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Nokia 5230 review

 Review: January 2010  

Last updated May 2012

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The 5230 is an entry-level touchscreen smartphone. Its key features are its large touchscreen, A-GPS with Ovi Maps, 3G, downloadable apps from the Ovi store and outstanding battery life. On the other hand it has a poor camera, a mono speaker, no WiFi and no video calling. But for 50 on PAYG it's a bargain!

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The 5230 is a Symbian S60 smartphone targeted at pay as you go and contract users looking to pay no more than £15 a month. That's a big market, and the 5230 has been a relatively high volume handset.

Physically, the phone looks almost exactly like the Nokia 5800, which is the Daddy of this type of handset. That's a good thing too, because it means that you get a large 3.2 inch display, with a high resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. That's not quite as many inches as an iPhone 3G S, but its more pixels, so that you can tell that to your iPhone-owning mates! It's a resistive touchscreen, which isn't as smooth as the capacitive type, but it works well enough and has the advantage of coming with a stylus. The display is fantastic for web browsing, multimedia and simply working with menus.

The 5230 is a 3G phone, and has high-speed HSDPA, offering download speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps. It is missing WiFi however, so if WiFi matters more to you than 3G, choose the 5530 instead. If you really need both, choose the 5800. It does however have Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

The 5230 is not branded as an XpressMusic phone, and it lacks stereo speakers. But it does have a music player, FM radio and a 3.5mm audio jack. It also has the bonus feature of an A-GPS receiver, with Ovi Maps supplied.

The most disappointing feature of the phone is probably its sub-standard camera. With just 2 megapixels and no flash or autofocus, this is suitable only for quick snaps. The video camera is better, but with no video calling option. The poor camera is the phone's weakest feature.

The phone comes with a limited 70 MB of memory but this can be expanded to 16GB by adding a microSD memory card. Sadly, you won't find one of these in the box, so be prepared to fork out a few quid for one of these. You might also need to buy a USB cable too, as this isn't included either.

The 5230 enjoys excellent battery life as a result of its large battery.

It's a funny one, the 5230. It has some great features: the large touchscreen display, Ovi Store for apps, 3G, GPS, superb battery life. But it also has some disappointments: no WiFi, no video calling, an awful camera, and an unexceptional music player.

Nokia 5230 features include:

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Nokia 5230 user reviews

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Average rating from 306 reviews:

Reviewed by John from nigeria on 21st Apr 2015
I like the phone! Will like to use it again.

Reviewed by Raju from India on 27th Aug 2014
Mobile is good but very worst body design

Reviewed by Gabriel from Nigeria on 3rd May 2014
Nokia 5230 sucks!!!!

Reviewed by Said bacha from KPK mardan on 16th Nov 2013
Nice mobail .

Reviewed by anoob from INDIA on 6th Nov 2013

Reviewed by Ema from England on 9th Aug 2012
I guess I'ts alright but when you get to REALLY know what your phone can do it gets better. I've had this phone for 2 years and didnt realise what it does but my phone is full of apps, games,vidoes, music and even cool themes...

Reply by Arunraj from India on 12th Apr 2013
I am also have nokia5230. I've had this phone for 2 years it is a very use full phone to me

Reviewed by Wilma from UK on 15th Jul 2012
This phone is rubbish. Do not buy. Please do not buy if you value your sanity!

Reviewed by Dennis from England on 9th May 2012
On my Nokia 5230 I cannot make or recieve telephone calls it just says calls cannot be made OFFLINE. But with the same SIM card in a Samsung mobile that works fine

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 17th Apr 2012
Awful awful phone. Poor quality, slow, easily confused, crashes, buttons get stuck on, rubbish camera. Generally cheap and nasty and overcomplicated to use. Hate it.

Reviewed by Louise Elliott from UK on 13th Apr 2012
Worst phone i've ever owned. If there was a 0 rating i would have used it. Do not buy.

Reviewed by patrick from kenya on 7th Apr 2012
i don't know whats wrong with mine.everytime i put in the audio jack it hangs.also i can't sign in to ovi store.

Reviewed by Reihan from England on 20th Mar 2012
This phone is the most best phone. I would get it if I was you iy has i

Reviewed by vincent owenhewitt from england on 7th Mar 2012
had the 5230 a while now and i cant stand it it is the biggest load of junk ever made it loses data such as telephone numbers and pictures , its slow and complicated to use . DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by nick sam from Tanzania on 5th Mar 2012
I have buy the nokia 5230,i like the phone because this is the smart phone and simple to use than other phone,also nokia 5230 is the phone which have a lot of things like nokia store here u can get a lot in the world using ur nokia 5230.I SAY NOKIA 5230 NOT CONNECTING PEOPLE ONLY BUT ALSO YOUR WORLD IS ON THE HAND.

Thanks all the customer and nokia users.

Reviewed by Rhys from UK on 1st Mar 2012
Poor phone. Had this as a replacement phone for my Samsung Galaxy that broke (Water Damage). I feel it's a downgrade rather than a replacement
Seems to knock off whenever it feels like, freezes up on many occasions. Sound is pretty poor and from what I've found the apps are poor. Having features like Wi-Fi not included makes this phone feel 5 years older than it actually is.
It would be OK as a business phone but for a gadget/app/feature hungry person like myself it should be well avoided.

Reviewed by vishal prasad from india on 21st Feb 2012
very-very-very nice mobile to smarters,

Reviewed by Ravi singh from India on 19th Feb 2012
It genarally hanging problam .and its 3g but not video calling option.

Reviewed by adam from nigeria on 19th Feb 2012
it displays are like china phone or tecno phone

Reviewed by d from d on 19th Feb 2012
well,my mum had this and so does my grandmother. i had an oppourtunity to have it but i said NO the reasons are (I tested it for a while)) not sensitive touch, a little slow, when your on it, it turns off and takes a while to keepiton, my mum's broke and had a blanck screen for NO reason then she got a sony ericcson x8 but then her old nokia worked but good riddace its gone.

Reviewed by j geary from essex on 14th Feb 2012
my first smart phone its a good little phone at 62 yrs and a late starter on the net its opened a world for me will keep this but now want a tab go girl :)

Reviewed by bob cauwe from england on 9th Feb 2012
i owned this phone for over a year in which time it received quite a bit of punishment. droped from hight and even run over by a car and belive it or not still works and screen in working order but scratched. i owned over touch screen phones. lg and iphone and have broken with less punishment then this phone received. but it is basic but if you want a reliable phone this is the one

Reviewed by bob from spain on 29th Jan 2012
it went wrong on me three weeks after i bought it returned it to shop they sent it away came back after one month still the same its been with nokia now since earley december 2011 and i dont hold out much hope of it returning its the biggist load of RUBBISH ive ever had from nokia so im not surrprised to that their proffits are falling

Reviewed by Dr Vijay from Nigeria on 27th Jan 2012
Good: video recording quality, large screen, good processing speed, build quality, accelerometer is good, features like A GPS, internet speed. Bad: poor Sound quality, slow after updated, poor image capture quality, average touch sensor, sometimes hangs Overall it is average but its still a good phone to have :)

Reviewed by Achilleas Drosos from Ελλάδα on 24th Jan 2012
Poor phone nokia at its worse...

Reviewed by mark from uk on 21st Jan 2012
Got phone on cheap contract .i have been back to carphone warehouse more times than the toilet.First problem no signal (switch off/on)full signal.back twice to be repaired.second problem no contacts in phone (switch off/on)full contacts list.in for repair twice to no avail.fifth visit replace handset.new one still loses signal (switch off/on)fixed.only 3 month left on contract thank god .Avoid 5230 at all costs

Reviewed by Gafyn Jones from Wales on 12th Jan 2012
Without a doubt the worst phone I have ever owned. No wonder Nokia are in trouble!

Reviewed by Aadhtaya Daiya from India on 10th Jan 2012
I love my Nokia phone.

Reviewed by Igor Nation from Britain on 9th Jan 2012
Same like the rest of the reviews. This phone can be slow, annoying in that way & the C memory is always full. You wipe something off & it only gives you a 1mg free. A week later you loose 2mg of memory.\ I like the keybord & the function of many things, but for the ones above.\ A lot of apps are good, but still too very slow. I could do very many things with it, but im always ahead of what its going to do. Im faster than the phone is, & its anoying when you type a lot then find out that the phone hasnt even typed out half of the things youve typed.\ Though the GPS is very good & never looses me.\ Ive had this phone for nearley 2 years, & it was good at first, but everything on it started to fall appart a year later.

Reviewed by Tristan from England on 9th Jan 2012
Well I'm just saying I don't like Nokia my sister has it and she hated it so get an iPhone 4s of iPhone 5 when it comes out My dad has an iPhone 4s

Reviewed by Daniel from Poland on 3rd Jan 2012
I has a lot of features for a pretty basic looking smartphone. However after a while starts running veryyyyyyy slowly. I am getting fed up with it. Thinking about upgrading for something a bit quicker. Browsing speed is average. Camera very average. GPS is very good. Better than my TomTom. Better get something quicker guys as this is the biggest issue + freezing for few seconds before performing any action. With the rest I could leave.

Reviewed by shamsheed ahmed khan from india on 30th Dec 2011
this is a excelent mobile iam using since 1 1/2 year

Reviewed by Anne Talucod from Philippines on 29th Dec 2011
I bought this phone way back 2010 of September. What sucks is that the battery life does not last for 24 hours, the video recording has also a problem. When you played it, there are lapses in the video as if it hanged, and until now I wasn't able to find a solution for that.But still, its a touch screen phone, and its nokia.

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 29th Dec 2011
I would really advise against buying this phone - i've had for just over a year and wish i'd never bought it! First of all the phone is quite literally as thick as a brick and well about as useful as one. It has a tendancy to turn its self off too frequently and sometimes deletes the whole of my inbox and sent items in the messaging app. I have found that the 5230 awfully slow when loading apps and takes awhile to react when put into landscape. On the other the graphical inferface is pretty nice and the battery lasts a decent amount of time. Other then that DON'T BUY THIS HANDSET

Reviewed by anonymous from uk on 29th Dec 2011
I personally do not think the phone is all that as touch is not as sensitive as I thought it would be, therefore texting takes the mick especially as I like to text fast. Battery dies well quick. The camera is totally useless, the pics don't come out as clear as I want them to be. I would sooo not recommend this phone to anyone!!

Reviewed by Karan from India on 28th Dec 2011
Hi..!! I m using 5230 for 8 months, there is no problem with it.the net speed is outstanding.this is also a symbiam smartphone .so, it is a good choice to buy this.

Reviewed by ella from england on 20th Dec 2011
i really like it!! the camera isnt thay bad it takes quick snaps which is good. i love the menu lay out and the hand writing keypad i got it 2nd hand and it hasnt frozen 4 me. The memory was full and i was pretty annoyed but when i put a memory card in then it was fine!! i font see wat is so bad about it

Reviewed by Ravikiran from India on 19th Dec 2011
Hi, I am using nokia 5230 since one year. While using net phone becomes too hot.

Reviewed by S.KUMAR PRADHAN from INDIA(ODISHA,KALUPARAGHAT) on 19th Dec 2011
Nokia5230 support video call if nokia add video call software in it present market 5235 software.but if you instal fring software through OVI store two or more phone and created account.then the videocalling is possible through the back camera.you will easyly instal WIFI SOFTWARE BUT IT DOES NOT ANY FUNCTION BECAUSE ABSENT OF WLAN HARDWARE.IN ANOTHER OPTION IT IS VERY +VE SMART PHONE COMPIRE TO OTHER SMART PHONE.THANKS NOKIA TECHNICIAN TECNIC.

Reviewed by craig newton from england on 17th Dec 2011
hey i have had the noika 5230 about a year and a half now and i am not happy with it its had forzen on me for the thrid time and i am disscused wiht it i have sent i away to get repard and updated it worked all year unil now!!!!!!

Reviewed by Boyapallyachary from India on 16th Dec 2011
It is a very good phone ,I am using this from last one year. I am using net on this.camera is very good,touch ,battery,processor are excellent.

Reviewed by S.K PRADHAN from INDIA(ODISHA) on 14th Dec 2011

Reviewed by abhishek from india on 14th Dec 2011
5230 phn is daba phn. no video calling. no wifi. battery life: 3hr talktime 5hr music plyer net 1or 2 hr.

Reviewed by J Chandramohan from India on 11th Dec 2011
Nokia 5230 is not a good choice to buy.I've used this phone for exactly one year.After completion of warranty period the phone has started developing problems like hanging,poor touch screen response and etc,I am looking forward to dump this phone in to dust bin and want to go for some other brand.I don't even want to get this phone repaired.Already i have dumped Nokia 5220 music x press last year for other reason.(switch off button not working) In my experience Nokia phone models will last for only one year.So i dont want to waste any more money on Nokia phones in future. BUYING NOKIA IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 10th Dec 2011
I got this phone on contract and had to send it back due to a fault, the battery was getting red hot and the charge was going right down... My stepdad has the same phone and had to send his back too and we both had to get a brand new one! I don't really like the phone to be honest but I'm stuck with it until September 2012 as it's a 24month contract! It's a very slow phone and the flipping from vertical to horizontal is very temporamental! I wouldn't advise anyone to buy it.

Reviewed by Annabelle from Hong Kong on 10th Dec 2011
I have used this phone for a year and a half now and from day one i have regretted buying this phone. No wifi, crappy camera that seems to be getting worser and worser every single time and even from the first day I used it, it always has a "memory full" sign popping up. The phone lags a lot too and keeps on giving me half a blue screen, even from the beginning of me and my phone's time together. Definitely going to change phones ASAP. The flipping from vertical to horizontal is very temperamental and typing is pretty hard if you only want to use your hands and normally i have to leave my fingernails sharp. TERRIBLE PHONE. NEVER BUY IT.

Reviewed by S.k.pradhan from India(orissa) on 7th Dec 2011
Nokia5230 also a better smart phone.I also use such phone and instal 95% software easely .it supported verious software well.feedback2011dec.thanks NOKIA PLEASE REVSE NOKIA5230 WITH SYMBAN ANNA SOFTWERE FEATURE++.

Reviewed by taurai mutoti from Zimbabwe on 3rd Dec 2011
The 5230 is actually giving me headaches,nokia is loosing its user friendliness that i am used to. I am 31,and have nvr used another phone that is not a nokia,now this phone is constantly complaining,max number of connections and out of memory. Unhappy

Reviewed by latasikri from india on 23rd Nov 2011
this phone is ok, bit slow to work at first but got the hang of it... it was working perfectly normally yesterday but today when i went to use it it was really slow and its FM radio is not working only does anyone know hw the solve the problem? if nt i will be sending it back.. thanks

Reviewed by RanDaq from Europe on 18th Nov 2011
i had this phone for a year. At first it was ok, but later on it started to annoy me. It is very slow, screen is large, but the touching is not working well, i always have too few RAM... Onli thing that is good for now is that i can listen to the music, use it as a modem and thats that... Oh yeah, i have a prob with the alarm. when the phone is locked and alarm turns on i sometimes cant turn it off cuz the screen wont work and buttons wont work either AND ITS GETTING LOUDER.

Reviewed by Ankit Sinha from INDIA on 17th Nov 2011
This phone is okk but t doesn't provide the best 3G speed

Reviewed by Harini Rangarajan from UK on 9th Nov 2011
I love using this mobile. Its my best companion.

Reviewed by Emmanuel Osafo Gyane from UK on 2nd Nov 2011
I started using 5230 a couple of weeks ago and I find it very flexible to use. I have learnt from this review that I now possess a smartphone, thanks.

Reviewed by HARSHA from UK on 31st Oct 2011

Reviewed by The Python That Eats Apples from UK on 24th Oct 2011
Wonderfull, got from secondhand shop for 35, flashed it, debranded it, installed C6 cfw, replaced outer caseing with a gold and black one now have a banging phone innit, browser with FLASH, changeable battery, no restrictions on what to install on it so 5230 beats the hell out of some phones that cost five or six times more money

Reviewed by precious from UK on 23rd Oct 2011
yes i love it:) But it has no live streaming:( that makes me wonder.?

Reviewed by Gerry from UK on 19th Oct 2011
I have nokia 5230, it only rings twice.. then goes to voice mail .......cant solve the problem ......

Reviewed by Racheal from UK on 17th Oct 2011
I love my 5230 phone, especially in the car and i can play all of my songs through the car stereo. granted it has to have a aux cable to enable this to happen but never the less the sound quality is brilliant. have had no problem accessing the internet and it does pick up other wifi internet connections. all in all i think it is a fantastic phone.

Reviewed by Rohit Kumar Gaurav from UK on 17th Oct 2011
Nokia 5230 is good but for the people who do not want to access or know the advance technique. Yesterday I was trying to video call through this mob but it was failed. I feel very shame with my gf. Right now I am not satisfied with its quality (sound, camera, video calling). Otherwise it is good but not best.

Reviewed by roxy from UK on 15th Oct 2011
one of the poorest phones i have ever hadi am now on my 5th one since last year, and now this one has gone wrong. used to love nokia but this one is diabolical ratings out of 10 =0/10 cannot move the thumb nails to get a message wont move, cannot get it on message very hard to touch as well just wont work

Reviewed by ...... from UK on 12th Oct 2011
NO it is rubbish after a while your touch screen doesnt twork the best thing aobut it is its battery life.:S

Reviewed by Ahmer Ghausi from UK on 11th Oct 2011
I have 5230 nuron and i love it a lot... because i can install so many applications, it also has a very good camera as compared to Nokia's previous cell phone at 2MP... but camera doesn't matter to me cause i buy it for internet and it has 3G and its working awesome... for me it has to much options at this low price if compare to other cell phones of any company..

Reviewed by neeraj from UK on 11th Oct 2011
i am using my 5230 for the last approx. 2years, since its first launch in india. All the way its a great phone, Loaded with great features. Camera quality is great and the night mode really works, music player sound quality is awsome, no phone stands near its long battery performance and wi-fi is not a big problem.

Reviewed by nfbc from UK on 7th Oct 2011
Nokia 5230 is an attractive touh screen phone at a very reasonable Price in India. Nokia 5230 works over Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5 and ARM 11 434 MHz processor. Nokia 5230 comes featured with Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, Handwriting recognition and Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, photo editer, organizer etc. This phone is available in Black and white colors with different colors covers options at the back. Nokia 5230 equips 2 Mega Pixel camera and 3.2 inches touchscreen display.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 6th Oct 2011
Very poor phone and I've loved Nokia until now. Screen lags badly. Texting is complicated. Only saves 20 sent messages. Battery dies quickly and switches off, dead. Big mistake.

Reviewed by Rajneesh chaudhary from UK on 6th Oct 2011
its very good phone

Reviewed by adebnji from UK on 1st Oct 2011
i lov the fone cos its very good

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 21st Sep 2011
Just got the 5230 and its fantastic. Loving it!

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 21st Sep 2011
Exactly 3months since ibought my nokia5230, so far so good ilike the phone. Ilike the web browsing with the uc browser that downloaded from Ovi its fantastic on this phone,apart from the camera the only thing idont enjoy on this is the music player. Has got the most poor music player of all Nokia phones based on its value, with limited options on the music access and play. But in general ilike this phone n most of the features.

Reviewed by Maxi from UK on 14th Sep 2011

Reviewed by George Cornell from UK on 11th Sep 2011
A lot of phone for little money, easy to set up, customise and use, installed C6 home screen and python and smart office, full smartphone for less than 100 get one now

Reviewed by Kenneth from UK on 11th Sep 2011
Nokia 5230 This is possibily the worst phone I have ever had, the touch screen is prone to "playing up", the battery life is about one day at best, and connection problems are another issue. Will not be buying another Nokia EVER!!!

Reviewed by nokia 5230 from UK on 10th Sep 2011
Its a great phone

Reviewed by lela from UK on 9th Sep 2011
this phone makes me so frustrating i want to download a song then it goes back to menu so i tried again then it still went back to meun it left it for one day and still dosent let me can someone help

Reviewed by Bryan from UK on 5th Sep 2011
I love 5230 mre thn the 5800 my workmate has,my display is much better than his and yes the camera has no flash but is much better and the sound quality is the same

Reviewed by lorayne from UK on 4th Sep 2011

Reviewed by Tanya from UK on 3rd Sep 2011
I always rated Nokia phones as the best but this one is a disappointment to me and I will get rid of it. Here are some basic problems with it: Text notification cannot be set to repeat so if you blink and are not right by the phone you will miss it. Also the little flashing bar again is so vague, if you blink you'll miss it. Also, it only rings 3 times before it cuts off, which makes me miss 99% of calls. I've looked everywhere in the setting to change this and cannot see it? And finally the screen light is bad that you can basically not see the screen in the day light or God forbid in the sunlight so texting, emailing or browsing is out of question unless you can find a dark spot or bush you can step into to check your messages! Also, I rarely bother using internet on it as it always freezes up and the only way to proceed is to reboot the phone! Don't buy it!

Reviewed by Fedja from UK on 2nd Sep 2011
this is the worst phone i have ever had. I did not buy it, but i got it from my telecom operator for free, and now i would like to pay them to take this phone back. so lets begin: many times i would charge my phone and go to sleep, in the morning my alarm would not ring because the phone is off. this happens very often, and after this it is hard to turn on the phone. also in the middle of the text message writing, the phone decides to delete my message (this happens very often). maps for navigation are rubbish, they do not work... I am not happy with this phone at all!

Reviewed by Tuna from UK on 29th Aug 2011
It is best mobile best in video .

Reviewed by Gill from UK on 20th Aug 2011
Am enjoying using this mobile phone, but every so often it becomes very warm to touch , and the battery drains rapidly, even when switched off. will then take a few hours to recharge. Seems to follow use of the camera, which does take good pictures.

Reviewed by shirlyne from UK on 19th Aug 2011
i have a problem with this phone i can't seem to be able to save my messages on to my memory card. someone please help me out

Reviewed by Ehinmilorin Olajide Bayo from UK on 18th Aug 2011
The nokia 5230 is a fantastic phone.When i bought my own ,most of my friend who saw it in my campus like it nd purchace their own .Infact i love it so much.

Reviewed by wahidul islam from UK on 18th Aug 2011
gud phne.....bt i nd 2 noe bout softwre update vendors 4 dis fon....whr2 gt ??

Reviewed by Jamal from UK on 11th Aug 2011
Nokia 5230, This is my first mobile, i love it, Nokia always good and better.

Reviewed by vishal from UK on 2nd Aug 2011
The nokia 5230 is such a smartphone.i like very much my 5230.beacuase in this range it was toooooooooo good.....

Reviewed by Ram-o from UK on 27th Jul 2011
It is horrible. It keeps turning off on me. The batery dies really fast and it always freezes. But other then that it is a good phone

Reviewed by Sandy from UK on 27th Jul 2011
I am not able to play avi files and view pdf files. I hate this nokia 5230. Worst mobile produced by nokia. Next time i wil purchase samsung or lg or other. Not nokia. I wil tell my friends also.

Reviewed by Dave Gaga from UK on 26th Jul 2011
Had the 5230 bought for Christmas. On 2nd April asked Vodaphone for an unlock code. Then the problems started. Today 26th july and still not5 unlocked.To cut a long story short, choose the network you want to use before buying the phone. I love my 5230, and I don't think that the camera is rubbish either. The camera is so simple to use that I just love it. I'll love it even better when Vodaphone eventually unlock it. yes I would recommend the phone

Reviewed by ERM from UK on 24th Jul 2011
i got my 5230 from 3 about 15 months ago on an 18 month contract. Since then it's been in for repair 4 times - been replaced FOC 2 of those times. Absolute rubbish imo. I've had other Nokias in the past & found them excellent - which is why I got this. Counting the days until the 18 months are up & that's the end of a Nokia as my phone of choice - will never get another Nokia. A neighbour has one too, on Vodaphone so the problems are not network specific. She's had nothing but trouble too - phone not turning on/off, sound dying in the middle of a call. If this review offered the option of zero stars that's what i'd choose - unfortunately, it doesn't so i'll have to award it 1 star.

Reviewed by Md. Sabeel ansari from UK on 17th Jul 2011
My intilyget frd it may be u 4got wi fi, cemera, speaker (with 2) and also 3g facility ,tuch smoothly on the screen and also 4got connective duet,umt, gsm service allfacility aviable with 5800 mobile U cant get this5320 thanku

Reviewed by Rimi lamare from India(meghalaya) from UK on 7th Jul 2011
I like my 5230 very much,it download faster from the internet than any other nokia.Buy it

Reviewed by Rezza21surfrules! from UK on 6th Jul 2011
I think its an awesome bargain phone and is definitely value for money.Its smart and looks super cool in white and blue!Not good for big fingers.

Reviewed by badmann jimmy from UK on 2nd Jul 2011
i have this phone and i have to tell you its not exactly the best phone ever my dad got it me which i didn't want i wanted a white blackberry curve 8520 which i have to save up for now i am stuck with the stupidest phone ever my opinion don't buy it. simple. good internet usage that's it.

Reviewed by James from UK on 24th Jun 2011
Bought for me my daughter (in Kuwait) on basis of Which mag. review, I've found it the most infuriating, illogical, non-sequential device ever. Had to chuck it in the end! Okay for simple calls, but anything else....don't go there!

Reviewed by liz from UK on 13th Jun 2011
I love my nokia 5230, yes the downside is that it needs speakers but i find the sound fine.fantastic memory which has been usefull for file storage full of eveything i have downloaded. Good quality clour screen that really helps when being on the internet.I live in a bad signal area and this phone is the only one that has picked up a good signal so usefull when surrounded by mountains.ovi store is good. I love my 5230

Reviewed by Linz from UK on 5th Jun 2011
Received this phone as an upgrade! Had a Samsung Tocca before and in my opinion I have received a downgrade!! After using the phone for 2 months I got so fed up with it that last night I threw it against the wall smashing it to pieces. Good riddance to a VERY bad phone. Was ensured it was slimmer than an iphone, not sure what planet the salesman was on but it certainly wasn't this one. I would not recommend the Nokia 5230 to anybody.

Reviewed by ANAINA from UK on 3rd Jun 2011

Reviewed by sajujose from UK on 2nd Jun 2011
its a rare good collection in nokia market.. Features excellent... Resale value outstanding.. One drawback no front cam...

Reviewed by katie from UK on 27th May 2011
this phone is ok the camera is not the best but does ok when focused there are a lot of different settings and great memory for music photos and more apps you can also check how much memory is being used aswell.Over some time it has became slower and keeps freezing.The battery life is ment to be good on my phone but when listerning to music and other things it soon drains the battery.the apperance of the phone is very nice but for saying its a thin screen length the depeth of the phone is very big but is still light to carry round

Reviewed by Doogie from UK on 17th May 2011
I had this as my first smartphone and although it took a bit of getting used to, I found it to be pretty simple to use and easy to get on with! I have however had major problems with the memory capacity, and although I also used a memory card have managed ot go through 2 of these on my contract in 12 months with the same problem! Also had major issues with Voda re replacement of the second phone - Make sure you note the IMEI number of any handsets you have! Battery great, lasts for days, calling features etc fine, messages ok (apart from the random deleting!), all in all a very good smart phone for a novice! I'd hesitate about advising to get one though due to the memory problems!

Reviewed by person from UK on 12th May 2011
A pretty good phone some of the time (when it works) but faults appear do suddenly appear then disappear. The battery isn't brilliant, but not dreadful, reasonably easy to use and the screen is quite nice and sharp. But the internet has an intermittent problem with it shutting down by itself, the battery drains occaisonally, the radio can struggle for reception, the battery bars are very inaccurate and it freezes up quite regularly. Overall a nice phone to use but I have 15 months left with it and am struggling to have much faith left in it. A shame because in theory it could have been a great 2 years. Still, compared to the other reviews on here, it could be worse ( no offence )

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