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Nokia 5210 review

 Review: April 2003  

Last updated March 2004

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: The Nokia 5210 is designed to be hard wearing, even outdoors.

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The outdoor theme is enhanced by the inclusion of a built-in stopwatch and thermometer. Apart from these features, it's a good-looking all-round performer at a budget price.

The infra-red modem enables the Nokia 5210 to easily interface with a laptop for example. The x-press on covers are designed to protect against bumps and scratches.

Not as compact as the Nokia 8210 or 8310, but subtantially lighter than the Nokia 3330, it's a good phone to hold in your hand, and feels chunky without being heavy.

Overall an unexciting phone with a below-average specification, dubious claims to be hard-wearing, and a number of software problems reported by users.

Nokia 5210 features include:

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Why is this 5210 losing signal frequenly nd start rebooting over and over?

Asked by dreadman from south africa on 9th Oct 2016

Using two pronged charger there is no indication of charge going in?

Asked by Jeff from UK on 24th Sep 2016

Reply by Bill from UK on 11th Nov 2016
It should be the wide single round charger with the hole up the middle for this phone. Like the one listed here: ht tp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-Mains-plug-Charger-for-Nokia-3310-1100-1110-1600-2600-6610i-6630-6670-6680-/301922810562?hash=item464c007ac2:g:jEYAAOSwAPlXh27N (Get rid of the space)
Most older Nokias like the 3310 use the wide one like this, while the newer ones like the 6300 use a narrow one.

Nokia 5210 user reviews

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Average rating from 149 reviews:

Reviewed by Ryan Coupland from Scotland on 27th Nov 2017
Best phone ever. Still use mine to this day - Why would you want internet and a camera on a phone anyway!?

Reviewed by Lester smith from England on 17th Oct 2016
I have 3 of the 5210 , best phone ever made real mans phone tuf ...I dropped it off scaffolding and still works great....get one.

Reviewed by vlad from romania on 5th Feb 2016
proud owner of this phone in 2016. still going strong. it.s a phone. love it

Reviewed by Anders Meurling from Sweden on 29th Dec 2015
I am the happy owner of 8 Nokia 5210 And I have perfect cellfones rest of my Life.

And my granndchildren can use them after me.


Reviewed by Ashley from England on 13th Apr 2014
Just bought this phone cuz wanted a old tuff phone this is the best phone very cheap works great even still now in 2014

Reviewed by craig from england on 26th Jul 2012
my 5210 is now 9 years old n its great, ideal if u work outdoors like i do. And who is bothered about taking pics n internet their is computers n digital cameras for that

Reviewed by Francis J.L. Osborn from UK on 8th Jul 2011
Mine's dead now, damn shame. Can't find anything so tough and so cheap anymore. There's a gap in the market for a "bombproof phone - less than fifty quid" which nobody seems willing to fill.

Reviewed by Darius Saulenas from UK on 3rd Apr 2010
Nokia 5210 is one of my favourite's. Impresively small for that time when it was popular. It's designed very well but the plastic cover always looked unnatural, quite easy to replace it compare with another Nokia older phones. Quit durable and water protected, class 5 for old granny, I loved this phone !

Reviewed by Randy Buttfun from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
It makes phone calls, doesn't take pictures or play music, it doesn't store many texts, you can't check emails on it and it isn't shiny. It's a phone for people who have a life and just need a means of phoning or texting others.

Reviewed by toby M from UK on 26th May 2009
I had onbe of these phones for years. I lost it eventually, and stupidly was persuaded to get an 'all singing all dancing', which could probably run Bolivia. Having had the new one for a year I hanker after this phones relative simplicity. It doesn't ask me twenty questions every time I want to call my friends. It IS robust, which what I need. That's why I am buying a secondhand one as all the high street shops seem to have discontinued this classic.

Reviewed by tom sankey from UK on 15th May 2009
just found my old one, and it still works!!!!! had to replace battery charger, but hey, look how long its lasted. Even tho i have a newer phone now, the iphone

Reviewed by Ricardo from UK on 1st Nov 2008
Still going in 2008 though case is looking shabby. It does the job

Reviewed by dc.birrell from UK on 6th Jun 2008
i have had a 5210 for 6 years,and i have never had such a reliable phone. i have bought two for seandby on ebay.

Reviewed by cyberbuang from UK on 27th Mar 2008
best cheap cellphone in the market! I make phone calls while taking a shower. No water damage or what so ever!

Reviewed by jim from UK on 27th Mar 2008
this phone rocks. it has a colour screen - green and orange, couple of good games, snooze button on the alarm, can be dropped and survive. thermometer which doesn't work. no camera. no video or internet access. buttons which are nice and easy to use. great phone.

Reviewed by henry from UK on 19th Feb 2008
fantastic phone absolutely indestructable had been thrown arround, bouced of brick walls and concrete from 3 stories high no probelms.

Reviewed by Shomone from UK on 14th Jan 2008
this mobile phone is brilliant and i think it is the best mobile phone ever. Thank you nokia for making this phone. You cannot go wrong with this phone I LOVE IT.

Reviewed by ARUN DAVIS from UK on 26th Dec 2007

Reviewed by Russell from UK on 21st Dec 2007
I love this phone. I've had it for years. I can throw it at a wall everyday and it still works! It has been soaked in the back of my cycle jacket many times and it still works! It still makes and receives calls! No silly MP3 player, radio or camera to gowrong. It just makes calls (oh and has a great calendar facility) If I could give it 1000 stars I would. Did I say how much I love this phone, I really do!

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 22nd Nov 2007
my Nokia is a throw away from a contract deal. Totally brilliant mobile. No frills and highly robust surviving a full clothes wash but spared the tumble dry. Can't fault what it is

Reviewed by jackie gregory from UK on 13th Nov 2007
a great no nosense phone, easy to use,great for people who want a phone to be simply a phone,.

Reviewed by Levy from UK on 27th Sep 2007
I can suggest to all Nokia users Pls choose the best phone you want.Like me i choose Nokia 5210 coz it so strong and easy to use and friendly.

Reviewed by A. Cornish from UK on 14th Sep 2007
This was a great phone to muck around on (the thermometer). It is still working to this day with no faults yet.

Reviewed by anil from UK on 31st Jul 2007
love it.

Reviewed by muhammad noor khonat from UK on 17th Jul 2007
the mobile is not that goood becouse it has no color

Reviewed by gaspar anguita from UK on 12th Jun 2007
not good at all

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 10th Jun 2007
I have had my 5210 for 5 years now and it's still working fine. The battery now lasts for only a day but remember it has been used for 5 years every single day. This was a great phone.

Reviewed by danceswithfools from UK on 10th Jun 2007
If you want a phone to pose with,dont look here.On the otherhand, if you work in a harsh enviroment, this phone can take the knocks.I have dropped mine many times (even in water)and it still works.Screen is cracked,heavily scuffed,but so what, its just a phone at the end of the day. Never seen the point of a camera phone, just a sales gimmick that seems to have passed.Why buy it in the first place if you want a camera,colour screen,games,etc??? get a life...

Reviewed by sam from UK on 23rd Apr 2007
i was kicking my 5210 fone around because i thought it was amazing how it didnt break....untill i kicked it onto the road and a lorry just happends to go over it and complety messes it up now its just a black screen...loved the phone as well was so handy :)

Reviewed by Tanay kapoor from UK on 12th Apr 2007
this was my first phone... it is one of the best phones nokia has ever released. although primitive has ample features that can serve almost all perposes. the shock proof and water proof case make it very durable. plus the organge backlight is quite exciting. the phone was unfortunately stolen. and if anyone can tell me where i can buy it in india plz let me kno at lizardtailgoescrazy@hotmail.com otherwise anyone hu is thinkin of buying the phone i wud say get i. this will be one disicion you wont regret.

Reviewed by A.Midford from UK on 5th Apr 2007
i've had this phone for 1 year now and i'ts so tough like a hard man cuz u can put it in the freezer which i did and u can kick it like a football, which i did. i reccomend this mobile to someone who wants a decent fone that won't break and someone who has to play a big hard part in life, like a builder or maybe a swimmer. maybe it will still work in space because THIS FONE IS THE BEST FONE I'VE EVER HAD

Reviewed by Khizar from UK on 8th Mar 2007
It is also a water proof cell. I have washed it many times.(With the cover on!!) Its great. You can use it any where you want to. Even in the rain....!!!!!

Reviewed by Matthew B. from UK on 2nd Feb 2007
Its 2007 and I am still running around with my 5210! I have been very happy with it - it's not pretty but I don't have to worry about it getting scratched! On eight texts is a pain but hey, it works just fine.

Reviewed by liz sinnott from UK on 20th Jan 2007
Ideal for people who simply want to receive and make calls/SMSīs.Very easy to use: technically mega simple. Good for teenagers/outdoor workers who go roughly with phones, this one can take alot of abuse.

Reviewed by Nick & Dave from UK on 5th Jan 2007
We hav... had one of these phones, and we have tested it. Before the end it went through direct contact with a jet wash hose, 2 drops from the top level of a multi storey car park, been run over 4 times, countless throws, dropped in a glass of water, and set alight (for 5 mins) and still turned on and made calls. Now is this normal behaviour for a phone? I don't think so. If we didnt leave the fire going for a full 15 mins I think it would have lasted to tell the tale. Yes, we did destroy it. But after a LOT of work...5/5. It stood up for itself before it died.

Reviewed by Francis J.L. Osborn from UK on 5th Jul 2006
It's very good at what it does, it's a basic phone designed to withstand a certain lifestyle. I've had mine without repair or damage since 2003, and since then it has been on various expeditions, in mountains in -10C blizzards, it's been dropped twice in a river (we had to take the battery out ASAP and dry it over a fire, but it worked again after that), it's been up to about 48C under the sun too, with no ill effect. It is basic though, no picture messaging, no camera and not much space for messages. But that's not what it's for - it's to survive being dropped off a cliff, into a river and surviving sustained time in extreme temperatures. I needed the phone initially as an emergency contact device, so 999 was basically all I needed - but it works for what I need in daily life too. So overall, I've very pleased indeed. Very pleased indeed.

Reviewed by Andy Baxter from UK on 4th Feb 2006
It's a phone, have heard some people really slagging it off, 'cos it's not upto date with modern phones, well the true test of good design is how well it does it's job & how long it does it's job for! I have owned mine for years, dropped it, thrown it, abused it and it still works perfectly.If you want a rugged phone, not a fragile piece of new technology that will stop working 2 seconds after your warranty expires, buy this phone, it does what it says on the tin!

Reviewed by Jamie from UK on 14th Nov 2005
I owned the Nokia, it was my first phone and i really miss it, the best fone in the world bar none.

Reviewed by a-1991 from UK on 24th Apr 2005
Admittedly , I did have this phone quite a while ago... However, this phone is the most robust, reliable phone you can get.(if you can still get it). If you don't want all the new features but want a robust phone, this is highly reccomended. A good all-rounder for talking and texting that won't break if you drop it on the floor...or if it ends up in the washing machine for that matter!

Reviewed by Cherie from UK on 29th Jan 2005
Machine Washable !!!lol This phone managed to go through the washing machine...we dryed it out AND... it STILL WORKS !!!! My husband has grown out of this phone now...he wants colour & pictures and poly tones. but very good for children who do not look after them very good. In its day it was a great phone...but with so many improvements...its now been over taken !!

Reviewed by Vaud from Swift Gloal on 22nd Nov 2004
It is built to last, its sturdy and if you want a good one get an original from Finland,not Hungary,Germany. Its the bomb

Reviewed by charl from england on 22nd Nov 2004
it's cool but you could get so much more.And as for hard wearing and designed for outdoor use, who are they trying to fool. My brother had one and used it just like boys do and the screen caved in and you couldn't get the cover off.And all he did was take it to work.It's ok but if you want something that can be used outdoors get something else.It is easy to use though.

Reviewed by Jahanzeb from Pakistan on 16th Nov 2004
its really a very good n fantastic fone very eisier to pick it n use it all proper function r available in it its also a shock prof set i love it very very much it also a very dashing set wth difrents loving covers

Reviewed by doods from Philippines on 16th Nov 2004
why get this phone????? get a 5100 or a 5140! this is a waste of time and money!!!! It suxxxx!!!

Reviewed by Alex from London on 9th Nov 2004
Everyone says how it lacks a camera and this that and the other, but 3 years ago when made it was top of the range just technology has improved. If that's what you want then go for a newer phone that has been thought up from the 5210 like the 5140. I have had it for a year and a half now and i think that it is a good phone, it can't help ageing.

Reviewed by Chealsea Gaydon from Bristol on 2nd Nov 2004
My god this is the worst phone I've ever seen it lacks the camera phone, I cant belive any-one would buy it . Forgive me for being petty

Reviewed by Winnie the pooh from england on 1st Nov 2004
this fone was good but no colour screen..no camera, its nothing compared to da new fones out. Its very hard wearin and i had no problems wiv mine wot so ever :)

Reviewed by Patrick Calvert from England on 31st Oct 2004
The 5210 is a good fone but lacks many features such as: camera, colour screen, downloadable games. Basically its very out of date. If you want a basic fone thats extremely tough and hard waring then i would seriously consider this fone. I have thrown this fone as high as i could into the air and it fell back down onto grass an nothin broke at all. Out of all the black and white screen fones this is better than all of them, but it cant compare to colour screen mobiles.

Reviewed by syed from uk on 29th Oct 2004
a smaller better version of the nokia 3410. has standard nokia features. not a good phone. buy a camera phone. 6230. dont buy this. it may be small but sony ericssons can do better than this. save the cash for somethin else.

Reviewed by toria from england on 27th Oct 2004
this phone has done me proud for nearly 2 years. its really tough i can chuck it around and it doesnt smash or anything so i dont have to worry about dropping it or anything. Sometimes it freezes up a bit when i write a long message and the on/off button is a bit fiddly but other than that its really good. To buy a new cover its pretty expensive but you dont have to get the official ones. oh yeah and when you turn the phone on sometimes the phone is a little slow to register the simcard.

Reviewed by Lulu from UK on 26th Oct 2004
This is a great little phone - bypassed by camera and colour phones now, but it is extremely sturdy. Thermometer is quite iffy and the on/off button is a b*gg*er to press but is general works very well. All of the people giving this phone poor reviews obviously have faulty phones! If you have no signal then either your phone is broken or your network is rubbish! If it switches itself on ond off whenever it wants - then IT IS BROKEN! The phone does not normally do this! WAP seems to work OK too.

Reviewed by Jen from Scotland on 25th Oct 2004
It's quite ugly and it doesn't have any fancy features, but it's small without being silly and it's pretty light. It's also pretty tough - it won't break if you drop it and even if you crack the screen of the cover the screen of the actual phone is pretty safe. I think I had mine for about three years and my brother eventually inherited it. I now have an SL55, which is a thing of beauty, but I still hanker for my good old 5210 because it was so much more reliable.

Reviewed by MMCM from UK on 23rd Oct 2004
Excellent phones -- far better than the new 5140, which is overloaded with silly gimmicks you'll never use as they are so bad. The 5210 has a MUCH, better keypad, is far simpler to use for calls and SMS, and is smaller and lighter too. You don't a need colour screen. You don't need a low quality camera either. Nokia went downhill after the 5210 and now targets all its phones at the kiddy market.

Reviewed by Paul from England on 17th Oct 2004
ok but it frezzes when i try to go on games write messages and anwser the fone! wait it rubbish im going for the up grade 5140! i love nokia fones

Reply by john from uk on 11th Jan 2015
Hello I can flash and fix for you

Reviewed by Adrian from Romania on 13th Oct 2004
I used to play Space Impact while taking a bath and drop it into the deep hot water when got killed :-) and believe it or not it's still working... since 2003 there've been many "water impacts".

Reviewed by jennings from uk on 10th Oct 2004
Builderproof phone! Have 40 of these,leather cases and in 18months only 1 has got mangled,1 other suffered a cracked screen.Excellent.

Reviewed by some1 from Egypt on 30th Sep 2004
An excellent phone if u r the kindda of ppl whop always drop things...!! It's really hard , i remeber i drpped it once from a window in the 2nd fllor and it's still OK...!! the problem is with switch ON / Off key , but it's Ok, u may remove the cover to switch it On and OFF, the battery doesn't last too long (not more than 40 hours ) even with new batteries. t's major problem is with the ringtones , which are very low, i miss many calls coz i can't hear it ringing...!! and if it's in UR jacket , u wouldn't feel the vibration..!! anyway, i'm gonna buy another one , but it worth tryiin....!!

Reviewed by ikatie holford from england on 21st Sep 2004
the nokia 5210 has been excellent it has stored lots of numbers(witch i need)! it has some good games on that are good to play on long journeys as i go to carrdiff every week it also has a alarm clock witch wakes me up on the morning.it has just been outstanding.i would definetly recommend it to other people.

Reviewed by Tedwyn from Philippines on 15th Sep 2004
The Nokia 5210 looks really cool and rugged. It's got a nice amber backlight and an orange housing. Other than that, the phone was buggy. The vibration worked 50% of the time. You need to press the keypad hard because it is made of rubber. Not GPRS-capable. Xpress-On covers are very expensive and there are just a few colors to choose from. Good thing I only had this for a short while. Whew!

Reviewed by Alex from England on 1st Sep 2004
I think this phone is alright. I got it after the 3310 and it was much lighter, much smaller and much better. The thermometer was useful as was the stop watch. I'm getting the nokia 7250 in a few weeks, so that hopefully is even better!!! the4 only downfall with this phone is the memory, you can only hold 10 messages (and thats with a flashing symbol so u cant recieve anymore and including the outbox messages! I would recommend this phone to clumsy people as its bouncy and shouldnt brake.

Reviewed by jeremy from london on 27th Aug 2004
ive had this phone as a back up phone for a year it is really boring and i had to replace it with the 1100 the phone is good fun yo throw around and thats all

Reviewed by Andy from Scotland on 21st Aug 2004
I'm just about to replace this phone with a 6610i and I'll miss using it! The best thing about this phone is the durability - I've used it every day since December 2002 (it's August 2004 now) and there are hardly any wear marks on it and I have not needed to buy another cover. You can throw it, drop it, have it rained on and it'll still work. It does very occasionally crash while using WAP and when you are writing a large text message (more than 2 SMS long) it's very slow and the predictive text button to change the words (the # key) doesn't work but again that's only very occasional. I was looking to get a free camera phone on upgrade with the same design (but I wasn't successful) as I drop my phone a lot, so I guess when I get my new phone I'm gonna have to be a lot more careful! If this phone is still available and you don't mind a 2 colour screen and are prone to being clumsy, buy it!

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 15th Aug 2004
This phone is brilliant I am incredibly clumsy and have dropped it multiple times but it is still in great condition. It's easy to use, small, stylish and sleek. I'd recommend it to people with busy lifestyles especially. The memory isn't very good though, you can't store many messages in the inbox. You can use picture messages and screensavers on this phone. It has WAP and even an thermometer! It's affordable so i'd recommend it to anybody.

Reviewed by alex from uk on 28th Jul 2004
I've just got rid of this phone to get a camera phone. It holds many memories for me and is an excellent phone. The description says it is splahproof and shatterproof - so i've dipped it in a pint and thrown it full force against a wall repeatedly just for research. Although i've had the case broken twice (the screen breaks easily) the phone has never had any problems. i'd definetely recommend anyone to buy it and strongly suggest Nokia comes up with its next phone designed for the nutter. I hope they make it fireproof...

Reviewed by libby from scotland on 27th Jul 2004
I have had the phone for about a year now. Hold lovely memories for me. The working of it I find a re ok. It does crash quite a bit when writing text messages. Very anoying. Other than that I find it a lovely wee phone

Reviewed by Reena from Malawi on 16th Jul 2004
I've had this phone for nearly two years ...and it is really great for a clumsy person (like me!)...I've dropped it hundreds of times on really hard surfaces....but apart from a few scratches it has worked perfectly....unfortunately the battery is on the blink now and I'm thinking of upgrading...I'll miss my phone!

Reviewed by Flat Eric from UK on 13th Jul 2004
This phone did me no harm, it doesnt process too fast but throw it in the dust or take it out in the rain, nd have no worries. Phone book is absolutely massive. Small and light but be advised keypad is very small and tight, battery life is good and after trying the O2-X1 i jus gave up and went bk to this phone id already had for a while. Its always been reliable for me and i sold it off to a friend who still has it and uses it to this day.

Reviewed by John from UK on 9th Jul 2004
Top phone for clumsy people like me.

Reviewed by Joey from Belgium on 7th Jul 2004
I bought this phone for about 6 months ago and I must say I really enjoyed it(Gonna buy Sony Ericsson T610)! It's easy to write a message,it has fun games,the menu is easy to use and the ringtones are very loud! A must-have for people who don't want to spend alot of money on their mobile phone....

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 6th Jul 2004
i may not be using this phone at the moment, but it is a good phone. the 5100 is a brick.maybe worth looking at 5140

Reviewed by Ryan Brooke from England on 14th May 2004
this phone in a word, rubbish. it says it's shock proof, i dropped it and the screen smashed!!! games don't work, messaging takes for ever, and thermometer is as everyone else has said, way out!!! The battery is also c**p, it says up to 150 hours, mine would be lucky to do 150 minutes!!!I can't wait to get the 3300! Nokia this phone is a no no to anyone, very dissapointed with this phone!

Reviewed by Chris McNally from Scotland on 27th Apr 2004
The Nokia 5210 is the most rugged phone you can get, lately phones nowadays are flimsy compared to the older, (bricky) phones, and not built as well, fairly easily broken. They were just better. Nokia 5210 however, is built to last, its sturdy and a fine phone. To address some of these issues i've seen on here, I'll come to it in a minute, but first I got my Nokia 5210 back in Jan 2003, so thats about 15 months I've had my phone, and its fared me well believe me. Some say it switches itself on and off, i don't think it does, it hasn't done that to me unless the battery is finished. First thing that struck me about the Nokia 5210 is that I thought its battery life wasn't too flash. Saying that its got enough features when used to drain that power. Still its okay for a few days only standyby. The thermometer is a funny thing, yes it isn't accurate but then I didn't know its not done until its stopped flashing, and honestly the heat the phone generates, particurly with the great XPress-On shell casings must obviously contribute to its inaccuracy ! At times the reception can go, and might seem rather poor when the sheltering isn't all that bad (or obstructive) but i guess that can be with all phones. Most times its fine, and really i'm picking, this ain't much of a problem at all. I haven't experienced those txt freezes some report either, granted it went off once while sending, but that was due to the battery going. Now onto the power button, it is rather tough (i believe its part of the solid casing, anyone ?) and first time i didn't quite get it. First time it went on i may have not pressed enough, the starting animation froze and i had to power off and on properly. Anyway yeah it takes a little getting used to, though from just yesterday my phone seems to take twice as long (power button held down) before it turns on, I hope something hasn't gone wrong with it...i like it my 5210 and not quite ready to give it up ! Only other little critical things are sometimes, (doesn't really do it anymore tho) when surfing WAP it it kinda crashes and resets the whole phone, resulting in reception disappearance for a bit. And the whole phone once at times froze when trying the WAP bookmarks (even just resting on the option!), and doesn't reset until you try to access the phone. But it probably doesn't even do that anymore, i never bother with silly bookmarks/ and anyway on the plus side my O2 Pay As You Go Wild N5210 apparently charges me ZERO for using WAP, ain't that sweet ? I personally highly recommend this phone to all, in a line its solid, reliable, and robust !! I don't need to explain it contains the usual fine array of Nokia features...........

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 14th Apr 2004
A bulletproof phone, marred only by its habit of "crashing" while typing or scolling thru messages. Very Annoying. If it died, I wouldnt get another, although i like the idea of a phone that will survive a beating. Shame about the software.

Reviewed by elena from england on 9th Apr 2004
DON'T BUY THINS PHONE, its the most rubbish phone i've ever had, it turns its self on and off when ever it wants to, it resets its self when im in the middle of writing a text, the thermometer doesnt work, i've had it for 6 months and i cant get a signal anywhere and even when it says ive got 1 i still cant ring or text anyone, the only good thing about it is that it's water proof. yes it might bounce but when you drop it it screws up the electronics inside and once you have dropped it, it will soon stop working.i've had 2 of these phones and they both did the same thing, please dont but this phone its a waste of money

Reviewed by Medel from Philippines on 7th Apr 2004
You know... This phone is so Great!!! It has an Orange backlights and Covers and the Signal is so very fine!!! It usually fits your lifestyle and you can download Ringtones, Logos and Picture messages!!! But I don't know if you can download Games in this phone and I didn't know if this Phone had GPRS or not!!! Um... This also contains WAP 1.1 allowing you to keep track of News, What's latest and E-Mail Headers. And this also contains Full animated Profile Logos and Graphics.

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 22nd Mar 2004
Had this phone for about a year. Dropped it in a pool and it still works - it's fairly robust but heard from friends that the screen can be a bit fragile (not the iner one, the outer plastic one). Battery life gets 5* Not very exciting but an honest-to-goodness phone. Not good enough for 5* but too good for 3! Have a good one!

Reviewed by Mitja from Slovenia on 26th Feb 2004
Nokia 5210 is the best mobile phone I ever used. The phone is very easy to use, you can download ringtones,logos but I dont know if you can download games. The phone has every think composer to make your own ringtones,picture editor to make your own pictures,thermometer to mesure how hot is it,stopwatch and 5 great games. I think that this is the best nokia mobile phone. Thanx for reading my review.

Reviewed by Ayaaz from UK on 20th Feb 2004
This phone is invincible. If you get this phone dont bother to insure it for accidental damage! I have watched my phone bounce down 30 conrete steps and still it works fine. I have dropped it so many times, thrown it, watch it take 10feet falls on to roads and still no problems! it is invincible. Reception has never been a problem for me.

Reviewed by hamzah from england on 20th Feb 2004
i think it is a very f##### good fone.buy it it is very outstanding i like it becouse i like it u can get good ringtones for it on muffmunch.com iiiii sssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddd bbbbbuuuuuuyyyy iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt

Reviewed by Benedict from England on 25th Jan 2004
Got this for free with a 12-month contract and have no complaints. It is tough which is useful and I have had no real problems in 13 months of ownership. Very occasionally the signal has disappeared unexpectedly although never while I have been using it to talk. On all such occasions turning on and off again has fixed the "problem". I don't require an all-singing, all-dancing device; just something that is reliable and does the job. The Nokia 5210 fits that bill and I hope to get a year or three further use out of it!

Reviewed by sarah mcbrinn from uk on 23rd Jan 2004
i had this phone since xmsa and at first i though it was a good phone but it some times things dont work and it crashis if you rread this my number is 07986249584 so u can tell me if you phone does this as well

Reviewed by Gabriel from Romania on 17th Jan 2004
I got the 5210 a month ago and the phone works fine, minus the battery that should hold more than 2- max 3 days, and the ringer witch I can't (lost at least 15 calls) hear when I'm wearing it in my pocket. I like it because it's robust and don't have to pamper it too much, good signal. I'm going to change it in a couple of months for a Siemens with camera :).

Reviewed by matty from UK on 16th Jan 2004
Dreadful piece of kit! Started cutting off mid call despite having reception bars, and freezing during text messages. Got worse and worse. The Link were c###, could not care less. Orange were not much better. Finally got a replacement handset and guess what??? same bloody problem!!! It must be a known design fault but neither Orange nor the Link would accept it. Awful, would not give to someone I hated!!!

Reviewed by Lollie from UK on 11th Jan 2004
don't get this phone! rubish

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 9th Jan 2004
I got this fone for xmas and I think its a good little phone. Although it doesnt have colour screeen which im not bothered about its good for texting and phoning ppl. I\'ve dropped it a few times and it isnt scratched a bit. The only small problem is that the on/off button is hard to press. I recommend buying this phone if you need a small, simple fone.

Reviewed by Carsten from UK on 5th Jan 2004
If you're likely to drop your phone on concrete or only use it to talk then this phone might be for you. However, if you send texts then avoid it - Even after having had handset replaced it still freezes or auto resets itself in middle of typing message. Got to stage when it's happening too often to ignore so going to have to replace it, which is a shame because it could be an excellent phone.

Reviewed by Jody James from Jamaica on 5th Jan 2004
I truly think it's a awesome phone. I really love, user friendly, outstanding features, strong signal stength, beautiful, durable outer shell, large phonebook capacity. It's everything I anticipate in a phone. I real good investment.

Reviewed by Wil Lewis from UK on 4th Jan 2004
Whats wrong....this phone was good, it never broke down when i used it and i thoiught the wap was fun, ok so it isnt color or camera but its good enuff, i mean all u need is a phone to text and phone, u dont need all this mamby-pamby color and junk, flipin hell myn!

Reviewed by Conor from UK on 3rd Jan 2004
I no longer have this phone but I refuse to let people say some of the things they are saying about it! I had the phone for a year and a half! Its an excellent little phone, give me no problems whatsoever! Its not the best phone out at the mo but it does its job brilliantly! If your thinking bout this phone get it!!!

Reviewed by P.I.M.P from England on 1st Jan 2004
It's the Best Nokia phone ive never seen. Amazaing Beatiful Special Etc. Im lovin it, ( parapapapap) im loving it . ;):)):):):):):):):):):):::::):):):):)

Reviewed by Daren from Australia on 30th Dec 2003
This phone is absolute ####!!! if rating choice had no stars i'd give it, i needed phone to be on 24/7 as i use it for business & the stupid thing kept on turning it self off when fully charged, this happened from new took it back & telstra said 2-3 weeks turn around till i get it back & they had no loan phones, buttons are too small, cuts out when talking & switches off signal strength VERY poor just an absolut c### phone. just bought sharp gx10i LOVE IT & had the great pleasure of smashing 5210 with a brick looks better now!!

Reviewed by hgfhdf from uk on 27th Dec 2003
nothin wrong wit it.nothing exceptionally gud bout it.gud for business men. one word- simple.

Reviewed by mahmoud maher from Egypt on 24th Dec 2003
phone is great i had it 12 months ago it works fine had no probs whatsoever, it's tough, reliable and gues what thermometer actualy works ;) i hope i can upgrade though but i am having a tough time choosing between 5100 and the 6600

Reviewed by Tracy from Wales on 9th Dec 2003
On the whole gismos like the alarm and calculator, calendar etc good, the phone not so good. not matter where i am the phone keeps losing the signal, bleeps and goes off. So just when you have been hoding on for ages and you finally get an answer, bleep bleep and phone goes. Had many nokia but time for a change. worst of the bunch

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 7th Dec 2003
This phone has been very loyal to me throughout the last year ive owned it. i had a nokia 3210 then a 3310, so the orange backlight was a breath of fresh air from the boring green. However, in the past month or so, the backlight has been fading alot, but eleven months for a piece of technology these days is outstanding. And i did manage to break my 5210 once, so i thought. about an hour into mourning the loss, it revived itself, and lived on. Great little phone. I'm upgrading to a 6610, and i hope its built at least half as well

Reviewed by Wawing from Indonesia on 7th Dec 2003
I had this phone for about 9 months now. Well even though the power button hard to press, the thermometer is not quit impresive, the signal is kinda lame n the price of its chasing is killing me (the price whichs applies in my country)... I love 5210,no worry about the rain when I'm on my bike because the only problem is how not to get my clothes wet! the menu is kinda old compared to the newest phones on the market. Still it's a reliabel phone when you're a really mobile outdoor kinda person... in the near future I'm looking for upgrading to a 6510, which the radio fm that is going to support my job at a radio station...

Reviewed by Eric from Northern Ireland on 4th Dec 2003
I am going to really miss this phone! It is a company phone and I am being upgraded to a 6100. The 5210 is bullet-proof! I have dropped this phone more times than I can care to remember. In fact because I am upgrading I threw it at the floor in the office and kicked it into the wall as a demonstration of its toughness. Thing is nigh on indestructible. I used it outdoors on a boat for a whole year and it has been drenched by waves countless times but still works. Love the the large screen-saver clock. Anyway, I had no problems with this phone whatsoever!! Goodbye phone. I just know the first time I drop my new, sexy 6100 on the floor and it smashes I am going to be praying for my good, old reliable 5100 friend.

Reviewed by Dale from England on 26th Nov 2003
5 (*****) stars is a must for this phone for the simple reason it works! it works when faced with a poor signel and more importantly it works after having been droped (several times to my shame - but it still works). The buttons are small enough whilst at the same time large enogh for a man to use without feeling girlie (sorry girls). A mans phone, for those that wnat a phone 1st, second and third and not maybe the latest gadets or games or silly ringtones _ its what it says it is on the box - a phone.

Reviewed by ema from north yorkshire on 21st Nov 2003
well what can i say ?! i luv this phone i cant drop it and it still lives ! iv had it a year now and i still luv it good size and the shock prof it brill ! smart phone big up nokia !

Reviewed by donald from uk on 15th Nov 2003
got it from orange as an upgrade.worked fine first 6 weeks then worked only when it felt inclined.i could hear everthing but peeps only heard me sometimes.i d hear..oh its donald then a click as they hung up.i m a business user its essential to me so i complained to orange...their like ...sale of goods act says 28 days and your not insured by us go away.complained to nokia their like bring it here we re just 40 miles away.complained again to orange..got the we ll phone you back/we ll sell you a new 1 at 70 pounds.i said .are you joking i spend 2000 pounds...yep 2000/pa with you...this is 8 weeks old and i m having to carry another for when it don t work.they said sorry go away.so i phoned back hour later and said ok i m under contract for next 10 months whats your cheapest plan......10 pounds a month but no free calls......i ll take it....but no free calls sir.......its in the dustbin ....your not getting a penny more from me and i m not paying for a new 1......they then sai d we ll send you a new 1 for free.now i got there in the end but orange are pathetic,and i will have my revenge...in 10 months

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