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Nokia 6210 Navigator review

 Review: October 2008  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: A GPS-equipped phone that offers a large display for browsing, with built-in Nokia Maps and a 6 month navigation license for driving and pedestrian usage.

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The Nokia 6210 Navigator is an upgraded version of the Nokia 6110 Navigator. It's a slide phone that majors in GPS navigation, but is a fully equipped smartphone with a good range of other features too. There are a number of improvements in the 6210 compared with the 6110. 6 months integrated GPS navigation licence is included, and a digital compass has been added for pedestrian use. The display size has been increased from 2.2" to 2.4", the camera has been uprated from 2 megapixels to 3.2 megapixels, and the memory has been increased from 40 Mbytes to 120 Mbytes.

Rather depressingly though, the body has been modelled on the cheap and plasticky Nokia 6220 Classic. The keys stick and squeak, the slide wobbles, and the whole thing feels like its ready to explode if dropped onto a hard surface. Why, Nokia, why? This is definitely a backwards move. The only improvement in the body design is that the 6210 is quite a bit thinner than the chunky old 6110, and weighs a little less too.

The GPS application is accessed by pressing the dedicated Navigator key, and finding a location is simple and straightforward. In another backward move though, Nokia have removed the Route 66 software that came pre-installed on the 6110, so now the only option for navigating is Nokia Maps. The digital compass is a welcome addition though. The increased display size is definitely an improvement, making the maps much easier to read. Despite the removal of the Route 66 software, the 6210 works very well indeed in its primary role of satellite navigation. It can't beat a dedicated satnav system, but it's perhaps the best of the current generation of GPS enabled mobile phones.

We've mentioned the 3.2 megapixel digital camera already, and we'll also mention now that the 6210 is fully equipped with the usual range of modern phone gadgets. These include a digital music player, that's capable of playing back MP3, AAC and WMA formats. There's also an FM radio built in. The phone supports push email, with a document viewer. 3G video calling is supported, and the phone supports 3.5G with HSDPA for download speeds up to 3.6 Mbps.

In terms of connectivity, the 6210 has Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0, as well a 2.5mm AV jack. We'd have preferred to see a standard 3.5mm jack instead. The phone's memory is excellent, with 120 Mbytes of memory built in, and support for microSD cards up to 8GB. Battery life could be better, and if you're using the GPS and 3G, you'll find that you have to charge it up quite regularly.

In our opinion, Nokia have fumbled the upgrade of the 6110. They've made some definite improvements, but in other ways they've made the phone worse. And in the year that has passed since the launch of the 6110, GPS-enabled phones have become much more common. Nokia needed to move forward, but instead they drifted sideways.

Nokia 6210 Navigator features include:

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Nokia 6210 Navigator user reviews

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Average rating from 85 reviews:

Reviewed by jeom samba junior from cameroon on 27th Aug 2015
just love the Nokia 6210 navigator that i will like to keep using it always.it is easy to use and very portable too. Particularly, I love its dictionary capable of providing the correct pronunciation of each word. Its audio message reader is also fantastic.Unfortunately it comprises many options not supported by my country's local networks.It's the best phone to use because with it i neither need nor envy any other one. However the battery should be made to last much longer than it presently does.

Reviewed by Ambros from Nigeria on 22nd Feb 2014
Nokia 6210 is the phone love using,but now i can't understand it again.it can braws, but it can't dawnlaod again.it can open the app but to dawnlaod is the problem.now i can't tell if is from the phone or myself that press an eror in.i go to the factory re-set but is askig of code.

Reviewed by arman from bangladesh on 1st Apr 2012
day by day my phone's main camera image quality is very low now what can i do ?

Reviewed by I.R.Ismath from Srilanka on 13th Oct 2011
I love this phone

Reviewed by john lala mpopo from south africa on 4th Oct 2011
the phone is the best i ever had so marvel to use

Reviewed by Nome from UAE on 31st Aug 2011
It depends how you keep your phone do you care it or just throw it away

Reviewed by Geoff` from Australia on 21st Aug 2011
6210 nokia nav phone is only 12 months old and the slide function is broken so when i open the phone to use keypad the screen goes blank? ok if your blind & i bet it costs heaps to fix? also a very heavy phone and old compared to new touch phones on the market for cheaper!

Reviewed by Nelson Doe from Ghana on 2nd Aug 2011
I had being useing this phone for about 3years now.And i found it that the phone have help me alot.I had not being in a Internet Carfe before but thruogh the help of this phone i'm the one of the best internet browsser.To all people in the world i think this phone the best phone i have come accross sofair.Nokia phone's is the best.

Reviewed by baldev kahlon from india on 5th Apr 2011
it is a verry 2 good phone this is 2.4 iochs long display this camara is 3.2mp

Reviewed by jeff sakala from zambia on 19th Feb 2011
6210 navigator is currently best ever phone. Problem is that the buttons easily fades and if you enjoy music like i do,just keep it on auto playback or it will freeze. I love it though. Viva navigator..

Reviewed by yacouba traore from mali on 9th Nov 2010
tres bon

Reviewed by Paul McCosker from Australia on 4th Sep 2010
Very Poor Phone with poor battery life and limited, if not almost porprietary bluetooth software. Unlike earlier phones this is a piece of garbage that Nokia don't want to know about. Having a 2009 Ford and also a Toyota 2010 this phoine will not connect to either... taking it to the car dealers they can tell you what phone it is before you take it out of your pocket. So if connectivity is important to you, don't touch this rubbish.

Reviewed by danish from pakistan on 7th Aug 2010
its great device from nokia i have still 1 month .i used nokia almost 70 phone .some are ok some are good and some are v.goods just like 5320,n78,n79,n95,6210 navi.

Reviewed by Iain Dewar from Scotland on 28th Jun 2010
Had the 6110 first, a solid well built phone with excellent features and superb sound quality. I navigated twice round Europe with it mounted on the handlebar of my motor cycle bluetoothed to my helmet intercom system. It even survived a serious bouncing up the road after the bike and I tangled with a drystane dyke, and it continues to work well today. The upgrade at 18 months was the 6210, a lighter weight model with updated features and Ovimaps instead of Route 66. Didn't like it at all at first but have to say that over time it has proved a reliable and very functional tool. I rely on the texting, maps, internet, email, music and calendar and sync it with MS Outlook regularly to keep my appointments. It never fails to impress even alongside the new touch screen models. Build quality is not so good, keys are falling to bits at 12 months old. Ovi suite is miles better than its predecessor and the phone syncs and upgrades seamlessly. All user features are the usual idiot proof nokia simplicity. If it were not for the keypad problem this would be a five star phone.

Reviewed by Ron Lomax from UK on 23rd Jun 2010
I loved myy Nokia 611o. The 6210 is a terrible piece of rquipment. The sound production is rubbish the camera IS ONLY SLIGHTLY BETTER. I fibd texting difficult because the top row of keys are half way under the top part of the body. The maps function is rubbish, I much preferred the Route 66 system and the ease of planning a route.The layout of the funtion keys does not suit larger fingers Nokia you could have done a much better upgrade

Reviewed by Roy from Hampshire, UK on 13th May 2010
We have four of these phones on a business account and they are, without doubt, the worst phone we have ever had. On three the keys have started to break, one when the phone was a matter of days old. Two have the metal strip around the camera peeling away and one hangs and has to be rebooted. As you can see, some have multiple faults. Battery life on them is ok, although when it starts to get shorter it gets worse quickly. A phone to avoid in my experience. As for the reviewer that says "go buy one", I would say look at the reviews and "don't even take one for free"

Reviewed by sudeep c from India on 19th Apr 2010
Outstanding performance by Nokia 6210 Navigator. The only thing is that, after a frequent call the battery level goes low. It may varies due to high resolution also. The performance and durability of the mobile lasts long according the nature of handling. Rough handling of the mobile gives worst performance. Any way, my 6210 has completed one and a half year and still its giving good output. "Superb". The company had stopped its production why?.

Reviewed by Stuart from Norfolk, UK on 17th Apr 2010
A colleague and I each recently acquired a 6210. We have the same problems: batteries that last 24 hours at most, not enough room to properly use the 1,2,3 buttons, predictive text that spells 'yot' for 'you'. Three days ago I tried to send a photo by text which failed. Ever since I have had a recurring message advising me of the failure. Despite 'okaying' the message, turning the phone on and off and removing the battery I still can't stop the message flashing up whenever I want to use it. Avoid!

Reviewed by Ron David from England on 10th Apr 2010
i have had bad things go wrong with this phone from day one it had to go back after 2 month and it keep gping of line then i have to phone 121 to find out who phone me

Reviewed by kevin. from UK on 7th Mar 2010
Haven't used the 6110. but it is fair to say that the 6210 has navigated me around the UK day after day without any hitches other than you would find in a normal Sat Nav. ie, The shortest route is through a field. Speaker volume is brilliant no real need to use Bluetooth, and receiption is quality. Cnt agree with the above statements on build quality. this is a classy phone and does not suffer from the dreaded Touch Screen problems. Go buy one !!

Reviewed by Esma from Australia on 28th Feb 2010
Pros: slick design Cons: Compared to Nokia 6110, slower performance (freezes up) and cheaper keypad. GPS: Compared to Nokia 6110, it takes longer to find a position, can't pan around the map while using GPS, takes longer to locate an address, won't stay zoomed in if you need it for better viewing. Had to take mine back within a few weeks for repairs.

Reviewed by Lili from Sydney - Australia on 17th Feb 2010
I have been using NOKIA phones for past 10 years and I have to admit this was the worst out of all. 6210 overall a great phone, I wish only if it wasnít equipped with cheap plastic and tools it would have still left a good impression on me after using the phone over 11months I continuously find new troubles almost every month.. Keypad is very small makes it hard to sms, very slow GPS, switches off by itself, gets frozen very often, keypad actually started to crack after 11 months. Started with number 1 and 7 and after the crack a piece fell off. Now I can see a crack near number 9 and 6 which looks like it also will fall soon. NOKIA customer care doesnít care about its customers. I have been in store twice and both times received back customer service. I also noticed that all worker carry different information to their customers. They do not stick to one and correct information. They dont want to cover this under warranty as they said I would have damaged it. I just donít understand how heavy humanís fingers have to be to damage plastic keypad. Even if it fells it wont feell on keypad as the top part of NOKIA will cover it. I guess NOKIA is using cheaper parts as they go further, as this way helps them to make more money on their sales and repairs. I am considering actually changing NOKIA to something else and something stronger. Very cheap phones and bad customer service.

Reviewed by Dez from UK on 16th Feb 2010
Ewan and Charlie may have had Nokia 6210 stickers plastered all over the bikes but if they tried to find the Long Way Round with this phone they'd still be stuck in south London. It takes an age to get a GPS lock and when it does the battery life is appallingly bad. You'll be lucky to get an hour satnav use out of it and even on standby it'll be bleeping annoyingly after just 3 days. Which is a shame because otherwise it's a nice, attractive looking phone with easy to use features and a good display and camera.

Reviewed by Tom D from England, Essex ;] on 22nd Jan 2010
This phone is amazing. I have never had any trouble with it. Back of phone is hard to remove at first, then it loosens up a little. Battery life could be better. Camera is amazing, couldn't be better. Plays music fine, battery only seems to drain when talking on the phone. Buttons quite stiff at first, but it's easy to get used to. All in all, an amazing, smart phone. Id recommend (Y).

Reviewed by Mbongeni from South Africa on 5th Jan 2010
great phone to have, screen is just the right size for navigation even when driving. very nice features. if Nokia can improve battery life and casing, and provide a longer USB cable this phone would sell like hot cakes. either than that, I love it.

Reviewed by That guy from Australia on 31st Dec 2009
GPS on this phone is a load of junk. It takes forever to find where you want to go. You have to type in the address 100% correct to even get a result. The battery life hardly has a life. The only positive thing i can say about this phone is the Camera's arent to bad quality, sound isnt to bad. Screen size and picture is nice, but the 6110 beats this phone. 6110 GPS is fantastic and extremely fast. Nokia is the best but they messed up on this one

Reviewed by donihab from israel on 24th Dec 2009

Reviewed by khaled from egypt on 16th Dec 2009
i just like the phone

Reviewed by Greg from Australia on 14th Dec 2009
The phone seems OK. GPS is good. But the Nokia PC Suite software to connect the phone to your computer is very unstable. I recently updated the software and now can't get the phone to connect to the computer via cable or blue tooth.

Reviewed by Josh from UK on 10th Dec 2009
This must be one of the worst phones I have had. After about six months it went back to the Nokia repair centre and returned with pretty much the same problems. The microphone is rubbish and the software is unbelievably bad. Have been trying to update it but keep getting installation errors. Nokia's solution is to flash the lot. Useful (not) as the phone won't back up due to the corrupt file... besides there is no guarantee it will work. I experienced for the first time what it is like to deal with Nokia when you have a problem and I am not at all happy and as far as the 6210 is concerned this is a dud that shouldn't have been released. I can't wait for my contract to expire to get something else, but I will now steer clear of Nokia.

Reviewed by Jjj from Uk on 6th Dec 2009
Very good phone. Definitely worth the money. Very strong. Good gps and navigation. Buy it.

Reviewed by The Sooooz from England on 2nd Nov 2009
I returned my fourth faulty sony ericsson handset to the vodafone shop today (since August!) and was given a choice of just two other handsets in the same price bracket. I opted for the nokia 6210 as I've had several nokias in the past and have been happy with them. But I am so disappointed with this one. It looks cheap and plasticky, its difficult to text as there is not enough room on the 1 2 and 3 keys for your thumb (it feels like the open slider does not slide high enough), there are no little extras like smily faces, last recipient when texting, every time you send a text you have to go back into the full contact list and search. It's the ugliest most un-user friendly handset I've ever had and looks and works like something from the dark ages. Also I've tried to access facebook and download tones on "live" but gave up because it took so long. I'm bitterly disappointed that I'm now stuck with this handset having taken out a two year contract on the sleeky shiny easy -to-use sony ericsson and looking at the reviews below of the problems people are having with this phone, beginning to wish I'd asked for a replacement sony instead.

Reviewed by Tasha Gregory from Australia on 2nd Oct 2009
One of the worst phones I've ever owned. Constant and very annoying problems: turn's itself off even when fully charged. Asks to Insert Sim even when Sim has not been removed. Cuts out. Connection problems. Cheap handset. Awkward to hold and use with one hand, as the weight is unevenly distributed with slide open.

Reviewed by Angela from UK on 26th Sep 2009
Why can't it spell "you" it comes up as "yot" and cannot be saved "you" ! The keys are plasticy, keyboard flimsy. Email easy. Big problem, not compatiable with my cars bluetooth. Nokia get your act together! All other makes will connect. Nokia have a problem and they dont seem to listen!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 23rd Sep 2009
Poor in comparison to the 6110 - often locks up and needs restarting, and fiddly for closing apps (E.g camera/music player) - A pity as the radio and music player aren't bad. Nokia Maps application, built for generating income for the phone operator rather than nagivating route 66 better, although GPS startup times are quite good, once application is registered.

Reviewed by Steve Bailey from England on 9th Sep 2009
I think that if you have the time to sit down with this phone and its manual (which I don't) you might find you enjoy it. Got to say I don't have the time and am dismayed at how unlike Nokia's usual menu this is. It's all over the place and very annoying. I will be getting rid of this phone as soon as I can.

Reviewed by Bibi from UK on 31st Aug 2009
I really hate this phone - after years with the same v cheap basic nokia was forced to move on because i lost my phone. Ordered this one over the phone and hated it from the moment it arrived - the way it creaks every time i try to do anything, the way that nothing makes any sense, the way that i can't work out where anything is. I've been putting numbers in slowly but they don't show up when people ring or text. I hate it! Really really hate it - don't get this phone.

Reviewed by Jakki from U.K on 18th Aug 2009
Had this fone about a year not used often, does everything i need only gripe is poor battery life ,still in perfect condtion and works perfectly.

Reviewed by Yolanda from South Africa on 18th Aug 2009
I have my phone for one year. No batt life must charge twice a day. My Speakers does not work all the time. GPS not user friendly.

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 7th Aug 2009
Absolute junk! Lousy texting interface, back wouldn't open on two of these phones, poor battery life, cheap plastic throwaway rubbish. Built for under 5's.

Reviewed by Lottie from England on 2nd Aug 2009
I think this phone is good for its money. I don't sufer from any of the above diffculties at all. The only problem with mine is it loads slow which is probably because of the low memory space due to all my files. I would give this 9/10

Reviewed by Luke from South Africa on 14th Jul 2009
I have to agree with the above article. Although i do think that this phone is awesome, with a good and fast connection and grear features. The battery for me is a problem though. It doesnt last very long at all, specially if you are using the GPS,3G and basically making use of its cool features. Other than that I find this phone to be a winner.

Reviewed by Santosh from India on 11th Jul 2009
I am a victim of this model.I would suggest not to buy this model.

Reviewed by Ed H from UK on 30th Jun 2009
This is the poor man's iphone. Its got absolutely everything; 3.5G, great email, camera is really good, bluetooth, music player, radio, you name it its got it. You can hook it up to your laptop (via bluetooth)and use it as a mobile modern. You can buy it on ebay for about 110 pounds. You can also download apps via omi store (nokia's app store) things like opera mini are great. However battery is not great IF you use it a lot, like any other phone. For the price and features its got to be number 1 if you (like me) on a tight budget

Reviewed by Philip W from england on 27th Jun 2009
I have had a Nokia 6210 navigator for about eight months now and both speakers have gone twice. I am currently trying to find time to take it back to be repaired again. I would have to say avoid it. I have had countless other phones and not a problem with any.

Reviewed by phil from england on 20th Jun 2009
Battery time in real usage around London did not last all the day. The sat nav is compilcated and exceptionally not user freindly.in short i prefer my ancient nokia 6310 i even without any of the cmaeras sat nav etc.

Reviewed by marelbobo from romania on 10th Jun 2009
it'is a very good mobile but it's very complicated and mobile not work themes animated

Reviewed by Latifa from Bahrain on 15th May 2009
For many reasons i dislike this phone and regret that i bought it 1- buttons are easy to text and dail however u must press hard. 2-theres nothing interesting in this phone except for the rotate feature. 3-the mobile quality is poor;it sometimes freezes and the camera get errors. 4- the camera is quit good and clear but not excellent. 5- the headphones are rubbish and it falls down every min or so. 6-the designe is failure and im quit conscious of not dropping it because its delicate. 7-its boring and i certanily dont recommand it except if u want it for the navigator feature. 8- i'll buy an ipod touch for entertainment and keep this mobile just for my basic use!

Reviewed by Steve from England on 13th May 2009
Although I agree with review about creaking and the slides a bit wobbly it's still a very good phone and the satnav is excellent much better than the useless stand alone navman I had previously which is now redundant in a drawer somewhere! Battery life is no worse than other feature packed phones these days - buy an in car charger though if using satnav - that's a must!! Overall great phone no problems at all.

Reviewed by Duncan from Scotland on 4th May 2009
I've had the 6210 Navigator for approx 7 months. I got it mainly for the 3.5G connectivity & the built in Sat Nav but wish I had simply got a cheap stand alone Sat Nav from Halfords or simply spent the extra and got the N96 or an iPhone. This is probably the worst Nokia phone I've had! I couldn't agree more with the review above, especially where it says 'The keys stick and squeak, the slide wobbles, and the whole thing feels like its ready to explode if dropped onto a hard surface.' The battery life is terrible. Expect to charge the phone every couple of days even if just using for talking & texting!

Reviewed by ilie from romania on 20th Apr 2009
it is not a practical tool and the worst problem for me is the short live battery even when used only for calls. it is my sixth nokia but the last

Reviewed by Michael from N IReland on 5th Apr 2009
I purchased this phone for GPS and Nokia Maps. It appears that the GPS feature somehow works inside buildings - is this done via triangulation with the mobile masts? And the GPS signal is instant. You don't have to wait for ages as it locates satellites.

Reviewed by Tony Williams from UK on 26th Mar 2009
Worked for 2 days and then wouldn't start up! Completely dead and waiting (still waiting!) for a replacement from Vodafone. Not really impressed with what I did see and for the time being I'm back with my ever faithful Nokia 6300. If the next one is a dud I will cancel my latest contract and buy the I Phone!

Reviewed by aylmer from n.ireland on 20th Mar 2009
any one who complains about the 6210 .would complain if they won the lottery..brill phone !!wise up moaners

Reviewed by tony from u.k on 9th Mar 2009
i recently upgaded from 6110 to 6210 and to be honest apart from the 6210 being lighter and better photo quality i think i prefer the 6110,the main problem i find with the 6210 is that i find it difficult to txt one handed,

Reviewed by harris from philippines on 23rd Feb 2009
i'm planning 2 buy 6110 navigator last feb.9. But i didn't find it in the mall.. So i shifted to 5610 & 5220.. But they look cheap & plasticky.. Then they offered me 6210 navigator. I'm not sure bout the phone but i still bought it.. Now it's been 2wks with me & i never regret the day i bought it... The sounds was loud enough for me, the d-pad works well, & almost everything.. Only 3 things were little bit problems for me... The phones' 2.4" display is prone to fingerprints... the keypads, & the diamond shaped navigator, which i always press accidentally evrytime i open the slide & use the d-pad.. which i hated very much coz' it activated the online & gps mode of the map...

Reviewed by Dr David Banner from UK on 20th Feb 2009
To be honest it's very hard to argue with the main review given in this site. The build of the phone is undeniably poor. Slide feels very loose when fully opened and prone to wobble, and there is a definite cheapness in the plastic feel on the keys and casing. However, it cant be denied that the phone packs plenty of features into it's relatively small build. Camera and Music player better than average, but they're not what this phone is about. It's all about Navigation and the phone does that very well. Not convinced it's any better than the 6110 though. Must try harder Nokia.

Reviewed by james from usa on 17th Feb 2009
I purchased the 6210 about 3 weeks ago and found the phone to be quite a bit different than your review suggests. First, the phone quality appears to be very good: nothing cheap feeling about the phone. The keys and D pad move freely without squeaking and is easier to use than most phones I've had. The battery life is excellent and doesn't drain down as some of the other Nolia models. The camera takes good photos outdoors and fair photos indoors. I would rate this phone 4 stars at least.

Reviewed by vijay from india on 5th Feb 2009
sexy phone

Reviewed by Vince Clark from England on 4th Feb 2009
Further to my post below. I have now had the phone for 2 days now. In that time I have upgraded the firmware, surfed the net, sent/received emails, taken pictures and played some of the games. I still have 2 bars of battery left. I think that is a reasonable battery useage for the amount of processing it has been used for. These phones are nearer to laptops than phones so users need to be aware that heavy useage of applications will run the battery down. I for one, are very happy with my phone...but then I bought it cheap from ebay...hehehehe

Reviewed by Vince Clark from England on 3rd Feb 2009
I've just bought one of these phones from Ebay. I did it in haste without reading any reviews. After completing the purchase...I happened across this site and to put it mildly...was gutted at the reviews for the phone. One issue was the battery life. I received this phone this morning and started to charged it. I then spent the rest of the day fiddling with the camera and the music and I kept looking at the battery charge bar and thinking...hang on....there's still loads of battery left. What's going on here? I then connected the phone via the laptop, installed the nokia software from the CD provided and then updated the firmware. The firware update is 124Mb. It took about 40 minutes to do. At the end of the process...which went very smoothly...I looked at the battery again. No problems. I am miffed about the battery complaints I am reading here.

Reviewed by saravanakumar from india on 3rd Feb 2009
it is an extraordinary performance and good stylish look

Reviewed by kath from Gt Britain on 27th Jan 2009
I really like the features on this phone, but it does feel quite cheaply made and the slider is a bit wobbly.The battery only lasts a day so turned off 3G and now it lasts for 3 days and thats just using it for texts and calls, so yes the battery life is pretty awful!! Theres no screensavers on my phone only the voda icon!! Can anyone tell me where I can find the screensavers on the phone because I cant find any! I do like the phone but its not as good as my old 6300,but will be keeping it as its on 18 month contract.

Reviewed by sasa from montenegro on 27th Jan 2009
exellent cell phone

Reviewed by zhao from liverpool on 27th Jan 2009
good phone

Reviewed by Hannah from Wales on 25th Jan 2009
If you rated this poor youur out of your mind! It's Amazing! My dad bought it for me before he went to hospital! It's amazing what you can do to pictures you've taken, and the sound quality of the music, the games are awesome too! Best Phone I've Had in a while. Hannah, 13, Wales

Reviewed by Brian from UAE on 23rd Jan 2009
Aviod this phone at all costs, it's awful. Mine has had software problems from day 1 and now wont even allow connection to save contacts, its falling apart and it's just a rubbish phone all round with bad battery life and system problems. the most dissapointing cheap feeling Nokia ever

Reviewed by melanie from australia on 20th Jan 2009
i bought my navigator 4 weeks ago, only dropped it once or twice and the whole top talk of the phone (the part that slides up) is already coming loose and everytime i open it it wobbles phone is also becoming quite slow already but the battery life isnt that bad. not very satisfied with this phone even though everything else is good.

Reviewed by Chane! from South africa on 17th Jan 2009
Nokia 6210 is not a best phone i bought it 3 weaks back and now it has to be repaired.it got 4 grey horizontal lines on it ,now i hav to wait for about 6 weeks,i am so heart broken .all my friend uses nokia 3500c it is a great phone.6210 should be cancelled!!

Reviewed by JR Ewing from UK on 16th Jan 2009
"Navigation is spot on, JR Ewing u must be a moron to be taken on a 54 mile detour, come on get real!" Charming I'm sure. However, if you actually read the review you will actually see that I didn't go on said detour. This was what the phone suggested. Oddly enough I know the quickets way to and from work ! However, your insults aside they do not distract from the point of the review. This is a terribly designed and dreadfully programmed handset. Enough to put you off Nokia for life.

Reviewed by Urban from slovenia on 10th Jan 2009
nice phone.....:)

Reviewed by john from australia on 25th Dec 2008
As a Newbie to a phone with a gps all i want is somthing idiot proof and um?? i still cant use the thing , how about somthing simple just like a dedicated car type gps so simple no instructions needed, not that hard i would'd think but hey what would i know i must be an idiot.

Reviewed by Kona from England on 22nd Dec 2008
Damn, people, don't buy this piece of junk. Appalling battery life, flimsy build quality, GPS failed to work, Symbian OS a distilled NIGHTMARE to navigate through, ugly, fingerprint magnet. I shall be sticking with Sony Ericsson in the future.

Reviewed by Claudio from Switzerland on 21st Dec 2008
I just comme back from a week-end of skiing. I tried to use the navigator in/between mountain (cloudy and snowing day) but was use less It could not receive signal ... my fried with the Nokia N95, could receive the GPS signal. I buy it for this feature: Navigator ... so for my now is just a phone

Reviewed by Robert Olivier from Cape Town, South Africa on 18th Dec 2008
I love this phone! Got it as a backup for my iPhone, but I'm still using my 6210 Navigator and the iPhone is spending time in the cupboard. :) The Symbian OS is fast & very user-friendly, it's ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT in direct sunlight (I'm using the default Navigator theme), has a very good display and the battery life is good. If I'm gonna use it for navigation in my car, I'll get a car charger. It's that simple. Very happy with my 6210 Navigator.

Reviewed by Kent Clark from South Africa on 16th Dec 2008
The phone is good in every aspect, ok so the slide is a bit wobbly, but so is the N95's and people rave about it. Navigation is spot on, JR Ewing u must be a moron to be taken on a 54 mile detour, come on get real! My phone is great and I love it, from the display to the camera. Battery life could be better but I can live with it. All in all a good phone and with all the symbian software available never a dull moment. Get it and get home from where ever u are wihtout any problems.

Reviewed by Peter from South Africa on 11th Dec 2008
Must admit I hate the loose feel of the phone when opened. This is my first navigator so I cannot comment on the previous one. It is quite accurate and easy to use and the sport tracker software is good. Display is brilliant, coming from an HTC P3400 with only 65k screen. Connectivity is very good and battery life average. All in all a decent phone with a rather loose slider.

Reviewed by Simon from Malaysia on 9th Dec 2008
3 days is enough. Terible battery life span. I didnt even know 6 months navigator license!! Now the software navigator im using is GarminXT which is free(the best thing happen,finally). 6 hours on the field and the battery is dead!! Imagining charging in a car, keeping another battery which is nonsense at this tech era.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 24th Sep 2008
Oh I would so loved to have given this phone 5 out of 5. However, having now gone through 4 of them in a 2 week period it's just not going to happen. The old 6110 Navigator remains (in my opinion) one of the finest handsets Nokia produced, so it was with much excitement I unwrapped my new 6210. My happiness was quickly shattered by it's cheap flimsy construction. Horribly sticky, clicky keypad that's just a magnet for fingerprints. A terribly loose feel whenever the slide is up. It really does shake around like it's going to fall apart. Switching it on did nothing to cheer me up as it continually froze on me. Sadly these same issues have occurred on all 4 of the handsets I have went through, so I dont see the point in going for a fifth. Weirdly the Navigation actually works really well. However, nothing else really does. Not entirely sure how this handset managed to sneak past quality control. With a heavy heart, I would have to urge you to avoid.

Reviewed by richard from uk on 11th Sep 2008
i ahve now had the 6210 for three days, and i hate it. the battery power is rubbish... if you do get the GPS to work then it will drain the power in about 18mins. the whole phone feels cheep. and all the buttons feel like they will easley fall apart.... what is the point in have a navigator phone that wont navigate over all very very poor phone

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 1st Sep 2008
I returned my 6210 navigator to vodafone after one day. It has lots of great features but feels very cheaply made (as does the 6220 classic from the reviews I've read). The slide is ok but the navigation and soft keys have a horrible 'click' when you press them and the vibrate alert is awful. Also, the slide doesn't quite clear the top row of keys enough so they can be tricky to use. A shame, as features wise it's hard to fault.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 29th Aug 2008
On contract via Vodaphone UK. So far I am pretty disappointed with my 6210 Navigator. Looks great, nice camera and fine as a phone/text message machine. BUT battery life isnít good despite following the first charge instructions. Note Iíve only tried charging with ďmainsĒ electricity and have so far just left the thing plugged in all night once the battery is exhausted. Mapping very disappointing (although Iíll admit to not having gone back to the shop to complain and/or get a demo). This could be because I'm used to using TomTom as a sat nav and the Nokia system just isn't intuitive enough for an old luddite like me. So Iíll cancel the internet access deal I have and just use it as a phone/camera (now thereís a novel idea !) Mike

Reviewed by JR Ewing from Scotland on 19th Aug 2008
Well I "upgraded" to this from my trusted 6110 Navigator - the biggest mistake of my phone owning life ! Within one week went through 3 chronically built handsets - creaky and uneven keypads, one very dodgy slide and all 3 prone to cutting out at completely random intervals. Difficult to know where to start with my loathing of this phone... However, here goes. 1) Sat Nav is terrible and not as good as the original 6110. For example a 12 mile journey for me from my work to my home came up (Despite trying all settings) as sening me on a 54 mile detour !! Absolutely crazy. Remember too that voice navigation is only free for the 1st 6 months. A total con. Camera is OK at best and has no lens cover on the back (unlike the old phone) so loses marks for that. I could go on all day but wont bother. Suffice to say my contract was ripped up and I'm back using my beloved 6110 Navigator which in almost every way is a superior phone to this.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 7th Aug 2008
Okay me again i forgot to mention about that sat nav, when you buy the phone, you get 180 (6months) free to use the sat nav, but after that, you will need to buy a license to use it. Just thaught id mention that as I kinda forgot. Apart from that it's good, and it works, as I have used the sat nav, and it orks gr8, and it isnt a womans voice, it's a man voice.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 2nd Aug 2008
This is an amazing small smart phone with sat nav built in, the sat nav actualy works, and dare I say, but as a driver, I think than this is better than the TomTom Go Range sat nav! This phonen is very easy to use and also, the voice is clear so you can hear what she is actualy saying. The other good piece about this phone is it's compasss, it's an excellent phone, very good! Welldone Nokia! It's also well priced at £100.

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