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Nokia 5140 review

 Review: September 2004  

Last updated September 2005


In a nutshell: The Nokia 5140 is the latest in Nokia's 5xxx series of durable phones designed to be hard wearing for outdoor and sports activities.


Nokia claim that the 5140 offers "Enhanced durability and resistance to the elements and usage in sports inspired lifestyle." It's debatable just how durable the phone is - soak it in water or drop it onto a hard surface and it's likely to break, just like any other mobile - but Nokia have certainly made an effort to protect the phone against minor bumps and splashes. The outer shell is tougher than most, and being changeable it can be replaced if it gets scratched or scuffed. The bottom flap helps to protect against water damage, and there is an inner module to provide additional protection against water damage.

The 5140 comes with a range of outdoor "lifestyle" inspired features - camera and video recorder, flashlight, FM radio, thermometer, decibel meter (?), and a good personal organiser with an extensive calendar and notes option.

Sadly, the display is still only 4096 colours and is small at 128 x 128 pixels. The STN technology used means that the display is difficult to see when outdoors - a real problem when you consider the target market for this phone. Nokia really lags the competition when it comes to display technology. Polyphonic ringtones are also basic.

The camera provided is of average quality and the video recorder rather poor quality. The memory available is limited and so video clips are short. The poor quality of the display means that pictures and videos are small and hard to see.

The keypad, like that of the Nokia 5100 is not very easy to use. The keys are located close together and are not very responsive. This helps to protect the phone from water damage, but is not very user-friendly.

Overall there are some good features about this phone, and some ho-hum features. For people who are familiar with the Nokia style and are looking for a mid-range phone with added durability, this could be a good choice. Our recommended phone for outdoor use is the Siemens M65 which offers improved protection and better features. The Nokia 5140i is an enhanced version of the 5140, although it still has problems with the keypad and screen.

Nokia 5140 features include:

  • Display: 4096 colours, 128 x 128 pixels
  • Integrated VGA Camera (640 x 480 resolution)
  • Video player and recorder
  • Flashlight
  • Xpress-on™ shells provide protection against splashes and dust
  • Improved durability to offer protection against accidental bumps
  • Bottom flap gives extra protection for connectors
  • Stereo FM radio
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Polyphonic and mono ringtones
  • Thermometer
  • Voice recorder
  • Decibel meter
  • Multimedia messaging (MMS) - up to 100 kbytes per message
  • E-mail
  • SMS chat
  • Downloadable Java games, plus Adventure Race game and Fitness Coach application
  • Personal shortcuts
  • Wallpaper
  • Voice dialling
  • Extensive calendar with busy view of the week, improved notes view for each day, snooze on calendar alarm
  • Alarm clock, Notes, To-do list (up to 30 entries), Stopwatch, Countdown timer, Calculator, Wallet
  • Connectivity: Pop-Port™ interface, Infrared, SyncML
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS class 10, HSCSD (High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data), EDGE Class 6 (3+1, 2+2)
  • Vibration alert
  • Tri-Band operation (EGSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900)
  • Size: 107 x 47 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Talktime: 2 - 5 hours
  • Battery standby: 6 - 12 days

Nokia 5140 user reviews

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Average rating from 132 reviews:

Reviewed by Pixie from UK on 29th Jul 2010
Fab phone - must be 6 years old now - has been regularly dropped and has been thro the washing machine twice, once for the whole cycle. Dried it out and it's fine!! Don't make them like this any more, unfortunately!

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 10th Jun 2010
From the years I have had one I find it to be a very strong phone capable of surviving many falls and accidental submersions, but the screen is small, the graphics are dull and the compass is very difficult to calibrate.

Reviewed by Mohammed khan from UK on 29th Mar 2009
Good phone 2 buy for 20

Reviewed by mohammed from UK on 29th Mar 2009
i loved this phone ti has for outline and good style body i just love it

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 20th Dec 2008
amazing, i brought it when it was first released, still going with no problems. I give it lots of abuse from water and drops yet still works a dream.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 16th Oct 2008
My customer recently replaced this 5140 with a Sonim XP1, as the Nokia doesn't have bluetooth for the driving headsets.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 31st Jul 2008
Its highly durable - i've thrown it off the floor (forcefully) numerous times, tried to burn it, drown it in a puddle and it has survived almost totally unscathed. Yes the screen could be better, there is no bluetooth, only one poor game, and some lame ringtones but overall its excellant. I've had my 5140 for about 4/5 years now and still don't want to change to a newer model

Reviewed by Ramiele from UK on 25th May 2008
I've had this phone for four years and it still works like day 1. The memory isn't much and the camera is outdated now, but it's still great for calling and texting. The flashlight is useful and the tough, changeable shells are a great idea. It's been with me everywhere and has survived a washing machine and a drop in the tub. I had the 5100 before this which I also loved, but the buttons were tougher to press on the older model.

Reviewed by bill from UK on 29th Feb 2008
had this phone since it first came out, and its still giong strong, not one problem, dropped it in water, dropped it down stairs, stood on it, e.c.t.e.c.t its in pefect working order, it makes call and send textmessages. Perfect

Reviewed by riette from UK on 2nd Nov 2007
dear nokia , i'm desperately looking for the nokia 5140 , it has been discontinued in south africa , and that was the only model that was ''danie-proof'' . danie is my husband , one of our countries' whale watching operators , and with being out at sea and on the beach daily , the 5140 is THE phone that has lasted the longest .i urgently need another , even if it means oredring it from abroad ,or alternativel you can let me knoe if there is a similar model which will be as durable in south africa.sadly i must say our customer service in south africa is not the best ,and if only cell phone shops can direct you what to buy , but the shop assistants just pull up their shoulders when we ask for this model , if i explain what kind of work my husband does , and that he cannot have these fancy little phones ,they are not very helpful in suggesting an alternative. please can you email me . we have contracts with autopage in south africa .my husband doesn't need anything fa ncy , but this phone was definitely the MOST hardy of all phones he's had over 12 years .

Reviewed by Jude from UK on 13th Oct 2007
Brilliant, had mine 3 years, and only want a new one for size (it's not tiny by any stretch of the imagination, it's still fine and it's been through the washing machine twice!

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 26th Sep 2007
I have hade this phone for the past two years and i have not had any problems with it.I bought another phone to replace it just out of intrest and give my Nokia 5140 to my wife but i have had swap and have it back because its user freindly.Also being amachanic i drop it so often but it doesnt break.THIS PHONE IS GOOD I TELL YOU.

Reviewed by Thandi Mahuluhulu from UK on 24th Sep 2007
I luv this phone more than any phone i hev ever used.Its durablu, long battery life, cool ear phones, its the best so far & i still hev it . Why did u hev 2 discontinue it? by the way how can i get hold of the ear phones- bn looking all over south africa for them. email me :tmahuluhulu@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Bjorn from swaziland from UK on 6th Jul 2007
The phone is great for the outdoors and so on, but in the first few months of having my phone, i had to have it fixed three times due to software problems, After 2 years I still have the same phone, exept now my camera will not function, it just vibrates now, none of my tones or recordings work, and it looses reception atleast 4 or 5 times an hour for a couple of minutes each time, which becomes really frustrating if you taking a call. What I'm trying to say is that, it seems that nokia spent all their time making sure that it was rugged externally, and forgot all about the internal problems the phone may encounter.

Reviewed by andrew from UK on 10th Jun 2007
i like it but every six months or so the software changes and i have to go to a special store to get it updated

Reviewed by Djura Serbia from UK on 12th May 2007
This phone is very good.It has a nice look. Also i can shower with him

Reviewed by Munonye kelvin from UK on 15th Feb 2007
I just GOT the phone toady...And guess what it is interesting and got everything i want.. Am thinking about buying several more.

Reviewed by Gabriel Osorio from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
Exelent mobilefone i am a chilean and i have one nokia 5140 is very interesting and bkn fone i take a photography in a kar(120 mph) and take it!!! (I speak spanish so my vocabulary is very poor) but thanks to read good bye

Reviewed by Rob H from UK on 8th Jan 2007
good phone dropped it in the bath a few times but is still good, well made not too heavey

Reviewed by James Wilson from UK on 18th Jan 2006
Great phone. Shame that it is not indestructable. It didn't take too kindly to falling off the roof of a moving car at 50mph and then being run over by the one behind! Suprisingly however the sim card did survive. The phone itself is easy to use, like all Nokias. However the buttons are a bit tough to text with. The camera is not that great but all the other features more than make up for it. Thermometer, compass, torch and for some reason a decibel meter. The only use for the decibel meter that I could find was to see who could shout the loudest with my friends. If you like to have a phone with all the small gadgets then this is the one for you. The only thing that it is missing however is a tooth pick.

Reviewed by matthew from UK on 3rd Nov 2005
purchased this phone on 31/10 . found it to be very good, good USEFUL features such as radio, thermometer, compass and soundometer. Also a torch. The screen is ok but when you use the camera, what you see on the screen does not represent the quality of the image, it is infact better, i emailed a pic to an email address and it looked better. This phone comes with many features you wouldnt think were useful but are. One thing, do not put the plastic stand attachment on the phone as you cannot get it off, i had to use a knife to get it off, scratching the back of the casing. Good phone overall, battery is protected with a rubber cover. i would recommend this phone to anybody.

Reviewed by Patrik from Sweden on 2nd Nov 2005
Very good phone. Screen could be better, though. If you get it for a good price, then it is a great deal. Will last for many years to come. Battery lasts 4-5 days for me. Recommended.

Reviewed by Drew Peacock from Germany on 30th Oct 2005
This phone is quite good. Display, and general functions are good. Camera is average- often not a very clear picture. Has extra things like compass and thermometer- pointless unless you really do need them. Limited cover change- black, red and blue. However, it is a practical phone. Fine if you don't want anything fancy!

Reviewed by George from South Africa on 20th Oct 2005
I find this handy but its battery! Gosh. poor poor battery life.

Reviewed by happy chappy from south africa on 15th Oct 2005
this is a very good and strong fone its the best for sporty people and also the people who always drop there fones.. with its exellent features to chose from ull get over the bad screen pixels... Please buy this fone its the best ever!!!!!!

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 7th Sep 2005
So...I'm on my first replacement (see below) and this one doesn't receive a signal! All day I've been wondering around two towns trying to get a signal, but nothing. No idea what the problem is, but this handset seems to be one to avoid. And I still have another dud to go through before Vodaphone will consider giving me another handset. Very dissapointing - I'm losing important calls.

Reviewed by Paul from Belgium on 6th Sep 2005
It is a solid good phone with great features. Recently visited China where this model is not sold. I was offered much more expensive phones in exchange for this one, declined ofcourse lol

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 2nd Sep 2005
Upgraded from the one before, which I liked. I wanted to tough casing, but this phone has been a dissapointment. I don't care for the extra features and the buttons are very difficult to use - like typing a number wearing rubber gloves! A big issue is how sluggish it feels - I prefered the basic, not-colour screen of the old model - quick to navigate. Not sure about these things, but it appears to be low on memory. And now... the thing has died. It switches off during calls, behaves erratically and is being replaced ASAP.

Reviewed by Dan from England on 1st Sep 2005
best fone i have ever had... fantastic camera and videocamera... the wireless bloothtooth and amazin display took my breath away.. design is sleek and modern and has impressed all of my friends... easy to function and a certain hit with the females... i would definitely recommend this fone to anybody, it will change your life

Reviewed by adrian chappell from uk on 1st Sep 2005
worst phone i have ever owned about as durable as a sheet of tissue paper

Reviewed by Sami from Suomi on 31st Aug 2005
I think it is a great phone, however, right now you can buy the 5140i which has a better screen for almost the same price. The radio and the other features are amazing.

Reviewed by Barbie from Ireland on 29th Aug 2005
This fone is ok. i have seen and had better but if you wanted a cool phone with a camera then get this. It is also waterproof. My mate is getting this fone for her birthday

Reviewed by ... from hong kong on 23rd Aug 2005
It's memory is small, and it doesn't have expansion slot if your looking for music and photos storage forget it.

Reviewed by Nigel from England on 5th Aug 2005
Nice little phone. Screen display could be better but does everything its meant to do. I have had mine for 8 months now and have dropped it and knocked it many times without breaking it. I also take this phone to work in a tough environment where I work with tools machines ect and it stands up to allot of punishment. Some keys a bit of a fiddle for large hands.

Reviewed by MIKE from UK on 3rd Aug 2005

Reviewed by Tallulah from England on 2nd Aug 2005
I have had this phone for 12 months and I think it is brill. I am due to upgrade and to be honset I don't really want to because I am worried my next one won't be able to keep pace. My only regret is that I have been paying for insurance on this phone all year and not had to use it once!! It is packed with features and I think I have used everyone, some all the time, and yes even the decibel meter in a science lesson at school (I'm a teacher not a child.) Don't get me wrong, I am not easily pleased and if I had designed the phone I would have done somethings differently. I think the FM radio would have had more use if you could hear it through the loud speaker, the phone is a little wide because of the shell and yes I agree the display is not the best. But lets not forget that this is a phone not a hifi/laptop/400 digital camera. I would reccomend this phone to anyone who like me spends a lot of their life outdoors.

Reviewed by Markko from Estonia on 28th Jul 2005
I am very happy with my 5140. Working perfectly for 9 months now. If your screen breaks in one month, then just get it replaced. The guarantee is 24 months. I have dropped mine many times, with no problems.

Reviewed by marco from england on 22nd Jul 2005
This phone is garbage! 5 months after i bought it ,it died,it was replaced but now keeps turning itself off,mid conversation,texting whatever...the camera is pathetic,the video is pointless!...i cannot believe i paid 200 pounds for this rubbish! looking at the quality of other handsets in this price range from different manufacturers i find it hard to believe a company such as nokia could launch this phone...if your'e thinking of buying this phone,do yourself a favour,and look elsewhere.

Reviewed by ForegoneConclusion from Wales on 21st Jul 2005
This 'phone is lousy for anyone who works outside. DO NOT BUY IT unless you work nights in a foggy area as any light above say a 20 watt bulb renders the stuff on the screen invisible. It isnt rugged either. Broke the screen within 6 weeks of buying it something I had never done before with other phones. Some of the features are ok but the buttons and menu navigation is poor and ponderous.. I lack sufficient enthusiasm to continue.. Dismal

Reviewed by kevin adams from england on 19th Jul 2005
brilliant!! it is the best phone that i have ever had. I really think that the coompas comes in handy whaen i am walking up the mountains. To me this phone is better than the samsung d500 and the motorola v3. If there is someone out there, wanting to buy a phone then this is the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Steven Drumm from United Kingdom on 15th Jul 2005
This is a great phone if you want a hard wearing durable phone, the screen is not greatduring sunlight and pictures and videos look bad when viewed on the phone, but when viewed on a computer or a Motorola v3 the pictures were of great quality, v impressed, radio is good.all gadgets are good,(Compass,Torch). When I upgrade I will hang on to this as a spare or for when a durable phone is ideal. if the cover get scratched or abused , easy to replace, not as dustproof as I would have liked though

Reviewed by Hayley from England on 13th Jul 2005
I have found the good things about this phone are really good, and the bad things are really bad! Features such as torch, radio, robust design, stopwatch, camera, ease of use etc. etc. are great. Compass and thermometer are nice additions but not very accurate. However, I would agree with EVERYONE about the display - outside on a sunny day, its impossible, and very difficult to see on a normal day. NOKIA - you need to deal with this, for future models its diabolical. As with my old phone I would like to use the screen saver clock, to tell the time but I can never see it! The keys are not too difficult to use (although I have small fingers) with the exception of 0, which involves a digging action with a long nail to work (a real pain for texting). The hard casing also makes it difficult to hear people when they call unless you have it on max volume, and even then its a bit muffled. This was a cheap upgrade for me and better than my last phone, so it suits my needs, but if I had spent a lot of money and had high expectations I would be asking for my money back.

Reviewed by Craig from Wales on 3rd Jul 2005
Sure this fone mite av the gadgets n da capability 2 stil work afta bin tortured (e.g. Smashed, burnt etc.) But within 4 months of buyin it the screen stared 2 mess up n eventualy da damn fing decided 2 go on strike so i was wivout a fone, also afta managing 2 get da screen workin agen the signal ad gone and the files like the recordings an video files r messed up, th sound keeps stuterin. Bad fone, strongly recomend 2 not buy it!

Reviewed by james harrison from United Kingdom on 3rd Jul 2005
It's a good little phone, i always buy these types of phones i.e 5100 i bought it twice and a nokia 5120. All of them are very good phones for clumsy people like my, because i am always dropping them and banging them when in my pocket. Could have some more games (only one) and a brighter screen

Reviewed by karl from uk on 27th Jun 2005
dropped it stood on it wet it and sat on it, (all accidental) and it still works

Reviewed by grame from scotland on 25th Jun 2005
it is a very gd fone for the active cause it is hard to break and it is durable yet it has all the gd features a normal fone would hav if not more

Reviewed by ben from u.k on 12th Jun 2005
the greatist phone ever made well better than the motorola v500

Reviewed by samuel from England on 10th Jun 2005
This fone is wicked,but I wont rate it outstanding

Reviewed by C.Raja from Botswana on 7th Jun 2005
The Phone is very good for an outdoor and clumsy person like me. I had all the similar models of splash and Bump proof phones. Cons : 1. This one has the worst keypad. It is hard to press the '0' key. 2. The shell is very dificult to open. 3. All the features are great but of poorer qality very unlike NOKIA. Pros: 1. The sturdy shell 2. Compass 3. GPS enhansment !! 4. Short cut keys 5. Built in Sprit Level and Flash light!

Reviewed by erik from uk on 7th Jun 2005
very good battery life. robust. display slightly dull in bright lights but no probs with visibilty or volume. compass useful for any purpose where knowing the direction to +-5 degs useful, wind direction, cloudy day in a city, forest etc i.e. fine for basic navigation but not precision stuff, orienteering or mountaineering. thermometer ok. torch a little lightsaver, quite bright and uses very little power overall very happy and when replace it will do with the 5140i.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 3rd Jun 2005
I read the reviews on here and visited my local phone shop. What a huge disappointment this phone is. The BAD points and some are really. The Display is truly awful, totally unsuited for anything but dull days and indoor work-bearing in mind this is marketed as an a outdoor phone. The ring tone volume is way way too low. Fine if you live in a Church or Monastrey but hopeless in modern noisy life. The compass is just a gimmick, to market it as an gps orienteering aid is dangerous and to be honest you may as well buy a 1 ball one the sort you stick on Ford Escort car dashboards from Halfords. It gives the digital read out to the nearest degree but with no guidance index on the phone to line it up makes it useless. (Anyone who has had a proper map compass knows what I'm on about) Thermometer, er Why? Fitness coach err Why? Nokia you are having a laugh? FM radio only works with the headset on The good points. Small size and lightweight. Comclusion A truly overpriced piece of junk which will get pubescent kiddies excited at having a feature rich phone. Non of the features which are neeeded, useful or necessary.

Reviewed by bill from uk on 27th May 2005
Very good, dropped it but it still works!

Reviewed by Christian from Finland on 25th May 2005
This is a really good phone. yaaaaaaaaay yo yayo

Reviewed by Charlotte from England on 23rd May 2005
Its an excellent phone for me anyways ,its cute ,handy,colourful and just billiant Pleaz buy it!

Reviewed by Mac from Italy on 3rd May 2005
Gary why don't you upgrade to the 5140i? It will be out soon. It has a better screen and improved durability. I'm totally happy with this one :)

Reviewed by Gary Wordsworth from UK on 1st May 2005
I am a fisherman and I usually kill phones within 3 months as they get left on deck, trod on, water damaged, in short I am an animal. Apart from having a job working the keys in gloves, this is a great phone. I've had it 9 months and it might even make it through to upgrade time. Guess what, I'll replace it with another 5140.

Reviewed by David from England on 30th Apr 2005
The phone on a whole is fine, i only got the phone for its apparant 'protection' and water proof'ness(due to being a plant operator things get bashed around)... i have had mobile phones for around 8 years..and never broke a screen...i buy a phone with added protection and pop...the screen breaks...maybe i shouldnt bother?? and just get a 40pound phone ?

Reviewed by Huw72 from UK on 29th Apr 2005
Does anyone know how to get the 'delivery reports' activated on this phone for text-messaging. I can get to 'Message Settings' then 'Text Messsages' and then 'Sending Profile' but to get 'Delivery reports' switched to 'Yes' I have to select 'Profile 2'. The problem is, whenever I do that, I find the phone immediately goes back to 'Default profile' which does not give the option of turning 'Delivery reports' on. Am I doing something wrong? Otherwise, the phone is ok. The compass is very accurate while the thermometer is a few degrees too high. The stripey background on the address book is a pain, but worst of all is the dark screen which makes reading anything on it a chore a lot of the time.

Reviewed by Nikolai from Denmark on 29th Apr 2005
I've had this phone since last summer, the only flaw is that the screen only has 4096 colors. I will upgrade to the 5140i this summer which has 65K colors and mp3-ringtones. That model will be perfect.

Reviewed by Souiseh from nz on 27th Apr 2005
This phone is really tragic, is is supposed to be the most durable and weather-proof phone on the market but its just a chunky, small screened bomb. I dropped it onto my CARPET bout a month ago and ive lost screen power. It still works but there is no light behind the screen. DO NOT BUY

Reviewed by kickass from UK on 27th Apr 2005
well iv had this phone for ages now few months i aint really happy wi the cam on it or the display i suppose it quit strong coz i droppped it from my roof when i was on it and it didnt brake * oopps but i dont know y ppl say it cant put contacts on thy jst annoyin shut up lol it still gd i guess

Reviewed by Simon from England on 21st Apr 2005
This is junk!!!! no features at all. Orange are liars too - in the shop it said the phone had 65,000 colour screen and 10mb memory well they lied so took it back. get a 6230i or a 7270 :)

Reviewed by Simon from Switzerland on 21st Apr 2005
I have been using this phone for 9 months now and I think it is very good. It has a lot of functions and the size of the phone is still reasonable small. Somebody wrote here that it is very difficult to move contacts to the phone, I have to disagree at this point. An easy way to transfer your contacts (if you have more than the SIM card fits) is to transfer them to the Nokia Pc Suite program with infrared or cable from your old phone. After that it is easy to put them in your new phone. Removing the covers can be a little tricky, so if you need the swap SIM cards often this is not the easiest phone. Otherwise it is excellent.

Reviewed by lance from usa on 19th Apr 2005
pros: strongly built and very good sport design, blue color is very fits for me all the functions, easy to use and fast response, sound quality and volume is good, keypad is easy to use and anti dust rubber make it easy to hold, my 7210 falls every week. cons: up key is not easy to use, display is not good as clear as 7210's in the sunlight, fm still need headset, camera is a garbage, if there is a 5130 without camera, I will definitely buy.

Reviewed by jc tyler from luxembourg on 18th Apr 2005
Sorry about my previous review; I have to rewrite it. It's not only the display that stinks. I have a 300+ contact list which I can not import into the Nokia. There is no way to list the contacts in a simple way. The thingie is so overloaded with completely unnecessary garbage you barely remember what you bought the beepin piece for in the first place. The striped background, which I haven't found a way to change yet and believe me I've looked, is very disturbing. Too much eye candy anyway. This is not an outdoors mobile, this is a plaything for kids who also buy rubber robots. etc etc etc This is one mobile I regret having bought. Now, they did not develop a superspecial lousy software for this phone alone, did they? Cos you see I've looked at newer models and the conclusion stays the same: Nokia has lost the script.

Reviewed by jc tyler from luxembourg on 14th Apr 2005
I bought the Nokia 5140 to be used outdoors and since this mobile was developped specifically for that, you'd imagine that all those things that you need most outdoors would work best. What is the absolutely FIRST thing you need outdoors? A display that you can read under any outdoors circumstances. What did I find out already when I charged this one the first time? Its display stinks. It not only stinks a little, it stinks a lot. You don't see a bleedin thing on this display. When it charged the first time, it took us MINUTES before we noticed the charge indicator. Try to read this thing in full sunshine. What good is a mobile with a lousy display? No good. How good is an OUTDOORS display that you can't see? No beepin good at all. If you need an outdoors mobile, get one with a good display and buy a rubber case to stick it in. How a company like Nokia can produce this thing without being deeply embarrassed is beyond me. That a company like Nokia has apparently not managed to correct this error since its debut is a very bad sign. And I bet all those responsible for this still work for Nokia... they were probably the luminaries who insisted on putting a fitness coach into this thing. I'll let you know soon as I hear the first pro athlete training with the help of her mobile. An outdoors mobile without a proper display is like a 4x4 without traction control: worthless. If I owned Nokia stock, today I would have sold it.

Reviewed by DF from England on 12th Apr 2005
This Nokia 5140 was part of an upgrade package from Orange, the phone seemed fine apart from a poor display and difficult to use buttons. The camera isn't particulry good either but that's to be expected looking at the specifications. However, after approximately a month the phone stopped working completly while it was being used and is now completly dead. It was sent back to the manufacterers under the warranty only to be returned a month later with a short note saying thayt it was unrepairable due to liquid damage. So much for their warranties, the phone had in fact never been near any liquid and was in use when it went wrong. An independant repairer has seen it since it went wrong and opened it up, there are arrow stickers placed inside it by the first repairer to indicate the damage, however, it takes a magnifier to see anything let alone identifiy if it is damage or not. The moral of this is that if you want a phone that won't be honoured under warranty go for it. As a result of this sevice from Nokia I would not recommend their phones.

Reviewed by A from UK on 8th Apr 2005
If you want a phone to last, get the 5140. The screen is clear, the buttons are responsive and it has great features too. Nokia have finally bought out a phone that is robust yet sophisticated. Well done Nokia! 10/10

Reviewed by Laichh from United Kingdom on 3rd Apr 2005
From Nokia 5210 -> 5100 -> 5140, I own them all, from "build quality" point of view, I trust the old 5210 most, I used to wash it under tap, but not to any of his brother. This 5140 is an average phone, I found very hard to press the '^' button when I first got it in Nov 2004, I always hit both '^' and center access button at the same time, until I have discover a very tricky way to press it, or I should say "pull" it down with an angle of about 30~45 degree. The on/off button is not as hard as 5210 & 5100 does, but this time the shell is very hard to open. The enclosed holding clip design is rubbish, and none of his brother did this job well. Fitness coach is not user friendly at all. It will be nice is the screen backlight can go off a bit quicker when the touch is on.

Reviewed by Micke from Sweden on 1st Apr 2005
Have you tried replacing the battery? My battery is good for 6-7 days with light usage. I think the phone is very good, I have used it now for 6 months. The Ir-port is very handy in my opinion. I can download games and ringtones for free. There is even a program you can use to transform songs you like to a form the phone understands. I can highly recommend the Nokia 5140.

Reviewed by Bart from Belgium on 31st Mar 2005
This has been a complete waste of money. I bought this phone for the so called long standby time of at least 6 days. Even without using it much it drains the battery in less than 48 hours. It has been in the shop twice now and the problem (whatever that problem might be) has not been solved. They even claim that it was sended back to Nokia. The next time I go back to the shop it will be to throw this piece of junk in the guys face...

Reviewed by Hubert from Poland on 29th Mar 2005
I'll just say: GREAT. It maybe doesn't look nice, but some funktions in this phone are outstanding.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 28th Mar 2005
How do you download games??????? I've had this phone a few months now. We had a powercut in the winter and the torch was a lifesaver. I use the compass quite a bit for trekking and for finding south (when looking for properties). The compass doesn't work near other magnetic sources, but is accurate outdoors. The sound meter is great for complaining about the noise at work. I've also used the stopwatch, thermometer (this also works well for taking your own temerature), camera, video recorder and push-to-talk - all of which work perfectly well but maybe lack a little quality. Oh and i make calls aswell. All in all, it's a great phone for an active clumsy person. However, I can't figure out how to download games. The one game that came with it is rubbish. I'd like to download Jetset Willy but I can't figure out how. Could someone point me to a 'step by step guide for dummies'

Reviewed by Tomy from USA on 28th Mar 2005

Reviewed by cem baytok from turkey on 28th Mar 2005
everthing is ok. But "fitness coach" application has a bug in it. whenever you try to upload a weight training program, it stops and gives "out of memory" message (even I had a 3.5 mb. free memory). And customer support does not have a record of such kind.

Reviewed by Matti from Finland on 25th Mar 2005
Hey Steve, seems the sales person really screwed you off. My first phone was also the 5110, which served me well for 4 years (my father has been using it for 5 more years now) The best replacement for your 5110 would be the 3510(i) model. The buttons are surely big enough and it's almost the same size as the 5110, just slimmer. I'm sure you can find a good car kit for it too and the price of the phone should be about one third of the price of 5140. I used the 3510 for almost 3 years before changing to my 5140, which IMO is a great phone. To be sure you get a phone you like, try it out in the shop before you part from your money. The 5140 suits my needs perfectly, nothing to complain about.

Reviewed by Steve from New Zealand on 25th Mar 2005
Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish!! I have thrown my phone literally across a carpark (After paying $550NZD 1 week before) and gone back to my trusty 5110. The buttons are far too small and I can't get car kit for it. Ear piece supplied is enormous with a clip on it. We have purchased 4 of these lousy phones by suggestion of our local Vodafone supplier. Apparently suggested to be the "best" replacement to the 5110 for contractors. Not for us. Unfortunately we will lose money and sell the others at a loss. The only thing I can say about it is that it survived the throw (about 30 metres) on ashphalt I really dislike this peice of rubbish. Why do phone manufacturers continue to make phones with whizz bang options......difficult menus......and no aerial connections for car kits for fringe areas Surely its in their best interests to have us using their network than not using it because the phone is too small and not very sensitive in fringe coverage areas. The rings are horrible and not loud enough and they have removed the central one touch button that you could push multiple times to delete/read messages. Audio out of the phone is extremely poor and the hands free loud speaker function is a joke. Sorry we are not a "sporty" bike riding types in my small company so we did'nt buy the piece of junk for its looks. We had fantastic service from the 5110 and on the merits of that run, we believed the salesman and brought four. Only afterwards did we find out that the "Car Kit" he said existed was one of those chaep junky cigarette lighter numbers. (Not the same as our proper 5110 carkits with a control box and outside aerial) So its back to the drawing board to find a better phone. Nokia You now produce rubbish!! I guess we should have read this great site first!!

Reviewed by Glenn from Belguim on 24th Mar 2005
This phone is so baaddd don't buy it you waste your money

Reviewed by Jelger from NL on 24th Mar 2005
Absolutely amazing phone. I especially like the fact that the volume of the speaker changes according to the noisyness of the surroundings. You always hear what the other person is saying even in a really loud environment. With my earlier phones I experienced problems not hearing properly in loud conditions. Also battery is very good, lasts for more than a week!

Reviewed by Matias from Sweden on 17th Mar 2005
I love this phone. Camera is good, but to be able to see them properly you need to transfer them to your computer first by infrared. Pc suite is great for handling contacts and keeping backups of them if your phone gets stolen. Has lots of functions and very good battery time. The radio has good reception even in stereo. Flash light is useful too. The interface is really great, writing sms is just behind one button, no need to scroll through lots of menus first. Great!!!

Reviewed by dwpofj from dustbin on 17th Mar 2005
dis fone iz rubbish i bought it yesterday n i have gave it back it iz a brick and iv bought a samsung d500 n it iz amazin go 4 it da camaraz brill n i can hack in 2 plps files haha

Reviewed by Mike from Finland on 15th Mar 2005
Great phone, would be perfect if it had a 65K screen. Many gadgets you don't find in any other phone.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 9th Mar 2005
I have just argued with my service provider, wh02 will remain un-named, i have a 6600 and to be honest, it is like having a very badly constructed housebrick in my pocket. The 6600 broke! the camera stopped working and the little joystick mjigger failed to work in a down direction making the phone a pain in the arse to use. So i asked if i could "downgrade" to a 5140 because it has the GPS option. They said "no". to which i said: "this will cost you less money than giving me a free replacement." In the end they gave in and i have my 5140, which is great. It sends txts, stores numbers, takes photos of people i have never met when i am in the pub and is immune to beer spillage! I say well done Nokia - this is a true drinkers phone!!

Reviewed by danny from england on 19th Feb 2005
You people that are saying this phone is rubbish its a great phone its does everything you could want it to do, but it would be better with bluetooth

Reviewed by Lynn from Philippines on 13th Feb 2005
Sure it hasn't got Bluetooth, or a spiffy camera or resolution, but guess what? It's a phone! As long as I can send text messages, make calls, and it survives my various acts of carelessness (which include dropping it in the parking lot, falling out of my pocket, or spilling iced tea on it), it's okay with me. The torch is pretty nifty, as well as the sound meter and the compass. Texting is a bit fiddly with the keypad, but you get used to it. All in all a sturdy piece of work.

Reviewed by Iain from England on 8th Feb 2005
Bought as a replacement for the 5100. Unfortunately it's the only phone that I've managed to break the LCD screen on; I think that's because it's got a slightly flexible cover as opposed to other phones which are rigid. But to get it fixed is only 24 including postage... Keypad could be a little easier to use, but it's a lot better than the 5100. The optional GPS is good but it drains the battery pretty fast, takes quite a while to get a satelite signal, and the software parts could be more integrated with each other - but I guess there may be updates in future. Works better in the car than on foot for some reason. But considering it's GPS on a mobile phone (which I think must be a first) I can't complain. Email (POP) application is basic but excellent - certainly better than any I've found to download. Don't really need a camera, but I guess it might be useful if you have a car accident. And I STILL can't see what anyone's going to do with the thermometer, let alone the decibel meter... Torch IS useful though.

Reviewed by sallyriggins from UK on 8th Feb 2005
Lost count of the number of phones I've broken in the past, but this phone stands the test. Sturdy and strong, it also has the walkie talkie feature that looks set to really take off in future. If you like the outdoor life then this really is the phone for you. There's even a digital compass so you'll know you're always heading in the right direction. Bought this online and got (free) the Xpress-on GPS housing (a satellite positioning gizmo) so you can never have the excuse that you don't know where you are. Love it.

Reviewed by frances andrew from uk on 4th Feb 2005
Too chunky and no sex appeal. The hands-free kit is difficult to connect and when connected will not sit in the mobile phone holder in car. The radio has poor signal The memory of the phone is too small to retain any amount of photos and videos. The speakerphone is difficult to hear. The thermometer is not accurate. Not the best Nokia mobile ever made. I think that they no longer have the edge over other competitors such as Sony Ericsson and Samsung. Definitely better phones around

Reviewed by ryan carter from uk on 31st Jan 2005
Its the best phone ever as soon as it came out i told my mum to buy it for me thanks mum i love

Reviewed by Bob from England on 17th Jan 2005
This phone is brill if you get the more buisness type of cover

Reviewed by Danny from United Kingdom on 16th Jan 2005
i have had this phone for two months now and at first i was very pleased, i was hopiing it had an mp3 player on it but the carphone warehouse lied in there free christmas catalog, but if you buy a data cable or in my case an irda device from www.mobileactions.com then you can download the multemedia player to download movies to 3gp format(the format of the phones videos) and you can convert MP3s to .AMR format using nokia's "multemedia converter". No phones come standard with a cable apart from the smart phones which rely on a computer connection to transfer data.the camera quality is quite good, at first i thought the camera quality wasnt very good at all, but when i uploaded the images to my pc they were extremely clear and are big enough to use as full backgrounds. The camera seems to be very dark at the time you turn it on but once you have took the picture it is alot brighter, so this saves battery power. although the screen is 128 x 128 pixels you can fit 640x480 pixeled pictures. the screen is the wierdest and most puzzling screen i have seen on a nokia, the screen seems to have a hazy effect compared to some nokias that show a "crystal clear" display. the fuzziness does work well thought with the backgrounds sometimes. although some of the below reviews say that the keys are hard to use, they arent at all. they just arent used to the center button inbetween the scroll keys, previously i had a panasonic X70 and it has similar buttons and i had no problems when i changed to my nokia 5140, if you cant use this phones buttons then lose some weight or just cope with fat fingers on another phone. i love the shape cant get wnough of it. the rubber bits on the sides make the phone very comfy. the cases are hard to get off at first, but as all products are used more in any case they "loosen up" and are easier to remove. i can now remove the cases with ease. i have also found a site where you can unlock your phone(s) for free....www.unlockme.com i have unlocked 3 nokias now using that site, i suggest you use the forum as it is the easier option. the compass doesnt seem to work stright away as the components of the phone generate heat as they are used and interfere with the temperature. all the temperature needs is time to cool down to the temperature and it will adjust to the correct temperature. nobody mentioned the spirit-level as i was surprised, it is used so you can hold the phone horizontally so you cant get an accurate reading on the compass. The Game Supplied on the phone is just plain crap, if you want games get a nokia n-gage or go on goole.com on your mobile and search for "free java games" or just give Ace-Games a visit. Some of the gadgets you get along with your phone in the box are wierd. there is an oval thing that has a magnifying glass and had a clip on it, i thought it was a belt clip but it is actually a very "high pitched" and i mean high pitched whistle and is good for annoying who or whatever y ou want to annoy! lol the other thing is something that clips onto the phone at the back (first at the bottom and then clips on the top). there is also a kind of strap that clips onto the back of this, it is very difficult to fix on and frustrating, but once its on its on and isnt moving at all! i cant quite see what it is used for so i just put it on my arm and put the radio on. you can adjust it so its nice n snug on ur hand and u can have your phone ready in ur hand and still move your fingers around. and at the moment i am typing with it in my hand to show you something that it can be used for and its working! there are many accessories that are exlusively for the nokia 5140 and cannot be used on any other phones at the moment, like the heart rate thingy magigamny and the cover with a sattelite nagigation system on it but these are for people who would use the phone for what it is truly ment for. if this is not your kind of phone dont mock it go find another one, thats w hy nokia make so many, different people like different things so overall i give this phone a 4 out of five because although it isnt perfect it isnt bad but only a few things need to be improved in the next model. i love this phone so i hope you can tooo!

Reviewed by Ed from England on 10th Jan 2005
I got this phone to replace my 5210 and although the compass and radio are nice enough, i was very disappointed with the camera quality. If you arent very bothered about a camera phone then this is a great choice but the camera was my main requirement so i returned it and got a motorola v620 instead which is much better.

Reviewed by from England on 9th Jan 2005
no1 can diss this phone

Reviewed by hello from uk on 9th Jan 2005
the phone looks nice [if different colour] i haven't given it all the stars cos i dont like the things on the side, they ruin the phone!

Reviewed by ????? from Hell on 8th Jan 2005
i bought the nokia 5140 its really amazing , but if u say that there the camera sucks there liers its really good and if u dont like it without bluetooth then ur probably a spoiled brat so go buy urself a 6630 or somethin but if ur not a spoiled brat buy urself a 6600 thats wat i think!!

Reviewed by chris from UK on 7th Jan 2005
I have been using this phone for 4 months now and I haven't been able to fault it. As a mountain leader I value it's ruggedness and although not 100% waterproof i have yet to damage it, it's been dropped, soaked and generally abused and still works perfectly. If i had to count the number of times the torch has come in usefull! the decibel meter and compass are in all honesty just gadgets although functional i wouldn't rely on them, maybe good for deciding which way your garden faces to position that sundial? the torch, thermometer, camera and PTT are indispensible though. Great Phone.

Reviewed by Mz Law from Iraq on 3rd Jan 2005
this fone is rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its got da most rubbish colour screen and my little brother says he wants to get it. i keep tellin him dat it is complete rubbish

Reviewed by Tomi from Finalnd on 21st Dec 2004
Phone was very expensive, but i think it's worth of it. Phone design is very good. At the beginning i have problems with small buttons but day or two hard training made it and now buttons are easy to use. Menu's are very simple even if there is hugely all kind of functions, some are useless and some are very usefull. Camera is very good and images are surprisingly good and i have used camera very often. Only bad thing about camera is that when you take the picture and if phone swing a little bit the image is blurred. So you have to had very balanced hands :D Digital compass is very intresting function but as you quess not very usefull. Yes it works very good but how often do you need compass when you don't have real compass with you? What next? Let's look the applications. Fitness coach application really sucks. And games, one game and its not good at all. Back to the camera. You can take one minute video but video is very poor quality. It's nearly useless. Then there is Push To Talk feature but i cn't say anything about that beacause it's not working yet in here. Radio is very goog and the headphones are good beacause those have a bail which goes above the ear and they dont drop off. I haven't thrown this phone to the wall so i can't say anything about the impact resistance. But cover is plastic and thin rubber so don't throw your phone to the wall, i think at it won't last long. So after all this phone is very good an it is worth of it's price and now it't cheaper. Very good phone, buy it. That's it. Thanks.

Reviewed by Roy from Israel on 20th Dec 2004
I bought this cellular last week, and it's perfect! espcially to my needs, durable, has speaker, digital camera (don't get the bad impression from the photoes seen on the cell's screen, in the computer they're much better! It also has great FM radio, IR connecion allow you (with Nokia PC suite) to manage your photoes & ringtones & other application with you laptop (or regular PC, with apropriate USB cable). What even more impressing: *it has a flashlight, great for outdoors! *the compass is really accurate (checked with aircraft compass!!!). *Thermometer - accurate and useful! *shared memory - all the applications saved on the same memory (no limitation for messages or contacts) *PTT, like a real walky talky!!! *Voice dailling *more... in conclusion, this is a great cellular but for typical person. the one whom travel a lot, need strong cell with cool function! really worth it!

Reviewed by Kerrie from England on 16th Dec 2004
im glad i upgraded to this phone, its simple and easy to use and i like the texting buttons on it. this phone is like a swiss army knife with out the knife on it, its got nearly everything you need!! its a great phone!!

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