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Nokia 6100 review

 Review: April 2003  

Last updated May 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: An advanced feature-rich lightweight phone.

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Hot on the heels of the Nokia 7210, comes the Nokia 6100, offering nearly all of the 7210's features, but with a digital camera option instead of the built-in radio. All this in an amazingly lightweight and compact package that oozes both style and sophistication! In fact it's Nokia's smallest and lightest phone ever.

Very similar in spec to the 7210/6610, the Nokia 6100 offers a colour screen, polyphonic ringtones, triple band, as well as Java™ capability. Its keypad is user-friendly and incorporates a nice 4-way scroll button. The Java™ capability means that you can download games just as easily as downloading ringtones or graphics. As well as Java™ games, you can also download applications like personal assistants, travel and information tools. Pre-installed Java™ applications include a calculator, currency and measurement converter, stopwatch, and two games.

MMS means that you can send and receive multimedia messages containing text, MIDI audio files, and graphics or animations.

The digital camera option comes as a camera/headset that plugs into the 6100's pop-port.

The 6100 is a nice enough phone, but its only real WOW factor is its light weight. Its specification is lower than the 7210 or 6610 and users have reported a number of reliability issues - see the user reviews below for example.

Nokia 6100 features include:

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Average rating from 153 reviews:

Reviewed by Asikur rahman from BANGLADESH on 24th Jan 2014
Love using nokia 6100

Reviewed by Jethro from UK on 5th Apr 2011
Many years on, many phones later, I am back to using this beast again. I break phones, lose phones and have the trouble and strife wash them in the washing machine and always come back to this one as a stop gap. I lost my latest phone, and was looking for a cheap phone on ebay, and remembered I have my back up old 6100 sat collecting dust. Dug it out, it charged, it worked and yet again provides faithful service to a ham fisted oaf. Safe to say, its old and to be honest in this day and age, outdated and rubbish. But it works. It has an alarm. You can talk to someone on it and even send texts. A Samsung Tocco and D900, 2 other nokia's and an LG viewty have died in my service, but the mighty beast that is a nokia 6100 goes on and on like a drunk droaning on at pub closing time. 5 stars for reliability, even it if it is so old it deserves none :)

Reviewed by James from UK on 18th Aug 2010
I got this phone in 2005, when a friend gave it to me. First experience of a colour screen, which made a heck of a lot difference, as I have had non-colour phones since Christmas 2000. I first heard about colour screens back in 2002, but got a Sagem, as it looked like a really nice phone. Then got the 3410 in 2004, my first experience of a Nokia. Then, I got frustrated by the lack of colour, particulary on the games, so mentioned that I was looking for a colour screen ophone and my friend told me he was passing this on and would I like it? How lucky is that??. I like the games on this one (paritculary the fact that they are in colour!) and the option to have a lot of contacts on it. I also like the polyphonic ringtones on this. Being accident prone, I have dropped this phone a few times, but it keeps on working!! Like the amount of charge on the battery and the fact it is really small and light. Bit disappointed by the lack of a radio, but that doesn't affect my decision on this being a really nice phone. Defo recommend!!!

Reviewed by San from UK on 14th Mar 2010
Excellent phone. very elegant but still reliable and durable. I use it as a second phone for many years and plan to keep it. Very light, you dont even feel it in your pocket.

Reviewed by Paula from UK on 4th Feb 2010
I have used my Nokia 6100 as a back-up mobile phone for many years, since 2004! Now 2010, the only changes it has had is a new cover and new battery. It is small, light, and with the latest software firwmare (5.16 or above) is a pleasure to use! No bugs or crashes! If you just want to call, sms or mms longer text, then I would not hesitate to recommend this phone. I bought a new BL-4C battery recently for it, and it now lasts for many days on standby. If I had a choice between a new nokia cheap mobile or the option to buy this phone second hand online, I would always choose this one. If you want a light, durable phone, with spare parts such as covers still readily available online, then you should definitely buy this phone, especially given it is so cheap now. Still a bargain.

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 30th Jan 2010
This review is in context of the age of the Nokia 6100: First of all, if you care, I own the latest Nokia multimedia phone, but regularly use this smaller older Nokia when going on a night out, or going on business trips in which I don't want a massive pocket-filling phone to carry about. Also, you can pick up one of these second hand for under £10 of your Great British pounds. There are parts galore still on auction and parts websites for this mobile! If you want a small and light mobile phone, with basic MMS and picture capabilities, very quick charging and reasonable battery life, why bother getting a new chubby basic Nokia? No camera is a blessing, particularly if you require a phone without a camera in a business context. I have only had to replace the battery; the model# is BL-4C, and Nokia have uprated the modern BL-4C to 860mAh, so in reality the phone lasts longer than it used to anyway! Call quality is between medium to good, it certainly is worse than something such as an N95 8GB, but you have to remember you are sacrificing perfection for the sake of lightweight and highly pocketable item. The java games aren't good of course when compared to modern phones, but the converter, word clock applications and currency converter are updatable and do their basic function well. You can pick up an older Nokia fast charger ACP-12X, which will charge the phone in 1 hour, or use an AX-7X, which will take over 2 hours. With software version 5.16 or above, the phone is much better, and you may find people with the problems listed here naturally have the older software versions. For the record, the screen does flicker if you play a java game, but in normal operation there is no flicker to notice. The best thing is, if you require a replacement speaker, battery (still in production by Nokia themselves for the Nokia 6300!) or cover, you can pick one up. However you may find it cheap enough just to buy a new Nokia 6100 for £5 to £10 really and accept any wear and tear issues. If you're reading this, note the latest review except mine is from 2004, this is now 2010, and my two Nokia 6100's are still going strong. Honestly, for how cheap they are, just get one, you wont regret it if you appreciate it for what it is! Why 4 out of 5 stars from me? Battery life could be better, I get a few days out of it with 30 minutes of calls per day, but then again it is a really compact handset.

Reviewed by Roy from UK on 3rd Jan 2010
I've had my 6100 for nearly 6 years and its been through hell and back, i even ran it over in my car and what a fantastic phone. I recieved my first Blackberry ( Bold 9700 ) 5 days ago, it fantastic and full credits to RIM for making a truly outstanding machine. But after nearly 6 years of using my 6100, i've decided not to give up just yet. Anybody want a cheap 9700?

Reviewed by awful phone from UK on 19th Jun 2009
i borod 1 for 6 months and it is awful dont get it throw it

Reviewed by darren from UK on 30th Aug 2008
had this phone for 6 years now only requires charging every 2 days, its been dropped so many times i lost count at a 100 and still works like the day i got it brilliant phone

Reviewed by Graham G from UK on 12th Aug 2008
Was given one of these second hand in working order when the previous owner went to something newer. On paper, it's a good phone but I have had terrible problems with battery life (from full charge) all over the place from 1 day to 1 week with no obvious reason for the difference. Locks up if the keys are pressed when the battery is very low (1-2 bars). Display temporarily corrupts if you happen to wake the phone up just as it is about to move the standby screen clock. I'm hoping all these problems are due to the very early version firmware and it's away to be updated to the latest possible version - will update if it makes a difference.

Reviewed by saleha from UK on 2nd Aug 2008
we have had this phone for 10 years or summit and the keypad notes has not rubbed off its about how u luk afta it

Reviewed by Rumi from UK on 4th Jul 2008
I have had this phone since July 2003 - that's 5 years exact. It is an outstanding phone. I have dropped numourse times but still no problems, its only started playing in the last 4 weeks - battries not lasting more then 2 days now and i lose reception but it was boudn to happen one day afetr the amount of times i have dropped it on the streets. The buttons are great for texting, thought the colour screen could have been better. It is a sleek, small and stylish phone and i would reccomend it, pity it hasnt got Bluetooth though. But otherwise def go for the phone! :)

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 3rd Jul 2008
It's now July 2008 and my little 6100 is still going just fine. It doesn't mind being dropped occasionally and still functions perfectly well for what I got it for - telephony. It rings when I'm called (chipmunk ring tone - fantastic - I've never heard anyone else use it, possibly because it induces general panic within a 5 yard radius) and when I dial a number, it rings the right people up. It weighs very little so doesn't pull your clothes around, it's small so it doesn't take up space. It might fall to an iPhone later this year but it fits the proper hands-free kit in my car so I may keep it for many more years to come.

Reviewed by Audry from UK on 19th Mar 2008
I WANT MY NOKIA 6100!!!! I bought it about 5 (maybe 6) years ago. It was the first and only mobile phone I've had and never had a desire to toss it out for a "better/newer" model. It was simple and did what I needed. It is/was the perfect size, fit in my pocked, purse and hand just right. I dropped it countless times, even stepped on it and it kept on ticking. I LOVED IT. To those who were not satisfied with theirs . . . maybe they got a "lemon". If there was a 10 star rating I would give it 10 stars! So what happened? I accidently threw my Nokia 6100 in the washing machine :-( What a sad moment it was when I discovered it in the dryer. Of course I can buy another phone but the one I want is OBSOLETE! Now I see that it's time to move on and will consider a Nokia 6500 (if it's not obsolete.

Reviewed by Graham, UK from UK on 28th Nov 2007
Now I have had this little phone a bit longer I am even more impressed. As with a lot of previous Nokia's there is a bouyant spares market. I bought a new speaker for 1.50GBP and the sound quality is now A1. You can get covers, mikes, LCD's, key membranes, keypads, batteries. In fact you can build an entire 6100 from spares. And better than that, you can upload java midlets that enable the phone to do pop3/smtp email as well as the operaMini browser. With so many 'hidden' features, at first look you wouldnt think this phone is a serious business tool. Used with Oxygen or Nokia Data Suite its good for business users too.

Reviewed by Rebecca from UK on 26th Nov 2007
I have had this phone since Nov 2003 and it has been fantastic. It is only just starting to get poorly and I am finally on the lookout for a newer model. I have had none of the problems mentioned by other reviewers here, except some fading on the keys and fascia (a given, I think, after 4 years). Quite simply, for a basic phone, it has been fantastic. Have absolutely loved it.

Reviewed by Graham, UK from UK on 14th Nov 2007
These phones are still a sought after item, particularly on ebay as its getting harder to find a basic phone that looks nice and is small. I purchased mine for 30GBP and would say its in pristine condition. My only gripe so far is that with the speaker volume beyond 50% on incoming calls there is a slight buzz (static noise) - I may try replacing the speaker. Apart from that I think its a good phone that does the basics very well.

Reviewed by James from UK on 13th Nov 2007
This Phone is amazing Great little helpful thing in my pocket .

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 23rd Jul 2007
I love this phone. It's 3 years old, but still runs for a week before needed to be charged (ok I don't talk too much). I have dropped it many times, no problems. It is light, small, you can make calls or write text. That's what I need a phone for! I don't like the new phones, and I'm even thinking about buying one for back-up (if they are still out there), just in case the old guy dies :)

Reviewed by dan from UK on 9th Jul 2007
i love this fone. i also have the opasite (a motorola e1000) it is strong, tiny, cheap and battery life is increadble. this is the best nokia by far. i have owned 5 nokias before this and i have never looked back. there is nothing wrong with this fone. i love it.

Reviewed by from UK on 1st Jun 2007
i love it but i want a camera and mp3 in the mobile

Reviewed by chuba from UK on 29th May 2007
It's now 2007. This still remains the best phone I've ever owned for its time. It was reliable - never crashed, always clear, decent battery life, small, sleek and corporate. It suited by day to day activities and would not punish me after the dozens of times I've dropped and thrown in. The 3g phones of now are good - but they sacrifice reliability and ergonomics. This phone was simple and down to earth. No frills, just a great decent sized phone. I now own a SEK800i. It's great. However, I have encountered some lag in its menus which immediately makes it imperfect . The Nokia however, did its functions flawlessly without a singly hiccup. Nokia 6100 is the best. That is all.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 12th May 2007
Ok it's a really trustworthy phone, but if you want something with the latest gadgets, this is SO not the phone for you. However this phone is really good, because it just keeps going. So for a good phone that will send texts and make calls, this is the one for you!

Reviewed by tiffany from UK on 13th Apr 2007
i had this phone for 2 years, plus my sister previously used it for about 2 or 3 years. it still runs perfectly except for the screensaver. well, 2 years ago after a while of setting up new tones and new background about , the screensaver disappeared and never returned.

Reviewed by nicola from UK on 7th Apr 2007
Nokia 6100 is a lovely phone. I just love it. Wonderful.

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 5th Apr 2007
This was my first phone, it was great and easy to use.

Reviewed by Julie from UK on 27th Mar 2007
To me, I have to agree with some of the other comments. If you want a basic phone just for calls and texting, then this is the one! I'd be lost without it! Mine is now 3 years old and its still going strong!

Reviewed by Shahid from UK on 26th Mar 2007
I had the phone for almost 4 years now, all I can say it's fantastic to the extent that I will not even exchange it for the latest phone on the market.

Reviewed by Mike Tindall from UK on 17th Mar 2007
Best phone ever made. Lasts years and the interface is the best I've seen

Reviewed by Harami kuta from UK on 28th Jan 2007
it is good because its batery time is very good an i love his tati

Reviewed by Desmond from UK on 26th Jan 2007
Great little phone. If you appreciate a small, lightweight phone. This is worth your consideration. This phone has been very durable and trouble free for me. Easy to use and mostly intuitive. No camera, but, to be honest, if I want to take a photo worth keeping I don't use a mobile phone; I use an actual camera. I've owned a few other phones since I originally bought this one and I have eventually got rid of each of them and put this one back in my pocket. This Nokia is what a mobile phone is meant to be.

Reviewed by scott from UK on 20th Jan 2007
Had this phone nearly four years now, no problems battery charge last almost a week. Best phone had so far!

Reviewed by Rick K from UK on 14th Jan 2007
great little phone but the earpiece volume is a bit distorted. The handsfree is great and RF is fine.

Reviewed by Haseeb from UK on 29th Apr 2006
I Had this phone 4 about 3 months now, an i thnk this phone is gr8 if ur lookin 4 sumthin basic. 3 stars i would reccomend it if u dnt want all the new flashey stuff...

Reviewed by butt from UK on 8th Feb 2006
i used nokia 6100 for about 18 months and never got bored of it. very light weight, slim and smart, you put it in pocket and you never feel anything there, very reliable i dropped it on floor couple of times, but it has always bounced back. i think this phone has something which a users longs for

Reviewed by david from UK on 21st Dec 2005
this phone is all you need if all you want is a good looking phone to call send and recive txts and calls 'light weight' slim'lots of good useful features what more do you want..?

Reviewed by nathan from UK on 8th Dec 2005
This phone may not have a lot of features, but its a good, cheap phone, its such a good phone, my mum has my one now, due to an upgrade, but its so easy, and just so good, you should buy this phone.

Reviewed by Sarz from UK on 14th Nov 2005
I chose this phone over a sony ericsson t610. Like all Nokias this phone is pretty much 100% reliable no faults as they always get it right! Kept this phone until I got bored then passed it onto my friend and it is still going strong! only thing is it would be perfect if was proper colour screen and had a built in cam!!!

Reviewed by Hitendra Patel from UK on 8th Jul 2005
Best phone... compare to todays mobile+camera & pda phones but its my fav... phone for all time even i have O2 XDAII then also i am using Nokia 6100 :-), if u want just GSM phone go for Nokia 6100

Reviewed by Damien Taylor from UK on 28th Dec 2004
If you want a good quality mobile phone and you're not bothered about, not having a built in camera or mp3 player then this is the mobile phone to have, it is a fantastic small size and very discreet indeed (not a bad thing in todays society), it is so simple to use and i can honestly say that i have not had any problem with it in the year that i have owned it, 110% happy.

Reviewed by Daniel Cakici for Holland from UK on 20th Nov 2004
It's a really user-friendly phone, but after a wile I got bored with it because it laks the camera function. Also it's polyphonic ringtones are only 4 voice, it has a boring screensaver (digitale clock), it's display only had 4096 colours, it has a relatively small memory (only 500 kb) and it's covers are very expensive ( 30 euro each). I would not recommand it to people around my age (17) because it's so "user-friendly", you can almost say it's to boring. They don't use busines people for nothing in there commercial. It's more of a busines-phone. People keep promoting that it's Nokia's lightst phone, but come on, who really cares if it's 76 grams or 80 grams. I would give it a 5 for reliability and a 1 because it is so boring.

Reviewed by Rav from UK on 18th Oct 2004
I love everything about this phone except the key pad - I couldn't read my keys after a couple of months use - i.e. the 'writing' comes off.

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 6th Jul 2004
excellent phones,slim,easy to use and reliable

Reviewed by Paula from England on 23rd Jun 2004
Got the 6100 as part of a 12 month contract a little under 3 months ago. It's sweet little design was a huge improvement on the 'brick' that I'd previously had, so I was chuffed when I took it away and started making calls. Over the 3 months though the silver coating on most of the keys has worn off so I can't see the numbers and letters. Although I consider my usage to be little, Nokia are saying this is a 'wear & tear' issue and won't cover it under the warranty. The phone is essentially inoperable but Nokia refuse to help. The phone is good looking and a nice size but I question the quality of the materials. I'm also very disappointed in the customer service from Nokia and Phones4U.

Reviewed by sally from england on 28th May 2004
i think the nokia 6100 is really good

Reviewed by Terry from BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND on 19th May 2004
You have read all the reviews, right? For me this is the phone to have period, no gizmos like radio, camera... Camera who wants a camera phone, don't be mean buy a digital camera... If like me you want a phone which performs and is a well designed functional product you will go far, and in the process spend a shed load of dollars or pounds to discernibly buy better than this... My version is o5.51 dated 27/2/04, you can check that now by pressing *#0000#, Nokia have given the masses a very good product, maybe too good... I will always buy Nokia, a definite winner all round, no niggles just so compact, you never want to put it down... Go on treat yourself. Oh yes to stop your screen from getting scratched and if like me you don't like the leather cases because that just makes them more bulky, leave the protective screen cover on but remove the pull tag by carefully cutting it with an exacto knife, remember do this at your own risk... If like me your are successful then you have a great screen protector for free, sorted...

Reviewed by Yo-Man from Pakistan on 15th May 2004
i've encountered a problem 4 sound ..i always thought its fainted voice .. but when i receive call i never had some listening problems ..its a great phn when it comes to usage ,decency ,size and performance..

Reviewed by rufus from uk on 9th May 2004
good phone but colour screen could be better and should have a radio like the 7210/6610. not bad!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Strakalazz from Lithuania on 1st May 2004
an outstanding phone...i bought it 20 hours ago and i just love it.its unreal after my old nokia 8210:)5 starzz

Reviewed by me from Portugal on 28th Apr 2004
I've bought one Nokia 6100 last week and liked it so much that i already have another :( The thing is i bought one and the sound was terrible. I thought it was a defect, so i returned it for a new one. The result: the new one sounded equally awful. Has anyone experienced similar sound problems?

Reviewed by Manoj from India on 20th Apr 2004
6100 is the cutest phone ever and there is no phone that can beat its size and looks. I dropped this phone once on a concrete floor and the phone was on one side and the battery on the other, surprisingly it worked. It gave some problems when i got a call, i couldnt attend it and the phone was ringing all the time until i turned it off. Now the ringer aint working at all, vibrator works sometimes and sometimes it doesnt. Now im bored of this one, im going for 5100. I recommend this phone for girls and if u are a rash user never ever buy this phone or similar models like 6610 or 6220. Again it doesnt have radio but it costs so much, i guess its only bcoz of its looks... but a good phone though.

Reviewed by Trevor from Ireland on 14th Apr 2004
Up until today I thought the phone was the Bee's Knees - One month after purchase and the sound is gone - the Bee has lost it's Buzz and I feel I've been Stung.

Reviewed by Steve Parkinson from UK on 12th Apr 2004
Only had phone a week (free on contract) I could of had a variety of free phones including flip camera phones etc but i got a digital camera!!!! whats the point?? I aint got no creaky cover but if i had this may be due to exchangebable covers (this is a plus 2 some people yes??)This is a top phone!! I find the ability to write a message by pressing the left button is superb (y didnt they mention this shortcut in the book??)Battery life outstanding, Screen is as good as my Samsung T100. Think a data cable should b provided instaed of just software but that a minor gripe. All in all a superb phone!!!!

Reviewed by G from UK on 2nd Apr 2004
Yeah it looks good and being in the 6 series makes it a business phone? What with that rubbish battery life? Come on the Nokia 6310i does up to 18 days stand by! They don't make them with battery life in mind do they i.e. Nokia! If your going to buy one then think again! I went to the Carphone warehouse who said they have discontinued it due to a manufacturers defect! So if you buy it, you'll probably have to get it repaired some where down the line. However, the Link have failed to notice this and sadly go on selling it. Hey, it's up to you though. Don't forget the camera attachment is pretty useful if you want to get the most out of it.

Reviewed by adz from england on 25th Mar 2004
I bought 1 couple of months ago it is great. Had no problems with it. It is a sleek, small and stylish phone and i would reccomend it. Pity it hasnt got a radio though.

Reviewed by Anthony from UK on 20th Mar 2004
Read everyone else's comments if you want opinions; here are the nitty gritty details of the Nokia 6100:

Good points: Very easy to use. Loads of input options: one key toggles between predictive lower-case, predictive automatic mixed-case (automatic capital letter after full stop), traditional lower-case, traditional automatic mixed-case. Holding this key toggles between letters and numbers input. T9 predictive is more sensible than on my old SE T68i. Common punctuation is available under one key. Holding the key down brings up the full table of punctuation to choose from. If you leave a new message half way through typing it, the phone remembers it and you can come back and finish it later. You can set the text size really small so that the whole message fits on the screen. Words are not split up to wrap round the screen; instead, the whole word will move to the next line if it's too long.

Bad points: No "drop-down list" of choices in predictive mode: repeatedly pressing one key will move forward through the choices, and another will move backward, but it would be nicer to actually be able to see all the possible choices at once. There are no smilies like :-) and it isn't possible to train the phone to save such sequences of punctuation as words. No "unsent" box, so only one unfinished txt can be saved at a time. When you send a text, it will save it in the "sent" box but instead of taking you back to the inbox it just carries on displaying the text. Then when in standby, pressing a certain key in standby brings up the "new message" screen directly, which is handy, but it actually brings up that previous message, so you then have to enter the options menu to clear the text and get a blank sheet.

Texting is better on this phone than on Sony-Ericsson ones. Don't even think about getting the Samsung A300 or A800 if you ever want to txt. (These were the other phones I tried out before I bought this one.)

Very easy to use. Pressing one key brings up the phone book list for you to choose a number from. However, when the talk volume is turned up high, you get a noticeable whining\squealing noise in the earpiece. But I guess you'd only have the volume high in noisy places, where you don't notice the whine.

Menu system:
The usual Nokia list to scroll down (only one item viewable at a time in the top level of the menu). Where possible, the value of a setting is displayed next to the setting itself to save you having to go into the option to view it (eg. "Automatic keyguard: on"). There is a shortcut menu which you can access from standby by pressing a key. You can select from a range of items to put in this menu, eg "missed calls" and "alarm clock". Unfortunately the range is very limited (unlike the T68i where you could literally choose from every single menu item that the phone possesses). You can create a new txt message by pressing a single key in standby mode, and similarly for viewing the recent numbers dialled, and viewing the calendar.

Very crisp, with very small text displaying clearly. Phone displays the time, battery life (but only as a graphical bar, not as an estimate of the number of hours remaining like the T68i) and signal strength. Don't use GPRS so I don't know for sure, but I don't think the phone displays the GPRS signal strength. Screen dimmer automatically comes on after several seconds of idling (can't change the time-out period). Screen saver displays the time, though impossible to read it in the dark (can change the time-out period). The date is not displayed in standby or on the screensaver, though the quick shortcut to the calendar means that it is only one keypress away.

Phone book views:
Each name can have several numbers attached: general, home, mobile, office. On option is to have the phone display names only (as a list; can see several names on screen at once), in which case you have to press a key to select the name and the list of numbers is displayed. The only other option is to have the phone display names and numbers. However, only one name is displayed on screen at once, and despite there being loads of screen space to list all the numbers for that name simultaneously, it will only list one number on screen at a time; you have to scroll to choose the other numbers. This is a hassle if you are quickly trying to find/identify a specific number from all the entries in the book. In the end I chose to not bother having more than one number listed under a given name; instead I just have separate entries, like "Rob home" and "Rob mobile". If you copy back and forth to the SIM, most SIM's can't cope with multiple numbers per name, and will split them up a nyway.

Good signal strength and reception (these things are as much a property of the phone as the network).

You have control over all the sounds; if you hate startup sounds and keypress clicks you can turn them off. The 15 or so ringtones supplied are all awful, but they are 4-channel polyphonic. You can have the phone set up to vibrate and ring simultaneously for both txts and calls, (or obviously just vibrate or just ring).

This phone doesn't have a massive amount of memory space, though it can easily handle several games, applications, ringtones, pictures and a fairly large phone book. The volume control is on the side of the phone (buttons rather than a slider). The power button is physically easier to press than on other Nokias, and it brings up a menu to switch off or change profile (eg to silent). I had no problems such as noisy keypad or bad sound quality; maybe this doesn't affect the newer units. (My software version is 05.16, dated 26-09-03, found by pressing *#0000#; go to www.gsmworld.net/codes/nokia.shtml to find a list of codes which let you view this information---use the codes listed for the 6110.) When receiving a call or txt, the phone displays the name of the caller\sender if they are in the phone book. This phone really is tiny compared to older Nokias, but not so much as to be fiddly.

My verdict:
A phone which only does the basic things, but which does them very well indeed. If you're not interested in all the new flashy stuff that some phones have, I totally recommend this one.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 19th Mar 2004
Lets by honest. This phone looks good. Its small sleek design is stunning. That is one of the major reasons i purchased this phone. It is small and light. Unfortunately this phone is ruined by everything else. The colour screen is terrible and flickers all the time. My screen stopped working after about a month for no reason. This was replaced by Nokia. Now months later the sound has given in. I am just waiting for my contract to run out so i can get a better phone. There are lots out there.

Reviewed by adam from uk on 16th Mar 2004
had this phone for a month and it's class. the size is among the best in the market and the battery is a lot better than the e700. the only faults are the 4 bit tones ( should be 42 min,) and the screen could be 64k colour but if you want a camera buy a digital one, not a phone. excellent phone!

Reviewed by Joe K from UK on 16th Mar 2004
This trully is an excellent phone, let down only by not having an integrated camera and also that you can't attach photos to names in the phone book. That's why it only rates excellent, not outstanding. For all you 6100 owners, if you do not have the VGA camera attachment for the 6100, DO NOT buy it, worst piece of junk I have ever used. Be warned.

Reviewed by metheone from uk on 8th Mar 2004
i like it

Reviewed by Ross from Northern Ireland on 7th Mar 2004
No major faults with the phone(no more than any other phone I've owned). The 6100 is very easy to use and looks great, anyone familiar with other Nokias will get used to it very quickly. Downsides are the speakerphone is not loud enough when using it in the car, and the battery life is not great, although I text quite a lot so this probably explains why. I've had no problems with creakiness and build quality at all. Overall a very good phone, and a very good replacement for the 3330, which I didn't think was possible.

Reviewed by ian from uk on 28th Feb 2004
i got a nokia 3510i for christmas & was more than happy with this smart practical phone, that was until i saw this little buty!! The first thing that struck me was the size, incredibly compact & well designed. the screen is sharper than the 3510i, the people who suffer from scratched screens should either leave the plastic cover on as i do or get a case. carphone warehouse are doing a package at the mo, cover, car charger, magnet & handsfree for 9.99, usual price 29.99 bargain!!!. the chess game that comes as standard is pretty naff, so next on the list is some java games. as for there being no radio or camera, well what you have never had you don`t miss so no gripes there. polyphonic quality is lower than some bigger phones but all i need mine to do is ring when required & i`m happy. i`ve set mine on outdoor volume as i work in a noisy environment & have no problems hearing it as standard volume is a bit weak. i`ve seen two of these phones now & neither have suffered from text creak, so hopefully this niggle has been sorted. overall though a great little package, thanx nokia, a deffinate 5 *.

Reviewed by Morris from The United States on 27th Feb 2004
The best phone ive never seen is the Nokia 6100. It has loads of god staff inside, check it out. It fits in jeans pockets, easily so small as if ur not holding something. When i got this mobile, it never gave me problems. So ill like it forever. There is no phone better than The Nokia 6100. Give it up 4 the Nokia. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):);)

Reviewed by JB from United Kingdom on 23rd Feb 2004
If you want a walking games console, get a gameboy! If you want a radio, get a walkman and if you want to take pictures get a digital camera, but IF you need a PHONE, get the Nokia 6100. I have had this phone for a little while. What won me over in the first place were the looks. I was looking for a phone that looked good but didn't seem like it was made for kids to play around with (7210, 8310, 3100 etc). I needed the professional well-built look. Something to follow on the footsteps of the much acclaimed 6310i - The Nokia 6100 does the job. It's not just looks, the functionality is great as well. The usual Nokia features are there but after spending 6 months with a Sharp GX10i (which has a superior display and a decent camera), I was glad to go back to all familiar territory. Some might say it's a bit of a downgrade, but who needs a camera on a phone! I hardly used it anyway. Nor would I need a radio. I haven't experienced any of the creaks people are complaining about but maybe I have a newer build version. The Nokia 6100 has a very tight fit and the keypad buttons are great, analagous to the 6510, which also ranks very highly in my esteem. So basically, I think if you get the 6100, you're on to a winner! If you're looking for a phone that is. But if you want flash and showy, this is not the phone for you. Discreet, sleek and professional, the 6100 is here to stay!

Reviewed by kenneth from UK on 20th Feb 2004
I think 6100 is the best.I always buy celphones every month but I am Satisfacted by this celphones.

Reviewed by Emma from Australia on 13th Feb 2004
This is one outstanding phone. I love the look & size of this phone, which is what initially won me over, but it's the features and functionality which really make it top class. I think it is the best Nokia phone made to date, and should appeal to most people. A lot of problems with other earlier models have been fixed in the 6100 - no creaky covers/keypads, great quality speakerphone, screen-saver, larger buttons, etc. And it seems more user-friendly than ever, which is major considering Nokia has always been no.1 in that area. It lacks radio & camera (which, to me, is not an issue), and I wish it had a larger memory. But it is the smallest Nokia, so I'm not complaining. Navigating the menu's can be frustrating (cos theres so much on there!), but switching the right button 'names' to 'go to' is a great little shortcut for your most-used options. I just love this phone, and when using the USB cable to PC it gets taken to a whole new level.... if wallpapers/poly's/java games a re your thing, you can get them for free. The Calendar & Wallet features are also great. My friends all want my phone! I give it 5/5.

Reviewed by Glyn from UK on 10th Feb 2004
After 18 months with the 6510 I thought it was time to update this superb 'phone. The last six months were spent deciding which model would be the ideal replacement as this 'phone was so good that I did not want to replace it with a disappointment. Should I move away from Nokia for a change and spend 12 months regretting my choice as before, or stay with the brand despite the overall similarity of menu, functions, etc? Choosing the 6100 as the most business like of current options, apart from 6310i, I was bemused to open the box to find a 'phone with a blue fascia, grey back and ivory body. This is a German 'phone and although well built seems slightly inferior to the build of the Finnish 6510, although this 6100 is creak free. The screen is very easy to scratch, however, so be careful. After reading the reviews I checked the software installed by pressing *#0000# to reveal the latest v5.16 which seems bug free to date. Operation is typical Nokia, intuitive, with good reception and voice quality. The 4096 colours seem adequate for the purpose, though on screensaver when it is not back-lit it is very dark, although this may be a requirement of the screen to display detail in bright light. Overall, to date, superb (apart from having to replace the fascia due to the glass)with phenomenal battery life despite calls from verbose relatives on off-peak tariffs! Better than 6510 on that score. My only negative comment is that despite its lesser weight, and marginal dimensional obesity over the 6510 it does seem to be more clumsy to hold than that 'phone. Recommended.

Reviewed by SKY from U.S.A on 10th Feb 2004
Dam What Really good With your United Kingdom People with Mobile Phone's is it bad service Outhere, lol reading some review was very amusing/// But Dank you For FCUK CLOTHING EY// This Phone is so far running great. It Small and just litto taller than my 8390 Which i use before which has voice activation & the famous Voice Memo" Nokia is smart for taking Hot function out so they won't go brankrupt. Yeah I'm disapointed, but Oh well like someone said a mobile phone is usually made for Talking not a portable GAMEBOY SP// 6100 Is perfect, Take Notes, Speakerphone which I love to use just to make all the Nextel Describer Jealous & in Addition the battery life 6 Hours of TalkTime//Whoa You better have a nice social life to use it up// in my case haven't yet/the keypad is comfortable and very stylish/screen is crystal clear and with the DKU-5 USA CABLE U CAN Upload your own Pix and Ringtone// Yeah only 4 Chords thaT why u gotta go download some Ringtone Midi software and cut and edit your self Durrrr: and Stop Complaining about It //Midi is free on internet basically everything from wallpaper and midi is priceless// Service is 100% reception is perfect// and Those guys conplaining about Handfree, it Pop-Port //Yes New Design spend some money buy the FM STERO HEADSET//Yeah World Phone So this phone can be use anywhere// i give this phone 5 *Stars becuz it has class and very useful for my everyday life patterns// After all this phone retail over 350.00 400.00$ Without Plan/ So you better have everyting enable just to see all the possitbilties It could do// For all your Hackers juz upgrade the phone Fimware and dere u go u could have voice activation or voice memo, it a matter of software// Thanks from the U.S.A (T-MOBILE 4 LIFE) ~ 6100 IS TOP #2 SO FAR ON THE CHARTS//

Reviewed by jERIKO from United Kingdon on 9th Feb 2004
This is the natural follow-on to the Nokia 8310. It is small and compact and is ideal for those people who need a practical business/social phone without a camera. The keys are responsive, the screen is OK (4,096 colours remember - this is no Sharp GX20), ringtones are OK (4 note poly and once again not like a GX20) and excellent battery life. Not sure why people think the sound quality is poor - it is perfect. Ideal for people who do not want a larger bulky phone (like the flips) and prefer the Nokia key usage rather than the weird Sharp/Siemens affairs. The only competitor to it (for me at least) is the Siemens SL55, but the difference in key usage made me swap back to the 6100!

Reviewed by J from UK on 3rd Feb 2004
This phone is terrible. It lacks in features, the attachable camera is a joke and the whole thing just stinks. I say go for sharp gX20 much better.

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 31st Jan 2004
This phone has the worst sound quality I've ever experienced. Make sure you try one out before you buy one! It's a shame because the looks and features are very good but lets be honest you mainly buy a mobile to use as a phone - right? Nokia should really get the basics right.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 30th Jan 2004
Ok so theres some problems, i agree its alittle creaky but most Nokia phones are, theres no radio which i really do miss :( the add on camera is useless and poor quality (not sure about the Nokia fun camera tho)no voice memo or voice activated dialing and only 4ch Poly tones, unable to change caller group logos..but oh boy does this phone look classy, it works well, i can live without the above mentioned functions (i REALLY do miss that radio tho!) i think the screen looks fine, sound and signal quality are fine too, i found the phone to be alot smaller than i thought it would be when i opened the box which was a nice surprise. the phone works great with my infra red adapter, allowing me to change ringtones and pictures and to organise my phonebook, ringtones are in Midi format, so you can download the midi file off the internet and with some cutting and juggling you can get a good sounding tone for free!! i paid £199.99 for this phone and i in no way regret it, as long as yo u can live without those functions then you shouldnt be disappointed, i love this 6100 and would recommend it to anyone. but a note to Nokia .. RADIO????????

Reviewed by Johan from Belgium on 29th Jan 2004
Nice looking phone and easy to use. Turned mine in after a few day though. Sound quality during calls is very poor. Color screen is average or even below average.

Reviewed by -- from uk on 22nd Jan 2004
I've exchanged the phone for 4 times! I still encounter some problems. eg creaking keypad, bad soundquality during connecting (when connection is made the sound is acceptable). No nokia for me anymore after this one is worn out.

Reviewed by Don One from Holland on 22nd Jan 2004
This is a reply to the Iranian guy: "...No date indications on screen. No analog clock. No choice for backlighte duration. ... Brightness of screen not adjustable. Handsfrees of previous models of Nokia do not work with 6100. ... " 1: You CAN set the date to appear on screen 2: You CAN set the brightness of screen (under display options) 3: Don't really get that handsfree thing. It does have handsfree, but why should it be compatible? It's just a feature and has nothing to do with older models.

Reviewed by Bassem from Egypt on 19th Jan 2004
The mobile nokia 6600 is the usefullest mobile. It's a very very very great mobile.

Reviewed by Martin Pollard from England on 16th Jan 2004
The best mobile phone I have ever purchased, so light and small that I sometimes have to check my pockets to ensure its there. Some great features, I find the most usefull being able to store multiple numbers and details under a single name in my phone book. With the infra red I can also download/upload to my Psion, although it will only store the primary number assigned to each name in the phone book and not all the other details. Battery life is superb too, as well as the inbuilt handsfree speaker. I would have given it 5 stars, but for the fact that my phone is currently back at Nokia after developing reception problems when making calls or texts, the signal strength would drop and become erratic. This resulted in inaudiable and dropped calls.... lets see if Nokia can fix it! Other downer, was although good, I felt the polyphonic tones are not as clear as other mobiles.

Reviewed by msht from Iran on 7th Jan 2004
Nokia 6100 is a good designed phone. The timed profile is very helfull. Low weight and Larg display is good. Grouping of call records is good. The bad points: Calculator not handy. No connect tone. No date indications on screen. No analog clock. No choice for backlighte duration. No choice for screen saver types. No ringertone composer. No FM radio. No voice memo. No voice command, No voice dialling. Brightness of screen not adjustable. Handsfrees of previous models of Nokia do not work with 6100. and screen resolution is too low to display colour pics well. No classic ringertones included for people who like their phone sound like a phone. No data cable nor Handsfree included. Worldtime imperfect (includs few locations)

Reviewed by Lauren from England on 4th Jan 2004
i'm looking 2 buy a nokia phone after getting bored of my sony ericsson t300. so far i have narrowed the choice down to either the 6100, the 6610 or the 7250 - but cannot decide! can anyone help - either by their own point of view or just point me towards some helpful review pages because i havent found any! email me at dreams_come_tru@hotmail.com if you can help! thank u!

Reviewed by Glen from UK on 3rd Jan 2004
After owning the SE T68i this was a breeze to use an very nice lookin slim fone! i still cant get over the battery! its about 4mm thick!! but it has gone back to the shop becuase the screen became really fuzzy and done ur eyes in and my mate swas totally clear, it is a good mobile but i think i will have one with a camera. this is a very low spec for whats out there now for example higher colour screen, camera, bluetooth this fone just dnt have it! nice mobile tho, recommended.

Reviewed by Eann Plowman from UK on 30th Dec 2003
I have had the 6100 for 10 months and have had no problems. I don't use a lot of the functions but the main ones that I use have been excellent. The battery life has also been good but probably not excellent. I think the phone is really neet and looks cool. I am due to get a new phone with my contract and was so tempted to take a new 6100 buy reluctantly opted for a 3100. I hope it turns out to be as reliable as the 6100

Reviewed by Eugen from Romania, Bucharest on 30 Dec 2003
Excellent cellphone. Small, lightweight (no other Nokia phone is lighter than 6100), excellent looks. Got mine a couple of weeks ago - battery life good (mine lasts 4-5 days), no creaking casing. The software (v. 5.16) is nice, haven't got any problems so far... hope I won't from now on. If you want a good cellphone, with poliphonic ringtones and colour screen (and don't crave for 65k colors) 6100 is the one to buy. Everyone who had problems should try to upgrade the software to v. 5.16.

Reviewed by Blaze1st from Hungary on 22nd Dec 2003
Hi! I bought the Nokia 6100 last week. I dropped it once, no damage caused except that I'm hearing a clanking noise when shaking the phone near my ears. I went back to the phone shop, and they said all the nokia 6100 phones are clanking. Anyone knows what is that noise?

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 16th Dec 2003
I've had two 6100s (the first one had an unfortunate encounter with a glass of water) and I have never used a better looking/better working phone than this. I think Nokia must have modified the casing a little as on my current 6100, there is a much tighter fit between the main body of the phone and the cover, and therefore the "creaking" doesn't occur. Either that, or some people have just been unlucky. Oh yes, and Nokia have recently started putting the "i" on the "0" key on the keypad on all new and refurbished 6100s - I assume that is to remind people that pressing and holding "0" in is a shortcut to the WAP homepage.

Reviewed by Ash from England on 10th Dec 2003
I have been considering which phone to get for the last 6 weeks. I knew I wanted a Nokia as I was used to my old 8310, but I didnt want a dodgy built in camera phone. I had three phones in mind - 7210, 6100, 3100. I scrapped the 7210 idea as the key pad looked a little slap dash. I opted for the 6100 as, not only was it free on 02, but it also had a volume control on the side - the 3100 didnt. Anyway, I had been reading all the reviews on here and made a point of checking out certain peoples gripes. I found none of them. The phone is pure class. The ring tones are loud, the vibrate is good, the keypad is very easy to use, and the screen is a beauty. I have had no creaky casing or battery life problems either as others have mentioned on here. As I said, this phone - Top class.

Reviewed by Nishant Gandhi from India on 10th Dec 2003
I got my Nokia 6100 about 2 months back. Must say, the only reason I chose this phone over the 6610 was the sleekness and uniqueness. Most of my friends have gone for 6610 since it has FM radio and a better collection of pictures in the gallery. Also, it is cheaper than 6100. However, I stated my reasons above. I also beleiev that 6100 is "less feminine" than 6610. Pros- 1.Sleek, small and lightweight. Very easy to carry around in your shirt pocket. 2.A very strong vibra alert (which doubles up as an alarm if by chance I doze off and someone calls!) 3.Good GPRS connection and access speeds 4. Amazing phonebook memory, with an option to store multiple details per entry 5.Amazing compatibility with IRDA port via laptop/PC 6.Over featured! if you know what I mean-many features are unused (like Java games and applications downloads) but it's good as it makes the phone future-proof 7.Good screen res. even at 4096 colours Cons- 1.At this price, I expected 65K colour screen (since other manufacturers are offering the same) 2.The keypad and the outer casing seem to be loose and creak while using 3.an over-extensive menu driven phone, which means that even to reach my inbox,I have to press 4 keys! 4.Very less memory (atleast 1-1.2 MB could have been provided) 5.Ringtones cant be sent as MMS to other phones Net-net, I would recommend this phone to anybody looking to upgrade to a good colour screen phone, but not wanting the "plastic" look to the phone

Reviewed by Don One from Netherlands on 9th Dec 2003
Ok this might not be the review you're looking for. Why? Well I can't really tell you much right now. I got it for 3 days, but my contract will go in from the 11th. So I'm now just enjoying the looks and couple of java games I loaded up via Infrared port. I have to say it looks the business. Not so toy-ish as the 8310/7210/7250. Ok so it doesn't have a radio. I don't really care, I wouldn't use it anyways. I need a phone to make phonecalls! Games are great when you bored. Specially the good old card games, which you can just keep playing on and on and on.... True Nokia is very LOOKS orientated. "just" 4096 colors, just 128x128 resolution, just 4 tone midi polyfonics...but still. I just like them. I read most 6100 reviews and I hope I don't suffer from some of the things mentioned here. Mine is rather new, software version 5.16. So I might mis out on the early problems (let's hope so) Compared to my brothers slightly older 7250, the menu Icons look more like "real" pictures, instead of the cartoonish style on the 7250 (maybe also software version dependable) It lacks animation though, but you can't really see that as a selling point. It's nice to have, but useless to be honest. You can live without that. But: I still don't like polyphonic tones. Not even the monophonic ones played through the speaker of the newer phones. I want a ringtone to sound like a ringtone i.e. like a phone is getting a call! and not as if someone turnes on a radio. Just the old style tones. Well I case I'll just have to get used to that. It's not THAT big a probem. Though I wish this "business" model would have some sophisticated tones and not tones like Chicken Dance, which is kinda emberasing when your phones goes off during a business meeting (btw I'm not a business man myself) I do like "business" phones over phones like the super colorfull phones 7250 and those new 3xxx 2xxx Nokia phones. One last general note to finish this: I see in many (Nokia) reviews that people complain about battery life and that there 6310/5110/older models could stand by for over a week. People, have you every compared battery size? My old 5110 battery is larger than the INTIRE 8210 and 6100. Specially the new style battery as found in the 6100. WOW that is a seriously small battery! Of course you can't expect extended battery life compared to the old huge 51xx/61xx models. Design-wise (for whatever it's worth) Nokia still is the king. This 6100 looks fine in every way. The blue light of the keys is very nice. I hope a silverish cover will come out, or I might get the white one and it looks top-notch.

Reviewed by Katrina from Australia on 8th Dec 2003
i absolutly adore this phone! i am 13 and i only need it for texting friends and making short calls. so i think that it serves my purpose. i just need it to keep in contact with people so it is very good. the colour is great and it just looks wonderful. my friends are always going on about how cool it is and how they all want one. so i feel pretty special to have one. thanx nokia for the great phone!!

Reviewed by PePPeR from Philippines on 3rd Dec 2003
So far the Nokia 6100 is the only on that has certainly got my attention! I just can't believ how a small and very light celphone can have all its great features! well yeah, it doesn't have the radio and camera option... but nokia has already comeout with attachements to satisfy that! Nokia 6100... simply the best! Cheers!

Reviewed by kalpz from england on 30th Nov 2003
i think that this is undoubtedly the best fone that nokia have made. it has all the functions a fone needs and even some that a phone doesn't need e.g the world clock. i dont no why someone may need that but its in there. overall TOP FONE!

Reviewed by charlene from uk on 28th Nov 2003
this phone is pretty good. lots of memory space..only bad thing about the phone is the image quality...not all that..but overall pretty good stuff

Reviewed by A 6100 maniac from Turkey on 26th Nov 2003
Its my 1st week with this beautiful phone.I got it as a replacement to my 6610 which broke. The colours are gr8. The design is so sexy. The lcd quality is good. The reception is excellent. Cons: No radio (but who needs it nowadays)

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 18th Nov 2003
Took me a long time to decide what phone to get. I had an old siemens and Im still very happy with it, but its just reaching old age. I needed a phone for texting, short calls and a nice colour screen cause they look nice. Had the 6100 for a couple of days and Im very happy with it. The interface is simple to use and moving from siemens to nokia was easy. screen looks lovely. text msgs are easy to get to. nice capacity, folders to orgenise them and so on. Incredibly small and light. Long battery life. And the speakerphone option is just great. But it does lack in one area for me. The clarity of sound during calls. Its a step down from my siemens m35. And if you are after a phone for making calls all the time, you might want to test out a 6100 first to hear it. But since all the calls i make are short, its not a bother. Overeall a great phone :D

Reviewed by Mark from UK, Manchester on 12th Nov 2003
I, like many people, spent some considerable time deliberating over which phone to upgrade to. I previously had the Nokia 8310e which, whilst being an excellent little phone, was starting to experience the random reboot syndrome! Time for an upgrade.... For me, camera phones are gimmicky and a waste of time, so that ruled out the 7210 etc. The natural replacement seemed to be the 6100, although I did spend a while looking at the likes of Sony, Samsung, etc as well. What swayed me in the end was the fact that I've always had Nokia before and always found them to be generally good phones. They also have a fantastically simple and effective menu system that is very easy to use. I have now had my new 6100 for a week or so and am very pleased. I've heard some people knocking it for its lack of games, etc - well, in my simplistic approach I see things along the lines of.....you want a fashion accessory?? Buy a handbag! You want to play games?? Buy a Playstation! You want to listen to music?? Buy a Walkman! You want to take pictures?? Buy a camera! And as for the creaky casing?? Well....disaster! How could one possibly live with such a nightmare?!? I wanted a phone so that I could....well, talk to people! Weird huh? Well this little baby does the job admirably. Very slim and lightweight, good call quality, good speaker phone, clear easy to read screen, very useful ability to switch into small font mode for text messages (so you can pretty much see an entire txt msg on one screen without having to scroll). Tri-band is a good feature as I'm off to the US shortly. The calendar/reminder feature is also excellent. Add the infra-red, colour screen, PC connectivity (you'll need a seperate USB cable for this) and all in all, I find this to be an excellent phone. Battery life is something that has been mentioned as being poor - well, I've had it a week and its still on its first charge. Make sure you fully charge and discharge the first couple of times you use it and this will set the high and low watermark, so to speak, for the battery. After this, make sure you fully discharge once a month and I think you'll find that the battery life is perfectly adequate

Reviewed by Tommy from UK on 12th Nov 2003
I needed a nokia phone so i did lots of research and finnally bought the nokia 6100. And all i can say is its worth the money. A camera would be nice tho.

Reviewed by Mark Hunter from Scotland on 10th Nov 2003
A few things; You DON'T need to scroll through menus to send a text message. Simple press the left arrow and *bing* you're there... The screen is very bright and clear and readable. The fonts used, and the text message screen in particular are very crisp. The phone is light, but has a robust feel to it. The build quality reminds me of the 6310, but without the bulk/weight. The thing that disappoints me a little is the style of the facia. The front facia looks the part, and obviously this is what people are initially commenting on when they say the phone looks great. And it does look great. However, the rear facia looks unfinished. It looks as if you've forgotten to fit the rear facia. The white section at the top coupled with the metalic affect battery cover don't fit in with the quality look to the front of the phone. The only let down on the phone. The menus are very easy to navigate, especially if you use the numbers (i.e. to get to display settings you press menu 4 4). The supplied wallpapers look good. More screensavers would be nice, especially as they cost around £3 to download. The keys are firm and responsive. The arrow pad looks like it might be fiddly to use, but it's actually very responsive. The ring tones could be better, in that they aren't as loud as 'normal' mono ringtones. The polyphonic ring tones sound quite nice, but even on level 5 loudness aren't as loud as I'd like. All in all the best phone I've had (compared with the 5110, 3210, 3310, 6210, 6310 & 8310 that I've had). 4 out of 5.

Reviewed by Fernando from Portugal on 7th Nov 2003
My new Nokia 6100 has an "i" in the keypad, near the key 0_ ... Anyone have one of this? in the warranty menu it says that has been made in 10/2003... i knew that here in Portugal one mor guy has one like this... This phone is light, beatifull... for me, the best and beautifull Nokia's Phone. It cames there a new software version (5.16) that includes a new menú like Nokia 7250i: "Goto".. and some others improvements. Really my best phone. Best Regards from Portugal

Reviewed by Ray Wood from England on 3rd Nov 2003
The phone worked in the shop and we transferred all my numbers etc. I switched on my new phone several hours later with the charger still attatched, got the sim update and before I could do anything the screen went black. The well documented problem occurs every time I try to switch on the phone, screen light up for about 1 second and then.... Orange suggested the battery need charging? It worked with partial charge in the shop, add 4 hours charging and the charger still connect. Anyone have a theory?

Reviewed by James from England on 31st Oct 2003
Probably the worst fone I have had. First bought in July, within 3 days it packed up - press the on switch and the screen lights up momentarily and then dies. Given a replacement handset. 6 weeks later - same fault again. Recieved like for like new handset, within 5 days- same fault. They tried to repair it and I ended up with new handset number 4. Less than a month and the same fault happened. Very dissapointed with the whole sorry affair and have now swapped to a samsung. if you own this fone ...good luck.

Reviewed by TT from UK on 27th Oct 2003
Well I upgraded to the 6100 for it's Triband capability.. As with every new phone when you first handle it in your palm WOW always come to mind.. And this is no exception as the 6100 is a great little phone with a pretty good colour screen! I've dropped it a few times and once in the toilet! But it still works (after some draining) but now the loudspeaker sounds a little suspect and (not surprising!) The battery life is not great especially if you talk but then it is a small phone! Recommended if you have BUTTER FINGERS like me.. Enjoy!

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