kind of) and dispite what V sneg said it does have Radio. The only down sides are the lack of Bluetooth and memory card. But all in all its a very nice, neat phone and i'm very pleased with it.

Reviewed by Peter from England on 9th May 2004
I like this phone alot the camera is adequet although i've seen better. and what are you on about seng from malaysia its fine to hold and it has radio and mp3. It is very easy to use.

Reviewed by thomas from belgium on 27th Apr 2004
i sold my 6220 and bought me a Samsung E-700 instead, it's a good phone but as i live in Belgium, it can't even send an MMS --> Nokia 6220 works with TCP/IP ports and Belgian networks don't support these ports for MMS, so sorry. On the whole, it's a great phone, only the camera isn't worth mentioning...

Reviewed by 6220Malaysia from Malaysia on 16th Apr 2004
LOL!!!! Comparing 6600 and 6220..please! Get a 6600 if you want quality like 6600..I have no problems with my 6220. Good phone...of course you dont expect to much features from a phone like this...if you're talking about 6600, then its another story...excellent!

Reviewed by rahul from india on 16th Apr 2004
I had to choose between a nokia 6220 and asamsung E700. I chose the samsung .The nokia 6220 is pathetic, not attractive at all .The camera is not too good compared to samsung E700. Above all the features arents too appealing.Please throw the phone if you have one.

Reviewed by dunno from new zealand i think on 6th Apr 2004
dont bother even lookin 7250i is much betta

Reviewed by peter from RSA on 28th Mar 2004
I dont know what is wrong with you guys comparing this phone's camera to a 6600's camera, its like comparing a boot to a ferarri. the 6220 has a series 40 (352x288 pixel) camera whilst the 6600 has a series 60 (640 x 480 pixel) camera. besides the 6600 has a massive 65000 color hi res screen to look at your photos with. 6220 is however a quite entry level business phone with acceptable features.

Reviewed by sami from London on 24th Mar 2004
for my birthday i wanted a 7250i but then when i found out a new phone is out called 6220 i changed my mind. WICKED WICKED WICKED WICKED WICKED

Reviewed by Mike from Sg on 22nd Mar 2004
Its one of the best Nokia Phones out there. its sound quality is way better than Nokia 7250.it is equipped with the radio too. I was amazed when i saw the negative review....

Reviewed by Lavesh from Thailand on 16th Mar 2004
I must say that 6220 rocks the world. Its at a pretty good price. Firstly, the camera quality is skilled, if u set it to best quality, ITS Better than phones like 6600 and 7600 camera. The Next thing is that it can mms videos and have slide presentations. It also is quite good, u can receive and download videos, like comic videos or movie trailers. The IR port is also quite good (sorry, no blue tooth:() This phone's IR can send and receive Videos And Recordings and much more!! The other thing is, if you buy the DKU5 cable for the comp or u buy or hav an IR PORT u can put MP3s on this phone! ALl u have to do is install pc suite (which is provided) and you open nokia multimedia player, open the mp3 u want to put on ur phone, save it as .amr in the nokia multimeidia player.. then just drag it in to the gallery in the explorer thing. I have this phone and its skill, downfall? No memory cards and no blue tooth. Buy this phone!

Reviewed by Mariam from Singapore on 16th Mar 2004
I have been using this phone for the past 4 months and I find it an excellent mobile. Loudspeaker, radio, voice recorder, digitcam. Though the photo quality is not that impresive but its fine to take those precious moments. They should improve the screen from 4K to 56K. Then it will be an overall excellent phone!

Reviewed by STE H from UK on 11th Mar 2004

Reviewed by SDCK from UK on 1st Mar 2004
I was liking 4 a new phone i was going to buy a 7250I but after looking @ the 6220.I had to go & buy it. It was just outstanding

Reviewed by tony mason from uk on 24th Feb 2004
first of all to the poeple who gave it 1 star rating. do you have a clue what ur talking about, the camera quality is just the same as the nokia7250i and my pictures come out quite well. my friends got the 7250i and its poorer quality. the main thing about this phone which impressed me was the video recording (with sound). if you go to big brands such as dial a phone or mobile shop, you can get good deals. pictures are worth a thousand words and video clips are worth ten thousand pictures!!! i have had mine a month and the moments ive captured with the video clip recorder (20 sec) are mint!! it also has radio and a speaker so u can talk in the car without having to hold it (which is illegal) and u also dont need a hands free kit!!!!

Reviewed by Tim Hovell from United Kingdom on 11th Feb 2004
I have had this phone on o2 for about a month and have to say it is much better than the Nokia 7250i, The thing that really lets it down is NO Bluetooth and also pretty bad screen but i live in a basement flat and get good signal and that is a first from my other phones. The camera is good aswell the pics look bad on the screen but sent to e-mail they look quite good. Battery is excellent and the phone looks like a qaulity piece of kit. EDGE over GPRS means lightning fast downloads and all in all Nokia have delivered a quailty piece of kit.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 4th Feb 2004
What are you guys talking about?!! I upgraded to the 6220 about a week ago and have had NO problems at all with it... Better than the 7250? Please... have you actually used it?

Reviewed by dan from uk on 3rd Feb 2004
very expensive phone, it just dosent work properly the mms and gprs settings worked for a bit then nothing, i have had so many vodafone live settings sent to my phone i have no idea which i am suppose to be using,none work properly. i wish i could send it back.

Reviewed by rita from united kingdom on 19th Jan 2004
This phone is now in the uk and what a sack of s*** it is, ive returned mine to the dealers and got a 7250i instead. far better phone.

Reviewed by peter from united kingdom on 17th Jan 2004
The nokia 6220 is in my opinion, one of the worse phones nokia have ever made.i got one today on contract, and it will be going back to the dealers.its dreadful,the camera is worse than the 7250i.the colour resolution of the display is very poor,poor ringtones ect,ect. generally very tacky.

Reviewed by esinani from UK on 17th Jan 2004
Perfect phone, just perfect. Awesome features.

Reviewed by Jimmy from Australia on 2nd Jan 2004
I was initially keen to buy a Nokia 6220, but reviews have not been very positive thus far... do any consumer reviewers out there have more specific details of why the 6220 is not more highly rated given it is priced at the very top end?

Reviewed by V Seng from malaysia on 20th Dec 2003
very hard to hold. not many function. no radio n mp3.

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