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Nokia 3660 review

 Review: October 2004  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: The Nokia 3660 is an enhanced version of the 3650.


Physically, the two phones are almost identical. The size and weight of the 3660 are exactly the same as the 3650. The big difference is that the 3660 has a much improved keypad layout, making it a far more useable and practical phone.

Apart from the keypad the most important change is an upgraded display (65k colours instead of 4k).

Nokia 3660 features include:

  • Integrated digital camera and video camera (640 x 480 resolution)
  • Photo album
  • Large colour display (65,536 colours, 176 x 208 pixels)
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
  • WAP 1.2.1, GPRS
  • High Speed Data (HSCSD) - max 43.2 kilobits per second
  • E-mail
  • Polyphonic ringtones (MIDI and WAV formats)
  • Ringtone composer (mono only)
  • Symbian operating system
  • 3.4 Mbytes shared memory, plus external memory card option
  • Downloadable Java™ & Symbian applications
  • Predictive text input
  • 5-way scroll key
  • Bluetooth™ wireless technology & infra-red modem
  • Voice activated dialling
  • Voice recorder
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Multi-player games over infra-red and bluetooth between compatible phones
  • Screensaver & wallpaper
  • Changeable covers
  • Size: 130 x 57 x 26 mm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Battery standby: 150 - 200 hours
  • Battery talktime: 2 - 4 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Tri band

Nokia 3660 user reviews

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Average rating from 90 reviews:

Reviewed by M Shoaib Raza from Pakistan on 24th Mar 2012
good mobile

Reviewed by Mangas Chgtnes from USA on 29th Jul 2010
I have it for 7 years, did not change the battery, works perfect, looking for another one.

Reviewed by vito from slc on 21st Mar 2009
had one, loved it, looking for one.

Reviewed by KIKI NURAVIP from INDONESIA on 24th Dec 2008

Reviewed by TUSHAR from INDIA on 24th May 2008

Reviewed by andry from usa on 20th Sep 2007

Reviewed by alex from the world on 1st Sep 2007
great phone-a tad to big but very cheap and full of features-I even have a 1gig mem card (you can use mmc and mmc+)!Great phone!

Reviewed by Hanas and Data from Indonesia on 18th Aug 2007
Though its had a huge casing, it doesn't matter b'cause the feature is GREAT!!!! i really like it.

Reviewed by Pawaka from Malaysia on 30th Jul 2007

Reviewed by Yamato from Somewhere about on 8th Jun 2007
Man...you wan a dirt cheap phone with tons of functions, get de 3660...the "intelligent fool" would know right about now that you can get either cheap or even free softwares 4rm hp shops or the internet! Duh! Who says it dosent hav mp3? Just install the ultra mp3 or mp3 player software n there u go! And as 4 the video? Go get a camcorder pro software which allows u 2 rec. Vids as long as ur mem. Card can hold...sound volume is low? Open up the phone and cut de "uncut" speaker holes at the back! If you wanna customise the phone u can go 4 the smartlauncher or sysicon software..there r oso camera softwares that can allow u 2 do 10X zoom or add effects...size does not matter..who cares? Its packed wth functions! once u use it u will get used 2 it...if u want a budget n "ok" phone 2 use, this is the 1..but i wont recommend it 2 be used as a d-cam or vid recorder though...4 better pics n stuff? Go 4 a Nokia N73 ME!

Reviewed by tommi from ireland on 30th May 2007
If you want to take pictures with it go the buy yourself a camera, if you want to record videos, go to buy yourself a video cam. Only intelligent fool would buy this for taking pictures or videoing

Reviewed by Emma from Nigeria on 12th Dec 2006
this phone sucks, i mean it really... really... sucks infact nokia wasted their time making this phone it is worthless. its picture quality is very very poor, it doesn't have zoom, it videos for only 10secs... Can u imagine that!!! just 10 seconds. Anybody who buys this phone is an intelligent fool!!!

Reviewed by Alexandru Costache from Romania on 17th May 2006
This phone is pretty good...I have had many phone's by now, includin Nokia 7650, 3650, 6600 and 6630... Comparing it to N6600, it's not better, because of the price..u can find it for 50-70$ cheaper than the 6600 ...the screen is about the same, but the software is older, and that stops u from installing specific software, for example some Cool Symbian themes.. another minus is the sound volume, wich is very low...but pretty clear, comparing it to the 6600... And it has a card slot!!! it's bigger and weighs a little more than the 6600, but it's worth if u wanna have a phone that only doesn't cook for you (of course, u can theach it to do that for u:))))) :P ) The screen is pretty clear, and if u install the Agile Messenger on it, it trully worths it's money!!!)) I suggest you to go for one of these if u don't want to spend a lot of money on a telephone that is capable of very doing aproximately everything...:)

Reviewed by andrei brad from romania on 17th Apr 2006
hey i have a nokia 3660 is a excellent phne whit symbian ,is a smartphone whit wma and mp3(in symbian soft.)and nice desing whit great buttons an 24 chanels polipgonic what to sey more its a great phone\smartphone category

Reviewed by Ryle from pilipinas on 14th Mar 2006
i have a n6600. how dare u people compare da 3660 w/ da 6600!!! i think the designers of this fone should go on a diet since they actually dont know the meaning of COMPACT, MOBILE, SMALL cellphones!! where as the 6600 is ok 4 its size and its got a zoom tooo.. i bet all u people there are oh sooo jealous of my 6600 w/ zoom. duh! dont buy dis! waste of time.

Reviewed by Dannis from England on 18th Feb 2006
This phone rocks really i like it.

Reviewed by Arpan from U.A.E. on 22nd Dec 2005
It is really a graet phone,it has all the features which it must have,Bluetooth,Infrared,MMC,Camera and so on.MP3 player u can install it from anywhere for free too.Just search in google and u will get it.I feel that it is better that Nokia 6600,much better,u can even install a software & increase the Megapixels of the phone,I have chaged my megapixel to 1.33 but the software costs money,& u can even get a software for Unlimited & clear Video & Voice recording software(Not free).Voice recording software is free.It is a cool phone,Multiplayer games via Infrared / Bluetooth.It is excellent.But it big in size & u can showoff with it,it is easily noticeble & the Battery is a little weak ,But it is cool.really cool u can even get software for themes,Push to Talk,Video Editor,Photo Editor,Radio,it is great.

Reviewed by fahad ihsan from pakistan on 11th Nov 2005
hi i am fahah from pakistan. i like nokia 3660 this is very easy to use.very niec softwaer ringtones .very niec voice.i like everything in mobile 3660.

Reviewed by Michelle from Ireland on 9th Nov 2005
I have had this fone for quite a bit now and I think the phone is amazing its easy to use has great ringtones although the picture quality is quite poor but apart from that the fone is great!!

Reviewed by ENARUNI OKE-IFIDON from uk on 15th Aug 2005
This phone enjoys the multi-functionality which is the trade mark of the Nokia brand, everything you could possibly expect a phone to have,video camera, WAP, PC connectivity, bluetooth, java (downloadable) applications,memory cards and an effective speakerphone. However it's only drawbacks are its obvious awkward size, and very minimalistic recording times for its voice and video recording features.I recomend it to anyone who wants a gadget that could support, if not replace, the handheld organiser!

Reviewed by Black Saj from India on 31st Jul 2005
This fone is very waste of time, because of it's features which are boring! like no mp3, no radio, no zoom, and it's like the size of a huge pencil case! I like the fact that it has 64k, camera is quite clear, infra-red and bluetooth but the BIG problem is It's too BIG! if u dont mind the size then buy this fone.

Reviewed by Lawrence from Philippines on 24th Jul 2005
i have this fone for a year now and still its functioning well. it has all the features that i like in a cellfone. the size is not a bad factor for this fone. So buy it!!! (^^,)

Reviewed by Mr rich from America on 22nd Jul 2005
fantastic phone i really enjoyed the bluetooth. The Camara was also very good. I would recommend this phone to anyone. Superb

Reviewed by Ajaybir from India on 20th Jul 2005
Nokia 3660 has all the features on can look for aND HAS A REASONABLY GOOD CAM too. Nokia has discontinued its manufacture since it was at a loss putting all the features in one phone. This set is much better than 7610 in many aspects, although Nokia 6330 has an upper edge but then it has twice its price.

Reviewed by aaron from united kingdom on 2nd Jul 2005
its brilliant phone with everything u should buy it incredible amazing

Reviewed by Abhik from India on 7th Jun 2005
Nokia 3660 is the sexiest and the most innovative phone on the market right now. I know people wanna take samsung D500 and Nokia 7610 but consider the prices and the features. D500 has some cool features okay but 3660 is the hottest phone for its price. I got it a month ago and the best thing about it is its got a ringtone composer,true tones and the best 65k display. Some jackasses say 6600 is better for the zoom and all, let me tell u guys something, 6600 doesn't have the sound quality or the composer of 3660. By far, its the best Nokia phone on the market for buyers who want everything in a small priced package. Better than Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, PalmOne, Motorola and any other model. THIS PHONE IS HOTTY HOT HOT!!!

Reviewed by noha from egypt on 6th May 2005
okay, i had the habit of changing my mobile phone every few months just because i'm bored or something better came up- most of them were made by nokia, until i got this one.. it's a great phone and i don't really care about it's size because i always put it in my bag so i don't really feel how big it is, the pictures aren't excellent but they're okay for capturing some memories. i have loads of additional programs, polyphonic ringtones, and wave tone (or true tones) that i actually taught myself how to make instead of just downloading it from the internet so i kinda have a lot of ringtones assigned to different contacts that really describe them (like i put the friends' theme for my closest friends!) everytime i see a new phone whether from nokia or any other makers i don't feel like changing the phone at all, it really has everything i need and i don't see why some people hate it just because it's big !!! if you are intrested in a reliable, cute, and really really expandable phone, GO FOR 3660.

Reviewed by sarah from u.k on 4th May 2005
this phone is brilliant i would recommend it 2 f 3 1!! i had the 3210 and only jst got this phone last week for my birthday on 27 april 2005 its just got what i need its the best ever i love it so much am not goin 2 change it 4 the world!

Reviewed by Harshal from India on 18th Apr 2005
It is one of the best phones. I have been using it for around 5 months now. loads of softwares available. increase the memory and it is a music player. Great!!!!

Reviewed by elle from philippines on 8th Apr 2005
i've had this phone for nearly a year now..it's quite good. the camera is rather clear, bright and big screen, 65k color resolution...the list goes on. however, there is one thing i REALLY hate: it's TOO BIG! it could have been smaller! another nice thing about it though is that it's sturdy. if you're clumsy, this is the phone or you. in my experience, my phone fell several times (more than i could remember) and it still works perfectly fine.. :)

Reviewed by Khaled Salem from Egypt on 28th Mar 2005
The Nokia 3660 is a very good phone but it is only weak point that it`s too big,As I believe if all these features in a smaller phone will give a result of a nearly perfect phone.

Reviewed by yang mei king from singapore on 27th Mar 2005
this nokia 3660 is good but it is too big . nothing problem in this handphone but it is such aheavy handphone for me. the uncomfortable is because this handphone is tooo big and make me hard to put this handphone in my pocket. but some of the person like especially my cousin. she use this about 2 year and nothing problem with this so i think we can buy it although it is big and hard to put it in the pocket.

Reviewed by nate from usa on 23rd Mar 2005
biggest phone i've iver seen in my life!!!! i really like the huge display and TFT technology so you can see it even in direct sun, but that's about it. does it really need to be so huge? it has great features, but nothing other manufacutrers haven't pulled off in a smaller phone. no zoom on camera. plus i hate that there is no call timer to check while you are calling. i really question the need for its size because is sounds hollow when you tap on it, which makes the quality seem shoddy and also seems to contribute to a hollow sound through the earpiece during calls. also, if you move your fingers on the phone during a call, you hear it over the other person's voice. i just think it could have been more compact, like there's a lot of room left inside the body.

Reviewed by Audi from U.S on 22nd Mar 2005
This phone is too BIG and is FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the guy who runs the store down the street from me has this phone and u cant put it anywhere and its to gulky to put in ur pocket see i use to have a Siemens C-61 and it was like an ant to that phone and noy i have a Motorola V220 and its like an ant to that phone too! Plus that phone has bad reception DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by theman from India on 18th Mar 2005
great phone,... been using it for more than a yr now,..its a bit slow when u have too many programs runnin, and u cant change the screensaver,.other than that no complaints,.. buy 1 if u havnt got it already.... cheers

Reviewed by supra_racer_64 from turkey on 12th Feb 2005
i ve used a lot of phones but 3660 is the best phone that i ever seen... thank u nokia:))

Reviewed by ROCKS from america on 5th Feb 2005

Reviewed by rez from philippines on 29th Jan 2005
great phone! i've been using it for almost a year now and i'm still enjoying it.. the only flaw that it has is that, its processor is not as fast as i think it should, but i could live with that!

Reviewed by 3660freak from qatar on 24th Jan 2005
This phone is really really good and it has alot of features but a few minor bugs. Other than that I think this phone is an excellent buy. Where I come from everyone has a Nokia 6600 but I think that phone sucks! It has all the problems in the world! Stick with the 3660!!!

Reviewed by manny from india on 22nd Jan 2005
excelent...good big screen and sound.

Reviewed by lucky from america on 8th Jan 2005
This Phone Rocks. its every thing is superb!

Reviewed by amore from Philippines on 3rd Jan 2005
Function well, good camera, nice screen view... the only problem is too big. I thought I could adjust with the size.. but I was wrong it's really bulky. But if you don't care about the size then this is for you.

Reviewed by Dick Van Wince from UK on 21st Dec 2004
This Fone ROCKS!!!!!!!

Reviewed by random_play_music from INDIA on 27th Nov 2004
i hav been looking at phones for quite some time now i had the SE T630 n then the k700i then the k500i n i hav also had the pleasure to work with the 6600 but as so it seems i am ending up bying the 3660 as it offers the same functions as for the video n camere capabilities they ca be upgraded...so thats not much of a problem the phone is a bit bulky yes agreed but look at the package n compare it to the 6600 price hmm but the image sharpness of the 6600 rocks but...but the 3660 has a awsome scrreen too ...keep the price of the fone in consideration ...the nokia 3660 rocks bravo nokia

Reviewed by Chit Maung Maung from Myanmar on 22nd Nov 2004
Despite all the moans & groans here I would say if you are Interested in buying this phone go for it!! these review sites always seem to pull deadheads who post negative feedback on different products, a mobile is a complicated piece of equipment & like any other badget they can go wrong, afterall thats why you get a 12month guarantee right guys?? OK My opinion of the phone... I just got the 3650, I have in the past owned quite a few mobiles (more recent ones include the Nokia 6820 / 8910i / SonyEricsson T630) The Nokia 3660 is without doubt in my opinion the most stylish phone on the market, I love the way the front panel lights up, I love the cool grey display illumination, the clarity of the incoming speech is tops, it charges relativly quickly, battery life is good (not as good as 3650) its small in your hand & more importantly small in your pocket, this phone is the biz!! My only critisms are 1. the ring tones are old hat, polyphonic tones are absent which are pretty much standard now on even cheap phones, Nokia should have updated the phone with this feature, 2. my other critism is the ring tones & that lovely startup tone when switching the phone on are way too quiet, fine if the phones in your pocket.. but if you are like me & leave your phone laying around in the house you are unlikely to hear it ring if you are a few rooms away from it, other than this I cant fault it!! Overall: Great Phone, Great Looks, Great Performance, Dont waste your time reading the negative feedbacks, these people just like to whinge about anything they can, as for Ericsson's being better I can say that any Erricson Ive ever owned (and ive owned several) are well known for dropping reception & a signal can only be obtained by swithing phone off & back on again) never had this problem with Nokias........~!@#$%^&* I LOVE NOKIA *&^%$#@!

Reviewed by widya from indonesia on 22nd Nov 2004
An excellent phone for the first 8 months... it has everything i needed. Good quality of camera (eventhough not as good as those taken with N6600), great calendar and alarm options (which is very important for a forgetful person like me), great sounds, sufficient memory, hundreds of games choices can b installed, easy 2 use and lots more. It's now coming to 11th month, and it's going sucks. the IC quality turns out 2 b bad, sometimes the phone just suddenly restarts/went off without any reason. I've asked a friend bout this n he said there's nothing to do but sell it off. Shame, coz i really loved this phone.

Reviewed by vreeo from indonesia on 18th Nov 2004
i really luv this phone. i think nokia 3660 has anything for fun,stylish.........it's really better than t630

Reviewed by Vinit from INDIA on 16th Nov 2004
Look The two things i can add about the phone 1)Similar to 6600 2)Bit bulky! The best thing is that if u not intrested to spend more money than this is a good mobile go and buy it if planning to buy 6600. Currently i have none i.e 6600 nor 3660 I too was confuse between both but i will buy 6600 as it is small and extra memory and tft screen and 2x zoom in it which is not in the 3660 After comparing the price in my local market i am not paying more money compare to extra features compare to 3660 I would like to end up saying both the phone are same no differnce if money is no problem go for 6600 or money matters go for 3660.

Reviewed by ian from philippines on 2nd Nov 2004
looks like my shoes...this phone really sucks!!!dont get this phone...it's like an alarm clock in your pocket!!!sucks bad...rubbish indeed...if i were you,buy s.e. phones....a big difference...

Reviewed by adhi from indonesia on 1st Nov 2004
its not excelent mobilephone, coz any some weakness that`s very essential, the quality of Irda on this phone is very bad. i allready compare it with t310 of SonyEricsson and N3660 has many problem when we use it as modem. sometimes the display is blank even it`s just bought from dealer. the voice recorder period only a minute. should b improved more by nokia i think.

Reviewed by ahmed from united kingdom on 26th Oct 2004
its a very smart phone its has alot of good features and the vga camera is excelent.

Reviewed by chuchart from indonesia on 26th Oct 2004
I think for most of people, it covbers all, whatever you need this time in a phone, it's there in nokia 3660,. but u cannot realy compare it it nokia 6600, they are meant for different markets shares...if u realy look into it, u'll see how much differences u get. But anyway, this phone covers all u need most. Buy it...

Reviewed by EJ from USA on 24th Oct 2004
Hey! David from London! you are so freakin stupid and a dumbass!!! your blaming the phone for not sending text messege? ..did you even try blaming the provider of your phone...c'mon man...grow up..you should know that...God! anyways...this phone rocks!

Reviewed by aLeXaNdRa from Philippines on 23rd Oct 2004
I now own a Nokia 3660. FOr me this phone is really cool! It has a didital camera, it has a video recorder too. But the disadvantages for me are that it's too big. And it has only 15 sec. of video recording.....that's all . BOW!

Reviewed by Erwin from Indonesia on 19th Oct 2004
I saw an advertising about a great phone which had amazing features with a very outstanding cheap price.... And the phone is Nokia 3660, I compared this phone to Nokia 6600 on internet, and I started to realize that 3660 had ALMOST ALL the 6600's features. What 3660 doesn't have are : zoom, the screen not TFt. I guess that's all. So I become more convinced to buy this phone, and the most important thing is that the price so CHEAP compare to 6600...... When I bought 3660 the price is <> Rp. 2.700.000,- and 6600 Rp. 3.200.000,-. That's quite significant price. No dissappointment!!!! Guaranteed...!!!

Reviewed by Gautam from India on 19th Oct 2004
My brother purchased this phone recently and i must say it is a very good phone.I find no difference b\w 6600 and 3660 except price, zoom and extra 15 mb in the mmc.I love every thing abt it.

Reviewed by Bryan from UK on 15th Oct 2004
I've bought this 4 months earlier,and this phone has amazed me with its features.But only 1/2 months ago it shows a problem may be called "MEMORY FREEZING" but that was just due to my mis-handling but now this has just been solved itself.I also have two other phones of Nokia,and I know many who bought Nokia 6600,Nokia 7610 and within 1 or 2 months searching for a new one after doing so much experiments with the phone,but I don't know any one who just got fed up with the NOKIA-3660 not even the Nokia-3650. THIS PHONE REALLY ROCKS.I've never missed any call,my battery lasts for two full days,Camera is just the BEST and every Picture is a masterpiece of mine.The Reception Quality is just SUPERB.I never listen to radio so Lacking FM doesn't bother me,if i sometime wants to listen I've a good Music System with me.I just say that--"IT'S A DREAM PHONE EVERYONE MUST TRY ATLEAST FOR ONCE".

Reviewed by AdamNokia3660 from Dublin, Ireland on 10th Oct 2004
I buy Nokia 3650 covers for Nokia 3660 so I am very clever to remove the 3650 keyplate very carefully and put the 3650 cover without 3650 keyplate into 3660. I'll be wait for Nokia 3660 cover to be here soon.

Reviewed by quinito from philippines on 6th Oct 2004
i previously owned a nokia 3650, i havent got any good reason to change my phone.i mean, my nokia 3650's cool and unique in a way but i felt like changing my unit to 3660.the reviews seems so nice, well im glad i did. i mean 65k colors from 4k colors. upgrades are cool. people who say 6600 is better, i think their mistaken.i mean it depends on what you want in your fone. both 6600 and 3660 have 65k colors and both needs upgrade if you want a unlimited video.i think its the style that 3660 n 6600 differ.and to those people who says n3660 is a door stopper. why did you bought the phone in the first place?

Reviewed by Mount from India on 3rd Oct 2004
For it's price, this is an amazing phone! I've been using it for only two months but am really impressed with all it's features and possible enhancements. Upgrades are possible for most of the features so I personally don't find any reasons to crib! Long live Nokia!!

Reviewed by Keith from Botswana on 30th Sep 2004
This is a great phone! only a few problems: not enough internal memory, no mp3 player, camera doesn't have zoom and no EDGE. The nice thing is that most of these problems can be fixed with upgrades! I think that the only phones that compare with this are the "SMART PHONES"

Reviewed by Yuri from england on 29th Sep 2004
I used to have a nokia 6230 before but it wasn't that good. This Nokia 3660 ROCKS! don't listen to anyone saying that this phone sucks! 6600 and n-gage suck. this phone has a million features in it. the video recorder is not the best in the world but it can be upgraded. overall, this phone is a total winner and not even 6600 can beat it.

Reviewed by John Johnsen from China on 26th Sep 2004
This is a great phone. The camera is pretty good but not great. One thing that's pretty cool is that you can assign pictures to your contacts and when they call their picture pops up. It's very user friendly and packs alot of features into it like e-mail, instant messaging, video recorder. As well as all the normal accesories such as currency converter, voice recorder (which you can use as a ring tone), ring tone composer etc. The key pad improvement deffinately helped with instant messsaging and text messaging. My one complaint a tiny bit on the large side, but it has a nice big screen so it cancels that out. All and all a terrific phone from nokia.

Reviewed by David from London on 27th Aug 2004
What a let down!! I was all excited waiting for my phone but was left feeling annoyed within an hour! It allowed me to send texts but no one actually received them! Had sent a handful b4 i realised I wasn't getting any response. so if you have one and think no one is texting u all of a sudden think again! am now waiting 4 a new handset having only got it today. very very disappointing

Reviewed by Gaz from United States on 5th Aug 2004
You people are insane with this nonsense saying this phone is a poor rating, so what its a big phone, since when do cell phones need to be small? this phone was intended for business use anyway, why do you think it has all those organazation features? I came from a motorola phone to this, i think you people are either spoiled with so much money you will blow it on anything and then complain about the smallest things, why dont you read about a product before you buy it, online it tells you the specs of the phone including the weight. read up on something before you blow your money on something that supposably "sucks" this phone rocks you. get over it

Reviewed by Joe from SA on 3rd Jul 2004
Yet Another Bulky Piece of Cheap Plastic. Uses include: - Block Brake for Boeing 747 - Anti muging tool - Door stopper - Garden decoration Get something classy like a 6600

Reviewed by Adam 3660 owner from Dublin, Ireland on 13th Jun 2004
I like two camera phones called Nokia 3650 & Nokia 3660 together. Spot the different - from 4096 to 65,536 pixel colour, from circular to line keypad, from standard to advanced technology, outside same. The 3650 & 3660 are twin sister but the keypads are different. The 3650 has better video recorder but 3660 has little problem with video recorder when I tested them out. They're very great phones same as my old Nokia 3310/3330.

Reviewed by MOHAMMED ALI from UK on 30th May 2004
really good phone nokias best ever phone i picked this up for 120 pounds and boy did i get it cheap its really good mp3(u have to download it) this fone rocks buy it now the 3650(PREDECCESOR) is c!!p this fone is way better

Reviewed by Satya from UK on 13th May 2004
Hi Guys i brought this phone.It is a very suberb product featuring great tech.Its much mor user friendly keyboard is more comefortable than its older brother Nokia 3650.My ratings is the best buy.

Reviewed by Akshay from India on 3rd May 2004
Here's a phone which rectifies every one of the (rather few) shortcomings of the highly respected 3650. The uncomfortable circular keypad has been wisely done away with, and taking it's place is a precisely well-appointed and large enough set of the familiar-looking twelve-pack. The Symbian upgrade is a plus point as is the better bluetooth connectivity (my personal experience). It may be observed that the phone is a tad lager than most users would have liked it to be, but the features that this thing packs in more than makes up for it's conspicuous size. A major welcome is the 65,536 colour display which has (slightly) improved quality of the snaps taken via the integrated cam, however it's brilliance is undoubted, and it's even comfortable to view in direct sunlight. The OS seems to hang less often now, and in my view, I would sincerely wish all prospective 6600 buyers take a good look at what this phone offers less compared to the 6600, which is almost nothing. The two are almost ditto and atleast in India, the 3660 comes for almost INR 4600 (UK pounds 56.10) cheaper than the 6600. Think about it, this block's a total winner and just can't go wrong !!!

Reviewed by Dick Cheney from United States on 1st May 2004
The nokia 3660 is the funniest looking phone I have ever seen. It looks like a huge pencil-box used by school kids. I think the best use of this cell phone will be to hit people on their head (surely gonna knock them out!). Nokia thinks the customers are a bunch of idiots. I wouldnt buy this phone even if i get it for free. Bottomline: It sucks real bad.

Reviewed by Ashitab from India on 18th Apr 2004
It is realy good mobile I have ever used.

Reviewed by roberto carlos from india on 6th Apr 2004
best phone i ever used

Reviewed by asri maybank pf67818 from malaysia on 31st Mar 2004
whatever..i`m going to buy this stuff!!3660

Reviewed by mike riley from united kingdom on 29th Mar 2004
do you know where or how i can use my phone as an mp3 player? please email me at igortherussianspy@hotmail.com

Reviewed by pinoyFRIEND from Philippines on 29th Mar 2004
great mobile phone... sharp display with it's 65K colors like that of the 6600. bluetooth is great as well as it's other features such as video recorder with sound, polytones and true tones, nice quality pics and much more... overall A GREAT MOBILE PHONE!!!

Reviewed by Enzo Chang from Malaysia on 15th Mar 2004
Long list of features but kinda bulky..and the design is not so fresh to consumers..it's almost exactly like the 3650 but has a different keymat position.But put away those weaknesses then come a long list of featureS !mp3 playa,video recoreder,game machine and whole lots more of features !and it supports add-on mmc cards up to 512mb.

Reviewed by Nix from India on 11th Mar 2004
amazin fone...but very very very very similar 2 da 3650

Reviewed by deepak from UK on 10th Mar 2004
hi guys ..i just bought this phone and its features r awesome ...i luv my phone and the keypad layout is fit n kool than the 3650 .this is the ultimate one &

Reviewed by ab.rahman from malaysia on 25th Feb 2004
actually i hav nothin to say about my new phone 3660! it is even a perfect hp ever for me! some people might say it looks too bulky but it doesn`t matter for me...best performance it that the important things! try it first then talk about it!(suggestion for those who tend to comment instead of totally explore what this phone can do!)

Reviewed by edz cruz from UK on 24th Feb 2004
wel i bought the phone 2 weeks ago. the physical features are okey. the software is having some slight problems that occur from time to time. for example hanging of software during mms incoming message. and the info re the battery says it can last for 4 days well only 2 days. anyways the phone features is good the software simbian hve some probs.

Reviewed by samtheman from uk on 19th Feb 2004
tis fone is brill its got 65,536 colours not 64k like ina different review the difference between this and the 3650 is it record video with sound, a better screen, new keyboard, better symbian operating system, multiplayer gaming and ''a more personal browsing experience'' says nokia.

Reviewed by dom from singapore on 18th Feb 2004
the oni diff btw n3660n n3650 is the brightness of the screen..a bit brighter then n3650.dint really like the keypad...bt n6600 is still the clearest,they use a diff kind of screen in it...compare the video taken by n3660 n n6600.n6600 is so much clearer...each hv their own gds.:) nokia ever!!!

Reviewed by nin from England on 3rd Feb 2004
Best solid phone around, nuff said!

Reviewed by charles maclean from uk on 29th Jan 2004
the nokia 3660 is a brilliant phone it has a good big screen and nice big buttons it has a memory card which you can ad on i am wating to get the phone i recon you should get one

Reviewed by Naughty_guy from Malaysia on 19th Jan 2004
a nice fon for the big guys who have big big fingers.i like it. but does it come with other nice colour???

Reviewed by Jeff-Rahim J. Ramos from Philippines on 12th Jan 2004
This cellphone is the improvize version of Nokia3650. The keypads are well arranged not like 3650. The Nokia 3660 phone features a noteworthy new 65,536 FULL-COLOR display with excellent brightness, enabling richer graphical content and a more personal browsing experience! The only thing i hate about this phone,is its size..kinda bulky! But it all worthy!;)

Reviewed by asim from Pakistan on 11th Jan 2004
well well well nokia is now making us fool ..by just changing the keyboard layout and screen of 3650 fone .. i dont know what is the reason behind the development of this fone..

Reviewed by joe_dirtbag from Philippines on 11th Jan 2004
well, i purchased this video phone cause they claimed that it has a wider color range - 65,xxx colors. but the pictures that i took doesn't look any sharper than a picture taken from a nokia 3650. it also lacks a simple tool -- the sms counter (a simple yet useful feature found in series 30 phones). i haven't tried the application manager yet cause i just had the phone for a week.

Reviewed by Ali from Malaysia on 10th Jan 2004
Poor picture resolution (albeit 64K as claimed). Poor keypad design. Massive overweight and too bulky. Other phone brands are lighter with same and/or more features than Nokia 3650. Verdict - use it only if given free!

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