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Nokia 6131 review

 Review: July 2006  

Last updated November 2006


In a nutshell: The Nokia 6131 is a bit of a mixed bag. It does some things very well and others very badly.


Let's start with appearances. It's a neat clamshell phone with a one-hand push-to-open operation - cool but gimmicky. The finish of the phone is beautiful with a soft touch paint coating. There's a nice large keypad with clearly separated keys and an easy-to-use 5 way navigational button. The overall appearance is of sleek and simple elegance. However, if you read the user reviews below, you will see that the 6131 doesn't age well. It might look great when you take it out of the box, but unless you keep it in its box, it will quickly degrade, becoming scratched, cracked and otherwise battered within a few months. Not a durable phone.

Open up the phone (enjoying the cool opening mechanism) and you'll get a real surprise - the main internal display has a staggering 16 million colours and an ultra-high resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. This is a fantastic screen, but the mystery is why Nokia have put it in the 6131 which is not a 3G phone and doesn't have an outstanding camera either. Still, it's nice to use and contributes to the overall ergonomic experience. Mentioning the camera, this is rather poor, with no flash and with mediocre picture quality. There's an MP3 player too, but it's tagged on as an afterthought, with no support for playlists or any features that might make it usable. On the positive side, there's an FM radio with a stereo headset supplied.

Turning now to the needs of the business user, the 6131 is reasonably well configured for a mid-range phone. There's full email support, with support for attachments. Push to Talk is available. All kinds of connectivity are supported - Bluetooth, USB and IrDa. EDGE provides download speeds of up to 236.8 kbps. Memory is adequate, with an expandable memory card of up to 2 Gbytes.

For the business user there's really nothing missing, except for one thing - the battery life. Nokia claim a battery life of 10 days. Get real! One day is more like it. The battery life really is atrocious. Other things that concern us are the reception quality and random shutting down or freezing, which sometimes happens. If you're looking for a reliable workhorse phone, look elsewhere.

The Nokia 6131 looks like a nice phone, but has several serious drawbacks and doesn't really cut it as a camera phone, a music-player phone, or as a business phone. It's a jack of all trades, but master of none.

Nokia 6131 features include:

  • 1.3 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom
  • Video playback
  • Voice recorder
  • Internal display: TFT, 16-million "True" colours, 320 x 240 pixels
  • External display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 128 x 160 pixels
  • MP3 player (MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA formats)
  • FM stereo radio with Visual Radio
  • MP3 ringtones (64-voice polyphonic) plus video ringtones
  • Speaker-independent voice dialling
  • Handsfree speaker
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4) with attachments
  • Xpress audio messaging: Record your own voice message and send to compatible devices
  • T9 predictive text
  • XHTML browser
  • Java games: 3D Soccer and Snake included
  • Push to Talk
  • Memory: 11 Mbytes plus optional MicroSD memory card (up to 2 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, IrDa
  • WAP, GPRS Class 10, EDGE - download up to 236.8 kbps
  • Quadband
  • Size: 92 x 48 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 112g
  • Talktime: 3.4 hours
  • Music playback: up to 12 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 10 days

Nokia 6131 user reviews

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Average rating from 203 reviews:

Reviewed by Azonobi Anayo from Nigeria on 31st Jan 2012
This phone is one of the best product of nokia, easy to use and handle. i have use the phone for past four years and am still enjoying it. i give kudos to NOKIA for this single phone. to me is the best of NOKIA.

Reviewed by rayon alexander from St.Lucia on 15th Dec 2011
i first got this phone in 2007,it was gr8t until it was stolen.about 3 weeks a ago my husband bought me another one and i was ecstatic!i had g8t memories with the phone and it was generally a good phone.features are nice,bright display so i welcomed the phone back!BUT something is not rite with this phone!in the last 3 weeks i have taken the phone to the repair shop twice already!and im just so frustrated!the phone took two minor falls and and both times it had to be repaired!the first time the magnet slipped out so the outer display wasn't responsive!nw the flex cable is gone i had to get a new one!!i have had countless phones and nw have a blackberry and just to test my theory i 'test fall' my BB and its working fine!!!is it me or is the nokia 6131 too fragile!!???????????what can i do to prevent it from breaking again???im very careful with my phones bt yet still this phone is malfunctioning for minor falls!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!

Reviewed by Ann from UK on 13th Oct 2011
Best phone i have ever had uncomplicated had it 4 years and now looking for another new one . honest it is a brill phone

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 6th Jun 2011
I have this horrible 'man' that continaully talks all the flippin time. "Stand by mode" "Messages" What ever I select he thinks he HAS to say it. If im in a meeting and Ive saved a meeting to the phone, He will happily sing out "Meeting ...etc" Great if you are blind, but Im not blind. I cant find anywhere how to turn the fool off, unless you count turning the volume down, which is not what I want. Anyone else had this with this stupid phone?

Reviewed by old codger(73)UK from UK on 5th Feb 2011
I have had this phone since around 2005 well thats a lie because I lost the first one at about a year old and this is a insurance replacement! the screen and bodywork are almost as new.there is slight paint chipping around the bottom edge of the inside screen battery life is still around three to four days, you may not be aware but a low signal will cause the phone to hunt for a signal thus using battery life. as for not being able to find hands free.........read the manual.when dialing a no. a small word.loudspeaker comes up at bottom right of the screen i give it a good 4 stars.....

Reviewed by david clazie from UK on 29th Dec 2010
i have had this phone from new and it has been perfect in every way, mainly i use it as a phone and texting and not as a camera although the photos i have taken have been very good in quality and resolution all in all for me a great little phone

Reviewed by lesalie from UK on 23rd Nov 2010
I have the nokia 6131 and it sucks! it breaks easily barley has any memory even with a memory card a dont get me start o the looks!!! thats why im getting the blackberry bold 9000! :D

Reviewed by raisa from UK on 5th Sep 2010
i just hate this phone.. i got it as a hand me down from my dad.. and he says its the loveliest phone on earth. now he has the nokia e72 and im so jealous. i have to use this. its got nothing i want. the camera's so bad it makes me wanna cry.. the mp3 player.. if u can call it that is rubbish.. and it just freezes.. and dont even get me started on the battery life.. anyone have any ideas how i can wreck this phone and make it look like an accident??

Reviewed by vahid patel from UK on 18th Jul 2010
I think this mobile is the best who are looking for an fansy mobile with all the features of a multimedia mobile with less price and mor warranty.

Reviewed by al cat raz from UK on 28th May 2010
I love this phone, having owned it for 4 years. I am a builder and this phone has been subjected to dust, rain, snow, freezing temperatures and searing heat. It stil works perfectly and looks good. Durability is 10 out of 10. The battery life is excellent. I play the radio all day with headphones and make calls. The original battery still lasts at least a day and a half. The one handed flip button is extremely useful at work, when I rarely have both hands free. The camera is perfect for daytime photography. I thoroughly recommend this phone and I will definitely purchase another when this one finaaly gives up the ghost.

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 17th Apr 2010
What a great phone this truly is. I've never worked out why it never took off more when it was released in 2006. It's been discontinued now which is such a shame. I've just bought a brand new one from Ebay. It has great big keys, lovely soft touch paint and the great button flip mechanism. Of course it doesn't have a lot of fancy features but after all, it's a phone for calling, texting, web browsing etc. And all those it does very well... Just wish it had a better camera...

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 13th Apr 2010
Had the phone for two+ years now and it's still going strong! It's pretty outdated now but the large buttons are great for texting. There are minimal scratches because I've looked after it, as I do with all my gadgets. The flip opening mechanism is pretty cool - just like Star Trek! Re battery life - you have to condition the battery by using a complete charge/discharge cycle several times. The ringer is nice and loud - I live next to a busy dual carriageway and have not missed a call yet. I just want to get a phone for talking and texting - when this one goes I'll be buying another from ebay!

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 12th Apr 2010
This phone is a bit outdated now, but I have returned to it for several reasons. I hate hate hate touch screen phones! Who wants greasy fingerprints all over their phone? I did have the SE W995 with all its bells and whistles. I have come to realise that I don't use them however! Really I just want a phone to call and text with and doesn't cost the earth. I already have a digital camera and MP3 player. The 16million colours on the 6131 are truly breathtaking. It also flashes when you miss a call or text. Far from being a gimmick, the button flip is really useful. Welcome back 6131!

Reviewed by Payel from UK on 5th Jan 2010
Its flipper switch is nice to use and double display is brilliant......but its a folding set in the end.......

Reviewed by derek from UK on 27th Nov 2009
really cool

Reviewed by Kosmos from UK on 13th Nov 2009
Right now I'm having problems with my Nokia 6131, i can't turn it on. It only stays at the white screen where you can see the battery life. And I'm trying to fix it. Maybe will reformat it later to the cell shop. But I've been using this phone for almost 3 years and it never disappoint me. It made my life easier., I can use internet, i can use messenger through this phone so easily. listen MP3, pictures, messaging and everything it just makes your life simplier,. ^^ That's why i want it back... And if ever i'll let this be reformatted all of my valued messages will be gone... :( i don't want that to happen. I always love my phone ever since i bought it. i never dislike it. So please pray for me that it will be fixed. <3

Reviewed by Bia from UK on 23rd Oct 2009
I adore this phone. i've had it for three years, it is reliable, easy and fun to use and above all it has an excellent keypad. i have a new sony ericsson handset which is a nuisance compared to the simplistic 6131. everything is fab from the soft touch paint to the neat design - just wish it had a better camera!

Reviewed by toney from UK on 5th Sep 2009
i think it the best phone i ever had in my life

Reviewed by Ann Lyon from UK on 16th Aug 2009
I have had this phone for 2 years and love it. Before this I had numerous phones from by provider, most lasted less than 6 months and were total rubbish. This has been a tough little thing and put up with a lot of abuse. It gets thrown into bags, stuffed in pockets and never had the luxury of being kept in a case. Inside it is beginning to look scratched but that doesn't affect the quality of this phone. And one plus, the battery cover comes off really easily, unlike so many where you need a knife to prise it open, but it has never fallen off. The button for opening is INSPIRED, why aren't all clams made this way? If I want to take pictures, I use a camera, if I want to listen to music .... If you just want an easy to use, good to look at mobile for talking and texting, this is great. On the occasions I have used Bluetooth it has been fine. The camera is adequate for capturing a moment when you don't have a real camera with you. It may not be the highest tech phone but it has never let me down. It is now going to live in my car and I am getting a smart new Red Nokia 6550.

Reviewed by Kat from UK on 27th May 2009
I love this phone!! Ive had mine for 4 years now and im just looking to replace it with a new one!!

Reviewed by Anne from UK on 15th May 2009
I had a Nokia 6131 for two years and it never gave me a day's trouble. The paint didn't peel and it had no scuffs whatsoever. Got bored with it though, and decided to go with something else. Been through a myriad of phones since all with glitches here and there and so...I have returned to the 6131! Had to buy one off ebay as they've been discontinued but I'm really happy with my purchase. The phone isn't exactly gonna set the world on fire - 1.3MP camera and very average MP3 player. But I use my phone as a phone - to talk and text with and that it does brilliantly! Outstanding!

Reviewed by Carlos from UK on 5th May 2009
Very nice phone so far. May be some issue with battery life but the rest is OK. Main display excellent quality and definition. Over-all design very attractive and stylish. Features are more than enough for everyone/anyone and cover every aspect of your needs in a cell phone. Camera and mp3 functions are more than good consider it price. And in comparison to newer models (like the Nokia N78) it defend itself pretty nice. In conclusion, if you are looking for an over-all good cell phone you should buy this one.

Reviewed by nezar refaat atwa megahed from UK on 24th Apr 2009
lets say its cool in evry thing but there is no fw bw in the video playing and this is very bad for mobile like that

Reviewed by Cassie from UK on 11th Apr 2009
I bought this phone mainly because of it's large buttons (which is what i like in a phone and not those piddly little buttons on some of these newer popular phones. i have long nails. nails and small buttons do not work). At first I quite liked it and then I started having problems. the colouring started flaking off, bits have chipped off, the screens and buttons get scratched easily. then the front screen staying alight all the time thus draining the battery. After this was fixed i then began having other problems. It now continually 'restarts' it will suddenly freeze, screen goes white with only the battery showing and can last for seconds or even minutes. It happens randomly and is extremely annoying. I am now looking for a new phone. However I do know some people who have the same phone as me and have no problems at all. like in everything there will be a few duds...this model seems to have ALOT of duds

Reviewed by FH from UK on 6th Mar 2009
I had this phone. Used it for about 2-3 years before it finally broke. I actually really liked this phone and wasn't really that happy when it broke. The keypad is great, it's widely spaced so easy to use. But there were a few drawbacks. The camera wasn't that good, the pictures were blurry. Music player was kinda ok, just sufficient enough. The surfaces of the phone (outer, around the keypad, glass etc.) can get scratched really easy so it's not really that durable and means that you have to be even more careful of it. All in all, I liked this phone.

Reviewed by Vanessa from UK on 4th Mar 2009
I really liked my phone. I have had it 2+years, used it whilst mucking out horses and it still looks good. It did not degrade as suggested, took great pics/videos battery kept charge even though used it every day as a radio. Draw back on Sun it went in the washer with my jeans at 40 degrees. It did not like it !!(other Nokias have been fine at 60 degrees. After 3 days on the radiator its come back to life (better than Casualty they give up after minutes). Still water floating on Screen - will try another couple of days before announce it dead - An older style phone but too dear to replace @ £100+

Reviewed by Razik Choudhary from UK on 23rd Feb 2009
I have been using this pho first came out, the battery life on my phone is brilliant, it can last for up to a week before the 'battery low' warning starts to appear, i find the button on the side of the phone which flips the phone open is very usefull as it is easy to use, the camera quality isnt the best but is reasonably good and I always have reception, however, the phone should include a memory card because the memmory on the phone is rubbish, my phone isnt slow at all but does take a bit of time to make calls, other than that, in my opinion, i think that this phone is graet

Reviewed by Charley from UK on 24th Jan 2009
I've had this phone for over 2 years and it's still going strong. Bit scratched and not looking that great any more, but then I do have a habit of putting it in my pocket with keys... Not had any problems; use it for phoning, texting and photos, which aren't wonderful but I have a camera for that. Memory isn't brilliant but fine for my purposes. Texting is easy, phone overall easy to use. Wish they still made it!!

Reviewed by dahabiano from UK on 29th Nov 2008
this phone is excellent

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 16th Sep 2008
Feels good to touch, once organised, the menu & buttons are easy, i like Nokia layout generally & this is fine. Some technical problems: screen display vanishes when it feels like it. Sometimes cuts out even when battery charged. Battery life not brilliant altho i'm not a mad hi-tech user. Camera has just given up after 2years of light, occasional use, so i'll probably look round for another fone, probably Nokia, certainly not 6131

Reviewed by goody from UK on 30th Aug 2008

Reviewed by Sam Venning from UK on 16th Aug 2008
Nokia 3210i and Nokia 6131 - both great phones. I was looking for simple, easy to use and inexpensive Nokia phone that works with Apple iSync software to transfer Address Book information from computer to phone. I considered getting an iPhone but I really don't want to spend a lot of money – especially with my talent for losing mobile phones. Besides I have a computer to surf the web and check email. Do I really want to surf the web on the road on a small screen? No. And I have a perfectly capable iPod Classic (60 GB). Camera I wasn't looking for a camera in the phone. If I want a camera I'll use a decent digital camera with superior resolution. Both the Nokia 3210i and Nokia 6131 have a similar resolution built-in camera. I think 1.3 megapixels. Compatible with Apple iSync Both the Nokia 3210i and Nokia 6131 work with Apple iSync software on Mac OS 10.4 and Mac OS 10.5 to copy Address Book information from computer to phone. The Nokia 6131 also takes across thumbnail pictures from Address Book and displays the picture (and name) of the incoming caller. Keypad buttons I previously had a Nokia 6230i. After a couple of years one button stopped working rendering the phone unusable. The clam-shell design of the Nokia 6131 might better protect the keypad buttons when the phone is not in use. I really like the Nokia 6131 keypad buttons. The buttons are clear, easy to read and a descent size. Too many mobile phones have buttons that are too small and difficult to use. I like the Nokia 6131 buttons more than the Nokia 3210i buttons. Other Features of Note The Nokia 6131 has an FM radio. The Nokia 3210i does not have an FM radio.

Reviewed by Vicky J from UK on 12th Aug 2008
Cool phone...what else can you ask for :) Nice, simple & elegant looking phone.

Reviewed by stewart from UK on 31st Jul 2008
I had the phone for just on a week and the screen split! i had it in my suit jacket, it was fine one call then split the next. then i had to go without while they fixed it. And yes, the battery life is a joke.... avoid this phone

Reviewed by dann from UK on 17th Jul 2008
The phone is really good. Batt life WAS bad (1.5 days), but now my phone can be sitting off the charger for a week without too much hassle. Battery just needs conditioning e.g. let it die, charge, let it die, charge. Have had issues with a few things. The operating system has had problems with memory leaks, and it got to a point where it would die after 5 mins and restart. Reloaded the software via USB and its good again... for now. Camera is rubbish. Takes way too long to take a picture, and the quality of it is rubbish anyway.

Reviewed by sandi roberts from UK on 18th Apr 2008
I love my nokia phone. It is so easy to write a text msg for someone as thick as me. I have used the camera and have a nice wallpaper of my dogs. I have no idea how anything else works though so this is a review from an old lady who only uses it for talking and texting oh and using the alarm clock. I just love the look of it and the fact that it is a flip top..it is perfect for me.

Reviewed by nathalie from UK on 8th Apr 2008
When you see the phone, you think it's beautiful, but actually the battery is rubbish(battery life : 1-2 days) and the phone will quickly degrade, I have had this phone for over one year and I have had lots of problems with it, for example I always have to press down button before I use it, otherwise it won't work... Now I buyed a Samsung E950, and I hope the battery isn't as atrocious as the nokia 6131... Buy this phone if you want to use it for less then 6 months... Otherwise just DON'T BUY IT !!

Reviewed by Vinay M from UK on 19th Mar 2008
I hate it too much

Reviewed by Jacqueline from UK on 11th Mar 2008
Looked at this phone for ages and got one from Ebay. I love it except for two things, the camera quality is poor and the battery life is shocking!! I have bought two replacement batteries supposed to be extended life but they dont last any longer hence me thinking its the phone at fault. Also teh original charger wont work unless you hold it in the back, have to use my boyfriends charger instead. Loather to change it though as I love it. I just charge both batteries and carry a spare charged one around with me!

Reviewed by Avon Bell from UK on 10th Mar 2008
"Outstanding" cannot do this phone enough justice. It has served me well for over 1.5 years, only showing signs of wear and tear after heavy usage. It will definitely be my PAYG phone as soon a I unlock. The button is one of the best inventions ever, and dually serves as a good fidgeting-embracer.I only hope Nokia can come out with a similar clamshell in the future. Legendary status!

Reviewed by Stu from UK on 21st Feb 2008
I have had a Nokia 6131 for a year and it is still a very good phone! I love it.

Reviewed by Lori from UK on 21st Jan 2008
The first day I had it, it cracked trying to put the case on it. The entire phone is superglued together. Then it cracks somewhere else. I have never dropped it or mistreated it in anyway. It is now unusable. Don't buy it! Like the above ad says....It's great if you keep it in the box.

Reviewed by LWNorfolk from UK on 19th Jan 2008
Nice phone, rubbish memory, can barely even store a couple of downloaded ringtones. Worst thing is after having this phone for about 4 months my friends and family started complaining that i sounded underwater/ like a robot/ like a dalek when i phoned them! This happens constantly!

Reviewed by Emmy from UK on 16th Jan 2008
Brilliant can't complain at all. Love this phone buy it buy it buy it!!!!!!

Reviewed by y2rhone@hotmail.com from UK on 28th Dec 2007

Reviewed by jimshady from UK on 2nd Dec 2007
the battery life is terrible, every night it must be charged and i only use it for phone calls!! and also its so easy to scratch it i had it like 4 days and it looked bout 2 yrs old and battered!

Reviewed by Phillip from UK on 27th Nov 2007
The phone is alright i fine.

Reviewed by Mike Timbers from UK on 9th Nov 2007
I've had this phone for a year and the life is fine, I use it daily as a music player with no problems tho' I'll admit I like the shuffle feature so have never noticed the absence of playlists. The outside front screen cracked although my children are almost certainly responsible(!) but other than that it has worn pretty well for a phone used as a busy business and travel phone.

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 8th Nov 2007
I've had this phone for a year now after my Samsung failed me. And i must compiment it as it has taking serveral bashing ins and has survived, the display is fab and the keypad is very easy to use. The camera is not exellent however and me being one who enjoys listening to music, after inserting a 1GB memory card found that the music player lacked in features such as being able to make playlists and so on.. however after a year it still works perfectly and although ive recently bought the new 6288 i will keep this one at hand incase anything happens. Overall a great phone for anyone who is looking for a simple easy-use phone!

Reviewed by Philip Esterov from UK on 23rd Oct 2007
i enjoy my phone for its features, mp3 player and other things but mostly calling. the call quality is good unlike my last phone the samsung t509 where i couldn't hear anything. i like the push to open button because i feel like a business executive using it. its true that it randomly freezes and if you move a bit it could lose a bar but in other areas such as my elevator it works fine with a t-mobile usa sim card and most other phones cant do that.I show off my phones noise level and anger other people who have more expensive nokia's. yes it is a fragile phone and a piece of plastic. Overall i'm satisfied with what i have and if you deciding to buy one i would recommend it. by the way the screen is HD High Definition with lots and lots of(colors)colours to it.

Reviewed by edan from UK on 5th Oct 2007
this phone is rubbish. the camera is poor. memory is poor. very quite for calling so you can't hear people clearly. i big downfall for nokia im afraid !

Reviewed by John D. England from UK on 26th Sep 2007
OK i have had this phone just over one year now, I am quite satisfied with the camera quality, battery life is poor, I like the radio on the phone, and I like the way it opens, but now every few days it just shuts down and turns off for no reason, I have to take it to bits remove case, remove back, remove battery then replace everything and it gets going again - sooooo annoying, I shall change it soon and will not buy another, John Norwich in UK

Reviewed by ANDY BURR from UK on 20th Sep 2007

Reviewed by DeeZee from UK on 19th Sep 2007
The phone gets scrached easily, and whenever I'd drop it, it never broke. I highly recomend it.

Reviewed by Trish from UK on 12th Sep 2007
This phone is the worst I've ever had !! Am lucky to be able to take 2 short calls and about 4 texts before battery runs out

Reviewed by sophie harris from UK on 1st Sep 2007
i had a nokia 6131 and i thought it was great i loved the quirky opening design and my phone never got battered or cracked ive not had any problems with this phone however i do have a new prada phone but i think id rather have this nokia back.

Reviewed by chazzyb from UK on 31st Aug 2007
Almost everything in the description is true - the phone looks fantastic, but doesn't perform as well as it should. The camera is awful, the battery life incredibly short and I can never hear callers very well, so I text my friends most of the time (who said it's good to talk?!). That being said, I love the "Star Trek communicator" action (I'm so sad sometimes) and, although I've had the phone jostling around the bottom of my handbag for nearly a year, it's still in near-pristine condition. Anyone who says this phone isn't durable must be jumping up and down on theirs on a regular basis, so to that I say, "rubbish!" I've dropped mine umpteen times and it looks as good as the day I took it out its box. If you want a phone that makes calls, takes reasonable photos and you can e-mail on, don't choose this model. It's does none of these things very well. If you text all the time and are a Trekkie, this might be the phone for you!

Reviewed by sam from UK on 29th Aug 2007
cool phone mini display is always mest up and the battery lasts about 1 day.

Reviewed by Cheng LIU, China from UK on 26th Aug 2007
very poor phone! I bought it for nearly one year. The battery can last only one day even I do not have any phone. The lasting time is still so poor after I changed a new battery.

Reviewed by james from UK on 25th Aug 2007
my power button does not work.....

Reviewed by G Rantm ireland from UK on 21st Aug 2007
Totally disappointed with this phone. Have it for six months. Battery lasts no time at all even with all the gizmos switched off and I subscribe to a 100 minutes a month package! Phone freezes regularly. Not much use being told "call not allowed" when you want to make a call in an emergency. Wish I had never got rid of my old, old Nokia. Have sent it back to the supplier but expect to be told that there is nothing wrong with it. Can't wait for my contract to be up to get rid of it.

Reviewed by AMRIANO from UK on 14th Aug 2007

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 14th Aug 2007
I have one of these phones and it has a serious problem, everytime I get a missed call or text message the screen goes completly blank and it stays like that for HOURS. Is this a common problem or do I just have a bad one??? Can anyone help? I think I might have to just dump it and get a new one.

Reviewed by Janine Björfjäll from UK on 14th Aug 2007
I have had many phones before, but this is the first time that I am completely satisfied. I love my new phone. The big buttons is great, the push button to open is a bonus. The phone is pretty and so easy to use. I am a little bit worried about the poor battery and have to charge everyday. But I do that at night before I go to bed. Packaging means a lot to me, I always look what something looks like on the outside first before laying time and energy on what it can actually do. I had a ugly phone before and my friends always said it doesn’t matter so long it works, but it always felt embarrassing to take it out in public, now with my new Nokia 6131 its a pleasure to talk in public. Sometimes I just wish that somebody would call so I can use my beautiful phone.

Reviewed by Emmet from UK on 5th Aug 2007
I have had the Nokia 6131 for about 7 months now. Overall it is a good phone. The only bad thing about it though is that it is not 3G. It seems such a shame what with the crystal clear display. The sound is also good on it. The camera, I find is also good, just a shame there is no flash though. Another downside I found is that you can't run Symbian(SIS) applications. Overall it's a good phone, I would give it 8/10!

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 2nd Aug 2007
Whilst I love the gimmick-y feature of being able to push and flip to open the phone (and I do love it) the software on mine continually crashes and the battery life seems to fluctuate wildly depending on what you're doing with it. The speaker is horribly tinny as well.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 31st Jul 2007
I have orders this phone twice, and each time i got it its hasnt worked !

Reviewed by nandaa from UK on 14th Jul 2007
Have been using this phone now for nearly a year.. Pathetic camera and atrocious batterly life..Phone at times just shuts down.. However ergonomically and look wise it is great phone.. Functionality wise not that sure

Reviewed by jen from UK on 5th Jul 2007
i like this....

Reviewed by melanie from UK on 3rd Jul 2007
Good phone. Neat, feels nice to handle, easy to use and mine (which I've now had for 12 mths) HAS lasted really well. A few scratches, but no peeling, bits falling off, flip coming loose etc - and its been on walks with the dogs, down at the stables seeing to the horse and with me at work - DAILY. I am not a careful person with any gadget and this phone has certainly lasted well with me! Only critisism really is that he camera quality is poor in comparisin with many others. It the only thing which lets this phone down.

Reviewed by nat from UK on 2nd Jul 2007
i have the nokia 6131 and i found the soft touch painting is scratched very easily and leaves a scrath which can not be removed. the back cover comes of really easily too.

Reviewed by Paula B from UK on 1st Jul 2007
This phone looks good and is simple to use. Love the button on the side to flip it open. The screen is amazingly clear, the keys big and well spaced for easy texting. Menus clear and easy to understand. On a call the sound quality is great and there is also a loudspeaker option too. The black smooth paint effect is lovely to the touch but will get scratched. I find battery life to be good but I am a texter/talker/photo taker and don't use the mp3/bluetooth/etc a great deal. The only 2 things I can think of to say against it are that if you put it in your pocket/bag before the automatic keypad lock has come on you may end up with the camera on without you knowing (you can lock the keypad yourself too). The other is that on a few occasions I have managed to save and exit from a text message whilst still typing it (don't know how) but these are minor points. I would recommend that you buy a memory card for it. Overall the phone is great and I am not bored with it yet after a year like I normally am.

Reviewed by khaled from UK on 1st Jul 2007
Nokia 6131 is really good ..it can work formats that other phones like sony ericsson , LG and Motorola can't do ..I bought this phone about two month ago and also i bought 1 GB memory for it .this phone is great

Reviewed by Mathews from UK on 28th Jun 2007
I would strongly advice against the 6131. The screen just keeps going blank and the engineers continue their R&D. I have already made a number of vists to the Nokia (un) Care Center. After my experience so far, I probably am better of with any other phone from the grey market - atleast you know what to expect.

Reviewed by Mr RJ from UK on 25th Jun 2007
I bought this phone on April and was fine for 1 month .. after that the power wentoff and didn't come after that. now it is with the service centre and still waiting for that... overall style is ok... an average phone

Reviewed by Teodor from UK on 13th Jun 2007
It could have been a fabulous phone,but Nokia botched it.It looks good;the keypad is pleasure to use;connectivity is good;FM radio is a nice bonus.However: the battery life will not be objected to only by people who are used to charging their phones every night.It is especially annoying how the power mark stays up for some time if you are not using it and than incredibly rapidly goes down when you do.Nokia should produce a better battery for this phone and that would give it a long lease on market life.Secondly,it does not have EDGE.It has something called EGPRS;I don't quite know what it is,but it is not EDGE.There is only letter G,not E,lighting when you go to Wap.Thirdly,I was surprised,after reading opinions about great logic and simplicity of Nokia menus,to find out that the meny on this one is complicated and sometimes clearly illogical,therefore difficult to navigate.In some aspects,it gives you a maddening amount of control,in others,not at all.After some w eeks,I still did not find a way to save messages on SIM card rather then on the phone,which becomes inconvenient if you change phones.As for my experience,the menus on every Samsung and Sony Ericsson I used are better(I don't know about other Nokias).Fourthly,what is strangely not mentioned in the review above,the screen is unprotected(the only such case in phonedom!)and can be easily damaged,so great care must be exercised not to touch it with anything firm or sharp. But I continue to use it,putting up with all its peculiarities because it is a very likable phone. I fail to understand why Nokia,having made it likable,failed to make it truly good.Oh,ye great misteries of manufacturers market policies,we shall never fathom ye!

Reviewed by HATCH from UK on 11th Jun 2007

Reviewed by love muffins from UK on 11th Jun 2007
i've had my nokia 6131 for a few weeks, at start i used it a fair bit, but after a few days i found that thebattery would onlt be last a day (not even a full night). Nokia states that there should be a 300 hours battery life, for a middle aged person who uses it a fair bit a maximun of 12 hours with full battery. Vet disappointed on that side of things.

Reviewed by BK from UK on 7th Jun 2007
I loved this phone when i first got it, 6 months down the track however im regretting my purchase. 5 months in and the sim reader stopped working and had to be replaced. The front screen got a crack in it from falling at waist height, and the crack has now expanded the whole front face from day to day use. The nice exterior is flaking off and looks terrible. No glass panel on the interior screen is a bizarre design choice that makes the screen look nice and bright when first purchased, but quickly gets covered in gime and is then hard to clean.. Unless you plan on keeping this phone in cotton wool (though this wont help it's poor battery life!) I'd advise to avoid.

Reviewed by Maisie from UK on 28th May 2007
I have just got a nokia 6131 and i love it! I have had no problems apart from the short battery but you can buy an extra memory card which makes it last longer and it can hold more things. If you want a really easy phone this is definatly the way to go! I love my NOKIA!

Reviewed by Carl from UK on 25th May 2007
Cool Phone, had it since March 07 and it's been great, it has gd games and a gd music player, and i'd reccomend it to anyone! But the best thing about it is its easy to use.

Reviewed by Mad from UK on 25th May 2007
After having had this phone for 10 mths: battery life is fine with a "normal" use of phone (not playing games, couple of calls a day, lots of sms, agenda entry every day). Screen very good indeed but impossible to see in bright light/outside, and that is what really annoys me in this phone. Opening system: I prefer to "retain" it as it seems to be too strong and created some connecting pbms. It does sometimes freeze, on average once a month for me, or maybe less. Camera quality: have seen better for sure but passable for a phone (it is not after all a camera). memory: quite poor indeed. Overall: good and bad points,lots of useful features.

Reviewed by Japheth Amimo from UK on 20th May 2007
Battery is such a dissapointment. One month old abd i have to charge it everyday. Doesn't come witha memory card, something that motivated me to buy it just to be told that i have to buy it separately. Other features are great!

Reviewed by Reema from UK on 15th May 2007
This phone seemed kewl wen i got it but i sooned discovered that it wasn't. i bought a 1GB memory card and after a while, it wouldn't store any more pictures or videos unless I deleted my old ones. There was more than 800MB memory left and it couldn't store anything else. The image and camera quality is very low and sometimes it freezes. Sometimes the MP3 Player doesn't open. The phone only comes with 11MB memory unless you get a memory card. The greatest disadvantage is that this phone cannot get unlocked, I've tried so many places but they don't have the software for it because this is a new phone. I got it from T-Mobile which are 20p per text. A rip off! I hatet his phone and right now, I've took it back for the 3rd time to get fixed. This time, if they can't fix it, I'm getting my refund!

Reviewed by arno from UK on 15th May 2007
i have just got this phone with software 6.10 and it WORKS battery life is 3/4 days and i find the reception in my area out in the sticks on o2 very good well done nokia you have sorted out the problems so far

Reviewed by S Peart from UK on 14th May 2007
Was bought a 6131 for Christmas, after 3 weeks, I thought the battery had gone, it suddenly wouldn't charge. I took it back and they gave me a new one straight away, said it was more than the battery. Exactly the same thing happened, 3 weeks after getting the 2nd one it didn't matter how many times I charged the phone it, the battery seemed to drain away before my eyes. Now I can't even turn it on. I love the phone, but you can't tell me it's a one off when it has happened to 2 phones, same model.

Reviewed by Dilen from UK on 10th May 2007
This fone is reli gd! wrks reli well been usin it 4 3yrs now, plannin to get a new fone, but dont knw if it will be like dis one. i wuld recommend dis fone to ne1 nd wuld tell dem dats its a reli gd fone wid gd functoins and has a gd stytlish design: lve da fone, would recommend it to n1.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 1st May 2007
Bought the pink 6131 direct from the nokia-shop website for £169 ... its totally worth it! Not only is it a luvly shade of pink with the darker pink rim round the front screen, the flip function is great. No probs at all so far. the buttons DO have a lock unlike what some reviews are saying. The games include snakeIII, Suduko and some football thingy. The screensavers, wallpapers are good, some have animations so that when thje phone is closed the chaacters or picture moves in some way. There is also the option on some screensaves to have a fold-sound (this is when you open close the phone it makes a 'blip' or 'ping' sound...rather funky! The battery as said by other people is an annoyance but i have messed with the phone for 2 full days, downloaded many songs, wallpapers and texted 8 times and made 2 x 4min phone calls = the battery lasted around 4 1/2 days (not too bad i dont suppose...but it could be better...i would say if you like a long battery life dont get the phone...but if you are only to use this phone when out on the tiles and to call home when stuck in traffic...and you want a pink one...THIS IS THE PHONE FOR YOU... i had my doubts (believe me, after reading some reviews) but im dead pleased i got this pink 6131 *only given 4 stars due to battery otherwise it would be 5!

Reviewed by Lotte from UK on 20th Apr 2007
This phone is really good, although the video isn't great it's a stylish phone and it looks good. Some people were saying that buttons press on the outside... you just need to lock the phone by going to Menu and then the * key, then shut it. When you open it it automatically unlocks, don't be silly.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 11th Apr 2007
I bought this phone 6 days ago and my verdict.... it roks! lol its really nice, the flip functions pretty cool and is sorta practical. The menus are soooooooooo easy and theres so so so much stuff you can do to make it 'ures'. The colours and menu layouts and wallpapers and screensavers for both the main and mini screens. And for the main (inside screen) u can set a video as ure screen saver, whic is that incredible but is still pretty cool. i paid $299 for it (which apparently is cheap)and its perfect. Its camera is actually reali good quality and my one came with a 120mb card thingy. its just a realli nice phone to use, have and look at in general.

Reviewed by Jojo from UK on 5th Apr 2007
I upgraded to this phone about a month ago from a Nokia 6100 (which I miss very much, lovely little phone!) because with the new laws about driving & hands-free I thought bluetooth was a good option and the 6131 has it - the bluetooth headset was also offered free with the upgrade. No complaints, but I like a mobile phone that does what mobile phones are designed for - talk and text. Don't need all the "extras" but if you don't use them the battery lasts perfectly well for a week. Easy to use, excellent clear display. Having issues with a spare charger I bought at my local phone accessory shop though - unlike the genuine Nokia charger the plug falls out of the socket if you so much as sneeze at it! If you're getting a spare charger get the genuine article or it will drive you nuts.

Reviewed by sandra ballantyne from UK on 5th Apr 2007
Had this phone for over six months, thought it was great until i found out the battery life was poor and the camera isn't the best. There are good things about it, like the large keys on keypad, great if you've got big fingers like me, lol. I like the casing and the flip-top and the menus are easy to use - good old Nokia lol. I know you can't have everything, but I would rate this phone 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by DoN from UK on 4th Apr 2007
for me..this phone is perfect except one tiny little thing .. the battery life.. X( it suX! but comparing to motorola V3-class..this phone is perfect. i had a V3x..it sux the hard way

Reviewed by tracy leeds from UK on 29th Mar 2007
i have had this phone for about six months it has reasonable camera, good mp3 player, it does everything it says it does. i buy the latest phones as they are released but i always go back to the 6131 so much so i have just ordered it in pink. the thing i really like about this phone is the loudness no matter where i am or what i am doing i hear this phone.

Reviewed by jayakrishnan from UK on 28th Mar 2007
Lot of people who are complaining about poor picture quality , should try playing around with the settings, my friend had the same problem , he messed around with the settings , before he was able to get good pictures. The 16 million colors makes the pics look so good as a wallpaper

Reviewed by Simon Jozsef from UK on 27th Mar 2007
I hate the Nokia 6131. I buy oane and breake down in three monts.Baterries standby is just one day,what kind of thelephone is this which life is just three months???

Reviewed by John from UK on 23rd Mar 2007
Just a word... OUTSTANDING!

Reviewed by Giulia from UK on 18th Mar 2007
......E' FANTASTICO....E' SUPER....

Reviewed by Andre from UK on 16th Mar 2007
i got the fone in the uk but i live in portugal, and because the fone was kinda new then i couldnt unblock it to use it here.. so i left it there... i only had for like 2weeks but i loved it .. the screen is amazing the camera is a normal 1.3 mp but its good the sound is the same as all other fones.. um its not that big its a very smart fone and kinda funky lool.. the only down side it that it has no flash :S but hey.. oh and the external screen is bloody good... comparyin them to motorolas nd stuff.. well i was very happy with it...

Reviewed by gogi from uae from UK on 15th Mar 2007
Best phone if camera and battery problem solved in night time poor camera and battery not good every thing else is excellent

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