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Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

 In a nutshell  

For reasons best known to themselves, Nokia decided not to release this phone in the UK, and so we will not be reviewing it.


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Nokia 5320 XpressMusic user reviews

Love this product? Hate it? Please share your experiences to help other people choose the product that's best for them. Please do not review this product if you have not used it, and please ask questions in our User Questions section above. Please do not use swear words or offensive language, and please, no advertising!

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Average rating from 29 reviews:

Reviewed by Roudro from Bangladesh on 20th Sep 2011

Reviewed by Bethany Villanueva from Philippines on 18th Sep 2011
I've used this cellphone for 4 YEARS and never regret with it. Ive lost it yesterday , i was being snatched. This cellphone is the most enduring cellphone I've ever had. One day, my cp got virus , my mp3 player had just stucked up and then for 8 months i just discovered that i had to delete one file to make all things back, without consulting to a service provider , it just repaired itself . even though how many times it falls, it still works. The keypads are soft and easy to type, themes are good, VERY FAST , no hang ups. Battery is low. Wifi is lacking . yet i can still access fb for free LOL :) I LOVE THIS.

Reviewed by Punsara Anuradha from Sri Lanka on 31st May 2011
yep it's a nice 4n ... i hv used dis 4n for 2 years. I love dis 4n... but have 2 problem wit dis 4n 1. lacking battery life 2. poor camera quality in poor light conditons.

Reviewed by siddharth from india on 14th May 2011
i think it is ssimple and smart phone but having battery problem

Reviewed by Shahbaz Ali Shueb from Pakistam on 11th Mar 2010
I love this phone. Except for the battery life, all its features are exceptional. the only thing which is lacking is Wifi

Reviewed by Sam from India on 28th Feb 2010

Reviewed by Valcobra from India on 25th Dec 2009
Hi dudes,i hav been usin dis phone for couple of months.but i had no problem at all.i wud say dat dis iz da best xpress music phone available on market.its battery life iz ok.small phone has all da features on it.excellent music quality.dis is da best nokia's product ever..thanx a lot to nokia...

Reviewed by kalum from sri lanka on 21st Nov 2009

Reviewed by Bruno Leonardo from Brazil on 15th Nov 2009
I bought it because I own a Mac and wanted to sync with my calendar (iCal) and Agenda! Perfect! For the ones who complain about the battery: you just have to switch to GSM mode instead of using 3G or Dual Mode!

Reviewed by Hasan Raza from Pakistan on 18th Sep 2009
I have been using this phone for more than six month's now.The thing which i like about this phone is its S60 V3 firm ware which support a good verity of application and games which never make me feel tired from using this phone,i use my phone as webcam,scientific calculator,pod,gameboy,etc,etc. Another good feature of this phone is its 128 MiB Ram which make function operation's faster and even if large number of application are installed phone function normally.Nokia 5320 is faster than most of the n-series phones outhere. So for those you who want to spent less and get more this is the best choice.In my opinion nokia 5320 is above nokia n73 and below nokia n78.

Reviewed by waqas ahmed khan from pak on 27th Aug 2009
its maglivicant mobile

Reviewed by Shahzd Hassan from Pakistan on 10th Aug 2009
I am using nokia 532o xpress music from last 8 months,this phone is good in camera,net browsing and other things but it has a one major problem which was seen in other set of my friends who are using nokia 5320,sometimes it flash out the screen some people think that its virus ut its not virus its manufacturing fault,i claimed warrenty but as usual no response and lots of arguments from MOBILE ZONE ....

Reviewed by prinoy from uae on 5th Jul 2009
i'm a person who have been using dis phone since 6 months.i'm competely satisfied with my phone! only problem i find sometimes is dat hangup of my music system wen in earphone.butbcomes alright wen d headphones are taken out! d speed is ossom.style is withstanding.strength is uncompetable.camera.....?greatest among 2mp.overall an excellent choice for people who look for mobiles dat r cheap with almost all d latest features.a great phone 2 own.i'm a proud xpress musician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by L.Aragorn from Sri Lanka on 29th Jun 2009
Well, me again. Maybe i was bit too rough when i wrote the first review coz of the dissapointment i'd got 4m buying this phone. It's been a while after i switched to this phone now and i'm bit expeirenced now. Got a creative headset and bass is okay now but the player freezes sometimes, even with the provided headset.unplugging the headset solves the problem easily but its annoying.also i cant view the sent time of a recieved sms only the reciewed time is shown! Can anyone teach me how to view that? It's very much important to me. N-gage gaming is really cool. I'm a game addict and its really good to see that my phone is able to handle games far better than java though they cant make me forget my pc which handles nfs undercover, COD world at war,crysis warhead and even age of conan! There are lots of pretty cool themes on the net so wont be bored of the look so easily.(ultimate by baby is my favourite) web browser is excellent.and speeds are highly impressive too.overall a nice phone full of features.but it will be hard to get used to this for the people coming 4m se walkmans.(saw the editor of this site had mentioned of an alien organisation writing false rewieves of phones and was scared that they will put my name to the list as i blamed the phone fearsely.plz dont do that.will u? Thats why i came back for a second review,but things i've mentioned above are my honest independent ideas of this phone. Trust me, im not an alien!)

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 29th Jun 2009
Welcome back, L.Aragorn and thanks for your review. And if there are any aliens reading this, we are happy to accept extraterrestrial reviews as long as they comply with our terms of service.

Reviewed by Haris Dharmasiri from Sri Lanka on 25th Jun 2009
I do not own one but I have used the model Nokia 5320. No doubt it is one of the most stylish phones Nokia has ever produced. Its size, price and the features are fully worth. Simply it is handy.

Reviewed by jamie fillingham from england on 22nd Jun 2009
it boring it has nothing to do on it and it kepps turing it self oof dont get yhe phne

Reviewed by Jam from UK on 16th Jun 2009
RUBBISH PHONE,Keeps turning itself on and off, I can't use it because turns off as soon as i try to do anything!! I can't even update the firmware because it turns off before i have the chance to do so!! I have taken the phone to nokia care and they have been unable to resolve the problem- They said it was fixed, but its not. I took the phone back to them to say that the problem hadn't been resolved but they didn't really seem to care. So i am now stuck with a phone that i am unable to use. Don't buy this phone, there are better x press music phone models available than this one.

Reviewed by sunny from pak on 16th Jun 2009
its such a beautiful and fabolus mobile

Reviewed by baicaiyang from china on 14th Jun 2009
it is very wonderful,but,the batteon is so short.

Reviewed by L.Aragorn from Sri lanka on 9th Jun 2009
I tossed a coin to choose between nokia 5320 and se w910i, and it said go 4 de nokia, so here i'am.i thought that i took the right decision as many people had complained about their w910's. Bt aaaahhh... Maybe I just 4got that how much i hate nokias 4 several minutes when i bought this,lol. Ok.the screens good, user interface is more attractive than se's and thats all pros's. Cons- bad camera, dont tell ur friends(especially people with se cybershots) that u have a camera in ur phone otherwise u'll have to regret! Bad music player, unlike the walkman, this thing doesnt continue playback if i play a video during music playback. U have to do that manually. Bad earphones provided, ahh look at se's ... Nokia! Bass is unnoticeable even with the bass booster equaliser preset(i miss mega bass which i had in my previous se w810i.) this device cant be explained as a music phone in any way. Its a good phone, bt a bad bad baad music phone. For a music lover like me, a bass maniac like me, this thing has nothing to suit! I just have an haunting feeling inside me to take my good old se w810 out of the box and put this nokia in to the microvave and watch it melt! Im going for an se walkman as soon as possible!

Reviewed by Ronala from Pakistan on 3rd Jun 2009
5320 screen has jammed after some hours in standby and phone hangup, fully jammed and screen black. this is not good.

Reviewed by niks from india on 24th Apr 2009
this is amazing phone at this price range.

Reviewed by waqy from england on 27th Mar 2009
its a good phone its got a awful battry and the camera actully cracks and burns out plz people do NOT but this phone. i had it for 3 weeks and the screen got jammed and the camera just went crazy. and worst of all is the music, the phone always gets lower and lower when you play it and i gave mine to repair and they asked for 100-110 in most shops, buy the sony erricson w910i they hav sorted the fault out. thank you.

Reviewed by Uttaradhaka from Bangladesh on 8th Mar 2009
Bought it 4 months ago. Had a slight problem with the microphone. The other party couldn't hear properly. But, went to nokia care and they fixed it. Also, putting in an 8 GB memory card slows the phone down quite a bit. So I'd recommend sticking to 4 gigs. The camera is quite good and the flash is very powerful. The music quality is top notch, but the provided earphones are average in quality. The battery lasts for about one and a half days of average usage. Running on Symbian S60 3rd edition, this is the most feature packed and powerful phone you can get for the price.

Reviewed by neo from India on 21st Feb 2009
high price...bad battery...

Reviewed by jaspal from india on 16th Feb 2009
a rubbish mobile from nokia

Reviewed by shazi from pak on 9th Jan 2009
in such price its a wonderful mobile

Reviewed by ramesh from india on 20th Dec 2008
nokia 5320 mobile is best for looking purposr and option purpose but price very high

Reviewed by Dave from Scotland on 5th Nov 2008
Owned one of these now for a couple of weeks and by and large it's been a pleasure to use. Battery life seems to be more than respectable. Stability of the OS too has been faultless. Unusually for a Symbian phone it's not reset itself once in the time I've owned it. Camera never going to set the world on fire. However, it's not that kind of phone and the camera itself is more than adequate for people who would accept this. The main attraction in the music player. With a 3.5mm jack it's time to ditch the Nokia earphones and use your own. The sound quality is simply superb. Playlists too are a doddle to get up and running. If there is one criticism it is with the centre selection button. If - like me - you have larger fingers then it's incredibly difficult to press it in such a way that it will actually select the option you want. More often than not it will move the cursor in another direction and then select. Can be most annoying ! Other than that though I have to say this has been a completely hassle free phone. I cant give it 5 because of the button thing. However, I guess that's being harsh as it' more a criticism of my fingers than the phone itself ! Going for as little as 159.99 unlocked on some sites. Grab yourself a bargain !

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