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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic review

 Review: March 2009  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: Nokia's first touchscreen phone is impressively good.



We've waited a heck of a long time for Nokia to catch up with Apple, LG and Samsung and launch a touchscreen phone. And here it is at last! It's a 3G smartphone, and belongs to Nokia's XpressMusic range.

At first glance, it looks like it was worth the wait. It's a very stylish handset. All touchscreen phones tend to look pretty much the same to be honest. What distinguishes the 5800 is its sleekness: it's much narrower than the iPhone 3G, in fact with a width of 52mm, it's one of the narrowest touchscreen phones around. This means that you can easily operate it with one hand. It has a lovely big screen too, with a very high resolution (640 x 360 pixels), which helps to make the user interface easier to use. The device has a wide range of input options: finger touch, stylus and plectrum with a virtual alphanumeric keypad, full and mini QWERTY keyboards and handwriting recognition. The display will rotate automatically when you turn the phone to landscape mode. Normally the XpressMusic phones have dedicated buttons for music, and the 5800 has a dedicated virtual media bar for quick access to music controls, as well as functions like the gallery and web browser. There are also physical keys for power, send and end, menu, screen lock and volume. The big question is: "Is the touchscreen on the 5800 as good as the iPhone?" Sadly, no. But it isn't at all bad. It's just that you need to use the stylus sometimes and the whole experience isn't quite so much fun. But stick with the review, because the 5800 has a lot going for it.

The 5800 has a proper camera for a start. At 3.2 megapixels it isn't the best camera phone by a long way, but it uses Carl Zeiss optics, has autofocus and a double LED flash and leaves the iPhone standing. It also has a decent video camera, which can record at up to 640 x 480 pixels and at 30 frames per second, with stereo sound. A front-mounted video camera enables you to make video calls on a 3G network.

The music player in the 5800 is excellent too. We found the touchscreen controls to be very easy here, and all the features that you'd hope for are here, including an 8-band graphic equaliser and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The phone is supplied with an 8GB memory card, which can store up to 2,000 MP3 tracks (or 4,000 in AAC format), and if your music collection grows even bigger, you can upgrade this to a massive 16GB. There's also a built-in FM radio. No complaints for music then.

The 5800's big touchscreen is ideal for web browsing. With very fast download speeds thanks to the 3G HSDPA implementation and a quality web browser, there's nothing to hold you back. The 5800 beats the iPhone here too, with support for Flash meaning that you can watch videos from YouTube and other sites on your phone. The phone is also WiFi compatible, so you can get super fast data transfer speeds in the vicinity of a WLAN network or a WiFi Hotspot.

GPS is included too, together with Nokia Maps. As well as 3G and WiFi, the connectivity options include Bluetooth and USB, plus a TV-Out connection (cable supplied.)

The 5800 XpressMusic is a Series 60 phone, and potentially there are going to be a lot of third-party apps available for downloading too. You get a couple of games and the standard Series 60 organiser applications with the phone, including document browsers and a good organiser.

Finally, we want to mention that the battery life is very good. Phones like this do tend to get used rather a lot, and big screens are hungry for power, but the battery capacity seems to be up to the job.

The sales package is generous, including all the cables you'll need, a stereo headphone, an 8GB memory card, a case, a stand and a stylus. The phone is available in black, red and blue too.

We weren't sure what to expect from Nokia's first touchscreen phone. It's obviously spent a lot of time in the design studio, and it looks like Nokia wisely resisted the temptation to rush something out. The 5800 no doubt has the occasional bug (all smart phones do), but these are few and will probably be ironed out pretty quickly with firmware updates. The 5800 XpressMusic manages to combine the benefits of touchscreen, without many downsides, and avoids being just another iPhone clone thanks to Nokia's attention to detail. It may not be perfect, but we're impressed by just how good it is.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic features include:

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Is nokia 5800 available in market box pack?

Asked by najum from pakistan on 30th May 2016

Reply by umair from Pakistan on 13th Aug 2017
yes 100 % genuine MADE IN HUNGARY NOKIA 5800 price 2500

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic user reviews

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Average rating from 811 reviews:

Reviewed by Ellie from England on 20th Feb 2015
Why is my Nokia not charging im just wondering I've been waiting for ages and trying to use all the chargers that fit it its still nor charging?

Reviewed by nitish kr from india on 19th Feb 2014
best it is

Reviewed by Niranjan Shrestha from England on 21st Dec 2013
When I first came in England in 2011 I have thee mobile contract with this phone.that phone was working properly but the problem is that the phone was refurbished.it stopped working suddenly the screening is gone after 4-5 months later.I tried my best with three store where I had contract this one but all efforts were useless they were not responding well because there were Lots other better phones that's why they were ignoring nokia 5800.then I tried to repair but nobody can to repair in repairing centres.but whatever I loved that one I tried to buy newone but can't find later I found then I bought from Xchange entertainment.there are many problems but why I don't know I still love this phone.there was a problem with other applications so I even remove you tube thinking I can reinstall easily but later it was like impossible to reinstall again.many features and functions are good.sound is very nice.camera also nice other things are excellent but I cannot update my software.there is problem and problem.nokia should take care of thier old phones to updating everything like iphone doing.i think 5800 still have good market in developing countrie.so don't ignpore like three network to me.

Reviewed by Jokaflo from UK on 7th Oct 2012
Got one of these when they were first released. Still using it now almost 4 years later. Excellent phone.

Reviewed by nkosi Thamsanqa from South Africa on 27th Aug 2012
I love the nokia 5800 express i love it 100% voting for it

Reviewed by ugis from uk on 20th Aug 2012
excellent phone, I buy one, and I don't want to exchange This. excellent 4music, internet, pics, and lots more. I love this phone, Its easy to use, just one touch and everything is done. the best phone ever! Nokia the best, iphone stinks!!!!

Reviewed by Poonacha from India on 19th Aug 2012
Super music phone......like it.......

Reviewed by Thomas Walter from United Kingdom on 18th Jul 2012
I Currently own the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic, it is an old touch screen that has an amazing camera which is a 3.2 megapixel with a dual lens with flash and although it is 3.2 it shoots pictures like a 5.0! Moreover it is amazingly thick but still manages to have a great body. The touch screen on this device can be annoying at times especially when typing on keyboards but you could improve this by using the updates Nokia have released. Overall its an ok phone, great camera, its no Iphone but could be a brilliant starter for touchscreen users.

Reviewed by s4d2 from algeria on 15th May 2012
this is best phone

Reviewed by Akib Tanvir. from Bangladesh. on 26th Apr 2012
First touch phone from Nokia..proud to own it....got this phone on October 2009....still using it....love the phone...but having few problems...at night this camera sucksss bigtime....the phone is becoming slow day by day...having problems to use the internet...the web browser suckss....but still love it since its the first touch phone from Nokia...thinking of taking a Android phone e.g Xperia x10...:)

Reviewed by taylor from uk on 18th Apr 2012
I took a trip into nostalgia, comparing my old 5800 to this gleaming new slab of wizardry, aka Lumia 710. I have to day that I never forget the joys of first owning a 5800, sadly I don't feel the Lumia experience is in the same league. Ok, I have windows with pretty tiles....oh I miss Symbian! Never liked the Nokia n8 much either, but the 5800 that was a joy to behold. The wonderful sharp sceen, even if only touch resistive, was fantastic. The audio, well doubt you can beat it even today. Cheaper alternatives were offered by Nokia, 5230 for example. Build quality of 5800 is first rate....ok back covers got broken and stylus lost, but it is very robust!

Liked the stereo speakers and compact design, loved the colour of plastic used on bezel, and the funky plectrum touch pad device....the ability to have tv was good too

If you can find a 5800 in good condition, treasure it! And it takes loads of apps!!!! You can download them many places!!! Look for .sis file extensions my friends.

Nokia 5800

Nokia Lumia 710 7/10....probably how it got its model number!

Reviewed by Zeke from Trinidad on 9th Apr 2012
Bought this phone back in 09 and fell in love, since then i never had a complaint... love the secondary cam cuz it made personal pics so easy to take.. n the music quality is awesome and the battery lasts while it plays. its like an ipod n camera combined. best phone i've ever invested in.. never regretted it for a day :)

Reviewed by Mr.Sanii from Pakistan on 29th Mar 2012
Ive used Nokia 5530, C6-01, 5230, C5-03, E63, E71 etc But Still 5800 is a Giant among all!

Seriously I Love my fone! But the Only one Problem i have is (Not a Manufacturer Problem) the Back Cover! Whenever i take a Pic in Dark! The Output I get is Totally Blurry! (Totally = 80%) Its Actually due to Flash It Reflects back to the Camera lens! I Hope I ll find another Original Back cover! Rest of it Everything is working like a Charm :) Love yew nokia!

Reviewed by R. McCartney from N.Ireland on 17th Mar 2012
Good all round phone with clear resolution large keypad and very good camera ie. photo's and video capture, i have been using the nokia 5800 xpress music for 2 years trouble free

Reviewed by martynuk from uk on 10th Mar 2012
This is one of the worst pieces of kit I have ever purchased. It took an age to understand as the instruction booklet contained minimal information. The actual phone is very cheaply made from inferior plastics. The worst thing was that it could connect to google but then could not download anything. After 4 or 5 hours I managed to get an app (from nokia) onto the phone which refused to do anything. The instructions on how to pair using bluetooth were just wrong another hour gone. I bought it from virgin who are rapidly becoming the worst comapany i have ever dealt with. GOD I am angry.

Reviewed by Mrunalini from India on 6th Mar 2012
I brought this phone as soon as it was launched in India in Jan 2009 and 3 years down the line, I am still using it and it is all good.
I had some problems with the screen, there were lines all over on the display, but a software update solved the issue. My husband is trying to gift me the new HTC android phones, but I just want to stick to the good old Nokia 5800 :). The major plus point is the battery life. I go for a weekend holiday and there is no need to carry a charger along.

Reviewed by Nouman khattak from Pakistan karak on 5th Mar 2012
Its a good set, i like it to much .

Reviewed by Abhay Pathania from India on 22nd Feb 2012
Mindblowing...there Is No other Phone Lyk This..

Reviewed by B.R.TRIVEDI from INDIA on 31st Jan 2012

Reviewed by Waqas Ali from Pakistan on 29th Jan 2012
Its an absolute smartphon with this range of price. Its beautiful, durable and quiet imressive and having hardwre with less errors . One thing which is important that it has good bettery life with this heavy LCD and performance .I personaly like it very much.

Reviewed by Rahoof from India on 22nd Jan 2012
I love my tube very much.thank you Nokia.thank you very much.

Reviewed by Manni from India on 21st Jan 2012
Stupid phone display linezzz prob n touch screen prob

Reviewed by kevin p buxton from UK on 20th Jan 2012
Great for job, had it since it first came out and still going strong, Im an actor and presenter and combined with a "spy" ear piece I can put complex scripts on it via its good microphone and play them back via the fantastice out put. Im now going to get another as a back up and the free sat nav through "ovi" etc has been a god send on many times cant say enough, get one

Reviewed by realmanlun from india on 9th Jan 2012

Reviewed by sreejith from india on 9th Jan 2012
the worst phone i ever used, with in one year 2 times its display went wrong and many major complaints too

Reviewed by Shauntel from Guyana on 2nd Jan 2012
Okkaii dis fone is freakkinngg awessuuum,it has a dictionary,it hass a veryyy cool cam & evrytngg is jus soo Ahh-mazingg,bt i wud rele love 2 find out hw you can make the fone read out ure msgz out loud. Besidez dat itzzz THEE BESSTT 2 mee,it hass evrytnggg i need..Tnnxx Hong Kong 4 evr makinn a fone lyk diss. Buuh-byee :) Ohh by the wayy i've hadd it 4 maybb ovr a year

Reviewed by Barneycollie from UK on 27th Dec 2011
have had this phone for over two years, wouldnt change it. it has everything you need great audio quality, excellent free gps with up to date maps, battery power good, camera not bad what more could you want

Reviewed by Melissa from UK on 27th Dec 2011
Good phone, reliable satnav, decent speed for internet. But when using satnav and internet, battery life is extremely short! I've had the phone for nearly 2 years now, only problem, after 1 year, battery cuts out every so often.

Reviewed by Ruhez from England on 25th Dec 2011
Overall it's a good phone it does the job, had this phone for anout 3 years now, it needs a bit more apps, and some apps run really slow, and camera is better than average, and the wifi is very good, as u can keep bookmarks, so yeh i'd recommend it

Reviewed by shahshb from pakistan on 9th Dec 2011
only one complane lcd problem. Any ways 5 star.

Reviewed by Hartsah from Indonesia on 4th Dec 2011
Nokia 5800 has good quality of sound.. amazing

Reviewed by Ulanda from Malawi on 24th Nov 2011
I've used mine for close to 2 years now. It's not the best phone out there but it has everything I need. Very good battery life, very good audio quality, wifi, gps, free lifetime navigation, acceptable screen quality, can use it as a wifi hotspot (using a free app) - all at a very affordable price. Some of its features may be outdated, but its great value for money. After all, we don't really NEED most of the features advertised in today's smartphones (they come at a cost either in money terms or in terms of battery life). It is easy to have it repaired too (I recently cracked its LCD and found a replacement screen easily). All in all, if you want a phone that works, at the same time that is affordable, get this phone.

Reply by Declan from Ireland on 20th Apr 2012
Said very well,I finally saw the light after buying a good secondhand one

Reviewed by Mayank gupta sandila from India on 21st Nov 2011
Very 2 excellent

Reviewed by James from UK on 17th Nov 2011
This phone is brilliant, got it off my cousin for 30 quid 2nd hand, battery lasts me at least 3 to 4 days, even when i play music for an hour or so, texting is easy, better than my old tocco lite, only got a 4 gig card in it but i got loads of songs on it, wasn't as good before the software update, had it 18 months, and still going strong, best phone i've ever had, kudos to nokia! if you get chance to buy one of these, DO IT!

Reviewed by Christine from UK on 4th Nov 2011
I have had this phone for 2 years now and am due for an upgrade but frankly I'm struggling to find something better for a similar price other than to gain the Android OS. It's convenient to use, though it could do with higher volume when you are outside, texting is very easy with the on board stylus, and the battery does me a week without recharging. Oh and the photos come out well too. There's a lot on it I haven't used but in the main it's served me well. My only gripe is that I keep getting a packet data error when trying to use the GPS or send picture messages.

Reviewed by david guest from UK on 26th Oct 2011
I got this phone on a two year contract after about a month the battery would not hold its charge for more than a day the local o2 shop told me to remove the battery replace it then charge for 15 minutes allow to go flat then recharge fully this did seem to work for a while,the recharge point on the phone is also very tempermental so if for instance you place the phone on a cupboard to charge and someone knocks it the phone stops charging ,and now after just a year the camera has stopped working so if this is the best nokia can offer they can go and stick them where the sun don't shine

Reviewed by joe abeb from UK on 27th Sep 2011
Love my phone? That is an understatement!! I have had a Nokia 5800 for about a week now and, already, I am completely mesmerised by it. My daughter promised me an iPhone about two months ago but, frankly, I don't think I need it because the Nokia 5800 is definitely sufficient in all respects. My ONLY regret is the small internal memory size!! But, all in all, I would not trade my 5800 for any other (non-Nokia)phone. It is SUPER!!!!!

Reviewed by Mohd ahmed from UK on 17th Sep 2011

Reviewed by arvind from UK on 13th Sep 2011
i like rhis mobile this mobil sou muni aposun i lovet this mobil

Reviewed by Matthew from UK on 7th Sep 2011
I got this phone and I love it!!! It is very easy to use and the apps are great and you can download music! A must have phone!

Reviewed by Rishi from UK on 7th Sep 2011
No doubt the phone has got good feathers but i found many defects. 1.constanly resrting automatically 2.datas of memory cards r getting deleted some times automatically.

Reviewed by mohan singh from UK on 7th Sep 2011
Yes this mobile is very nice i like so much and thanks to all of you for listening music by this mobile.

Reviewed by Nil from UK on 5th Sep 2011
I am using this phone for last 2 years. And frankly speaking, I am fade up of this device. A weird problem has started in my device within 2 months I bought it. It crashes automatically, switches off and restarts again. Not just that, upon restart, all my photos, music files and softwares are erased. Its troublesome. Many times I have lost my very very precious photos captured on its 3.2 mp camera. I have gone to company 5 times. Every time, they format my phone, install new software and gives back to me. But problem is still there. Company refuses to accept that its a hardware problem and they should give me replacement. Please dont buy this phone.

Reviewed by Davy from UK on 29th Aug 2011
I love my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic so much,this is my second year with it. Easy to use,loads of functions,reliable and the music player is second to none! It's louder and crisper than my laptop!

Reviewed by Dilshan from UK on 26th Aug 2011
i like that

Reviewed by Prince Asad from UK on 19th Aug 2011
An excellent phone with great features

Reviewed by mel from UK on 10th Aug 2011
The 5800 is one of the best phone I had ever...very stylish..fast internet browsing, excellent camera, nice touch screen and brilliant colours the lot. If you want a phone that does what it says on the tin you should go for the 5800.

Reviewed by Bhima from UK on 2nd Aug 2011
I m very happy using the handset.

Reviewed by fay from UK on 31st Jul 2011
thanks to oey's info cause im about to get the LG renoir in replace of my 5800..*.* this phone is so much easy to use..but not so much with the camera.. Good thing i have a digicam..*.*

Reviewed by Sharon-E from UK on 27th Jul 2011
HI. I've had my Nokia Express Music 5800 phone a couple of yrs, at least. I've used it for 'everything going'. The camera is soo good its even allowed my photography skills to be taken to another level to now have portfolios of the photos taken. Battery life is amazing!!! Sound quality perfect!!! Cannot be faulted. Its even been dropped and has 'never' broken and has even saved info and retrieved info when thought was lost. Phew!!! This phone has been used constantly for business and personal 24/7 and has astounded all concerned!!! I'm now changing to another phone solely for the diversity of the business growth. The phone is as good now as when it was 1st purchased. Definitely in a major league of its own and well worth owning. Nokia you have soo done us proud. Keep it up!!!! This phone even works in the extreme atmospheric conditions of the high peak Welsh Mountains too. That's saying something!!!

Reviewed by Jay777 from UK on 25th Jul 2011
I've had the phone for two years now its brilliant!!!

Reviewed by Jordan from UK on 25th Jul 2011
This phone is the best phone I've ever had! The only thing I would change on it is the camera. Although it is quite good quality, it isn't very bright in poor light. Check my videos out on youtube. Nearly all of the videos on my chanel are filmed with my Nokia 5800 xpressmusic! thejiddy 512

Reviewed by ABIN from UK on 23rd Jul 2011

Reviewed by Malcolm from UK on 12th Jul 2011
Uc web browser, and Opera are both free on ovi store. Makes the phone much better for browsing. Uc is superfast, and Opera is good in it's own way as well(more simpler..but slower). All phones have bugs......i like the great video quality and pixels of the 5800. It beats the wilfire for screen, video, picture quality. Whats amazing, is a lot of professional review say how terrible and pointless watching video and pics is on such like the wildfire, and how they are not reliable for calls and txts. Yet this phone has great picture quality, pixels, and battery life in comparison. I think phones nowadays are considered good based on their web performance. Symbian is mediocre, but at least the phone and screen quality is watchable for pics,videos.

Reviewed by machiehead from UK on 11th Jul 2011
Worst phone ever - period

Reviewed by bert from UK on 5th Jul 2011
Very disappointing smart phone. Internet browser sucks. Very slow and a bad touch screen.

Reviewed by gobiraj from UK on 4th Jul 2011
nice model i like it.............

Reviewed by zhao from UK on 22nd Jun 2011
good phone

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 7th Jun 2011
The phone developed a fault with the screen where the picture was replaced by a series of horizaontal lines - on looking at reviews this seemed to be not uncommon. Notwithstanding this I like the size and slimness of the phone. I like the mechanical buttons on the phone for turning on or off and answering the phone. Also like the labelling showing call status. Just replaced by HTC Wildfire S an adroid phone which is a nightmare to receive a call or end a call as this is is done by pressing the screen. Not fool proof. I Like the 5800 - nokia need to make it more reliable.

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 25th May 2011
happy with my blue 5800 minor problems but very pleased with its music output can't complain

Reviewed by Cookiebird from UK on 24th May 2011
Had my 5800 for 2yrs now. The screen plays up a fair bit now probably a software thing. Looking for a replacement but nothing is hitting the mark. I'm supprised its still 199 on payg I paid 170 2 yr ago. Obviously a good piece of kit! And battery life is fantastic. Had a SE xperia mini pro for a day had to send it back too small and need tiny fingers. Battery lasted 8 hrs on standby crazy!

Reviewed by tom from UK on 23rd May 2011
Guys, its 2011 and I'm still using this phone... When I bought it 2 years ago I was completely happy. I love its fast internet modem. Just connect by USB or Blutooth and you can run. The web browsing is disastrous... I susect this is due to its weak processor and internal RAM... Ovi Maps is a MUST !!! I do not use my GPS anymore. However, the earlier version was rubbish. I hate connection to wifi it comes off after few minutes and you have to log on again. The screen has good resolution. 8GB make good storage. What I miss here: - i wish it had better resolution camera; - faster processor for browsing; - FM transmitter; I admire 3 for fast internet. With GB a month I hardly can use it even with my notebook. Now, I'm tempted to get N8. iPhone 4 without OviMaps and easy internt modem would be a nightmare.

Reviewed by Sonia from London from UK on 20th May 2011
I was a little apprehensive at first but grew to really enjoying using this phone. So easy to use. Unfortunately the handset itself was not very reliable. The first one i had froze and the screen stopped working after a few days. That was replaced but had to go for repair with in the year. Now the touch screen is totally dead rendering the phone useless.

Reviewed by richard my mail add richard.quinn9@gmail.com from UK on 20th May 2011
i like the phone very much easy to use,and its the best i can say among all nokia phones i will present this phone to my wife for her birthday thank you nokia

Reviewed by LEBONELASECHABA from UK on 18th May 2011

Reviewed by pj uk from UK on 14th May 2011
I have a Nokia 5800 xpress music. After having the phone from new for 2months i had to get it replaced as the phone would freeze. Just after the warranty ran out it played up again. I find the battery life dies very quickly when you start listening to the music. So it's not much of a music phone! I wouldn't buy another Nokia has let me down. I've also had Nokia but this phone hasn't done Nokia any favours... My contract is up in a few months & i dont think it will be a Nokia.

Reviewed by Simon Mckenna from UK on 10th May 2011
Poor phone, I don't reccomend

Reviewed by Nag Shiv from UK on 9th May 2011
Performance is good

Reviewed by Jow from UK on 6th May 2011
I have had the Nokia 5800 now for two years. I am still as pleased as I was the first day. I have played with iPhones and such that my friends have, but when I put on the Stereo loudspeakers on my Nokia they all get the same "wish mine did that" look on their face. Let's face it, why have all that tech and still no Stereo loudspeakers iPhone? Sexy, fast, and loud music for everyone at the push of a button. Catch up with the 21 century, we want our music and we want it...now!

Reviewed by thaj from UK on 28th Apr 2011
i have been using this phone for the last 3 weeks, all performances afr good and some are excellent ......... but the sole problem i meet is i cant stop while alarm rings,unless it is snoozed three times..... if anybody knows the solution pls write here

Reviewed by S Bala from UK on 21st Apr 2011
Worst phone I have ever owned, I hate it but I am stuck with it for another year, tried complianing but they arent doing anything about it, phone switches off randomly, freezes alot, cant type the letter 'b' or 'c' without it going straight to number 2 by itself, if someone calls me, they can hear me but I cant hear them, when I put a picture as my wallpaper, it cuts it all down and focuses on one bit, its a utterly stupid phone and I want to smash it on the ground, this isnt like the nokias I owned before, I doubt it actually is a nokia and its like a BMW X3, its made elsewhere and just branded as a BMW, like this is just branded as a Nokia but actually isnt, In this case, AVOID THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 17th Apr 2011
good phone to start but after about a month or two it start freezing turning its self off doesnt respond. Phone looks nice and would be good if it worked more than 90% of the time and this isnt just the odd faulty phoneits the same with freinds who also have this phone or who have previously had this phone. This has put me off buying another nokia.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 17th Apr 2011
I have had this phone since, sept 2009 and I can say it is the worst phone I have ever had. Its only redeeming quality is the music player, but if I wanted a music phone I would get a Sony Ericson Walkman phone.

Reviewed by tom carois from UK on 17th Apr 2011
sickkkkkkkkkkk phone buy it when u can

Reviewed by Gyoukugen from UK on 16th Apr 2011
Awesome Phone. Bought it 2 years ago, not a single problem since then. Have dropped it 4 times(seriously), 1 time from the stairs, yet there's not a single sign of any falling on my screen and the software is user-friendly. Only minus are the non-touch screen menu, call and red button.

Reviewed by Kyle from UK on 28th Mar 2011
The best mobile phone i've ever had. beats my old Samsung s-5600 by a mile. i love how easy it is to use especially with a Qwerty keyboard.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 22nd Mar 2011
After another vain attempt at using a Nokia phone I have finally given up any kind of hope for the future. The only good thing about this phone is the camera, which is kind of moot as the 5800 is supposed to be a phone. After a year of using this phone and updating it, deleting unused apps etc, it is still the slowest phone I have ever used. The touchscreen is a huge disappointment and the interface is obviously not designed for tactile use. Battery was ok to begin with and has got worse and worse, started off with about 5 days use from it, now i'm lucky to get a day. I don't use the internet because the browser closes constantly of its own accord. For the hassle of using a stylus, i may as well just use buttons. A rubbish phone from a rubbish company. Again.

Reviewed by karen from UK on 18th Mar 2011
why are people going on about the camera it`s a music phone omg if they want a camera phone with good quality pics get the 8.2 mega pixels the only problem i had was my phone would freeze trying to get onto my songs

Reviewed by karen green from UK on 18th Mar 2011
I am on monthly contract with 02 and was excited at receiving my nokia 5800 music express phone my excitement lasted a day i love listening to music the phone would play the music for so long then the screen would freeze or go blank needless to say my phone has been in for repair twice with the same problem then 02 sent me a brand new nokia 5800 music express phone the same problem i took it to the 02 shop i am now waiting for a sony ericsson i`m disappointed as i always go with sony ericsson that make never lets me down shame really

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 16th Mar 2011
I've had this phone on a 2 year contract which finishes tomorrow, and overall it has served me very well. The touch screen is good, if not as good as some as the competition, but that's understandable because it's Nokia first touch screen. Reliability wise mine has done extremely well, I've dropped it numerous times onto concrete and it survives, albeit with a few marks on the plastic case. That and the easily scratched screen are two of the main problems with the phone. The other main use I have for it is as a music player and it is excellent quality, and easy to navigate. I have nearly 16Gb of songs on there but it manages, and only a few times has it frozen which can be solved with a quick restart. The internet is quick and clear and texting is very easy yet I still use the alphanumeric keypad because I find it easier to hold when walking. The other main downside to it is the disappointing camera and video camera, which in the daylight manages fine but in the dark it is terrible and grainy. Value for money wise for a good phone that does everything you want then you can't complain.

Reviewed by capi from UK on 16th Mar 2011
best mobile ever

Reviewed by Frank. Preston from UK on 14th Mar 2011
Very good phone but one problem with mine. The battery symbol does not go down with use, it shows fully charged all the time then suddenly shuts down. I have no way of telling how much battery power is left

Reviewed by arno from UK on 13th Mar 2011
get this updated to v52 firmware the bugs go i have this phone in daily use and its fine keep the software updated its good i have had android this beats it hands down android google update every 2 months 2.1 to 2.2 and so on

Reviewed by Sharne from UK on 11th Mar 2011
The moment you touch the screen it starts "rolling" and takes forever before displaying anything. I also find that you the phone cannot muti-task. The moment you receive a sms whilst busy on a call, the phone stops working and needs to be switched off to reboot.

Reviewed by Adeel from UK on 20th Feb 2011
Very good phone all features in a modren mobile is included in it

Reviewed by suresh chauhan Fiji from UK on 17th Feb 2011
I love Nokia 5800 and it has wonderful application that we can download for free. Only problem with this phone is the stylus slips out and gets lost

Reviewed by karla from UK on 1st Feb 2011
it's good alright. but not very durable...i mean, after 1 and a half years of using it (properly and carefully) it has shut down on me 3 times! losing all my music and pictures! i'm fed up with it and am going to replace it soon...

Reviewed by Kian from UK on 30th Jan 2011
Had the phone for 3 months the worst phone I have ever bought. The phone turned itself off for no reason, the alarm never worked and the software was so unreliable. A year later I bought a I phone4 and I have never looked back. The reason why its expensive? because its the most easiest, cleveriest phone and of course the more people want it the more they can charge for it. Still Nokia phones are good just this particular Nokia phone is really pants!!

Reviewed by dean,from essex from UK on 30th Jan 2011
wow,,got this phone from nokia uk.had phone now 8months ,let me give you an update,,loads of apps, gps,updates,facebook and myspace,music,e-mail ovi store,,wifi ,google ,sat nav,bluetooth,signal always good. screen is brilliant,oso clear,,bbc iplayer good 4 tv.. films drain batt tho, video gd,,camera ok..dropped a few times,still ok. games are good,,came with sucker pad for car(satnav), does everything it says in the book,,would give it 6 stars,but it only goes up to 5,,recommended, big time great phone all day long.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 28th Jan 2011
i got this phone of of my dad he had it for about a year and as soon as i got it the bluetooth broke. somtimes when i am sending a text it crashes and restarts i have read some reviews about it that sugest that the touchscreen is as good as the iphone but i also have an ipod touch and it is nowere near as good.the apps are really poor i was expecting better. it is also to fat. overall i think this is the worst phone i had and was a big stepdown from my sony erickson w580i i am still using it at the moment and would like to buy iphone or blackberry

Reviewed by Jenni from UK on 24th Jan 2011
The camera is fantastic, but I have had this less than a year and I am getting lines coming up on the phone when I switch it on. Also texting can be very jerky and jumps around sometimes. Also had problems with hearing people who phone me on it sometimes, the other line just goes dead. Looking for something else now, won't touch Nokia again.

Reviewed by Kick from UK on 20th Jan 2011
The stylus on this phone falls out after being used a dozen times, because of wear to the internal clip. The stylus hole is on the bottom edge of the phone, so the stylus then falls out. Since the wear is to the phone's innards rather than the stylus, buying a new stylus won't help. The wrist strap is anchored to a concealed hook inside the phone. The hook is very weak, meaning that the slightest stress leaves you with a broken hook and intact wrist strap. Every couple of months the email app simply forgets all the accounts. This isn't a simple case of reconfiguring the accounts - it then tries to download all old emails from the server, runs out of space and locks up. Trying to delete emails it had already downloaded didn't work because it got "clever" and assured me that despite me wanting to delete them it would keep the headers because it knew best. Incoming text messages are timestamped with the time of ARRIVAL, rather than the time they were sent. So when I switch my phone on and get a message I have no way of knowing how old it is. THIS IS PATHETIC! The touch screen is sluggish and the interface laggy. The menu system is inconsistent... in some contexts you can drag the actual menu to scroll (eg in Contacts) but in some (eg Apps) this just launches the app you touched. The scroll bars are far too sensitive and all too often there's too much content, so that it's actually impossible to see it all as moving the scroll bar a pixel whips the content up and down whole pages at a time. Despite having installed several software updates since having the phone, they do not take effect. The date of last update is shown as two years ago! The screen lock/unlock is a slider switch on the side of the phone... a switch even more vulnerable to accidental nudges than a numeric keypad, rendering it completely pointless! The sensor which tells the phone which way up it is works only sometimes - I have to gently shake the handset so that it notices a change in orientation. The email app behaves differently just about every day - sometimes automatically downloading everything, sometimes only headers, sometimes going completely manual, and sometimes (mentioned above) all but uninstallng itself. The controls for menus, camera, etc are all awful. It's been designed with one aim in mind: To make you press lots of buttons. eg. In File Manager, you can view a list of photos. You can tap a photo to view it. (oops - its DOUBLE tap this time... that's another seemingly random arrangement - insome contexts you double tap, in others single.) So, you're viewing a photo in file manager... Can you delete it? NO! Can you move to next photo? NO! To do either of these you have to... TAP the photo to get a menu, BACK UP to the previous level, THEN go ahead and delete or move to next pic. Imagine going through a couple of dozen like that! To delete all text messages in my inbox is easy. To delete them from Sent Items is completely different. Der!!! I could go on and on... even a simple thing like making a telephone call is deliberately made difficult. And the apps?? Wow! Imagine this scenario EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU START FACEBOOK: Tap icon. Wait ten seconds. Get asked permission to continue. Tap. Wait ten seconds. Get asked again for permission to continue. Tap. Wait ten seconds. Finally get into app. ooh - I have a message... tap to show it... NO! Doesn't work! In short, this is the WORST phone I have EVER had. I implore you not to buy one, even very cheap second hand. In my honest opinion Nokia and (in my case) Vodafone are breaking UK law by even selling it. It's not "fit for purpose."

Reviewed by jay from UK on 13th Jan 2011
Stilll got my 5800

Reviewed by Chris Barnard from UK on 11th Jan 2011
I purchased this phone Nokia 5800 , but when I arrived home -- The manual is not in English This is very poor...

Reviewed by amz from UK on 9th Jan 2011
i've had this phone about a year on contract and st first its really good , but then after a year the phone keeps freezing and it's happened to my friends phone aswell , if your taking it out on contract i wouldnt advidse getting it but before it started freezing it was good , if you dont keep your phone for a long time then it is a good phone and has lots of features

Reviewed by D.Mcneill from UK on 6th Jan 2011
Had the 5800 for just over a year now. It's Ok. Does everything it says it does but hardly sparkles.......except for the music player. Typing messages is a bit difficult due to the size of the screen and having to use the stylus all the time is a bit of a pain. Although the display is clear and bright. The screen (plastic not glass) is too small for me and can be a bit sticky for a touch phone but the call quality and signal strength has always been excellent and like most nokia's the ring and message tones are loud and clear. It is bulky (thick) for it size. Too big for my wife who sent hers back (loves her toca lite) Connects to the internet at a decent pace but can be slow on loading some web pages. It's aged badly as well. It's not worth the 120+ they are selling it for sim free. My 10 year old daughter will love it but I'm afraid there are a lot of phones out there that do it better for less money.

Reviewed by sunny from UK on 28th Dec 2010
An outstanding phone i have got it. It may be old now but its classic, old is gold!

Reviewed by somebody from UK on 25th Dec 2010
ive had this phone for today and i am already pleased with the nokia 5800. its realy easy to use and is realy well presented . i have got it in black .however white is also availible .

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 23rd Dec 2010
Nokia 5800 is the best phone ever am not changing it i've had it for 2yrs now and its still working wonders for me, have never changed the battery or anything i just love nokia phones but the 5800 tops for me.

Reviewed by joe Burnard from UK on 14th Dec 2010
amazing pone great 4 everything, mynes 2 years old now & it has never had a fualt once, if u keep it in good condition it works perfect, i would recomend this phone 2 anyone. 900000000000000 stars

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