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Nokia 6220 Classic review

 Review: August 2008  


In a nutshell: A super-lightweight 3G smartphone with a massive array of features: 5 megapixel camera with xenon flash, A-GPS navigation with Nokia maps, music player, RDS FM radio, up to 8 GB memory, ... the list goes on. There's almost nothing missing from this phone, and it just loses two stars because of its cheap plastic casing.

Best buy: Nokia 6220 Classic from Amazon Marketplace UK (£503.16)


The saying "wolf in sheep's clothing" has never been more true. The 6220 Classic is an absolutely amazing, feature-packed phone that has nearly all the features of Nokia's N95 flagship, but it looks and feels like a kid's toy phone. What were Nokia thinking of?

The feature list is incredible: 3G Symbian smartphone with HSDPA. 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and xenon flash. Video calling. Music player and FM radio. A-GPS navigation and Nokia Maps 2.0. 120 MB of built-in memory, plus supplied with a 1GB microSD memory card, with the option to expand to 8 GB. Bluetooth & USB connectivity. 2.5mm audio connection. The list of features includes everything that the Nokia N95 has apart from Wi-Fi. Yet it's much cheaper than the N95 and seems to have a more reliable operating system too, with virtually no reports of freezing or shutdowns. Oh, and it's so much slimmer and lighter than the big bad N95. It's a dream phone in so many ways.

And yet ... first impressions are very poor. The casing is all plastic. It feels cheap. The keypad creaks and feels like its going to fall apart.

This is a difficult phone to rate. If it wasn't so plasticky, we'd definitely have given it 5 stars. But with such poor build quality and poor keypad, it rates just 3 stars. However, if you want a highly-featured phone and are on a budget, this one should definitely be on your list.

Best Deals
Amazon Marketplace UK £503.16 Nokia 6220 Classic Click for details

Nokia 6220 Classic features include:

  • 3G with video calling and high-speed 3G (HSDPA)
  • Symbian 9.3 S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 user interface
  • 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, autofocus, auto red eye reduction and xenon flash
  • Video: VGA (640 x 480 pixels) video recording plus 2nd CIF camera (CIF+ 384 x 320 pixels) for video calling
  • Display: TFT, 16 million colours, 240 x 320 pixels (2.2 inches)
  • Music player (MP3, AAC, ACC+, eAAC+ and WMA formats, OMA DRM version 2.0)
  • RDS FM radio
  • Nokia Stereo Headset HS-47 included in sales package
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 & AAC ringtones
  • A-GPS navigation and Nokia Maps 2.0 (maps pre-loaded on the included 1 GB microSD)
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email with attachments
  • Voice dialing / Voice commands
  • Contacts, organizer with calendar, to-do list and notes, alarm clock, and countdown timer (normal and interval timer)
  • Memory: 120 Mbytes plus microSD memory card slot (1 Gbyte supplied; expandable to 8 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB mass storage, 2.5mm AV connector, 2mm DC jack, TV-Out
  • Internet: GPRS, EGPRS class B, HSDPA (3.6 Mbps)
  • Quadband (EGSM 850/900/1800/1900) plus 3G (WCDMA/HSDPA 850/2100)
  • Size: 108 x 47 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Talktime: 2.5 hours (3G) - 3.5 hours (2G)
  • Battery standby: 250 hours

Nokia 6220 Classic user reviews

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Average rating from 219 reviews:

Reviewed by nkosilathi from zambia on 31st Aug 2013
I love this phone but when i call same body or some 1 calls me when he answers or i answer the phone will switch off can same body help me

Reviewed by Matt Willoughby from England on 15th Jan 2012
Fantastic phone, excellent camera and a real flash! Not a weak led but a xenon flash like standalone digital cameras. Picture quality is superb with its carl zeiss optics. GPS works well, although a little slow to lock on, sometimes taking up to two minutes to lock onto satelites. Call quality is good, clear and loud. Fast and responsive due to its 369mhz arm11 processor, and the os is perfect. I've had this phone for a year and not had it freeze or re-start once! Being a regular user of s60 phones for years this has to be the biggest surprise! People who give this phone a poor review obviously aren't tech savvy, and don't understand the power this phone has. The best symbian phone money can buy even in 2012, aside from the N8. If you want a truely awesome phone then buy this. It has no wifi, that is the only downside.

Reviewed by kosal from Cambodia on 10th Dec 2011
This phone has great features in many things comparing to other bigger and more expensive phones from Nokia series. I love it so much. :)

Reviewed by Matt21will from UK on 3rd Oct 2011
An amazingly powerful phone, excellent camera, xenon flash meaning shots in pitch darkness are good up to about 10feet/3metres from subject. Gps performance is not great,taking a minute or so to lock -on. Reads your messages out! Runs s60v3 fp2 so literally thousands of apps out there for it. Nice transition effects, it's just a great phone. Only bad points are: camera cover is weak, no wi-fi, and poor gps performance.

Reviewed by asd from UK on 9th Sep 2011
I can play games of other platforms in this mobile. Like gba, snes etc. And the ps1 also and i am going to install windows xp with dosbox in this mobile.

Reviewed by Karen Rickards from UK on 3rd Sep 2011
This is the best phone I have ever had. I wish they still made it. There is nothing in today'smarket that in my opinion will compare to it Karen

Reviewed by bob from UK on 27th May 2011
I have this phone for two years, it's very good, but it's broken for the third time, the cover is really rubbish (i think made in china) and the keypad as well

Reviewed by larry willianms from UK on 25th May 2011
this is best phone to use.

Reviewed by Ebi from UK on 24th Apr 2011
Hey. I have it for more than one year. No shut down, no freez, and no problem, great images and videos, high speed bluetooth, good GPS, high speed simbian, average sound, not very high speed internet, are some features.

Reviewed by owusu daniel from UK on 27th Mar 2011
is a dream comes true,i like my nokia6220c.thanks to the nokia family.

Reviewed by Muhammad Ali from UK on 18th Feb 2011
I've found this cell phone one of the best phones of Nokia. It seems to have some sort of characters of an I phone in it along with this it is most reliable Phone. with expanding memory so it enables us to carry approximately 9 gb data with us to us convenient. I feel my self lucky that i have this phone i dont have to lift heavy weight.

Reviewed by Eric from UK on 26th Dec 2010
As other reviews point out, the keypad is really that bad, its bad for you!

Reviewed by Jaz from UK on 5th Dec 2010
September last year I would've been raving on how amazing this phone really is. Give it a year (november 2010), warrenty expired and u garentee you 80% chance your keypad will stop working. Tye left side of the phone (#'s 1, 4, 7 and *+) has Stopped working. Called nokia telling them my problem, said can't do nothing about it since it expired 2 months ago. Said I'll have to pay $35 just to get it evaluated by them in order for them to tell me the price of what it'll cost me. Nokia this is by far the WORST phone you have ever made. When people buy this phone their should be a little warning saying "phone keypad will only function for 1 year until warrenty expires". Please whoever is considering getting this phone, I strongly recommend you don't

Reviewed by jack-e masih from UK on 28th Nov 2010
nokia 6220 is aawwsum, super cool is camera of this fn, i love xneon flash of fn.

Reviewed by Joseph Keegan from UK on 18th Oct 2010
What can I say - I've been using this phone since it came out (yrs) - I had several issues with it out of the box but after a few trips to the repair centre I've never looked back. Even though the plastic cover makes it feel cheap - the features it packs are outstanding. The camera flash isn't great and in the rain or snow impossible but otherwise I don't use another one except for when I need to take photos with my Digital SLR as 5Megapixels is ample for quick photos. The GPS / A-GPS I use all the time in Ireland and when in near / far Europe. Video mode is adequate for short fun videoing. The Calender I use constantly. After year of service I intend to purchase a new casing and battery as there isn't a better classic style phone on the market.

Reviewed by Ahsan from uk from UK on 23rd Sep 2010
perfect phone, i head this phone on 18m contract with "3" uk only problam is auto switch off, did contact with the 3 comes under warrenty , i get the new one,

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 28th Aug 2010
Made my life a living hell.... First of all I upgraded to this from a K610i... I could not take a photo without having to listen to the snapshot sound even on silent mode and I could not record a call like I easily could on my K610i... well after some months (and a ride on the washing machine I must say) half the keyboard died out... totally... anyway I through it in the ocean...

Reviewed by Keir Vaughan-Taylor from UK on 13th Aug 2010
A common fault with Nokia phones is a fault with the earpiece including this model. Try googling Nokia can not hear to get a feel. I found Nokia warantee is no protection and they refuse to repair the phone claiming water damage.

Reviewed by Angie Hill from UK on 1st Aug 2010
I love this phone... had mine since it was first on the market and the photo quality is as good as a digital camera. Mine has just broken thanks to 2 yr old granddaughter so I am looking to replace it with same model. I deducted one star for the casing which is easily damaged and I had to buy another one a year ago.

Reviewed by Arnold sekayombya from UK on 24th Jul 2010
i just purchased this phone and all its features are extremely incredible. its a very good phone and i strongly believe nokia was perfect with this one.

Reviewed by Haggardpete from UK on 9th Jul 2010
Very poorly made. The casing broke after 4 months of very light use (My phone bill is about 3 a month...) Note Virgin mobile refused to repair despite Trading standards being involved. Best avoid both the 6220 and Virgin mobile.

Reviewed by Gordon from UK on 7th Jul 2010
I have found this fine for use as a phone, collecting work emails and finding locations by postcaode and such like. Not so keen on the hgard keys for txting, been used to much better keypads, only ever stick to Nokia for reliability and have a repair agent locally so all is good but for minor points. What I now hate is the Nokia PC Suite, it used to be just a link between the phone and PC, its now far too memory hungery and for older PCS its now crashing it while backing up contacts, having to login to the web too, and privacy dont like my contacts list being online line somewhere either. So the phones great, the software a bit irritating, and the hard keyboard, but Id have this more than a blackberry or Iphone as my work, those would become ruined in a short time, those are fine for office workers.

Reviewed by Angyman from UK on 17th May 2010
Wow. There are mixed reviews. But it should be known, I've had mine for almost two years on a phone plan. I treat phones horribly, and never has one lasted as long as this. To give an idea, it's always being dropped, fallen into a fire twice, left out in the rain, and I have thrown it at bricks walls. A lot of the cheap plastic has fallen off. But the phone, camera, everything all works as new. I'm nearing the end of my plan and getting another nokia like it.

Reviewed by steph from UK on 29th Apr 2010
key pad makes it impossible to use this phone. had it for 12 months, thankfully I can get rid of the piece of crap next week when my plan changes! camera is good, loved the purple colour. my zero key fails to work, along with my * key that changes predictive text and gives the symbols, my menu and OK button fail to work at all, and I'm not at the point where I'm hitting it repeatedly to try and realign the keys. so wasnt worth the hassle. i miss my nokia flip phone, wish they still made them. won't buy a nokia again after this.

Reviewed by ben from UK on 23rd Apr 2010
5 megapixel is rubbish more like 2. the photos come out dark. flash is bad the keypad falls of regularly shame really because i love nokia smartphoes but the new ones aren't really any better than they were 5 years ago feature wise. apart from rubbish expensive satnav. im selling it to get an older smartphone. they had much better build quality. ok phone

Reviewed by Nicholas from UK on 13th Apr 2010
This phone is really is a piece of rubbish. It suddenly refuses to send messages or make calls, without you even having to tamper with the settings. This has happened to me twice now. After searching for a solution to this issue, I came across numerous people experiencing the same problem, and none of them found an answer to this annoyance. Do yourself a favour and buy a phone that's worthy of being depended on.

Reviewed by dave from UK on 30th Mar 2010
I used a 6220 for 18 months and found it to be excellent. So many features as listed above - the camera is by far the best I have used on a phone. I liked its ordinary looks and feel, yet could show up a few higher end phones.

Reviewed by Luke Hopkins from UK on 22nd Mar 2010
BAD IDEA!!!! i've had this phone for 11 months and im on a 18 month contract ... the phone has been in repair 3 times . after the first week of having it i new i had made a very bad mistake!! .. about the 8th day of having it three of the buttons had fallen off so had to sent away for a replacment. next to go was the screen . a small drop caused the screen to crack so that was another repair job. the only good thing about it is the music . the phone is quite loud so its good for belting out your tunes ! :D personally its the worst phone ive had ! DONT BUY ! WASTE OF MONEY!!!!

Reviewed by wagane from UK on 26th Feb 2010
I got this when I lost my N95. Didn't use the wifi on my N95 and couldn't find any other differences between this and the N95. To be honest I prefered the 6220 to the N95 as it was not a slider. When I slid open the N95 I always felt it could snap in to bits and like others I know , having a sliding phone meant loads of dust got into the sliding mechanism. So really the 6220 is the N95 for those who don't want to pay for an N95. I just checked on the Nokia website though and you can't buy it from them any more so the next similar one is the 6720 which looks the same pretty much.

Reviewed by sajed ahmed from UK on 25th Feb 2010
this phone very good

Reviewed by Nicci from UK on 17th Feb 2010
i've had this phone for almost a year now. but no thats not as good as its sounds as i've had 5 of them in this one year. The first one was my fault as I cracked the screen but I paid to get a new one. Then on the replacement they sent me the keys didnt correspond to what i was texting and the screen wasn't aligned correctly. The next one i was sent the cover to the USB slot was missing and also the screen was wonky again. Finally they sent me a half decent one but the screen is still wonky and they keypad is all creaky and basically rubbish. In all of the phones the internet gets turned on when you don't want it to because of the maps button and so wastes money and after having the phone a year i still haven't managed to upload videos from it to the computer. all you saying its a decent phone can't have had it that long.

Reviewed by AJ from UK on 16th Feb 2010
Love it! I'm a little late to the game with this, but I received it yesterday from a friend and instantly fell in love. I have an N95, and this phone has all the same features in a much smaller package. Interface is easy to use and the OS can handle anything I throw at it.

Reviewed by Rory from UK on 2nd Feb 2010
What a great phone. I've had it nearly a year and this is by far my favourite phone since my Ericsson T28. Lots of features (specially with Mail for Exchange installed) and a great camera that can actually be used indoors thanks to a proper flash. The only real negative I have is that the keypad can be a bit awkward, specially the * key. TV out is handy though pity the resolution is so low otherwise it would be more usable.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 23rd Jan 2010
Got my 6220 on Virgin contract about a year ago. Haven't had a single problem with the phone itself, everything worked fine right up until the other day when it decided to refuse a charge. Still dont know yet if it's the battery or the phone. Trying to get it sorted this weekend. But...don't let this put you off, it's a great phone, and the camera is superb! Carl Zeiss optics, what else do I need to say?

Reviewed by Keith from UK on 21st Jan 2010
Bought Phone 3 months ago 4 weeks later half of the screen went out Virgin replaced phone with one that constantly switched itself off replaced again. After 18 days screen broke again. I have had nokia phones for 12 years never broke one have gone through 3 of these in as many months my opinion of this phone is utter Rubish do not buy I have replaced it today with a Samsung Tocco Lite Wish I had read these reviews before i bought 6220

Reviewed by mato from UK on 6th Jan 2010
i have this phone over 1 year,it s greatest and fastest phone i ever had. 5 stars for this phone,never let me down.is not 100% but which one is? for me great 5 star phone

Reviewed by Tom E from UK on 4th Jan 2010
This phone is amazing. It's classy and stylish, and no problems after first week and a half. My keypad is perfectly fine, it's speedy and the camera is awesome for a phone. GPS very good, just can't fault anything. Don't be put off by all the negative reviews, it is really worth the money. If you want a high tech phone with all the gadgets and a classy look then this is definitely the phone for you!

Reviewed by lea from UK on 3rd Jan 2010
I like this phone, though I don't know why but some of my message doesn't display the senders name. Also to those who said that this phones camera is rubbish, I think it doesn't, when using the camera you have to first hold it halfway for it to focus, then when you hear a sound or when the auto-focus light disappear that is the time that you have to click it so that the picture appears more clear, you also have to adjust the settings.

Reviewed by Haggard Pete from UK on 28th Dec 2009
Casing cracked after a few months of very light usage. Clearly a design fault. Virgin mobile flat refused to assist - just not interested in their obligations under UK consumer law. Avoid both Nokia and Virgin.

Reviewed by kay from UK on 15th Dec 2009
Ok, but terrible battery life, make or take a few calls and the battery is dead, it has also switched itself off for no reason a few times, the keyboard is horrible and fiddly to use, cheap casing...not a good nokia

Reviewed by Smurf from UK on 7th Dec 2009
I've had this phone for about 3 months now and after the first two months the '2' button cracked & yesterday my headphones stopped working, so now I can only listen to music in our ear. At first I thought it was the earphones themselves but then looked closer & found that one of the little gold metalic pieces where you insert the earphone plug is actually missing!!!!! Phone has good features but is not built very strong! Don't recomend buying nokia phones!!!!

Reviewed by Palash Pan from UK on 28th Nov 2009
very nice and first too comparing to previous N-series model,but body or shell very fragile//////////

Reviewed by Mihir From India from UK on 27th Nov 2009
Hi! The phone have great features on paper. But I have found following defects in it:- a) Even though it has a five mp cemera but pic quality is not as good as you will find in n73 or n70. b) The Keapad & the overll plastic covering is not so good. c)the gps in the device starts anytime which is more anoying. d)the phone does not support some software based on cemera features like spoton etc.

Reviewed by Loz from UK on 24th Nov 2009
i got this phone for my b'day bout 6 months ago and at first i was really pleased at my great find. then bout 1 month ago nokia maps decided it didnt like working anymore and office had packed up aswell. naturally i was dissapointed but it was still useable. i agree that the keys are not good but it is still a very good phone.

Reviewed by naicha from UK on 23rd Nov 2009
I have the same phone.:) It's a pretty awesome phone.. Although I hate the battery's life...:| I usually have to charge it every single day.O_O (call and text). Im so frustrated in the fact that it has no wifi capability...:| I mean it is a NEW brand, but no wifi?:( I LOVE THE 5MP CAM. AWESOME LENS.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 11th Nov 2009
I ordered this phone then was advised to read this site to get an idea what it was like. Having read some of the reviews I was expecting an awful un-useable phone to turn up. I can honestly say nearly all the negative reviews on here I find to be false as I have had no trouble with the phone. It looks fine, my keys don't click any louder than any other mobile i've had. The build quality is fine and I actually think the handset looks nice. Call quality is good and my calls aren't dropping. Once I got used to the keys being a little different to the Sony Ericsson's I had previousley then it became a breeze to txt with. The camera is very good and gets even better if you change the settings to what a previous reviewer on here suggested. Battery life is as good if not better than my previous handsets and people complaining otherwise need to stop leaving applications running in the background, swith off the bluetooth when you aren't using it and change the screen saver settings to less time and it's totally fine. If you are thinking of buying this phone then don't be put off by people on here, if you can find a shop that has one have a go first and see for yourselves. I'm more than happy with mine.

Reviewed by Bongani from UK on 10th Nov 2009
This is an amazing phone with so many features. Camera is superb can shoot in complete darkness. Its so sad mine went to the washer with my clothes and cannot afford a new one the moment.

Reviewed by Paz from UK on 8th Nov 2009
This phone is basically an N95 without wifi, I have been selling phones for 8 years now and believe me it's not a bad phone. camera is very good, it has a real flash unlike most phones! Software is stable, and battery life is above standard in 2g mode. The phones housing is not really as much cheap but a little dated, however it does resemble the n85 looks from the same era. The keypad to me is fine with nice size keys a defined click when pressed. If you you wanted an n95 or n96 but can't get one and you don't mind lack of wifi or slide then get this.

Reviewed by bev Gibbins from UK on 3rd Nov 2009
Have never got to grips with this phone. The keypad is too small and often just freezes up ! I have had it 10 months on contract and the left hand side of the keypad has packed up ! My provider says its water damage ?? !! I say a faulty keypad. Not happy with this model :(

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 20th Oct 2009
Awful. Cheap tacky keypad that is really difficult to text with. Two keys have already fallen off. Luckily I managed to find them in my pocket and stick them back on with superglue. Interface always freezing so that have to take out battery to start up again. Have been using Nokias for 10 years but my next phone will be a different brand. Not much use having all the extras if the phone can't let you do the very basics in comfort.

Reviewed by MZ from UK on 20th Oct 2009
I had the phone for 1 year now and I still have it purely because of lazyness in asking for a replacement. I had the following problems: - Back cover doesn't work since day one - Connection error when trying to phone directly from the phonebook - screen break down easily and now I can barely see what is going on - Pictures.....my hubby has a sony ericosonn and the quality is much better!!! - Pictures: impossible to have a good one when flash is on... what can I say, I am not that satisfied maybe it is just me....

Reviewed by guy from UK on 13th Oct 2009
rubish cheap regret geting it . its overpriced junk don't bother geting it watever other reviews say. its good for 2 weeks then gets boring and breaks.

Reviewed by pavithra from UK on 10th Oct 2009

Reviewed by pete from UK on 10th Oct 2009
Mine has crashed quite a few times. Battery doesn't last as long as any previous phone I've owned. Gets hot very quickly on calls. When texting, the small backspace button is right above the much larger clear all button, meaning one slip and your entire text is wiped. You can listen to the radio with or without headphones, however you need the headphones in the phone to activate the radio initially, then take them out to use loudspeaker. Why can't you just use loudspeaker? Stupid!

Reviewed by kay from UK on 4th Oct 2009
Agree this phone is a bit plasticky and does not seem very robust - we all drop our phones now and again! What annoys me most is that there is no option to include the time and date stamp on a photograph when printing or sharing the pic. I know that phone records this information, but sometimes you need it accessible w/o expecting the other person to be computer savvy enough to find this information. No countdown timer or stopwatch is also a pain. The C button is too close to the exit option and it's easy to delete something when you just want to go back a step.

Reviewed by Bob from Australia from UK on 1st Oct 2009
I bought a new Nokia 6220 Classic a few months ago but it sits in its box on a shelf. It has been so disappointing. The keys are hard to use, especially the navi key, the user interface is way too confusing and difficult to navigate and the camera is such a pain to use. The sound from the speaker is so raspy and distorted that I was constantly asking people to repeat what they had said. What is really annoying is that it simply refuses to work with my Nokia CK7W Car Kit. I have sent the phone to Nokia 4 times but they can't fix it. So now it will rust away in its box. I dug out my old Nokia 6230i and use it all the time as a phone - best I have had. I use my Nokia E71 as a camera - brilliant. Nokia is becoming a rubbish company - just like all the rest!

Reviewed by ButlersRetreat from UK on 24th Sep 2009
The features on this phone are great but oh dear it really is the worst Nokia I have used in 15 years. The build quality is terrible. I had to send my first one back after a day as the back of the plastic casing broke. The 2nd phone seemed fine but after a few months the screen has completely died. Just in the process of returning this one. I feel very let down by Nokia this time around.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 24th Sep 2009
It might be lightweight but the 6220 classic is still going strong. Very durable. Accidentally dropped it onto a hard concrete surface and absolutely no damage occured. The keypad fell off but it just clipped back into place. I replaced it with a 5800 which trounces it in some areas mainly the screen and web browsing experience, but I keep taking the SIM out of that and putting it back in 6220 classic cos it is that much quicker, holds a signal that much better, and is easier to text on, weighs far less, and fits into a pocket easier. Think I'll end up selling the 5800! But not sure what to get to replace this. Would like a bigger screen, better web browsing experience but everything I've tried is worse in some way!

Reviewed by john from UK on 13th Sep 2009
great phone camera is very good only bad thing is creaky key pad but hey a great phone

Reviewed by Anthony from UK on 10th Sep 2009
The features on this phone are very good. However it is let down by really poor build quality. I guess that is the price you pay for such a cheap feature packed phone. After two months of normal usage my screen has broken and apparently it is not covered by the warranty. I've never had this with any of my other Nokia phones but then again none have been this badly made. Cheap horrible plastic that does a poor job of protecting the electronics inside. Is it fit for purpose? I would say not, far too flimsy.

Reviewed by Brian from UK on 9th Sep 2009
keeps switching itself off, 10 times a day! as the case with a few reviwers here... bizarre... good phone, but mine is faulty! dodgy batch??? girlsfriends does the same though! : (

Reviewed by kchsligo from UK on 2nd Sep 2009
have gone through 3 of these so far in the past 2 months - each one has been faulty and shuts down randomly making it totally unreliable. service provider cannot offer any explanation as to why this is happening to me.

Reviewed by taity01 from UK on 13th Aug 2009
phones,ok,no proplems so far,the only proplem ive found is the battery caseing it does not seem to go on properly,any help

Reviewed by Mr Chip from UK on 30th Jul 2009
This is by far the best phone I've ever had. Had it for one year now, absolutely no complaints. It may look/feel cheaply made but it is very reliable and extremely durable. I'm particularly fond of the GPS system. I've previously explored Samsung's and Sony Ericsson's, but their lifespace and reliability is inferior to Nokias. I'm due an upgrade and genuinely cannot find a phone that I prefer to upgrade to.

Reviewed by sanee from UK on 26th Jul 2009
i bought this phone 3weeks ago..and i totally disappointed with the battery life..however all the function is nice.keypad not the best,but still useable.just want to share to increase battery life,its working for me.try this. go to setting-phone setting-phone-network and then select network mode GSM intead of dual. its really save your battery power..try it,and im sure you all will love this phone.

Reviewed by Aleksandar Tancev from UK on 24th Jul 2009

Reviewed by Omi from UK on 22nd Jul 2009
wHAt a cHeeP n cReeP cEll pHoNE eVEr iN nOkiA...

Reviewed by AR from UK on 21st Jul 2009
Very disappointed with this phone. Always used Nokia phones in the past but this phone is not value for money. After 3 months of minimum use the keypad stopped working / intermittant, poor case design, looks cheap. Got the phone exchanged under warranty from virgin but will not keep it long. Gone back to my old Nokia 6610i which is still going strong.

Reviewed by SRIDHEEPAN from UK on 21st Jul 2009
I've been having this phone for a month.suddenly when i oned the phoen it gets stuck and doesnt get on again!

Reviewed by mavsy from UK on 15th Jul 2009
If you want this phone,I reccommend this to all of you..Because its really amzaing!...My nokia 6220 C does not hang,camera is good but not the video..but its really useful..i use it everyday and i do not have any problems..i don't why some people have this problem,but me it does not have...THIS PHONE WAS GREAT!

Reviewed by Rach from UK on 11th Jul 2009
This one is a bit of a curate's egg. It took me a couple of hours to work through the manual and get to grips with most of the features, there's a LOT there! The music player is good, and easy to use with the Nokia PC software. The camera is a very good one too, if you like that sort of thing. The display is clear, it's got a good sized screen and everything is pretty intuitive, if you're used to Nokias. The trouble is, I mainly use my phone as a phone... and the 5220 isn't very nice to use. The keypad is nasty, plasticky and poorly set out, the four keys at the top (back, select, call, reject) are particularly cramped, and it is uncomfortable to use. It also takes you through too many steps... when i'm sending a text, I just want to send it quickly, not choose whether to send it as a text, an email or a video message! Virgin recommends this as an upgrade from the classy 6300, which makes the horrid keypad seem even worse, sadly! I can't rate it as bad, as I've had worse, but it could be SO much better.

Reviewed by illuminatus from UK on 5th Jul 2009
The feature list really is great and, best of all the phone is generally a joy to use (I've had mine for just over a month now). The browser and bundled apps with mine are fine, and even the free part of Nokia Maps included is well worth it. Unlike my previous 6500s, the 6220 syncs with my iMac simply too. You do need to grab an update from the Nokia support site, but installation is easy and syncing from then on is a breeze. If you use windows then PC Suite is just fine. The cmera and video quality is remarkably good, though i do find the file browsing a bit of a nnoyance. After being used to where s40 phones secrete stuff, s60 is proving a bit more scattergun in its efforts. The case and build quality generally are a worry, and this is why I knock a star off. If you are going to use this heavily you will need to invest in either a jewel or silicone case for the unit. I find jewel cases do crack fairly quickly and you will go through a few if you phone takes a few knocks here and there. I'm I sorry I bought one. Hell, no. It's a great phone with good features and is running for me with no issues at all.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 29th Jun 2009
I was a big fan of nokia and always knew that when that happy time of picking a new phone and new contract came that choosing a nokia was always going to be a good bet - This belief was erased when I received this phone- It looks great but the build quality is truly awful - It feels cheap and nasty - I've had an array of phones and none of them have been so awfully built as the 6220. In particular; -The battery cover is a really poor fit and the keypad is also cheap and tacky -One of the most annoying features is the camera slide on the back of the phone - The switch inadvertently slides in my pocket all the time and the camera turns on. - The battery life is appalling and is made worse by the camera accidentally turning on all the time. - If you miss a call the screen froze - you could not make calls or enter menus or even turn the phone off! The only way you could reset it was to remove the nasty plastic battery case, followed by the miserable excuse for a battery, wait for a bit then replace it all and turn the phone on All these things took away what should have been a great phone - It has left such a bitter taste that I am considering paying off the remaining months on my contract so I can get a new phone

Reviewed by steve skillingon from UK on 25th Jun 2009
worse keypad i have ever used, nice range of features but i m worried i will break it , it seems so fragile, 3g on three uk

Reviewed by jessica from UK on 23rd Jun 2009
this phone upsets me i thought it would be realy nice and i just dont like it

Reviewed by Stephen Holmes from UK on 9th Jun 2009
This phone is ok first one had to be replaced due to constant freezing. Squeaky keypad is annoying. Most annoying is that it does not work with the Nokia CK7W car kit fitted to all my vehicles. I just get initial connection a few seconds of conversation and then it breaks up. Not just me friends with the same phone and same problem. S Holmes

Reviewed by karl from UK on 6th Jun 2009
I have just upgraded and i know ive made a mistake, i transfured all my contacts on my simm and only half of them load on the 6220, the key pad is hard to use, if you load a background it lays the shortcuts over it, i think its a case of exchange or ebay...sorry its a 2..

Reviewed by Abdul from UK on 3rd Jun 2009
I think the 6220c is a very good fone with good looks and very feature packed, but i dont like the buttons. Also the battery life is rubbish

Reviewed by Stephen from UK on 1st Jun 2009
Brilliant phone, Had it for 1 week but it has GPS, which is useful. Keypad clicks a bit when I use, it has a good camera, overall a good phone :)

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 29th May 2009
I have just upgraded from a 6300 to this phone and got it for free via Orange on a 20/m contract. Build quality is not up to 6300 but this phone has everything except wi-fi. Camera is excellent, GPS maps are very good, quick office is basic but works and linked to existing bluetooth in the car withour a hitch. Downside is the keypad seems cheap and buttons could have been laid out better. Battery life is shorter than 6300 but if charged each night no problems.

Reviewed by Stephen. from UK on 29th May 2009
Nokia 6220 classic, anybody who knows me will tell you that i take my time to decide on anything ... so i have looked at over 50 different phones and after a lot of thinking i decided on the 6220... what a great choice !! fantastic camera, lightweight, fast charge, i can not fault this phone you can keep your touch screen phones this is the one if you like to pose then dont buy it but if you want a phone that does everything without any fuss then this is the one WELL DONE NOKIA...i love it...

Reviewed by Sai_K from UK on 27th May 2009
Just received phone from 3 this morning. great phone with: 5 mp camera with Xenon flash, GPS ALL INCLUDED - handy when your lost somewhere! 1 touch upload pics to facebook via 3 net connection! ;) Replacement for my Nokia 6500s which can no longer be classed as a phone - crappy reception, swiches itself off, etc. As other users have stated, the plastic cover at the back and buttons is a slight issue but specs wise this phone is great and doesnt crash!! (well not yet anyway) glad with replacement!

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 25th May 2009
at first I thought can't go wrong has every thing, but feels like a kids toy creeks to much and build quality is naff. cant feel buttons to flat, and trying to upload numbers from another phone in my case sony e. time consuming, and with todays tech very pore, they have sqeezed a lot in, perhaps to much. for a Nokia there's not quality in the build. i wish phone co's today would share a bit more,so loading numbers from one ot another was easier.

Reviewed by Blood Sucking DJ from UK on 23rd May 2009
The Web button dose my head in.It is somtimes used as a cancel button on some features.so when you cancel out you end up pressing it to much and end up going on the web instead.and that costs each time before you can stop it.If any one knows how to change the web button into some other fuction,like contacts instead that would be great.

Reviewed by Megan from UK on 20th May 2009
dont know why people are complaining about the look of the phone, to be honest i think it looks quite smart from the front, maybe not the back cos its a horrible plastic, but u dont look at the back do you???!! only just upgraded from the old nokia n95 and was worried about leaving the Nseries but think ive made a good choice as its practically the same but smaller and lighter!

Reviewed by Taheer Ali from UK on 20th May 2009
i lick this phone. taheeralim@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Kunto from UK on 18th May 2009
Hello Guys.. i yust bight this phone a week ago. and what's been reviewed is absolutely true. It is full of technology. The camera is the best i've ever had, the video is amazing. I can connect itu to my TV and the picture is great. I don't even believe that it came from a phone. The GPS works so well, the menu though it is animated and felt slow in the beginnning compared to my previous phone, is fine and i get used to it in 1 day and it is not that slow. The sound quality is Great. the music player is also good. The drawback is of course the build and the material coz it looks and feel cheap. But i dont mind it. Overall i give it 4 stars. if you are looking for a fully-loaded phone with a friendly price, you should get this phone

Reviewed by Malcolm from UK on 16th May 2009
This phone is OK..The only thing I do not like about it is the back cover. For some reason it will not click into place properly. I cannot figure out why people are moaning about the battery life, it lasts for 5 days + OK, maybe if you use your phone for hours on end then it will discharge but for regular use it is great. simple to use and cool camera. So many features, not the best looking but so what? I think this is a good Nokia phone that will serve anyone who takes the time to discover it's correct usage very well. One strange thing though, it can take a while to find it's a signal after switching off

Reviewed by FRED from UK on 15th May 2009
Don't get me wrong 'cos I love Nokia mobiles and would never have anything else but the battery life on my brand new Nk 6220 Classic is APPALLING - I send arond 15 texts and talk about 30 miutes a day and the battery dies after about 12 hours! Theres only 4 songs I've added to the memory card, Bluetooths switched off and I'm using a standard wallpaper - its driving me crazy - as I'm pc based I now plug it into the charger all day to constantly 'top up' Ok whinge over! ;o)

Reviewed by James from UK on 15th May 2009
I have always sworn by Nokia's having tried a variety of other manufacturers and always running back to Nokia's simple user friendly menu's and well built, well thought out phones. But I have to say that the Nokia 6220 is the worst phone I have EVER had and if anyone is reading these reviews to decide whether to buy one, I would strongly recommend that you do NOT! It is flimsy, the keypad is rubbish and doesn't work well at all, the software has far too many glitches and is constantly crashing, the screen started cracking through normal wear and tear. It just isn't fit for the purpose for which it was designed. I've tried 20 quid pay as you go cheapies that were built more sturdily than this Nokia. Massive dissapointment. AVOID!

Reviewed by zehra from UK on 12th May 2009
I have the purple one. It's a good phone. i mean yeah good camera, but people can look ugly if you keep the flash on. and also yes the key pad is definately creaky. also you cant turn the camera sounds off. how annoying. otherwise it has good memory, good battery life, big screen, good resolution, good video camera quality.

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 11th May 2009
YES, IT CREAKS, YES, THE BATTERY LIFE ON 3G IS RELATIVELY LOW! The ONLY real bad points are: 2.5mm jack, instead of 3.5mm. That's it!

Reviewed by Owen from UK on 6th May 2009
Ive had this phone now for two weeks currently on the 3rd handset, waiting for the 4th to arrive from o2 when its back in stock. Fault seems to be the same on each hansdet ive recived, the lights under the keypad are intermittent constantly, and also after three days with the latest the keypad came off and the unlock key now fails to function sometimes. Im not too impressed as ive allways had nokia phones the last one i had for over 2 years no faults, this one after the 1st day had faults! If you have any faults id send it back, ive asked if its a common fault and been told no, must be a faulty batch, even so im requesting a different hanset, as if there are faults now it will get worse as im on a 24 month contract.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 5th May 2009
Keypad is horridly noisy out of the box. However I took it off (simply unclips from front) and put a sheet of paper between keys and the bit they press on. Result, much quieter. I now have another sheet underneath. The controls are no less responsive. If anything texting is easier since. Poor battery life is explained by two things. Camera lens cap can pop open in your pocket, and the indicator does not adjust often. It may say full but turn it off and on again and you find you only are 1/3 full! If in doubt, switch the phone off and back on and the indicator will reset. On the plus side fully featured and I love nokia maps. Great for walking around somewhere I don't know. Music player is reasonable, can browse internet. Works great as a modem, can get up to 2MB downloads on laptop with unlimited internet bundle (7 a month from o2)though it can cut you off sometimes (think thats o2's issue though). Good camera, not up to a compact camera but if all you have is that it does a fair job. Flash pretty good. Very good allrounder. Wish it had wifi for when you're abroad and 3G is not free! Although cheaply made after 9 months looks almost new and I haven't been particularly gentle with it. Better durability than most other phones I've owned. It did die on me when a firmware upgrade crashed (was fixed easily by nokia for free) so only do this if you really need to uprgade firmware, think nokia software upgrade crashed half way through for some reason. I like it. I can't find anything else that is such a good all rounder.

Reviewed by raman from UK on 5th May 2009
the phone is otherwise good not great.all the features is working perfect but the battery is rubbish.someone please tell me ,is there any replacement battery available which have better quality than the old one.

Reviewed by odie from UK on 3rd May 2009
hey, i already using this phone almost 1 month and nothing wrong with it..cool..love this phone.dont care abot its plastic housing..

Reviewed by xoshnawi from UK on 27th Apr 2009
the big problem is when you want send any thing ( pic -- pro -- song ) by bluetooth it not choin with any mobile by bluetooth also with nokia mobile are ther nay program fix this problem

Reviewed by John Arundell from UK on 23rd Apr 2009
I have had the Ericsson for the last three years and upgraded to the Nokia 6220 Classic. My initial thoughts were how plasticy it felt and small to handle. I wanted a phone for the camera and was happy with the Ericsson, Nokia isnt bad but not as good quality as my old one. I would like to keep the flash on and it keeps going to automatic which didnt help me when i was taking pictures inside at a party, when i put the flash on they turned out better. The other thing is the battery life, it was full and i went out and on my journey decided to look at my photos, this caused the battery life to go down fast and was left with a dead phone for the rest of my night when it was full when i went out about two hours earlier. So it has some flashy gimmicks like maps etc, i'm not converted yet to Nokia as a fan and will give it the year but my opinion is if you are looking for a phone which will get you by and your not really fussed about what it can do or cant then go and get it but if you want a phone that feels the part and is a joy to have then look else where.

Reviewed by Kerry Mannion from UK on 15th Apr 2009
Although the features on this phone are very impressive texting with it is a nightmare. The keys are very sticky - and slow. Texting is hard work - no longer an intuitive activity. Don't buy this if you text regularly - or are younger than 50. It will drive you mad.

Reviewed by Rod from UK on 15th Apr 2009
Put up with this cheap piece of plastic for 4 months & can't stand the awful keypad & creaking plastic any longer. Good bye 6220, hello N82

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