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Nokia 5100 review

 Review: March 2003  


In a nutshell: The Nokia 5100 is the successor to the Nokia 5210, built to be hard wearing, even outdoors.


The distinctively designed shell is built from tough materials that are designed to be water-resistant and provide protection from dust and knocks. The phone's shell has a slightly rubbery feel, that makes it easy to grip and protects against shocks.

The Nokia 5100 sports all the features that you'd expect from a modern phone: colour display, GPRS, Java™ applications and polyphonic ringtones. It also has a flashlight and a built-in stereo FM radio and handsfree speaker.

The infra-red modem enables the Nokia 5100 to easily interface with a laptop for example. The x-press on covers are designed to protect against bumps and scratches. There are a few gimmicks included, such as the built-in thermometer & calorie counter, but all things considered it's a good all-round practical phone that should appeal to many.

This is a reasonably well specified phone, but be warned that it has some serious reliability problems - typical problems include failure to switch on or off, screen failure, and freezing of the phone.

Nokia 5100 features include:

  • WAP 1.2.1 with GPRS plus HSCSD (High Speed Data)
  • Downloadable Java™ applications
  • High resolution colour display (4096 colours, 128 x 128 pixels)
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Built-in FM stereo radio
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
  • Predictive text messaging
  • Polyphonic ringtones (plus standard ringtones)
  • Wallpaper & screensaver
  • Changeable x-press on covers (top & bottom)
  • Flashlight
  • Phone memory (300 names and numbers)
  • 725kB shared memory
  • Mobile chat
  • Data capability with built-in infra-red modem & cable connection
  • Games, clock & stopwatch, thermometer
  • Calculator, currency converter, calorie counter
  • Size: 109 x 50 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 104g
  • Battery standby: 150 - 300 hours
  • Battery talktime: 2 - 5 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Tri band

Nokia 5100 user reviews

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Average rating from 124 reviews:

Reviewed by Malaika from UK on 5th Dec 2009
The BEST phone ever!! I have dropped this phone hundreds of times, never have to worry about it, can just chuck it around...just have to change the cover every few years! I've had this phone for 8 years!! I am now searching for my 3rd cover! First cover got chewed by puppies, second wear and tear. The on/off button is a problem and requires patience, mine is history... but I'll just leave the phone charged rather than get another phone! And hope i can find a cover here, and another for spare top last me the next 8 years! Welldone to a great phone!

Reviewed by James from UK on 25th Aug 2008
I have had this phone for nearly 5 years. it still goes strong. Used it in the US of A, Australia and UK - no problems. still on origional battery - still goes forever 4,5 or 6 days between charges. It has a few quirks, buttons are difficult to press sometimes, but it owes me nothing. now due to its age I am a retro star. just need a new case to keep her lookin good. how many other phones last 5 years?

Reviewed by Jack Coldicott from UK on 31st May 2008

Reviewed by beng k tan from UK on 11th Mar 2008
this phone are very very very GOOD!!! so reliable like M.Schumacher, used this phone more than five years still working very well... Made IN GERMANY like MERCEDES...

Reviewed by robert from UK on 23rd Feb 2008
excellent phone still have it now it lasts a very long time!!!!! altogether good phone but could use a bit more imagination !!!!!!!!! buy it now !!!!! :):):):):)

Reviewed by Tina from UK on 27th Nov 2007
All my previous phones lasted on average of half year because of rough handling and clumsiness. I got tired of spending so much money on phones so I decided to get one that'll last. I've dropped this phone numerous times on hard pavement, got mud and dirt on it, accidentally got it wet and it's working fine since 2004!! I wish Nokia didn't discontinue this model.

Reviewed by matt from UK on 2nd Nov 2007
its not very water resistant lol i found that the hard when ma mum washed it lol BUT its strong as hell and easy to use and thats why i love it so much i skate alot and ive landed on it alot and it still holds its position! thanks you nokia! and no thanks samsung (wich is the make of my new phone) for makin a flimsy peice of doodie that i dare not drop in case it shatters

Reviewed by Marijn from UK on 28th Sep 2007
Well i have to say i am using this phone for about 4 years and i am very pleased with it. The keyboard doesnt work that well anymore, because it is made from a soft rubber. But for the rest it is easy to use. I always use it when i am working. I work in the metal industry so it is not the cleanest place and it has to endure alot of shocks.

Reviewed by Ninety from UK on 16th Sep 2007
I got this phone years ago, passed it on to my mum and now I've got it back - I got sick of my Samsung U600 crashing all the time and having some annoying UI issues. Yes the buttons are harder to press than on most phones, but you get used to it after about 5 minutes, yes it's light on features, but if I want to listen to music I'll use my mp3 player (always with me), if I want to take pictures I'll use a camera (normally with me) and if I want to use a torch there's one built into the phone - I can honestly say that this is the only "extra" on a phone I've ever found useful. Genius.

Reviewed by john grimshaw from UK on 14th Jun 2007
i'm a removal man and i have a 5100 phone. i dropped a piano on my phone and all i got was a cracked screen, the phone still works fine i'm getting a new case off e-bay for a fiver. not many phones with that kind of record!

Reviewed by Wazzle from UK on 18th May 2007
I just bought a new 5500 and I was so dissappointed I've gone back to my old 5100. This phone rocks, I've had it years, and it's been through the ringer - dropped, trodden on, thrown, I've had water in it, sand in it - I have a rugged lifestyle and this phone coped. I still have it and apart from a few scratches on the screen and some of the buttons getting hard to push it still goes fine. If I could find somewhere to buy a new one, I would.

Reviewed by Isaac from UK on 24th Mar 2007
good but no camera

Reviewed by MaNimal from UK on 22nd Feb 2007
Ecellent little phone. Does everything you want it to; +has an FM radio and mini LED torch: extremely practical; no extraneoous junk. Covers are easy to replace and it doesn't need any looking after. Battery life is superb, though I sometimes carry a charged spare or two for long trips away from civilization, or when I'm away from the car charger. Just watch the wear on the keys themselves which will eventually need replacing; a new (star-head)screw-on set of keys - a replacement pad won't make much difference.

Reviewed by chris from UK on 9th Feb 2007
a very good phone

Reviewed by Raztafari from UK on 17th Jan 2006
This phone is acctually 1 of the last true cool phones ever made ! It is absolutelly fantastic ! It is shock proof, water proof, its funky rubbery, and has a lot of gadgets ! I had 1 , and loved it, still do ! Unfortunately i had 2 sell it, cause i needed the money at the time, now i have a nokia 3310 as back up phone, but i am going 2 buy pretty soon a nokia 3650. Anyway, you have too be a weener girl , if you find hard 2 turn on this phone, it has resistant buttons, you'll never have problems with them, such as jamming, or loosing them ! It has a funky look ! You should definetely get this ! And only after get another 1 , so than you can say that you had 1 of the last coolest phones ever made ! HAHAHA :)

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 22nd Aug 2005
I had this phone for 2 years. It has an automatic volume control to regulate earpiece volume according to background noise. This just caused mine whistle loudly and so i never used the feature. It has a thermometer that is hopelessly unreliable. Worst of all, it is v difficult to turn on or off and the rubbery buttons make it difficult to text or even to answer. On the plus side, it has a v long battery life. this meant that i left it on at all times so I didn't have to through the misery of trying to turn it on/off too often. It also has a neat torch that is handy in the cinema etc. Not enough to make it worth recommending. I just wish I'd dropped it more then I would have got more use out of it's only feature which is durability... Also, almost everyone I know thought it was ugly. Have a look for yourself closely before buying.

Reviewed by Kim F from Guernsey, CI on 12th Feb 2005
I had this phone for nearly a year and i had aboulutely no problems with it! i found the on/off button a bit stiff but mine turned on fine. also the keypad was a bit stiff. The battery lasted absolutely AGES! It was a fab phone until it got nicked!

Reviewed by Eccy from UK on 29th Jan 2005
I am a builder and bought this phone through O2 as an upgrade. I changed phones from a Samsung T100 because I found the clam design impossible to open if I had oily hands. Upgrading to the Nokia has to be one of the worst decisions I have made. Trying to send a text of any length is futile as the keys are so unresponsive (incased in rubber), I usually end up calling the person and footing the 02 bill. The built in radio seemed like a good idea until I realised that you had to have the ear phones plugged in to use it. Who wants to carry around a set of earphones all the time! After using the Samsung, I was very dissapointed by the sound quality of the Nokia, Saying it has polyphonic ringtone is stretching the imagination a little. As previous reviewers have stated, it's vertually impossible to turn the phone on and off without some sort of hard pointy object( I have to resort to a biro). What really frustrates me the most is the back light. I know that Nokia are trying to increase battery life but if I try to pull a number out of the phone book, the back light goes off before I have had chance to write it down. The other main problem is trying to end a call. Menu and end calls are incorporated into one button and I waste valuable call time trying to end calls only to end up turning the hand free option on (which is also useless as unless you are in a museum, no - one can hear you). The only endearing feature of this phone is the carrying strap. I can loop it around my fingers and still carry all sorts of stuff. My Advice, don't buy this phone. For the everyday person on the street, you won't use it's "advanced features" but you will be very P off with it's user unfriendlyness!!!

Reviewed by Eric D. from Philippined on 29th Jan 2005
This phone is useful in some way sans some useless features that included. Have a flickering screen but not noticeable. Fades in direct sunlight and the camere attachment either the camera headset or fun camera doesn't worth the money you spend. Good for games but have limited memory and such. Very rare here and seldom used by people so you will be surprised if everyone is asking what unit is that? Looks funky enough and can handle falls frequently. I recommend this phone to those people who lacks budget but can receive in extra free than most Nokia phones.

Reviewed by sam from wales :P on 28th Jan 2005
my mate has this phone,it is rubbish (and ugly)

Reviewed by phonecrazy from singapore on 17th Dec 2004
The nokia 5100 doesn't look that good i admit. And it is quite big and bulky too compared to other nokia phones. So if u want a phone for the style and look, i say u dun get the 5100. But as for the features, i must say that this phone is amazing. Its protective casing is just sooo useful! With it, u can be safe ur phone will always be in one piece. And the flashlight comes really in handy in certain situations. The calorie counter is one feature that is so unique! While jogging u can actually count the number of calories lost! Its screen resolution is average like the 6610, but the screen's a bit smaller. Think that's about it, but overall its a rather good phone. I recommend it.

Reviewed by H from England on 13th Dec 2004
Excellent for active people who tend to break things! The torch on it has actually saved my life at least twice and the fm radio means i can clip it onto myself and go running with it (and if you drop it in a puddle it doesn't mind!). I also broke the power button but took it to a nokia service centre and they fixed it for free! Its been fine since and the buttons get easier to use as it gets older.

Reviewed by Ken from Austrila on 7th Dec 2004
It lack in some areas but i take it to work every day and some time it get drop ,bang,smash but it still stays in tacked it a good phone for a trade person

Reviewed by Sam from Portugal on 5th Dec 2004
Was a good phone until the day the on/off button don't work!

Reviewed by ben from uk on 29th Oct 2004
not a bad looking fone but no cam and its rather heavy but goods ringtones and games

Reviewed by Bob from Italy on 3rd Oct 2004
First off, I'm with the smack talkin' Norweigen guy on this one. If you cant operate the on/off button you shouldn't be in charge of ten fingers. The design has great durability intentions, but you cant really expect any phone to withstand a blow from a 10 Kg mallet, can you? I owned mine for a year and a half now with no problems at all, until last week when it was stepped on and the corner of the screen got all crazy on me, but it was still readable and usable, just gave me an excuse to buy a newer phone. It can definitly take more abuse than the average phone, my thermometer read 71 degrees (celcius) while sunning on the beach and there was no damage to the screen or phone in general. Overall good, you just cant get steamed if you get one of the few factory losers.

Reviewed by nigel from UK on 8th Sep 2004
sorry to say this phone is a brick compared to the 5210 or the 5140.its a pity as the idea was good

Reviewed by Jimble from UK on 26th Aug 2004
Great Phone at first but after a while the keys double hit or not at all which is a real pain when texting. Also, the case isn't as tough as they make out, I'm on my third case and this screen has cracked as well. Back to Panasonic I reckon.

Reviewed by birdie from Singapore on 21st Aug 2004
Not many phones can suit my life style .. rugged & music lover ! This phone meets that bill ! When I drop things in the car in the night, a ready torchlight ! When I travel I always key in the coversion and currency calculator is ok..trouble its only one direction ! Surprised also at its capability to calibrate my Hi-Fi for DTS Surround , compared sided by side with a proffesional acoustic meter, it was off by only about 1 db ! Of course with recent SARs outbreaks, the thermometer though cannot tell the body temperature accurately, can tell the environment pretty accurately however, need about 5 mins to stabalize the temperature !But as some of you mentioned, the phone 'hangs' at times, guess its in sufficient memory! Too bad memory is not expandable!

Reviewed by steve from england on 20th Aug 2004
THIS phone is AMAZING!!!!! i had i for a full year. I managed to drop it in me beer and it was fine, i dropped in from 30ftish and it was fine, i played footy with it and it was fine, i threw it across the room in a tiz and was fine. this phone is totally worth the money the flash light rules cycling home one night and my light failed so i used my phone light and it was better than the bike light, the battery life is the best i didnt charge it for 1 whole week once, and the way it was for the time it was in is amazing, only one bad thing is you get bored of it after a while and tend to want to try and break it for fun!!!! never did so thumbs up, i wanna get the mokia 5140 this phone has left such a great impact.

Reviewed by Bobby neil from England on 9th Aug 2004
This phone is the best i,ve had i bought it 4 months ago no reliability problems, cool ringtones,games a bit dissapointing but if i give it a overall rating this phone is the bomber man.

Reviewed by Ann from England on 8th Aug 2004
This is the best phone I have ever had. To get round the power switch problem, before seitching off I set the alarm for the time I want the phone to come on again then just select the 'switch phone on' option when the alarm goes off.

Reviewed by pete from England on 13th Jul 2004
As a mobile phone i cant fault it, its so much better than my old seimens C25, lots of features & nice design. the only problem i have is that when i locked my car door the phone fell out of my trouser pocket and onto the floor, a fall of 18 inches no more........ when i picked the phone up i found the screen had gone dark, and a weird lighning effect was displayed on the screen but there was no damage on the outside of the phone case. The screen is not readable as it is all black. but the phone can bee used as it initialises and you can put the start up code in etc,and make calls as long as you enter the number in carefully. For a phone that Nokia claim is shockproof, and a drop of such a small distance should not cause an damage at all, but it has. Cant fault the phone just dont drop it anyone!!!!

Reviewed by deb from england on 9th Jun 2004
Made the mistake of buying this last november-2 wks later I couldn't (nor anyone else) switch it back on! Shop exchanged for new one and three weeks ago guess what....I couldn't switch it back on! I tried my best not to let it turn off due to the fault with the first one. Sent it back to Nokia who said it was water damage??!!??I said what? They said you might not have dropped it in water,but it could be condensation!! (A durable,rugged phone like the 5100)? They are having a laugh. I am in the process of fighting their decision. All they can say is the engineers don't lie, but in reality they can't admit it's their fault and I'm just a 1 customer against a huge company.

Reviewed by marcus from england on 24th May 2004
the on and off button after about 2months stops working

Reviewed by Pyro from UK on 4th May 2004
OK phone, good interface, good protection, ok features for its time, AWFUL BUTTONS. the buttons ruin a perfectly OK phone, they are so awkward and squishy.

Reviewed by ddggss_55 from Australia on 26th Apr 2004
Pretty good phone, features come in use, looks really cool screen is easily scratched,after changing xpress on covers they become looser, on/off switch is annoying, all up a pretty good phone, would recommend

Reviewed by Rick from Trinidad & Tobago on 20th Apr 2004
This phone is just great . I think i really put it up to some serious bashing and it still works like when i just got it which is like 4months ago. The on/off key is not that hard but as ah guy recently mentioned it all has to do with the protective casein. Any ways as for the original case its really is sturdy but i got one of the green ones only like two days ago and the screen already broke with ah short fall about ah couple inches . With that in mind whoevers the outgoing and outdoors person always on the go it the perfect phone with most if not all the features .

Reviewed by Carly from Cardiff on 18th Apr 2004
I tested this phone out to see if it truely was shatter proof: basically I left it out in the middle of the road and watched as three cars drove over it ... and yes, it was still 100% working, even the screen was intact and I could still phone, text and take incoming calls. Infact, not even a scratch. I would like to take my hat off to the deigners at Nokia for this superb design. Unfortuntely just got it nicked so off to get the 6600.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 16th Apr 2004
I agree with all the comments regarding the pwer switch. I would like to add a problem of my own. The wife and I have one, and from the start we have had trouble answering calls. The answer button just won't accept the call. I can only presume that this is a software problem because when dialling it works first time. I have lost count of how many times I have missed a call while trying to manipulate the answer button to do it's job. Besides that I have dropped the phone from various heights and all is well. I do miss the ability to lock the keypad to a code like on previous models.

Reviewed by Matt from Australia on 12th Apr 2004
I bought the phone, It was pretty good, couldn't complain. But to make a good phone shouldn't it be humanly possible to turn it on. It eventually got harder and harder to turn on, then one day it wouldn't turn on at all. Now I'm thinking of getting the Panasonic X70

Reviewed by Steve B from UK on 7th Apr 2004
Being a builder, this phone is ideal as it is weatherproof, and comes with a torch. It also has a temperature gauge which is handy now and then. Very robust and durable, a must if you're in the building trade!

Reviewed by Eric Kahumoku from Philippines on 5th Apr 2004
The power button really is a bit harder to press than the other Nokia models, but I love the 5100. It looks cool, has bright, sharp display and has a lot of features. The flashlight is particularly useful when you're an outdoorsy person. The shell's display easily cracks, though. And I wish it had more memory.

Reviewed by Sorin from Finland on 4th Apr 2004
Excellent! Just no problems at all, full of features: radio, loudspeaker, thermometer, soundmeter, flashlight, GPRS. Microphone is fantastic, can talk from few meters and it captures the sound very well. Nice to keep in your hands, good battery. I highly recommend.

Reviewed by OLIVER CLIFFORD from United Kingdom on 31st Mar 2004
I've now had this phone for around 2 months. I have had no problems and find it's an extremely durable phone. I know you may think that the on/off button is a proble but for me it isn't at all. if you can't turn it on and off go and do some wieght training!This phone is an outstanding phone which is easy to use and at the same time a top market phone.

Reviewed by rob miles from australia on 19th Feb 2004
This is quite specific. I've owned a lot of phones. 1. Software is great, easy to navigate. 2. Power switch a disaster, the worst ever. Nokia have a habit of making on/off switches difficult. It should be the easiest thing to build.... 3. Torch is a winner. 4. dB meter very useful if you are in the music game, and quite accurate, great feature for me. 5. Screen cover cracks easily, looks bad. Not due to maltreatment. Too weak. 6. Thermometer wildly inaccurate, too easily affected by proximity to anything. 7. They sting you $A150 for the data cable, ridiculous for a $5.00 part. Conclusion: Nokia should learn from this - they could build the best phone. The metal chassis is a great idea, and should be in all phones. Two piece cover good, but acrylic windscreen too weak. Fix the switch, include the data cable in the purchase.

Reviewed by Tina from Scotland on 10th Feb 2004
at first i really liked my nokia 5100 fone. i got it bout 6 months ago 4 my 18th birthday. at first everythin was fine but after the first few months i noticed the power button got harder 2 press. this problem gladually got worse until yesterday when i switched it off and now i cant get it on again. everybody i know has had a turn of attempting to turn the stupid fing on. ive tried everything. my nails, the end of a spoon, a key, a fork, nothin wil turn it on again. i think ive even damaged tissues on my finger by trying to press it as hard as i possibly could. i am really dissapointed because when i bought the fonr it was 250 and i wasnt even offered any insurance cover. its not even a year old either! i am planning to send it back and in the meantime try to live without a mobile. if u are thinking of buying this fone, the best idea is to never switch it off, that way u shouldnt hav the problem.

Reviewed by Ali G from Norway on 4th Feb 2004
all u dudes that say the power boutton on the 5100, is either veeeery weak or just really stupid, i've had nokia 5210 for three years now, and i never even noticed that the on/off switch was hard to press, and, who ever turn of their cell anyways. i dont get it, im gonna buy 5100 in a couple of days, and i've tried it at a friend, u are all pussies u know that. c'mon, there are bigger challenges in life than pressing a boutton, if u really find it that hard, u use ur fingernail, and if that dont work, u are a neanderthal. i cant wait to get the phone, and the reviews that are not made by sum immature kid or a noob, helped me alot. and one more thing, daaaaamn u peeps are stupid when u manage to break ur phone by the first couple of days, the phone aint indestructable u noobs. the only thing im concerned about is the mantioning of a flickering screen, is that noob talk, or is it true?

Reviewed by Ed from England on 18th Jan 2004
I upgraded my phone and i was going to upgrade to the Nokia 3510i for free but a paid 30 extra to for the 5100 and all i can say is i made the right choice.

Reviewed by Nigel from Scotland on 17th Jan 2004
This is our second 5100 - the first one died after just 7 days use but the features set is so impressive that I bought another one (from Carphone Warehouse who have reduced the price by 30 since pre-Xmas 2003 to 170 SIM-free).The power switch is not the easiest but it seems to vary from one 5100 to another- our second phone was easier to switch on/off than the first. The WORST thing about this 5100 is the CRITICAL OMISSION by Nokia of KEYGUARD SECURITY LOCK software-sure you can set the keypad to lock against accidental pressing after a user-selectable delay time BUT you CANNOT set it to be unlocked using the phone's Security Code (a very useful feature of the cheaper and older Nokia 3410 for example). In effect what this means in practice is that if you are outdoors and leave the phone on to receive a call and it is stolen or falls out your pocket then all the person picking it up has to do is press 2 buttons(unlock and menu keys) to gain immediate access to all of the pho ne's functions.At the moment the only safe way to protect the phone from unauthorised use is to switch it off and rely on the PIN Code to protect it but this is useless if you want to stay in touch when outdoors.I checked this out with CLUB NOKIA (the only way in the UK to get feedback from Nokia-why do Americans get the privilege of free e-mail support but not us and to add insult to injury we have to pay for the call!) in the UK and they agreed this was a stupid software omission by Nokia. Nokia could fix this by a Firmware Upgrade but I am not going to hold my breath. If they did so then I would have given this phone 5 STARS instead of only 3 because otherwise it is superb.

Reviewed by Tommy from uk on 9th Jan 2004
just got phone, i admit that the on and off switch is not as easy pressed as most other phones but come on ppl, you all make it sound like u need help turning the phone on and off again, if u all have problems just doing that give up, put ur mobile away and use ur landline from now on because if ur going to keep turning it off you may as well not have it, i like the phone and have had absolutely no problems

Reviewed by nice from UK on 4th Jan 2004
i have to admit it is a really good phone, but like all nokia phones the screen quality is not amazing. at 4096 colours it does not show impressive detail. it has the same menu system as every other nokia, so it still is a great phone with the added bonus that it wont break down if u use it in the rain. it does seem to be a bit bulky however this is obvious with the fact that it is shock proof so requires the extra rubber support. i would recommend the phone to anybody but after owning two previous nokias i do seem to get bored of the EXACT same munu system. some ppl might like this, but i need a change and have my eyes out for the samsung S300

Reviewed by lee nolan from ENGLAND on 2nd Jan 2004
I have owned this phone now just under a year and overall i have been pleased with the battery life 4-5 days and talk time is very good too, the sound on the phone is pretty dire and the screen is nothing to write home about i dont think i need to mention the on/off button haha..... overall a pretty poor phone and the camera attachment is a joke (AVOID)!!! im buying a samsung e700.

Reviewed by Julian from UK on 17th Dec 2003
Having written my first review in March 2003, I guess it's time to give a 9-month update. The good news is that, as yet, there have been no faults. The phone has been dropped (albeit not in water, although it has been used in the rain) quite a few times, without any problems. I've got used to the clip on strap, which is actually quite servicable once you deploy it, in fact I keep it attached all the the time. I've had some fun with the downloadable Java games which have enabled me to while away many a boring quarter-hour on railway stations etc. The torch has come in useful on a number of occasions. I've used the radio while commuting on the train and it's been good (accepting the variable reception depending on the environment the train is travelling through) So what about the bad news ? Well there isn't anything really bad just a few gripes:- 1. Why oh why does a phone this size have such a tiny battery ? Some reviewers have found the battery life dissapointing, and I think they have a point. I reckon in normal use you can get 3-4 days out of it, which is fine, it's just that the marketing material gives the impression that it's much better. 2. Screen flicker - I've only noticed this while playing one of the Java games (Siberian Strike) and it seems to be more apparent in certain lighting conditions. 3. Multi-function keys, these do seem a bit iffy, sometimes I have to have a couple of attempts at the green phone button before the call gets picked up. Not a serious issue, just something you have to watch out for.

Reviewed by Richard Holbrook from England on 17th Dec 2003
Either Nokia have altered the design of this phone slightly or many of the people reviewing it on here are weak, weak, individuals. There is no difficulty with turning the phone on and off. I use the switch every time I turn it on to silent between shifts and lectures (many times a day in other words). No prob! Anyway the phone itself, fantastic and functional. The torch is a stroke of genius. If you want a phone that is functional and durable then this is great. It may not be smooth and shiny but people are still intrigued by it "what model is that?, looks funky".

Reviewed by Doug from Scotland on 12th Dec 2003
This is a brill phone the graphics an stuff are brill and flash light is minted could for blinding people lol. a few things to improbe would be u could listen to the radio on loudspeaker without having the headphones on.

Reviewed by gilbert from Philippines on 8th Dec 2003
If you find that switching it on is such a pain then you're probably not the sporty or outdoors type. maybe its not for you but hey, so many phones out there to choose from right? but seriously, this phone may convince you to start checking your lifestyle and maybe get some exercise. after all, wouldn't you hate to be chidded about owning a phone like this and look like someone who stays in front of the tv all day? Anyway, this phone is about image and it feels good carrying it around while the guys around you carry big nokia 6600s, 3650s, 7650s, p800s and p900s. bought this phone just to be different and the tiger-like, adidas stripe design really catches attention. unlike more advanced phones, it has more features that one actually could use. flashlight, countdown timers to name a few. and its not that technologically behind either. its like a nokia 3100 in full battle gear and more.

Reviewed by Stefan from Canada on 1st Dec 2003
Most original phone on the market!! Flashlight and converter program have come in handy more times than I can count. Rugged and almost waterproof!! (Dropped it in a puddle of water and it still worked!!) Radio is good and the speakerphone is useful. Great and user-friendly interface with graphics, and all kinds of programs, some useful (LED flashlight, currency, metric/imperial conversion, thermometer, stopwatch, calorie counter) some almost useless (??sound meter??). The only problems that i have experienced are that the the headset speaker is a little on the quiet side, the on/off switch is really stiff, and if you have big fingers, its easy to hang up on people, since the answer call button is interconnected with another button.I have had it for about 6 months with no problems and reasonably good reception and battery life.

Reviewed by sam from aus on 30th Nov 2003
All i can say is that this phone is great..I droped it in the kitchen sink when doing dishes then quickly took it out and dried it and it was fine i also have a pw 80 dirk bike which i was riding at about 50 km/hr in my culdasac and my phone fell out of my pocket I had to replace the cover but other than that my phone was fine the only bad thing is the on/off button and the way the screen stuffs up when you play a game... P.S also nokia there is no way the 6100 has higher stars than this phone.

Reviewed by Cliff from UK on 28th Nov 2003
If you don't mind breaking a finger trying to turn it on or off, and don't mind having to press buttons on the keypad often three or four times before you get a response - and that includes closing a call - then this phone is probably quite good. Out of sheer frustration with these things, I have thrown it against a wall about four times. To it's credit it still works, and is un-marked. The sound quality, screen, torch, radio, and loudspeaker are all good. But as said, the keypad response makes you feel like throwing it into the river, which I will probably do next and then have to get another phone.

Reviewed by phil daffern from england on 27th Nov 2003
i had ordered this phone without really checking it out because i have had lots of nokia,s over the years and never had any problems,my family have had other brands and i have used (and abused )their phones on a regular basis and none has lived up to my nokia,s,well after visiting this site and reading some of the negative comments i began to think that i may have dropped a b***k,but i have had the phone three weeks almost now and,yes i have to agree that the on off switch needs more pressure than any phone i have had before,but notTHAT much,i work in a very noisy factory(105 decibals at times,measured on the on board meter)and ican hear very well when i take a call in this noise,the vibration alert is perfectly adequate to attract my attention if it is in my troouser pocket and if it is in my jacket pocket i can nearly always HEAR it over the factory noise ,and that is with ear plugs in(yeah,i take them out to take the call)if you want to access text writing,just press the left navi. button and it takes you right there,the right navi.,takes you to the calender,the case is robust enough for my needs and if i get oily finger prints on it i just get them off with a damp cloth,the radio is ok (but it does eat the battery)speaking of which,i have only had to recharge twice after the initial charge,i left it on for 12 hours the first time,i am glad i didn,t listen to the limp fingered revievers cos this phone is ok,just build up your on/off button pressing finger.

Reviewed by laura t from england on 26th Nov 2003
this phone is good, but not amazing. i admit, at first the on/off switch is difficult, but once you get used to it its fine. it can hold a lot of messages, which is good, but it saves all the sent messages, its such a pain. the screen cracks really easily, and its supposed to be shockproof???? the rubber on it can also come off quite easily, and its a bit too chunky if you ask me! other than that this phone is ............ok!i spose.

Reviewed by rocky from U.S on 25th Nov 2003
just 1 word,THIS PHONE SUCKS

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 16th Nov 2003
I cant decide whether to get this or the 02 X1! can ne1 help me plz?

Reviewed by Mario from Belgium on 13th Nov 2003
This phone is great... I like it a lot, but the thing should be shockproof... although i thought it would be. I went out on a saturdaynight, and when i wanted to check the hour, i got it out of my pocket... and what did i c? the display was cracked from top to bottom... HOW CAN THIS BE??? I went to the shop, they said it didn't fell under warrantee... :|??? I didn't do anything unusual with it, the screen just broke... Nokia, plz when you say it is shockproof, plz make it FULLY shockproof.

Reviewed by mel from philippines on 13th Nov 2003
the 5100 is really the one of the best unit nokia has so far. the only thing is that it dont have a built in camera but it do can have one with an add-on. the flashlight is impressively bright and cool to use. menus are great, and i always have fun using the calorie counter! it also has the best design ever, in my case that is, and it is very tough. i dropped it for about 3 times already and it is still in its best condition. the 5100 rocks.

Reviewed by Art from Wales on 8th Nov 2003
Poor battery and flickering screen not to mention an on/off switch that is impossible to operate.

Reviewed by Chasmanp from UK on 8th Nov 2003
With the Phillips Savvy being the only other phone that I have ever owned the 5100 was going to have little to live up to. How wrong could I be, I am currently on 5100 #2 and very soon going on to #3 unless I can get a different one. I have been able to tolerate the on off switch, and my solution is not to turn the phone off. The next annoying habit of the phone is the flickering screen, something that my friends do not exprience with their colour screens (obviously they do not have the 5100). However the final pain in the butt is the terrible battery life. Up to 4 hours talk time or 13 days standby....my ar**. Now I know they say that this improves with use, but synically this is the mobile phone companies making you endure sub standard merchandise until you are outside of the 14 day period where you can cancel your contract without any question, or the 28 day period during which they will replace the phone without the need for you to wait 2 weeks for Nokia to push it around the repairs department and then say it is not a warranty repair and charge you or the insurance company more than what the phone is worth. As you can tell I am really disappointed with this phone and could not possible recommend it to anyone, which is a shame as it looked liked it would really fit the bill for me as I commute everywhere by bicycle and needed a phone that could live in a pannier without suffering in the damp and dust.

Reviewed by Adam from Philippines on 1st Nov 2003
I'm just wondering why the 5100 has less memory than the other models that came out the same time. the 3300, 6800, and 7250 all have 4mb of internal memory. The 5100 only has around 7++kb. That's the only dissapointing part if you store a lot of data on your phone but everything else is excellent!!!

Reviewed by - from Aus on 30th Oct 2003
well.. what can i say? nothing much seeing as i don't have the phone but i have gone into great depth and have come to the conclusion that the 5100 comes up top compared to the other NOKIA phones. The new N-gage has been released and my friend bought one for just under 500 bucks. This phone is a game system which has mobile phone features; rather than a mobile phone with added games. He went through the features and apart from the advanced games. the 5100 come up on top. the 5100 basically equals the 7250 apart from the integrated digital camera. But remember people, this phone does have the optional camera attachment. Personally i can't wait til i get this phone. I'm just waiting til i've got the money for it.

Reviewed by zak from malaysia on 21st Oct 2003
hello, i dont have this phone yet , but i really want this phone , the features are good... i thing?? , how can i get this phone in Malaysia , i can't wait to get this phone , please somebody help me...

Reviewed by Jasper from UK on 16th Oct 2003
It's got a fairly comprehensive range of features, like any other phone. I only got it because it was free on my plan, and it was the phone I could have resold for the most money, but ended up keeping. I did spend 25 minutes (slight, but not much of an exaggeration) last night after the cinema trying to turn the thing back on. Not much use to anyone, that. The four button cursor wasn't very ergonomically thought through either, but you tend to get used to that. Bettery life is abysmal compared to the 6250 I had with a greyscale screen, but I suppose that is to be expected. Summary: fine if you never turn it off, bad if you do

Reviewed by surfie from Australia on 14th Oct 2003
I recently bought of these phones and they are great! Someone asked before about the pre paid price in Australia? I got mine for $489 with vodafone. Hmmm, flashlight is great with the two bulbs, on/off button is a pain in the ass, but like everyone else has said, u don't need to turn a phone off. The shock proof really does work (I should know, I dropped it from the top of my stairs:|). One gripe I have is the wieght of the phone but then again, with all that rubber is has to be expected!

Reviewed by arnold from kenya on 30th Sep 2003
its a cool phone it has allot of different features even a flash light ,i like it allot, is cool, its wicked, its great and there is not allot more i can say about it what do u think!

Reviewed by megan from south wales, uk on 30th Sep 2003
just bought this phone a few hours ago and i am very impressed so far. it looks great and i love the fact that it has a radio. i found it a bit more complicated than other nokia phones i have used in the passed but im sure once i am used to it, it will be fine. bit dissapointed in the seletion of ring tones, think there should have been a more varied selection.hoped for some more picture messeges. they again needed more variety. maybe not really worth the price but hey, its a phone and i like it. i wouldnt reccomend it for people who contiuously swich their phone on and off as the button was very hard to use as its so tiny. it took me a while just to see where it was. any way, love it so far but only time will tell. to be continued........................

Reviewed by Claire from Worcestershire on 28th Sep 2003
I have just bought this fone, and I really like it! Okay, the on and off button is a pain, but I've overcome my problem when I want to turn the fone on, I set the alarm! That way, when it goes off, it asks if I want the fone switched on, and so I press the yes button!! I'm a text addict, and can't believe how many text messages it can hold! Well over 100. This fone is similar between Nokia 3510i and Nokia 8310. All the features are great, especially the thermometer. The colour quality is fantastic, compared to the 3510i. Pictures taken with an attachable camera is perfect. Well done Nokia.

Reviewed by Marc from Belgium on 26th Sep 2003
Well what can i say, the 5100 is a dream..I had the 7210 for a week and started having problems with it, but the 5100 is a true Nokia. Its robust, trendy, loaded with extras and is built to be used where ever and whenever. Its handy and its got the build quality of a german car..rock hard..PS i feel really sorry for those of u who get a rush out of putting fake and irritating comments on this sight to make people mad and frustrated..and no its not cool..myself being 19 having to read immature comments on a professional website is retarded..i couldnt expect more from my 5100 and no i dont work for nokia for those of u who think so..yes the on/off button is hard to push, but the phone is splash and dust proof people! It has a layer of rubber over it to ensure nothing gets through the spaces..remember u buy a phone according to your needs and life-style..this phone is made for active, sporty people who are in the wild outdoors or doing outdoor or indoor activities, not for use i n an office or fashion show...so a 5 star it is for the 5100 and all those sad people with nothing else better to do besides from writing immature and misleading reviews..grow up!!

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 26th Sep 2003
Well I've had this phone for 3 months now and I love it! At first my texting and menu usage slowed down due to the 'heavier' nature of the keys (you have to press a bit harder because they're rubberised). But once my thumbs acclimatised to this and remembered to press harder each time I got back up to speed and am once again the fastest thumbs in the west! A lot of people complain about the on/off switch - yes it is incredibly hard to press... but I don't ever turn mine off so it's not a problem for me! For those who are complaining abou the fact that two of the key 'sections' contain 3 buttons each - again - once I got used to it I never make a mistake now. You just have to take time. It's like people who complained about the weird keys of the 7210 - yes - if you're used to a normal layout you slow down for a while - but eventually your thumbs learn the new key positions! So what do I love about this phone?! Everything! It's shock-proof and water-resistant so I'm happy using it outdoors (I'm an ecologist). Yes it's hardened casing makes it less sleek than some new phones - but to be honest I hate tiny phones - I like the microphone to be near my mouth - not halfway up my cheek - so I actually like the size of this phone. I like the polyphonic tones. No - they're not as beautifully 16-chorded as Samsungs... but they're loud and usable and they sound better than the old monophonic tones. I LOVE the screen - so much better than the 7210, 6610 and 6100 - and I've seen them all. Obvously not as clear and pretty as samsung screens - but very viewable in sunlight. I really like the fact that you can upload pictures and ringtones to the phone. I swap pictures and ringtone loads and loads! I also like the java games - and if you trawl yahoo groups you might find some 'free' versions! WAP is excellent - as is the flashlight! I've lost count of the number of times I've read bus timetables on the way home from a club in the dark! I guess my only complaint would be the 'shells'... oh my God are they dull or what?! I've got the red one and the charcoal grey one. This could be such a funky phone with some dazzling colours! Nokia pitched it as the phone for the active/sporty person - so why not make a few more jazzy covers! But of course it's a matter of taste! Overall I can highly recommend this phone. I haven't had any problems with it so far (touch wood) and I'm very happy that I went for it! It's durable (though not unbreakable as some of the idiots on this site have discovered), it's got some extra features that the sleeker, more expensive series 40 phones don't have (thermometer, sound meter, flash light) and these extras do make a difference. The radio is, as always, fantastic... texting is SO fast (once u get used to the buttons) especially since you can press the 'left' scroll key to get straight to 'write message' from the standbye screen. It's also great you can use a small font size and see an entire text on one screen. The software is the same as other series 40 phones I know (6610, 7210, 6100) but the screen is a lot better (refined since this is the latest model) and the extras are a must. The battery life is fantastic... reception is amazing as is call quality. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by brony from australia on 23rd Sep 2003
hey i havent gotten this phone yet but i am soon i was just wondering how much is it on pre paid to buy ( in australian prices ) i cant find it anywhere. thankx for your time bye toodles

Reviewed by Jerry from New Zealand on 20th Sep 2003
I have seen comments about the power key. True, it's an absolute pain in the backside to turn on/off, Nokia need to sort this, however this will only be an issue for those who work in hospitals, take regular flights or similar as who else actually turns off their mobile. I mean why have one if you're going to turn it off. If necessary, just put it in silent mode when busy. In regards to questions about the radiation, the manual & manufacturers website clearly detail the SAR (Specific Absorbtion Rate) of handsets. So if your are concerned about a particular phones radiation levels 1) Read the manual, 2) They don't make 'em unless they meet the regulations anyway. In regards to the comment from: Reviewed by Beth from UK on 16th Jul 2003, it is very simple to remove the Default delivery recipient when sending an SMS. The default recipient is an option you can use if you send lots of sms's to one specific number. If you don't want the to use this feature, then go to the menu option and remove the number in the default recipient field, this way you enter the number to send to manually everytime like usual. Read the manual, it's very easy. I sorted it on a Nokia 3530 in about 1 minute & I never use Nokia's and have never owned one. So it's a piece of cake. P.S. Most questions on these reviews seem to come from people who simply have not read the manual. Try reading it & if then you don't get it, call the manufacturer, don't put your silly comments/questions on here. It just makes you look inept.

Reviewed by Cary from New Zealand on 18th Sep 2003
hmmmmm well were do i start...ive had the nokia 5100 for about a month now and frankly i regret buying it because the screen is constantly flickering and it is verry frustrating.umm the on/off button is a pain in the ass because of the great trouble u have acctuely turning it on but yea apart from those its is ok??in conclution i would not buy this fone if i cud turn back time,i would have gone for maybe the Gx10i :)...(im buying tht one soon yaah) please email me if u have n e feedback on this phone!:volcom_nz@hotmail.com.oh one more thing NOKIA I HAVE LOST FAITH IN YOU... YOU NEED TO BUCK UR IDEAS UP AND START TO MAKE FONES THAT DNT F?#K UP!!!!!!! byebye [cAry.//

Reviewed by phil from uk on 15th Sep 2003
I wish the owners of this site could identify the moles, who infiltrate this and other similar sites, as easily as i can. COME ON NOKIA WE KNOW YOUR IN HEAR WRITING 5 STAR REVIEWS ON 2 STAR PHONES !!! i have had a 5100... i wont be getting another ! genuine site visitors beware !!

Reviewed by Matthew from England on 14th Sep 2003

Reviewed by adam phillips from australia on 10th Sep 2003
Love to rave about how good this phone COULD be but the on/off switch got soooo hard to press that it now does not work at all. Am taking to dealer for repair but after reading other comments I wonder how succesful I will be getting a warranty job done? Pity as this is my first Nokia experience and after 5 years of faultless Motorola service I am wondering if I have bought a dud considering all the other complaints on here re the on/off button.

Reviewed by Inin from Canada on 6th Sep 2003
Just got the phone the other day. Good thing I don't have arthritis in my fingers 'cuz this phone is extremely hard to turn on. Also, the reception isn't as good as my old 6190, especially inside buildings. However, it's cool factor is quite high. I do like the color screen and flashlight, but don't like the power-blue cover with it. Not that there's anything wrong with power-blue. Anyway, you should be given the option of choosing the cover color upon purshcase. Other than that, I'm pleased with the phone so far.

Reviewed by Arunas from Lithuania on 5th Sep 2003
I am considering to buy nokia 5100. I like it. But it would be good not to have the ligthening problem - I found in Internet that some experts in their reviews are saying that there is a problem with keypad lightening ( side buttons numbers and characters are practicaly invisible in dark. Could you tell me from your own experience is it true? And how to write SMS for instance at night in the dark if the problem exists. Thank you Greetings form Vilnius Arunas

Reviewed by Graeme B. from United Kingdom on 5th Sep 2003
Bought Nokia 5100 via O2 online site at end of May 03, initially took some getting use to as hard to use keypad but soon got over that to find that really liked phone due to its robust nature or atleast the promise of it along with Nokia ease of operation. Then about 3 weeks ago, having had phone in my shorts pocket all day, went to use it only to find that the colour screen had gone making phone unserviceable. Took phone into local O2 Branch shop to get repaired, staff tried to say damage could only been done by me damaging it?? However co-incidentally at same time/same shop another O2 online customer brought in an identical Nokia 5100 she also bought online about a week before me. It has had same fault with colour screen broken, although like mine no damage to any other part of phone or casing? Hers was left on floor next to her bed overnight and found this way in morning. Both phones sent off for repair and referred to Nokia(UK), who after three weeks came back with decision that damage must ONLY have been caused by "extreme pressure" having been placed upon screen face and have been "dropped excessively"...since neither of us had done either and again no damage caused to case or outer screen leaves us in position that to get phones working again we must pay for repairs to phones ourselves yet would appear both have come from same batch as sold by O2 Online. So appears 'might be' fault with colour screen breaking 'for whatever reason' but personally believe it to be factory related problem, having owned numerous other Nokia's thru years and never had any problems until date. Buyer beware. The advertising gives appearance that phone is designed for rough use but obviously that isn't the case? If Nokia (UK) wish to contact me or anyone else connected with similar problem my email: grez.b@talk21.com

Reviewed by David from on 3rd Sep 2003
Power button is a pain but if you are like me and your phone will be on 24/7 then don't worry about it. It's a phone, it works, it's better than my old 3310.

Reviewed by Martin from U.K on 3rd Sep 2003
Obviously mobile phones are like cars, you get some good and some bad ones in the barrel! All I can say is that the only reason I have not given this phone 5 stars is the fiddly on / off button. It's not as bad as may have come across in other reviews but certainly could be better. Apart from that it is an excellent phone in my opinion. Hope this helps!!

Reviewed by Murphy from New Zealand on 27th Aug 2003
The phone has many great features. The unit performed excellent for 3days then the units LCD cracked from a normal use situation (in my pocket on the bed). The unit showed no signs of physical damage (inspected by dealer before sent to repair facility). The factory service representative (ACCS) declined the repair as a non warranty and said the cost to repair was 320.00. That more than the phone is worth. So do not believe the unit is as durable as the sell it off to be. Maybe you could expect it to be both non warranty and physically damaged had the unit been dropped from over 2 meters but not on a bed! This was my first Nokia phone due to the possible use as a modem. I know it will be my last. I have a 4 year old Ericsson T 20 that is still working perfectly! Shame on you Nokia!

Reviewed by ronald rosenblatt from uk on 21st Aug 2003
I upgraded my Nokia 3100 about two weeks ago.I thought the 5100 would be a sensible phone for me as I have dropped one phone down the toilet and one in a bath while washing my grandchildren.The first thing I noticed is the difficulty in using the on/off switch, impossibly hard so I have taken to leaving the phone on 24 hours a day.The keyboard buttons are hard to press ,the cursor is very sensitive ,the battery does not last long,perhaps it "grows" with use.There are some really annoying features,namely the display goes on to a moving clock at any set time up to 60 minutes ,you cannot see the display after this time and the screen is hard to see unless the light is on.I have got so fed up with it that I have back to my bashed up Nokia 3310 (glorious) much better.What a disappointing product.

Reviewed by Alka from Lewis on 16th Aug 2003
THIS PHONE PRACTICALLY SAVED MY LIFE!!! I got stuck in a lift for about an hour but with the gr8 battery my phone has got i rang my friend then played games for the rest of the time. The flashlight helped illuminate the lift and then i could even LISTEN 2 RADIO!!!

Reviewed by Prom from Thailand on 29th Jul 2003
I just got this mobile on saturday.i love this mobile,it's cool!It's the best phone i ever have!!

Reviewed by morgan from england on 25th Jul 2003
had the phone for about a month now has been brilliant no problems with the phone at all part from the on/off button being bit hard to press

Reviewed by Graeme from UK on 23rd Jul 2003
Im going to get this phone very shortly, bcoz it looks gr8, and it seems very reliable, unlike the 6610 which i woz finking of buying. wiv the changeable x-press on covers, is it possible to have a different colour 4 da top and bottom? if u hav to sets i mean...i no its a weird question, but id like 2 no, so plz help me GrAeMe xXx

Reviewed by Yowa from SCG on 23rd Jul 2003
5100 is great phone, no matter of keypad problems. The screen is really better than the one on 6610 and 6100. Receiving signal is OK, but don't expect it like on older models - Hey, it's a new technology of integrated antena with low radiation - but then on a another side, why NOKIA didn't put some kind of openable antena? (It's not so complicated). The key pad is very hard to push, because of the rubber buttons. The power button is painful and not precise, BUT YOU CAN FIX IT BY DO IT YOURSELF! You just need to find a small piece of plastic (round shape 2 mm in diameter and thick about 0,5 mm) and place it on a inside module in a hole where is placed power switch - you can glued with a SMALL drop of a silicon glue. After that put back outside case and that is fix! Now, the power button will work like at all other NOKIAs. Unfortunately, the four way scroll keys (combined with soft keys and "YES" and "NO" keys) will stay always unprecise and if you can live with that then 5100 is right phone for you. On the contrary, just buy 6610 or 6100 and don't play football with it. In reality 5100 deserve 5 stars, but because of price it is inadmissible to have such keypad problems. Sorry NOKIA, but when you do your job with full ergonomic research then it will be 5 stars - FOR NOW, JUST 4 !

Reviewed by Laurie from UK on 22nd Jul 2003
Had the phone for three months now, or rather nearer just over two months as it has gone away for repair. First it kept switching itself off. (seems quite a few reviewers mention the on/off switch). Now the internal microphone has gone kaput. The software version on this phone had to be updated as well. Perhaps I'm unlucky but don't rate this phone much at all.

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 16th Jul 2003
Yeah, so it's not 'strictly' a review, and it's not even my phone... but my friend (yeah we've all heard that one before), has just got a 5100 - we work together and after a few days she starts complaining that everytime she goes to create a new message, automatically it puts my mob number in the field. Hence, I keep getting LOADS of texts not meant for me... AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Anyone else had this problem and know how to solve it?? Oh yeah, ok she loves the phone... there will that do?!!

Reviewed by DAN from UK on 9th Jul 2003
Not a good start,had the phone 4 days and it got knocked to the floor(fell about 18 inches).Outer case cracked,colour screen became unreadable.Fair play too vodaphone i had a new one in 2 days and so far it is perfect apart from the usual problem with the power switch,which is not a big issue as my phone is normaly on 24HRS. Good battery life,torch is handy,outer shell is boring(grey).

Reviewed by darkscope from singapore on 8th Jul 2003
i juz bought a 5100 n iam seriously impressed with the engineering n hard wokk dat nokia has put in this model....comparable in size to its predesessor,the 5100 is much more of a tougher phone.everything feels so 'tight' even after a month's usage.......i love the phone.thank you to the great engineers at nokia.....u guys really live up to the slogan.....'human technology'

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