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Nokia 6085 review

 Review: February 2008  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6085 is an entry-level clamshell phone, equipped with a digital camera, music player and FM radio.



Available in a choice of black, silver or pink, it's a fairly standard-looking clamshell with a black & white external display, and the addition of some cool blue LEDs to indicate calls, etc. The main display is relatively poor, being of the outdated CSTN type, and is hard to read in sunlight. There's a very basic camera (VGA resolution - that's just 0.3 megapixels) that can also record low-res video clips. But there is an MP3 player and an FM radio, and you can set MP3 tracks as ringtones too. With an internal memory of just 4 Mbytes, you'll only be able to store 1 or 2 songs however.

On the positive side, the 6085 has both Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and is quadband so you should be able to take it anywhere in the world. Battery life is average.

We think that there are some much better phones out there for your money: take a look at the Nokia 3110 Classic, the Motorola U9, or the Sony Ericsson K550i.

Nokia 6085 features include:

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Nokia 6085 user reviews

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Average rating from 9 reviews:

Reviewed by John Chipika from Zimbabwe on 1st Aug 2011
The phone is good,it's functinality is nice Mp3 music player,bluetooth conectivity is fast but one thing about the biuetooth is that, search for divice whilst the divice name is already in there another thing the screen is small for a smartphone and u can't see it in direct sunlight ,if u pres the music player button it wil take some minutes to apper bt depends on the capacity of the stick.if u need a simple smart 4ne,music 4ne u can go for it.

Reviewed by Mike from USA on 28th Jun 2011
Believe it or not I am still using this phone. Came out in early 2008, I think and still works like the day I got it for free. No it doesn't have all the things on it that others have today and it isn't a smart(?) phone. But if you need a phone for what a phone traditionally is used for (voice calls) and a simple camera comes in handy, this is a great device.

Reviewed by Jennifer from U.S.A. on 25th Aug 2009
This is the best, most durable phone I have ever used. The buttons are intuitive and the interface is customizeable. It can handle abuse from being thrown across a room, dropped on the floor. Heck, you could probably run it over and it would survive! The software is very fast, but not overly glitzy or cumbersome; you can use the internet, instant messenger, check your e-mail and everything very easily. I really loved this phone and have since replaced it, I'm currently looking to replace my newer phone (which, incidentally, is a blackberry!) with this one. I have never had a better phone.

Reviewed by Em from usa on 20th Oct 2008
I was very impressed with it till after a couple months when i tried to view pictures or something it started flashing blue and then it stayed solid blue. I am not the only one with the problem I have looked it up and many people have had this issue.

Reviewed by ..::Ryan::.. from Australia! =D on 3rd May 2008
Phone looks good, and works good aswell, UNTILL, everytime I get a missed call, the phone will hang, and become useless. You pull out the battery, put it back in, the phone turns on, but, you cant recieve text messages, cant access anything (Gallery, Messages, Media, etc.) and when you try to access things, the phone hangs, screen goes Blue, white, blue and then turns off. Some of my friends have the same phone and have the same problem. But besides that, its a great phone!

Reviewed by Ala from Canada on 18th Apr 2008
Extremely hard to unlock it!

Reviewed by David Smithers from UK on 10th Mar 2008
I like this phone, although it doesn't really stand out much from other budget phones on the market. I got it on a special deal, but I'll probably sell it on ebay and go back to my old Nokia 6230i, which is quite a bit older, but quite a lot better!

Reviewed by matthew from united kingdom on 13th Feb 2008
its brill:looking

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 11th Feb 2008
Not quite sure why this has just come up cos its been out for ages!! Needless to say for an affordable business phone you cant go wrong. The screen is not great, and the VGA camera is not up to the standard many wud have hoped. But in terms of style I really like it. The flip is well constructed and the buttons are easy to use. Other great options are the bluetooth, and memory slot as well as the xpress music player. The interface is face and responsive, and there is a vast array of applications and options. Nearly everything can be edited. Overall this is a fone that not many people will have. So if you're tired of seeing your phone all over the place, this could be right up your alley. The only negatives are the screen, both external and internal not being as sharp as they could. Apart from that its great!

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