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Nokia 3600 Slide review

 Review: January 2009  

Last updated July 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: A good budget phone, with battery life the only big let-down. For under 100 pounds you get a lovely ergonomic slide phone with a fantastic 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, an MP3 player, FM radio, Bluetooth, memory card and applications like Nokia Maps and the Opera web browser. The sales package includes a stereo headset and a 512 MB memory card.

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The Nokia 3600 Slide is a great example of what Nokia can do when they don't try to hard. It's an entry-level camera phone, that packs in every feature that you could demand from a sub-£100 GSM mobile phone. It's a compact phone that sits nicely in the palm and looks kind of cute when closed. It slides very smoothly open to reveal a textbook-perfect keypad that's just the right size, and is very easy to use. No problem texting on this one! When you slide the phone open, the gorgeous 16 million colour display springs into life, providing familiar Nokia menus and crisp graphics.

Despite the cute looks and sub-£100 price tag, the 3600 Slide packs in some great features. The camera is no slouch, being 3.2 megapixels with autofocus and a bright double LED flash. It takes good quality pictures - the sort of thing that a £500 camera phone managed in 2006. The pictures are of high enough quality to print and put in an album, and the video camera isn't bad either, recording at VGA resolution. There's no video calling though, as this is a 2G phone.

As well as the camera, the 3600 Slide has a music player that can handle all popular music formats (MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, and WMA), and a stereo FM radio too. Sound quality is pretty good through the built in speakers, and is excellent when played through headphones. Sadly there's no 3.5mm headphone jack (why, Nokia?), but a 2.5mm socket that connects to Nokia headphones (the sales package includes the Nokia Stereo Headset HS-47.) You can also plug in a stereo Bluetooth headset if you prefer (available as an optional accessory.) The user memory is limited to 30 MB (typical for this price range), which is enough to store half a dozen MP3 tracks. Fortunately the phone takes microSD memory cards too, and a 512 MB card is included in the sales package. You can upgrade this to 4 GB, giving enough storage for a thousand MP3's.

Don't expect high-end features like GPS, but you'll be surprised by what the 3600 Slide does include: Nokia Maps, Nokia Search and the Opera web browser for instance. Connectivity is good too, with Bluetooth & USB available. It's a quadband phone, so it should be usable anywhere in the world.

There's just one problem with the 3600 Slide - battery life. Nokia always seem to struggle to get a decent battery into their slide phones, and this one is no exception. Let's just say that the battery life is limited, and if you're a heavy user, this isn't the phone for you - in fact you should probably be looking at another manufacturer, or upping your budget. However, for users who don't use their phones so much, the 3600 Slide is excellent. We'd have given it 4 stars if it wasn't for the battery.

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Nokia 3600 Slide features include:

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When I am speaking to people on my Nokia 3600 they are telling me that my voice is fading in & out.

Asked by Mair Taylor from U.k on 10th Jul 2016

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Average rating from 110 reviews:

Reviewed by B. Vaughan from UK on 29th Oct 2014
Love this phone! Bought one years ago in a beautiful dark red, and after several years it packed up the other day. I have been trying to buy a new one in the same colour, but haven't had much success. Just seen refurbished ones, I want brand new! It works well (before it died), I know how to use it (oap!),easy for me as I am used to it! I have dropped it accidently a few times, it still worked. I bought 3 extra batteries which was in my handbag just in case I got a bit carried away talking! Takes good pictures as well, very pleased even if the camera is only 3.2 mega pixels. Could go on the internet as my contract covers it, but haven't bothered as I can't see too good even with glasses! LOL. I just wish I could get another exactly the same colour!!!!!

Reviewed by Breezy Babe from England on 30th Jan 2014
Bought this mobile 5 years ago and have been very pleased with it. Great for texting and easy to use. Camera and video good also radio. Battery does not last long, but I am not a heavy user, just wish I had bought an unlocked one as orange are exspensive on calls and text compared to Asda or Sainsburys. When I contacted them they wanted 20 to unlock it after 5 years unlike Tesco who will unlock free after 1 year. I am a pensioner and this is not acceptible. shame on Orange! Good on Nokia a reliable phone.

Reviewed by Deepak DAx from india on 8th Nov 2012
I love this phone... Thats my first & last phone.. 4ever <3

Reviewed by sohaib khan niazi from Pakistan on 18th Dec 2011
This cell phone is good, but there is not Messaging lock option in this phone.some time we used secret message.but disclosed due to not lock option in this.

Reviewed by em from UK on 3rd Sep 2011
My mum has this phone... she has had it 4 AGES!! Its rlly old but still works after its been soaked, chewed (by the dog), dropped, sat on (twice), thrown, and dropped again. it is a small but brilliant phone, and will last for a long time. i recomend 4 any1 on a budget that breaks things a lot ;)

Reviewed by Muhmmad waqas from UK on 8th Aug 2011
I like is nokia 3600 is my life

Reviewed by Lara from UK on 10th Jul 2011
love this phone, have just ordered another after dropping my old one in the pond. Did lots of research but ended up ordering the same phone.

Reviewed by Katherine from UK on 12th Jun 2011
Loved my phone!! But it finally gave out after two years of dropping, being soaked in water, and more dropping. Wish I could find another one that is as inexpensive as the first one, because I do not ever want a different one.

Reviewed by ANDY from ENGLAND on 8th Jun 2011

Reviewed by megha from india on 5th Jun 2011
dont buy it.... its pathetic!!!!!

Reviewed by BIEBER from IRELAND on 16th May 2011

Reviewed by tino jose from india on 28th Apr 2011
its nice and small.but battery life is poor

Reviewed by Daksh from India on 25th Mar 2011
Just amazing. I purchased it in Sep' 08. Unbelievable features listed above. Was Very exciting tht time. Superb Handling. No Hanging, nothing. Just cool. My balck colour gives awesome Corporate looks. A bit Heavy as compared to others , But I like Heavy Phones. Wonderful piece for me, Thanks Nokia

Reviewed by John Worth from UK on 26th Feb 2011
Had one given,it was very scratched,battery was shot,so I got genuine replacement facia,a nice new battery cover,a good quality gold battery(2/3 days use easy) and its like new, liked it so much got rid of samsung touch screen rubbish on ebay. This phone is so easy to use. My tip is to buy a 4/5 year old Nokia slide,do it up with genuine parts off ebay and get yourself a good sim only deal.

Reviewed by Gokul from India on 18th Feb 2011
Its nice

Reviewed by Saddan from Bangladesh on 25th Jan 2011
Nice mobile

Reviewed by Emil from Romania on 9th Dec 2010
The worst phone i've ever had . It has software problems i had to send it to warranty many times. The camera is realy bad , dont buy it ! i'm not joking dont !

Reply by Albert Scroggins from Englanf on 18th May 2013
You have got to be joking.

Reviewed by Michael from United Kingdom on 15th Oct 2010
I have acquired a fairly new Nokia, which has more than enough applications for me. However I find that the battery sometimes does not last longer than 28 or so hours before needing to be recharged. This is true even after buying a new battery. There must be something I can do

Reviewed by Zain Gohar from Pakistan on 26th Aug 2010
This Is the most outstanding mobile i ever had............

Reviewed by joan from uk on 23rd Aug 2010
love my phone.! !!!!!!!!!!!!!but still waiting for orange payg to give me my 10 credit bought with the phone, been waiting 5 weeks, promises promises.?

Reviewed by johnny staccato from Glasgow-Scotland on 17th Jul 2010
This is my 2nd nokia 3600 slide and i love this phone, i was happy woth the first one i had , bus so was someone else when they seen it , so they decided to steal it from me as i had it on the table in a pub when i was drunk....not very nice of them and i dont like stealing , but i suppose they knew it was a good wee phone to steal,i have had moore advanced Nokia mobiles with higher specs and more powerful cameras etc, but i myself just love the nokia 3600 slide,it is all the phone you need in a nice little package....decent sized screen,quadband,bluetooth,expandable memory up to 8gb as far as i know, perhaps i can take a 16gb??...the 3.2 megapixel camera is more than adequate and the flash is good...the simplicity of the Nokia user interface and the understated but sleek design makes this phone a winner for me....i absolutely love this little Nokia..it is also inexpensive...one thing i think about when i look at the 3600 slide is that it is reminiscent of one of the old Samsung slider phones from 2004-2005?.... but ists still a fandabidozi mobile....i give it my seal of approval to anyone who wants a functional phone with up to date features but something that wont blind u with too much science or unwanted junk that is not really required by normal unpretencious individuals like me..get one now..if u can find them as they are no longer on general sale by retailers as its an older phone thats been out 2 years...but a good 1.

Reviewed by Sarah Brown from England on 25th Jun 2010
The camera is dreadful. Do not buy.

Reviewed by Leonardo from Italy on 12th May 2010
Awsome phone.To bad that the battery life it's only 4 days long.

Reviewed by Amanda from UK on 30th Apr 2010
I bought this phone 5 days ago. I like nokia, having a 6288 before, and several others before that. I was using a sony t303, for a stop gap, but didnt feel right for me. So went shopping for another nokia. This one was less than 45.00 from tesco direct, and am pleased with it. I find it fits my needs perfectly, nice camera for when needed, buttons good for texting, nice slider. Looks stylish but its budget money! Yes the battery maybe a problem for heavy users. I am not, but haved charged mine once, after playing the inbuilt games it went down. Charged after and segments not gone down yet. Overall a nice looking, easy to use phone who wants style on a budget.

Reviewed by Molly Sandra from England on 15th Mar 2010
I absolutley loved this phone. It was love at first sight. I can't imagine my life without it! It is my first phone and it was definately good for a first phone. It's easy to use with lots of games! It is quite sturdy but it can break. My screen cracked when somebody ran it over with a bike. The battery life isn't very long so you have to charge it every night. But still not bad. ;-)

Reviewed by Milly from UK on 4th Mar 2010
This is an awsome phone. It was love at first sight. I don't know how anyone can not like such a cute phone

Reviewed by Chris Girling from UK on 17th Feb 2010
If I had known what a poor battery life this phone had I would not have bought it. It needs charging every other day just using it for texts. In fact returned one as faulty! not realising the battery was normal!

Reviewed by Adrian from Australia on 9th Feb 2010
Can someone please tell me how to adjust the ringtone length? I am using a song from itunes and when someone calls it only lasts around 10 seconds, this barely gives me enough time to open my backpack, since getting the phone i have not answered a single call once. Plz help me somone

Reviewed by Jack from England on 6th Feb 2010
Had phone nearly 2 weeks Recharged after intial charge only once so far.Radio works well camera good, sound on mine is good with adequate volume wonderful tactile slide action.Best phone value I have ever had. I bought this phone after my phone had been stolen which nessitated a quick buy from Asda .Ring tone and vibrate (assending volume) excellent and can't be ignored. will come back in 6 months to report any reliability issues.

Reviewed by Trace from UK on 30th Jan 2010
I have just bought a nokia 3600 slide phone, and i must say i am having great difficulties in getting started! I have had the phone on charge for more than 24hours!! and it is still not fully charged now. A message came up on the screen saying, charge not supported, whatever that means? I only bought the phone last tuesday!! Can anyone help please>

Reviewed by ju from uk on 24th Jan 2010
Hi i have just bought this great phone in pink. I love it loads but cant understand why when taking a call i can hardly hear the other person. Is this a common thing with this phone does anyone know? Apart from this the phone is perfect!!!

Reviewed by Debleena from India on 22nd Jan 2010
It's the worst phone I've ever used..................

Reviewed by u from uk on 13th Jan 2010
useless in every thing

Reviewed by Kalpesh from India on 30th Dec 2009
I have bought nokia 3600s 1yr back the main prblm in this phn is batterylyf it gets low easily as i m using it for half n hr for browsing and second major prblm is sound quality if u r hearing song at high volume on mobile speaker its not clear. Instead of this phone my 3yr back sony ericsson w700i is best which isnt has cause me any prblm uptil now. Nokia 3600s is not good phn for user's who use phn constantly its best for those who rarely use mobiles or for those who just lyk listening music or browising some tym in a day as its stylish phn in low price wth 3mp camera nd edge

Reviewed by Suleman from Pakistan on 19th Dec 2009
It is just a nice phone and preety good ......... i like this phone....

Reviewed by sivakumar from india on 17th Dec 2009
The nokia 3600 slide phone has great features but major back drops are the battery life and sound problem. particularly the battery life does not comes more than one hour if you speak continously.

Reviewed by Kevin Larkin from United Kingdom on 16th Dec 2009
I bought this phone on PAYG about 3 months ago and until today it was the first mobile phone I can honestly say I really really liked, but all of a sudden it has just died completely despite the battery being fully charged! I will be taking it back to the shop and invoking the manufacturers 12 month guarantee but now am wary now of using a phone that goes so wrong so quickly...

Reviewed by Brajesh Dubey from India on 7th Dec 2009
The key pad of the phone damage soon as you canot use the phone quickly

Reviewed by Sheila from England on 29th Nov 2009
The Nokia 3600 slide phone has great features but there are 2 major downsides to this phone: 1. The battery life is dismal. The booklet says it lasts five days on standby. Not true! 2 days is normal if you're lucky! 2. The message alerts and ringtones are far too quiet!! In particular the message alerts can only be heard easily in a totally silent room. In normal everyday circumstances, the sound is barely audible. I have missed so many calls and messages due to the pathetic sound quality. Not much point in having a phone with good features, if you can't hear when someone texts or calls you. My other Nokia has great volume, why have Nokia skimped on speaker quality?

Reviewed by Julie from England on 25th Nov 2009
Hi, am loving this phone but have found a problem. I wanted to change network but so far i've been told its impossible to unlock this phone. Does anyone have any advice, thank you

Reviewed by Ally from England on 21st Nov 2009
Amazing, wonderful phone! Easy to use and great for kids first mobile! Gave it to my 11 year old for birthday last month and she adored it! Highly recommend!

Reviewed by someone from england on 13th Nov 2009
it is awsome a cute phone easy to use

Reviewed by Vicki from England on 12th Nov 2009
The Nokia 3600 Slide is a wicked phone, best I have had. Music and camera quality are second to none. I did have a problem with the volume control and the headphones but repair worked and all is satisfactory. Battery supplied was fine but was lost when repaired, the new replacement doesn't seem quite as good as my old one though, but still lasts 2-3 days.

Reviewed by Kerry from Scotland on 5th Nov 2009
Got this phone on contract in Feb and it's great in all aspects that I would look for in a phone - nice sized keyboard, good looking, excellent camera for snapshots and good call quality. I never use the media player or browser so wouldn't like to comment on these but for someone who doesn't expect their phone to do the job of a laptop & fancy camera & ipod all in one then I can't recommend it enough.

Reviewed by Jess from Uk on 4th Oct 2009
I love this phone to pieces, it's awesome :) I was vey satisfied when i bought it and three months later I still love it! I strongly recommend!

Reviewed by Jean from U K on 1st Oct 2009
Good phone feels nice to hold and easy to text. Used for about 3 weeks, no problems, camera excellent outside also video. Good radio nice tone. Have not yet used mp3 so can't comment. Battery life ok as I am not a heavy user but could be better. with volume right up still not as loud as my old Nokia 3120. Overal very pleased and would recommend. A good all round phone especially at the price.

Reviewed by SARAH from UK on 10th Aug 2009

Reviewed by lucy from kenya on 9th Aug 2009
regret regret why i bought this phone! time does not work as in when i send a message it shows like i sent it an hour later and that the person received it 3 hours ago! sick! key pad has gaps, hangs when i go online. dont buy it! this was a replacement, previous one had the pc slot not closing etc.. bad choice!

Reviewed by trish from uk on 9th Aug 2009
love it,its easy

Reviewed by traditionalpainter from CheshireUK on 4th Aug 2009
I needed a replacement for my beatup pay as you go phone from Tescos. I wanted to keep my phone number, take good photos, download them straight to a Mac, oh yeah, and make and receive phone calls. Car Phone Warehouse had 2 options, one for 70, one for 100 (THE SALES GIRLS WORDS NOT MINE) The Nokia 3600 had a good enough 3.2 mpixel camera, which looked quite good to me from her demo. It zooms and most important, the lcd seems a lot sturdier than the viewfinders on any of the 3 digital cameras I have broken. As for the rest of the phone functions I dont really care. looks and feels classy compared to my tescos phone, sold. Then I diiscovered that it was an obligatory minimum 10 top up fee on the sim card, so not 70, but 80. I was a bit miffed. Then she asks which network I w want to top up on. I said th etescos one was OK, or rather O2. At the till she says 90. If you top up with O2 the phone basic cost is 80, not 70. I bought it at 90, but maybe I should have gone to Tescos and found something similar, I am no fan of Tescos, but at least you know what you are paying without having to decipher bs smallprint. 5 stars apart from the bad shopping experience at CPW

Reviewed by buffalobill from South Africa on 4th Jul 2009
I got this phone over a year ago and generally I've been pretty happy with it. One big gripe though, is the plastic screen which scratches very easily - even just carrying it in your pocket. Battery life is okay - about three days for me, depending how much I use the Bluetooth. I love the Bluetooth 2 - I've paired it with a Gear 4 stereo headset and use it extensively in the gym. No tangled wires for me! The screen is nice and it has the familiar Nokia setup. Camera's pretty good, too. All in all, it's a great phone for the price and it's small so I can slip it into a pants pocket - try that with an iPhone. Except for the cheap, plastic screen, I highly recommend it. My only wishlist is for WiFi.

Reviewed by man from england on 28th Jun 2009
had to send it back because of the bad battery life

Reviewed by ohanlon from australia on 26th Jun 2009
hey this is a good phone except i need some help. the screen is cracked and i want to save a lot of contacts onto my sim card. if someone could give me instruction on how to do that that would be great. thanks

Reviewed by aditya from UK on 25th Jun 2009
this phone has just shown what nokia can do

Reviewed by adi from UK on 25th Jun 2009
this phone is simply too good to resists.hats off to nokia

Reviewed by Mahesh Subramanian from India on 24th Jun 2009
This is an awesome phone except for it's battery. It really sucks!! The camera and picture quality is outstanding, but when it comes to sound, it again sucks. the recording mode is pathetic as it won't capture the sound at all. It's a good deal for people with average use. I would have give 5* rating if the battery and sound quality would have been competetive.

Reviewed by mafia from india on 24th Jun 2009
sexy phone man i can never imagine that i had such a good gadget with nice music output and nice volume and volume in earphnes is awesome n am using it since last september and its an excellent phne

Reviewed by akash gupta from india on 19th Jun 2009
the worst phone that i had buy in mah lyf i make a big mistake plsdnt buy it i have given it 8 times in nokia care for repairing but nw then also no result i m tired of these phone i want to throw these in dust bin nokia should not cheat people lyk selling these kind of phone please dnt buy and nokia u stop the production of these phone dnt cheat people...

Reviewed by kate from county durham on 8th Jun 2009
i have just bought the nokia 3600 and it is a lovely phone very smooth slide and lovely soft key pad. the battery life is not half as bad as what i read about if not used heavily. the camera is very good clear sharp pictures im pleased i waited for this phone to come down in price from 100 pound to 78 but well worth the money good for nokia.

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 3rd Jun 2009
Dreadful phone. Don't buy it! The battery life on mine is less than two days; the radio has interference even after tuning and the quality of sound from callers is very bad. I have had mine less than a week and intend to return it. Funnily enough, my older cheaper phone had five days battery power, excellent radio signal strength and perfect sound from callers. How I wish I hadn't dropped it down the toilet!!

Reviewed by Freaky from Malaysia on 28th May 2009
This phone is horrible. i'm bought it just about 2 months ago and now i'm facing the problem with increase volume button, its not working at all. and can hardly hear wat ppl say...

Reviewed by Steven Saunders from UK on 17th May 2009
Yes, the design is very pretty and the camera and video are pretty good; but regarding audio this model is a disaster: the voice tags don't actually work properly (you get random numbers); the sound-track on videos is distorted; and (crucially)you can't hear properly when you're using this model as an actual phone - it doesn't function as a proper communication device. I took mine back and got a C510 Sony Ericsson, which is much better in every respect. Nokia used to be great (my old Nokia 3510, from 2003 is fantastic); but new Nokia is no good. Nokia should now call themselves NoGood. This phone really wasted my time.

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 16th May 2009
Cracking phone Just the right size Great menu system MSN messenger pre installed and easy to log in Easy access to websites (free facebook on orange dolphin) Instant picture messenging with no faffing about with "settings" it works straight away!!! Email (hotmail) easy peasy set up and delivery Auto flash and cracking pictures which are MMS-able with no fiddling about or resizing, not blurry either Delivery text reports saved in seperate folder Any mp3 track you like for email notification, texts or calls Flashing keypad for new text messages Calendar with view of days events underneath Maps feature great with directions so no excuse to get lost again Screen is a bit small but hey with all these other features who cares???

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 16th May 2009
Cracking phone Just the right size Great menu system MSN messenger pre installed and easy to log in Easy access to websites (free facebook on orange dolphin) Instant picture messenging with no faffing about with "settings" it works straight away!!! Email (hotmail) easy peasy set up and delivery Auto flash and cracking pictures which are MMS-able with no fiddling about or resizing, not blurry either Delivery text reports saved in seperate folder Any mp3 track you like for email notification, texts or calls Flashing keypad for new text messages Calendar with view of days events underneath Maps feature great with directions so no excuse to get lost again Screen is a bit small but hey with all these other features who cares???

Reviewed by Purushothaman from India on 15th May 2009
worst mobile..which i ever dreamed to have..it is a nighmare to the users...soon nokia will go down in sales if they continue to use this type of mobiles.....

Reviewed by RAzZ from India on 6th May 2009
I bought 3600 s one month ago.In a word it is decent!! The sound quality, camera quality is pretty good! But there is little Software problem(Does not matter!).In the price range It is A+ Phone for sure.He is a fool who think that he can get a good battery life from Nokia 3600 s as its sound quality(pretty good) and resolution Are of very high quality!

Reviewed by Jenny from United Kingdom on 3rd May 2009
I have only just bought this phone.. I really like the size and the ease of use. It is a really good phone for the price. As for the lack of battery life. I use my phone a lot for calls and it seems fine to me. Charge it up at night and you'll have no problems!!!! A nice small and elegant phone that does what it is supposed to do..

Reviewed by ravindra babu from india on 30th Apr 2009
cute sleek but getting hanged in between i have to call 2-3times for one number

Reviewed by yen from England on 25th Apr 2009
Pretty good phone. Textings just right - its possible to cut n paste text (via 'marking' and then pasting!) After 1 day i'd say it's incredible..makes you want to use it ALL THE MORE. I got mine via the CPW on Virgin yet its sim-free basically and I gave away the virgin sim: threw the vodafone in - big prob. though was the settings WAP & MMS - quick visit to the CPW and they sorted it proper ! Screens outstanding !!! For ninety notes its a fairly ok deal - for 40 your can get a Huawei/Voda. 3g vodafone so value wise - its bit strange. On its own though, fantastic. Copying the maps file from the supplied 512mb to a Sandisk 2gb is proving problematic though. Recommended at the end of the day !

Reviewed by tazevinder from Birmingham on 23rd Apr 2009
I have got the phone,it is quite good including the quality on the camera- least the battery dont drain out and also has 3.2 mp which is reasonable for the value on the phone.

Reviewed by Abhinav from India on 20th Apr 2009
The phone looks cute, especially the wine red color and the camera is good too. Battery life is not that bad. Sound output is okayish and could have been better. Slide is amazing. Overall good value for money.

Reviewed by Felice from Vietnam on 16th Apr 2009
I bought this phone less than a week ago. I was so happy when I got for it looks slick and the keypads are so soft to type into. The font size setting has options and the camera is somehow ok. Everything is almost OK except for one thing, which is the most important thing on every phone,the speaker is too weak. I received a lot of calls since I bought it and all the people I was talking to were shouting to death because I can't hear them. I tried other phones if the level is the same but not. It's not because of my callers, but because of a faulty or weak speaker. I brought it back to the store and replaced it with Nokia 6500.

Reviewed by Dave from Brighton on 7th Apr 2009
Ditto Nathan, 30th march Bought a 3600 to replace my SE 580i which has just developed a dodgy keyboard. All I can say is, after having used the SE 580i (my first experience of a Sony Ericsson) for the last 8 months, the software on the Nokia 3600 feels decidedly clunky, outdated and user unfriendly. Also the sms predictive texting on the SE is light years ahead of any other make of phone I have used to date - I hated the way Nokia has implimented it. So like Nathan, back to Sony Ericsson for me. On the positive side, I did like the solid feel of the Nokia and the tactile feedback of the keypad. But this is not enough to make me want to keep the phone. Personally I think I will be sticking with Sony Ericsson from now on just because the software and usability are so much better (just wish SE phones were slightly more robust :o) Soooo the 3600 (bought yesterday) is going back and i'm getting my 580i replaced.

Reviewed by Piecan from UK on 6th Apr 2009
I am having to update my previous glowing review of this phone as unfortunately it has become rathing annoying! The sound quality during calls appears to be pretty poor, the increasing ring cannot be changed and the battery life is so bad compared to my SE W810i that I've gone back to using it until I can find a suitable alternative. It's such a shame as otherwise it is a very easy to use phone and takes good photos.

Reviewed by arno from uk on 3rd Apr 2009
good feature set but very flimsy mine gets alot of dust under the screen very plasticy it does look good

Reviewed by bob from uk on 31st Mar 2009
its great i love it and i dont know wat ev1 els is saying

Reviewed by Nathan from Engalnd on 30th Mar 2009
Eight of us were given the 3600, at the end of last year, as our new works' phone (replacing Sony Ericssons)and can only say what a disappointingly average phone. Collegues have even asked for their old work phones back and paid out of their own pockets to have them un-locked because they are so so average. They are too plastiky, the slider is not particulary smooth and strangley enough the slick/smooth cover works against it as it's always falling out of pockets. (lost count of having to go back and find it) Camera is nothing special and the phone setting erratically change. The predictive text leaves a lot to be desired too.(although in fairness never been a lover of Nokia's predictive text.) It's probaly OK for casual use but it does not seem to stand up well to regular use.(mine is about to go back for a second repair) To sum up: If it was my own money I would be looking at the alternatives.

Reviewed by Sabapathy Narayanan from India on 24th Mar 2009
Nokia 3600S is a phone that is sleek, though a bit feminine with curved corners. For a change, I thought Nokia has figured a way to produce good slide phones, but I wasn't satisfied with it for many reasons. - Keypad perennially kept giving me problems - Speakers echo my voice back - Radio works on and off I have walked to the Nokia Care service centre twice in the last six months to get my keypad replaced. The second time around is today morning and I was told the problem will not be covered under warranty as a spec or two of my sweat has entered the phone. I said fair enough and I will pay the service charges. Then to my surprise, I was also told that there definitely exists a possibility that my phone may go dead during service. As an afterthought, they also mentioned that if in case it goes dead, I can still take the phone to Ritchie street, Chennai, India., and they can make it work for me. Speaks volumes about the ability of engineers in Nokia Care. I believe that Nokia should be more prudent in releasing newer models and they should pay utmost attention to the quality. In my mind, Nokia 3600s is a phone that has got shipped with in-build faults and I haven't seen a happy customer with that phone. It looks good only on advertisements and display sections, apart from that it doesn't allow you to perform basic operations of receiving and making calls.

Reviewed by keshav from india on 22nd Mar 2009
the fone looks good...disappoints when it comes to imaging and sound! the camera is very BAD! i had a 2mp camera in my nokia 5220 earlier n it gave really nice results! the so called 3mp camera of this fone works like a VGA! cant use flash while videos and and the keypad get scratches on the bottom rows due to slide action! overall my advise! DONOT buy this fone

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 17th Mar 2009
AVOID THIS PHONE! Yes, its good but if you want to use it for MP3 listneing you're in trouble. 1 It has strange rubber earphones, that make noise every time the cable moves. Horrible. 2 It has a big fat wire connecting to a remote control for music, then another wire. There's less cable at your local power station. The whole thing's a pig. Other phones have a simple wire and headphones, simple to use - but not this. The phone its self is fine, but if you want to listen to music - don't get this!

Reviewed by shah khalid from Pakistan on 14th Mar 2009
the set is fabolous but a little problem of battery life and also color is not attractive in which it is available

Reviewed by neal from india on 12th Mar 2009
da cell is good bt da prob is dat it keeps on hanging n starts to switch off.......

Reviewed by Ange from Uk on 8th Mar 2009
A nice handset but i have 1 problem with it the ear piece volume isnt loud enough and i have no hearing issues! Im forever asking people to repeat what theyve said! Its ok if you can live with that.

Reviewed by Omer Ahmed from Pakistan on 28th Feb 2009
It's the best phone i've ever had.It's got the looks the sleek design.You'd rather fall in love with this phone.I got it 2 months ago.It has a look of an expensive phone and has the best camera in this range of phones Nokia has produced.So thumbs up for 3600 slide!!

Reviewed by vikram from India on 9th Feb 2009
Great phone. Especially the wine colour is breathtakingly beautiful.The Phone does all that it says it will on paper,very well. Iam really happy with mine.

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 5th Feb 2009
Im using this phone since spetember 2008 and im happy to report that it has served me well so far. First of all it is a stylish phone. This could have been the ultimate looker if it had a metal casing but than it wouldn't be priced around 100 would it? Altough im a heavy sms sender the key pad and the sliding is still perfect as if i had it bought just a couple of hours ago. The 3.2mpix cam takes good pictures. Unfortunatly the video recording is disapointing and it is very VERY anoying that you can not use the flash light while you are recording videos. Battery life is not as bad as some have claimed, I have seen worse. The general interface is easy to use and the web browser is very user friendly. My conclusion is that this is one of the better phones on the market and that it is one of most stylish. Good phone if not excellent.

Reviewed by Jillian from UK on 2nd Feb 2009
A pretty good basic phone, the camera is BAD and sound quality is average, dropped mine in water once and after a funny hour the screen came back up and it's back to almost normal!! it's a shame the camera quality is bad because otherwise it would be great.

Reviewed by simaz from UK on 26th Jan 2009
I would not normally contribute to this type of forum but I have been very impressed by this phone. I ran the battery right down straight out of the box and charged when needed, trying to keep the battery memory fresh. This gives me 4/5 days of medium use, I have had this phone for just over a month and it is excellent.

Reviewed by shweta from india on 23rd Jan 2009

Reviewed by maha from pakistan on 11th Jan 2009
excellent fone.....simply love it...but the problem izz da battery......other dan dat itzz simply the coolest fone ive ever had....:D:D

Reviewed by sunrlb from USA on 9th Jan 2009
I would give this phone 4 stars except the battery is AWFUL!!! It last two days with minimal use. I'm so annoyed by this that I want to return it. I have tried other batteries but I can't get more than two full days. My old CHEAP phone held a charge for a week. How I wished I still had that.

Reviewed by mentor from montenegro on 7th Jan 2009
cool and nice phone..but with very poor battery backup

Reviewed by kedar Bhave from India on 6th Jan 2009
hi, I am a satisfied customer.The only problem I face is the battery. Otherwise it is a wise decesion to by an nokia 3600.

Reviewed by rock from uk on 6th Jan 2009
a cool phone!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by maree from India on 5th Jan 2009
This is a beauty from Nokia, but the battery sucks. I had non-symbian nokia phones and SE phones before which easily gave me a charge of upto a week. But this phone never lasts for even 2 full days. Other than the battery life problem, In general, this is a value for money phone. probably the SE K750 has the much better still camera. but 3600 has a 15fps vga video mode which is very interesting. I wouldnt recommend this phone to anyone though til the battery life issues are resolved.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 3rd Jan 2009
Overall this is an excellent phone; the camara is very clear, the sound is very clear and lound, it is small hence fits well in a pocket; does not have sharp corners, batery life is approx 2 to 3 days, but can be fully charged in 5 to 7 minutes. It takes 8 GB card which means you can store anything you want. You can move things aroung from phone to memory card and from phone to PC easily; and it looks good. Great phone.

Reviewed by Edm from Hong Kong, China on 25th Dec 2008
The radiation (SAR) at 0.69 of this phone is not low nor too high. So, I will use Flight mode whenever I don't need to use tel function so as to reduce the radiation. I have a LG 700 which SAR is only 0.36 and this is much better than 3600. But too pity LG 700 is very user-not-friendly and I shall sell it and then buy a 3600. But I do worry about the battery backup period of 3600. 2 days backup period under moderate usage is really to short to me. I wish that it will at least lasts for 3 days before recharging is required.

Reviewed by Graeme from Scotland on 22nd Dec 2008

Reviewed by Apurva from India on 21st Dec 2008
It's looking Fantastic.

Reviewed by Gbemi from Nigeria on 10th Dec 2008
Had this phone and loved it for the period of two months. Then there was a defect and till this morning after a month and half of searching, there are no replacement batteries as the battery type is quite new and cannot be found. It's sleek, portable and beautiful but u wouldn't recommend it.

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