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Nokia 5610 XpressMusic review

 Review: December 2007  

Last updated February 2008

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: This is one of the best all-round music phones available. It has everything we want: a great music player, an FM radio, a 3.2 megapixel camera, 3G, a memory expandable to 4 Gbytes, and great ease-of-use. Build quality is the only issue to watch out for.



Available in a choice of red or blue, the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic is a slide design music phone that upgrades the popular 5300 XpressMusic phone. The 5610 looks like a slim version of the 5300 with a high gloss black finish, but in fact it's a much more powerful device in lots of ways.

The problem with the 5300 was that the screen broke quite easily. Nokia seem to have fixed this by adding scratch protection and aluminium side panels. So, even though the 5610 looks quite plasticky (and does show fingerprints), it seems to be a more robust phone, although some of our users have complained about broken 5610's (see user reviews below.) It's not superslim, but is a nice size and fits very comfortably in the hand. The display is a real treat: not only is it capable of displaying 16.7 million colours, but it's large (2.2 inches) and high-resolution (240x320 pixels). It sits above a special music slider key that is used to switch control mode (music player, radio or phone). This is a great idea, and makes the 5610 very easy to control without having too many buttons to press. Below the slider key is a good size navigation pad, that once again is easy to use. The slide opens smoothly with a spring mechanism to reveal a functional keypad with reasonable sized keys. Overall the 5610 does seem to be a really nice product to use, and beats most of Sony Ericsson's Walkman range for ease-of-use.

Let's consider the music playing features next, as this is an XpressMusic phone after all. We think that Nokia's latest range of XpressMusic phones can definitely match Sony Ericsson's Walkman range. The 5610 doesn't disappoint us: it plays all the main formats of music with full Digital Rights Management support; it has good quality sound from the built-in loudspeaker, or even better from the stereo headset included in the sales package; it supports Bluetooth stereo headsets; it has an equaliser and supports playlists and album art; and it can take a microSD memory card up to 4 Gbytes. That's most boxes ticked. You can also plug in your own headphones via a 3.5mm socket adapter. We would have liked to see more than 20 Mbytes of internal memory, but that's our only complaint. As well as the music player, an FM radio is included with support for RDS and Visual Radio, so you can easily find out information about what you're listening to.

The camera on the 5610 is surprisingly good. It has 3.2 megapixels, autofocus, smooth digital zoom, macro mode and a dual LED flash. It may not beat the Nokia N95 but it walks all over the Walkman range! Did we mention that this is a 3G phone? There's a second camera for making video calls too.

The 5610 does everything else that we'd expect from a 3G music phone too. You can set your own music as ringtones; you can record and send audio messages; you can use email with attachments, you can surf the web at 3G speeds using the Opera Mini web browser, you can play games, and you can connect via Bluetooth 2.0 or USB 2.0. Battery life is good enough, and it's a quadband phone as well as 3G. It's worth noting too that the phone uses Nokia's latest dedicated audio chip for enhanced sound.

Unusually for us, we can't find anything that we really don't like about the 5610. In fact in many ways it's a lovely phone to use. So why only 4 stars? Build quality is the only issue that we can find. Treat your 5610 with care and you should be all right!

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Nokia 5610 XpressMusic features include:

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Nokia 5610 XpressMusic user reviews

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Average rating from 294 reviews:

Reviewed by bren from zambia on 25th Mar 2016
my equaliser does nt work it jst stoped.

Reviewed by Isaac from Nigeria on 22nd Apr 2014
Everything is ok with the phone, i just love it. except its outer case cause its too volatile

Reviewed by divyanshu from india on 4th Apr 2012
This is a good phone and esay to use looks so nice and 3g is fast

Reviewed by vijay bajiya from india on 12th Nov 2011

Reviewed by Narap from UK on 20th Aug 2011
This was the best phone I bought ever. I bought this mobile in first month of it's launch in India i.e. in 2007. I agree that it has restart problem initially. But it has been fixed with the latest firmware version 10.00.It's hardware quality is wonderful. It was thrown from a my bike going at 80KMPH and was broken into 5 parts. I have assembled them and has started working fine till now without any issues. That is NOKIA every time!!!.I love NOKIA because their mobile phones are robust.I love all the features in this mobile. It's slider and camera are awesome. Although the music player quality not like SONY it is the best compared to other NOKIA mobiles.

Reviewed by vironica from UK on 26th May 2011
this is a good wee phone i have dropped it many times but never broke it i recomend it to a teenager that listens to a lot of music it got a very good memory but i got a memory card for it so it would have better 5/5 for this phone

Reviewed by dillu from UK on 23rd May 2011
i hate the 5610 xpress music make by nokia.It became unstable in less than a year after buying. in the next year the display, battery everything gone....

Reviewed by Monu from UK on 4th Dec 2010
i m using this mobile almost last 3 years and i m still very happy from this because this phone has excellent camera & music quality....as well as this is 3g phone so i can say that this is not a outdated phone after using 3 year's.

Reviewed by Subhasish,odisha,india from UK on 13th Nov 2010
5610xm is a great music phone.its music quality is very clear and loud in ear phone ever i heard.its 3.2 mp camera also satisfactory.it doesnt suppert big size data send through email.all over this is a very good ph.

Reviewed by hyena from UK on 1st Nov 2010
jeez,i am using this phone..n going to change it my frend also have this phone our both phones have problems exactly the same probs hang etc in addition,the secondary camera is not functioning however,i must admit that this phone is very good to use i love the sound and of course the camera

Reviewed by rick from UK on 25th Sep 2010
In the back of the NOKIA 5610 XPRESSMUSIC should say MADE IN HEAVEN

Reviewed by Subhasish,orissa,INDIA from UK on 19th Sep 2010
Nokia 5610 Xm is a great music phone ever i seen.it's music quality,volume is very impresive.it's 3.15mp camera gives me satisfy even in full dark.its net speed is also very good than other.bt it doesnot suppert large file email send and other 3rd party application.

Reviewed by Ashutosh from UK on 11th Aug 2010
Awesome phone with excellent music quality.

Reviewed by Eda from UK on 5th Aug 2010
My nokia 5610 it's great. I got it from USA since 1 year and 3 months..the music volume it's quite loud and I like it very much. But voice recorder it's just 0.58 seconds. My memory card is 2GB. I dont know how to make it last more than 0.58 seconds. It's simple tu use it and it's perfect..

Reviewed by don from UK on 23rd Jul 2010
excellent phone!!!

Reviewed by Roushane from UK on 31st May 2010
Ok...for all you 5 star people...you shoudl all be ashamed of yourselves...but then again i dont blame you because maybe you havent flalen under the badluck we have...this has been my 3rd 5610 this month..because i literally fell in love with the phone but the truth is..its defective the first one i had, the main menu buttons stopped working, so i called t-mobile to get another...then when the second one came i had it for 4 days and the screen went black..i coudl do everything with it just couldnt see anything..THEN i recieved a 3rd one and within 12 hours (yes people 12 hours) the phone started freezing and the volume sign keeps popping up eliminating or rather rendering the phone useless...the common defect about them all is when playing music it restarts every now n then..the screen goes white then restarts..then you have to load all your music up in the library again...yeah..id relaly sit here and tell all the other bugs but youd fall asleep reading..so yeah NOKIA u need to do something about this...i love the phone Exelent Cam quality mp3 i can live with but the bugs..yeah need to work on that

Reviewed by MANOJ from UK on 19th May 2010

Reviewed by Malcolm from UK on 5th Mar 2010
Great phone had one of these for a few years but replaced it with an iPhone3gs last summer. Have to say that the 5610 is great value and has excellent functionality my only issue is somewhat limited RAM and memory which makes games like Vegas nights a pain to load

Reviewed by Ramz adf from UK on 1st Mar 2010
I have a 5610 Xpress phone and after 5 or 6 month the display had been gone. I bought the phone from Qatar so i didn't have option to claim warranty. Then i went to nokia care center and replaced display and use for another 3 month and again the display had caused problem. Now i replaced another display which is an local one and using now. Other than this issues other function are working properly.Let see how long this display last...

Reviewed by cashhh from UK on 3rd Feb 2010
i just bought this phone and it is out standing by far better than the walkman love it

Reviewed by Kieran from UK on 31st Jan 2010
If you live in the UK don't buy this phone. None of the providers support the software, making the phone unuseable. The build quality is rubbish. I've had mine repaired twice so far and it's going BACK for repair.

Reviewed by Angela from UK on 30th Jan 2010
Fantastic phone easy to use clear screen reliable music sounds clear a real good alrounder

Reviewed by Dana from UK on 25th Jan 2010
Great phone easy to use and music sounds good too i love it

Reviewed by MASUDUL MASUD from UK on 9th Dec 2009
i cant use my secondary camera on my 5610xpressmusik

Reviewed by Sreejan from india from UK on 30th Nov 2009
I love my nokia 5610 too much , it is the great mobile that i have ever had in my life. I always thanks my dad and mom for giving me this mobile.

Reviewed by akhtar from UK on 26th Nov 2009
Hi everybody, i just bought a Nokia 5610 and i love it, really surprised with the qualities and its so handy, a very gud phone. love it

Reviewed by Rahin from UK on 23rd Nov 2009
It's an amazing and standerd quality mobile phone.........

Reviewed by katab from UK on 20th Oct 2009
i had this phonr for about 2 months features are good easy to use however havint had it for 2 months it broke the screen cracked and would cost me £60 to fix it

Reviewed by Satish from UK on 6th Oct 2009
What a rubbish phone

Reviewed by Jack V from UK on 16th Sep 2009
all those people who say that the screen was broken and the keys no fixed , this not the phone problem , u people are the problem , this phone isn't made of metal so u should carry it curefully and not thow it anywhere , nokia is the best phones ever , and i love it !! =]

Reviewed by Ang! from UK on 1st Sep 2009
I recieved this phone from my boyfriend, and thought it was rockin'.I have had the phone for two months and the keys pop right off.Then one night I went outside and tried to make a call, it would not let me. Over and over i tried, so then I tried to text,still not working. By this time I was frustrated and tried to take the battery out;no such luck.... . This phone offers great music and camera with recorder,but I has already shown me signs of failure!. I might just get another kind{}{} Bye!

Reviewed by Max. from UK on 10th Aug 2009
i bought the phone because of its massive memory, great camera and good sound quality. within a month of using it; the usb connector fell out of the phone, the camera button is not fixed properly, the slider snapped off, the screen broke - the backlight wouldnt turn on unless i held down one side - a dodgy connection. nokia phones really arent as good as they look! sony ericsson make the best phones.. =)

Reviewed by sonu from UK on 31st Jul 2009
i love it

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 21st Jul 2009
Good phone to begin with but then the slider fell off and i had the phone replaced. then the screen went black and wouldnt work so i had it replaced again and then the final time, the screen messed up again and all the writing was backwards and on the wrong side of the screen - proved difficult when reading texts and writing texts. not happy with the phone and will be returning to samsung for my next phone!

Reviewed by David from UK on 20th Jul 2009
This phone is good in playing music and taking pictures but after one year of using it the keys especially the center keys malfunctioned; and presently, the center keys are not functioning anymore.

Reviewed by bugdetect from UK on 18th Jun 2009
this is a good fone, had it for 1.5 year now. never had any problems!

Reviewed by aLEN from UK on 31st May 2009
this phone is not really that great in maintanance wise it breaks quite easily and the keys get effected quite easily.when listning to music the phone does tend to restart otherwise it;s a preatty ok phone looks wise and otherwise also..

Reviewed by Angela from UK on 24th May 2009
I treated phone with care but after 6 months the screen started going upside down etc this went on for 4 days. Next day screen went black an it hasnt worked since i wouldnt recomend this phone at all in my experience of it.

Reviewed by meingzeila(Darjeeling) from UK on 22nd May 2009
I bought this 5610 phone on Dec 2008 but after few days all the games in the set & ohter application hanged & when i try to open the game& application it displays as" supportive file nothing to display".This is a good set as its music & camera is excellent but I dont't know why this happens & even when I download any games the thing displays as "supportive file nothing to display".

Reviewed by abdullah from UK on 6th May 2009
I had a problem with my Nokia 5619 XPMusic. When I turn on my Nokia the graphic is blur. I cannot play video and my wallpaper and all themes getting most horrible

Reviewed by rahul from UK on 29th Apr 2009
good phone but if you drop it once then the sliding key pops of and the keys crack and you again hae to go and repair it.

Reviewed by samar from UK on 16th Apr 2009
itz a sexy mob....

Reviewed by andy from UK on 1st Apr 2009
The phone ism ore of an inconvenience than anything. The loudspeakers made popping noises when playing music within the first 24 hrs I got the phone! The phone has a 2.5mm jack, organizing your music is a pain. It would've been better if it organized your music by folders instead of the other options it offers. I could go on but there are other reviews here that could explain the issues this phone has

Reviewed by ashley r from UK on 28th Mar 2009
Ime on my second 5610 . the first one after about a month the screen went blanc the second 5610 after 2 months the on off button didnt respond so had to keep it charged so it didnt turn off but it went dead and that was that .. want to change it but cant under contract .. so i rate it poorly it looks and sounds like a 4 star phone but only 1 stars from me

Reviewed by AG from UK on 24th Mar 2009
I have had to get the phone fixed twice but still the phone does not work properly

Reviewed by Lab from UK on 22nd Mar 2009
Good muzic phone with a grt camera... a good overall package.....

Reviewed by Melissa from UK on 18th Mar 2009
it's a good phone with camera that can properly focus when taking photos. However, it hangs quite often, especially when you're deleting more than 20 messages. It takes quite long to restart too. It even hangs when you're listening to the songs and you receive an incoming message

Reviewed by Jinxy from UK on 13th Mar 2009
I have the slider version of this phone! [5610] Previously, I had the 7360, and the speakers were awesome! They were loud and were placed on the sides of the phone. But the 5610 has the speakers on the backside, so I sometimes can't hear my phone, when it's lying on its back.

Reviewed by Rachel. Smith from UK on 6th Mar 2009
A HEEP OF JUNK, not very well made, drop it and the slide action gets jammed then all the keys fall off.

Reviewed by PanPan from UK on 3rd Mar 2009
The contact list is the worst part than I have never see, where is the field of Mobile, Home, Work. If you have 100 contacts list including Nobile number, Work number, and Home number that would became 300 lists long..... !!!

Reviewed by laila from UK on 1st Mar 2009
very bad it olwayz has sum or the otha problem u shud neva buy xpress muzic it evn gets hanged

Reviewed by Bluestone, UK from UK on 26th Feb 2009
Slider fell off. This time it will not go back on.

Reviewed by Myracle Bamba from UK on 25th Feb 2009
This phone is great and cool I love it very much cool sounds.

Reviewed by Anne from UK on 14th Feb 2009
I bought the phone because it looks good, had a radio and the sound quality isn't too bad either but the slider on the front cracked after a few weeks- almost didn't see it at first. then a piece fell out leaving a great chunk missing. After a few more months the rest of the slider fell out leaving the phone looking a bit of a mess (Surely the slider should be made of metal not plastic!) The left hand side of the front part of the body is raised slightly away from the back half although it still runs smoothly, and the keypad has frozen on about 3 occasions now, rather alarmingly as if buttons pressed down. So, just made a year and now I'm looking for another. I think it is very poorly made The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because the red sides and the screen haven't scratched.

Reviewed by Janus from UK on 12th Feb 2009
I bought the red one 9 months ago and it still works perfectly well. the only problem is that the slide key came off and i was told it costs 44 pounds to fix it. but somehow i managed to fix it by myself and it works fine now. but it has to be pushed to the middle manually now cos the connector is broken. i was told that its a common 5610 problem and that nokia replaces it. but i couldnt contact nokia in any way. the camera and sound is okay but not great. the look is absolutely classy although it is a fingerprint magnet.

Reviewed by mr.whatever from UK on 11th Feb 2009
I think dis phone is just great!!!!!!

Reviewed by Hollyfir from UK on 5th Feb 2009
I brought this phone last May when it first came out. It was a FANTASTIC phone and was so pleased with my purchase. However only 4 months later the phone corrupted and shut itself down constantly and lost all of its settings. Have tried taking it back for exchange but my network is being a pain in the bum. They just told me that it a frequent problem with this phone and they have had many of them returned for the same reason. Think before you buy this phone, it jsut unfortunatly doesnt last!

Reviewed by Shaka. from UK on 26th Jan 2009
I think that this is a very great phone, I haven't personally owned it, but one of my bestfriends has it, and I play around with it quite often. It has a very good quality camera, and a great music player. Definitely the phone I would pick.

Reviewed by george from UK on 26th Jan 2009
my screen broke as did others' and i was unable to see what i was doing. not gooood!

Reviewed by Fabiana from UK on 23rd Jan 2009
I was really happy with this mobile, but in 6 months I had it it went twice to be fixed. 2 different problems. Be aware you might have some headache when using it (like automactly "turning off" even with battery full and then back extremely slow. It gets re-starts automatically. If I was happy in the beggining now Im extremelly annoyed. Also, takes ages to connect it to pc through nokia suite. It made me change totally my image of nokia

Reviewed by TK from UK on 13th Jan 2009
What a HORRIBLE design! It won't play some songs (it transfers them between PCs fine) -- though it plays some from the same CD (no copy-protect issues). Its camera doesn't capture an image when the button is pressed (a couple seconds later -- too late). It signs me in to a messenger randomly and automatically (though it is not set to do so). Its address book copy feature deletes the contact, doesn't actually copy it. Its address book offers no automated consolidate feature -- so bringing in one person's home, work and cell numbers requires manually writing down two of the three numbers then manually editing one of the selections then manually deleting two of the three. The music player doesn't sort things as input -- songs from the same CD (the same genre) aren't put in as the same genre, and there's no way to edit or sort the songs. And there's the issue of having to scroll down through an entire list -- can't skip down to a particular song name by pressing a letter, gotta scroll down one entry at a time. I have nothing but contempt for those who created this phone, those who approved it for production after testing and those who sell it. I coccodrilli li consumano.

Reviewed by Haider jan from UK on 9th Jan 2009
its out standing

Reviewed by coolblue from UK on 7th Jan 2009
it simly rocks

Reviewed by PIYUSH CHAUAHN from UK on 5th Jan 2009

Reviewed by dani from UK on 1st Jan 2009
I think is very good because it have a good camera settings!!!

Reviewed by mahendra from UK on 22nd Dec 2008
sold my samsung x200 and buy nokia5610 it's music edition but there is no play/pause button

Reviewed by mike from UK on 22nd Dec 2008
after a few months I bought it , it starts hanging when playing music. I went to nokia care for the phone to be fix and they give me back my phone after 2 days where the hanging got even worst. it automatically shut off when just setting an alarm or browsing thru my messages

Reviewed by Rip Van Winkle from UK on 13th Dec 2008
I owned a Nokia 5300 XpressMusic phone for nearly two years and grew to absolutely LOVE that phone (except for the really awful battery life--but my service provider sent me a second battery for free, so I always had a spare!). Loved that phone! Went skiing, did a header into a mogul, and cracked my screen. BUMMER. Started hunting for a replacement immediately. Looked at all the current phones, smartphones, etc., and didn't find anything that matched my 5300 for ease of use and features, until the sales rep pulled his OWN 5610 out of his pocket. I love this one more than my old one! The review on this site is absolutely right on--if you don't want all the smartphone features, this phone is extremely hard to beat. I haven't had it long enough to judge the battery life yet, but the other features are wonderful and easy to master. The predictive text is great, and learns your favorite words. I can get emails on my phone because of the way I can forward all in coming mails to my phone number. It syncs seamlessly and easily to Outlook so all my contacts and appointments are now in my phone--better than my old PDA! The only thing this phone can't do is regular internet searches, but that's only because I'm not going to pay the extra money for the service. At this moment, my ONLY complaint is that the loudspeaker is not loud enough when making a speakerphone call. I drive a diesel truck, which is pretty loud, and I can't hear very well, so I just use the stereo headphones, which is better anyway. I really like the new left-right slider that lets me switch to the radio or the music player. I also LOVE the flash for the camera. Nokia got it right with the 5300 and has made improvements with the 5610. Love it.

Reviewed by Azi from UK on 2nd Dec 2008
THIS PHONE IS TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE. You see, I actually loved this phone. It had everything I could want. I loved the camera, the music player, the fact that the themes I could get for this phone were awesome, I loved the look, the slider key... BUT THIS PHONE BROKE SO QUICKLY. I've only had it for 7 months, and dropped it only a few times(and mind you, it wasn't even that hard!!!), then after 3 months after those few drops, the screen BROKE. It went black several times, white at times too; it turned upside down for some reason unknown, became static, blurred or the colors became negative!!! And when it did become normal, it was only normal for a few minutes! WHAT THE HELL. Overall, this phone will only break your heart. It gives hollow promises and will leave you feeling like you were cheated. Don't buy it unless you are really, really, really, really gentle with your phone. This phone has terrible durability.

Reviewed by grainne from UK on 1st Dec 2008
the phone has software defects. my phone wont charge at all and the screen blacks out. and changes the wallpaper randomly. i was extremly happy with this phone untill it did that. and they discountued the slider version. now im stuck with the standard version. which i hate.

Reviewed by YESmmm from UK on 26th Nov 2008
I just got this phone less than a month ago and I was very excited because it looks so freaking sweet!!!...and it has a great camera and it is really fast to use. But then the screen started flashing in and out sometimes and it would randomly reset everything. That was cool with me though and i still loved it. But then I dropped it once (who doesn't drop their phone once in a while) and now the screen only shows light through a few cracks, even though the outside glass part is completely intact. I don't understand it, but I think it is just a very low quality phone because one of the buttons also started like falling into the phone. Overall, I am flaming mad because I was in the middle of an important text conversation when it broke.

Reviewed by Percy from UK on 25th Nov 2008
I've got the phone with me and I can't go out of my house without my Xpress Music, yes it is a lovely phone,the best I ever see and uesd in my life time. my only dislike with the 5610 XpressMusic is the battery, my battery does not last long..

Reviewed by anna from UK on 19th Nov 2008

Reviewed by Parisa from UK on 18th Nov 2008
I really like my Nokia 5610 I think its a really good phone and very easy to use, however i have found my slide panel thing actually broke in my pocket, without me dropping it or anything, it just cracked and later broke off. Also only recently the light on my phone has started not to come on, I may just have afaulty phone so I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same problems.

Reviewed by Chavez from UK on 17th Nov 2008
Good points The unit is nice and cute. Nice screen and phonecall sound quality. Music and video quality is ok. Bluetooth communcation is very good. PC software Nokia Suite is free. Bad points Functionality problems: battery does not last even close to specifications, less than two hours on call. Then you think that you can take your universal cable but oh! surprise! You CANNOT charge the phone using the USB socket!!! Then get your spare battery but again, If it was not enough what has been said about the back cover being difficult to open, be careful as the tiny memory card may jump alone or together with the cover up to the space. Previously I had the similar looking Motorola Z3. It sticks to its specifications.

Reviewed by T.K. from UK on 13th Nov 2008
its a dope phone love the look and feel its great with musis, sound qualitys great but after a month use my slide started to creak ive fixd it with mobile glue but know it looks horrible.

Reviewed by divya from UK on 13th Nov 2008
i hate this phone...1st my sim gt blocked...n i had 2 replair in ...2ndly d keyz stopped workin ..i hate 2 repair it again..n nw itz nt switchin on only...gd knwz..wat d heck is d prob wid it

Reviewed by Nicky from UK on 11th Nov 2008
i ve had this phone for 6 months. To date it has been faulty 4 times. First problem i had was the screen freezes and loses all your data. (This happened twice more after it had been repaired) Another problem I had is for some bizarre reason the phone goes into "restore to backup". (random and not user initiated). I ve had enough of it. It is rubbish and certainly not up to Nokias usually good standards !! I would NOT recommend it

Reviewed by Taun from UK on 9th Nov 2008
This phone has got nothing except the looks.I thought its just me and my friend who experienced the sound problem while playing songs at low bandwidth but reading the posts i have come to conclusion this DEFECT is inbuilt in this phone (So Called XpresssMusic). Apart from this hanging frequently is the MOST IMPORTANT feature of the phone.At least that's a universally accepted fact. If you are planning to buy this phone be ready to visit Nokia care centers frequently from where you may not get any appropriate response.At least in INIDIA these so called care centers SUCK. tsharma2000@gmail.com

Reviewed by Shravan from UK on 8th Nov 2008
First of all, the phone is very poorly built. I have had 2 of these phones and in both of them, the slider button went bang within a month. Apart from the quality of the phone other issues are that it keeps hanging and restarting in the middle of my calls. The phones display, camera and music capabilities are faultless but i would not recommend this phone to anyone. I prefer the SE w810i to this.

Reviewed by Joeyboy from UK on 6th Nov 2008
I am so dissappointed about this phone. I just had it repaired for the last two months. First it just went blank where Nokia has to reinstall everything, they changed LCD, Backlight and the slider part. Lucky at first i had a newly repaired phone but after a few weeks my phone does not turn on at all anymore and again i have to send it back to the service center, they even blamed some virus for my phone wherein after scanning from my laptop where virus list is up to date did not find anything. Today, the lcd is showing abnormally different colors flashing and screen turns upside down. Really crazy phone, i cant wait for a phone upgrade maybe ericsson which i believe is more reliable and does not depreciate fast.

Reviewed by pankaj from UK on 5th Nov 2008
This is the best phone form nokia .

Reviewed by Ram from UK on 2nd Nov 2008
I bought this phone a week ago. Although it has all the basic features to expect from a mid end phone , it has several limitations. No multitasking ,connecting your java apps to internet is also difficult as it expects full access point setup. Overall pretty decent. But only just

Reviewed by Mitchell Nortje from UK on 1st Nov 2008
DONT BUY THIS PHONE, It is the worse phone you could possibly get. There are so many people who are experiencing problems with it at the moment. It seems all the problems occur round bout 5 - 7 months after you get the phone. Now my phone doesnt event start up. I had to go to nokia to reflash the firmware like 3 times

Reviewed by rachel from UK on 1st Nov 2008
I have had this phone for 8 months now as im on contarct. I have had nothing but problems with this phone. After the first 3 weeks you start to notice the problems; The slide breaks off, the phone freezes, the battery dies very quickly and if you have more than 100 msgs on your phone at one point in the outbox or inbox then it wont delete them without freezing the phone. I have never had trouble with Nokia phones untill now, and i would advise people to stay away from this phone.

Reviewed by Subhankar from UK on 31st Oct 2008
I just went through few of the reviews about this NOKIA 5610 Xpress Music handset and I do agree with most of you that it's an excelent product from Nokia. I am using this phone for about 6 months now and I have come across some of the known issues with this hand-set like intermittently hanging, resetting automatically etc. , but still I am quite impressed with the service and the features of the phone. Its look is cool, sound quality is amazingly wonderful (.. compareable to i-pods with stereo headsets), resolution is excelent, camera is just mind blowing (only if you know how to use all the features). I have installed 4GB of Micro SD card and it work wonderfully with maximum storage capacity. The USB interface just works fine with PC and I have never experienced the issue of data getting stored in the Phone memory instead of the card memory as mentioned by one of the reviewer here (only you should know how to do it!!). Data transfer rate is fine and blutooth readi ly detectes and transfer data with other bluetooth devices. Battery back-up is best ever. Once charged fully it lasts for three days even if I listen music most of the time. Overall I am greaty satisfied by purchasing this hand-set and if you ask me I would say.. yes go for it!! I heard from somebody that the hanging issue with this mobile could be rectified by performing a firmware update from nokia... though i have not tried it yet.

Reviewed by MR KNIGHT from UK on 30th Oct 2008
I am now on my 5th phone, this is by far the worst phone i have had in 15 years the build quality is so poor it just falls apart its made out of plastic and as we all know this seems to break on phones. it freezes all the time and has a terrible habit of just turning it self off looks great and sounds good but no use if it doesnt work. nokia have stopped making the phone now and phone providers have had no end of problems with it i am still in dispute with it and been without a phone for a month so beware dont be fooled by a cheap deal.

Reviewed by Alvin from UK on 27th Oct 2008
I had this phone about 5 months now ... the phone problems are:- Problem to read the memory card when the battery is low (30% left) ; buttons wont work when you slide (open) the phone ; hang a few times when press too fast.

Reviewed by Aneesh from UK on 26th Oct 2008
Great phone. Not outstanding, but great. Unlike the site reviewers, i find the physical build quality to be fairly good, but the firmware is buggy, and the phone hangs randomly when listening to music. This is real annoying, but not too common. Music player is quite good, though scrolling between songs should have been faster(like in a N81 even without the navi wheel.) apart from that its quite good. On a different note, i heard that it is actually expandable to 8 gb, can any one confirm this?

Reviewed by Monish from UK on 23rd Oct 2008
This phone simply rocks expect for the slide key

Reviewed by Kumar chavan from UK on 22nd Oct 2008
very good phone. i have read the reviews and have buyed it. No problems

Reviewed by aisha ahmed from UK on 22nd Oct 2008
this phone is more than excellent and it got allot of opchions but there is a big proplem the softwear is more than bad before i bought this phone a lot of pepole advise me not to buy this phone but i bought it

Reviewed by Alex UK from UK on 17th Oct 2008
Fine for the first few months, but now it crashes daily, resets, turns off, cuts off calls mid conversation, takes ages (20 mins+) to become idle during reset. The software is appalling, build quality below average. Itís not particularly intuitive either, however the display is good, and the sound is pretty good too. Battery life disappointing. There are much better phones out there. This one is a Nokia Lemon.

Reviewed by Kieran from UK on 16th Oct 2008
I own one of these phones and have had nothing but trouble. Don't get me wrong though, it's a fantastic phone i just still have some issues. Firstly the phone crashed alot when using the music functionality. Great, i just update the phones firmware using their software (which is clunky in vista but thats no-ones fault really). This function works well. I'm having massive problems getting the GPRS working with java applets which neither nokia or 02 have settings for. This is still not resolved but i'm in the process (i hope). The slider came of when the phone was in my pocket. I've owned the phone for two months or less which annoyed me to no end. Otherwise, it's a decent phone, i wish for my £200 odds that the phone would be supported (the nokia wap site has no mention of it) and didn't fall apart. My girlfriends N81's main button also fell off within months.

Reviewed by dobby from UK on 14th Oct 2008
this is an excelent phone and vvery sexy

Reviewed by erald from UK on 13th Oct 2008
i bought it last oct. 7.. i love my nokia 5610 i upgrade it in to 8.30 it has good quality music than 4.6... but my problem is wallpaper automatically change into nokia wallpaper that is colored blue even though im not changing it and my phones battery life quite short

Reviewed by Victoria from UK on 11th Oct 2008
Loved my phone from beginning but in few months the sliding button started coming off, literally falling apart! I am not heavy user of phone! Very, very disappointed! Very poor plastic design.

Reviewed by Adele from UK on 10th Oct 2008
Very good phone, but mine broke within two/three months. I love how loud it is though!

Reviewed by Mohammed Abdullah Farah from UK on 4th Oct 2008
i feel like its alwayse clean.. never get dirty... water went into it a couple of times[accident] and nothing hapend to it battry is AAA<- wich last for ever u can find 1000,000 themese for it umm what i dont like about it is the music slide, can be brocken easly.. my friend had a trouble with the music slide.. and,,, as soon as u get this phone u must format it.. and check the softwere man, maby its getting older sank u all [4-october-08]

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 1st Oct 2008
Oh dear, judging by the reviews written by others i could have swore id bought a different phone. Yes ill admit, it has good features, but with regards the build quality........well its been appalling really. Within a week the black slider on the front broke off, then a few weeks later the slider jammed because the internals had dropped onto the keyboard! And to top it off it keeps freezing and switching itself off!! Now i have had lots of nokias in the past and no doubt will have more in the future, and even though i read all these reviews and think maybe i just had one from a bad batch, i cannot recommend this phone due to the problems i have had. And the worse thing is that when u take the phone back to the shop, they look at you like you must have thrown it all over the office. Sorry Nokia, but definitely 1 star this time.

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