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Nokia 6151 review

 Review: December 2006  


In a nutshell: The Nokia 6151 is a 3G phone with a classic straight design.


Despite being a 3G phone, the 6151 has a rather lacklustre specification. Although the phone has a video camera, it's rear mounted, making video calling impossible - a major design faux pas for a 3G phone. The camera itself is really nothing special, at just 1.3 megapixels, no flash, and dodgy quality. The 6151 does have a good MP3 player and FM radio, but with no memory card included in the sales package, you'll have to fork out some more money if you want enough memory to store more than a few songs.

We are left felling short-changed by the Nokia 6151 and wouldn't recommend it. There are far better 3G phones available.

Nokia 6151 features include:

  • 3G
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera (QCIF resolution)
  • Display: 262,144 colours, 128 x 160 pixels
  • Music player (MP3, M4A, and eAAC+-family format)
  • MP3 ringtones / 64-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Stereo FM radio with Visual Radio
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, Nokia Xpress audio messaging
  • Java games
  • Personal organiser
  • Phonebook (1000 entries)
  • Push to Talk
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE, 3G data transfer (384 kbps download)
  • XHTML web browser
  • Flight mode
  • Memory: 30 Mbytes plus microSD card slot (up to 2 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, infrared
  • Triband plus 3G (WCDMA 2100)
  • Size: 108 x 47 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 98g
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours (3G) - 4.5 hours (2G)
  • Battery standby: up to 340 hours

Nokia 6151 user reviews

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Average rating from 69 reviews:

Reviewed by Darlington from Nigeria on 10th Dec 2011
Its a very good mobile and its screen is small and its compatible with 2GB, and one thing is that i have the phone with me and i love it so much. And would not like anything to happen to the Nokia 6151. I LIKE IT!!!

Reviewed by Awopeloye from Nigeria on 5th Oct 2011
Its a very good mobile but its screen is small and its not compatible wit 2GB

Reviewed by I dunno from AU on 15th Feb 2011
This phone is really good and reliable and it's tough. Dropped it like 1000 times still functionng perfect. Kthx

Reviewed by Nick D from Bulgaria on 31st Oct 2010
I had my nokia 6151 for 2 years and half and i'm very happy with it. My nokia phone is a Hungarion production RM-200 type. Very successful series mobile phones. I have absolutely no complain about it. If you want to byu something cheap and you want to have maximum functionality nokia 6151 is the right choice for you.

Reviewed by Thomas from Austria on 27th May 2010
BAD SOUND. You have problems understanding your call partner. Complicated navigation.

Reviewed by aman from india on 26th Feb 2010
nokia6151 phone batter low massg when coll come and call go and when phone switch off then after some time battery disharg

Reviewed by mubarak from india on 1st Feb 2010
nokia6151 phone swith off whene incoming call and outgoing call phone batery low masg and then phone off

Reviewed by paul from ireland on 9th Nov 2009
nokia 6151 i love this phone, had it about 4 years and although i upgrade my phone every year i revert to my 6151 after a few months, its easy to use feels good to hold cause its chunky and nonslip rubbery feel to it its almost bombproof. its a phone, not a computer, and i love it

Reviewed by Letizia from Italy on 14th Sep 2009
it seemed to be a nice phone, many features at an affordable price. I used it as modem to connect to the internet. But I am not happy, it soon started to have several problems. First, it tooks ages to get turn it on. Then all of a sudden the screen became white and it did not work for hours! lately this was happening often and often so I updated the software, it seemed it was ok but after the first phonecall it did not work anymore. It is not possible to update it again, neither to format it. The *+3+green combination pressed while turning it on did not work. Any help? thanks

Reviewed by Mikael from Sweden on 12th Jan 2009
I've had my 6151 for year and a half now, and started to get more and more problems with it. The last nine months have had it losing the ability to play sounds, so I don't get any ring signal on incoming calls or messages. This is highly annoying. I send it to Nokia service, they reset it and send it back. It works for another month or so and then stops again. There must be some bug in the firmware (v 4.10) causing this, but Nokia seems unable to fix it. Avoid this phone. There are better and more robust phones out there.

Reviewed by Shankar Dutt from India on 5th Jan 2009
Excellent product. Absolutetly no issue ever since I bought it about 3 yrs ago.

Reviewed by brenda from UK on 3rd Jan 2009
i have a nokia mobile phone 6151 and i'm really upset because of it.i bought a bluetooth from Comet and is no compatible.there is no words to describe my sadness............and it cost a fortune.

Reviewed by m.muralidhar from india on 11th Dec 2008
execellent phone am using since 2 1/2 years till now no complaint i even did not give it for servicing even once.

Reviewed by lyn c. lim from philippines on 15th Oct 2008
i've had my 6151 for one year and three months and had no problems using it. quality is good.

Reviewed by arnikan abueva from philippines on 27th Sep 2008
nokia 6151 is good.

Reviewed by Gary G from Belgium on 23rd Sep 2008
I've had my 6151 for two years and have had no problems with it or its battery. Sound quality is very good, the FM radio is great, and it works in Europe and the U.S.

Reviewed by Juha anttila from Finland on 21st Aug 2008
I fell lured into a fell. I bought 2pieces of 6151 on ong term deal. Neither one has been reliable. I had it serviced no help. Shortly do not buy.

Reviewed by Gunjan Hathi from England on 19th Aug 2008
Very nice and cheaper phone then others but the caller voice is not properly hearable...it is much more worse in traffic or noicy area...memory is less...look is oke...hands free should give with the phone (its not given)....should think one more time before purchase this phone..

Reviewed by jose from portugal on 14th Jul 2008
Very nice phone.A lot of features, very simple, good battery life(for me about 5 days), i regret not having video calling

Reviewed by Deathangel from Nowhere on 12th Jul 2008
This phones memory disc cover is weak and can break easily making it impossible to use memory discs Mine overrided its ringtones and changed to some grim gong beats /scary

Reviewed by marko from serbia on 28th Jun 2008
this phone is nice....4 stars

Reviewed by Haris from srilanka on 22nd May 2008
very good phone in the market

Reviewed by kasim from england on 15th May 2008
i have 6151 and i thought it was cheap- when i looked on th price i was stunned!!!

Reviewed by rjh from england on 30th Apr 2008
The signal reception on the 6151 is worse than on many other nokia phones. I have tried several in one porr signal location and the 6151 could not pick up a signal when the other three could. Would not recommend buying one

Reviewed by Nikola from Croatia on 4th Apr 2008
It has even more features than I really need. I use mobile phone regulary as my alarm clock, but Nokia 6151 makes it almost impossible. When turned off with alarm clock switched on it will discharge battery in several hours and mostly switch to some kind of Local Mode. You'll not hear any alarm or be able to use phone untill you take off battery and charge it again. Very disapointing from Nokia. Othervise, phone is designed nicely, clear and simple lines. Camera is not essential feature. A little smaller model without camera and with more memory would be exactly what I'm looking for.

Reviewed by Allen from Spain on 6th Mar 2008
At least one of the outside components of this phone must contain mercapto, an anti-oxidising substance used in manufacturing tyres, electric wire insulation, etc. My son is highly allergic to this substance and literally burns his fingertips when he uses this phone. Nokia Care has been unable to confirm the use of this substance in the manufacturing of the outside parts of the 6151; they only will tell us what environmentally unfriendly substances are not used in making it. So far, we have been unable to locate a clear soft plastic cover so that he can use the phone without actually touching it.

Reviewed by Allen Frankovic from UK on 6th Mar 2008
Beware if you have a contact allergy to substances containing mercapto. My son literally burns his fingertips just using his Nokia 6151. We assume that at least one of the outside components of this phone are made with this substance. Nokia Care has been unable to confirm this: they will only tell us what environmentally unfriendly substances the phone is not made with. We have been unable to find a clear soft plastic case so that he can use the phone without directly touching it.

Reviewed by bash from England on 25th Feb 2008
When ever i buy or upgrade a phone it has to be a Nokia, user friendly and the best,the down fall for this 6151 is when your are talking it tends to get very warm, otherwise a phone thats easy to use, looks good, the battery life is the longest of any phones i have had, well done NOKIA you have done it again !!!

Reviewed by BM from Estonia on 8th Jan 2008
man 3 hours of mp3 playback ??? you realy need to get a new battery, mine plays mp3's no less than 12 hours none stop. :) the picture is realy good, display reaction time is good enough and the speaker sound is very good and the best thing for me is that the sound is very clear, easy to use, very comfortable keypad to toosmall buttons not too big, the only thing that i dont like is the phone sowtware (V 04.10 21-12-06 RM-200) has a big fat bug in it, no the phone itself works great, that is until you plan to use your nokia 6151 as an alarm clock becous thats where the bug shows its ugly face, if you turn on the alarm clock and switch of the phone for the night it will lock up or freez up "call it what you like it" in LOCAL MODE and nothing happends the alarm doesnt go on and the phone becomes locked until you remove the battery and after a few seconds put it back, only then you can switch it on. dispyte that the phone itself is very good the radio is even better, it play radio stations that my cars stereo cant play hehehe.

Reviewed by Hassan from pakistan on 31st Dec 2007
3g +decent look +radio+ nice camera +gud sound quality in a quite reasonable price.

Reviewed by Liquid Len from UK on 10th Dec 2007
Got this free on a 3 contract. Absolutely the worst phone I've ever had. Poor display, poor call quality, poor battery life. Easily the worst 3 g phone on the market. Please don't buy it.

Reviewed by GEORGE from INDIA on 9th Dec 2007
Worth the $136 price tag. But, playing mp3 player consumes more battery 3hr only it plays

Reviewed by Claire from U.K. on 29th Nov 2007
This fone is awful. The screen is tiny, it's fuzzy, and the font is big!!! The only good things about it, is the battery and the keypad.

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 29th Nov 2007
I received this on Saturday last and definately did not like it. The size is so small, the print is fuzzy and the font is big!!! The only good side to this fone is the keypad. I swapped it to the 6233 which is far better.

Reviewed by oneck from phili[[ines on 27th Nov 2007
good phone for me its a first time to handle a nokia brand that's ok not bad comparing sony ericson

Reviewed by Paul from Romania on 28th Oct 2007
I'm very pleased with this phone. I've had it for quite some time and it's everything I want form a phone - to call people. Best phone I know for that. And it looks good.

Reviewed by Christian from Sweden on 5th Oct 2007
Stupid review...this is a phone for those that use the phone to call with mainly and nothing else, in that sense, it's a bargain.

Reviewed by ARNO from UK on 3rd Oct 2007

Reviewed by Judy Moxam from uk birmingham on 12th Sep 2007
The scroll up button on the 6151 is really bad. you have to scroll down until you get back where you wanted to be.

Reviewed by Jez from UK on 3rd Sep 2007
Does the basics quite well even with a limited size screen. The version I have doest support video calling which is strange for a 3g handset. Battery lasts for about two-three days with moderate use, inlcuding internet useage. Had no stability issues either.

Reviewed by subby from Slovenia on 19th Aug 2007
Would be much better if display had higher resolution. And software really suck.

Reviewed by Himanshu from UK on 17th Aug 2007
Please dont buy this Phone from a three service providers as their advertisement says that on Nokia 6151 phone you can take following contracts-- Video Talk 500,Video & Talk & Text 700, Video & Talk & Text 1100, Video & Talk & Text 1300, Video & Talk & Text 2600. But when you buy this phone you will come to know that this phone is not compatible to make video calls. 3 has made a joke out of this phone.

Reviewed by Rony from Philippines on 15th Aug 2007
it is made of almost entirely cheap looking plastic material. very very cheap lookin'. i got it for free. dropped it on my 3rd day and even with silicone cover it got scratched badly 'cause the casing is a very soft plastic. sold it on the 4th day.

Reviewed by antz from India on 10th Aug 2007
Very similar to 6233 but sadly this has only 1.3 MP (6233 has 2 MP) camera and a smaller display than 6233. But this supports QCIF video and MPEG4, which 6233 does not. Both are 3G phones.

Reviewed by davor from BiH on 30th Jul 2007
i have this nokia for 4 months and i can say it's very good ... sometimes i have probs with profile cuz when i change theme my profile restarts to fabric one ... and i have that theme pics are good on main screen but when i go to menu it shrinks a bit n doesnt look that good (dunno what's prob.. anyone knows??) but no other complains about it... nice mob

Reviewed by Fahad from Uk on 28th Jul 2007
its a gud phone classic and ausome! has all da functions i need but da only thing missing is flash!

Reviewed by Jeff from England on 22nd Jul 2007
All I wanted was a standard easy to use phone the 6151 gives me exactly what I want, excellent.

Reviewed by Monik from India on 16th Jul 2007
Nokia 6151 is a decent phone. Its easy 2 operate n has all necessary facilities. Its good 2 have it. I give it 3 n 1/2 stars......

Reviewed by Radhika from India on 12th Jul 2007
Since I bought the Nokia 6151 I have had problems. When I recieve an SMS it always shows the wrong time in the message details. It also reboots after a few seconds when I use it so much so it's hard to find a simple thing such as a telephone number in the contacts. The battery consumption is also very high. I love this phone but I need to get it repaired. Although it seems these problems are shared with many other consumers.

Reviewed by Jonathan from England on 11th Jul 2007
This Phone is good at simple look up's like messaging and phoning. It is Quite or Average Reliability and it is a simle Phone.But I hope to see More improvement in the Fuyture Good Phone Well done Nokia Keep Up the GOOD WORK

Reviewed by zoltan from romania on 11th Jul 2007
i just bought this phone from spain.i like it very much but it has a big problem:to unlock it u must pay a lot of money.it's cheap otherwise for what this phone does so i don't have any complaints.even more i recommend this phone sincerely.

Reviewed by TARUN from INDIA on 28th Jun 2007

Reviewed by Nitin Mahajan from india on 22nd Jun 2007
i m using this mobile and feeling very great

Reviewed by jitesh bhatia from UK on 21st Jun 2007
its a good mobile but not better than all nseries mobile this mobile is not stilish

Reviewed by jj from london on 13th Jun 2007
i havent got one but my frands got one and he takern 3 back alredy in just a week with poblems with it not chardging

Reviewed by Subramanyam from India on 11th Jun 2007
I have recenly purchased 6151. The piece works fine in all functions. 1.3 MPixels is not enough for video quqlity unlike w700i Ericcson. But stills are good enough with 1280 x 1024 pixels. Sound quality is OK. FM Radio signal pick up is not strong within 30 km radius of tower unlike w750i Ericson. But it is good in performance with big additional slot for 2gb memeory card. 3gp format is very compact indeed.Overall it is worth the price tag.

Reviewed by Ravishankar from INDIA, Aurangabad on 8th Jun 2007
I love this phone with Bluetooth, some memory This is a a no nonsense straightforward workable phone for calls, taking a few pictures, listening to a little music and a hands free option and very easy to use then this is ideal-excellent value for money. Bought at Aurangabad on 07 June 2007 for Rs.7400/-

Reviewed by Muhammad Afzal from Pakistan on 5th Jun 2007
i Like this mobile much bit its size is larger than other mobile

Reviewed by lorna Smith from Engerland on 31st May 2007
Looks like a poor phone and is not much better inside. Shouldn't go for this one, go for the outstanding w610i. Its the phone of 07.

Reviewed by momomo_23 from Philippines on 30th May 2007
No bundled memory card, No front camera for video calls, no flash for the 1.3 MPX camera? Yep, there are a lot more good 3G fones out there. But this is a Nokia.

Reviewed by GEORGE JORDAAN from RSA on 29th May 2007

Reviewed by SUHAIL IBRAHIM from UK on 29th May 2007
My reviews on this mobile is that this mobile is simple and is something different,something fashionable and something marvellous...... Saying the truth this mobile has features like Radio,Camera and normal tools in any phones

Reviewed by joey from england on 21st May 2007
dont like this phone at all because the screne smashed and the whole phone broke

Reviewed by James from UK on 5th May 2007
I love this phone-all i want is a small compact easy to use phone with Bluetooth, some memory and a good font size so you actually find who your looking for-if you want a no nonsense straightforward workable phone for calls, taking a few pictures, listening to a little music and a hands free option and very easy to use then this is ideal-excellent value for money.

Reviewed by Jill from U.S.A. on 5th May 2007
wow!! nokia is coming really up!! I mean frrom a 3310 to a N70 to a 6151!! I am very impressed (spellbound, too). I mean really fantastic job nokia. ttyl.... nokia rocks

Reviewed by Justinas from Lithuania on 5th May 2007
The Phone rather his averge price about 300euro is very fucional and has 3g it has bluetooth irda fm radio mp3 and mp3 player biutin 30mb memory acualy 22 is availibal an 1.3mega pixel camera thow the phone is not n93 it prity nic

Reviewed by Riexal from Malaysia on 22nd Dec 2006
What can be expected from this phone as one of the low cost price with 3G,bluetooth,IrDA plus vedio record, FM radio and MP3 player is reasonable to say it is an excellent phone. The phone itself has 30Mb internal memory and can support to 2Gb memory expension what more can we say. Although the design is back to the future but something that make it better is the rubber skin type as same as Motorola E398. As for the camere 1.3 megapixel should be OK for a picture quality for a handphone. Furthetmore, the email system can support attachment as for pdf*,exl*,doc* and ppt*. For the accessories such as data cable is not supplied, i dont think it necessary as the bluetooth and IrDA function are provided. If we look to the price comparison, design and functionality it is worth to buy one.

Reviewed by Neil from Dublin, Ireland on 8th Dec 2006
Having come from an old Nokia 3510i (please stop laughing) this is a very stylish compact little gem. Those of us over 30 who may never use the camera except for an emergency will not be too worried about the quality issue and I'd always use a proper camera anyway. On the plus side call quality is excellent - I can now actually hear what people are saying, the radio is crystal clear and the mp3 is great. The usual easy to understand interface is terrific and you'll hardly have to use the manual at all. Lots of great little features, voice recording, push to talk, speakerphone and flight mode makes this for me a great phone. The only downsides are (regrettably) no PC cable or memory card supplied.

Reviewed by Rudy from UK on 21st Nov 2006
NOKIA 6151 - I seem to have the same problem as other people are reporting: When I try to send a picture through MMS the display goes blank and the system reboots - back to standby. This happens in every mode. The rest works very well. I went to the Nokia website but could not find any decent answer or contact. Bought the phone in Australia to replace my old 3100 which I now miss.Not very desperate to send pictures...but would like to have a working phone!

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