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Nokia 6060 review

 Review: February 2006  


In a nutshell: The 6060 is a mundane phone from Nokia, who still seem to have trouble getting their flip phones up to the mark.


A very basic phone, this one is overpriced and has reliability issues too - not great for a phone with so few features. If you're a Nokia fan looking for a basic clamshell-style phone this might appeal, but we wouldn't really recommend it.

Everything about this phone is underwhelming, from the basic low-resolution display to the very poor 16-voice polyphonic ringtones. The competition has been offering 40-voice or better ringtones for years. Other negatives include the small, fiddly keys and the below-average audio quality.

Looking on the positive side, the 6060 is a nice-sized clamshell. It's smart (if you ignore the ugly external aerial) and has cool pulsating lights. Battery life is good, the integrated handsfree speaker and voice commands are a bonus, and there are a few extras such as email, a web browser and an expense manager program.

Nokia 6060 features include:

  • Display: 65,536 colours, 160 x 128 pixels
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Voice commands and voice dialing
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, email (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4)
  • 16-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Pulsating lights
  • Java games
  • Themes and wallpapers
  • Date & time screensaver
  • Phonebook (500 entries)
  • Caller ID with image
  • Personal organiser functions: calendar, notes, to-do-list, expense manager
  • WAP 1.2.2, GPRS class 6
  • xHTML browser
  • Vibration alert
  • Dual band
  • Size: 85 x 44 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 93g
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 400 hours

Nokia 6060 user reviews

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Average rating from 62 reviews:

Reviewed by Darius Saulenas from UK on 3rd Apr 2010
I had this phone for a couple of months and I thank goodness I could sell it because that time it cost fortune. The only one good thing about this phone is quit comfortable as you can use the clamshell answering, but another features like menu, ring tones did leave me a lot of impress

Reviewed by ernie ayes from UK on 7th Jun 2009
awesome very masculine

Reviewed by Dennis from UK on 26th Sep 2008
My wife and I have a pair of Nokia 6060's and over the course of the last couple of years have suffered from an annoying problem. The ringtones keep turning themselves off and we are left with an inaudible beep when a call comes in. This only happens from time to time, and it seems to be midi tones rather than MP3's that turn off. Any thoughts anybody?

Reviewed by Jeffo from UK on 11th Jul 2008
You gotta be kidding. This is one of the best cost-benefit phones. It has excellent audio and a really powerful speaker phone, I can make my calls while driving without any cops realizing I am on the phone. Although very limited on memory (2Mb) I can play .mp3s or use them as a ringtone and carry my son's pictures as a wallpaper. I also could backup all data to the PC and restore it later. It cost me 29 BUCKS for which I am very happy with it. My phone received all kinds of abuse (less water, of course) has lots of dents and dings and works FLAWLESSLY. I Recommended to many friends and they bought it and think pretty much the same. You review is too biased or focused on tech hungry people and their big buck cumbersome devices. Common!

Reviewed by NIK from UK on 14th May 2008

Reviewed by Lynn from UK on 16th Apr 2008
I've had my Nokia 6060 for 3 years. Its a simple, good and adequate phone. Not great if you want camera etc but retains its charge well and is easy to use.

Reviewed by Leslie from UK on 24th Oct 2007
Audio sucks! Ringer doesn't work, it just vibrates.

Reviewed by Leslie USA from UK on 24th Oct 2007
I did not like this phone. I've have problems hearing people and now the phone will not ring. It just vibrates.Other then these few problems I still wish to upgrade soon.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 18th Oct 2007
I bought one in Saudi Arabia and had it for 4 months. I fell in love with it after I gave it to my Mother in Law and couldn't replace it due to market unavailability. It's user friendly and for the person that don't need a on-board computer, this little phone is great for allround use !

Reviewed by sunil divekar from UK on 18th Sep 2007
I buy this cell for just only fun m this phone v , a internet,phonbook entryu , so i like tis cell phone,

Reviewed by Sylvia from UK on 13th Sep 2007
I have this phone for 1 year now. It's great! I don't have problems with it. But hey, I only want a basic phone, no cameras needed since I don't like phone with cameras (poor picture qualities usually). Drop it few times, but still OK. A bit disappointed for not having an FM Radio. But overall, I'll stick with it till I found another basic but fashinable phone. (with the Radio, of course)

Reviewed by Cheryl from UK on 6th Aug 2007
I have had my phone for well over 12mths now and just love it. I would certainly recommend this phone.

Reviewed by waseem from india on 10th Jul 2007
good one i like it very much

Reviewed by Vanzell from Barbados on 8th Jun 2007
This phone is not a bad phone at all but my only problem is that it doesn't have alot of memory. It only has about 3MB of memory that is shared. All to that it is a good phone.

Reviewed by Paul Fioole from Belgium on 29th May 2007
Simply, a good phone

Reviewed by Raffa from Italy on 13th May 2007
I bought this phone a week ago. It's cheap, it's great. Buy if if you use your PHONE to make calls and send sms. No photos, no radio, non bluetooth but.. who minds?

Reviewed by Ollie from England on 1st May 2007
This phone is great, altohugh it lacks in features, this phone is the most smart nokia i've ever seen in a long while.

Reviewed by FAVOUR from NIGERIA on 22nd Mar 2007

Reviewed by carl from ireland on 14th Jan 2007
i think this phone is brill for the money ya pay for it mine has been droped hundreds of times and has even been droped into a glass of water and it is still working

Reviewed by dann thorpe from AUSTRALIA MATE! on 22nd Dec 2006
the people who have written bad things about this phone are very stupid, i payed 99$ australian thats around $70 US and it came with $30 credit. THE POINT TO THIS PHONE IS THAT IT ISNT MENT TO SOUND GOOD IT ISNT MENT TO HAVE A HUGE LIST OF FEATURES ITS A REALLY CHEAP PHONE THEREFORE YOU CANNOT ASK ANY MORE FROM IT!!. if you are unhappy with it then SUFFER@!, it servs you right for buying such a cheap phone in the first place have you ever heard the saying you get what you pay for? its like comparing a mercedes to a hyundai, a sony to a radioshack, you get my drift its a great phone and it does what it is ment to do, personaly its perfect for me as i only use mobiles for SMS and phone calls. if i want to take photos i have a 6 megapixel digital camera for that, if i want a decent movie without large pixel blocks then i would use my digital video camera. great phone, just because you have gone and payed for a new mobile doesnt mean it will be state of the art, and when its only $70us then WTF are you complaining about!!!?

Reviewed by jamar from barbados on 17th Dec 2006
whare i am this phone gives no1 no trouble our two local cell phones companies were packed with lines goin in the streets wen these were 1st advertised evry1 wanted 1 they said it gives no trouble and once u have a USB cable for it its a really cool phone hare in caribbean wea are kinda late on technology these phones are popular as hell the onli thing that looks bad is the oooooguly eypad im getting one fer christ mas i picked my moms closet lock and saw it

Reviewed by martyn from australia on 25th Nov 2006

Reviewed by karim from iran on 10th Nov 2006
Not a bad phone!

Reviewed by Ranganayakulu from india on 8th Nov 2006
i spent my good money on this dirty little instrument! this looks good but the audio quality is very very poor. many times i cant listen to the caller. if nokia takes this back gives me my money i will be thankful! dont buy this. Ranga

Reviewed by Karen from Australia on 4th Nov 2006
Have found this a great little phone. HOWEVER, the audio quality is terrible. I find it difficult to hear people when talking on the phone & it is beginning to drive me nuts. Sometimes you can hear really well & other times you can't hear a thing people are saying to you.

Reviewed by Bramble from NZ on 3rd Sep 2006
My 6060 is business standard so I had no choice. Nevertheless, it is functional enough for my job BUT the ear audio is not loud enough for me - I struggle to hear the caller. Cant find a control to increase the sound, can someone advise me how to do this? I assume it is possible, most mobiles do offer loudness control.

Reviewed by mart from Netherlands on 31st Aug 2006
Simple and reliable phone for excellent price. Don't know what some other reviewers do with it, but never had any problems since I bought it 8 months ago. Flip works good, screen is fine. If you want to use your own wallpaper / mp3-ring, upload it on the internet somewhere and download it with your phone.

Reviewed by jacqueline from united states on 21st May 2006
I think it is the coolest phone!!!!! It dosen't matter if it dosen't have a camera it is still cool!!!!!

Reviewed by Equilan from Finland on 11th May 2006
What is all this talk about the phone being unrealiable and crashing all the time? I've owned this phone for 6 months now and never had any problems with it. The review mentioned that it has only 16-voice poly ringtones. Who needs them when you have mp3? Gotta be honest that the mp3 quality isn't too good either but that's the case with all cell phones. Can't give a bad rating for a fairly cheap phone for lacking all different kinds of gadgets. One tech minus for me is the a lil bit below the average sound quality. The other one as someone mentioned the problems with downloadable applications, couldn't make some game work even when it was supposed to be compatible with the phone. Configurable menus really make it easy to use and the "small" keys just take a lil while to get used to. Overall it's a very nice and good looking basic flip phone for a comparable price. ****/*****

Reviewed by vatche from Syriua on 29th Apr 2006
in my opinion this phone has motorola shape and very good from outside, but coming into the inside it has a very poor features like no infra, no bluth. and many others.

Reviewed by joe from france on 18th Apr 2006
it's simply. it don't have many functions, but it's cheap. and it looks excellent. it has very comfortable buttons. buy it if you need just a phone.

Reviewed by Matheus from Brazil on 11th Apr 2006
I got a good deal on this phone and I do not regret it. The phone is beautiful and basic, but has some cool features. The only problem is that sound quality could be better sometimes, or I still have to readapt. Anyway, if you are looking for more than a phone, do not try this one.

Reviewed by Lisa from Australia on 26th Mar 2006
I dont know what to say about this phone.. sure, it looks cute, but it has let me down, where no other Nokia phones have before. I find that it is almost impossible to turn the phone on or off, and, you almost need to turn the phone around the wrong way to hear when on a call, otherwise, you need to use "Speakerphone" and that is rude and still bad quality anyway.

Reviewed by Caitlin from Austrailia on 24th Mar 2006
i thought this phone was rubbis it crashes its slow and the reception and the horrible noise that comes out when youre talking to someone on it!!! it drove me crazy. i will tell you this now....... DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!!ITS RUBBISH!

Reviewed by Will Scobie from Australia on 15th Mar 2006
I got mine for $149 australian, with $40 credit included, and I think that that is not only a great deal, but it is still a pretty awsome phone.

Reviewed by Hayden from Australua on 4th Mar 2006
i had this phone for about 2 months before i was stupid enough to go swimming with it :( anyway, the mp3 ringtones are useless, nokia charge you $5 Aus for a 3 seconds mp3 clip that sounds awfull, i tried to download games onto it, but everytime it said 'Invalid application' and the standard games are junk! all in all, buy a LG phone, you wont regret it!!

Reviewed by Nick from Aussie on 7th Feb 2006
I Think its a gr8 looking fone but it just doesnt have the features to compare with other fones, its just 2 basic the screen is good quality which is one of the fones very few positive things.

Reviewed by Dan from Romania on 30th Jan 2006

Reviewed by chris from england on 1st Jan 2006
Its not a great phone but good for the money. Got good features,nice small phone not very reliablle .You are better off getting another phone and spending a little bit more money

Reviewed by cristina from romania on 31st Dec 2005
I bought this phone last week and i think it is very good for the money I gave for it. It looks very nice, the colours it has are almost real. Wap goes well! But don't buy it if you want more than a phone! :)

Reviewed by - from spain on 28th Dec 2005
Very cheap and bad sound from calls. Display is good but keeps turning itself on and off. My worst nokia ever.

Reviewed by Marius from Ireland on 28th Dec 2005
Nokia and flip phones are not good friends.

Reviewed by Jameso from Dudley on 26th Dec 2005

Reviewed by Dawn from Northants on 23rd Dec 2005
I have used the Panasonic x70 but lately it won't hold charge so have decided to change phones. After a lot of consideration I decided to go for the Nokia 6060 without actually seeing it and going frofm what wasa written on it. Menat to get 50 text message free a month but ocntract when received said 250 free for 6 months. That is false advertising and its not even 50 per month. I don't like the maga large digits when tyoing int eh phone number and over all I find the phone far too basic and I do like an average phone with no too many aspects to it. On a good note the Nokia 6060 is a good size and looks brilliant. Easy to navigate and a great phone for htose who feel intimidated with too many fancy options. I have had this phone for just enough time to decide it is definately going back. My son has the Nokia K750i so will have a look at his before deciding to get that one or not. As i find the phone average rather than good I have given it only 2 stars.

Reviewed by mojo from England on 16th Dec 2005
this phone has a signature tune like no other, if all else fails, at least you can leave it on ringtone mode and can serve as an alarm clock!

Reviewed by M Bhat from Australia on 15th Dec 2005
This is a terrific phone, mate! I liked the cool, sleek looks. Navigation of options is easy. Black is beaute !

Reviewed by jim from england on 10th Dec 2005
its a very poor phone, its just very , very unreliable!!!!!! dont waste your money

Reviewed by leasy from australia on 9th Dec 2005
this phone is orsum ay. love it. buy it its cool as!!

Reviewed by mr. zuluwakinobi from nigeria on 9th Dec 2005
I have had many Nokia handsets, ranging from the rather basic 3310 up to the Nokia communicator 9500. I recently purchased the 6060 for my daughter guundip, she loves the stylish sleek sexy lines this phone offers. She does not use bluetooth and she is clinically visully impaired, so finds the large keys easy to locate. She also suffers from tinitus and has found the sound quality to be second to none. I would like to thank Nokia for making her life a little bit better! God Bless. Mr. Zuluwakinobi

Reviewed by Zaini from Singapore on 3rd Dec 2005
If you are looking for Basic phone, this is IT. Excellent design and performance. No qualm in recommending this phone to anyone!!!

Reviewed by Jusa from Sweden on 13th Nov 2005
I bought this phone last week, because it was so cheap. It doesn't have a camera, but i don't care, because i don't need one! I already have a digital-camera. The black 6060 is so awesome and beautiful.

Reviewed by salah from egypt on 12th Nov 2005
this phone is excellent for its shape abd capabilities and pricing

Reviewed by Dann from London on 11th Nov 2005
I personally thin this phone is great, so many cool features and the flip is wicked! Black is so sexy too!!

Reviewed by $haun from england on 10th Nov 2005
this fone it great ive never had a fone like it i will thing if you have the ca$h get one quick before there sold out

Reviewed by Ashwin from India on 10th Nov 2005
Nokia , had Finally thats right Finally made a Flip phone , which looks COOOL acts COOOL and is a fantastic equipment , i have used phones starting from 3310 3315 3610 6600 6630 , the bells and whistles are all ok , but nothing impressed me like this one , i found one flaw, it should have had Blue tooth , and must have supported TRI band .other wise this is Worth its wait in GOLD .

Reviewed by SaMi from australia on 20th Oct 2005
this phone is the worst phone ever made by nokia dont buy it ever itz really bad i sold it the first week cause itz soo lame soo i give it 1 star!!!!

Reviewed by Kymi from Osaka (Japan) on 10th Oct 2005
Oh gosh, I bought this phone not long ago and I personally think it is great! It is packed with really cool features as well as being really nice on the eye! Although I think it could have been a bit smaller, but apart from that it is a really neat phone with maxed out features!

Reviewed by umer from pakistan on 29th Sep 2005
ya guys..........i got this phone just a week before but jus in a week im fed up of this phone.......just rubbish and waste of money........no voice clarity and ph. helds up in couple of time.......key pad is not user frindly.......all in all jus focus to but some other model.

Reviewed by Sean Archer from UK on 5th Sep 2005
nokia has come up with one of the cute and smallest flip phones its easy to handle and comfortable to use .

Reviewed by Ali_wakk from engalska on 11th Aug 2005
dis fone luks ok but a bit weird n nt many features

Reviewed by guka from UK on 1st Aug 2005

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