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Nokia 5530 XpressMusic review

 Review: August 2009  

Last updated June 2011

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The 5530 is a mid-range touchscreen music phone.

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The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic can be regarded as a stripped-down version of the 5800. The 5530 is more compact, with a smaller screen, no 3G and no Carl Zeiss optics in the camera. At launch it was priced about £70 less than the 5800, but as of 2011, it's the same price and doesn't seem to offer good value.

You can use the 5530 touchscreen either with your fingers, or with the stylus provided. Either way, it's reasonably responsive and easy to use. The display is a good size, at 2.9 inches, and has a phenomenally high resolution of 640 x 320 pixels and 16 million colours, making it one of the best screens in its class. And when you're talking touchscreen, the quality of the screen really matters! The home screen is customisable, giving one-touch access to Facebook, emails, music, etc. The new Contacts Bar is also quite fun, letting you put your 20 best friends & family on the home screen. We also need to mention that the screen auto rotates when you turn the phone on its side. In portrait mode you can enter numbers and text using a virtual alphanumeric keypad with predictive text or regular text input. In landscape mode, a full QWERTY keypad becomes available, which is ideal for people like us who like to use punctuation in their text messages!

The phone forms part of Nokia's XpressMusic line-up, so let's take a look at the audio next. It's impressive. Not only is there a fully featured music player with support for all popular music formats, plus an equaliser, but there's also an FM radio built in. There are two speakers - one at the top and one at the bottom (you can see the speaker grilles in the photo) - giving excellent stereo widening and a 3D surround effect. A bass booster adds punch to your music. Another bonus is the 3.5mm audio jack, meaning that you can choose to use the headphones supplied or upgrade to any high quality headphones that use a standard AV connection. We honestly can't fault the music capabilities of this device.

The camera isn't quite as impressive, being a standard 3.2 megapixel offering, but it does have autofocus and a flash. And, to its credit, it is extremely easy to use, making good use of the touchscreen menus, and is very fast to record pictures too. To be fair, it's more than adequate for taking photos to be uploaded to Facebook, and even print quality images are possible. Video recording is also available, and this is really surprisingly good. The video camera records at resolutions all the way up to up to VGA (640 x 480 pixels) - despite the Nokia website claiming 176 x 220 pixels! - and there are handy features such as video zoom, a video light and the ability to pause recording and then continue, enabling you to become a real movie director!

We're impressed by the connectivity too. As well as Bluetooth and USB connections, the 5530 is one of the few phones in its class that incorporates a WLAN connection. This goes some way to make up for the lack of 3G. Indeed, if you can get a wireless connection, then you'll experience faster data transfer speeds with WiFi than with 3G.

The 5530 also impresses when it comes to memory. With a generous 70 MB of built-in memory and a 4GB card supplied as standard, you can store around 1,000 - 2,000 songs, and the microSD memory card can be upgraded to 16GB for even more storage. Similarly, the battery life is excellent, giving up to 27 hours of music playback time. When you consider the size and weight of the device, this is as much as anyone could hope for. It's also worth mentioning that we found the 5530 to have exceptionally good reception, allowing us to talk in locations that have completely defeated other phones we've tested.

We're impressed with the 5530 overall. A better camera would have been nice, but remember that this is being marketed as a music phone, so we'd say it fulfils its purpose very well indeed. Like all Symbian smartphones it does have the occasional glitch, but nothing to spoil things too much. We awarded the 5530 5 stars at launch. Two years later on, the price doesn't seem to have fallen, despite new competitors appearing with improved features, and so we're dropping our rating to 3.

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Nokia 5530 XpressMusic features include:

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Average rating from 339 reviews:

Reviewed by shafran from srilanka on 17th Sep 2016
in this phone,i cant take because the phone was shatdown you can help me.pls.if u can help send to this email.shafranriswan@gmail.com

Reviewed by Yash from Mozambique on 20th May 2014
Even after 2 years since no one is posting here, i am going to review the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic. The 5530 is amazing, i have this Nokia since 4 years and have dropped a lot but it is working, camera is great, apart from having 3.2MP it does the job of taking great and decent pictures and the recording is execellent. It is small but great for your pocket and the screen these days isnt good comparing to others so it doesnt let you down, this mobile doesnt have a lot of apps compared to Apple and Android. Now the biggest point of this Nokia is his Music perfomance, as you know it has 2-speakers, one on top and the other on the bottom and it creates an amazing 3D sound, and I JUST LOVE LISTENING MUSIC WITH THESE PHONE, so from my experience this phone doesnt let me down!

Reviewed by pedro from usa on 23rd Feb 2012
good phone i been using it for almost 2 years i got pdf reader music player wifi sd card slot good signal cuality overall a good phone good web browser and apps from ovi store i r it 4/5 bacause of no 3g and 70kb of memory btw i did thos review from my nokia 5530 xm

Reviewed by Michael Eyjae Capistrano Angeles from Philippines on 18th Feb 2012
I bought my Nokia 5530 XpressMusic last December 2011 as a Chistmas gift for myself. Since this will only be my second smartphone, I'm not quite sure what to expect but based on my personal experience and after doing some internet reserch I found a phone fit for me and I still chose a Symbian.
The thing I love in this phone is the 360x640 pixel resolution on a 2.9 inch screen meaning it has a 252 pixel per in density making it one of the sharpest display in its price range that few can match. The interface of the phone is user friendly, built in stereo speakers are loud and clear, great because I love music. The design is compact and stylish. The phone is lightweight, easy to use by one hand and pocket friendly. The phone also has Wifi which I use a lot. There only few things which I can think of that is not good on a mid-range phone like this, actually only one caught my attention, the 434 mHz processor is enough but the 128 mb RAM with around 50 mb free is to blame, multitasking capability is okay but when you open RAM hungry apps / games or complex web pages on multiple tabs you will easily run out of RAM.
In general I love this phone and give it a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by Awesome from India on 31st Dec 2011
2years ago im using this phone. Its really awesome like me.

Reviewed by nag from on 15th Dec 2011
this phone is very good.i think it has good apps and high speed internet compared to other nokia devices,but it has less response to touch.so,i will give 4 star.

Reviewed by irfan from pakistan on 1st Dec 2011
internet ki speed slow hai

Reviewed by Umer sharif from United Kingdon on 29th Nov 2011
I Hate this Mobile Phone.Almost every mobile have same problem which is it turn off itself.you have to check again and again to make sure its on..

Reply by moontrip from UK on 17th Mar 2012
probably a bit late now but check the battery terminals as they have a tendancy to slowly come apart and make it look like the phone is knackered

Reviewed by moontrip from UK on 26th Nov 2011
Got this second-hand as my SE had fallen apart. Excellent phone for music, texting (never texted this quick on a phone before!!!) and of course it makes phone calls. Wi-Fi is good. What more do you need? @nathan ... get a dictionary out before you critisize others about their spelling

Reviewed by john from Australia on 18th Nov 2011
Get your facts straight. It records video in 30 fps.

Reviewed by ajani david from nigeria on 13th Nov 2011
love it,so superb

Reviewed by bhok from philippines on 13th Nov 2011
nice phone, music player is amazing, the best phone ever...Nokia 5530 mabuhay.

Reviewed by rosieee from UK on 10th Nov 2011
omg its an amazing phone! had it for 2 years, hasn't broken!? dropped it down the stairs, in a glass of lemonade, on concrete and thrown it across rooms,and it still works!!! Just a brilliant phone - unlike blackberries it ACTUALLY has radio:')

Reviewed by Niicky from UK on 25th Oct 2011
I've had this phone for two years now and it has been with me through everything, and what i mean by everything is; being dropped so many times i have accually lost count, i have dropped my phone in the bath 2 times :/ and much more stuff that would make any phone unable to even turn on; but amazingly my phone does more than turn on its fully funtual and works just as good as it did when i first brought it. I am very clumsy and can not have a phone for very long before i have to replace it, i could not have asked for a better phone. anyone who is clumsy or whos job is rough i would recomend this phone. touch screen is fully respnsive and the picture quality of the phone is clear and nice, i have had no problems with the touch the past two years i have had it, even with all the stuff ive put the phone through, but that might not the same for every phone. The phone is chunky compared to what you can get now but i guess thats what makes it so hard wearing. Me personall y i think the camera is great, good quality pictures and when my freinds want to take photos i'm the first person they come to, the music sound is loud and very clear but if im honest could be louder but very good, impressve video qaulity, overall a very good hard wearing phone and i really enjoyed using it :) xx

Reviewed by Pat from UK on 22nd Oct 2011
chek this before u buy the phone many ppl got this problem care center not doing anything youtube watch?v=0-p6sd-RV1E

Reviewed by Kara from UK on 21st Oct 2011

Reviewed by will poulson from UK on 20th Oct 2011
do not buy this phone. i wasted my money on it. the menu touch buttons on the home screen do not work for me, the top speaker has broken and the keypad does not come up anymore. it freezes and restarts itself. this is a terrible phone, dont be fooled into buying it.

Reviewed by dr.jis from UK on 24th Sep 2011
a grt cellphone

Reviewed by kj from UK on 14th Sep 2011
AMAZING! Nothing less.

Reviewed by dana from UK on 7th Sep 2011
im having difficulty of looking after my phone's signal.. what should i do... yet before i bought this unit my old nokia phone has better signal.

Reviewed by Ahmad from UK on 26th Aug 2011
not good

Reviewed by ausim from UK on 26th Aug 2011
Very nice phone

Reviewed by suman from UK on 24th Aug 2011
nice but expensive

Reviewed by Mancy from UK on 19th Aug 2011
Awesome phone. I've successfully completed 1 and half year with this phone. I have roughly used this phone, it has fallen down from my hands, pockets for many times and is still working. Very girly, very delight. It's something that absolutely defines me. My phone is just like me! :)

Reviewed by sameer from UK on 8th Aug 2011
its an exlend phone

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 12th Jul 2011
I have had this phone for nearly two years and it is honestly the best phone I have ever had. Despite being a touch screen phone, it is very hardy and has been dropped millions of times and not suffered for it. Furthermore, I have dropped it in water a few times accidently and it has recovered with no problem! Although the camera is not great, this is not usually the main reason why you get a phone, so it doesnt bother me. Amazing phone, gutted my contract is coming to an end...:(

Reviewed by Bidhan Amatya from UK on 27th May 2011
I have a nokia 5530xm .I've using it for a long time now.I Am having problems with the sensors it does not switch to landscape mode

Reviewed by Charles from UK on 21st May 2011
I bought this phone in April 2010 on a 2 year contract. I hate that phone. The main problem is not its features - great on a standalone basis - but the fact that they lag so much behind what the other brands are selling right now... Browsing the net is also extremely painful as the system keeps freezing all the time. I can't wait to exit that stupid contract and replace with any brand but Nokia (too bad as I have been a Nokia fan for 11 years)! They clearly missed it.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 19th May 2011
The mobile definitely has problems. I experienced many after I bought it. Overall, not recommended.

Reviewed by garry from UK on 11th May 2011
don't buy this phone.i have this phone from 1 yr and i saw it has many problems like battery is not working properly now and screen may go green color sometimes.

Reviewed by malau from UK on 1st May 2011
its a very stylish phone.simple and elegant.even have no 3G. But not to bad.i love that.i can upgrade the aplication

Reviewed by Abir from UK on 29th Apr 2011

Reviewed by chloee from UK on 28th Apr 2011
well, i've had this phone for 2 years now. when i first got it, it was a really good phone but after the first week or so all my memory was going really fast and the battery didnt last and also the back and battery kept falling off which meant i had to buy a phone case. it has a very good camera which i what i use the most on this phone and i like that if you rotate the phone when your typing you can type horizontally or vertically. mind you all the bad things could be me and my typical bad luck. lol

Reviewed by sydneyhelen from UK on 25th Apr 2011
I had this ohone for over a year. Phone was good when i first got it. After a while it became slow and unresponsive, and kept freezing and restarting. The back cover of the phone kept coming off and the battery kept falling out. Wouldnt recomend the phone

Reviewed by sonnyjim from UK on 5th Apr 2011
pretty decent phone phone.music player is good and it comes with free 4gb memory card. camera is good coming with flash and autofocus and video camera is also good as it has some nice editing features.has the usual wi-fi and bluetooth.Display is also colourfull and bright. there are some bad points as this phone is quite slow and after a almost a year and half the battery barely lasts a day.put this with the dropping of calls texting people blank messages for no reasons stop this from being a 4 star phone this phone gets a 3/5

Reviewed by Jessie from UK on 19th Mar 2011
Where do I start with this phone, from the moment I bought it all it has caused is trouble. I took it back to the shop time after time for software problems and now there is problems with voicemail which is causing my phone bill to increase. I do not recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Honest from UK on 18th Feb 2011
I have had this phone for a year and while it is alright there is was always problems with the software, i froze ALOT, and crashed.Had to get it replaced, the keypad didn't respond and i had to get that fixed. Dropped it once and the screen is black and will not work properly.

Reviewed by Raja from UK on 11th Feb 2011
I like it!

Reviewed by Bernard from UK on 26th Jan 2011
This phone is just mwaah! The music quality is the best.

Reviewed by mark from UK on 26th Jan 2011
i've had this phone nearly 18 months now, an it's still going strong, yes i'm runnin on new software which makes the phone very fast, an although the look is a bit dated now, i will not be replacing it any time soon, the wifi is fantastic, so easy an fast an 18 months later me memory card has loads more room, the phone is still in its leather case with a new screen protector on, this phone aint going no where for a long time, even if it's a bit of an old phone now, it's does everything an then some, you can still buy there phones on ebay, but they still fetch nearly new money, a testament to how good they really are, oh an as for the lack of 3g well that works gr8 for me, had 3g before an a lot of the time it would say full 3g signal but people ringin of would get answerphone, it's never happened once wif this phone, so if ya got a chance ta buy a used good lookin nokia 5530 jump at it i promise you wont be regret it

Reviewed by mark from UK on 26th Jan 2011
this phone is still gr8 sum 18 months after i got it, yes it kept freezin an i had ta keep pullin the batt out, but i found sum new software for it on the software update an av ta say i aint had any probs wif it freezin ever since, an it's works so much faster now, thank you nokia not only for a truly gr8 phone but still releasing software for it an not just moving on to the next model,

Reviewed by MICHAEL L KING from UK on 14th Jan 2011

Reviewed by Ananta from UK on 1st Jan 2011
awesome phone, ive had it for over a year now and have dropped it many many times and its fine! Dont use the stylus so much but there is a cool function were you can literally write down what you wan to type on the screen and it puts it into the text etc! Overall works really nice, fast , easy to use, wlan connection is really awesome. Probably the best thing ive ever bought :P

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 26th Dec 2010
I got this phone last year and I have hated it ever since. The internet takes ages to load, the touch screen kept on turning itself off and deciding not to respond, it rang people when I didn't tell it to and the QWERTY keyboard was hard to use. The only good thing was the music, of which the sound quality was poor. A very poor phone. Have now got a BlackBerry and am so glad I've got rid of this stupid Nokia.

Reviewed by NokiaLoveer from UK on 26th Dec 2010
Not sure whether to give this phone a rating of 4 or 5. I have had this phone now since march 2010 and i love it. Although, its a load of rubbish about things being free from ovi store cos they are not. The camera is amazing, and so is the flash on it. Can be a bit blinding though! Lol. You can change the homepage set up too, there is not just the one above in the video, there is actually 3 options. The music player and speakers are very good. It is heavier than i expected when i brought this phone. Nokia truly is the best makers of phones though, because i have used Samsung, Motorola, you name it, but Nokia is truly the best! Well done Nokia, great phone, but the phone could come with some more games! (hint hint) (:

Reviewed by Rex Centeno from UK on 21st Dec 2010
Slow on web browsing and this phone is not able to receive and send MMS.

Reviewed by Lesley from UK on 12th Dec 2010
This phone is a real smartphone. The only prob iz dat it lacks 3g and gps. I bought it 3 monthz ago and its stil goin fine.

Reviewed by stve from UK on 25th Nov 2010
the phone goes off when you make a call

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 23rd Nov 2010
Good music player, but keeps freezing and rubbish screen

Reviewed by paolunmang from UK on 21st Nov 2010
i'm thankful to buy nokia 5530 other than sony,samsung,etc

Reviewed by usy from UK on 19th Nov 2010
amazing phone. great price. Yeah it might freeze here and ther, but what do you expect from a very cheap smartphone. This was nokias answer to other companies cheap smartphone and i think they have succeeded as it is most popular. Great slim phone and i love it

Reviewed by Peeta Mellark from UK on 16th Nov 2010
This phone sucks never buy it

Reviewed by Geno Ganevski from UK on 12th Nov 2010
I bought mine just before 11 months. I "received" it for Christmas. At first I was very happy, with it, but after only 1 hour I started to see the problems. First it is very good, but put a few apps on it and... God it's slow. My cousin lives in US and has an iPhone 3GS, both of them (the 5530 and the iPhone) have sensor for rotation, you flip the phone and the screen moves too. For the iphone i t works both ways, but for the nokia only in one direction, and after using it "good", it takes 10-12 seconds for the screen to re-appear. Before one week, the phone started turning off all by itself. At first I thought it is me who has done something wrong, but no. Today it just continued turning off, but started to turn off while I was having calls. I left it at the repair center, and I am mad with it. Also the camera is rubbish, the processor is worse than useless...

Reviewed by Johann from UK on 11th Nov 2010
Worst phone i evr had!!!!!!!freezes and has poor battery life

Reviewed by John from UK on 10th Nov 2010
I particulary agree with lauren this is an outstanding phone and you cannot got better than this phone. I have had this phone for 1 year now and i have had no problems with it ( i text and call alot)its still running fine with a fantastic battery life. All those HATERS that don't like good phones should probabaly go to the basic of all NOKIA 402

Reviewed by Johann from UK on 9th Nov 2010
What a poo phone ........HATE IT!It freezes and takes forever to go in the music store

Reviewed by 123 from UK on 21st Oct 2010
I've had this phone for over 1 year and its a really good phone but sometimes it gets on my nerves because it gets frozen and everything and another is that the music aint loud enough people might say it is but my opinion is different and i think its not that loud but other then that its gr8 i love it the camera quality its fantastic and its a really nice touch phone

Reviewed by Drako from UK on 13th Oct 2010
Much more better than any other

Reviewed by Nikki from UK on 10th Oct 2010
I really really really don't like this phone! I've had mine for 13 months now and I'm sick of it. Within a month of getting the phone I had to get it replaced because it kept freezing and turning off. After a while the second one kept doing the same thing, so i took it to get repaired and they said it was just a software update and I could do it myself. However, everytime it tells me I need to do it I click on and it doesn't do anything! Tonight my phone was just sitting on my dresser and it started vibrating wierdly and the screen was flashing on and off. I had to take the battery out to stop it, but when I turned it back on it was still doing it but not as constantly as before. The good thing about the phone is the music, the player is good and the radio is good. My phone is really scratched now aswell and one of the scratches is off the stylus!

Reviewed by sophie from UK on 9th Oct 2010
hate my mobile the nokia 5530 it turns off when i try to answer it it also turns itself off when i try to phone somebody the phone is so poor its easily scratched and very flimsy i hate it it is the worst phone ever created uve only had it 12 months and the unlock key at the side has jammed unnabling it to work so its broke i prefer sony erricsons because there reliable and last ages

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 8th Oct 2010
emmas right dont but its terrible it dosent work and mines broke right now,the screens got a technical problem with it and it freezes and turned off itself espeially when someones ringing you ,believe me seriously its a bad phone.

Reviewed by k8_candiez from UK on 6th Oct 2010
THUMBS UP!!!! for nokia 5530... i got it!(white n blue) nice camera, video, very good resolution, more handy dan 5800, very good features,, all in all 100% recomended for nokia touch screen fans... one of the best thing bout nokia 5530 its like you have an apple itouch wen scrolling the musics on ur phone in music player, wifi very good! the touchscreen is very resistive...and in realty no nid for 3gs hir in philippines we dont use or nid of that....and its a budget phone...for just a 10thousand plus (hir in phil) u can buy a all in one phone.. nokia 5530 is the best!!!

Reviewed by emma from UK on 5th Oct 2010
please do not buy this phone, i have had an terrible experience with it, it freezes, switches itself off when people phone me, has empty battery 1 hour after its been charged. the screen broke which i got replaced but cost me £50.

Reviewed by Burhan... :P from UK on 3rd Oct 2010
Lovee It Seriously Dnt Lsn To Ppl Hu Dnt Lyk It Dey R Jus Dum I Wud Defffooo Rekkomend Dis Phone!!

Reviewed by Dante from UK on 1st Oct 2010
Phone looks nice and feels alright. Thats about all positive i can say about it. Th has very poorly designed user interface, some items have to be double clicked, some similar react to single click. Nokia did poor job in designing user friendly system for touch operation. You better off getting some other phone with more mature touch oriented OS. Seriously.

Reviewed by bell from UK on 1st Oct 2010
it is a Great phone

Reviewed by mel from UK on 26th Sep 2010
yeaa most people are saying ignore the bad reviews but you shouldnt, i have had two of these phones now and they are rubbish they just keep failing and not working properly. my first one of this it worked fine but then after a while it stopped going off when i recieved texts, it wouldnt let me edit photos and i couldnt change the volume when listening to music, i tried updating the software but it didnt help, i took it in for repairs but still i wouldnt work properly so i got given another 5530. my second one i still havent had time to take it to repairs yet, though i doubt that will help, it worked ok at first but then guess what faults again, the software update didnt help, it doesnt go off when i get a text, it doesnt show whos calling i cant see my pictures in the gallery (i have to go to the memory card), i cant see most my music on the music player (have to go to memory card again) it wont let me edit photos, and now i have to turn my phone off and on to recieve a text. it is running really slow and takes ages to do anything. i wouldnt recomend getting it and ignore people saying to ignore this because i have heard (from carphone warehouse) that other people have had had this fault..

Reviewed by Brett from UK on 20th Sep 2010
Powers off whenever it feels like it, the tilt screen is slow to react, zooming in and out of web pages is troublesome, and the earphone socket brakes, the ovi store is a hassle to navigate and to update the software you have to plug it into a PC, why cant it just work? On the plus side, the music player is good, the rest of the phone is simple to use and the camera is good for snaps. the Stylus is a nice touch and the wifi connectivity is a good connective method.

Reviewed by rakesh from UK on 18th Sep 2010
it is giving problem when it come s to play you tube videos, it would be much better if they had introduced more video playing formats in it

Reviewed by shuvo from UK on 18th Sep 2010
Its battery life is not good…it is too short..about 10 hours only...

Reviewed by sibi op from UK on 17th Sep 2010
super cell phone

Reviewed by James from UK on 16th Sep 2010
this phone is terrible, i had it at christmas and its now september and all i have done is take it in for repairs! if its not software failure its the speaker breaking! i admit the features are good on it; with the wifi and gps and a good mp3 player, but it is not worth the money at all!! dont buy this phone!!

Reviewed by Suz from UK on 11th Sep 2010
I got the nokia 5530 a week ago, and I'm very happy with it. It's easy to use, it's fast and well... just soooo cool! The sound is great, the colours are great the games are great, its look is great, it's just a perfect phone, and i hadn't found any minuses yet :D

Reviewed by michael from UK on 11th Sep 2010
ye is a good phone but i would go with the 5800 because if is easer to hold it has a biger touch screen for dose who dont like useing there styluse and i had a fult with the screen like the touch worcked but the apps i had on my home screen werent being registerd but i found the nokia master reset sorted that ? michael

Reviewed by DK from UK on 2nd Sep 2010
phone's really awesome.. I love it's WIFI!!!!

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 31st Aug 2010
I really hate this phone. I got it for christmas last year and around February it stopped working. I can't make or receive calls,it freezes for ages,and it randomly switches its self off right in the middle of when I'm doing something. I can't connect to the internet and I have to use a WLAN scanner and even then I doesn't work sometimes. All in all,I wouldn't get this phone.

Reviewed by Bidhan Amatya from UK on 31st Aug 2010
It is a good phone but it camera quality can be improved and it is best one in its class

Reviewed by kimiro from UK on 29th Aug 2010
this phone is so brilliant and amazing you better buy it..... now because its fast and dont reset.... understand this is so cool got it just now its so cool and faboulos so very amazing buy it i swear you will not hate it and hello its an xpressmusic not a digicam thats wy the cam supports only small ..but gotta buy it ... very nice , smartphone,faboulos and amazing ever and got the (5800) too... nokia cellphones are so amazing ..... keep rising nokia luv ya you so great gotta buy it..... trust me ..... its very nice

Reviewed by John from UK on 18th Aug 2010
had this phone for a month and it started to switch off every time i made or received a call. Turns out the RF AMP failed and it's fit for the bin. Nokia can't call this a phone if it doesn't make or take calls without committing suicide.

Reviewed by Sami Beck from UK on 15th Aug 2010
hi guys this phone looks very good on paper although i find sybian s60 very poor and slow i would not reccomend

Reviewed by andy from UK on 14th Aug 2010
4 real it's a cool phone

Reviewed by ed merkel from UK on 13th Aug 2010
Outstanding and amazing phone!.One of the things I hate on this phone was about the software is not so friendly,but I upgrade it and download a SPB software. It turns this phone into an amazing tool,and you can download many apps from Nokia Ovi store like a TV streaming,voice command for text messages and internet, and many more.You'll never think and look to an I-phone. You'll get more than a phone with this model,not so expensive and very,very easy to use. Lacks of: 3G,high megapixel camera,video out,high internal memory. Pros: Sound!,screen resolution,WI-FI,and many more.....! Read this: This phone is intended for recreation purpose only. if you want some business features,honestly,look elsewhere.

Reviewed by gautam kumar from UK on 8th Aug 2010
i luv my mobile...

Reviewed by paras from UK on 8th Aug 2010
nice ph

Reviewed by vishnu from UK on 5th Aug 2010
Excellent phone, n superb camera, especially the close-up. great sound quality n the headphone just rocks. If u want a cheap n loaded phone 5530 is what you are looking for.

Reviewed by Coral from UK on 4th Aug 2010
everything is good apart from the connectivity, it always says 'packet data not available' what do i do? :(

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 4th Aug 2010
This phone might look nice, but it has so many faults. I've had to send it back to get fixed for 2 weeks because the messages stoped sending, it turns off by its self at any time, the software needed does not download, frezzes non stop! etc. I wouldnt buy this phone!

Reviewed by chloe from UK on 3rd Aug 2010
i have had this phone for a year now and i have had no bother with it apart from every so often messages will not send.

Reviewed by Lexii from UK on 31st Jul 2010
do not get this phone it is the worst phone ever it litrelly has glitches and it freezes. it also is messed up because when you switch it on lines go across the screen then it goes back off and takes half an hour to switch on again. plus if you are an internet fan you won't be able to go on internet coz the phone is messed up. you may think this is only one persons point of view but a friend of mine has the same problems and i work for a tech centre and we test new tech this phone we spent alot on it and it broke down for everyone..... sorry to put you down but DO NOT GET THIS DONT TRUST NOKIA TRUST OTHERS LIKE SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by khuletz79 from UK on 27th Jul 2010
I'll recommend this phone, although have a slight problem using gprs,mms packet data connection, it's cool in all aspects...if you use WAN-wifi it's probably high accurate, it depends to service provider....

Reviewed by novaton from UK on 27th Jul 2010
i had high expectation with this phone, and after a couple weeks i am really dissapointed and the 5530 is a terrible phone. Why? 1.- call reception SUCKS! having plenty of lost calls 2.- phone camera is terrible! my old nokia 2mp was way better, this camera is - really - the worst camera i've ever used. 3.- constant frezzes-up / hang-up . have to remove the batterie 4.- SLOW.... like a turtle, and sometimes applications get stuck until you again remove the batterie 5.- speaker phone quality is terrible!! no matter if you yell at the $#%# phone the other party cant hear you properly 6.- battery life is too short, 40 pictures taken, 10 minute using the wi.fi and it was drained!! also it takes over 3 hours to charge!! then i wonder WHY sony ericcson that costs the same as this phone lack so many features, it 'cause the ones it has work great, not like this 5530 that is a terrible, low quality, bug plagued, terrible call quality phone..

Reviewed by GH from UK on 24th Jul 2010
I bought this phone for 190$ and for this price its gr8 , wifi, loud speakers, touch screen, own app store, 4 gb memory, 3.2 mp cam, 1 year warranty, it just have everything, and for all those nagging ppl just buy another phone ! as simple as that :)

Reviewed by Someboddyyyy!! :L:L :) x from UK on 22nd Jul 2010
asked for this phone in march 2010 for my birthday, got some money to put toward it and now i have had it ever since. bought it second hand on ebay- no joke.!! LOL. very glad with it, although the editing tools for photoediting arent as good at the samsung tocco lite or samsung phones, i like it. In the box i didnt get a disc to download something onto my computer, but it probs didnt help that it was second hand! still, a great phone! very glad i got it, i love itt!! xx <3 <3 <3 <3 Hope i helped!

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 21st Jul 2010
Had the phone nearly a year.After a few weeks i loved it but after 6 months hated it a good phone to get on pag but nt contract because trust me u wil hate it

Reviewed by klsjdhsakjfch from UK on 20th Jul 2010
i loved this phone but its broken now (y). its faulty...3 of my friends have this and ones of my friend's has broke..and the other two are on the urge to break... the screen keeps turning blue with lines and shortcuts dissapear ....... ARGH.

Reviewed by krishna from UK on 16th Jul 2010
in my experience, this is truly a worthless device, no possibilty of flashplayer. No youtube. Can't download software to upgrade. Shutsdown frequently, a lot more incurable problems with this phone, only thing good is its slim design n size, utility is regretable. Don't buy it to regret.

Reviewed by stacey from UK on 13th Jul 2010
i got my nokia 5530 at Christmas and twice I had ta send it away because it wudnt send messages and kept frezzing and i send it away a 3rd time bcuz it wudnt charge. then carphone gave me a completly new nokia 5530 and it is working perfect

Reviewed by hibams from UK on 9th Jul 2010
hi good phone good bie

Reviewed by Nadine from UK on 28th Jun 2010
This phone is fab, cant fault it one of the best phones Ive ever had.

Reviewed by Geno Ganevski from UK on 25th Jun 2010
Please people listen to me, this phone is bad, no it is even awfull. In all the reviews they say that is brilinate, and if you look at all the pieces separeted their good, but when they are together-bad. The camera for example, might be brilliant, but in order to do that you have to spent a fair amount of time in the settings menu, and somethimes the cheap software bugs and than you have to start all over again. The music player is cool, but again the software was too cheap and it very often blocks. And after using it for 6 months one of the two speakers stoped working and when I went to Nokia's service they said I had used it too much and that was a result, first I have almost not used it cause it is to quiet and second if you have a misic phone and you are in quiet place and you are in mood to listen to music ofcorse you are going to use it. I have been owning Nokia phones since I was a small kid but now I won't. Also the display might be good, but the briteness isn't, if it is a sunny day you can't see a thing, and the internet is so slow, I am 1 meter from the router, but it is like 10-20 second for page and it sometimes, rarelly, but stil sometimes says WLAN network lost - 1meter from it it lost it. So it is cheaply made, but it isn't cheap at all after you pay all the things for it.

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