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Nokia 6170 review

 Review: January 2005  


In a nutshell: The Nokia 6170 is a clamshell camera phone with a metal case.


The Nokia 6170 is another clamshell phone from Nokia. The first thing you notice about the 6170 is its sleek stainless steel surfaces and chunky retro styling. It's very masculine and very sexy. The phone features a small external colour display and a larger internal display with 65k colours. The external display shows information on incoming calls, date and time, and phone status, and can also display wallpapers or screensavers, which is a nice feature. The internal TFT display is clear and bright, although smaller than some comparable clamshells.

The 6170 is well-featured. Its specification includes a VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with a video recording capability and a media player. The 6170 has good connectivity via high-speed data transfer on EDGE networks and USB. It's missing a Bluetooth connection, but has most features that you'd expect from a modern phone, such as 40-voice polyphonic ringtones and Java games, plus a few extras and comes packaged in a nice metal case. Battery life is also excellent. A tad heavy, but no worse than most Motorola clamshells. Memory is limited so don't expect to store too many video clips.

Nokia 6170 features include:

  • Internal display: 128 x 160 pixels, 65,536 colours
  • External display: 96 x 65 colours, 4096 colours
  • Integrated VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with video recording
  • Image editor
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, chat, email
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones & mono ringtones
  • Themes: screensavers, wallpapers, ringtones & colour schemes
  • Java™ games
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS, HSCSD (speed up to 43.2 Kbit/s), EDGE (speed up to 236.8 Kbit/s)
  • Connectivity: USB, infrared (via Nokia Pop-Port™ interface)
  • Push to talk capability
  • Three soft keys with five-way scroll including select function
  • User configurable right and left soft keys
  • Voice features: voice dialing, voice commands, voice recording, integrated handsfree speaker
  • Speed dialling
  • Personal shortcuts, alarm clock, extensive calendar with busy view of the week, notes view for each day and snooze on calendar, to-do list, wallet, stopwatch, countdown timer, calculator
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband
  • Weight: 121g
  • Size: 88 x 46 x 22 mm
  • Talktime: 4 hours
  • Battery standby: 270 hours

Nokia 6170 user reviews

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Average rating from 126 reviews:

Reviewed by Sekibaala dick from UK on 26th Nov 2011
It lacks memory and this limits its operations

Reviewed by Ann England from UK on 31st Dec 2010
I had the 6170 when it first came out. Recently my other Nokia battery failed. I had not used the 6170 since 2008, put it on charge and its working like a dream !!

Reviewed by elinor taylor from UK on 12th Jul 2010
I had this phone years ago untill abfter about 2 years the saound went tinny. I couldn't get it fixed. This is the best phone ever! i wish it came in colours

Reviewed by KS93 (UK) from UK on 30th Mar 2009
I was clearing out my room the other night and I came across this mobile phone. It was my mums mobile a few years ago. My old Sony was freezing on me and really was getting unusable. So i popped my sim card in this phone and I dont think ill take it back out for a while. Excellent phone. Its not the most feature packed mobile phone out there, the camera is poor, it has practically no memory what so ever, no bluetooth either, in fact polyphonic ringtones are about the best it has to offer. It has a great keypad which is very easy for texting, and it looks cool as hell. You really wont care about its lack of features, its solid build quality and great keys make up for it. Pick one up off ebay for around £10 and you will be pleased!

Reviewed by IMRAN from UK on 16th Feb 2009
i have this phone my prb is that my volume up keys not working how can i do ?

Reviewed by Kirimi Eriq from UK on 4th Aug 2008
My name is Eriq,(jimeriq@yahoo.com), i had a Nokia 6170 which got stolen-the thug too knew its value i guess, i loved this phone soo much i regret loosing it, how do i buy it again and at how much?

Reviewed by jules from UK on 28th Apr 2008
i have had this phone for 3 years and it has just died on me. i have loved it and am looking to replace it with the same model. it is masculine, but i am female and i love it.

Reviewed by ---------------------------------- from UK on 29th Mar 2008
i have one and recomend it to whoever is looking for a new phone!!!

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 2nd Jan 2008
i bought the phone a couple of years age..This phones RUBBISH. Batterys bad, memorys bad, my volume buttons are broke, the mini display has broke, and the hinge has broke, thank god i dont use it any more and give it to my younger brother

Reviewed by jamie hampson from UK on 28th Nov 2007

Reviewed by No one needs to know from UK on 19th Jul 2007
the phone is rubbish

Reviewed by pantea from UK on 11th Jul 2007
6170 is really fantastic

Reviewed by Gaston from UK on 29th Jun 2007
its a vry nice phone to use and very user friendly. BUT d functions inside was alil of a let down especially without Bluetooth and the memory was too lil...but overall its a good phone to use and very stylish too. =)

Reviewed by Dolly from UK on 25th Jun 2007
This was one of the best phones I ever had until my son had it stolen off of him and I am looking to get another one to use. Brilliant phone and I recommend it to anyone. Enjoy it and look after it.

Reviewed by CINDY from UK on 12th Jun 2007

Reviewed by jessy kelly from UK on 11th Jun 2007
After about a mouth with this phone, i encounter some problem with the menu, its stop working, i cant use the menu for anything, i cant even see my miss calls or listen to my radio. Its so disappointing, phone without the menu is worthless and weakling.Aldue i love the love alot but can not use it like one.one love

Reviewed by Ann from UK on 26th May 2007
I still have this phone and I don`t care that it is a older phone for oldies because of the big buttons. It is not that heavy and is adequate for my needs, I don`t need lots of bonus features and I have photos of famous peeps on mine as well as recording live music so I am happy with this phone. Anyone else have this phone still? I resisted parting with it when I extended my contract cos I would miss it oh so much.

Reviewed by viv thompson from UK on 16th Mar 2007
Good and robust. The outside front screen will damage if it comes under pressure. It causes a bleeding of ink over the mini screen. I've had mine for a couple of years without problems but it is looking a bit dated now. Maybe time for a change but can I find another clam shell as nice to use?

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 26th Jun 2006
This was my first camera/colour (all singing all dancing phone) so I guess you don't really question the features if you have not had a similar phone before to compare. I realise now that the memory is rather small and the photo quality not as good as others BUT all in all I've been really happy with the 6170. When it arrived (Id chosen it on a friends recommendation from seeing its 'photo' online) I was rather disapointed by its 'masculine' look, and initially I couldn't get to grips with the keys (although large and clear), cos I'd been used to smaller keys. However like all things, I grew to love it and was very happy with all the features. I'm now about to upgrade to a phone with bluetooth, bigger memory and a 1.3pix camera (The 6170 doesn't have bluetooth but as I didn't know what the implications of bluetooth were I didn't miss it!!!) Beware, the spring in the flip top cover broke so although the cover 'works' it doesn't have that 'springy flip top' feel anymore!!!! I g uess I'll miss my phone-they become quite like friends sharing all aspects of your life. Just hope my new choice proves as successful??!!

Reviewed by dean lister from UK on 27th May 2006
this isnt the best fone i av eva had, but it is pretty gd, a bit 2 expensive tho

Reviewed by katija khan from UK on 25th Apr 2006
i love this phone, its my baby! It is so stylish, the camera resolution and magnification is out of this world,reception is great, easy to use and text. i have never had a problem with it and i have had it for a year now, would be better if it had bluetooth and more memory however it cant have every thing.

Reviewed by lauren from UK on 23rd Apr 2006
im just about to swap this phone and to be honest i dont think ill miss it. yeh it has been a good phone but need to upgrade to one with bluetooth, im like the only person i know who doesnt have it!! something that i have found common amoungst the reviews for this phone is that the memory is complete and utter pants,....well its true. you take like 4 photos and u get warnings sayin that your memory is full. what is that all about?in all it has been a good phone, but now it loks like its goin to die. the metal on the outside is scrathed in everyplace possible, the screen has scratchs, the camera does not work, well it does, but you cant see through it because ther is dust there.have no idea how it got in there.but id say this phone is perfect for mums n dads who dont really do much with there phones, not for the teenagers of 2day!!!

Reviewed by mickey from UK on 6th Jan 2006
great phone. had few problems when i first got it but now they are all good. had it for a year now and i still think its great

Reviewed by Teja from UK on 4th Dec 2005
its good.it looks cool.ideal for ppl who wanna use cell for looks.though it doesnt have bluetooth it is good to have.i think it should have more memory space , the only drawback

Reviewed by david craig from UK on 30th Aug 2005
Ordered the phone on the monday, it came in a box on the tuesday.i was making calls on the wednesday.On the thursday friday Saturday it was sent back by Her Majesty@s post office.I stayed in on the Sunday.

Reviewed by Shelli In Houston TX from UK on 26th Aug 2005
Love Nokia Couldn't ask for a more reliable brand of phones. Easy to put in your own ringtones from MP3 to Midi. So what if it doesnt offer Bluetooth, its only a headset people get over it. Has push to talk capabilities. And video and picture, they are desent quality when you keep in mind we are talking about a phone not a Camcorder or an expensive 35mm camera. When pics are downloaded to print them in your home PC you see the true quality of photos. Pretty Good for a phone Camera. Plus these are features that come in handy on your phone when you have an emergency like an accident to record your damage claim or need a quick reminder photo of something. And simply for fun to play around with. (Come on people we are Adults) How often do you really need a video recorder or camera daily? And it does NOT suffer from white screens or glitches as Motorola suffers from.... Have had Moto V600 V620 V635 V220 and Razor, all suffer from ringer vibration that wont shut off, ringtones that wont quit after you preview them, white screens when you open them, and ringtones that wont play on Motorola, when they DO play on Nokia. I must say this Nokia 6170 is awesome. Well worth the price paid, ringtones are so easy to install from internet or homemade from wav files transformed into MP3's. The navigation is easy, texting is made simple with T9 Nice loud ringtones and strong vibration alert. Great reception and easy to hear the caller on the other end even in a loud pub. Loved it so much bought the Nokia 7270 as a second phone for my daughter who currently is using a Motorola V620 that is only 2 months old and already is starting to suffer from the known glitches and bugs as all other Motorolas that we have delt with prior. Hope this helps y'all out there who are considering this phone, if you are a die hard Nokia fan you will LOVE the Nokia 6170 or the Nokia 7270 either one. Yo will NOT regret your purchase of either of these phones. Submitted by Talknshell@yahoo.com Email me if you would like any other questions answered before you buy this phone. u

Reviewed by Lindsay from Scotland on 3rd Aug 2005
looks a bit different, very square, in fact quite masculine, but i'm a girl so i like that. not too fussed about low memory, i can upload to PC frequently. battery life typical of a lot of phones on offer at that price. paid £89 so this is a good deal. would like a motorola RAZR thing next (very nice), but at least this has video, although not amazing resolution, but again, not many are.

Reviewed by patrick from uk on 3rd Aug 2005
Nice design but features suck. This would be a good phone for your mum or dad who only need to use it to make calls and need a large keypad and big display. The camera is just a bonus. Everything else is just 2003 technology.

Reviewed by Alex S from Romania on 1st Aug 2005
Nice looking, cool features and a reasonable price. What do you want more, and from my point of view the only downside of this phone is short memory, which can fill up easily. Havent tested it that much dough,just bought it 2day but this is my first impression, hope it will not dissapoint me in the near future, but i'll let you guys know :D Peace!

Reviewed by Hemita (13 yrs) from U.K on 26th Jul 2005
i havnt bought this phone yet but i really want to buy it bcoz itz got a reasonable price and it includes games,video capture and built in camera what more do you need! But the thing about this phone that i dont like is the size of the memory and the design!-(it's very chunky which i personally dislike) And theres no point of taking photos and videos on this phone if you have no place to store it! And it's so much hastle altering it using the USB cable!

Reviewed by haz from england on 26th Jul 2005
i have only just got this phone today, and already i am in love with it. some people have said that it does not look as nice in real as on the internet and i would agree, but it is still a very good looking phone. it is very simple to use which is appealing to me and there are only a few things that i am dissapointed with: 1. it didnt come with a usb cable. 2. you cannot change the colour of the font on the mini screen, so depending on which background you have, sometimes you cannot see the writing very well. 3. you cannot adjust the time the background light stays on and 4. you cannot change the shortcut keys except the right softkey. other than these few minors i am finding this phone very good. another bonus could be if nokia had made this phone with changeable covers. it would look very nice in a matt black. overall a very good phone 4 out of 5 stars so far.

Reviewed by Nathan from UK on 23rd Jul 2005
After only an hour of having the phone I encountered problems with the outer screen leaking crystal. The inner screen has now become blank and unusable. Very disapointing!

Reviewed by m'efuah from Ghana on 23rd Jul 2005
just got the phone n i love it don ker wha y'all sae. its perfect. the only problem is the memory NOKIA u gotta do somin ba dat. n no bluetooth? wow! well it's still kuul nywaez. i sure am keepin dis one. nobody get it again, don wanna c a lot arund. wanna b a lil selfish.

Reviewed by Abbie from Australia on 15th Jul 2005
The last few reviews I have read about the 6170 has been quite negative. I have had this phone for 3 months now, and I honestly have yet to experience the horrors that people have been writing about. I bought the phone in the Philippines (it's about AU$100 cheaper) and have been quite pleased with the results that it has given me. Granted there is no Bluetooth (I've got a confession, I don't actually know what Bluetooth is so I have no qualms over this matter). One other thing that people have been pointing out is the signal. I must say I haven't had the slightest problem with the signal, in fact in some places that I didn't get signal from my old phone I am actually getting from this phone (sometimes it is simply due to the phone company and the coverage they provide, as I have experienced in the Philippines with Smart and Globe which were dependent on the location you were in). Yes, the phone memory may not be that great, but there's a way to make the photos smaller if you use the USB port and compress the memory size (and just a side note - I have no idea how to play back gammon and I have no intention on learning how to play so I just simply deleted it to free up space, and also ringtones that I don't fancy). I have never experienced any black outs and the battery life lasts me on average of 6 and a half days (and that includes me fiddling an awful lot with sms, camera, and the games). And the thing to do with scratches, well, I'm fussy with all my stuff so I bought a little carry bag specifically for mobile phones that you can carry on your shoulder. Buying some sort of protection does go a long way, not just for this phone, but for any phone. I have a theory as to why there may be different experiences with this model. I believe it may have something to do with where it was manufactured. The quality of the phone could depend heavily on this. I've checked where mine was made. Even though I bought it in the Philippines, the inside of my phone states that it was made in Finland (the land of Nokia itself), and amusingly enough the charger has a Finnish head (which is no real hiccup because you can always buy adapters or just use your old Nokia charger). Like I said, I have yet to experience the horrors that people have been writing about, but for me mainly (although taking pictures and video and all that stuff is pretty handy) as long as I can send sms, make phone calls, and play games when I'm bored, in my mind it's doing what it's supposed to be doing and for a price that I find reasonable.

Reviewed by Matthias from Malta on 15th Jul 2005
This phone is amazing in many ways thanks to its sleek design, great features, durability and how easy it is to use.Would be better if it had more memory.Although it doesnt have bluetooth built-in, u can buy a seperate attachment for the phone.All you have to do is plug it into the pop-port at the bottom of the phone which enables you to have a bluetooth connection.5 STAR.

Reviewed by Willemijn from Netherlands on 15th Jul 2005
very "woman" friendly in using it. Love the design!!!!!!! Lot's of different handy possebility's I SURELY wil promote recomend this one to anyone. greetings W. Busť

Reviewed by Ben from USA!! on 12th Jul 2005
Ive had this phone for at least 4 months. Its been a great phone untill recently... the tiny camera lens is collecting dust (i dont work in a dirty enviornment so idk what it is) today the "hinge" to open broke and it is no longer locking into place when flipped open. The memory is baaaaad! If you dont think you will need the memory, you will and you will regret it! I will be trading this phone in within the week. I own stock in Nokia but this phone was not built to last... sorry!

Reviewed by Jaime Kitchen from UK on 11th Jul 2005
Im in love with this phone ! ! Super dally doger i say jo!

Reviewed by tom from UK on 11th Jul 2005
this phone is a beauty. i got it yesterday and was very pleased with it, until i came on this website. im worried it will get scratched now and i took off the protective cover, i think i will have to buy one of them ugly ones *cringes* i like this phone though, the screen is fab compared to my last nokia - 3200. long and sleek, i like the fact it is a bit heavy, it feels like i wont loose it. the external display is wicked! even though the colours are rubbish you can still put screensavers on it and view yourself when doing a portrait photo - a nice feature. i dont mind it doesnt have bluetooth because im only at school and i agree with the people with the memory - i transferred some of my stuff from the 3200 and i dont have enough for a 2 min clip :( oh welll, i have 26 photos left, i also like the 3 min recording instead of the 1 min on the 3200. overall i <3 this phone (at the moment)

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 25th Jun 2005
First off this is beautiful phone, arguably one of the best looking on the market with it's clean lines, shiny steel and blue backlighting. It feels a lot more solid than the many of the squeaky plastic Nokias. The camera is fine and the buttons are large and easy to use. However,I can only agree with virtually all the criticisms of this model. The battery life is poor, there is very little photo memory, it scratches easily (don't leave it next to your keys!) but most irritatingly the reception in weaker areas is diabolical. Maybe it's because I'm on T-Mobile but there's little point in having a cheap deal if you can't use it in or around your own house. Other minor quibbles are that it is more fiddly to open one-handed than most other clam-shells, you can't text to groups and only has memory for about two extra templates. Oh and i have had to take it back once to have the mini screen repaired. Overall if you want an impressive looking phone, live and work in high reception areas or have a good network and don't mind constanntly charging it, you won't be disppointed. If not stay well clear.

Reviewed by Andy Holmes from England on 24th Jun 2005
Bought for £250 which i thought was a bit excessive at the time.I soon grew to love this phone,beatiful design,easy to use and packaed with features.My only moan is there is no bluetooth option for it which i found a little hard to believe in this day and age,but you cant have everything i suppose. Anyway if you are looking for a phone that oozes sex appeal go and get one,if you prefer practicality i would go for the 6820.

Reviewed by rachael fry from england on 23rd Jun 2005
I read this website after ordering the nokia 6170 and was a little dubious about my decision but I am very happy with this phone. I had looked at it in the shops and always thought it looked bulky but as other people have said when you get a brand new crisp one it looks the buz! It is a very smart looking phone but is a little heavier than I am used to but hardly noticeable. I have always preferred nokia's to other phones but as they never had any flip phones before I have had samsung and panasonic and I am glad I have changed back to Nokia because they are superior. Photo quality on internal display is fab and it covers the whole screen, better quality than my previous samsung p510, but outer mini display is quite poor but it isnt worth bothering about cos its very small anyway. The keys are fab very good size and very soft to text with, I had contemplated the Samsung D500 but even with my small fingers the keys seemed very close together and small and I didnt need all the features it had as really i only use the camera, text and make calls. Games are great too, there is a driving one which I like!! Overall a very good phone and I am pleased, also on vodafone and not had any problems with reception yet.

Reviewed by Maria from UK on 22nd Jun 2005
Bought this phone a couple of months back initially I was blinded by the look of it, chunky, sturdy, compact, large buttons easy to use, stainless steel, I was also impressed with the camera, which i think is of quite a high standard. But have now begun to see the faults. Firstly the Stainless steel stratches very easily, it looks great initially but can look tatty very quickly, i leave mine in my handbag all the time and it's covered in minor scratches. It doesn't effect the functionality granted but it does look tatty. To get round this i would rec. leaving the thin plastic flim on the cover (the one issued when the phone is first issued by the provider). Secondly the memory for photos is diabolical. Depending on the contrast of the picture you take it can only store between 3 - 10 pictures. I hear you can buy a chip to upgrade but i don't really want to have to pay out again.Another problem is that there is no light at all so photos taken in the evening or at a bar rarely come out, there is a night vision function, but it's laughable! Thirdly my mini screen (the one on the outer face of the phone), has failed once before. It rectified itself after week and went back to normal, haven't experience this since but still have no real explaination from NoKia as to why it happened. 3 other friends have it and also experience frustration with the photo memory. Other things thet say is the audio record feature can be switched on easily when in the pocket or bag, and we have all experienced a drain of memory without realising it was because we have inadvertently recorded something several minetes long. Looks the business, but if photos are your main reason for getting the phone - don't!

Reviewed by Beverly Cunleaffe from OLdham on 20th Jun 2005
Being a short tempered Northen lass, I have found this telephone a good thing. I can call the the girls, take pics of the boys i get off with, and of corse pics of my pie, peas,chips and gravy, my collection is growing. We dont get a lot of clever stuff up here so i think this is the biz. all you softys who complain about 'mad for it' things like memory and whireles stuff need to grow up and realise its for talkin on not pretending youve been to london or leeds, i no wot culture is, weve got a selffrigges in madchester where i got my juicye tracky from

Reviewed by Duham from Afganistan on 17th Jun 2005
This mobile is very poor. Nokia are new to the clam shell, but they can at least make the hinge function well. It looks cool, but EDGE is nothing compared to 3G,and push to talk is a good idea, but only if one of the mobile companies gets it running on their network. This phone has style but no substance, a waste of your hard earned cash.

Reviewed by Julie from Scotland on 16th Jun 2005
If there was a no star rating I would have given that. I have always had a nokia and vodaphone and this has to be the worst phone ever. Not only can I never get a signal in the usual places but the battery never lasts more than 2 days on standby. It is a real pain because people can't get through to me and I'm always having to charge it. It has been back to the shop 3 times, the first time they upgraded the software and I have since been given 2 replacements all of which display identical problems. I have been in touch with nokia who aren't interested.I wish I had never bought this phone and will be replacing it as soon as I can.

Reviewed by Ahmed from England on 14th Jun 2005
This phone is very good in look's but it has extreme little functions and with 2.2mb memory and no blutooth,MP3 player and FM radio i find this phone extremly boring so go out and buy the nokia 6230.

Reviewed by Mary Ann from Philippines on 12th Jun 2005
The Nokia 6170 sucks. I bought this phone on April 19 2005 for about US$300. 2 weeks into normal use, the phone blanks out/powers out for no apparent reason, from that time on until today, June 13, 2005, I have been going to and fro the Nokia service center for Nokia to address this apparently defective "brand new" product. The Nokia service center here tested the unit, uploaded a "new program, tested the original battery, and their own findings indicate that the product sold to me is untampered and defective from the start. Nokia noted that the apparent flaw stems from the motherboard of my brand new unit, and they said this is not covered by warranty and they would replace it and it would cost me $100!!!!!! I hae had high esteem for the quality of the Nokia products, until this expensive and inutile/defective phone costing me $300!!! Now I have such low regard for their product, their warranty and their service level. Thank you all for reading my humble post.

Reviewed by taz from u.k. on 5th Jun 2005
this phone iz class, every think is exlant here, but the battery is pants! i reconmend it to any 1 bye ;-) x

Reviewed by Blak jesus from England on 31st May 2005
Good phone, got extremely small memory, when you close the phone , press hard it leaves a mark of the buttons on the screen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by mmmpudding from UK on 27th May 2005
absolutely brilliant. but does anyone know how to setup PUSH TO TALK on vodafone??????????

Reviewed by Danny from England on 26th May 2005
This phone's fantastic, the realy bad thing bout it is the memory it really. really, really suks !!!!

Reviewed by A*** from UK on 24th May 2005
I have received this phone today, and I am very impressed so far. I am now on Vodafone, and have had no problems with a signal. The camera is of good quality for a VGA. I love the clear buttons on it. It may be weighty for some, but I like the weight of it. The screen is outstanding. OK, it hasn't got Bluetooth or an MP3 player, but for a phone that looks just as good as it performs with regards to talking, texting and...push-to-talking!, this is a phone that will win hands down. A brilliant phone.

Reviewed by Lynette from England on 18th May 2005
Don't care wot anybody says, this fone is propa da lick. Read all the reviews and was apprehensive before buying, but wanted Nokia and wanted a flip. And this fone does not disappoint. It's sexy, stylish, much better looking than Moto V3 and Nokia so much easier to use. Who cares about cameras and videos - a fone is a fone, for speaking on. Texting great with the big keys and I'm on Orange with no problems at all with reception. Only had it two weeks so maybe time will tell. But so far I'm propa pleased with this purchase and proud to be a Nokia owner once again. I will neva turncoat to Samsung or Moto cos Nokia phones Rock!

Reviewed by Colin from England on 13th May 2005
Nice solid feel to this phone. Having just handled a Sharp gx10i for a year and a Samsung prior to that, it is nice to return to Nokias easy to use menu. The electric blue back lit keys are well set out and easy to handle for text addicts. I dont use bluettoth and have no need to store many pictures/videos on the phone so the lack of both doesnt affect me. Vodafone signal seems ok and to date no problems with reception. My only gripe would be that you cannot change the colour of the font if you have a dark screen saver making it hard to see signal strength, nor can you set the time before the internal screen times out and dims, which seems to happen very quickly, but one tap of a key brings it back. If anyone knows how to re-adjust these please advise! Overall, compared to my previous samsung and Sharp, this is the better phone.

Reviewed by Rowshan Ara from Bangladesh on 13th May 2005
The resoulation of the camera in this mobile is good along with good zoom sensor but not enough memory to aid its back. The sound system should have been better. Bluetooth facility is unavailable resulting in difficulties of transfering data and wireless facility.The outlook is normal and doesn't meet the demands of the price. Overall a normal mobile being bought with an unexpected high prie. I like it only becoasue my mother gifted this to me.

Reviewed by Edu from Spain on 9th May 2005
I really like this phone. The main criteria for buying it was that it was a clamshell, that it looked good and that the keys were relatively large. I do not have experieced reception problems with the phone, at least not more than with my previous phone, so I assume it's a Telefonica network problem if I cannot get a signal. Since I am a bit of a fashion victim, but cannot be bothered to do more than place calls, send text messages and brag with my new baby I am quite happy with it. The only thing that I find a bit annoying was that there was no USB cable supplied, so you have to get yourself an extra accessory. If you want to phone with style, go get this mobile!

Reviewed by Pam from Australia on 9th May 2005
I was looking forward to getting the phone until it arrived. It actually looks a lot worse than it looks on the internet. It is a very masculine phone. It is bulkier than my old Samsung flip phone. I wasn't impressed with the memory. I am actually using my old phone again and taking the Nokia back to the store or if I can't return it, maybe sell it on ebay.

Reviewed by Lisona Galliad from uk on 8th May 2005
What more can I say Exept I love it. So stylish, The weight is good (it wont break in 5 minutes) and the signal is exellent (I am on Vodafone and have had no problems at all) the memory is fine and who needs Bluetooth it doesn't work any way! basically I love it love it love it

Reviewed by ben from uk on 8th May 2005
alot of people below me have been complaining about signal , but i have no problem, infact the signall is good , maybe its because of your network but myn is on orange and seems to be amazing , stylish nice lots of features and downloadable games all in all i think the people who complain about the weight or the signal or the size are crazy! mine is well perfect!

Reviewed by scotty from united states on 8th May 2005
Great phone signal is excellent compared to the motorola v400 and v600 that i replaced with this phone. The volume is good and loud which is great when you work outside as i do. the phone is easy to operate and will pick up a signal were my other phones wouldn't in the fringe areas recommend this phone to anyone anywhere!!!!!!

Reviewed by Lisa from England on 7th May 2005
I got mine 3 days ago and love it. It looks far better than the shop models (v.v sexy and stylish) and I like the weight (I would break it if it was flimsy and plastic) The featurs are standard nokia ones which make it easy to use and the screen quality is top notch. The memory is ok. Its a phone not a pc! All in all its an exelent phone.

Reviewed by Ben from Australia on 6th May 2005
This phone may look quite big and bulkey from the outside but it is actually a stylish modern and sexy phone containing hundreds of features and despite what people may think about theis phone anybody who rates it less than five stars is crazy!!!

Reviewed by JON from Britain on 3rd May 2005
This phone is amazing , it doesnt look nearly as good as it is in the model the shops make to show you , or it doesn't look as good in the catlalogue its extremely stilish and sexy. Very good games can be downloaded to it of the internet (phone and computer) and it is generally amzing!!!!!the only bad point is the memory but generaly amazing!!!!

Reviewed by jac from uk on 30th Apr 2005
unlike a lot of the reviews so far i like the weight of the phone . i have had a few problems with the memory, but nokia have soft ware that can be down loaded on to the phone to counter this. As for signal problems , they seem to only be on the vodafone network, because mine is on orange and i have had no promlems at all . i love this phone and i was told that you can get an add on for bluetooth by an orange shop !!!!! so it might be worth checking out

Reviewed by Rob James from UK on 29th Apr 2005
A very nice looking and typically easy to use Nokia unit. Nice and compact (even though a little heavy) and excellent range of features except on two counts - size of phone memory (only 2Mb) and lack of bluetooth (but infra-red works well). The shipped PC suite is excellent.

Reviewed by Daniel from England!!!! on 27th Apr 2005
it looks good and has decent features.

Reviewed by Elaine from United kingdom on 26th Apr 2005
First phone sent back for repair as no signal on vodafone, it came back exactly the same. I was sent a replacement , this is worse, I get no signal when in a pocket or handbag and hardly anyone has managed to get through to me first time, there is only a signal after opening the flip and waving it around. It is the worst phone I have ever had, dont waste your money.

Reviewed by Penny from England on 26th Apr 2005
My friend and I both got the 6170 after waiting months for vodaphone to supply them. It looks stylish but that is where it ends. It is heavy, uncomfortable to use, crackly reception that is when you can ever get a signal. There is never a signal in all the normal places I have used my phone and when the sim is put back into my old phone, FULL SIGNAL. It does not pick up when in a desk or bag or pocket and people can never get through until the 3rd or 4th time . This phone should be withdrawn until Nokia have improved it.

Reviewed by michael from uk on 23rd Apr 2005
i have had the phone just over a week and i have to say that its good but not great. the good thing about it is the camera because its 0.9 megapixels and the screen is very clear and easy to personalise. on the downside, its very poor when it comes to getting a signal and the video is fuzzy and rubbish. you cannot edit pictures eg put frames round and it has no bluetooth. dont dp the same mistake i made and get it with a 12 month contract because after a while its just boring

Reviewed by Boki from Australia on 22nd Apr 2005
Ive just got a question does anyone know if u can chane the covers on nokia 6170?

Reviewed by Mel from Uk on 21st Apr 2005
I got this phone after i got the nokia without a keypad....i think this fone is great whenever i am texting i get stopped in the street to get complimented on my fone lol. It mught not be the lightest of fones but there are fones out there that are heavier than this one. The only thing i dont like about this fone is the memory and that is just about it really...the memory is small and cant store lots of pics at the minute i have 11 pics on mine and 2 vids so u know! The cover scratches easily and i have noticed that when the flip is open the top of the fone doesnt seem to be inline with the bottom of it.. does any one agree? other than that really easy to use and really great!

Reviewed by chris..... from ENGLAND on 21st Apr 2005
Design a nice phone like this, but leave out important features like Bluetooth etc and give it poor memory too. So literally you are buying the phone for looks.... sure to come down in price considerably in the near future. On the heavy size, though it feels solid I wouldnt like to drop it on a hard surface from any kind of height, it would be sure to break.

Reviewed by Dick Darlington from Australia on 20th Apr 2005
This phone is the bee's knees! The keypad is incredibly easy to use and the general aesthetic of the 6170 is amazing. The steel makes it look so sleek and the blue backlighting is just swish. As for features, the camera is perfect for taking random snapshots if you've left your camera at home and even though Bluetooth is missing and there isn't true mp3, you can't get much better in terms of spec and looks for the price.

Reviewed by John Clarke from England on 17th Apr 2005
If you're looking for a really bullet proof mobile phone that really looks the part go no further, the 6170 is the real deal. It's well engineered good looks and sturdy build quality are outstanding ,it's also very easy to use. I haven't had any problems with reception ,in fact I haven't had any problems at all , long may it continue. A couple of my friends have Motorola's and they're dead jealous of the Nokia.

Reviewed by Nicki from UK on 15th Apr 2005
This phone has a nice sexy design and everyone i seemed to have showed loves it but the front screen quality is very poor and as ive read in another review it also goes white from time to time and also fuzzy! There is also not enough memory for my liking! Im going to change this to the 7270 or the motorola v3 i ahvent decided yet!

Reviewed by Hisam from UK on 10th Apr 2005
I Just bought it and i must say it is an excellent phone. It is very fashionable and it has a slim design. It is a great phone!!!

Reviewed by phil from basingstoke on 8th Apr 2005
well had a 7200 now a 6170 dont miss the radio all seams ok easy to use nice phone hope i can get covers

Reviewed by Iain from UK on 7th Apr 2005
It is much bigger and heavier than expected although the size of the screen is good and the larger keys mean I can actually text! Not one for the super slim crown though, but does look pretty retro. The finish scratches really easily and the mini screen on the front is poor quality and a bit redundant really, mine also seems to have some sort of fault where it goes white from time to time. It is also very annoying having the activation button for the voice recorder on the side. This means that it is frequently activated in your pocket and then when you go to take a picture the meagre memory is full of ynwanted voice recordings which you have to delete! Also, it does not operate well in dodgy reception areas as the external areial has been sacraficed for looks. Overall this phone is a bit of a tart - it looks the part but once you scratch the surface there's very little there.

Reviewed by M Mitchell from England on 4th Apr 2005
Very good looking phone, everyone I showed it to loves its looks however the damn thing doesn't get any reception in my house, plonk the sim back in my old 7250i, full reception.... whats with that!. Shorter than my old 7250i but chunkier and heavier. As others mention the non upgradable memory is very insufficient unless you like downloading pics to your pc every time it fills up to free up space and I miss not having a radio to help pass the train journeys, coulden't give a monkeys about bluetooth but for the reasons above(pointless having a phone if it cant get a signal) Im sending this "phone upgrade" back to my phone company and finding a better phone, sorry nokia!

Reviewed by Vivienne Powers from UK on 4th Apr 2005
Upgraded the phone from a Nokia 7210 about 3 weeks ago and basically I have been really impressed with it. The looks are great for me and the blue backlit keypad was a real surprise when I first switched it on. The interface is the traditional and great Nokia 'easy to use' style so there was not too much reading of the manual to become totally familiar with the phone after using it for just 20 minutes. This is the first 'flip' phone I have ever used and it is great not to have to keep locking and unlocking the keypad with each use. A couple of new features which I still don't know if I can or will ever use, the 'Push to Talk' and something called 'My Presence' which requires setting up by service provider whenever I try to use them (!). The PC suite software does not work on my laptop with Windows xp and sadly not available for my PC which is a Mac. I managed to finally get it working on an old PC at work, which leads on to my next point (and the one that drops a phone rating star). The phone memory (which is far too low at 1.5Mb) allows you to take a couple of pics at most and to put new wallpapers on you have to delete old ones. I have not used the video part yet but I am wondering if it will crash the phone memory if I do so. I have never really used Bluetooth so I guess I won't miss it, the hands free is however really loud and adequately handles (dare I say it) a conversation while driving. For Nokia traditionalists this is a great, if gentle, upgrade and won't dissapoint if you are not too power hungry. If you want all the mod-cons go for the Nokia 6630 (My boyfriend upgraded to this one at the same time as I upgraded and he is, and so am I, still getting to grips with the new interface) but thats another story.

Reviewed by Bao Viet from Singapore on 1st Apr 2005
I simply love this fone so much!!!! ^_^. Its sleek, fashonable and sexy appearance really stands out from the crowd! And the feel as well! The metallic feel really gives you a inspiring and modern sensation! Apart from the fact that it doesn't have a built-in radio, bluetooth and mp3 player, it's just great! If you need a fone for daily communication and like to set a trend, this should absolutely be your choice!!!! =]

Reviewed by Allie from UK on 27th Mar 2005
I bought this mobile from the Carphone Warehouse, because I wanted a flip but have always used Nokia. The sales guy recommended this one, and I'm pleased with the choice. The 6170 has cool retro styling, and is a good phone, but is missing bluetooth and is quite heavy really.

Reviewed by rick from london on 22nd Mar 2005
I was really lookin forward to this phone untill it arrived in the post. It looks so slim and elegant in the pictures but is actually quite big for a clamshell especially for toaday's standard. But what's even worse than the size is the sheer weight of this phone. Sure it feels nice and solid but for a phone with no major functions such as bluetooth or mp3 player the weight is not justified. The screen is ok, it's very large but resolution is not too good but better than other nokia phones. Outer screen is good for seeing who's calling but unlike in samsung phones u dont get the caller id photo displayed on the whole screen, just a tiny little box under the caller's name which makes it useless. Keypad is excellent and texting couldnt be easier, camera is average but the memory is pathetically small that you only have enough space to store a few photos and makes the video function pointless. This is a good phone if you're 35+ and dont need too many functions but i'm selling mine and getting a motoV3!

Reviewed by Jb from England on 15th Mar 2005
It is a little heavy, but it looks great! The keypad is a joy to use and the display is clear. It does everything I want in a phone. I have tried the photo / video features and find them more than adequate since I already own a digital camera. I have ten pictures stored and downloaded a video clip so the memory is fine for everyday use. No bluetooth but I never used it when I had it on previous phones anyway. All in all a very attractive phone, I would highly recommend

Reviewed by Parkie from England on 14th Mar 2005
Worst phone ever! Really heavy, no bluetooth, poor battery life. I recieved this phone as a complimentary upgrade from my existing 6230, it will soon be on the way back to Nokia.

Reviewed by andrew mcp from uk on 7th Mar 2005
Worst nokia ive ever had-this phone looks great but; Worst battery-2 days from fully charged,to zero.My 1 year old 7250i lasts longer. No memory-a few pics,a couple of 10secs video clips and thats it! Stuck with it for a year now.Not happy. :( Should of got a 6230.(on battery power alone) 6170 is ok if you dont mind charging it every other day,and taking hardly any pics. Looks are not everything.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 5th Mar 2005
The thing that can be said about this phone is that it is one of the best phones on the market. It looks better than the majority of the flip phones you see today, it feels heavy, which I like as it feels sturdy and well built. Most other flip phones look the same. This phone is different and very cool. OK, so you may not have bluetooth, who cares!!!(Every time I see someone with a bluetooth headset on walking down the street I normally think W****R, and in my opinion to use a phone in car hands free or not is stupid and dangerous). You may not have a radio, who cares!!!!. The only phone that has better software and features is the Nokia 6260, which I have to say is the best phone Nokia have ever done, apart from its size. A bit on the large size. SO, the Nokia 6170 is certainly the phone for me. Well done Nokia, yet again another phone that makes me proud to prefer Nokia phones to any other manufacturer!!!!

Reviewed by Jimbo from UK on 4th Mar 2005
Changed to the 6170 to replace an excellent 6310i that was past it's life after over two hard years. No Bluetooth? So what Bluetooth is highly overated IMHO. Got a Bluetooth headset I never use! MP3, again guys it is a phone not a music player! Three battery cycles and the battery life is great, looks good and the speakerphone is one of the best. Camera/Video, yeah OK for the odd picture more as a reference. If you want a digital camera then buy one is my advice. One gripe, they give you the software CD but no USB cable, come on Nokia, get into the program. All in all a great PHONE..

Reviewed by Tom from England on 3rd Mar 2005
Good phone, brilliant extras and camera, large keys, easy to use, all i could want from a phone, apart from one thing any memory. The usable memory for all the phones extras and vidio recording capabilities, is just over 1mb, not even enough to test half of the phones features before the memory is full, you can fit 2-3 pictures of low quality on this phone and if you intend to use any of this phones extra features then i suggest you buy a different phone.

Reviewed by carlos from usa on 21st Feb 2005
this phone has gotten me laid. it's a sweet phone, i guess i wish it had some better memory tho.

Reviewed by i h8 sam below me here!! from not in sams on 18th Feb 2005
this fone is so cool but im not too fussed on the image but im sure that this fone is better looking than r wee sam below me who thinks she/he can get a man-sorry- or woman!! ever hear of a thing called CHAT!! yeh txt da word chat to 88303 and ul find sum thin 2 rumble in the bed with u im sure!! anyways about THE FONE its a real cool fun fone with features that are also very cool!! this fone rocks!!

Reviewed by Mogsy from UK on 16th Feb 2005
I bought this 'phone yesterday and I am very pleased with it. The only thing I don't like is the smudgy appearance after handling it. That is really not an objective gripe but a girlie gripe! I love the quality of the pictures and the ease of use around the keypad. I can't comment yet on the battery life as I am running down to charge for the first time but, as another writer commented, I have noticed the coverage isn't as good as I thought it should be. It could be that this has something to do with the battery running down. All-in-all, a very good 'phone (better than the horrid 3510i I have just binned)!! Worth a mention is that the on/off switch is at the side of the 'phone and looks a bit "fragile" and, whilst this hasn't happened yet, it seems as if it could be switched off accidentally in a handbag. I will comment further on that if it happens.

Reviewed by sexy sam from england on 16th Feb 2005
kkkk i think this fone is brill.its beautiful like me n big like sum of my features ;-) i think its cute n so wat if it ent got a bluetooh? it looks more sexier! lol hu eva ants me contact me! me_luv_gals@hotmail.co.uk get ready 4 a rumble in ya bed

Reviewed by Basje from Netherlands on 13th Feb 2005
I thought battery-life to be rubbish as well, but..... Then i drained it to the end a couple of times and then fully charged it and now it deserves the full 5 stars. It can remain stand-by for a week! So don't give up yet! As for ther rest of the phone: the clarity of the speaker is phenomenal, the pictures are fun, the handsfree is also very good, I simply love it!

Reviewed by Zobia from UK on 10th Feb 2005
Slick phone but battery life it totally rubbish - so disappointing for a nokia

Reviewed by Bas from Netherlands on 9th Feb 2005
I finally got it!!!!!!!!!!! And I love it! I like the way you can make a selfportait cos you can switch viewviender between the little and the big screen. I would like to thank everybody on the forum for their opinions and views. They strengthened my belief that I should get this fone! Full on 5 stars, simply couldn't be less.

Reviewed by Surfer Rosa from UK on 7th Feb 2005
So, this phone certainly has 'steel appeal', but not too much else. No Bluetooth, no MP3 player and a small amount of memory considering it can take videos. And for £200? Total rip off. If this phone was about £50 cheaper it'd be just about worth it. Take my advice and add £20 to your budget and get yourself the far superior SonyEricsson K700i.

Reviewed by rakesh from UK on 7th Feb 2005
this phone does not have the following features : MP3 player, Bluetooth capability, MMC card, 1million Megapixel cam. There, that's out the way. Now, let me take you back to a phone which I (and 90% of businesses in the UK) owned. The 6310i was an amazing phone. Lots of space for the real stuff you need on a phone. Lots of contacts space, room for some java applications and a real sleek look for your average yuppie! Now the 6170 is very very simalr to this phone in the fact that it has its extras like its vga camera and video recording to bring it into the average phone market. It has all the extras the 6310i had, and it looks even sleeker and feels great. I get the impression that the board of nokia directors have a certain type of person in mind when they release a phone, 6310i business man 6600 kid with fat hands nGage geeks 7610 ametaur photographer! 6170 average (male) business customer So for the people who are complaining about the lack of facilities on this phone, there a plenty, enough to suite the suited user. As for the people who are saying "if you want an MP3 player, buy one". Well what they should be saying is "if you want an MP3 player then you should have read the details about the phone before you bought it. It doesnt state anywhere that it has MP3 playback facilities. Also does not state that it has an MMC." So my point is, it is a good phone if your lifestyle or taste suites it. If not, Nokia are excellent at making a large variety of phones and im sure they have at least 1 phone to suit everyones taste. Ta

Reviewed by oli from UK on 6th Feb 2005
This is a pretty damn good phone. You never ever get bored with it, but it;s so heavy! I feel unconfertable with it in my pocket!

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