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Nokia 3410 review

 Review: March 2003  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 3410 was the replacement for the hugely-popular Nokia 3210/3310/3330 series.



Featuring an updated front panel design, the 3410 is the same size as the older Nokias, but lighter.

The Nokia 3410 has all of the features that made the 3210/33xx so popular - downloadable ringtones, Xpress-on™ covers and great ease of use. The 3410 features Java games and is lighter too.

The 3410's Java capability means that you can download games just as easily as downloading ringtones or graphics.

WAP push allows you to subscribe to information services like news, sport and entertainment - you will then receive text messages which contain a link to a WAP page, so you can browse in more detail if you wish.

The main defect of the 3410 is the joined-up keypad.

Nokia 3410 features include:

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When I dial a number it does not ring?

Asked by Sandra from Scotland on 10th Oct 2017
Although ordinary numbers do not ring I can dial EE top up line.

How do I start a new line when writing text, like an address?

Asked by AJ from UK on 15th Apr 2016

Nokia 3410 user reviews

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Average rating from 166 reviews:

Reviewed by ash from uk on 30th Dec 2015
If calsberg made phones it would have been this one. It's a hard working ultra tough no nonsense phone. I had one for 10 years working in the construction industry before it finally died from of years of abuse. People mocked me for it but had no worries if I dropped it would be perfectly fine. Then i would ask them to do the same with their new fancy smart phones costing an arm and a leg you should see the panic in their faces. Who's mocking now. Been using a nokia 115 for 2 years and its dire, so just ordered another old faithful 3410.
For me its the best phone in the world.

Reviewed by apaul from uk on 30th Dec 2015
best rugged phone.

Reviewed by Osaretin from Nigeria on 11th May 2015
Indeed,Nokia 3410 and its predecessors are great phones.but i really like Nokia 3410 because of its features.my inlaw had it for years but lost it in transit.It is a rugged phone,i just got one last week and it's still working as good as before.thumbs up to Nokia phones.

Reviewed by Jules from France on 13th Nov 2013
Still the best phone ever! I had a crappy iphone tht never works now its fine

Reviewed by Roberto from United Kingdom on 29th Jan 2012
The last review here was in 2004. Eight years on, still a fantastic phone, all you need for talking and texting. The prices are going up now they are "retro", but still worth every penny. I wonder how many people are actually reading this :P

Reply by Bob from China on 14th Apr 2012
I'm reading this - I own a Nokia 3330 :-)

Reply by Russ from UK on 22nd May 2012
Just purchased another many years since last, perfect to keep tabs on the kids when out and about.. Does what it says on the tin.

Reply by Amir from Iran on 18th Aug 2012
Me 2 , just repaired mine today after 7 years,lol,still works perfectly. looks pretty cool too,

Reply by john Layton from England on 4th Mar 2014
Hi from England just got my phone out of cupard love this phone 3310 when I get out in pub I get lots of attention and lots of people saying I had that phone 12 years old now still working sent this message 4th 3rd 2014 love retro xx.England john Layton

Reply by Bob Speight from UK on 19th Oct 2014
Just got three 3410's from a bulk sale , looking for a basic mobile phone for my better bhalf who has had a stroke and does not have a good hand grip/nimble fingers. One battery OK and holds charge for 4 days on standby, other two batteries dead All three phones seem OK . Have picked the bestone and hopefully get another couple of years out of it.

Reviewed by steve from UK on 10th Nov 2011
awesome phone my used to have it and i used to sneak inside her room and spent hours playing but i wouldn't recommend it now lol

Reviewed by From 2011 from UK on 12th Oct 2011
its poop

Reviewed by km from UK on 28th Aug 2010

Reviewed by John! from UK on 20th Aug 2010
well its 6 years on from the last post and my 3410 is still going strong, apart from the battery life lasting 2 days max, awesome phone, snake 2, cant beat my highscore yeahhh. cracked screen and no visible numbers but it remains a classic

Reviewed by Douglas from UK on 21st Apr 2010
The most durable phone I have ever had. Even in 2010 it can still compete with the modern phones in terms of receiving and transmitting signals, downloading ringtones and games, and battery life( even in 2010 I am still using the same battery that I got with the phone in 2004). It has exceeded all that it was designed to do.

Reviewed by John from UK on 22nd Jan 2010
It's a beautiful, simple, little phone and though I would never (ever) suggest anyone buying it today I will equally never be able to throw mine out (plus it has the good snake on it so why would anyone want to?!?!)

Reviewed by old ma from UK on 14th Jan 2010
brillllllllllllllll but old yo

Reviewed by mike price from UK on 30th Sep 2009
had this model for years and never let me down-beauty is keypad for me is not bunched up together like all the slim modern versions now out.not interested in taking pictures etc. rugged construction but as not fashion conscious do not parade mine around as a toy to be shown to one and all.

Reviewed by Henry (England) from UK on 23rd Jul 2009
I've been using the Nokia 3410 as a T-Mobile PAYG for 5 years or so, and think it's great. I use it mainly for text, but phone quality is good too. Black & white small screen is a bit out of date for 2009, but it's functional. When texting, using symbols such as someimes gum up the processor for 15 seconds, but otherwise it's ben 100% reliable. It's sturdy, but slightly heavy and thick by modern standards, and won't work in America. Case makes it really quite bulky. The games are limited but fun. Battery has finally packed up, so rather than buy a new relatively expensive Nokia battery I'm moving across to a cheap, light, slim Sony Ericsson MP3 phone with colour screen, camera etc. We'll see if I'm as happy with that after 5 years as I am now with the Nokia!

Reply by tommy from UK on 6th Jan 2014
So... 5 years on... are you as happy with the ericson? I'm honestly dying to know

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 26th Dec 2008
I'm still using it every day. Basic phone but it is very tough and reliable. Good value for money.

Reviewed by Meirion from UK on 22nd Aug 2008
Good no nonsense phone, what more do you want.

Reviewed by BROOTAL from UK on 21st Aug 2008
This phone is a lethal weapon and can't be destroyed....

Reviewed by Mr. Balint Toth from UK on 23rd Jun 2008
I have a good Nokia3410.That's all folks!:)

Reviewed by John Doe from UK on 11th May 2008
Just a little note to inform anybody still reading this that www.eurobatteries.com sell 1800mAh high-power batteries for the 3410 which last almost two weeks after the initial couple of cycles. Mine has been bombproof since I got it. If you don't need cameras or any of the other accoutrements so prevalent today, this phone will be adequate. As always, I recommend reading the manual and buying as befits your needs.

Reviewed by martin from UK on 15th Apr 2008
my 3410 was banging mate. it also had designer cover louis vitton lool.. Plus the batttery last for long not like these new fones i didnt have to charge my fone for 3 days even though i was talking for long.. The funfair ringtone was alot as well

Reviewed by review of this phone from UK on 10th Apr 2008
this is a very very very good pay as you go phone go get it.

Reviewed by Linda McStraw from UK on 3rd Apr 2008
This little phone is excellent. Wouldn't swap it for any Iphone (and the like) for the world! Had it for years and no intentions of getting rid of it!

Reviewed by Sudhir from UK on 2nd Apr 2008
Great model from Nokia. Best and solid. I have used for more than 3 years and look to buy same peace. Let me know if i can buy this in India

Reviewed by gordon from UK on 2nd Apr 2008
its a very beautiful feature phone i have this phone since 5 years and during this time this phone has fallen so much but still it gives a remarkable performance

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 4th Mar 2008
Having used Nokia 3410's for many years, I recently paid 200 for a JCB toughphone, which has turned out to be a big disapointment. I am now going to buy another 3410, in my opinion the best basic phone ever made. I know the younger ones will laugh at me with their advanced technology wafer thin biscuits which dont last 2 mins, but I know the 3410 will withstand all the rigours of a contractors pocket, somethiong the JCB has failed miserably on after only 6 weeks has a screen so scratched i can hardly read it

Reviewed by joe morgan from UK on 25th Feb 2008
utter rubbish

Reviewed by Inda Hous from UK on 3rd Jan 2008
gud fone bu ain blingin enuff if u wont 2 luk gud an not ker about hoosyer kalin then this ain fone fur u boo hoo.

Reviewed by Ralphus Maximus from UK on 13th Nov 2007
I had this phone for a year i think, I can't remember. Anyway I got given this phone by my mum in 2005/6 who had had it for 3 years before me. The pros of this phone is it is very reliable, if you want a simple phone that is easy to use and not gimmicked then this is the phone for you.The 3410 never broke while I had it(it is vurtually indestructable by accidents), nice to hold, and the big buttons help to eliminate the problem of hitting the wrong button .The cons are it is slow to turn on, the joined keypad can make texting quite hard because it sometimes puts in the next key to the one you press.It takes a long time to charge(i night!)Apart from that it is a very nice phone and it was still in originalcondition and original working condition when i gave to a freind at the end of the year!These phones are the workhorse of the Nokia fleet they last for AGES!!!

Reviewed by jack from UK on 28th Oct 2007
great phone had it for 5 years cant falt it

Reviewed by Angel from UK on 23rd Oct 2007
key pad is best among all

Reviewed by dr. fresh from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
technology is getting better and better, but unfortunately people are getting worse. The Nokia 3410 is good enough as a mobile phone and that is what it is!

Reviewed by Jo-izzle-fo-shizzle from UK on 15th Aug 2007
This phone is rubbish, it was good like 5 years ago when there were no other phones invented but compared with the newer phones it is rubbish. Classic games tho which do beat many games on my phone. I would recommend this phone to older people as it is extremely simple and easy to use, and i would also recommend this phone to anyone who just likes bog standard or old fashioned, classic mobile phones.

Reviewed by callum from UK on 26th Jul 2007
I had this phone for about a year and had no problems but i then got a samsung d600 with all the features and 1 mnth later it broke and i cant fix it so i have lost 150 so i plan to re buy the nokia 3410 because it is only 10 and easy to use.

Reviewed by Jacko from UK on 4th Jul 2007
Had it years, it does all things i need

Reviewed by - from UK on 16th Jun 2007
I don't want to fiddle about trying to surf the net on a mobile phone with a tiny screen. I do that on my laptop in comfort. I don't want to take pictures with a mobile phone camera with a pathetic pixel count. I use a proper digital camera with 10MP and an excellent lens. What do I want a mobile phone for? To make phone calls and send texts. This phone does that. I've had mine for four years now and haven't even had to buy a new battery. It's boring perhaps, but there are more interesting things in life than gimmicky mobile phones. (p.s. Changing your mobile with every new model isn't good for the environment. Save your money for something worthwile.)

Reviewed by goal from UK on 8th Jun 2007
outstanding in its day

Reviewed by kev from UK on 8th Jun 2007
this phone is old but good i use it as a backup i have had all the good phones but this is my old fatfull allways works and alway ready good old phone if you want a phone that is just a phone this is still the best phone for you

Reviewed by Mirza-Bosnia from UK on 2nd Jun 2007
iv'e got nokia 3410 and i can say that i am satisfied with it. iv'e don't have any problem with him

Reviewed by sam from UK on 12th Apr 2007
my dad had it for about 3 to 4 years served him well but the battery needed replacing it still works

Reviewed by Humna from UK on 8th Apr 2007
This was my first phone and it had a lot of good qualities as it was lighter than the first of the 3210 series. you could make your own music on it so that was very useful aswell as i am a musician. Overall it was a very good phone but now i have moved on to the nokia 7600

Reviewed by nick from UK on 1st Mar 2007
luv it

Reviewed by bobby harris from UK on 27th Feb 2007
ive got a nokia 3410 its great even though its an old phone but its easy to use and a great phone it hasnt got camera e.t.c but who needs a camera e.tc.a phone is a phone at the end of the day!

Reviewed by susie from UK on 25th Feb 2007
this fone is fab!bout it for my mum when it first came out and she still has it and uses it now!she wont buy a new 1!

Reviewed by kate knights from UK on 8th Feb 2007
The Nokia 3410 is a good phone i used to have a nokia 3410 the ringtones were allright i like the changeable covers.

Reviewed by kate knights from england from UK on 8th Feb 2007
the nokia 3410 is a RUBBISH phone the phone do'nt have colour screen or bluetooth the phone is o.k but do'nt get the nokia 3410

Reviewed by me from UK on 10th Jan 2007
a phone that was made in 2003 and one of my friends are using it jst thought id let you no lol

Reviewed by robert from UK on 8th Jan 2007
its daft writing a report on this phone now but i had this phone a couple of years ago and it was the best phone i had at the time nokia is the best no matter what samsung or motorola can throw at them

Reviewed by D.zhang from UK on 13th Dec 2006
is a alright, shame it dont have colour screen or a camera.. that'll make the phone outstanding..part from dat yeh it has everthing that u need

Reviewed by becca from UK on 9th Jul 2006
yeah this phone doesnt do much, but its NEVER let me down. it always sent text messages on time and it never froze and was a really fast phone. even though it doesnt have many features its a wicked phone for a beginner

Reviewed by bossdude from UK on 29th Mar 2006
this phone is absouluteley amaseing i have got a samsung e720 but still use my nokia!!!!

Reviewed by val from UK on 4th Mar 2006
Well, I've now upgraded to a motorola e550 - what a boring phone the 3410 was! Okay, so it never lets you down, and the battery life is good - but it has to do that - if it didn't there would be absolutely no point to this phone. I mean, how tedious can Snake 2 get!?!? And not even a colour screen?!? Okay for 10-year-olds - not for me.

Reviewed by Ryan Williams from UK on 8th Feb 2006
its a good fone n haasnt let me down but lets face it, its meant to be the replacement for the 3310 but the legendary fone can never be replaced

Reviewed by val from UK on 5th Feb 2006
Ok, so the phone may not have photo, or video, or polyphonic ringtones - but I've had this phone for about 2 years now and it has never let me down. The battery life is brilliant, as i've had it on for about a week without charging, and overall call quality is pretty OK. However, i don't know if it's just my network, but it's extremely quiet even when I put it up to the highest notch in volume. Overall, a decent entry-level phone, but I'm gonna get meself a camera one, thanks!

Reviewed by Eddie from UK on 27th Oct 2005
I've had this phone for 3 years now, and have had no problems whatsoever with it. It's reliable and easy to use, with a brilliant signal, and a fantastic battery life. The sound quality when speaking to someone (or listening to them) on the phone is faultless.It seems to be virtually indestructible - I have lost count of the amount of times I have dropped it without any damage being caused. It's true that the 3410 doesn't have all the latest features that some other phones have, but that's not really what (or who)the phone is designed for. There are quite a few other functions on the phone that are both practical and useful, but the bottom line is this: the 3410 makes and receives calls, and sends texts. That is its primary function, and it does both extremely well. Considering that's the main job a mobile phone is supposed to do, I don't really think it can be faulted. If you want a functional, reliable phone that does the job a mobile is really designed to do, go for this. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by sharan from UK on 15th Sep 2005
total junk

Reviewed by chpsauce from UK on 3rd Sep 2005
Its a pretty average fone nothing special.

Reviewed by rachel from england from UK on 18th Jul 2005
This is a good phone for someone who isn't into phones and wants something simple. You can get pincodes on it but if you forget it you only have three tries to get it right before the sim card locks itself which i find very annoying. I am now geeting a 3200 so i hope that will be good. however it is not a good phone for someone who wants everything in a phone (colour screen, amazing graphics on games, easy to fit in to your pocket e.t.c) as this phone is big black and white screen and the games are dull and boring. i have had this phone for a year now and am pleased with it but now want something new!!!!!

Reviewed by barbie from uk on 17th Dec 2004
this phone was good when it first came out but since then its standard of quality has gone down hill, wouldnt reccomend it now.

Reviewed by STEPHEN from ENGLAND on 15th Dec 2004

Reviewed by Adam Toms from UK on 14th Dec 2004
This is basic phone makes a call sents a text and has better games than 3310 had mine 2 years no problems as yet and its got a great battery life as well. what more do you want it is much better than that 1100 what a load of rubbish that is

Reviewed by Tom from England on 13th Dec 2004

Reviewed by Euan from Scotland on 11th Dec 2004
The phone lay out is o.k, but the phone signal is rubbish, colour screen would have been better, games rubbish. Don't buy this phone!! The price range should be 5 - 10

Reviewed by BGH from UK on 10th Dec 2004
A phone is a phone. A camera is a camera. A diary is a book which you 'WRITE' in. I am a middle aged man who can spell. Need I say more?

Reviewed by veada from england on 10th Dec 2004
this phone is rubbish.

Reviewed by Raye from UK on 7th Dec 2004
I have had my Nokia a little over 7 months. It was fine for a while, but then the battery started to run out very quickly (I hadn't over-charged it) and the signal is appalling - I know that this isn't down to my area as the coverage in my region with T-Mobile is actually rather good. Several colleagues in my office use T-Mobile and when my signal is at 1 or nothing their signals are at full-power. I blame it totally on the phone and feel that buying it on special offer was a big mistake, it isn't the bargain I thought it was going to be. I don't want all bells and whistles but I do want a phone that gets a signal when I leave the house.

Reviewed by ok from uk on 7th Dec 2004
Its good not outstanding enough said but its ok

Reviewed by toby from uk on 6th Dec 2004
its a wonderful phone and good quality

Reviewed by yus from uk on 6th Dec 2004
Good phone if you want something simple

Reviewed by mark from uk on 29th Nov 2004
My 3410 is 18 months old and well used, it has never let me down i changed the express on cover to freshen it up a bit as it was looking a bit rough, it has been droped a few times and even got submerged in the kitchen sink opps, thought it was surley the end of the 3410 but after a day of drying on the radeator it is working fine, it has had a further new cover fitted and a brush with h2o (anther day on the rad) but is still 100% working order cant say farer than that i am beggining to think my 3410 is indestructable or has nine lives like the cat, my friends have had a few phones while i have had my 3410, there phones seem to go wrong after a few months while my 3410 soldgers on like the work horse it is, i like the fact that it has normal ringtones ring ring, nokia tune, bee, etc i can not hear the new poly tones it sounds like a disco going off in your pocket i hear so many people saying in phone reviews they cant hear there phones ring what is the point. anyway 3410 good all round standerd phone long may mine live.

Reviewed by vic from uk on 28th Nov 2004
good if u want basic otherwise not cool but relible

Reviewed by All from England on 26th Nov 2004
It is fat and needs 2 do more excercise. Da games are blingin.Da ringtones are pretty lame and so is da composer. Also da internet dont work. I would recomend this phone to old ladies only.

Reviewed by Teacher from UK on 25th Nov 2004
There is nothing wrong with the Nokia 3410. It does what it was designed to do. My main complaint is against the people who contribute to the reviews on this site. Most are illiterate, many cannot spell.

Reviewed by toR from uk on 24th Nov 2004
hi. R U being serius this fone is terrible. WAY beyond its time. (unles u like carryn a brik round with u!) wud have bin gr8 in the 50's :S but it is 21st century. u want somethin like 02 X3 (Y) i have not got it but it is supposed 2 be a gud fone :)

Reviewed by Meg from on 22nd Nov 2004
I just have to say, I've had this phone for over a year and have encountered no problems at all. It may not be overloaded with features, but it's done everything I've needed from a phone. A very reliable, lovely little phone.

Reviewed by sandie from scotland on 22nd Nov 2004
i think the nokia's should have the internet wap (chat rooms) in the phone because every body enjoys goin onto the internet chat rooms but bought this phone and you cant get chat on the phone's so can you please make it so the nokia 3410's have got the internet on it plz thanks. you'r faithfully sandie

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 17th Nov 2004
I've had this phone for about 2 years now and its still going strong. Its a good phone for the basics. If your not into all the latest camera and video phones then i would reccommend this. However, dont bother with this if you want a phone for more than just chatting and texting. This phone really can take a lot aswel. I've dropped mine endless number of times and it still goes strong. Mind you, this phone is a bit past it now so Im thinking of replacing it. So overal, good value for money and quite a good buy.

Reviewed by elf from uk on 16th Nov 2004
Great phone has done me prod has never let me down battery good all round good egg

Reviewed by tom thorpe from england on 13th Nov 2004
Nokia 3410 is good if it's your first phone it's simple to use and has the useawell nokia games like snake etc. But it doesn't have much to on it and isn,t good if your looking for a phone that doeas everthing!

Reviewed by Ekim Lanipsa!!!! from England on 10th Nov 2004
Dis woz my 1st mobile, & it iz GR8!! Itz a bit basic, but itz gud if ur not lukin 4 loadz ov hi-tech stuf. Itz da perfect fone if u onli wanna txt or talk. Im gunna get a new fone 4 xmas, coz i want sumfin a bit more advanced (i'll prob get eiva siemans c64 or samsung e600, not sure which 1 yet...), but da nokia 3410 woz a wel gud fone 2 strt me off. I rekomnd it 2 ne1 lukin 4 their 1st fone or 4 sumfin cheap, simple but reliable. ^~^

Reviewed by Bahrami from england on 6th Nov 2004
i cant believe people say this phone suks it rules think about it 6 games,wap push,downloadable ringtones and games all i have to say is that this phone is just class BYE THE WAY I DONT HAVE THIS PHONE BUT I HAVE BEEN ON ONE it doesnt matter what people think 34,95p is worth it for this phone anyway i getting it for xmas WHOOOO i hope its GOOD

Reviewed by Sean Jackson from Scotland on 6th Nov 2004
It is a good phone, does everything a phone does but i really don't like the monophonic ringtone sounds and the screen colour is so boring and dull. Oh well, it doesn't bother me anymore since mine broke and now i have the excuse to buy a nice flashy Samsung E700 camera and colour screen phone (highly recommended). But anyway, if there is anyone looking for a basic phone without all the ridiculous gadgets then the 3410 is for you. If you are like me however and you highly appeal to these ridiculous gadgets then get a different phone, Samsung E700 is a good phone for gadgets though.

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 3rd Nov 2004
Phone is ok. Downloaded games are good. Easy to use. Battery isnt that great. Buy!

Reviewed by dragon from england/wales on 3rd Nov 2004
I have to write again to follow up my review from last year 20th nov 03, well i have been with my 3410 near on a year now and it has proved to be a faultless piece of kit unlike my the samsung t100 i bought and sent back for a refund, i have read some of the reviews and can honestly say i think some of you have bought the phone without reading the specifications no you dont get every thing you get with say the higher spec nokia, sony ericsson, samsungs etc, you get a mobile phone that does what a phone should do and does it well, just becouse it does not have a colour screen or poly ringtones mms camara etc etc etc does not make it a bad phone, most of the complants on this review site seem to be from peaple that have faults with there phones when purchassed well i suggest you take them back to the shop and replace the phone or get your money back like i did with the t100, my 3410 on the other hand has been 100%, battery life is still great i use the phone nearly everday and charge it up every sunday if i use it a lot in the week i top the battery up mid week say thursday, signal strenth is very good compared to more expensve phones and sometimes a lot better, it is as strong as a ox i dont throw my phone around but have had the odd accident as we all do fell out of pocket fell of table at work when on vibrate and like the day i droped it at waterloo station and it got kicked accross the platform by me and on coming comuters when retrived it was scratched and batterd but stayed together and worked fine (she now has a new shiney black nokia phone cover)it seems that mobile phones are suited to differnt people like cars and clothes if you want to be flash and have the latest hand set the 3410 is not going to satisfy you not at all, but if you want to be able to keep in touch with family friends etc and write the odd text message the 3410 is ideal for just that, the ringtones are crisp and clear and can be herd in nosy enviroments unlike some of th e poly phones my mates have (why have a mobile phone you cant hear ringing outside) the menus are easy to navigate around, the keys are big enough to use the screen is clear to read even in dirrect sunlight, unlike the colour screens i have seen on other mobiles (why have a mobile phone that you can not read in daylight) i will use mine untill it functions no more could be some time i am due a upgrade in a few months not going to bother there is nothing out there at the moment that can replace my trusted phone it is like a reliable old friend i can depend on, to sum up good allround performer nuts and bolts mobile phone cant recomend enough to the right person, but if you want flash for your cash stay away from the 3410 or any aother entery level phone you will be dissapointed but if you want a mobile phone to call and text on wich is what they are realy for if you think about it the 3410 does the job.

Reviewed by Arash from england on 2nd Nov 2004

Reviewed by Launa Phillphs from Virginia on 2nd Nov 2004
I think that it is a good phone but why did'nt Nokia launch this phone a bit earlier....... A year later camera phones came out adn a majority would prefer them-would'nt they... It basically works the same as a 3310 I dont see why they should launch one the same.

Reviewed by mark from england on 2nd Nov 2004
Well what can i say about his phone what a work horse it is turning out to be, i have just dug it out of the bed side draw to use it again after a horrifing 14 months with a sony ericsson t610, i bought my 3410 and this phone has been replaced by other flashy phones samsung t100 sony ericsson t610 etc all on upgrades but i allways go back to the 3410 i have lernt my leason the 3410 has never let me down, it has a superb batery life exellent signal strenth and is vertulay indestructable it is all a mobile phone should be highley recomended.

Reviewed by spur man from england on 2nd Nov 2004
The 3410 is a phone at the end of the day, i use it to call people when i am out i use it to text all these functions it does with no fuss and it does it well, i have had the phone for 18 months and it is allways on me l would say i am a moderate user and find it easy a quick to use, i have had a so could flashy phone that i upgraded to but swaped back to my 3410 after a month becouse i could not cope with the new phone being fidily and complecated and unreliable all i want to do is call and send text messages quickly and simply and the 3410 does this, the phone is reliable battery life is still good and signal strenth is better than most more expensive mobiles, i can not fault the 3410 if you just want a mobile phone that will keep you in touch with family and friends when out, this is the one to choose i think it is still available to bye on the internet but i have not seen it in the shops for a while, in the time i have had my 3410 it has given me no problems at all 100% r eliable unlike my upgrade that broke after i sent my first text message, all i have had to do with my 3410 is replace the cover (and that is becouse i liked the look of the black and white cover from nokia)if you want to play games take pics send e-mails or what ever else you want to do then no it is not a good phone for the indervidual but this does not make it a bad phone like some of the comments on the review site, but if you want a device to use to ring home when you are late or use in a emergency or even a quick chat with a mate it is ideal, a mate of mine has a what i call a flashy phone and i have lost count the amount of times he has used mine to call the misses becouse his phone had no signal (we are on the same network and in the same area) or droped a call or battery has died the 3410 is allways there and allways working, so allround a top mobile phone.

Reviewed by syed from uk on 30th Oct 2004
its a standard nokia. better than the 3310 and 3330. it still lacks some stuff. e.g. color screen , camera , and poly ringtones. it has none of these. if u want a phone just for talkin and txtin then this will be ok. if u have the money buy a camera phone. 6230. if you can afford it. if not 7250 or 3200. they are cheap now.

Reviewed by John from UK on 30th Oct 2004
when i was looking up a load of phones for my birthday in 2003,i liked this nokia 3410. At that time, I wasn't too bothered whether it was colour or not. In a way I wanted the Nokia 3510i as it was a pretty nice colour phone. But my parents said no. The features are adequate; 6 games including Snake II and Space Impact. The ringtones are a bit boring, but there are loads and you can make ones up. It is really easy to use, but not many features. Some non-colour phones such as the Nokia 1100 has a good feature like soft keys and even a little flashlight! And the Trium 110 has polyphonic ringtones and a loudspeaker and its only about B#29.99 at most shops. After a while something kept making it turn off automatically until i realised that some of my screensavers and picture messages had gone. Even the ringtones I made and the games were mucked up. Bumper wouldn't work and high scores on all the games wouldn't work. But anyway if you a re on a cheap and tight budjet this phone would be ok to get.

Reviewed by Arash from england on 29th Oct 2004
i think that the 3410 is good my friend got the phone it was exclellant good games it has java,wap and stuff it is the best phone i have ever been one BUT ONE THING ONCE MY FIREND WAS ON IT THEN HE DROPED IT THEN THE SCREEN GOT A CUT DOWN THE MIDDLE IT WOULD BE AMAZING BUT IT WASNT CLOUR THAT WAS DISSAPOINTING PLUS IM GONNA BYE IT IT RULES!!!!

Reviewed by Cat from Uk on 19th Oct 2004
I have had this phone for just over a year. There is nothing special about it, I mean it does what a phone needs to do, but that is all. I am now looking to upgrade to the Sharp GX15. Overall the Nokia 3400 does whatit has to, but it is so out of date now. P.S. On my phone: the down application is missing! (On the menu screen, i goes 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9) The whole downloading application is missing!! If any one knows any thing, please let me know, on this site!!

Reviewed by Rotian Murphey from UK on 17th Oct 2004
I think this phone is fab. I've had mone for 2 years and am still entertained with it. It's like 'Ronseal= it does exactly what it says on the tin.' it's the no frill phone which suets me fine and using it's a pleasure. the key pad is easy to use; it's not so small that your fingers creep onto each button, it's robust and has surrvived falling dawn the stars twice, the tumbledrier, water spilages and much more. Ontop of all of that it's got enough to keep you interested with the fantastic verity of games and ringtones avadible. no it's not amazing compared to other phones today but it's great and i would recommend it 100%.

Reviewed by rebecca from scotland on 9th Oct 2004
my keys kept sticking and i had to press it about 6 times to get it to work. it is ok for a short term phone but not to have for along time because it will start to go even worse then just a sticking key

Reviewed by Mr Cowell from UK on 4th Oct 2004
After breaking my 3310, I decided to go a step further and buy the 3410. After all it looked attractive and it had some good reviews. After getting it home, it looked nice and it was very pleasent to feel. However, the keys lit up like some cheap plastic things. I expected quality keys like the 32/3310 phones. Also, the menus are quite complicated and you have to go through about 3 screens just to a game. The ringtones are good, but they're also hard to get too. And if you're a Snake 2 lover, stay well away. It goes nowhere near as fast as other Snake versions and it takes ages to finish. There's also no blip sound as it eats the food. I also dislike the keys, which look as if they've been melted into each other. I didn't think I would mind them to begin with, but when I'm alone with it, I just think "you're so ugly!". I can't take any pride in having it and I miss my 3310. As you flip through the phone's menu, it's as if it goes in a slower motion to previous Nokias. It's we ird and hard to describe. The phone looks deceivingly expensive, but in reality, it's like a cheap toy.

Reviewed by Ryan from London England - we love it on 22nd Sep 2004
Why are some people moaning about this phone? Its a no-frills phone as someone said. Its not made to impress its made to make and receive calls and texts. I had this fone for about 6 months before I go my 8310. I still have my old 3210 aswell as a spare which I also thinki is a great fone. Games? I have a ps2. Pictures? I have a digital camera for my PC. People want fones to fo everything these days. Why? A phone is for talking on. By the way im 22 not 67 in case i sound it lol.

Reviewed by Sarah from England on 12th Sep 2004
I've had this phone for over 2 years now and what can I say - brilliant!!! I've had no problems what so ever in all the time I've had it. The battery life is amazing - I can leave it off charge for about 3 - 4 days still using it frequently! It's simple and easy to use and I would reccommend it to any one that just needs it for getting in touch with people. The games also keep you entertained!

Reviewed by Daniel from England on 23rd Aug 2004
The nokia 3410 is a good phone to start with. The picture editor is good to make up a picture , nearly the same as the 3310. you can't go wrong with it!

Reviewed by aslam from india on 18th Aug 2004
sir i have a problem in my set when ever i lock my ph the security code whic i have given i had forget now it is locked how to break open same problem i am having pl mail me aslammalick@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Guy Massey from England on 16th Aug 2004
The 3410 is a great, albeit basic, phone. It does all I want it to do, namely make voice calls and send and receive texts. If I wanted to take pictures I would buy a Nikon SLR. If I wanted to play games I would buy a Gameboy. The 3310 was a wonderful workhorse. The 3410 is just a tweaked 3310 with WAP. But WAP is pants and actually I don't know why Nokia bothered to mess with the 3310. It was fine phone and should have been left alone.

Reviewed by Jo from England on 16th Aug 2004
I've had this phone for about a year, about there isn't anything particualy special about it. It's a basic phone. If you're not bothered about looks, and want a simple phone for contacting people, I would reccomend this phone. If you are bothered about looks and extras, don't buy it or you'll get bored and it'll be a waste of money.

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