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Nokia 5140i review

 Review: September 2005  

Last updated November 2006

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 5140i is an uprated version of the 5140, and goes some way to addressing the shortcomings of the 5140.

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It's marketed as an outdoor phone, with its main feature being that it is tough and resistant to wear & tear. The outer shell is tougher than most, and being changeable it can be replaced if it gets scratched or scuffed. The bottom flap helps to protect against water damage, and there is an inner module to provide additional protection against water damage.

The 5140i comes with a range of sports-inspired features, including a torch, electronic compass and thermometer. The "Fitness Coach" application enables planning and recording of activities, as well as sharing of training data with training partners. There are also sports-related wallpapers, animated screensavers and MP3 ringtones.

As well as the outdoor-related stuff, the 5140i comes with useful features like an integrated camera & video camera, a stereo FM radio, and an integrated handsfree speaker.

The two biggest problems that the 5140i shares with its predecessor are the keypad and the display. The keys are located close together and are not very responsive. This helps to protect the phone from water damage, but is not very user-friendly. The STN (passive matrix) technology used for the screen means that the display is difficult to see when outdoors - a real problem when you consider the target market for this phone. Neither of these key issues have been addressed in the 5140i. The replacement for the Nokia 5140i is the Nokia 5500 Sport.

Nokia 5140i features include:

  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels)
  • Video recorder and player
  • Display: passive matrix, 65,536 colours, 128 x 128 pixels
  • Stereo FM radio
  • 24-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Voice features: voice commands, voice recorder
  • Speed dialing
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Flash Messaging, Instant Messaging
  • Push To Talk
  • Games: Bowling, Adventure Race
  • Downloadable Java games and applications
  • Wallpaper & screensavers
  • Special features: Standby light to locate the phone, flashlight, compass, thermometer, alarm clock
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Caller ID with image
  • Connectivity: Infra-red, Pop-Port™
  • Data transfer: GPRS class 10, EDGE (download speed up to 177.6 kbps)
  • Triband
  • Size: 107 x 47 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 101g
  • Talktime: 2 - 5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 300 hours

Nokia 5140i user reviews

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Average rating from 145 reviews:

Reviewed by Chinnala mohan from India on 29th Jan 2015
This mobile software very perticlules.

Reviewed by Judith from Qatar on 6th Jan 2015
Had mine as a birthday present in 2003 when we went back to the UK. It's outlived all other phones my husband and I collectively bought since then up to now. The case is disintegrating ... taped here and there but it still works. I love it's overall appearance ... so neat, classy but unpretentious, sturdy ... down-to-earth personified. Looking for another unit as I could not get myself round to using other models or brands. Praying for a miraculous birthday present.

Reviewed by Gillian from UK on 11th Jan 2014
Have had this phone since 2005 it is now 2014 and it is still going strong never had a problem with it. I love it.

Reviewed by |-|ans from Netherlands on 3rd Aug 2012
I bought mine a long time ago (2006?) and -still- the dang thing is working fine... finally the case broke (had to use ductape to keep the lower flap covering charger slot in place, but that lasted very long) but found a replacement cover for a few euros so I am afraid I will still not easily get rid of it...

Sure: I do not need fancy features (which it lacks), but for calling and messaging this one keeps rocking!

Reviewed by Markus Rønning from Norway on 17th Mar 2012
I had this phone from 2006-2011! I loved the speakers and the sound quality

Reviewed by ali from gujrat pakistan on 24th Dec 2011
i like like like like the 5140 mobile please give me price

Reviewed by STEPHEN WATKINS from UK on 7th Feb 2011

Reviewed by Chas from UK on 17th Dec 2010
The 5140i has failings, not least the durability of the screen but that said, I keep going back to it (bought in 2005 and going strong in 2010). I actually prefer this 'phone to my 'touch pad' Samsung. I want a 'phone that is practical, not one that has so many apps that it just becomes a 'must have' gadget to impress the easily impressed. If you can get hold of one I would recommend the 5140i as a good reliable 'phone.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 6th Oct 2010
I've had this phone for 5 years. I am a fitness freak, so all the features came handy. Even the sound level meter. Simple phone, that never fails. Dropped it quite a few times by accident. Not even a scratch. Two things have bothered over the years. One is the lack of bluetooth support. While driving it would be nice to just connect it to the car audio system and use the buttons on the steering wheel to make the calls. The other thing is the casing. On the bottom there is a rubber hatch that broke off after 4 years. Since the phone is old, finding a new casing was almost impossible. The more annoying comments I get from iPhone owners (like "that's cute, is it still working?"), the more I am determined to keep it till it actually falls apart.

Reviewed by gav from UK on 4th Oct 2010
had mine three yrs now, no probs at all, all still in one piece. happy with it !

Reviewed by David from UK on 7th Jan 2010
I loved my 5140. I don't use it any more but it still works and like your previous reviewer I've been using the 5000 series phones since 2001. I replaced the phone with a 5500, which was a load of rubbish but had a much larger memory. Now I want a 5140 with a modern memory capacity. any ideas?

Reviewed by Lynn from UK on 11th Jul 2009
I used to have this phone. Practically indestructable, handy, and good for any keen camper (like me.)! Only 4 stars though because it woyuldn't fit in my handsfree without being almost totally stripped naked...

Reviewed by Derek from UK on 12th Feb 2009
It's an o.k. phone with some handy features though these might not be so handy for everyone. As a site architect, I like the tough, rainproof case, the torch and the electro compass, the thermometer. The "push to talk" could also be good..........if I could find anyone else that had this facility. Downside. The key pad is less than good for text. Oh. The spirit level is rubbish. D

Reviewed by Alireza Saadati From Iran from UK on 11th Jan 2009
Have had it for 4 years and is working very good, really satisfied with it

Reviewed by stu from UK on 20th Dec 2008

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 7th Dec 2008
5 star mobile without comments

Reviewed by dyllan fahy from UK on 22nd Nov 2008
This is a great phone to have for when your in the bush a compass or if u want to know how hot it is thermometer and more I reccomend this phone for any thing I give it 8 out of 10

Reviewed by mikedstubbs@aol.co.uk from UK on 23rd Oct 2008
Im a Joiner in trade and has this phone for 3 years without any problem. Look around in mobile phone shop for upgraged but none of them carry a torch which is essential for many use in my kitchen/bathroom business. Plumber often ask me for a torch, here pal!

Reviewed by Pragath from UK on 14th Sep 2008
It's not good

Reviewed by stu from UK on 26th Aug 2008
ive had one of these for the past 3 years, recently decided I should change to a cheaper contract and change phones while im at it. I got a nokia 6500classic in silver. hmm good looking phone, but it doesn't fill me with confidence like my old 5140. Im an active person and the phone stands up to anything you can throw it at. ok the features are poor, i never play the games, i wouldnt trust the compass, the sports schedule is a waste of memory, but i have used the spirit level and torch is handy. the camera is usable in a minor car accident and it works well as a phone which is all i wanted in the first place. if i wanted an i pod or a nice camera, ill get one. in all im gonna get myself a backup battery for when the current one dies and switch back to this great trusty projectile.

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 16th Aug 2008
What a good phone. It is about time that it was upgraded.

Reviewed by chimneysweep from UK on 9th Jul 2008
im a chimney sweep and soot is not a problem neither are the roofs with this phone.

Reviewed by ian from UK on 27th Jun 2008
i have had a nokia 5140i for three years and is still going strong. it has been droped, kicked, fallen in water, survived two babies. its case is looking a bit batterd thats why im looking for a new case. i have had two other nokia upgrades in this time and not one of them could touch this phone. Please Put this phone back in the shops. People will buy it.

Reviewed by Assunta from UK on 25th May 2008
I love this phone. It's been with me for three years and has never let me down. I wish they increased the screen resolution to 208x208 like they did with the 6230i and pumped up the memory, but other than that, I have no complaints. The flashlight is still one of my favorite features, as are the changeable shells that can really withstand a lot. Regarding the improvements over the 5140 which I also have, there is theme support which makes the phone interface more colorful, better handling of files, more vivid but slightly dimmer screen, and faster, more intuitive response to user keypresses.

Reviewed by Xian from UK on 5th May 2008
This phone hangs on my harness while I'm rock climbing. I've crushed it between me and rock countless times an quite often end up sitting on it, and it still live on just the same. It doesn't have all that many features but still more than I could want, the flashlight is handy thought. All in all a very solid phone.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 16th Apr 2008
It was OK for a little while but when it developed a fault and was sent to Nokia they returned it unrepaired saying 'we cannot repair your handset as it is out of warranty'. This means that the warranty actually begins at some unspecified time before the purchase date, and that when they deem it to be out of warranty they won't repair it.

Reviewed by kai dev from UK on 10th Apr 2008
using it from 2006 simply the best period.

Reviewed by Zahref Beyabani from UK on 16th Feb 2008
I'm a student with a great desire for outdoor sports such cycling, running e.t.c. I used this phone for about two years and it took all the sand, shock and water i could ever offer it (In Dubai). It's screen broke when i was at a short trip in india (the airport) i was changing the sim and putting the case back to gether when i dropped it on the ground and it sustained screen damage. I am currently looking for a Lcd screen to replace it... But over all its a great phone except that it is bit low on the memory and features side.

Reviewed by The flying scot from UK on 30th Dec 2007
I have 2 Nokia's 6210i the Duracell of the mobile phone world...just keeps on going and gives me comms anywhere in the world! And a 5140i which has got everything else I need to get me out of the brown and icky. TTL they both use the same charger. Not for cute city boys with tantrums!

Reviewed by vrindish from UK on 10th Dec 2007
its the beast mobile after the nokia 5210..well if any one got one like me.plz never throw or sell it..its a lifetime mobile to be used

Reviewed by mark from UK on 9th Dec 2007
wife put it through a 90 degree hot wash by accident. after 24 hours drying out it still works! you dont get better than that

Reviewed by Kathryn from UK on 6th Nov 2007
I have been happy with te 5140i except I am finding it impossible to find a replacement cover for it. All of the phone retail outlets say there are none availiable. This is a problem as the base flap has fallen off and other areas are torn. Not so water proof now!

Reviewed by marta from UK on 19th Oct 2007
I have that phone for one and a half year. Sometimes it resets itself [and then a messege i've been writing is delete]. sound of rings is quite poor, battery was standing something about 4-7 days, now it's only 2 days. you can use it with wet hands and in rain or something like that. Oh, and that plastic flap on the bottom, where are contacts [for the charger and so on] has fallen off. i like that phone but i'm going to buy nokia 5200:P

Reviewed by NAzzY from UK on 14th Oct 2007
Verry good phone Loveee iT ^_^

Reviewed by Kapil from UK on 6th Oct 2007
Just gave up my 5 month old 6300 and got this. I was a mistake to buy that phone. The 5140i is great. Its a relief to hold something without bothering about smudging/scratching/dropping/breaking it. Complaints about the keypad are baseless.. its gotta be hard to last. I don't really miss the mp3 player/bluetooth/2mpx camera much. The infrared is good enough to transfer stuff. Camera is also quite usable on a bright sunny day. For 100 $ (less accessories, in India), its a steal. Lets see how long it lasts. On the downside, mp3 ringtones don't always play well. The interface is sidey, looking like a cheap version of the series 40 third edition. This along with the missing features is a marketing gimmick (I think). If they made it any better, no one would buy other phones.

Reviewed by Sravaniya Dasi from UK on 28th Sep 2007
was a bit upset after I got the phone and so many "better phones" But the comments here have encouraged me to be satisfied

Reviewed by Some Fella from UK on 22nd Sep 2007
Went swimming for about an hour with the phone (accidental), came out and it was still fine, 100% good as new, Have dropped it heaps of times and its still going strong. Props to Nokia :)

Reviewed by ja from UK on 21st Sep 2007
i think the Nokia 5140i is the best phone made it has evrything u need

Reviewed by Berat from UK on 18th Sep 2007
I have an 5140i since 2 years and is very good phone , only if i had a bluetooth!

Reviewed by karel from UK on 13th Sep 2007
well, after having this phone for 2 years & not having any problems.. finally in a moment of RAGE i threw it against a brick wall.. what do you know the case broke & the battery came loose [never to be found again]. the good news is that after buying a new case & battery - its as good as new:) nothing beats it - but i rekon its about time nokia brought out a new model!!

Reviewed by ne onemi var ki from UK on 1st Sep 2007
it is one of the most long lasting phone. also if you are a outdoor lover it is very usefull, its compass really works, also you can use it minus 10degree cold...

Reviewed by will from UK on 24th Aug 2007
this is the first phoone i had and itsa coool....ive had it for atleast 2 years now and its works fine apart from the keypad has fallen out... its like pips to use but the camera and like speically stuff its a bit baddish stuff, anyays its goood.....ish

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 4th Aug 2007
I'm a soldier. This phone is the business. I've had one for three years and subjected it to all sorts of unmentionable things, including dropping it in a mountain stream for over 24 hours, deserts, arctic, but it keeps ticking. I'm now going to upgrade to a 5140i because the waterproof flap has worn off. Very popular with my colleagues. Most of the "Duty" phones I've seen in the last few years have been these things. As for the "Gimmicks": Forget bluetooth and keep the flashlight and the compass. Both particularly good to have when you don't have the real thing handy.

Reviewed by frank from uk on 23rd Jul 2007
when are nokia going to build a variety of splash proof phones for the hardy person and home keepers (they arrived from heaven about 3 years ago - children proof mobiles and they are virtually indestructable yippee), consider making them smart looking and blue tooth compactable? i personally would keep buying only these types of stronger phones that last and actually save you money if you use them correctly.

Reviewed by George Kiernan from Ireland on 21st Jul 2007
I bought the 5210 ( the first one ) in 2001 it finnaly died last week!!!! I have the 5140 since 2005 It is still going strong!( I own 2 phones) Look at every person in the construction industry and a 5140 is what they have - WHY --- BECAUSE IT WORKS!!!!! Want to look Cool buy a prada or apple phone ( But what ever you do dont drop it) Want a phone thet works no matter what buy the 5140 - nuff said I am buying a 5140i to replace the 5210!!!! worth 6 stars!

Reviewed by Nick Simpson from UK on 17th Jul 2007
I've just bought one of these, for one very good reason: On a recent sailing trip to the Norfolk Broads, my mate dropped his with the torch on into 4 feet of water. It was 2.00 am and we were rather the worse for wear...At 10.00am we decided to try and fish it out to retrieve the SIM card. It came up in the net with the torch still on and fully operational. OK, it may not be the most trick bit of kit on the market, but it gets my vote as a sports phone!

Reviewed by Rob from Fernando Poo on 12th Jul 2007
I threw mine as hard as i could (got a bit stressed, lack of signal, virgin's fault not the phone)it flew a very, very long way and landed on concrete, apart from some serious sctatches it survived. SHOW ME ANOTHER PHONE THAT CAN DO THAT! P.S. managed to get a signal were the phone landed

Reviewed by Josh from Uniten Kingdom on 24th Jun 2007
i purchased this phone after seeing on the television commercial that it was virtually indestructable. Encouraged by this fact, i had an urge to try and break it lol. didn't take much, just dropped it down a flight of stairs at school. screen broke and the case was smashed to pieces. be careful with this phone!!!

Reviewed by Caroline from Northern Ireland on 17th Jun 2007
My mum had this phone and my dad buy her a new one becuase it was so awful looking! it was seriously terrible and the buttons would never work...!

Reviewed by MAT from UK on 16th Jun 2007

Reviewed by Alistair Eld from UK on 14th Jun 2007
I am a plasterer so my phone gets dropped, knocked, scratched, gets wet and gets regularly covered in muck and plaster, most days i have to chip hard plaster off the handset and then soak the cover in water to remove the last bits. It's the tuffest phone out there, this is my third, one got stolen and i snapped the screen on one but that was not a fault of the phone. The only downside is the camera/screen is not as good as it could be and not much memory but it more than makes up for it with tuffness.

Reviewed by Heartless from UK on 7th Jun 2007
I have had three of these phones over the years now and i would not be without it, very durable and sustained a lot of falls and abuse. pity the games are so poor but i can live with that lasts a week on standby with minimal use and whilst pictures and video are not fantastic it aint important to me. if you use a phone more as a functional accessory rather than a design accessory then this phone is fine.

Reviewed by craig dunn from uk on 5th Jun 2007
Im a bus mechanic/ transport mansger and my phone gets real rough treatment.It is really tough and takes the knocks.It doesnt bother with oil or diesel ingress either.I have had four of these now.I think the earlier one was better for me on a personal level.I only phone or text.I'm at this moment looking for a replacement under warranty, it keeps losing the signal just like my last one. If you're rough with stuff this is the one.

Reviewed by Robin from Poland on 25th May 2007
Does what it says on the tin. Much mention has been made of the small keypad. I don't get it. I have pretty large hands and don't have the slightest problem.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 23rd May 2007
I have had the 5140 for a couple of years and its been amazing. Very rugged, except for losing the rubber flap that covers the charging port. You wouldn't believe the places this phone has been. Just 'upgraded' to a 5500 that is total rubbish. Vodafone are delvering a 5140i as a replacement tomorrow, thank god.

Reviewed by Yawn from UK on 18th May 2007
Getting on now but if you have no desire for all the modern 'fashion' add-ons, it'll last a lifetime doing what it says on the tin - robust and reliable phone. As for that chap below who said "awful phone" because of no blue tooth...errrm, this is your company's fault not the phone's dummy! Get them to get you an appropriate handset!!!

Reviewed by ChrisB from UK on 16th May 2007
I've had the 5140 (original) version of this phone for a couple of years and I love it. I've looked at nokia's rugged smarphone replacement, but the reviews said that battery life wasn't that hot (ie, daily charging). Reading the reviews below, people seem to dislike it for things like poor video quality, no bluetooth, the menu button sticking out (doesn't that reviewer use the automatic keylock?), and problems with the screen breaking when they dropped it (frankly, these people should be more careful with expensivy electronic equipment - it's not meant to be indestructible, just more rugged than a standard phone). The lack of bluetooth and poor quality video doesn't detract from the usefulness of the phone. If you're the sort of person who finds themselves outdoors (in humid or rainy environments), or in dusty situations, then this phone is perfect for you - you'll just have to forgo the bluetooth and video. If, however you just want to take photo's of your mates, then go for something else. Another useful feature is the built in torch (which I use regularly, whether searching for something at the back of a cupboard, or walking the dog). Yes, it's not a perfect phone as there are phones with more functionality, but it does have a decent battery life (ie, it lasts around 5 days between charges (but I don't make too many calls, I use the torch more!)). However, for it's intended use (outdoors, rather than offifce / nightclub) it's absolutely perfect. I have no worry about it getting rained on, or taking it to the beach. That's why I give it 5 stars.

Reviewed by Declan from Ireland on 11th May 2007
Overall, excellent signal and appears to be unbreakable. These functions such as thermometer are gimmicks. Battery life is so-so. However, serves its purpose well, have it ages, never any problems. Less gimmicks, I would have given 4 stars.

Reviewed by pvnsudhir from india on 7th May 2007
super model and exellent features

Reviewed by Ed from Ireland on 25th Apr 2007
Fantastic phone, used it with an aquapack in the water, the pack leaked a bit phone still working. What a phone. The compass is an extremely useful feature. The newer models do not seem to have the compass

Reviewed by Lexi from England on 25th Apr 2007
Had 5140 for 2 years, pretty much the same as 5140i, does that explain how much I like this phone. Not one day I have regretted having it. I do get funny looks having it as it isn't a very popular choice among women.

Reviewed by wendy from england on 23rd Apr 2007

Reviewed by mr Quakk from Russia on 21st Apr 2007
i love phone. its realy good.the butonns are not small .

Reviewed by Laura from Sweden on 18th Apr 2007
This one SUCKS!!!!

Reviewed by steve from uk on 31st Mar 2007
Awful phone. Company supplied and no bluetooth !!!! I spend most of my time running about and can't use handsfree. No point in a new phone that does not have bluetooth. Very dissapointing.....

Reviewed by Andrew Brent from Australia on 26th Mar 2007
This phone is very very ordinary. The spirit level is a joke, same with the compass and other tacky options.It is a toy more than anything else. No one can say this phone is outstanding, it is the opposite. It must have been designed by people in the boardroom, not by people who use phones outdoors.

Reviewed by mark from ??? on 19th Mar 2007
ive 1 and its good...

Reviewed by David from Sweden on 14th Mar 2007
Very good mobile phone! This cell phone is great for those who don't want very many special features, such as mp3 player. I, myself, believe that mp3 player should be bought seperately. If you buy a cell phone with a good mp3 player and with a memorycard, it will cost you a great deal more than buying a good mp3 player seperately. Many cellphones feels very plastic, but this cellphone is different. I love the feeling this cellphone gives, and you don't need to worry if you drop it or if it becomes a little wet. + water- and shock resistant + small and handy + built in compass + Doesn't feel plastic - No quadband (you can't use the phone in Asia) - Not very good compass

Reviewed by Bob from Scotland on 12th Mar 2007
This phone sounds good. It looks good and is an excelent phone. I've droped it and it didn't break or even scratch. I've accidently dropped it in water and it still runs fine. This phone is the ideal mobile phone for people who are clumsy and like outdoor activities and adventures. I phoned up the gadget show (with my new phone) and asked them to test the phone on toughness and they did. They drove a car over it and it still worked fine. They said it was easy to use and overall an extremely good phone. they rated this as being 5 star. This has loads of cool features like the flashlight, the thermometer and the calculater. This phone is a must buy and 100% excellent.This is the best phone ever.

Reviewed by Navroze from India on 1st Mar 2007
This phone is brilliant.I havent had a days trouble with it.Its perfect for an outdoor sports junkie like me.Its cool to take to the poolside,for a run,to the gym,anywhere,anytime this phone is the best!

Reviewed by wendy from england on 22nd Feb 2007
great strong phone.easy 2 use and lots of memory. camera infared video radio games tones and lots of uva stuff. only thing is a bit slow on start up but overall fantastic phone.

Reviewed by daniel from caister-on-sea on 21st Feb 2007
it is agreat phaone and its strong its eaven been ran over by a car before and it still was not damaged and it is well water proof i luv it

Reviewed by Rendra from Indonesia on 16th Feb 2007
Best phone for outdoor enthusiasts... ever!!!

Reviewed by HUMPH from UK. on 13th Feb 2007

Reviewed by mistryman from uk on 18th Jan 2007
small,cool and has lost of function this is a great phone it does not have a mp3 player and no bluetooth and no mega-pixels resaulting to only 3 stars

Reviewed by Mike from Finland on 31st Dec 2006
Great phone, had it for 1 year now, no problems at all. Thinking about getting a Nokia 5500 soon, but will definately keep this as a backup too. Buy iy if you get a good deal, still nice in black.

Reviewed by Yan from UK on 27th Dec 2006
A bad design is the menu button which if you dont keep the phone keypad locked when in you pocket it will send several picture messages or blank text messages without you knowing it. The Menu button protrudes more than the rest, Try it out just keep pressing the menu button and see who you send the picture/blank text to. I would never buy another one of these!!

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 9th Dec 2006
This is an appauling heap of junk. The camera is rubbish and get scratched really easily. The sound meter is rubbish and has about a 5-second delay on it and is not very accurate. Furthermore, the video recordings are of appauling quality. Seriously, dont buy this phone. You WILL be disappointed!

Reviewed by andre from new zealand on 17th Nov 2006
Have owned many phones....I bought my last one-K750i sony, Beautiful phone, bought it because has a good camera take really good photos on a memory stick all good...I work on boats, this presented an issue- dropped my phone in the bilge and got a little wet, very quickly dried it, nice still going, wot a relief!!! 1 week later wouldn't charge up, checked it out salt corrosion through the board. throw it away!! Needed a replacement and saw the 5140, thought it might have more of a chance doin what I do. Well best choice I ever made- has lotsa a stupid features you'd never use, altho the compass not bad, it's rugged as the marketing says, totally useless for photos, screen not bad, turn up the contrast better. But the mains thing I require: Can throw it around, has a torch, radio good, looks rugged like me, battery lasts, don't have to treat it like one of those stupid $4000 virtu phones..

Reviewed by JB from Aus on 10th Nov 2006
This phone is great its built for ppl who drop it, use it all day not for geeks looking for good technology or programs. I was working on a development site and a 30tonne truck ran straight over my phone and it works perfectly not a problem. I have dropped many times off ladders and off roofs and doesnt even say "insert sim" so if you have a problem with this phone take it to nokia cause you must have a 1 in a million dud. Anyone who complains they dont like it for reasons like the programs are usless or its ugly or other stuff you obviously have the wrong phone This phone is fantastic for doing what its made to do and for being used by ppl its designed to be used by.

Reviewed by Very Dissapointed from Australia on 9th Oct 2006
DO NOT DROP THIS PHONE ON ITS BACK!!! It will likely break when dropped from modest heights (1-2ft). It has no rubberised protection on its back. I broke my screen this way, and another 5140i owner told me he similarly broke his speakerphone. This phone is a dud. It is not as durable as you might expect. Poor warranty support by Nokia. The buttons are fiddly and small, particularly the on/off button. The screen is too dark to read when it is not backlit. The operating system is horrible to use. The thermometer is so slow to react, it will measure the temperature in you pocket for 15 minutes after you take it out. The earpieces aren't well designed to fit human ears. Leaving in your pocket without first locking the keypad will likely send the last picture you took to someone in your address book - which can lead to possible embarrassment. Do NOT buy this phone. It blows.

Reviewed by Lee from United Kingdom on 4th Oct 2006
Recieved this phone as an upgrade and was quite impressed with some of the features (although i will probably never use them) my only concern is that recently Nokia's operating software seem's to be a bit glitchy and this phone is no exception. Anyway phone performs well and is very rugged ideal for people who seem to drop or break phones constantly

Reviewed by Dr_Zoidberg from United Kingdom on 4th Sep 2006
It's a nokia. I was given this by my school to use, and swapped back to Sony Erricson 610 as this is a MUCH better phone. Nokia phones are like Ford cars, OK if you want what everyone else is using - individuality takes me away from it. Um, being able to drop it and it keeps working? My 610 does this also and without the plastic.

Reviewed by Mitchell Mushambi from Zimbabwe on 29th Aug 2006
I`ve had this phone for two days and its absolutely brilliant.The reception is sometimes fuzzy but id highly recomend it.

Reviewed by Jeffrey Willis from UK on 24th Aug 2006
Ok for the first few months then the rubber power inlet cover started to tear, the side rubber started to peel off. You will need small fingers to operate this and the battery life is mediocre. Nokia have refused to give me a new cover on the grounds that the outside of the telephone isnot part of the warranty - huh ! So, the outside of the phone is not part of the phone - I gave up arguing. It does have a spirit level which will impress those who leen over to one side when walking,,,,,,.

Reviewed by Johnny Jayster from England on 23rd Aug 2006
It's raight good..... Tough, with loads of good features that are useable, such as Compass, Thermometer, Decibel Reader, Voice Recorder, Camera (not brilliant but OK). As a builder it's fantastic......wouldn't have anything else (unless they bring a 5140i+ out)

Reviewed by Dylan from Ireland on 11th Aug 2006
Great little fone, fairly good styling, not the best screen quality though, still a very sturdy and strong phone! The low quality screen is still really bugging me!!!

Reviewed by Ed from UK on 10th Aug 2006
The thing I love about this phone is its ruggedness. It is very robust and has proven itself time and time again - its been left out in the rain, soaked with beer, thrown (by accident) at a brick wall etc. etc. I fancy flip phone would last five minutes with me! Great standard Nokia features also such as its compatibility with the PC Suite software so I use it like a PDA. Compass is great and you soon get used to the keypad, my only moan is the small memory - you can't store many extra ringtones or take many pictures.

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 21st Jun 2006
I love these rugged phones. I'm in the Army and have taken it all over the world, in all environments and in all weather conditions - it has never let me down, even in 50+ degrees in a sandstorm during the war in Iraq - no bother. So what if the buttons are chunky and it's 'difficult' to text with - the sort of people who use these phones are not the sort to spend hours piddling around texting. It achieves comms regardless and I will keep buying these phones as long as I am in my chosen profession!

Reviewed by thethirdrat from UK on 9th Jun 2006
Superb phone. Would've given it 5 stars if it had 3g and a better camera. The organisational tools are better than my Nokia 6680 'smartphone' - calendar and alarms are more flexible, it's easier to use and it's hard as nails. Oh and who video calls anyway? If you want something that you can treat like any other tool and rely on to do a job buy one. It's the Landrover of the mobile phone world.

Reviewed by Lapin from England on 6th Jun 2006
I've had all the phones in the nokia 5100 series, even back to the 5110 way back when, all the way up to the 5140 which i had for 2 or so years (which had the same design). People whine about how the buttons are difficult to use, maybe u ought lift some weights, i find no problems pressing the buttons! Ive never seen a phone as durable as this, i lead an active life, i BMX, rock climb, bungee jump, (i jumped out my bedroom window, landed on my fone, and it was fine). If ur a buisness man or an indoorsy type then no this phone's probably not for you, but ITS NOT DESIGNED FOR YOU! < of course the cameras not very good, theres not much to take photos of at 100mph tho. This is an outdoors phone, if you go outdoors alot its more of a tool than just a phone. More forgiving than any dog, wet it, beat it up, throw it at bears to scare them away, and then pick it up and call your mum... tell her you'll be back late, because you're going to drunk test your phone. This is an amazing phone if your going to UTILISE it. Regards Lapin

Reviewed by richard from england on 6th Jun 2006
Good if you drop it it wont break but very slow and takes ages to load up wouldnt buy another phone like this thou.

Reviewed by Greyo from UAE on 3rd Jun 2006
If you want to take pictures - buy a digital camera If you want to take videos - buy a video camera If you want to play games - get a game boy If you want to listen to music - use an mp3 player If you're looking for a chunky, hard-wearing, no-nonsense, outdoor style cell phone that's easy to use & does the basics well; look no further.

Reviewed by Luke Murfit from London, UK on 1st May 2006
******************* This look like a James Bond phone and has plenty of features to show of with such as: torch, radio, digital compass, spirit level!, heart monitor, fitness advisor, walkie talkie mode, loud speaker, thermomitor, camera, video, waterproof and smash proof (to a point) and belive it or not, it's a phone! ---- BUT ---- As good as these are the WOW factor soon wears off and it becomes a pain to Text and use because the the buttons are so tough to push due to the waterproofing and smash proof. So if you are a text like me then I suggest you deffinatly don't buy this. I'm waiting for my upgrade and will deffinatly change. Also the stiff flap at the bottom covering the usual holes becomes a pain when charging or going handsfree plus the I have never known it so hard to enter the battery section, all to make it crash proof. Conclusion: A good Nokia menu, with loads of features and gadgets but hugely let down by the difficult to use key pad. ****************

Reviewed by RickyK from New Zealand on 29th Apr 2006
For the professional, you don't need precious space taken up by crappy games. For this, the Nokia 5140 is a great little phone. I'm an Irish pro DJ in New Zealand and I wanted a phone that was lite, compact, cool colour and a great set of useful features. I especially love the FM Radio, pretty good reception, and the Sound Leveller. Nokia - just 3 things this phone lacks: 1. In settings then shortcuts.. you are limited to the feature you want as a shortcut. 2. Is an internal arial possible? Instead of connecting a long stringy lead. 3. The screen quality is a little below average. Very noticeable. Especially for the market they are aiming at. But all in all.. a great phone hat looks cool and great reception.

Reviewed by izzy from uk on 26th Apr 2006
this phone is wicked i wish it had bluetooth but arwell its a good phone for not much money! also extremerly useful when i got caught in a black out!!! keys easy to use

Reviewed by hanan from watford, england on 12th Apr 2006
i got dis fone afta ma samsung e310 broke it wernt da bst fone in da world but it woz much betta dan dis fone da only reeson im r8in it 2 stars is coz it haz a radio wich iz ok and da rubery case so weneva i drop it it dnt brke n it dnt scrach wich is gd coz i drop al ma fones a lot even if i reeli lyk em! i obviusly dnt meen 2. if i buy a fone it has 2 hav a good camera but dis 1 has da worst camera iv ever seen and it only holds 20 pics!!! but i dint reeli hav a chois. so if u lookin 4 a fone i wood advise u not 2 buy it !! x x x x x x

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 10th Apr 2006
This phone is excellent i have had no problems with it yet. Its a good phone for a builder because i dropped it a few times and it still looks the same as when i took it out of the box just a little dirty. The transfer speed on the infared is also amazingly quick. I would definately recomend this phone.

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 27th Mar 2006
Brilliant phone had the 5140 since 2004 no problems still going strong until I got this phone. I have tried to get along with two other phones V3 and an N70 I got in Feb 06 but they are just not what im looking for. A phone is a phone, the cam is just OK. I ride BMX and Trials and I have dropped it out my pocket so many times its stupid and its still going. The keys are nice to use when you get used to them, I much prefer the keys over modern alternatives.

Reviewed by Jimbobaloo from Ireland on 4th Mar 2006
i've had this phone for two days and it's absolutely brilliant.didn't believe the guy who sold it to me so i threw it out of the second floor window,landed on concrete and not a scrach on it.the radio reception is sometimes a little fuzzy but i'd highly reccomend it!

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