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Nokia 6070 review

 Review: September 2006  

Last updated November 2006

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6070 is a very basic camera phone.

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The design of the 6070 is simple, with a good sized square keypad and not too much to go wrong. It looks like a brick, but a very small and lightweight brick!

Feature-wise, the 6070 doesn't give you much for your money. There's a camera and video camera, but these are really only toys. The display is also rather poor and hard to read in bright light. Although the phone supports MP3 ringtones, there's no MP3 player, however there is a stereo FM radio. The ringtones are rather poor quality too - don't expect too much just because they're MP3 format. Memory is very small - just 3.2 Mbytes of user memory, so you won't be able to store many pictures or videos. There are better entry-level camera phones than this: consider the Sony Ericsson K310i or the Motorola L6 instead. The 6070 has now been upgraded to the Nokia 6080.

Nokia 6070 features include:

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What number of gold can I find in Nokia 6070?

Asked by Femi from Nigeria on 20th May 2018
Golds on Nokia 6070

I wish to purchase a earphone for my nokia 6070. where can i find one.?

Asked by robert from england on 10th Dec 2016

How do I print the photos on a Nokia 6070?

Asked by Deborah from England on 24th Feb 2016
My dad has some photos on his 6070.Had it years. Sadly we have not been able to print them.Really desperate as would like to do it for Fathers Day.Can you please, please let me know how we go about it? Many thanks.

Reply by S21 from UK on 24th Feb 2016
Hi Deborah, the Nokia 6070 has an old pop-port connector that can be used to transfer data via USB. The first thing you'll need is a pop-port to USB cable, so you can connect it to a PC or laptop. The old pop-port connections were prone to collect dust and dirt, and this may be a problem for you.

If you still have the phone's original packaging, there should be a CD-ROM with the Nokia PC suite, USB drivers and any other software needed for your computer to recognise the phone. You will need to install this on your PC in order to be able to read the data on the phone. This could be tricky, as the Nokia software is probably designed for an old version of Windows like Windows XP.

This is all quite tricky, so perhaps there is a local independent PC repair or phone guy who could do this for you?

Nokia 6070 user reviews

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Average rating from 245 reviews:

Reviewed by Noman from India on 29th Jul 2016
I bought Nokia 6070 almost 10 years back when I was working in Dubai. Battery lasted 9 years. Replaced one year ago. I have used very carefully and still looks new. Now my son gifted me Blackberry smartphone. I wish to transfer all the data including photos. I was not supplied with any cable etc. Please assist.

Reviewed by MrS mcewan from scotland on 12th Dec 2014
I was given this phone as a gift. I am in my 80s and not that good with mobiles. I was trying to forward on some photos but media would not allow it. Can anyone help me. I love my phone and would not like to change it. I have had it since 2008

Reviewed by Gerry from Australia on 23rd Jan 2012
My 6070 was bought new in 2007 and is still in service in 2012. It has been reliable despite being used daily for years. It just won't die.

Reviewed by Reuben T Earl from Dalkeith, Scotland on 16th Jan 2012
I got this for my 7 year old son, mostly so i could contact him. It broke 5 years later (In 2010/11 Winter) when he slipped on some ice and his phone was in his back pocket of his jeans so it smashed. He slipped into a puddle aswell... BUT, yep you guessed it, it still works. Its a hardy phone, but a rubbish one at that. It's a waste of 39.99. I should of waited a year and got him a iPhone 1. I can't even get O2 recycle it it so out of date.

Reviewed by Margaret from UK on 15th Nov 2011
I've had my Nokia 6070 for four years now. Great speaker, solid as a brick, dropped it loads of times, never broke. Silver paint scraping off now, but still great for basic texts and phone calls, very robust, good battery life, cheap to use. Not great memory for photos and videos but was v. cheap when purchased all those years ago, so can't complain.

Reviewed by Lisbon Nhekairo from UK on 23rd Oct 2011
Its a good phone but very boring sometimes.The use of opera mini is slow when opening but its an average phone

Reviewed by Anvil from UK on 31st Jul 2011
This phone is rubbish I have had it for ages but it drives me crazy ga ga. You can't do much with it I am dissin dis phone bigtime. I can't turn off the voicemail. You can use it as a hammer or nutcracker but as a phone it is garbage. If I was not skint I would get a new one. Lasse Viren, Jean Sibelius,Sami Hypia, Jari Littmanen, Pavo Nurmi you Finnish boys did a really bad job designing this one. The bin men refused to take it last week. Thers should be an option for no stars totally rubbish.

Reviewed by Raymond from UK on 18th Jun 2010
This phone is good for calls but it can download apps less than 150kb. That's bad

Reviewed by Darius Saulenas from UK on 3rd Apr 2010
Nokia 6070. I still have this art of engineering at home. If I could compare menu with another nokia phones for a lower budget no doubt this model would be a winner. Sadly Nokia corp. stopped mass production of this phone, my Nokia 6070 is more than 4 years old but still the battery keeps well, sound quality fine, keybooard works fine and easy replaceable. I don't understand Nokia priorities and why did they stopped Nokai 6070 production ;(

Reviewed by Dora from UK on 18th Mar 2010
I think it's a good phone, especially if you don't expect a super-memory PC-like phone. As it was said by someone on an other site, that's rather a phone. I also miss the bluetooth a bit, but I can get along with the infra too (it works 2 ways on win XP only though...). For me the ringtones are loud enough. Memory isn't too big, true, but you can delete and also copy stuff that you may not need on your phone, like the original pictures. I could send out some pictures, 20-80 kb mp3s and it still has a little space. Just think of what contents you really need to be in the phone's memory (gallery, games). Ironic is that some themes can be sent via infra and can NOT deleted, and some can be deleted, but can NOT be sent via infra (the basic themes, like ripple, apple). But all in all, I like it and it still had no issues since I bought it in 2006, there was only 1 wrong stuff, when the volume button seemed to be stuck in because it got a bit wet. But otherwise no malfunctions happened, and it's almost 3,5 years old by now. I agree that Nokia makes trustworthy telephones, even if their feature-range are not always perfect enough for the users.

Reviewed by imain from UK on 20th Dec 2009
its not gd

Reviewed by alex from UK on 5th Dec 2009
brilliant cheap phone to use

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 28th Oct 2009
It is simple and good shame no bluetooth

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 8th Oct 2009
We bought this a few years ago after reading good reviews -for what it is, not what it doesn't have! It is rubbish. Major issues with headphone jack - removing plug not recognised, so speaker did not work. turning off randomly. not ringing. losing msgs.rubbish battery life. Nokia Care tried three times - couldn't fix - lost all our settings and contacts (who doesn't saveit all first!) They replaced phone 1.5yrs ago - still rubbish - cannot connect to PC, getting ringtone errors at random, fails to ring, alarm doesn't go off at random (more than annoying), turns off at random, doesn't record missed calls, random errors hobbling phone......... Only worth a kids toy.

Reviewed by sleepy writer from UK on 7th Oct 2009
this phone is good.....with the price like this it is very very good.... i agree with emma from england what else do u all expect a phone that cost 1 dollar with a gprs,mms,bluetooth,mp3 player and 8 gigabytes memory whatever

Reviewed by harsh from UK on 29th Aug 2009
ya its a nice phone m using it from last 2years...........

Reviewed by argjend from UK on 26th Aug 2009
a soo cool mobil me dhi n ta sen svyn

Reviewed by sid from UK on 25th Aug 2009
the picture quality is ok but the video is rubbish!

Reviewed by lola from UK on 7th Aug 2009
Good fone if all u want to do is call & txt but not very hi- tech. No bluetooth and camera quality bad. However, for someone who only wants a cheap fone i recomend it.

Reviewed by SANJAY from UK on 19th Jun 2009

Reviewed by shafi from UK on 14th Jun 2009
good in style operation service

Reviewed by GIOGIAS from UK on 28th May 2009

Reviewed by joyce from UK on 11th May 2009
yeah, this one is not good as other units, but hey, you buy a cellphone to send sms and call, thats the main purpose right? cellphone is not really a camera or watever, its a phone that give services in way of communication. cheers!

Reviewed by jamesc from UK on 16th Apr 2009
Bad phone. Lots of issues with keys being "pressed" automatically during calls. I have 2 - both do it. Steer clear of it.

Reviewed by gaurav from UK on 25th Mar 2009
this phone sucks

Reviewed by Shoaib from UK on 8th Feb 2009
i have never ever used a mobile better thn this one,.,i love it ,,,its my babby muaaahhhhzzzzz

Reviewed by oghenero poko from UK on 7th Feb 2009
Indeed it is a good phone but has low memory. I discovered that 16mb followed it but 3.2mb is present in it now. Can the 16mb be restored back into the phone. Text me 07064602187

Reviewed by nanjee Jethwa from UK on 6th Feb 2009
very good phone

Reviewed by oghenero poko from UK on 27th Jan 2009
I do not like the phone because of the memory space. I need help from you to enlarge the memory space.

Reviewed by Nouni from UK on 19th Jan 2009
Very nice for the price 100$CA. Efficient battery. Good reception Never use the camera or radio nor TV !!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 9th Dec 2008
Don't know why there are any good reviews on this phone. Only reason the reviews are good is because someone is trying to sell it off. For those who don't know about this phone...here it is. IT IS ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH

Reviewed by mick from UK on 21st Nov 2008
If its just a reliable phone you want, then its very good.good phone book, easy to text,very durable, can take a bump or two .Camera is rubbish,not a phone for posers.Excellent value for money.

Reviewed by Dano from UK on 11th Nov 2008
To be honest, it does the job, its like the old 3210 or 3310, it doesnt break. If u were into gadgets or high specs its not the phone for you. If you just make calls & texts its perfect.

Reviewed by aditya.t from UK on 12th Oct 2008
i got dis fon frm my DAD....he used it 4 2 years....den it was al mine....d fons a SEXY piece...memory wil always b my drawback....lest its superb

Reviewed by x2x3 from UK on 28th Aug 2008
frustrated in memory

Reviewed by Christina from UK on 26th Aug 2008
I have had this phone for over 18 months and haven't had a moment's problem with it. I would definitely have one again. The people who are giving bad reviews seem to want all for nothing. If you want something with all the bells and whistles you're going to have to dish out the dough, people, and this may not be the phone for you. However, I just wanted an honest, dependable phone which was comfortable in my hand and easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone who wants the same regardless of age.

Reviewed by Terry Rigden from UK on 13th Aug 2008
Seems competent enough for a basic phone but dont expect much from the camera.

Reviewed by gadhuni from UK on 5th Aug 2008
it is bad in display i hate it

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 30th Jun 2008
Pretty much useless......Sad phone by nokia with a horrible camera

Reviewed by Srishti from UK on 29th Jun 2008
I think it is good phone,bcoz it contains so many features & on the other side it is so cheap.but i tink it could be best if it contains user memory upto 7 mb as well as camera of at most 1 megapixel.but otherwise it is not bad phone definitely.

Reviewed by Subhajit from UK on 27th Jun 2008
You can buy other phone with better quality at same price.. then why go for this?

Reviewed by amirthasam from UK on 25th Jun 2008
this phone is very bad iam purchase lostyeardecemper2006 .camara not glarity

Reviewed by sonu from UK on 11th Jun 2008
the phane is superb.

Reviewed by Muhammad Sharif from UK on 6th Jun 2008
I purchased a new one in Jun/07 and found fit for use but now its batery have become U/S.

Reviewed by pliers from UK on 24th May 2008
had it for over a year, working perfectly well but very sloooooowwwwwwwwwwww. low memory. no blue tooth, poor sound quality for recorded stuff, poor camera pictures but does the basic functions perfectly well. good screen size.

Reviewed by Rebecca from UK on 14th May 2008
hi it is a great yes very basic but very good and a phone is just to text and call and that is what it does and more

Reviewed by Abraham P. from UK on 4th May 2008
This is my other phone beside my Siemens C75. It is a good phone for a user with a large keypad. The keypad is so big and you would not made a mistype while typing an SMS.

Reviewed by madeline from UK on 3rd May 2008
Can someone tell me how to use the speakerphone on this handset ? It suits my needs just fine, text and phone, and the fm radio

Reviewed by abdy from UK on 12th Apr 2008
this phone looks nice but its features are very poor am just having the phone for two days and i feel like if i made a mistake buying it

Reviewed by adam from UK on 12th Apr 2008
A completely worthless piece of junk. The buttons on the first one stopped working after about 6 months, the network and manufacturer were useless. They sent me a new one after much spitting and snarling and parting with more money, now after 6 months the replacement is doing the same and another replacement is on it's way after serious sptting and snarling. The ring is to quiet, it doesn't like working in an outdoor job, the screen is difficult to see in bright light and it is a feeble excuse for a tool and the warranty isn't worth the paper it is written on. I will never buy another nokia phone. Mbile phone manufacturers should stop fobbing us off with useless gadgets like cameras, MP3 players, radios and sat nav and make a phone that acually works, with a decent, cast iron, no quibble warranty. RUBBISH

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 5th Apr 2008
I love this phone. Have owned it for a few months and have had no problems whatsoever. A bargain at 30.

Reviewed by Dotzy from UK on 21st Mar 2008
NOt commendable i regret buying it

Reviewed by lily flower from UK on 21st Mar 2008
i was given this phone for my birthday and it is of very poor quality and i cannot connect to bluetooth DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by johhy from UK on 17th Mar 2008
the phone is a bad not much to do on it if u like that kind of phone its the one for u

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 2nd Mar 2008
I think for the price,mine was 25,after trade in,and an upgrade,its an excellent PHONE.At the end of the day,its a telephone.When you read some reviews,youd think people buy phones that make a cup of tea,or give them a massage or something.Its a phone i.e you ring people and talk to them,or text.If you want a phone with bells and whistles-go out and spend a 100.

Reviewed by ANON from UK on 29th Feb 2008
Kelvin it is a 21st century phone i has email, push to talk, video java and more

Reviewed by jepzz from UK on 28th Feb 2008
this is a good basic phone, it rings and texts, job done. nice one.

Reviewed by RG from UK on 27th Feb 2008

Reviewed by CHOLE from UK on 25th Feb 2008

Reviewed by Biyan ghebreyesus from UK on 19th Feb 2008
It is nice cell phone but with low memory.you wrote that it has Fm redio but asking for connectivetyso i am very need of your help in how to use this redio.Overwholming speaking it is good and well accepted in our country Eritrea. Thanks for your information.

Reviewed by MKruger from UK on 19th Feb 2008
It's a fine simple phone in almost all respects - except one. My phone randomly dials numbers whilst I'm on the phone. Even when I am not touching it and it is on loudspeaker. I have had it replaced 4 times and repaired once under warranty. It is still faulty. It may sound like a simple problem but every time a number self dials a sound is made making it impossible for the person on the other end of the phone to be able to hear you. I'd love to be able to love this phone as it is quite simple and easy to use in most other respects with enough (simple) bells and whistles. But it just doesn't work.

Reviewed by fuad from UK on 11th Feb 2008
i think this phone is simply perfect, because i try send pic to nokia 6600 and look good. 6070 have a suck screen only, need a touch of TFT technology

Reviewed by fahad from UK on 10th Feb 2008
i buy a nokia 6070.but it can not saticfy me.its not have many memory.what i do now;

Reviewed by lynnewilson from UK on 10th Feb 2008
very poor....slow to use menu...when I dial other numbers its beepos continually and the numbers 5 and 6 come up on the screen

Reviewed by edd from UK on 4th Feb 2008
Mat, did you find a solution to the problem of headphone symbol and no sound when you call or answer a call? please send response to emukonka@zamnet.zm

Reviewed by ikki from UK on 4th Feb 2008
phone only a 1 star

Reviewed by kuldeep from UK on 4th Feb 2008
itis a very good phone.

Reviewed by Serra from UK on 2nd Feb 2008
This phone accumulates a lot of dust and other small particles in its interior over the screen. Now, in some light conditions it's very difficult to see the screen data. I don't recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Lucien from UK on 28th Jan 2008
good one NOKIA keep it up

Reviewed by Jadine Harptree from UK on 27th Jan 2008
I bought this phone as it appeared to be good value, I was quite disapointed. The on off button has broken on several occassions and after less than a years use the keypad has completly given up. Also the camera and video is very poor and fuzzy and I really feel it wasn't worth the money. No bluetooth!

Reviewed by Paul from Canada from UK on 25th Jan 2008
Quite happy this phone so far. It's replaced my older 6020, and does what I need it to do. Would be nice if the memory could be upgraded, but still content as I'm not a heavy media user.

Reviewed by Shoes from UK on 23rd Jan 2008
POrtable, simple and manageble for young man

Reviewed by Shane Clarke from UK on 22nd Jan 2008
My 6070 is useless , when someone calls my phone it automatically dials 5's & 6's, as well as wandering through the calender switching through the profiles by itself and setting an alarm that never goes off!! one word for this phone FAULTY !! DO NOT BUY ONE .

Reviewed by Nicky from Kenya from UK on 9th Jan 2008
Indrek from EST: you can't listen to the radio without the ear-piece for the simple reason that the headset acts as the antenna, as is the case with almost all mobile phones. Use your brain!

Reviewed by Alfred Skapi from UK on 7th Jan 2008
I have bought a Nokia 6070 mobile phone some months ago. It was made in Hungary. I really have come to realise that it is not a good quality, since the camera doesn't work anymore. After the phone has fallen down twice the rind is not sounding anymore.

Reviewed by Sithumini Wijemanna from UK on 4th Jan 2008
A grate phone.

Reviewed by niza from UK on 2nd Jan 2008
for me..its a great phone that i have........and it so beautiful

Reviewed by Gold From Nigeria from UK on 22nd Dec 2007
The phone is simply understanding and friendly. Its a luvly phone.

Reviewed by sherpa from UK on 20th Dec 2007
i love 6070 modal nokia.

Reviewed by RAVIDATTA KUMAR from UK on 9th Dec 2007

Reviewed by mat from UK on 8th Dec 2007
good phone but i've got a headphone symbol on the screen and when i call someone i cant hear them and they cant hear me. does anyone know whats wrong with it????

Reviewed by Nauman Ali from UK on 7th Dec 2007
HI I am Nauman Ali , from Peshawar Pakistan, i am not agreed with the person writing about the Nokia 6070, i think when you are buying the phone, then go for quality, duralibity and reliability, and i think NOKIA stands the first in Companies,actually i think nokia introuduces the thing when she confirms her self that the item is working properly, then she launches it in the Market, so i will say just go and buy 6070 with low price, high sounds, and good picture quality.All the Best Nauman Ali Peshawar, Pakistan.

Reviewed by RAJESH.K from UK on 30th Nov 2007

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 30th Nov 2007
Bought it to replace a 3120 which I put through the washing machine! Sim was fine. I only use a phone to make phone calls, so was pleased to find that I could get internet information as well. However, my Nokia download cable, which fits and worked fine on the old phone does not work with this phone. I had to put all the info in manually. Haven't yet tried infra-red. Can't find a shop that can sell me an IR device for my PC. For 30, the phone is pretty good.

Reviewed by X-Katie-X from UK on 27th Nov 2007
Love the phone had one for christmas but its vga cam and no bluetooth is just disapointing really cause it looks nice

Reviewed by Izzy from UK on 23rd Nov 2007

Reviewed by haroon from UK on 23rd Nov 2007
i persoally used it, it is one of the best mobile for the decent person and in short it is so smart

Reviewed by Suhas Buradkar from UK on 22nd Nov 2007
Initially it seems to be a nice phone but you will face a serious problem while using it for internet surfing as its modem is never detected by nokia pc suit

Reviewed by knut endresen from UK on 11th Nov 2007
i love may fon but its lokt for me sow ai can not yues itt laik as ai wil

Reviewed by Abhishek from UK on 7th Nov 2007
Nice Phone but it has less memory so it can't store more sms. and "messege memory almost full" appears very soon.

Reviewed by Tazio from UK on 3rd Nov 2007
Very weak build quality. After 3 months of use the plastic parts were peeling off and very easily scratched. Software crashes on a regular basis, often so heavily that you often cannot make calls during its recovery. Camera is very good quality, pity you cannot use it: everytime the slider-cover for the lens is pulled-down, it turns off (a constant software/hardware (?) bug that seems impossible to cure. Service improved it a little, but only for 2 -3 days and again the same story). Very frustrating, as this phone was a present to me, so I couldn't even think of returning it and had to live with its "bad habits". The only good part seems to be that the display glass is very resistent to scratching, as is the metal part of the casing. The plastic bits are totally c..p. The sound quality is rather good, and the keyboard seems solid, but some keys have already started to peel-out ,in spite of only 3 months use.

Reviewed by Pak Cipan from UK on 1st Nov 2007
For cheap mobile phone, I consider it is good. For talking and messaging, I say it is very good with clear speaker and screen, also big keypad. For camera and music (mp3), you better get real digital camera and ipod. For fm radio, it is better than nothing to listen when get bored. But, I still cannot connect to pc with infra red. Most important, easy to use, working great and user friendly. For basic communication, I give 6070 a good phone to buy!

Reviewed by Sarah-Beth from UK on 29th Oct 2007
For the money, it's a good phone. Fair enough, the camera isn't great, but let's think this through . . . it's a phone, not a digital camera. Nor is it an MP3 player. It's good for what it is, it makes calls, sends texts, and the alarm gets me up in the morning. Over all, I really like it, it gets the job done and didn't cost a fortune.

Reviewed by sexy babe from UK on 26th Oct 2007
i totally love this phone! it is soo sexy!!

Reviewed by Richard ~Macclesfield from UK on 24th Oct 2007
Got this for my 86year old dad. The ring tones are really poor compared with my basic but old 3510i which has a couple of naff but noisy choices. Is there no volume control on the ringer? Are other new phones like this? Is this progress? And there is no vibrate. Good feature- able to change font size in messaging and contacts. And it is handy to have a speaker phone.

Reviewed by hariharan.k from UK on 21st Oct 2007
In nokia 6070 no good games pla sms this 9940113005

Reviewed by Patrick Nott from UK on 20th Oct 2007
I wouldn't call it an outstanding phone due to the phone's rather lousy graphics and lack of features. Only good thing is it's radio which I found pretty good. All in all it's good for something looking for a phone just to call and text.

Reviewed by shabbir from UK on 19th Oct 2007
what a joke i also using this phone its useless

Reviewed by joggy from UK on 18th Oct 2007
This Phone Is The Best

Reviewed by Angie from UK on 17th Oct 2007
Been to the repair shop twice and now the on off button is broken!! not good!! Service enwortdr

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