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Nokia 6021 review

 Review: July 2005  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6021 is an excellent non-camera phone, clearly intended for the business user. It's a nice-sized phone that's not heavy, yet not too light. It's design is purposeful and smart, with a functional, well designed keypad.



The core theme of the 6021 is connectivity. Taking the voice aspect of this first, the 6021 is a great phone for just talking - good reception, excellent voice clarity, plus the benefit of an integrated handfree speaker and voice commands. Looking at messaging, it does everything from MMS to full support for email protocols. Data transfer via GPRS and EDGE is as fast as it gets without a 3G network, with data transfer speeds of 177.6 kbps possible (subject to network). Finally, connecting to other devices is taken care of with full Bluetooth connectivity, plus infra-red and USB. However, and this does seem to be an obvious ommission, the 6021 does not support Apple isync, so beware of this if you're an Apple user.

Many will see the Nokia 6021 as a replacement for the classic business phone, the Nokia 6310i. Certainly it's a good dependable phone if you want the core business functions without any frills. It's disappointing that Apple support is missing, and the LCD display, whilst good enough could have been a lot bigger. Still, it's not a very expensive phone, and it meets the needs of its target niche pretty well.

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Nokia 6021 features include:

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Can the on/off switch be repaired on Nokia 6021?

Asked by B.R. Stuart-Barker from Germany on 2nd Jan 2017
It charges OK but cannot turn on.

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Average rating from 133 reviews:

Reviewed by Pug from UK on 29th Apr 2016
I was just mooching through the net-came upon this site. Ok-I have a Nokia 6021. Nothing amazing about that....but....I've had this phone since 2005. Yes-becomes a bit more interesting,hmm? The REALLY interesting thing,is that my phone STILL holds a charge for a week-and it's 11 years old! Yes,before anyone asks,it IS the original battery-it's never needed to be replaced. Now,I am NOT saying this is the fanciest or most web-friendly phone ever made-nor does it have the largest memory...BUT - if what you're looking for is a phone that WILL get through,that CAN take knocks & bashes and still operate properly...and that will NOT let you down,then the Nokia 6021 is the phone you're looking for-you just haven't realised it,as you think a phone should be a computer with a phone as part of it's equipment. NO-the 6021 is a PHONE-and a very good one.
Show me ANY Samsung or iphone that is 11 years old and still works faultlessly-and has never had a battery change! Yep-speaks for itself. The Nokia 6021 has been a solid,faithful item of communication for 11 years.

Reviewed by Abdul Waheed from UAE on 21st Jun 2014
i like nokia 6021. i will continew use since 7 years.
now i need nokia-6021 body case. please give me information about has body case. where can i get new body case in dubai. please give me information on my e-mail. waheed786ch@gmail.com
and best regards.

Reviewed by R Harrington from UK on 4th Jan 2012
I'm not a techie person but I've signed up to GiffGaff and just installed Opera mini. So what's not to like for really small money ?

Reviewed by rich from UK on 10th Nov 2011
I'm Still using this phone after nearly 5 years and countless drops onto pavements! The battery is still great

Reviewed by Sajib from UK on 5th Jul 2011
I just love it.......................

Reviewed by R R Meyer from UK on 17th May 2011
I wish I had never got this phone. I have had it for only 14 months, hardly use it, take great care of it, and the scrolling/select button has just broken so the phone is now useless and I have to buy a new one. Never found it comfortable to use either as the hard plastic keys are slippery so are difficult to use, and the scrolling/select button (even when it did work) had quite sharp edges which hurt my thumb when I used it. Final verdict - a great phone if you're going to keep it wrapped in cotton wool in a glass case.

Reviewed by James Towers from UK on 12th Feb 2011
The Nokia 6021 phone is one of the best ever produced by Nokia - extremely functional and capable, very durable, small, light, excellent keypad, very configurable and capable of producing one of the loudest rings of any mobile I've ever used. Ideal for use in hostile conditions outdoors as a more durable and weatherproof substitute for a smartphone if you don't want to expose the latter to the elements.

Reviewed by Paul frae Moffat from UK on 28th Feb 2010
Had mine a few years now, it's had some horrendous drops and survived everyone. Great reception and enough features for me. Couldn't live without the calendar and notes.

Reviewed by Mark Cooney from UK on 3rd Feb 2010
Great phone, still working today.I drop kicked it today of a door and its still working bang on

Reviewed by Pieter from UK on 6th Jan 2010
Still standing after 4 years!

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 17th Jun 2009
UI hate this phone! I've had to use it as a work phone for the past 2 years and would never buy one myself. From day 1, the number 9 key doesn't work for texting and I have a friend with exactly the same phone that has the same problem and we got them in different countries. It's rubbish unless you get it for 1 with 100 free credit.

Reviewed by Frank from UK on 6th Jun 2009
First time I bought this 4ne then Isold it because I wanted NOKIA with camera and radio. But the moment I sold it I regretted. This 4ne IS REAL COOL. I have ended up buying it again.Its EDGE enabled GPRS is sooo fast when accesing mobile internet and downloading files from Net.Comfortable key pad, clear screen, +++++ . I love my 6021!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Caoimhe from UK on 10th Mar 2008
The phone's good, covers all the basics, but i'm on my second one now, and like the first one it's now unable to charge. just that this problem's occurred twice now is pretty annoying, but seeing as my parents got both phones free with a network package, i probably shouldn't have expected much more. Also, i resorted to trying to fix the charger pin with a tweezers cos it was too much hassle and money to get it repaired >.< probably not a good move lol. But while it still worked, it did the job.

Reviewed by lizballymena from UK on 5th Feb 2008
great phone. easy to use and good size keys. basic but thats what i want.

Reviewed by JONATHAN CARTER from UK on 4th Feb 2008

Reviewed by nomerb seconomb from UK on 2nd Jan 2008
yes i thought it was very easy to use and great for talkin long hours on. i found that also the battery life was excellent plus it has good features still on it making it seem like a up to date phone! brill!! even though now i have sold it :)

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 7th Dec 2007
On a writeback to rodger about the hands free kit i have no problem... mainly because it sits in a cradle made for it in my E-Class. I find it a good phone with all the needs you could want from a business phone.

Reviewed by Miaa from UK on 3rd Dec 2007
I think the phones ideal for someone who dosent want anything too fancy these days phones are getting more complicating by the day. its a very good simple phone.

Reviewed by Trinity from UK on 18th Sep 2007
It's a basic phone, but works well for its purposes. The reception is excellent, compared to my husband's Ericcson phone which barely gets 2 bars in our house (my Nokia 6021 gets 5 bars). Also, the battery has excellent lasting power. For someone who doesn't live on their cell phone and just needs a basic phone for emergency calls (and the alarm clock), this phone is great.

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 7th Sep 2007
iTS CHUNKY ..FEELS GOOD and seems to work just fine. Very readable keypad and on screen info. (saves me putting my reading glasses on . More bells and whistles than I will ever use a good value ( paid 37 new) What more can you ask for. The latest plasticcy phones are too small for me And as for the mini joystick ...I like it works really well for me :)

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 5th Sep 2007
Poor compared to my old brick of a phone. Signal is non-existent at home, whereas it was good on the old Nokia. Push-to-talk button is badly positioned as you press it every time you pick the phone up by the sides. Central joystick is pants. Compatible car kit holder CR 23 makes it difficult to get phone in and out, and is cheap and nasty, with a sharp edged lip around the top. A sign of a drop in manufacturing standards, perhaps?

Reviewed by asim from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
mother phone exploded in my face

Reviewed by Gill from UK on 29th Aug 2007
Hate this phone. The central button is really difficult to use and the keypad feels cheap and nasty. This is a replacement for a previous business phone and compared to the solid feel if my previous Nokia it feels and like this one cost about 20.00.

Reviewed by wil kosters from UK on 19th Aug 2007
excellent phone love the voice clarity and above all not too expensive

Reviewed by john from UK on 16th May 2007
central joystick packed up within three months

Reviewed by Elizabeth Essex from UK on 29th Apr 2007
This is a good phone but difficult to get parts for. I need a speaker for this phone as people cannot hear what I am saying. Have tried a lot of places and can't find a speaker!

Reviewed by Klaus from UK on 28th Feb 2007
I bought one as a replacement for my nearly-broken 6510. I must say I've been quite satisfied with it, though I upgraded to HP iPAQ hw6915 less than a year ago. I still keep the 6021 in case I need it, it's just so great as a basic-no-nonsense-phone. The hw6915 cannot be compared (the phone part of it deeply sucks), and has actually so many flaws (like sending all incoming calls every few days straight to voice mail without informing me about it) that I've been planning to send it back and return to the 6021. Like Dougal said, ideal business _phone_. Not much else, but it excels in that.

Reviewed by John F from UK on 26th Feb 2007
I got this phone a month ago for business use. It's nice in almost every way, except one. Dust can enter the phone via the power switch at the top of the case. This then gets behind the screen window, making the display hard to read. Not to mention looking awful. You can remove the casing the clean off the dust, but I can see myself having to do this weekly. Otherwise, I might apply some electrical tape to the button to block the gap. Silly design error.

Reviewed by Paulo from UK on 21st Feb 2007
Received this as a company mobile 12 months ago and have just sent back the second handset. First just didnt ring - and the second the ring is intermittent. I find the speaker poor on both models I have had......disappointed all round with this handset and cant wait for my company to move on to another standard handset. Most people at work replace the handset and use the company simm. Poor poor phone.

Reviewed by n0bby from UK on 17th Feb 2007
had one of these foisted on me by the company 6 months ago....have now grown to love its standby time reception and reliability...a worthy successor to the 6310 if you just need to speak to people

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 5th Jan 2007
The review is wrong on one point; the 6021 works well with a Mac. It's supported by both iSync ( http://www.apple.com/ ), PhoneDirector ( http://www.macmedia.sk/ ) and BluePhoneElite ( http://www.reelintelligence.com/ )

Reviewed by daniel from UK on 18th Dec 2006
an absolutely phenomenal phone, all the features are perfect and its easy to use

Reviewed by Dougal from England on 3rd Aug 2006
An ideal business phone. All the basics are right: easy to use; strong signal; clear calls; well spaced, responsive keys; clear display; good battery life (5 days); reliable PC synchronisation. We have rolled out nearly 200 to users in the last nine months or so replacing mostly 6310s and all of the users, bar one, were happy to keep their new 6021. Even a few 6310 die-hard users have asked for a 6021. Only 2 or 3 have been sent back for repair in that time, although a few with dust under the screens have been exchanged. We use Lotus Notes and the PC Suite software syncs well with the Notes Calendar, Address book and ToDo list. With all of this data on the phone I've now stopped carrying my trusty old Palm PDA. The email client works up to a point but isn't very secure and should only be used in emergencies - for this you'll have to forward your email to a pop3 server. You'll only be able to see header info in some cases and attachments are not transferred. (You'll need somet hing like a Nokia E60 to have a proper email client). Downsides: dust gets behind the screen; you'll have no street-cred with the kids ("boring phone without a camera"); the charger included doesn't work in the USA; latest E50 and E60 business phones make the 6021 look a little primitive. Overall, perfectly executed product aimed at business users.

Reviewed by Rodger from Scotland on 3rd Aug 2006
On changing companies my new company phone was a 6021. It is a very poor replacement for the 6310i, which I have used for a number of years. This is particularly true when using it with the car kit. The buttons are too small and the central joystick should have stayed where it belongs, on a kiddies toy. I am about to replace it with a second hand 6310i off of ebay.

Reviewed by Manohar from India on 24th Jul 2006
Great Phone, good range, good battery life, Superb blue tooth function, all my expectations have been met. A basic phone with EDGE capablity and bluetooth. Ofcourse it has to be a Nokia! Show me a better Model!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by jackson from england on 9th Jul 2006
The Nokia 6021 has an excellent build quality. It compares very favourably with the cheap looking and cheap feeling build quality of so many mobiles on the market today. The colour graphics are first class and while being well thought out and simple to operate, with the exception of a camera, it has enough features to keep all users bar 'gaget freekes' suitably entertained. If you are looking for a 'basic' type phone, (and do not mind the lack of a camera) while avoiding 'basic quality' this could be the one for you.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 4th Jul 2006
Use the 6021 for work but am now on my 3rd handset in 3 months, as the 'silent' function' has failed on all 3 occasions. Has anyone else had same problem? Other than this, the phone is very good.

Reviewed by Vijay from India on 1st Jul 2006
Nokia 6021 I purchased from DUBAI UAE not even one month old. Handset made in Hungary. First problem handset ON OFF switch. Not perfect aligned with inside switch. Speaker or hearing piece defective some time working some time not. This first handset I noticed from Nokia bad quality workmanship. Before I used so many Nokia handsets. 5021. 3100. 3140

Reviewed by Peter from England on 15th Jun 2006
The Nokia 6021 is my phone of choice. I have used Nokia 6310i cellphones for some years, but the 'quirks' and obsolescence finally got to me. As I cannot use a cameraphone on Business, I am delighted not to have that feature (and the intrinsic problems). As with all cellphones, the 6021 has its own techniques for best results and once I got used to those, I have not looked back. The display quality is EXCELLENT (helps my aging eyes), Nokia have fixed the problem in text messaging when creating a new line (TGFT) and the cursor manipulation is a great help for speeding up message construction. All the features that I want, including vibration alert, are present. Battery life is adequate, and batteries are small and cheap enough to have a few spares charged up. And now I have (relatively) easy access to my e-mail. Thank you, Nokia.

Reviewed by Angelina Jones from Australia on 11th Jun 2006
I had this phone since feb. it still hasn't got any problems and the battery life is superb. This is good for children, house wives and old people. It is a very simple phone.

Reviewed by Greg from Ukraine on 10th Jun 2006
It's not a beauty but it's not ugly and it's certainly functional! My experience has been that the call quality is really really great. Also, the review states that it doesn't work with Apple iSync, that is no longer true. I am using it with iSync and it's working very well, contacts, their details as well as a calendar. VERY useful. My only complaint would be that the syncing only works with contacts on the phone's memory, not the sim card. Overall, great phone for the price! If you want bluetooth but don't need a crappy gimmick camera or lots of memory this is a good affordable phone. (I got it for about 120 USD new.)

Reviewed by Guy Massey from England on 8th Jun 2006
I love this phone. Had it for about six months and think it's brilliant. It's understated, does all I want it to do and, when pushed, will even allow me to check emails. I wanted a phone to make and receive phone calls. Nothing else. If I had wanted a camera I would have bought a Nikon. If I had wanted games I would have bought a GameBoy. The ring volume is good and the alarm is brilliant. the calculator is a bit of a fiddle, but as stated earlier, I wanted a phone; I didn't want a calculator. Brilliant phone. Only downside is that the standard battery doesn't last more than about four days but I can live with that. If you want a phone to make phone calls buy 6021 and you wont regret it. If you want to make tea with your phone buy something else.

Reviewed by Pete from Norway on 6th Jun 2006
Scandinavians must have lower tolerance for poor design, I suppose. The 6021 is distinctly average in nearly all respects, and has few of the most obvious features to be expected (camera, decent storage capacity). It does excel in one respect - irritation factor. The joystick, which sticks up proud of the keypad acts as an "answer" button even when the keypad is locked, so if the phone is in a case, it is virtually impossible not to answer the b***** thing picks when it rings, whether one wants to or not, simply by the act of getting it out or picking it up. The manual does not help. Basic rule of thumb is that if one needs to read the manual, the phone or menus are badly designed. The sooner I drop this in a fjord, the better.

Reviewed by Chris from England on 16th May 2006
Looks great, easy to use however make sure that you always have a battery charger with you because this thing sucks the power like no other phone I've had.

Reviewed by SURESH GIRIDHAR from INDIA on 19th Apr 2006
It's a spectacular phone...for those who seek a min memory with multiple features... It's got a whole new flamboyant style that... grabs everyone attention... But it's not a good phone for teenagers..who seek more powerpacked multimedia enhancements...

Reviewed by Declan from Ireland on 15th Apr 2006
I had a Nokia 6310i previously and wanted something to replace it. The retailer suggested a 6021 as its features are almost identical. The sound quality is fantastic and the keys don't feel flimsy. It's ideal for those who don't want gimmicks such as cameras, etc. I use a bluetooth also with it. So far, so good.

Reviewed by lisa from australia on 10th Apr 2006
i purchased this phone for my husband last christmas... i wish i had never set eyes on it. i have had this phone repaired twice... the phone wouldn't ring, send it off for repair two weeks without a phone. the handsfree feature just suddenly stopped working, nokia says send it off to repairs another 2 weeks. A COMPANY THAT SELLS A FAULTY PRODUCT SHOULD BE FORCED TO REPLACE IT.... NOT CONTINUALLY REPAIR IT ... WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY... GOODBYE NOKIA.

Reviewed by Shaukat Ali Jutt from Pakistan on 7th Apr 2006
Frankly, Nokia performed a key role to make a such a nice set 6021, bluetooth voice recording that help me to record business communication decent wring tones all device performed accurate result faint signals change into high powerful voice it works there where no other sets work all the view I am realy very very like nokia 6021 that is good Nokia you made a such nice decent sophisticated Moble phone

Reviewed by Ali from Pakistan on 6th Apr 2006
I like very much 6310i but some days ago there signal problem and due this problem it not repaired and I am realy very up set to lost such a fine set but when I found nokia 6021 I forgot my 6310i that is the replacement of 6310i that is realy very good set long battery poor signals chnage into high qulaity.

Reviewed by FEJ barry from canada on 4th Apr 2006
i have been so happy with this phone and now that it is supported by apple's isync, i'm even happier. THIS PHONE IS SUPPORTED BY APPLE'S ISYNC NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Oleg from Russia on 29th Mar 2006
to Andrew You're not right! There is no line "PTT pushbutton will work as a conversatinon recorder when PTT is not supported by the cell operator." READ IT CEARFULLY: Note: If push to talk is not available on your phone menu, you can also press the PTT key to start the Voice recorder. SO LOOK at phone menu I bet you see PTT there!

Reviewed by Richie from UK on 22nd Mar 2006
I've had this for a week now and so far so good!! If you need a phone that works as a phone (I already have a Dig Cam and MP3) then this seems to do the job (it's tri band too which I need). I used to have a Sony T610 which had a camera, however, I never quite worked out the overall functionality and was always accidentally connecting to the Net! The 6021 is straight forward to use.

Reviewed by David from United Kingdom on 11th Mar 2006
I wish I'd read this site before! The 6021 lack of iSync support means it's close to an utter waste of time for me.

Reviewed by sunny from usa on 2nd Mar 2006
east and west nokia is the best.it has again produced a vvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeery good set

Reviewed by Mark from England on 28th Feb 2006
This is simply the best mobile phone I have ever owned. The sound quality is excellent, the calender and business suite is superb. The voice recorder is ideal for notes or recording important data during calls. If you want a no gimmick reliable phone with excellent battery life the 6021 is well worth considering.

Reviewed by Simon from England on 18th Feb 2006
A stylish and pratical phone with great connectivity and no silly gimics. Ideal for the business user who wants a phone to use as a phone and not a camera, games console, cocktail shaker, telescope, microwave etc......

Reviewed by Alison from UK on 10th Feb 2006
Good overall business phone, but screen collects masses of dust. Anyway around this without sending it off for repair/cleaning?

Reviewed by Christos from Greece on 2nd Feb 2006
Fantastic down-to-earth business phone with everything a businessperson could ask for: huge connectivity, decent battery, classic looks, nice display. Only disadvantages: small memory, dust gathering behind screen.

Reviewed by Alkis from Cyprus on 31st Jan 2006
We bought 3 Nokia 6021 phones, at the beginning everything seemed to work finely, but suddenly the first one turned off without being able to be turned on again, the same happened to the second one but after removing the battery it was "OK" but everything in the gallery menu was self-erased!! We are waiting for the third failure!! My recommendation, the phone is not reliable, as is should be. Avoid it.

Reviewed by Raven from Uk on 31st Jan 2006
Great phone for business use just what i needed, vibe alert good sound and a great design exactly what i have been after, a phone that works as a phone not a dig camera or games deck

Reviewed by Hakan from Turkey on 26th Jan 2006
I've used a series of phones in time: a 6210, a 7250i, a motorola mpx200. I've sold the motorola because of its battery life and uselessness (since I switched to GNU/Linux) and found 6021. This is an outstanding phone with a motto: "useful features, no mess". I'm feeling that I've found a phone that can really replace and improve nokia 6210 / 6310 which I classify as "nearly ideal phones for 21st century". For people who needs a phone and nothing more, nokia 6021 is and extreme phone with huge connectivity options, decent battery life, good tft screen, lots of space for messages and phone book (I'd prefer a 5mb of memory or an MMC slot for some more for the ringtones and the wallpapers and I can forfeit tough). Using phone for 2-3 days and I loved it. it's the ideal phone for ppl who needs real communication and nothing more. I also noticed that the phone has a better construction over the fashion series (series 7) and has sound reprdouction from both handsfree & earpiece (since I always leave my phone somwhere and cannot find it, loudness is a good thing) Bottom line: If you need a phone buy it. This is unbelievable at this price point. If you are a techie who sells its phone to try out some new gadgets every 24 hours, "don't waste your time to try. You'll not like it a bit since 6021 has no properties as a toy."

Reviewed by cyril from russia on 25th Jan 2006
Totally awesome phone (especially for its price), but 1 rating point deduced for these annoyances: - After syncing with PC the useless popup shows up (on the phone) reporting what has been done and that _requires_ you to press "OK". Until you do, no further syncronizations are possible. Kills dead "Periodic sync" feature in Nokia PC suite package. Someone has not thought it through. - Nokia PC suite package overall is nice looking but brain-dead in many ways. I wanted to enter all my contacts there... Well, it is easier done on the phone than on the PC. - Volume control rocker buttons are a bit tight. Especially for going "up". - Screen backlight has some two slightly darker spots at the top. Somewhat common to many LCDs though. Or maybe it's just on my phone. - "G" letter (for GPRS) stands on constantly on the screen. Yes, even in Java apps/games. A bit annoying... Other than this - it rocks! :) Has everything - working bluetooth, fast GPRS, automatic volume control, reasonable battery, good reception... all the things that you won't often find in reviews. Generally, if you are OK with the phone without: - A plastic peephole "camera". - MP3 player - FM Radio - Memory card slot then you would have a hard time finding anything better. No matter what the price.

Reviewed by thomas from belgium on 25th Jan 2006
Meets exactly my functional demands: bluetooth, triband, synchronisation-with-outlook, vibration alert - great. However, already the second day quite a bit of dust was gathering behind the screen, just from sitting in my pocket. My previous Nokia phone didn't have this, even after 4 years! Has anyone else noticed this?

Reviewed by herman from Netherlands on 24th Jan 2006
Poor sound quality when used as handheld. Avoid longer calls as the oversteering in sound will damage your ears. It seems as if the phone uses the same loudspeaker for the very loud ringtonepolyphonics as for your handheld talks. I come from a Nokia 6210 (yr2000). Also 6310i sounds much better than this. No further comment and good set.

Reviewed by Karthikeyan from India on 19th Jan 2006
A compact phone - Worth the money with most of the required features. Bluetooth, Infrared, GPRS, 65K Colour Resolution, Edge technology for data transfer & not to forget the gud battery back up...The phone looks of great class, just can't hold a 6600 or the 3230. Myself & a friend of mine have picked the same mobile, no issues:-)

Reviewed by Per from Sweden on 15th Jan 2006
Simply a great business phone, all things you need, no extras.

Reviewed by Lester from India on 9th Jan 2006
Excellent Phone. Good Battery Life. Amazing Connectivity features and screen clarity! The PTT side button should also double as the voice recorder button. It should have had a little more built in Memory.

Reviewed by jd from uk on 7th Jan 2006
excellent phone

Reviewed by K SINGH from Uk England on 29th Dec 2005
This must be the worst phone i've ever had, not much of a business phone, poor quality audio, can't hear the phone whilst in a car kit. Avoid at all cost. stick to an old 6310i instead, atleast they work as they should 95% of the time

Reviewed by R@y from Belgium on 28th Dec 2005
Excellent cell phone, easy to connect everywhere, can be used with his gprs to connect on a laptop via irda or cable to the net, easy to use, but the tel memory is a little poor & the push to talk = gorget it if your operater does not take it in charge, last but not least, "bluetooth" usefull fonction, proficiat, small an forgettable in your pocket, for it's price, an excellent purchase, @ +

Reviewed by jifjam from india on 26th Dec 2005
good to finally have a phone thats high on connectivity. the ringtones arent great. but its fast and image quality is excellent. its a very cool and sleek design..certainly an eyecatcher

Reviewed by Gordon from England on 22nd Dec 2005
A great phone for business not complicated and very easy to use, one of the better phones on the market. Well done Nokia

Reviewed by Jawad from Pakistan on 18th Dec 2005
awesome guy...go for itttttt

Reviewed by Jeroen from Netherlands on 17th Dec 2005
Great (business) phone; just what i was looking for. No camera and other useless features. Just the things i need. Before this one i had a Samsung E-720 and that piece of junk has the worst sound quality i ever heard. So this is a big upgrade for me! Used to have Nokia's like the 3310 and the famous 8110i (Matrix) and they were great too! And finally nice 'businesslike' ringtones and no strange tones like the Samsung had. I was actually looking for a used 6310i but hey this one was only EUR 160,- and used 6310i cost EUR 150,- !! Joystick works very fine too. Recommended if you want a decent/business phone!

Reviewed by cagliostro from italy on 3rd Dec 2005
Nice built, but moderate sound quality and sensitivity. But sound quality seems not sooo important for most users...

Reviewed by Mark from England on 24th Nov 2005
the Nokia 6021 does have vibration alert, I've had mine for 2 weeks which replaced the Nokia 6310i. It does everything the 6310i did, but is smarter and lighter. I love it.

Reviewed by Martin from Poland on 24th Nov 2005
So I think, that it's a very good phone with very useful functions. 6021 hasn't got a digital camera, but I think it less useful device in mobile phone. 6021 is very well manufactured mobile, and it is very reliable. I am very happy that I have it:)

Reviewed by Eric from Netherlands on 23rd Nov 2005
I am truly happy with this phone. It works like a dream (also in combination with Parrot CK3000 evolution). Having said that... I haven't used too many modern mobile phones. My previous one is referred to as a 'refrigerator'. Most has already been said below... just have two minus points: - it has a button on the right side of the phone which activates 'DVC', which isn't available here as far as I know... nor do I need it. The annoying thing is that I accidentally press it often (taking it out of the car holder for instance) and then I have to tell it that I do not want DVC switched on. An email to Nokia about this button was grumpily answered with: this is part of the software and cannot be turned off. (In my opinion the face that it is 'in the software' would really be a good argument to be able to turn it off but well... they don't seem to be very sociable at Nokia about these things.) - using it with the Parrot CK3000 evolution... after pairing my 6021 considers the carkit as a bluetooth headphone/headset. (It shows a small icon of a headset... whereas I understand it should really show an icon of a wee car.) Which means that I do not get control over the screen/keyboard light settings and something I hoped it would do... automatically switch off the keyboard lock during its connection with the carkit. Parrot didn't seem to understand this issue, my further queries with Nokia don't seem to get answered... so that remains annoying. Obviously this gripe can not be attributed to the 6021 and presumably this feature would work fine with an original Nokia Carkit? Still... great phone, I am very happy with it.

Reviewed by Anjan from India on 21st Nov 2005
Quite nice for the normal talking birds. But, the sound quality is pathetic. I had this mobile phone couple of months back, but, it's poor sound quality compelled me to change this phone & get a better mobile without a camera & at least excellent sound quality. This goes as a caution for everyone thinking of buying any handphone of any brand, shape, size or color. Sound is the most important function of a phone. But, in the case of Nokia 6021, it's the least important.

Reviewed by Paul from England on 20th Nov 2005
Gentleman, You are very wrong!!! The phone does have vibration alert!!! I have only had the phone 1 week, Early impressions as a solid no nonsense BUISNESS phone are very good but will add more later

Reviewed by Hotte from Deutschland on 19th Nov 2005
A business phone WITHOUT vibrating alert??? Give me a break! That ain't a business phone!

Reviewed by Tom from England on 18th Nov 2005
David UK, the phone does have vibration alert! This is an excellent phone, I've had it for two months now, and I get more impressed with it every day. All the features you need in a business phone. A must have if you don't need a camera / radio / mp3 capability.

Reviewed by David from UK on 17th Nov 2005
I haven't bought this phone, beacuse I miss one very important thing from the feature list: Vibration alert Is it really possible, that they left out vibration alert from a mobile phone in 2005?

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 16th Nov 2005
As a replacement for the 6310i, the 6021 is a great business phone. Personally I use a phone to talk on and send SMS, don't need nor interested in cameras, mms, mp3, sync with outlook and all that malarky.For this the 6021 is great, hands free catered for by THB Bury cradle. But..... The first one I had lasted less than a week before it expired, just lost all it's internal memory, software, the lot. All I got was a small square with a ? mark in it. The phone was replaced without question next day, no complaints there. The next gripe is about the screen, not about clarity, resolution etc but dust. Having only had it for approx 2 weeks now there is a lot of dust that has got behind the "glass" and into the screen area. I am constantly on the move and work in environments ranging from offices to building sites so the phone is exposed to a wide range of conditions some quite extreme. I am not alone it seems, several of my collegues also have this phone and are suffering the same problem, but are office based so it cannot be laid at my particular work environment's door. Anyone else seen this? So to summarise, functionally a great replacement for the 6310i with all the necessary connectivity, but it seems like Nokia are not quite there with the build quality which is a shame as the 6310i was a virtually indestructible top class business phone, and the 6021 has the potential to assume the crown so to speak, but not quite yet IMHO. Time will tell. This is the reason I give 3 star rating.

Reviewed by Asepyr from Abu Dhabi on 11th Nov 2005
The first impression when I bought this mobile was "I'm not sure with this mobile". However, after sometime I played with this, it is nice, simple, and I found alot of fitures meet with my requirement. It's very easy to transfer data/file among my other nokia (6260) and my pocket pc (HP Ipaq)using bluetooth & infra red. So many theme & ringtone can be downloaded from internet and install on it. Only built-in memory is not enough. The others are quite ok for me.

Reviewed by Strawb from England on 4th Nov 2005
My wife wants a phone for making calls and the odd text. She often forgets to charge it, so a long battery life is a necessity. I like bluetooth to put on photos and ringtones for her. And our holidays make triband a necessity. This phone ticks all of those boxes, and we both find it aesthetically pleasing as well. It is small enough to fit into a crowded handbag, yet the keys are big enough for my fingers. And for anyone on 3 wanting a long battery life, it ran my 3 card for all of yesterday until the wife came home and took possession of it. I would like to try it more, but think the chances of that are slim / nil. And the sound quality - excellent.

Reviewed by bernie from belgium on 2nd Nov 2005
very good mobile i am very pleased with it. blue tooth works very fine.

Reviewed by Mark Barrow from United Kingdom on 1st Nov 2005
I purchased this phone last week, and within a few days have decided it is a truely great phone. Mainly for the Business minded individual this mobile is crammed with so many useful features which are most importantly easy to use. The clarity of the screen is immaculate and the clearness of the speech is brilliant. This is truely an impressive handset at a very affordable price. If I had any grumbles it would be setting the phone up for WAP access via GRPS but I am more than certain this is an operator error!! Mark

Reviewed by bdl from England UK on 26th Oct 2005
Excellent materials and build quality (nokia back on track at last). For viewing biz applications (especially by aged users!), physical size and resolution of screen needs to be enhanced. Joystick navigation a doddle to use, and connectivity in a phone at this price is amazing. As the series 40 platform is a cut-down series 60, it should be relatively bug free, Andrew is correct about the misleading PTT function in manual.

Reviewed by Joost from Netherlands on 25th Oct 2005
Very fine phone, but a big thumbs down for no Apple iSync support :(

Reviewed by Andrew from Russia on 24th Oct 2005
SOMEONE BRING NOKIA TO THE COURT! In manual is written that PTT pushbutton will work as a conversatinon recorder when PTT is not supported by the cell operator. That is not happening. Before buying this model i read its manual and was cheated by NOkia, pushbutton is not switchin on recording mode. PLEASE, SOMEONE BRING NOKIA TO THE COURT!

Reviewed by Anonymous from Malaysia on 10th Oct 2005
I bought this phone two days ago. I upgraded from my old Nokia 6510 (blue screen). I have resisted from upgrading for a long time as my old Nokia (which, coincidentally was marketted as a business phone at that time) has almost all features I wanted - lots of memory for contact and text messages, GPRS, FM Radio, small size, ease of use and folder management. A lot of the newer phones have all these features so I did not have the incentive to upgrade. Why pay a bomb for the same feature that my old Nokia provided? Until I needed a triband phone. And after doing research, the Nokia 6021 is the "best value for money" triband phone I could find. This phone has no camera so it is not expensive like any other camera phones. Yet it has 65k colour screen with an excellent polyphonic sound. It is triband. And, as a bonus, it gives me Bluetooth! What more do I need to ask for?

Reviewed by M3 from Finland on 5th Oct 2005
Excellent business phone. I use one of these at work and I can only say it is very good for what it is made for. No extras, but all the key functions work perfectly. Not a toy but a great tool.

Reviewed by Sergey from Russia on 30th Sep 2005
I waited for a long time for a three-band phone with bluetooth and without silly cameras etc. 6310i is great but the size is too large for me :( At last I've found 6021! Very nice phone. I only wish monochrome display, I think it suits better for a business phone (yeah, colors are nice but unfortunatly they are very poorly visible under the summer sun).

Reviewed by S.N. Maity from India on 28th Sep 2005
Very simple to use

Reviewed by Nishant Satyarthy from India on 27th Sep 2005
This phone's evil. If you're not a kid who wants a phone and a camera and a game deck and a radio and an MP3 player and a washing machine and a refrigerator and a television all in one piece of equipment, 6021 is perhaps what you've been looking for all your life. With Bluetooth, Infra-Red, and GPRS, and others I may not be aware of, it can establish a connection with just 'bout anything on the planet today. Downside, the battery life, a little disappointing. But 'sokay, I love it the way it is, it works for me, and it fits my pocket.

Reviewed by Vaibhav Garg from India on 15th Sep 2005
Amazing phone for a business user who wants a phone without the kiddish toys. Great connectivity and superb sound quality. However I discovered a minor glitch. In the networks not supporting PTT , the PTT key does not take you to the voice recorder as mentioned in the user guide. That apart, its a great buy

Reviewed by Glenn from UK on 29th Aug 2005
Ref Mik Foggin and Nokia Data Suite. I have never found the (Nokia) Data suites much use. Try the Mobile Action product.

Reviewed by Mik Foggin from UK on 18th Aug 2005
Recently upgraded from my late lamented 6310i which finally gave up the ghost. The phone itself is good, my major - and I mean MAJOR - is the shortcoming with the PC suite. I've been a long term user of the software with various phones and have come to take some of the functionality almost for granted so it's absence from the latest version (6.6.16) has come as a real blow. Bearing in mind that the 6021 is essentially a business use phone most of the functionality in the suite seems to be aimed at the non-business user. I'm less concerned with the ability to transfer music, create ring tones and wallpaper than I am with the NEED to manage contacts effectively and to be able to add notes and calendar entries via a PC keyboard rather than a keypad. It is not possible to assign contacts to Caller Groups except through the phone and management and personalisation of Profiles can likewise only be managed through the phone. The suite does allow for synchronisation with Outlook / Notes etc but unfortunately this doesn't seem to work for me. Like I say, the phone is fine but I feel that Nokia have badly let down the business user with a poor set of features in the office suite.

Reviewed by Sid from India on 17th Aug 2005
Well d phone is really good except dat it has a real low memory!! Just not enough! A memory card provision would just be gr8! Plus if there were a provision for n mp3 player!!

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