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Nokia 6110 Navigator review

 Review: October 2007  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: A compact alternative to the Nokia N95, the 6110 Navigator is the best GPS-equipped mobile phone we've seen yet. Whilst the 2 megapixel camera disappoints, the 6110 offers almost everything else: a music player, an FM radio, loads of memory, HSDPA, quadband and Bluetooth. This should be top of the list for anyone seriously interested in a GPS-equipped phone.



The Nokia N95 was Nokia's best-selling smartphone of 2007, and now here comes a second smartphone with built-in GPS navigation: the 6110 Navigator.

The 6110 is a nicely finished slide phone that's more compact than its big brother, the N95, but surprisingly a little heavier. It's definitely a lot more refined than the N95 in the looks department, and we prefer the keypad too, even though the top row of keys are slightly awkward to access if you have large fingers. There are dedicated keys for the Navigator (GPS), the camera, a Symbian application launcher key, and a customisable "My Own" key. As well as a rear-facing video camera, there's a front -facing main camera with a sliding lens protector. The first impressions are very much of a phone that has been carefully thought out and is both nice to look at and nice to hold.

The GPS feature is the main reason for choosing the 6110, and we have to say that we like it a lot. In fact it's a better implementation of a GPS system than in the N95. By pressing the dedicated Navigator key you can quickly get into the application, and finding a location is simplicity itself (you can enter a street address, postcode, or a business name) and fast too. UK & Ireland maps are pre-installed on the memory card supplied and the large 2.2 inch QVGA display shows your location very clearly. Turn arrows are clearly displayed to guide you turn-by-turn to your destination, and voice guidance is also available (recommended for driving.)

As well as basic maps and directions, the system also includes points of interest, such as restaurants, petrol stations and sites. You can access the maps and points of interest quickly using the Navigator key even if you haven't programmed a destination. In addition, there are optional subscription services available, such as traffic reports, weather forecasts and travel guides. The Nokia Map Manager software (included) lets you manage and transfer additional maps to and from your PC. Another novel and useful feature is the ability to send a location map (with directions) via MMS - useful for finding people, or helping them find you! Overall, the Navigator's GPS system is very impressive and works well, within the limitations of a mobile phone. One advantage that the 6110 has over conventional GPS systems is that it uses assisted GPS (APGS), which combines information from the satellite and the mobile phone network to improve its location-finding ability. Neat! We'd be dishonest if we suggested that the 6110 can match the ease-of-use of a TomTom, and the best use of the 6110 is probably for pedestrians. You'll certainly find it very useful when out and about on foot.

The Navigator functions are the big selling point of the phone, but it has all of the other functions that we've come to expect from a high-spec phone too. These include a well-specified media player with high quality audio, plus an FM radio with Visual Radio support, as well as a rather average camera (2 megapixels; no autofocus). 3G video calling is supported, and the phone supports 3.5G with HSDPA for download speeds up to 3.6 Mbps. Push email is supported, with a document viewer, and you can browse the web with the built-in web browser. One interesting feature of the 6110 is the Message Reader application: with one touch of the "My Own" key this will read aloud your text messages and email. This ties in with the idea of using the GPS navigation in a car.

In conclusion, the Nokia 6110 Navigator is a very nicely designed and compact smartphone. Its GPS implementation is the best we've seen, and most features that we'd like to see are included. The camera is a bit of a disappointment, but you can't have everything! Apart from the camera and the lack of a WiFi connection, it offers virtually everything that the N95 has, but at a substantially lower price. We'd recommend it!

Nokia 6110 Navigator features include:

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Nokia 6110 Navigator user reviews

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Average rating from 60 reviews:

Reviewed by mahfuz ssa from bangladesh on 20th May 2014
It's quality is good,It is so nice phone & it's gps is the best.

Reviewed by ramesh bhardwaj/rajbhar from india on 30th Dec 2013
yes.i have navigator this is cool app

Reviewed by aziz chachar from pakistan on 12th Jan 2012
i need nokia 6110 navigtor bcase its best speaker system sound

Reviewed by Aman from india on 13th Apr 2011
it is very beautiful phone & its sound is hq sound

Reviewed by Mary_Anne from South Africa on 9th Feb 2011
I cannot get the gps on the Nokia 6110 activated. I have problems with my eysight and need the voice to navigate me. Is there a problem with the Nokia 6110's gps voice? What can I do about it? Please help

Reviewed by Bikash from India on 20th Sep 2010
very good phone

Reviewed by Nerius from Cameroon on 29th Jul 2010
In fact the phone is a nice one and i encourage anybody who needs a phone to buy this mark.

Reviewed by Nick from Australia on 3rd May 2010
Ok brought this phone may of 2009 on clearance for $299 bucks at optus world in Australia. I brought this phone due to the fact that my old k800i aerial was very hard getting reception and at my place I was not able to whatsoever in addition (damage the aerial after hitting it on the floor out of frustration), In addition I indented to buy a gps since I have got my license and wanted to get know the town where Iím taking my university studies and since I needed a new phone and a GPS I went for a all in one. I also wanted to try out a nokia phone for a change from a sony ericsson. Biggest mistake ever! This phone is the worse phone I have; even worse than my Samsung d900i (see review on recommended buys in November 2007). The reason why I donít like this phone is the camera was horrible, I know itís a 2mega pixel camera but the quality does not justify, adding application is a pain in the bum, the screen flickers when Iím sending a text message, the vib ration is so loud that if I put it on a table or a bench top it can be heard from the other side of the room, the software on it is buggy that sometime even if I do a simple task like checking my messages its freezes and I have to pull out the battery and lose the battery life from full to half full, the battery life at best will be 2 days and just having like the Bluetooth on will decrease to one day, the phone feels so cheap and feels like it will break in no time, the keypad is horrible, the memory card flap will snap off, the GPS antenna can and will not work which leads to the GPS unable to function which make the whole idea of this phone useless and the earpiece speaker will not work and you are unable to hear the caller clearly. I have had it with this phone and I have been very disappointed with nokia since when I tried to call them in regards to this phone I got a call back from nokia automated service who didnít even speak English! Iím also disgusted at optus as well since I had to took this phone three times to get it repaired and this lead me having to buy a new phone and a new garmin gps. I have since switched from optus to 3 because of optus disgusting service and the way how they treat their customers. I thought I will never buy a Samsung phone again but since purchase a Samsung f480i has changed my opinion of Samsung phone for the better and I will never buy a nokia phone (or any slide phone in fact) again until nokia get its act together and this phone now sits on top of my wardrobe not being used.

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 3rd Nov 2009
Used the 6110 navigator for 2 years. Lots of useful features (e.g.calc,currency converter) and the GPS is exactly why I bought it and didn't disappoint. Only feature on GPS not reliable is the time to reach the destination. It thinks you travel at 60mph all the way, so underestimates travel times. Have now upgraded to a 5800 as the menu, navigator and cancel buttons have stopped working.

Reviewed by Cathy from UK on 21st Oct 2009
I've had this phone 2 years now, didn't like the keypad to start with as it's flat, but got used to it. It's been the best phone I've had by far, love the features and is easy to use. The camera is ok, just difficult to get focus sometimes, but love the fact that it can be covered when not in use. I like the chunkines as I can find it in my bag when it's ringing. It's been dropped more times than it should be and pretty much still looks like new and has never been in for repairs. Recently got the upgrade 6210 and it's poor quality in comparison.

Reviewed by regret from malasie on 8th Apr 2009
i`ve been using nav 6110 for more than a year.its been sent to the shop twice cos of broken cable.u need to be gentle with the slide otherwise the cable wont last long.to be fair i`ve dropped it a few times,haha...but i was told by the phone mechanic if u r a heavy user avoid slider...if u still luv slider get a korean made...nokia still got to do some catching in this area....other than that the 6110 is real nice to own...adobe reader,msoft off,gps...i luv the phone but the sliding mechanism is cheapskate tomorrow off to trade in n get a candybar...the 5800 seems cheap for its features....

Reviewed by hilary hanbury from GB on 29th Jan 2009
I disagree about the camera. I bought the phone so I could have everything in one handy package and took it to India.The camera function was great and the photos sharp and clear. It's a brilliant answer if you want to travel light.

Reviewed by John Van Niekerk from NZ. on 26th Jan 2009
The best phone. I have relocated from SA to NZ. I would like to know how to reset the maps on phone to NZ maps?

Reviewed by Chris B from South Africa on 13th Jan 2009
I have this phone and am extremely happy with it. It has all the features one can use. A small and compact gadget that clearly suits my needs. The GPS system is great. I have experienced that at times it takes a while to get my exact position, however, once logged, it guides me to my destination without failure. I have downloaded the "Sports-tracker" package as I cycle, and this does not skip a beat. This GPS system is awsome. I can keep track of all my activities, calculate distances etc. This phone is a piece of genius. If your loved one seems to get lost alot, get them one of these. It will save time, frustration and you will have alot more time together. I give this phone a 9.5 out of 10. The only reason it is 9.5 is because it cant make coffee for me in the morning. Excelent value for money. Take care of your phone and it will take care of you. Its almost 2 years now that I have had my phone and nothing has failed. I use it for business, so its used well. not even keypad wear is seen yet. You can keep all other phones, I am keeping this one forever.

Reviewed by david from england on 26th Dec 2008
for some strange reason I can't get the bluetooth to work with headphones - i think this is a design limitation. Otherwise very very good, if a little thick/heavy.

Reviewed by amar from india on 11th Dec 2008
loveable phone

Reviewed by Kaizer from Malaysia on 9th Nov 2008
I've been using this phone for more than a year now, and is by far the most reliable phone I've ever used. The OS is rock-solid stable and speedy, unlike my previous N73. The GPS is a pleasure to use (I personally recommend Garmin XT Mobile app for best experience). The screen is beautiful and the stereo speakers are surprisingly loud for a mobile. Good battery life too: it lasts up to 4-6 days. Every other feature seems to work fine. The camera is strictly average though, and it lacks Wi-Fi. But its plus points far outweight the bad. Definitely another satisfied customer..

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 22nd Oct 2008
WAS a great phone: Mine died of "water damage" after 8 months. Strange how a few years back you could own a mobile for ages, and it would never suck in water from the atmosphere... The phone works fine as a phone, and the satnav is excellent (if you haven't already got a "proper" satnav system). The display is big and clear, but not too good in sunlight! The slide functions well, but the keys are small and plasticy - I don't know how long they'd last. Not very tactile. A great phone, but the quality of the materials is very poor.

Reviewed by Slow Joe from South Africa on 21st Oct 2008
Excellent phone but does anyone know the lock code for it? When i switch my phone on it asks me for a lock code and i dont know how to get one

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 20th Oct 2008
What an amazing phone. I have a major issue with the build quality (or lack of it) though... I got this phone 8 months ago, and the first impression was that it was made of quite thin plastic. The buttons are merely bits of plastic glued down to the keypad, and there isn't much feel when pressing the buttons. Also, the top (1,2,3,) buttons are close to the main body of the phone, which makes them tricky to press. The slide function is fine. The screen is big and bright (but difficult to see in sunlight, the same as other phones). The phone is quite large and chunky, and relatively heavy, due to the amount of features crammed into the phone. The camera is not great, even though it's 3MP, which is surprising. Video quality is pretty good, though. Web browsing is pretty functional with the OS, and its easier to navigate around pages given the on-screen cursor, which is similar to the more expensive palm devices. Call quality is fine. Battery life is very good (except for when using the GPS!) The main feature is obviously the sat nav. This is absolutely brilliant! If you rarely use sat nav (when walking or driving), then having it available on a phone is really useful. OK, it will never stand up against a dedicated sat nav, but it works brilliantly. Altogether a great phone-cum-satnav. My main issue with this phone though is the build quality: After 8 months the microphone stopped working (the other caller couldn't hear me). This was sent back to my network provider, who informed me that the fault was caused by "water damage". My phone has never been wet, or used in damp areas. I was informed that "water damage" occurs even with atmospheric moisture (i.e. humidity). Some of my friends have had the same "water damage" with their phones... I've never had this problem before, and it seems to be a relatively "new" affliction. I would assume that as phones are made more cheaply, they aren't made to last anymore. As a long time Nokia fan, it appears that the quality of their phones is deteriorating. It's a shame, but this was a great phone, which is now rendered useless through substandard build and/or materials.

Reviewed by Aimar from Malaysia on 8th Oct 2008
great but i dont know where to download malaysia map. the camera is too poor.

Reviewed by urvashi from south africa on 16th Sep 2008
this phone has all the features one needs, for personal use...i just love...it is an all purpose phone...

Reviewed by bnny from Belgium on 4th Aug 2008
nice phone, complete functions

Reviewed by Andre from United Kingdom on 9th Jul 2008
I have had the phone for about 2 weeks now. The GPS is brilliantly simple to use, and the voice is loud and clear. I get a connection within seconds with A-GPS. All the other phone functions seem to work very well, and although it is a little thicker than some other phones, it is very compact to hold. My dad is jealous of this phone already. Remember, voice quality varies depending on your geographical position and service provider. Mine is excellent so far. Battery life is great. I think it would go to around 7 days standby. The screen is clear and easy to use, and even visible during sunlight! If you want a to do everything, but nothing in particular very well, go for the N95. If you want a phone which has awesome GPS, but no Wifi, and does everything else solidly, go for this phone.

Reviewed by Olamide from NIGERIA on 4th Jul 2008
the best fone I have ever used.

Reviewed by Alex Ben from India on 27th Jun 2008
Good Phone. Only limitations are WiFi rest is the best you can have, if you are looking for good features at low price. All symbian phones have issue of getting stuck and rebooting. May be solved in later software updates.

Reviewed by mario hoxha from Albania on 19th Jun 2008
i love that telephone

Reviewed by Andrew T from UK on 10th Jun 2008
This Phone is not a patch on my Sony Ericsson K800i when it comes to build quality. However, the GPS is good (have outrun it's capabilities on the Motorbike). The telephone isn't great, it crashes a lot etc.Glad I kept the Sony!

Reviewed by jools from peterlee on 9th Jun 2008
this phone is great sat nav is not just for the boys its fun and easy to manage i luv it. it is a bit heavier than what im use to but its great

Reviewed by Les from Republic of Ireland on 26th May 2008
Sat nav is great and its a real all rounder. The 2 megapixel camera is sufficient for everyday use the multi interface function is really handy although I had a Nokia 6300 before this and the calendar was far far superior in the 6300 which is a great pity as its the only thing negative about the 6110 in my opinion.

Reviewed by AndyA from UK on 19th May 2008
I have had this phone for a week and got it based on the reviews on here. It's the best phone I've ever owned by a country mile. I had to go to a supplier the other day and was out of my area. I googled for the nearest supplier, punched the code into the Sat Nav and it came up with a route. The whole process took less than 2 mins. My customer told me that I would struggle as her TomTom struggled in the area to get a position and often took 5 mins to work. What more can I say. It's an awesome piece of kit.

Reviewed by Christ_geo90 from Indonesia on 18th May 2008
I Love It

Reviewed by Richard Carter from Ireland on 28th Apr 2008
Great phone, have just updated to Route 66 Mobile 8 with new maps, came on disk. loaded up, but found you can not use the Navigator button, you have to go into the menue. Route 66 say it needs new firmware, and Nokia site says there is none. The truth is there is a firmware update, but it seems it is only to europe not UK & Ireland , could not download new maps via phone at a cost of §49 had to buy Route 66 sofware at §69.00, firmware installed on phone is 3.5 new firmware is 4.2. Seems a pityyou can not use the navigator key, otherwise a great phone had mine 5 moths and no problems.

Reviewed by David Wilson from UK on 19th Apr 2008
I have had my Nokia Navigator for 6 months now I find it totally brilliant; have just come back from Rome, before I went I downloaded the city map of Rome for 9 Euro, and it was a god send, it took us every where we want to go. I land marked the Hotel on arrival and just entered our chosen sights to visit, it then showed the route, how far it was and how long to walk there, then entered the Hotel to get the route back, just superb. The mp3 player was great for the flight and for music in the room. Every other feature is bril to, my only gripe with this phone is the battery life, lasts about a day, but this seems a trend with modern Nokia phones. This is an excellent phone. 4 Stars for the battery

Reviewed by anthonywlai@yahoo.com from malaysia on 18th Apr 2008
It hard for me in new place so I need nokia 6110 navigator to take me to place. At first I happy to use it but later I can use my navigator. It not working? Write down need to upgrade. So I take it back to the shop. I was shock to hear that it need to pay to use. I use all my money to buy this phone. New job no friends here. Is they anyone can help me get the nokia map manager.

Reviewed by Biz from UK on 9th Apr 2008
Have had this phone for 6 months now, the best of Nokia so far, without any doubts. The Navigator actually works without any extra cost and is accurate.

Reviewed by foz from uk on 8th Apr 2008
i hated this fone it was alriyt at first but just got annoying and its rather pointless when you can have a satnav lg viewty amazing

Reviewed by HASS from AUSTRAlia on 3rd Apr 2008
the best phoen ever i have seen in my life and bes tt hing of phone is buit in gprs

Reviewed by Julie Mathews from Ireland on 28th Mar 2008
Great phone apart from the 2 megapixel camera i was expecting more from nokia ♥♥♥

Reviewed by bilal from UK on 6th Mar 2008
brilliant phone. Have it for 3 months n each day i fall more in love with it

Reviewed by George kronfli from UK on 12th Feb 2008
Referring to my comments of the 18th January 2008, I have now discovered how to turn on the speed camera alarm function which one can set to give a loud warning at a pre-set distance before reaching the speed camera. If anyone is interested please let me know. [Editor's reply: George, I'm sure that some people will be interested - why don't you post an explanation (if it's not too complicated!)] OK, here goes. Go into Sat Nav mode and wait until it locks on a satellite etc. Click on Options, then click on Settings, then, and here is the secret, click on Alarm using the MIDDLE Navigator button on the phone, NOT the Options button on the top left. Then click on Safety Cameras, again using the Middle Button, click again using Middle button, then click again using middle button, it will now ask you if you want to change Alarm Settings, click Yes using top left button, it will now take you to the Menu you want. Here you add Warning Sound, Warning Distance etc as you wish. After choosing your preffered settings, Save them, then click Back.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 12th Feb 2008
Thanks, George!

Reviewed by Richard from Finland on 6th Feb 2008
I've had this phone almost 2 months and agree with the review. Camera is so so but everything else is fantastic. The screen especially is so clear and sharp. Photos are clear and viewing pdfs on the screen is really easy. GPS works well, I've navigated around shanghai and bogota with it but also installed Nokia maps and Google maps (as well as route 66 built in navigation software). This is better than the N95 in that battery life is a bit better and there is a proper charging car bracket from nokia for it. Keyboard could have a bit more room around it, especially the top row, just 2mm more space would make it better. Phone is much faster than my old 6680. I do miss the pop port though and don't like having to turn bluetooth on to use it in the car, battery life with bluetooth takes a hit. For some reason the battery meter shows 100% full for a long time and then plummets. One morning it failed to wake me up since i'm sure it had almost 100% the night before but battery had completely drained in the middle of the night (even clock needed resetting!). Don't rely on it if you have a plane to catch ! My company provides the phone and I could have had N95 but chose this instead, proper car bracket was the clinching factor.

Reviewed by Johanne from Norway on 4th Feb 2008
continued from below...This phone compared to my old Sony is not as intuitive to use when using the memus. Too many bottons to press to get into the contact menu etc. On top of the other issue described below, I have lost my patience with this phone for the practical use of making calls and sending text messages! Battery life is also short-less than 2 days just on regualar phone use (about one hour a day between calls and sms). So my star rating is quite low as I am dissapointed after 2 tries

Reviewed by Johanne from Norway on 3rd Feb 2008
Puzzled! I Bought this phone about 6 months ago on subscription from a relatively new network provider in Norway. After having the phone about 2 weeks,a strange thing started to happen with the phone. At intervals of every 2nd day or so I cannot make or receive calls even though fully charged and with network coverage. I am able press the phone number and it tries to connect but doesn't.The only way to make it work is to take the battery out and put it in again, which seems to 'reset' the phone. I have already checked the call divert settings but that was not active. So after a week or two I changed the phone with the provider for another of the same model and the problem still happens. They sent me a new SIM card and it didn't help matters. The only way to reset it is to take the battery out and put it back again. This erases memory like my missed call list which is a nuisance. Does anyone experience this and why could this be happening? My friend also has the same model and did not experience any of these problems and is pleased with his phone.Is it possible that the network service provider got a batch of phones with some kind of fault? I asked this question to them and they said they didn't have phones from any particular batch so didn't see any connection there. Has anyone else had similar issues making or receiving calls?

Reviewed by Errol Greer from South Africa on 2nd Feb 2008
GPS fantastic. Even has small villages in rural areas on the supplied map, which many expensive car GPS units lack in South Africa. Small thing, how do I turn off the start-up (loud) tune ? Simply the best Nokia I've ever used.

Reviewed by ian s from uk on 31st Jan 2008

Reviewed by loucas from cyprus on 30th Jan 2008
the best phone you can imagin

Reviewed by k hawkins from uk on 26th Jan 2008
wicked phone best one yet

Reviewed by H from UK on 25th Jan 2008
Fantastic phone!!! you can watch tv, browse intranet, find your way from a to b...its even a good looking thing. The picture quality is awsome. I would recommend this phone

Reviewed by George Kronfli from UK on 18th Jan 2008
I have had the 6110 for just over three weeks and I am totally besotted by it. It is incredible, especially the GPS. I bought the Speed Camera download from Route 66; does anyone know if I can turn on voice guidance for the speed camera function, if so how?

Reviewed by Kim from UK on 16th Jan 2008
Had my for phone for 3 months now, and love it. Impressed with the FREE to use GPS,but cradle and in-car charger needed but not included. Battery life not as long as I would have like though it doesn't take long to charge so no real hardship. Still think its fantastic value with alot of functions and one of the best phones I ever had.

Reviewed by Ashwani Pathak from South Africa on 6th Jan 2008
A great value for money...in nutshell...

Reviewed by Jay from uk on 1st Jan 2008
Great phone but does anyone know how to get it unlocked? in the uk.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 1st Jan 2008
Try the companies listed on our unlocking page. Some of these do handle the 6110.

Reviewed by Ahmad from Australia on 24th Dec 2007
One word "Outstanding"

Reviewed by john paul from belfast on 22nd Dec 2007
class phone has ever thing a work man needs taxi driver bus man things like that

Reviewed by ahmad from afghanistan on 19th Dec 2007
nokia 6120 navigation is stylish phone and good interfanaces to connect the other phone

Reviewed by alexander from uk on 16th Dec 2007
This phone looks amazing and is amazing BUY THIS PHONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by graham courten from england on 6th Dec 2007
i think the navigator is the best phone i have ever had, the navigation system is very good and unlike some phones it is free to use,the music player and radio are also top class would realy recommend it to anybody.

Reviewed by JR Ewing from UK on 2nd Dec 2007
Absolutely love this phone. Foolishly got rid of my first one, but back with it again now and wouldn't be without it. Not remotely slow (weird for Symbian OS handsets), and the SatNav software is great. Music Player too is excellent. Camera not quite as bad as the main review makes out. Quibbles over battery life, but nothing extraordinarily bad.

Reviewed by Mitch from Australia on 2nd Dec 2007
I am a big fan of the Nokia 6110 Navigator. I have had it for just over a week, and have managed to plot out many specific street addresses, schools, petrol stations etc with much ease. I recieved a 512mb memory card free with mine (as most should), and unexpectadly i also received the car holder, which reading from many places, is $85 on top of the price of the phone. I am a very big fan of this phone and i highly recommend it over the N95 any day, not only on looks, but also on the functions. AAA+++ Highly recommended phone!

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