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Nokia 6124 Classic review

 Review: July 2008  


In a nutshell: A classically designed 3G smartphone. It's one of the lightest and most compact smartphones available, and probably the easiest to use. Equipped with 3.5G for fast web browsing and downloads, this phone is smart enough to do most things you could ask of a phone.


The Nokia 6124 Classic is a Vodafone-exclusive version of the 6120 Classic. Read our Nokia 6120 Classic review for full details. The only real difference between the 6124 and the 6120 is the design of the fascia. The 6124 has a slightly different keypad design, but is just as functional.

The only problems with the 6124 Classic are the small font size and the below-average battery life. Apart from these two issues, the 6124 Classic is a beautiful smartphone, and a much more satisfying phone to use than most of the Nseries phones. It's neat, it's smart and we like it!

Nokia 6124 Classic features include:

  • 3G with video calling and high-speed 3G (HSDPA)
  • Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1
  • 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and flash
  • Video camera
  • Display: TFT, 16 million colours, 240 x 320 pixels (2 inches)
  • Music player (MP3, eAAC+, and WMA formats)
  • FM radio
  • Nokia Stereo Headset HS-47 included in sales package
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 & AAC ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Nokia Xpress Audio messaging, email with attachments
  • Voice dialing / Voice commands
  • Text-to-speech: let your phone read your text messages, multimedia messages, and emails out loud
  • Voice recorder
  • Memory: 35 Mbytes plus microSD memory card slot (expandable to 8 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB mass storage
  • Quadband (EGSM 850/900/1800/1900) plus 3G (WCDMA/HSDPA 900/2100)
  • Size: 105 x 46 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 93g
  • Talktime: 2.4 hours (3G) - 3.1 hours (2G)
  • Battery standby: 9 days

Nokia 6124 Classic user reviews

Love this product? Hate it? Please share your experiences to help other people choose the product that's best for them. Please do not review this product if you have not used it. This is a review site, not a forum, so please don't just ask questions. Please do not use swear words or offensive language, and please, no advertising!

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Average rating from 55 reviews:

Reviewed by moses from South Africa on 21st Nov 2013
Hi my Nokia 6124 it become hot and it just turn its self off


Reviewed by sboniso from South Africa on 15th Sep 2013
ya ya ya i lyk it. Have to get one again

Reviewed by ervis from albania on 15th Sep 2013
is a perfect

Reviewed by snowman from spain on 22nd Jun 2011
i've been using this phone for 4years now, first with vodafone and then, after my contract was over and i got it unlocked, with masmovil. i sat on it last year and had to change the fascia, a few pixels on the screen stopped working after that, came back to life for a bit and now are gone again. otherwise it still works fine! the only annoying thing is a propension to crash and turn itself off. if you cant afford to miss any calls, thats no good. but it seems this is a common symbian fault. strangely, this used to happen a lot and now hardly ever- like a good wine this phone seems to have improved with time...!? battery life is not the best but its ok. i'm a meat and potatoes man when it comes to phones- i try to avoid fads. i use it for my work so, durable and reliable is what i value most and i sure got my money's worth with that one.

Reviewed by joyce from philippinies on 17th Oct 2010
i like 6124 its easy to use and im comportable to use it

Reviewed by bogdan from romania on 22nd Sep 2010
it's quite a good mobile for this price. i had some problems with it. it just went black when i installed a programme. the battery is very poor, it lasts no more than 30 hours. the ROM memory affects the internet connection to some large sites. all in all i like this phone.

Reviewed by frank from scotland on 11th Jul 2010
Basically this is the best phone iv ever owned, i live in an area with ok/poor signal but this phones internet still works very well & at good speed too, i'm always adding music to it too, iv got 278 songs on it just now. I love this phone & think its shape looks good, the one i have just now is my second one because i lost my first one :( the phones easy to use, camera's good outside but not so good indoors, the video editor is also great. The only 2 things i dislike about the Nokia 6124 Classic is the battery doesn't last as long as other phones iv had in the past & the No.4 keypad button's cracked on this one, the No.7 keypad button cracked on my first one. If i was asked would i ever buy another Nokia 6124 Classic, the answer is yes i would buy another one because i love almost everything about them, i think its just like a phone version of one of them i-pod thingy's because it holds lots of music :)

Reviewed by Truth about N6124 from Romania on 30th Apr 2010
Some applications that are more complex than others restart the phone when installed on the memory card.At first i taught applications use all RAM but now I think it's a system config entry let unfinished by nokia or damaged by vodafone branding All apps I have tried that restart when installed on the memory card work fine on the phone memory I am so angry because I have this phone of all those symbians I could have had , damn! I've raised the problem to nokia support in USA and the next thing I knew the Nokia 6124 classic was off support by nokia software updater. I've got some responses though, useless responses, no support typo responses, form the Nokia Support team in USA) I must add that I've tried debranding but it doesn't work. I've read on the internet about people who killed their nokia 6124 phones with flashing. RAM is very low, doesn't make enough for big web pages and sucks on multi-tabbed browsing, with the original internet browser. Besides the #, 1 is going to die on you also then probably the whole phone, who knows The speaker is not very loud but very good quality Camera, the primary one, simply isn't for indoor environment or night use. the 3G camera is not of the best but is a 3G camera. Graphics acceleration none, you won't be able to play Doom so quit now. N-gage is possible, but only if the N-Gage engine and the games are installed on the memory phone, because of the primary problem of this phone (read up) Dirt is making it's way under the plastic screen very easily. Download speeds are very good for this phone. Nokia support might not be available, as it's vodafone branded. My final opinion, I hate it, it totally sucks, it is the worse phone I have ever owned and I don't recommend it not even for the ones that use it to talk. If you have it already, go to vodafone and ask for a software update now, before you install anything. To clear up the phone installed apps and set it up for service then do a hard reset then install the official Youtube app as an aliby And do have luck

Reviewed by Glynn Hodson from United Kingdom on 6th Feb 2010
Average. That sums up this phone completely. The biggest problems I found are that dust is always getting behind the screen meaning removing it and had to replace two facia in four as they are esay to break. Batteryis there one, some times I wounder.I remember my 3232 back in the day. Now that had a battery that lasted. If you want an average phone, then this is the one for you!

Reviewed by karl jagger from United Kingdom on 15th Jan 2010
this is the worst phone i've ever owned. the camera is terrible. the buttons are stiff and texting is really annoying. the screen randomly goes blank so you have to take the battery out and put it back in again. the battery hardly lasts a day, and it's really slow don't buy it, it's pants!

Reviewed by CM from UK on 17th Oct 2009
Quite a good phone with lots of functionality, but there is one minor issue - Battery life is not very good, Ive just ordered a high capacity battery.

Reviewed by Bogdan from Romania on 28th May 2009
Thats a good phone. After a while it gets a little slower but is not a major defect. One big minus is that it doesnt have wifi. The design is perfect for the average users like me.

Reviewed by Chris Fox from England on 24th May 2009
I've been using Nokia phones exclusively for fifteen years, and, sadly, this one is easily the worst of the lot. It may be great at photography, being a radio or an MP3 player, but as a phone, it's horrendous. If you want to send a text to someone from your phone-book, and you have a land-line number and a mobile number for them, you won't know which one you've sent the text to! Simple, everyday tasks are a major operation. Avoid like the plague. Dreadful.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 19th May 2009
Very pleased with this phone. Links well with car via Bluetooth

Reviewed by Elaine from England on 8th May 2009
I like the Nokia 6124 as it is so easy to use. The only downside is the keyboard. Very small and can be awkward sometimes to press the keys. The # key has broken off probably due to upper and lower case use when texting. Dust has also got behind the screen.

Reviewed by Elaine from England, UK on 24th Apr 2009
I love this phone as it is very easy to use. The only downside is the keypad. Not always easy to press the keys and the # key has broken off. Not sure if it can be replaced.

Reviewed by matt from uk on 23rd Apr 2009
amazing phone my favorite so far love it such a simple but stylish look wokrs briliently never had eney problems with it my first nokia after useing a samsung and could use it straight away. light easy to take around and still finds it funny when it calls out the persons name who is ringing you not the best camera but it isnt a expensive phone so vaule for money is great. no problem at all a great overall phone.

Reviewed by Bob M from UK on 15th Apr 2009
This is a good phone, plenty of features and nice and compact. On the positive side, it has lots of configurable options and capable software and the 80 handset from Vodafone came with a 1GB memory card included (nice). The negatives are all minor irritations - the keys are a little slipperty, and "*" and "#" need good thumb control to reach; some dirt has has quickly found its way under my screen; and the camera takes pretty poor pictures indoors (but outside is OK). All in all though, for 80, you can't really go wrong.

Reviewed by james from uk on 1st Apr 2009
keys so slippery its hard to text. internet not much use as it uses all memory and constantly has to be re-started. good for making calls! but batterl life not up to that of competitors. mine has broken as the power on swith sheered off the circuit board and cannot be fixed nice easy to use opperatin system though.

Reviewed by BaldyBob from North Yorkshire on 27th Mar 2009
Had my 6124 for about 10 months, paid 100 for it as i'm on contract with Voda and the Samsung thing i had was simply shocking... anyway, used the 6124 for a few months and was just pleased to get a decent Nokia again, ok, battery life not like the old brick Nokias i used to have but good enough. Then upgraded to a Nokia N78, which i have to say is a piece of junk in comparison, all singing all dancing but enough time to make a brew inbetween waiting for it to respond... N78 quickly on eBay, 6124 recommissioned and loving it again... come back, all is forgiven!! :) Great phone. If in doubt... www.mobilegazette.com/nokia-6124-classic-08x03x04.htm

Reviewed by Angela from UK on 21st Mar 2009
I agree with everything Nathan wrote in his review, 22/2/09, plus the keys are not user friendly. I am also sorry not to have my old model which fell into the bath - the only reason I had to change it!

Reviewed by burhan from manchester on 19th Mar 2009
this phone is sooooooooooooo cool ever since i got it i have never regret it. the camera is cool so is da style its well nice

Reviewed by robbie from scotland on 8th Mar 2009
had mine for 2 months now. vodafone gave it to me.best phone iv ever had. streets ahead of my previous ones. i use it 24/7 in an industrial environment.

Reviewed by Olayinka from Nigeria on 7th Mar 2009
i love it its a real classic phone,its also easy to operate.

Reviewed by Nathan from UK on 22nd Feb 2009
I've used it for two months and now I'm swapping back to my 6300. Here's a list of "features" the 6124 (really S60 software) has over the 6300 (really S40 software): * No countdown timer * No stopwatch * Non-adjustable snooze time in Alarm clock * Non-scientific calculator * No sent/received message counter * No timed profiles * No easy currency convert * No "goto" menu, so limited shortcut buttons * Can't press green button in an SMS to call that person * Image viewer doesn't allow you to view next image easily or view fullscreen * When you have to choose a file it lists EVERY file on the device with no folder structure * Contact search brings up everyone with that letter in their name, just the first letter * Really small contact picture appears when people call * Really small contact picture in contact search * No fullscreen wallpaper * Calendar doesn't auto-delete * Calendar doesn't work out birthday age As for the handset, it attracts fingerprints and the screen is more easily scratched. However, the loudspeaker is really loud - great for kids at bus stops.

Reviewed by Nathan from UK on 22nd Feb 2009
I've used it for two months and now I'm swapping back to my 6300. Here's a list of "features" the 6124 (really S60 software) has over the 6300 (really S40 software): * No countdown timer * No stopwatch * Non-adjustable snooze time in Alarm clock * Non-scientific calculator * No sent/received message counter * No timed profiles * No easy currency convert * No "goto" menu, so limited shortcut buttons * Can't press green button in an SMS to call that person * Image viewer doesn't allow you to view next image easily or view fullscreen * When you have to choose a file it lists EVERY file on the device with no folder structure * Contact search brings up everyone with that letter in their name, just the first letter * Really small contact picture appears when people call * Really small contact picture in contact search * No fullscreen wallpaper * Calendar doesn't auto-delete * Calendar doesn't work out birthday age As for the handset, it attracts fingerprints and the screen is more easily scratched. However, the loudspeaker is really loud - great for kids at bus stops.

Reviewed by Danny from U k on 30th Jan 2009
A nice all round smartphone with good clear sound excellent video playback through realplayer loads of other smart features i would realy recomend this neat and well made phone

Reviewed by Stephen from N Ireland on 13th Jan 2009
just got it, not sure about it, would prefer more functionality. When I hit the menu button, I get a white box with an asterisk - any ideas???

Reviewed by Anon. from UK on 10th Jan 2009
Had this phone for 2 days free on contract with vodafone. I really like it for the money! Camera is much better that my old phone (samsung e900) so far been great and texting takes a bit of getting used to. Neat looking and does the job for a 14 year old who is constantly communicating!:)

Reviewed by Georgieeeeeeeee from England boy on 20th Dec 2008
well this fone is the sikest ive had i had 904 piks and 68 songs wif more memory, i found the buttons easy to use and the screen size was ace, but i lost it today on the bus so sadly i cant get it back , but im happy i had a chance to use this fone its a sik fone, i wood recomend u buy it , yes the battery dies offen but it doesnt matter coz most fones do , the camera was very good easy to take piks on , i found it abit annoying coz of the sound wen u take a pik. the sound on the music is amazing it can be loud and it can be quiet but u cant still hear it. the fone overall is excellent.

Reviewed by Jason Blackman from South Africa on 18th Dec 2008
Nice phone but battery life is the worst of any Nokia I have had and this is my 8th Nokia - I am lucky if I get an hours talk time out of it

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 12th Dec 2008
I've had this phone for a few months and it has its problems but for me they aren't the same as most of the others mentioned here - yes the battery life is below average but I have a charger and I live in a house with quite a few plug sockets so I see no problem - if the battery is low then charge it up, simple as that. I also don't have a problem with reading the text on the phone, I even have it on te smallest font size setting and it's crystal clear to me. I do agree with the fact that it seems cheaply built and flimsy, and texting seems fidly on the strange shiny keypad - my fingers seems to cling to it, rather annoyingly, and the call answer key is too close to the one above it, which makes it quite difficult to press. The camera isn't too hot but then it's not a specific camera phone, and as for pictures being out of focus, you can't expect miracles of a camera that has a fixed focus - try holding it a bit further away. My only other concern is the menus, they are so lo ng winded to navigate, you have to press a million keys to get anywhere and then again to exit the menu, it's very frustrating, especially if you're in a hurry. Other than that it's fine for me, and the problems I do have with it are easily accustomed to.

Reviewed by Clare from england on 12th Dec 2008
Big problems with this phone, purchased my first phone from a vodafone store, the volume keys never worked and when on standby the lights wouldnt work when a key was pressed,and the battery would only last one day after a full charge. Returned the phone, recieved another one, this time the phone works, but the battery has the same default, i thought it may be a fault with the battery, so i tested the the phone with a brand new battery and the same thing happens, i think its the phone rather than the battery, it just drains it and i hardly use my phone. This is my third phone now and guess what ! The battery has the same default, Vodafone just seems to keep exchanging them, and i phoned Nokia and reported the fault and they really couldnt careless, {suppose they get their money now.}

Reviewed by Colin from U.K on 8th Dec 2008
Upgraded from 6300, What a mistake had 6124 four days and had to charge battery 3 times, key pad good,txting long process compared to 6300. Feels plastic(6300 bomb proof)& cheap like a toy phone,going back to vodafone A.S.A.P,will probably have another 6300.Not the best quality I would expect fron Nokia. Only 2 stars, but below average and above poor.

Reviewed by rachel from uk on 29th Oct 2008
this phone is quite good except for the bad battery life which lasts 2 days at best the music player is better than the 5300s even though the 5300 is a music phone the camera is quite good with a flash and zoom but 2 megapixels it should be better but the flash is bright and its gives a clear exposure and the phone feels more of a quality produc than the problematic sony ericsson w910i it has the potental to expand the memory to 8gb which is enough to store millions of music the font is quite small but it enables to view a lot of info quickly the keypad is quie fast for texting unlike most sony ericssons which can jam and put the wrong letter the phone is qukte good looking and the symbian operating system is good for business and the 3.5g is quite good for internet but the main menu button is located above the call button whic can be confusing at first but that is a small bug which you can change

Reviewed by 6124 from UK on 22nd Oct 2008
The only reason for the poor rating is the battery life, it is appalling. Has been sent for repair (as I was not aware that this was a general issue). Apparantly the phone got fixed, battery life still appalling. Unfortunaetly unable to change the phone for another as past the 14 day change you mind option. I would not recommnend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by maco from united kingdom on 19th Oct 2008
just bought the 6124 after my n73 died think its a good fone sorted out small text by installing a font magnifier bought from nokia so no probs reading texts ect.Found no probs with keys n battery last about 3 days for me.Overall am pleased with it compared to samsung g600 i bought first which was not so good.

Reviewed by tea1974 from UK on 16th Oct 2008
I got this phone as an upgrade from Vodafone. I had nokia 6300 and wanted something similar. After much research, I decided to settle for 6124 and I am pleased I picked this phone. So far, it is great. I still wouldn't rate it 5 star because of small niggles but it does all the basic jobs well. And for those who think the keypad is small, they must have large fingers.

Reviewed by Isabelle from Bonnie Scotland on 14th Oct 2008
Worst phone I have ever had, just returned it to vodafone, I have always had Nokia, upgraded from Nokia 7373 which was brilliant to this phone which you cannot read the text as it is so small and I changed it to large text but I could not read texts and awful when writing them. You also do not get name and phone number together in contacts, you only get the name which you can hardly read as so small. Had good ringtones and games but that is about all. Battery life awful and I could hardly hear people speaking on phone calls and it is turned up full. Rubbish phone.

Reviewed by Liam from UK on 14th Oct 2008
A cheap looking and feeling phone. Even simple tasks like texting are fiddly to use. I always choose Nokia but I cant believe they made such a poor piece of junk. Mine is going back straight away.

Reviewed by user from belgium on 20th Aug 2008
I have him for 3 days I'm a little bit dissapointed... My first reaction was that it is a very diffucult phone, i didn't knew where i needed to search a setting totally different than my other 3 nokia's I gotted stressed because i didn't find it. Now it is a little bit better i know where I need to search a setting. But one thing is irritating me still when I'm typing a message I typ a lot of mistakes because the keys are one surface... also the key for deleting letters is very small I'm sorry for my bad english I did my best...

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 6th Aug 2008
Okay, a very smart phone, just look at it, it's cute, it's a really cool phone with a video calling function, the camrea is 2 MP which to be honest, I was hoping for more, I really think that is one of ti's faults a 2.5 MP would have worked just a little more, but what can you do, it's based on the nav series the 6210 from that you get the 6220. A really good phone simple, cheap and if you get it on vodafone, more value for money to! I recommend this phone to anyone! 5 stars!

Reviewed by Richard Harris from UK on 1st Aug 2008
Have had the Phone for 10 days. The camera is out of focus and have had a replacement phone, the camra on this one is still out of focus and will be returning it to the suppler. The texing is long winded to use. Navigating the phone is just a bit to over complicated especialy the sat nav.

Reviewed by bigrbuk from UK on 24th Jul 2008
admittedly only played with it for a couple of hours, but here goes. Bit plasticy, and finger print happy, but that's not a deal breaker for me. Great features for a good price, already installed my own apps etc. Text plenty big enough for me, what with having working eyes and all. One little gripe (which I'm sure is down to me messing with settings) - the display goes completely dark after a while, so you don't even know if its on! Would prefer to keep date/time on screen at all times like I could with my old 6300.

Reviewed by Fran from Spain on 22nd Jul 2008
Excellent phone in several features (nice display, sound and options). But the battery doesn't last any longer (2 days maximum without an intense use). Moreover, the keypad has several keys which don't work properly; and I've seen other 6124 with the same problem). More functions than my old 3310, but the battery is really weak.

Reviewed by Ann Memmott from England on 20th Jul 2008
Had one of these for a few weeks, really impressed with it so far. Though text certainly is small, it's done a fantastic job of internet connectivity so far.

Reviewed by ... from uk on 18th Jul 2008
lovey phone i got it the camera is great LOVELY PHONE!!

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 5th Jul 2008
Back to a Nokia at last I thought, but then the display turned off completely from time to time. Unacceptable! Sent it back and now I have an E51. At the moment it's the best I've had. Watch this space.

Reviewed by jap811 from UK on 5th Jul 2008
Must agree with Blackpool tram here I love it,swapped from a 6300 which I thought was bomb proof and its a quality built with great features..battery life not an issue for me as I live in a house and drive a car which have power to recharge..in fact so has my motorbike, under the seat so whats the beef

Reviewed by dj from UK on 27th Jun 2008
Looks nice, does everything it says it does, but I have found the battery life to be not far short of appalling versus my old K800i, i need to charge it at the end of each day. As a business user i would expect more from a full charge. In its defence it may not have been designed for business use but then why does vodafone push it as one?

Reviewed by micky from uk on 21st Jun 2008
just recived this as an upgrade on vodafone, lovely phone but can anyone tell me how to make the menu icons larger as they are very small, also message text very small!! I have large text already enabled.So for that reason I can only rate it 3

Reviewed by A Blackpool Tram from UK on 20th May 2008
"average at best" - such an in-depth review. Honestly, what's the point of publishing things like that ? Contrary to that suggestion I would say this is an excellent piece of kit, especially given that you can get it for only 120 including 20 call time on Vodafone's Pay as you Talk. Excellent bright screen, perfectly functional music player and a good camera. So far I have not experienced any of the slowness associated with other Symbian series phones either. Had it for just over 2 weeks ago and have honestly not had one reason to grumble, other than the very minor "finger-print" issue. A cracking piece of kit and more than worth the very low price being charged for it. But please if you're going to review it at least review it and treat people to more than 3 words !!

Reviewed by neil from england on 19th May 2008
average at best

Reviewed by stuart from UK on 15th May 2008
seems Ok but no iSync interface!!

Reviewed by Alowen from England on 14th May 2008
First Nokia in eeerrrmmmm.........3 years. Got it as an extra phone free from work. And in a 2 week period its seeming great. The camera is possibly its only issue, kind of lower end of the 2mp range compared to the 6300. 3.5G tv is great, simple and useful menu functions and good sound quality. Overall a good mid to lower range phone.

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