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Nokia 3300 review

 Review: September 2003  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 3300 music phone is packed with music features like an MP3 player, stereo FM radio, and a digital recorder.



With the Nokia 3300 you can copy MP3 or AAC music files from your PC to the included 64 MB memory card (MMC). Load your own music to the PC and make playlists for your own personal soundtrack.

The Nokia 3330 supports polyphonic ringtones of course, and also True Tones. You can even create a personalized ringtone from your MP3 and AAC files.

The 3300 is also a great gaming platform, with preloaded and downloadable java games. The four-way scroll key gives excellent control for gaming, and the colour screen, polyphonic sound and vibration mode make everything just a little more exciting! The game controls are optimised for two-hand use with keys divided on both sides of the screen. Another nice feature is that you can listen to music whilst playing games.

The Nokia 3300 also has some excellent messaging features. It supports multimedia messaging (MMS), SMS, chat, and email over SMS. Inside you'll find up to 4.5 MB of internal memory for user data, as well as an advanced WAP browser.

We would have awarded this phone more stars had it not been for the reliability problems that some users have experienced with this phone.


Nokia 3300 features include:

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Nokia 3300 user reviews

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Average rating from 119 reviews:

Reviewed by manish from india on 6th Mar 2012
i like nokia3300

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 23rd Feb 2012
This phone is awesome.
it glows in the dark for gods sake.
It phones, texts and has snake. I think it wins. Who needs an iphone when they have a glow in the dark phone that looks like a gameboy and has snake.

Reviewed by xy1154 from China on 10th Jan 2012
Well you shouldn't judge this phone by today's standards as Nokia 3300 is a phone back in 2003.

Reviewed by Annie from UK on 8th Jan 2012
nokia 3300 worst phone ive ever seen wofal and disgusting!! dont buy it!!!

Reviewed by rahul from UK on 8th Jul 2009
its the worst mobile i ever seen. i am unable install atleast a dictionary in my mobile

Reviewed by Mackie from UK on 6th Jan 2009
I thought I should give a review for this phone as I got it for Christmas in 2003 and after 5 years, i'm still using it! Incredibly, nothing has gone wrong, apart from the headset which broke after a couple of years. Although it's starting to show its age (mainly due to its bulky dimensions) I am not intending to replace it until it's completely dead, as I don't particularly trust new phones as they are much more brittle. They don't make them like they used to! The 3300 may be a brick, but it's a really good brick.

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 29th May 2008
hey,i'm from egypt, i'll tell u the bottom line. it's rubbish.nokia rushed into matters quickly (trying to attract music lovers) but realised its mistake soon enough to discontinue producing it.you'd ask me for the reasons i say so ; 1.main disadvantage:can't access phone memory. 2.can't view pisc. 3.buttons don't work properly after short time. 4.memory card may get corrupted.While surfing music you could face some bugs. 5.corrupted apps can't be deleted. 6.no bluetooth , infra or camera. so , from my opinion based on the previous facts don't buy this phone, it's a rip off. i have had this phone for a year now & am looking forward to getting rid of it.

Reviewed by Marcus Dunkley from UK on 19th Feb 2008
i really love this phone ill dio anything to get it back it reminds me of my n gage but this 1 is much better

Reviewed by abhishek from UK on 6th Feb 2008
i love this phone becuse of its music that really good

Reviewed by mikey c from UK on 14th Sep 2007
this phone is wkd it could better memory wise because you can only put a 128mb memory card at most but a allround good phone

Reviewed by Alvino from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
Great phone, ridiculously easy to use, but lacks connectivity options. The soft keys on mine work intermittently, otherwise I've had no problems.

Reviewed by Asiimwe Richard from UK on 27th Aug 2007
very poor a phone it never plays videos(mr_richiez@pirates.com)

Reviewed by Samplio from UK on 28th Jun 2007
I have this phone about one year ago... I really love it, mainly the headset design that allows talk using the complete hand, like old times, not your index and tumb, like you have to do with light phones. The music player is excellent, but the loudspeaker really isn't so loud. It's a good design for games too, and you can install lots, but only with a limit memory size. I have installed games from the MMC, but when the application is too large (not more than internal memory, it's when file size is more than 500KB), phone doesn't allow to install it. Well, what a pity that you can't transfer tones and voice recordings to the MMC. I think the main problems are the last i said and that the phone doesn't have bluetooth, or infrared. I don't like cellphone cameras, i have a digital one, so i think it isn't a problem.

Reviewed by matej from UK on 21st Mar 2007
the best mobile phone

Reviewed by markie from philippines on 13th Mar 2005
hey there i love this phone because of the following reasons: + i love music + the glow-in-the dark xpress-on covers + cool games + animated menu icons + easy to use layout + the unique ergonomics but if there's good, there's also bad just like the unpowerful loudspeaker, the absence of IR and bluetooth, the frustration of transeferring polytones and/or wallpapers from mmc to phone and vice versa and also its pop-port doesn't support a fun cam. overall, i love this phone but not much. =)

Reviewed by ZSX from UK on 2nd Mar 2005
I have had this phone for about six months now. It is clearly one of Nokia's experimental phones, used to judge the response to a phone which includes digital music playback. Unfortunately, there are some serious limitations to the software and hardware which you do need to consider before buying. 1) Corrupted files cannot be erased from the applications folder. This reduces the number of active files you can install (and is just annoying). And strangely, games cannot be stored in the games folder. 2) There are no conectivity options apart from GSM/GPRS so synching the phonebook/ calendar with Outlook is out of the question, and changing wallpapers is a palaver involving the use of WAP! The phone itself consists of two separate modules: the phone and the MP3 player. The DKU-2 cable only connects to the MP3 player and not the phone itself, which means tyou cannot use your computer for personal information management or phone personalisation. 3) Loading of music and playlists is very slow on the phone itself and there is a limit of 99 files which can be stored, no matter how big the MMC. 4) Unless you are handy with a soldering iron, you have to use the bundled (and rather rubbish) Nokia headphones because of the propietary pop port. 5) The in-line recorder does occasionally freeze in the middle of recording a file. Not sure why this is because the MMC card still has space and the time limit for recording has not been reached. That said, playing java games on this phone is a pleasure because of the keyboard layout, loading music from the computer to the phone is simple by drag and drop as the phoe is recognised as an external drive, you can use MP3s as ring tones (about the only personalisation option available) and the built-in speaker is great for music playback while you are pottering about the room. In summary, a decent phone/MP3 player combo which has since been supplanted by better implementations from Nokia.

Reviewed by ??? from England on 26th Feb 2005
I had the phone for a year and 3 months. I finally am getting a new one, its a rubbish phone i prefer the 3310 lol but seriously i sent the phone back twice for repairs even after that there was problems by the end three buttons stop working which were very important on the fone as they were the buttons to fone someone and to hang up with lol. Plus when i put music on the fone i cudnt delete it after which meant for bout 6 months i had the same music on without deleting or changing once. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING IT!

Reviewed by mark from philippines on 26th Feb 2005
ive been using this phone since october 3, 2004..actually, it's a gift for myself..i really find it hard to find this phone at stores because nokia discontinued making this but good thing i found one at a mall...i like the features very musch coz im a music lover but the only thing i hate about it is that the loudspeaker is not that loud compare to the other series40 and series 60 phones but that's good anyways..i like the large memory and the games..the dj game is hard to finish especially the level 6 but the disco game is cool and addictive..sometimes when recording using the audio cable suddenly stops that you have to repeat the recording again..another thing that i hate i that you can't transfer the polytones from the mmc to the phone and that it has no bluetooth nor an IR but that's ok the important is it's packed with music features that i really love!!! if it only has a bluetooth and infrared, il rate it 5 stars..having a camera is also a plus^_^

Reviewed by ed from uk on 25th Feb 2005
this fone is rubbis i had it for a year. the worst part about it is the fat the memory card goes corrupt if u delet too many files this happend to me 3 times.the mp3 is good tho.i suggest newer fones now

Reviewed by Ivars from Latvia on 17th Feb 2005
Using for 1 year and six months now! Great phone and only one error since that- [call end] button doen`t work properly... No other errors and it`s very reliable phone!

Reviewed by Ken from Philippines on 10th Feb 2005
had the phone for a week now...it's hard to find the unit, coz nokia discontinued the model and its no longer available here...but still, i find a new one. the phone itself is great, having good sounds either on the headset provided or at the loudspeaker...which amazes me! ...except when recording via the audio cable, it suddenly stops recording in the middle of the song...or appeared corrupted. but still, i recommend the phone for music lover's!

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 5th Feb 2005
In the last 5 months i had 2 of these phones, i bought the first one in September, it broke in November, so i sent it back, and waited 3weeks for it to be fixed, which i was told was free of charge, i then recived a bill for 76. So i argued with them untill they sent me a new one, i recived it and it was slow, freezes, and often turns itself off, i have also noticed with these that music stays on the memory card months after, and will all of a sudden start in the middle of a completly different song. I have recently upgraded to th 7600, much better phone!

Reviewed by rayhaan from england on 3rd Feb 2005
i have had this phone for about 6 months. its an amazing phone when you get the parcel but you soon realise there is no bluetooth or IRDA port. the only way to connect is via usb. and the software doesnt even work properly on my desktop.the mp3 player however is AMAZING and plays loads of songs or qur'an. people have asked me is that a phone while listening to the amazing quality of the loud speaker and headphones. overall, its good and has none of the faults some of the failures have put up. but its now getting a bit boring as it has no camera and cant really compete with todays phones.

Reviewed by chris from england on 27th Jan 2005
I have had this phone for about 3 or 4 weeks before this phone I have had the NEC e313 and the motorla v70 the NEC phone ducked up the camera does not work any more and the motorla v70 was just a wast of money so I got me the nokia 3300 Mp3 player phone the game on it are much like all nokia's (not that good) but however its got all the things I look for in a phone the mp3 player is second to nothing it works (unlike the NEC e313) and the bit I like the most about this phone is that you can pick one up from about 50 to 60 and for a good mp3 player your looking at 100 to 150 the cost of mp3 players are going up all the time. So if you are looking for a new phone or and an Mp3 player dont get you card's out of your pockit just get the nokia 3300 phone.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 9th Jan 2005
I don't know why people are moning about the mp3 on this phone, if you use the included nokia audio manager software when putting music on it (and don't simply just drag the music to the phone)You'll easily fit 30 tracks on here.

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 9th Jan 2005
I've had this phone for about a year now and had absolutly no problems with it. All of the features work brilliantly and the price isn't bad either. One thing i would say is it's slightly on the big side. You can pick one of these up for well under 100 now pay as you go, if your looking at updating your phone and don't want to break the bank i would recommemnd this.

Reviewed by Shioma from Nigeria on 9th Jan 2005
Ive had my phone for 1 year and a bit and everyday i grow out of touch with it. the mp3 memory is to small and the phone seems to bulky. dont buy it!

Reviewed by Saku from Finnland on 18th Dec 2004
This is so poor mobile-phone... Don't even think to buy this phone... I bought nokia 3300 year ago... It' has been broken three times... And now button are broken again... I must repair it again... I hate this phone... This is a little bit ugly phone... If I need to say something good about it: I would say It's good if you listen music a lot... This is expensive phone too... Do favor for you, buy another phone. Angry customer

Reviewed by Manoj from India on 13th Dec 2004
It is the best peice that any one can get it is the combination of the nokia 5510 and the nokia N-gage, check out the sound on the phone u will be stunned.If u have any more suggestions can mail me at: manoj18_hasi@yahoo.com Thanks Bye.

Reviewed by tung from viet nam on 10th Dec 2004
this is a phone very good .But it isn't bluetooth or idra

Reviewed by DAN from AUSTRALIA on 6th Dec 2004

Reviewed by David from England on 2nd Dec 2004
I do love this phone! I did have problems with mp3 player/memory card - twice within the first 4 months which was dissapointing - But on the upside The wap browser is really good on this and the mp3 player,when functional is great. Apart from those first two months the phone has not let me down!!Would recomment it without a doubt. Thanks

Reviewed by Mitchell from England on 27th Nov 2004
this phone i am talking about is the nokia 3300.It is a great phone and it is good value for your money.And if you love music i would reccommend this phone to you.it has got a great shape and is less chunky than the nokia N-gadge.The only down fall of this phone is the way you talk into it because you have to put it to the side of the phone and it sticks out and makes you look a bit silly.It does not way alot and is easy to carry round.i would buy this phone

Reviewed by chris from wales on 26th Nov 2004
the best phone ive had no trouble with mine and the sund quality is brill free downloadable games coz o the cable its the best there is!buy it

Reviewed by Eduardo from Philippines on 25th Nov 2004
Yeah, yeah! Nice features! Whatever! What good are its features if the phone itself looks like junk!?!?!?!? It's so big and it looks awful!!! please!!!!! Dont buy it! There are better looking phones out there with the same or even more features!

Reviewed by Dan from England on 13th Nov 2004
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!! BIG MISTAKE!! I got mine last christmas and ever since then it has been a disaster. It has been repaired 8 TIMES!! And replaced 3 times. If you had any sence you would'nt buy it. It now doesn't work at all. Im getting the K500i which was recomended by the shop.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 13th Nov 2004
This phone is really not worth buying!! Ive had it repaired 8 times!! It has had so many problems. I think nokia should refund some of the money for the 3300 as I payed #100.00 for mine. If you had any sense you wouldn't buy it!!!

Reviewed by skeme inc from uk on 10th Nov 2004
the best fone eva by far the mp3 playbac the games praticauly the best fone i have eva purchesd, not to shady on the money and a fone fulll of features which are bloomin for every 1 brill!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by John G from co. durham (uk) on 4th Nov 2004
this fone is great. the mp3 player is really good and i listen 2 the radio for ages and recording songs. i would recomened this fone 2 people that lyk listening 2 music on their travel.

Reviewed by shorty from wales on 4th Nov 2004
good phone im tryna find a phone just as gud 4 crimbo but it just ain appnin d fact u can recorde ur own songs of d radio listen 2 dem wen eva listen 2 d radio weneva and ave ur recorded songs as ringtones is just bad as it gets dis phones just mence d only bad about dis mob is ders no cam but u can attach 1 2 it

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 3rd Nov 2004
If there was an option to, I'd give this phone no stars at all. Had lots of Nokia phones and always been happy but this one has been awful. I've had my Nokia 3300 for nearly a year now and my contract is up soon and I can't wait to get a sensible phone. Was after it for the MP3 capability but even from day 1 that never worked properly, not recording complete tracks despite there being more than enough room on the memory card, and sometimes not recording tracks at all. I think Nokia very quietly discontinued this one very soon after it was released, as they knew full well of it's shortcomings. Bulky, odd-looking, broken 'end call' button, rubbish connection on the USB cable, MP3 (main reason for buying it) doesn't work properly....I could go on but I'm busy shopping around for a new phone...Just before I go, I can't believe how some people on this forum have actually given this phone a good review. Perhaps Nokia's Public Relations department are woking overtime put ting favourable reviews on websites???

Reviewed by Lucie Banks from Canada on 2nd Nov 2004
Its a very ugly looking phone. My cousin had thphone andit is the worst in the world. Ok it has all the latest stuff on it but It looks more like an radio than a phone

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 29th Oct 2004
Its an ok phone but has problems, mines been in for repair twice because there was complete batch of them made which the screen reselution was faulty and the it would turn it self off!! Ive tried everything to get JPEGS to upload onto my phone but there is no way of doing it!! one good thing though you can transfer games onto it which you have downloaded off the internet, you import these once extracted from ZIP into the applications folder which is on your memory card. To install these go to Extras on your phone menu then go to memory card, there should be an option to install application an if uve put more then one into the folder they will all be listed an then you just click install on them!! But a wouldnt buy this phone again if i had the choice.

Reviewed by pretty annoyed from UK on 23rd Oct 2004
i used to have this phone and it was very reliable the battery lasted a long time and the mp3 was good the problems i found are 1)the mp3 player program u have to install was very hard to find 2)it didnt look very cool in ur pocket and 3)they never sed to sell covers so my screen was all banged up for 1 year. THERE ARE BETTER FONES OUT THERE THIS IS ONLY ONE NOT SO VERY GOOD ONE. THERE IS BETTER FOR ITS PRICE

Reviewed by Tariq from UAE on 21st Oct 2004
Hi, Its a very oustanding phone, its something like a mp3 with additional feature of carrying cell phone, i had uploaded my fav mp3 and acc files to it, but i m facing a problem in having jpegs and gif files which i m unable to open in this handset, i had transferred it from my pc but cannot access it. Can n e 1 suggest me for the same tariqisab@hotmail.com or tariqisab@rediffmail.com

Reviewed by tom from ENGLAND on 21st Oct 2004
get this phone it wiked i would reccommend it 2 an1 the sonud quality has to be heard to believe!!!!!

Reviewed by jim.cranley from england on 18th Oct 2004

Reviewed by neil from india on 12th Oct 2004
gr8 phone...very good features...only prob = no transfer of data other than music to the memory card, someone who knoows how to go about it...pls inform me on hydroneil@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Adeel Ahmed from Pakistan on 1st Oct 2004
I've had the Nokia 3300 for 3 months now and its amazing. I've recently put in a 256MB card and now I get to listen to all my fav MP3s the whole day!!. I wanted to know how to store JPEGs, GIFs on the phone????? Can someone EMAIL me the procedure??? i have downloaded alot of stuff from GPRS but there should be some PC SUITE and from which we can put our personalized pics on the phone...Can anyone Help... If Yes !! Mail me on adeel_514@hotmail.com or adeel_514@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Alwyn from Australia on 1st Sep 2004
I've had the Nokia 3300 for 6 months now and its amazing. I've recently put in a 512MB card and now I get to listen to all my fav MP3s the whole day!!. I wanted to know how to store JPEGs, GIFs on the phone????? Can someone EMAIL me the procedure???

Reviewed by NUNO from PORTUGAL on 18th Aug 2004

Reviewed by Atul from India on 3rd Aug 2004
1. This phone is the best phone I ever had. 2. This fullfill all my basic needs and addition to that it plays mp3 songs for me with excellent sound quality. 3. Battery backup is also very Good. 4. Reception Quality is Excellent. I have some queries, if any one can resolve them please mail me at atulj_fic@yahoo.com Query : 1. How can I set jpeg, gif file as wallpaper which I have uploaded in memory stick from my comupter ? Is there any specific format in which I should first convert my files to set them as wallpaper ? 2. How can I download my address book, sms and other stuff from phone to my computer ? Thanks & Regards Atul

Reviewed by jeremy from london on 2nd Aug 2004
This phone is really good i mean it i have 256 mmc card and i still havent filled it up i have loads of wallpapers and poly ringtone to the phone is great and made just for music. the only bad points are no ir port or bluetootf plus no attachable camera . all in all its s great phone for a great person

Reviewed by Kane)()()(()( from USA on 20th Jul 2004
My new nokia 3300 is wonderful.. i had a little trouble because my phone said memory card corrupted.. but they gave me a new memory card free of charge, and didnt have to wait but 10 minutes. This by far is the best phone ive ever owned! mine switches off every now and then but it usually stays on i hope it will continue to be great!! the thing about the memory cards is that you can delete the songs and make room for more. This phone is awesome internet access and everything. I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a cell phone.

Reviewed by Jamie from England on 18th Jul 2004
Excellent Idea for mp3 i had it as a nokia tester before it realeased now the end call button dont work i have to end the call by switing it on and off and u cant play snake on it easily but the mp3 function is good i put sound effects on it play it in college really loud like a cow moooing brilliant for practical jokes. if it had a camera it be the best in the world.

Reviewed by refentse from south africa on 16th Jul 2004
all it needs is data management software (pc suite) and a larger memory card (256mb)

Reviewed by srnath from india on 14th Jul 2004
sir, i have had this phone just for a week now.i dont understand people when they review a product.personally i feel this is a great phone.when u can carry walkman and many have been doing so whats the problem in carrying something which serves you much more.music,radio and a cell phone all in a size which i feel should never be a problem.phone and call clarity are very good. to me its a g8 phone. nath

Reviewed by Ryan McCaffrey from Norfolk, England on 12th Jul 2004
It's a good phone for the price, but to upgrade the memory card costs too much for an extra 30 min of music. Can't find a phone like it but just looked on the american site where they have a new version which can hold two hours of music. Could anyone let me know if it's gonna come out over here? The end call button is a bit dodgy on the present model, but what can you expect from a phone that does 101 things!!!

Reviewed by Chidworth from UK on 1st Jul 2004
I have had the 3300 for 10 months now and feel it's getting too long in the tooth. Really liked the idea of having an integrated MP3 player, but found myself becoming disenchanted with it and using it less and less (if only nokia had given a line out option too, so I could listen in the car or through a stereo. Booooo). Like the USB connection, but don't like the fact that all you can manage is music (another boooo), would have preferred full PC suite options for the phone (people who listen to music have lives too y'know). Memory card doesn't hold nearly enough to make it a viable MP3 player. However I do like the configuration of the phone, and it always gets a 'ooh, look at your phone'. Web browsing and texting is a pleasure, gameplay is also quite good. Also love the fact I can have anything as a ring tone (bird calls are good) Now it is an aged unit and the end call button is becoming increasingly temprememtal. Given the chance I wouldn't buy this unit again, looking forward to September and a trade in for a flashy new 'ooooh look at his phone' unit.

Reviewed by jordan graves from england on 16th Jun 2004
Review: it is da best in da world brov i can listen to my own beats c ya

Reviewed by glenn halder from uk on 10th Jun 2004
i have a 3300 but carnt get eny free games or logos the mp3 player is s@$t it holds 5 mp3s not good? but over then that it a mint pece of kit if eny 1 reds this give me an email of free wap sites 4 games logos and that at glennhalder@hotmail.com thyanks

Reviewed by kiran from uk on 5th Jun 2004
Its a great phone overall. i can store 31 songs but i had to use the acc format. (the utility provided aint to bad.)on the 64mb mmc card and 99 poly tones. you can downlaod .jav files and put them on the memory card and install them to the phone. you cant send it pictures through the data cable wich is realy realy real realy iritating... if im wrong someone tell me how. you cant edit phone book or anyfin liek that either with the data cable. sound qualitys gud i had to send my phone in for repair it started switchin its self of wen i started music player. all they did was upgraded the firmware. And now i think the end call button is broken :'( sad state of affairs i tried to drop call some one and cudnt put the phone down. SCREWED! i will be sendin it in again. But otherwise its a nice phone does a hell of a lot and the fact u can get free games and ringtones is great. except no free pictures.

Reviewed by ArSniff Johnson from USA on 27th May 2004
If the keyboard would light up this is the best phone ever. Love to text with this thing.

Reviewed by Brad from U.S. on 21st May 2004
This thing bites! Its memory card holds 12-14 songs. The audio quality bites, The speaker is messed up. Ive had to have the phone replaced 3 times because some card breaks inside of it. The software in it is buggy to hell. It is just a crappy verson of the N-Gage

Reviewed by Cheese from UK on 21st May 2004
Through the headset provided, the MP3 player sounds realy good, but when using the loudspeaker sound and volume are comprimised... but what do you expect from a mobile phone? All the features work well, except for the converter on mine now refuses to operate (not that I ever used it anyway). The games aren't easy to play as you have to use the number keys and not the D-pad. When scrolling though track lists or pictures too fast the phone has a habit of freezing :(

Reviewed by Rik Aindow from England on 19th May 2004
It's got a great mp3 player, top quality sound. It's a shame about the radio, it can be very crackly. The phone looks great, and sounds just as good. It's really easy to use, and customize. The games are great fun. You can download them for free on a pc and copy them to the phone. It has great call quality, and hardly goes out of range on 02. However, it's hard to find someone to unlock the phone! Overall, i'd say get one if you love music, and great gaming. I bought this for 119 and don't regret it. GET ONE!!!

Reply by Prasanna from India on 15th Feb 2014
I found an unlocking service at Theunlockspot.com. If you want to your mobile you can use this service and unlock it easily.

Reviewed by David Ramstein from USA on 18th May 2004
Let me start by saying that I think so highly of this phone that I purchased a second identical unit just to keep it company at night while charging...and was a great way to get stereo (Simulated, of course)without using a head-set... teehee. Seriously,though, if not for the fact that I'm a fairly large man (265Lbs) and standing 75 inches tall, and this phone looks so lady-ready, I'd say it was the best phone I've ever had. However, here in america, especially where I live, if the wrong group of folks see a man carrying a phone so CUTE, they might want to question your manhood, and ultimately may want to pop the ole bung-hole with their kick-stand, if you know what I mean. In which case having the PHONE portion of the unit would come-in really handy, as 911 emergency could very well be the next call needing to be placed. So, while I love this phone, I do tend to keep it hidden while in public, and to compensate for SweetyPie look I installed a deep barking dog ring tone that sounds much like a Rott. As far as the phone itself, the only real problem I have with it is the fact that I find myself touching it often, even when not performing any function on it. The wife is starting to really get @@@@ about the thing, as at night I now place my back towards her and spend long moments gazing at the 3300, dreaming of the moment when someone might call me on it. I'm thinking of taking pictures of it and placing them on the wall next to the pics of the kids. As for you people who have complaints as to the small limitations of this phone, and they are small and few...Remeber the price you've paid. If you want a pda phone, then buy a pda, but you will pay a pda price. How much do you really think you can expect from a unit in this price range? As for you folks who complain about features not working, well, I guess Nokia figured the buyers of it would all be SMARTER than the phone, and this may be Nokia's one real fault, as there are some very limited minds out there

Reviewed by Rohithiyer from India on 13th May 2004
what an idiotic worst phone my money is wasted in this nonsense phone It SUXXXXX

Reviewed by David from US on 30th Apr 2004
For starters, this phone's mp3 capability is excellent. I've been using it for 6 months and I listen to the mp3 player a lot more than I talk on the phone. The sound quality is excellent and has more bass than my $75 cd player. The phone's reception is decent considering that I use AT&T but my friend's Nokia gets reception in the same places where I do not. The 3300's shape is very awkward to use since you need to use both hands to push a button. The keypad doesn't light up, so don't try to punch in any numbers at night. And what's with the qwerty keyboard on the older style 3300? It makes the unit way too bulky and cumbersome. This is the kind of phone that's really fun to have for a month and then its novelty wears off. you will wish you had a phone that was not so big and clumsy. I am now switching to a motorola which I will pick up tomorrow. So in spite of the superb music capability, I can't recommend this Nokia.

Reviewed by sachin from india delhi on 20th Apr 2004
hi this is my 6th fone and man i tell u this changed my life.the story started when i decided 2 buy a cam fone but the second my eye laid on 3300 everything changed.for a bloody 14000 rs i became mine .the second i walked into the street the stares kept falling on my palm.man this fons got somany features radio ,mp3,series 40 java games,and all the basic nokia features like bus card calander entry etc in my office at my club all the people ask me which model is it its got som probs but i tell u man this thing really swallows u u wont hav time 4 any thing else

Reviewed by *Gav* from Uk on 11th Apr 2004
this phone is pss poor, i was tricked into thinking it was exelent but its not ive had three replacements one because the vibration diddent work 2nd because its kept switching itself off and now the call button has stoped working at the tranfer cable has broken due to poor quality and it it 35 for one cable so i now cant put any music on it the only decent thing about this fone that still works is the game disco and now the carphonewarehouse have told me they have been discontinued

Reviewed by Curtis Bennett from UK on 9th Apr 2004
I bought this phone only for the the MP3 player. I had a Nokia 7210 before that and the clip on camera just didnt work with me, so with this mobile having no camera..its not really a problem. I had numerous problems with the mobile! However they were fixed free of charge. Now the good parts...The MP3 player itself is GENIOUS! For a mobile phone, its blows any close to it for quality of ringtones! REAL Music can be played for ringtones and message tones, which is great fun! You can record sounds straight from your TV and download straight from the PC!The only reason its now gone, and im gettin a 6230 is because of the size and layout! it isnt actually that big, but its not user friendly enough for me. Great buy for someone who likes to be different and stand out!

Reviewed by Tom from england on 2nd Apr 2004
i ove this phone, ive had it 4 bout 3 months now and i still cnt leave it alone, great features, greats games and stuff. the only problem is the short memory and the mp3 isnt the best, bu otherwise i would recomend this fone 2 any1

Reviewed by Chris from England on 26th Mar 2004
This isn't really a review. Firstly I would like to know whether the rumours of the phone SWITHCHING OFF ITSELF is really true. Secondly I would like to know whether any game via jave is compatible with the phone e.g. dowloading. Could someone please write an honest review as most consumers would be interested. Thanks for reading, hope you reply.

Reviewed by sam from England on 17th Mar 2004
i just wanted to tell evry one that this phone is ace. i bought this phone about 2 weeks ago , and it's well worth the money.i have downloaded mp3's on to it and it works well.if you want to know how to get free games ,wall papers , polyphonic ring tones and are on the o2 network. for games go to services then download links game downloads then soft ware market there will bealist of nokia phones go to any phone download any game in it and there you go(good games:nokia 3100 beach rally andbowling are ace) for your phone screen so just try another the 7210 and 3100 work i know. some of the phones e.g (nokia 6100) are the wrong size if i could give this phone a 10 star then i would no hesitations. thankz for reading

Reviewed by Gary Henery from UK on 17th Mar 2004
Great fone. Just a shame it dosent have a a camera. oh well. i have a NOKIA 3650 as well. ;)

Reviewed by vamik@rediffmail.com from Mumbai India on 11th Mar 2004
NOT GOOD-digital recorder while recording via the audio cable!!! The phone either RESTARTS or STOPS RECORDING half way thro the song being recorded. My Nokia 3300 is NOT even 2 WEEKS OLD. As a phone N3300 is fine except maybe its size. If Nokia had to give it a big size ONLY FOR its unique selling point-the music player/recorder/radio-then Nokia should have made sure the unique selling point works right!! The music player is good. U can store 9-12 songs in mp3 format of the size 3-6MB. The radio reception is quite good..sound quality for both the music player and radio is very good. Recorder works properly while recording from the radio. I think the concept of N3300 would sell very well in Bombay(Mumbai),India, amongst the youth for a price of Rs10K-Rs14K. Even an improved N3300 would do very well. But this cell was never advertised properly and Nokia isn't gonna introduce more pieces of 3300. Its a GREAT UNIQUE cell to have. Nokia introduced it in a very hush-hush manner and stopped production as if they made a mistake/did something illegal by making this phone. Nokia should check the quality of all features of the phones to work properly before sale, rather than introducing a new model and making profit only while and only because its a brand new model.SHAME ON NOKIA!!! I think what I heard from a few was right-that the Nokia 3300 didn't do well coz the usp-features didn't work long.

Reviewed by Luke Williams from England on 8th Mar 2004
I think the Nokia 3300 sounds really good, my mums got a mp3 and i wanted one so i thought i would choose out of mp3 or new phone so i said to myself y dont i get a phone wid a mp3 on it. And this is the phone it sounds wicked that why i gave it a 5 star !!

Reviewed by Nexta from UK on 3rd Mar 2004
Dis fone is da best fone out yet mayouts

Reviewed by hellrish from Philippines on 2nd Mar 2004
does anybody know how to transfer pictures from your pc to celfone?

Reviewed by Stacy from Merthyr Tydfil on 31st Jan 2004
I purchased my 3300 about two weeks ago, and I honestly think its one of the best phones which I have owned. I'm really into music, so I listen to my own personally selected tracks which I saved onto the phone as I go around town with my mates. Its a wicked phone, and If anyone is thinking of buying a new phone, I'd strongly advise you to buy one of these. There are brilliant tones on it, and the games are cool too! I'm very pleased with mine. In my opinion, its the phone of the year!

Reviewed by rob from Turner on 13th Jan 2004
this phone is absoloutely brilliant for how cheap it is. The music on it is fantastic. a great phone with some brilliant features.

Reviewed by Anne from UK on 12th Jan 2004
I have had a problem with every single nokia phone i have had. I had 3 nokia 3310s and 5 3510i s I got rid of my 3410 cos that kept freezing. For a top notch company nokia keep on prducing an awful lot of rubbish. What is the point in having a phone that doesn't work? I know i'm being unreasonable but perhaps nokia might consider making a phone that works!!!!!!

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 12th Jan 2004
Don't buy it its a waste of money. You could get a phone and an mp3 player for less than what this is being sold for unless you get it on orange but then orange aren't up to much either.

Reviewed by Josh from UK on 12th Jan 2004
This phone is s*** dont even consider buying it. Mine lasted 2 weeks then itt switched itself off and it would n't turn back onn agin.

Reviewed by Mike Young from UK on 12th Jan 2004
Don't judge your phone on first impressions I did and thought this phone was great. It isnt, its a load of **** just like all the other nokia phones with colour screens. It worked to start with and i could record music, then two weeks into having it like all the others it started switching itself off. It then refused to record music all the way through even thought there was plenty of room on the memory card. This phone is a load of rubbish and if there was an option to put a no star rating I would have selected that. WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T BUY A NOKIA THEY ARE ALL RUBBISH i have had a sony ericsson T610 and samsung C100 for ages now and had no problems. IF YOU DO HAVE TO BUY A NOKIA THOUGH BECAUSE YOU HAVE GONE MAD AVOID THIS PHONE AND THE 3510i for sure. The only good thing about this phone is the game DIsco, its quite good, but not a rerason to keep it. DONT TOUCH NOKIA THEY ARE COMPLETE RUBBISH!!!!!!

Reviewed by rudebhoy from england on 6th Jan 2004
nokia3300 is a very good phone to have i am just about to get 1 if u r in 2 music's this is the phone for u it has mp3 radio good polyphnic tones good games not too heavy i tink it is 1 of phone of the year .{looking for good look's go for n gage}

Reviewed by Neil Davie from Germany on 31st Dec 2003
Great phone with so many features in addion to the standard colour phone functions - radio, mp3, games, use it as portable USB memory etc. Only downside I see is lack of direct synchronisation between phone and PC for contacts, diary etc. Otherwise this phone is really cool. Best of all, it is cheap and you don't look like a prat side-talking like N-gage users!

Reviewed by Brad from US on 30th Dec 2003
it sucks! i dont get any reception, and it wont take ANY Music on the memory card... and it doesnt fit me.. its goin in the trash!

Reviewed by Gonzalo from Spain on 24th Dec 2003
helo I am from Spain. I think nokia's mobile phone is a very good purchase. The MP3 player is very good and sounds pretty well. The nokia 3300 is a mobile phone with outstanding characteristics. It was one of my best elections.

Reviewed by Mike Young from England on 22nd Dec 2003
I have only had this phone a few days but so far I have been very impressed. I was a bit worried about returning to nokia after having a tonne of probs. with their 3510i (which by the way is a total heap and a waste of money and I have had 5 since Jan 2003) but so far I have been very pleased with the 3300. I just hope it doesn't start switching itself off for no reason and cutting tones out for no reason too. I think the only problems I think there are with this phone are that it only supports 24 sounds at the same time when playing a tone and also haveing to connect the headset to it even if you want to listen to the radio through the loudspeaker but apart from those its graet. And the screen quality is great too although still only 4096 colours. One more thing WHERE CAN I GET NOKIA ORIGINAL FASCIAS FOR IT. IVE TRIED EVERYWHERE AND NO WHERE SELLS THEM, NOT EVEN NOIA THEMSELVES! I f you know where I can get one from (preferably high street stores) then please email me mikedeman@hotmail.com.

Reviewed by Ed from UK on 17th Dec 2003
Guys, I've been using this phone for a while now and as the previous reviews show, it's a great phone. I know some people might think it's a bit big and would prefer using a mp3 player instead, but have you ever missed any phone calls when you were lisiting to your music before? It happened to me so many times and this is the perfect solution!!! In addition, I've bought a 256mb MMC card for this phone and guess what?! It WORKS!!!! Althought it doesn't show on your phone that you have 256mb of memory, but when you download your musics to the phone you'll be able to download 256mb worth of music. ISN'T THIS GREAT?!?!?! Go for it if you like listening to music!! Great phone!

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 14th Dec 2003
i haven\'t acctully got my phone yet but i have odered it and i am picking up in a few days. any way i will post a reveiw when i o9 get it anmd let u all kno what i think. but i have read quite alot of reveiws for this phone and i have not heard 1 bad 1 and lookjing at the spec i can c y. true it doesn\'t have a camera but so what. i would much rarther listin to my fav music than take a picture which will get boring. for me this has everything. i used to take cds to work cos i had a long dinner hour and never n e thing to do so i took cds but i few got scatched so i thought about getting an mp2 player and then my phone started annoying me so i thought i would get this phone as it have both. plus it is a nokia which to me r the best and no one will beat them in my eyes. well like i said i will reveiw it after i get it and had a play about lol c ya dude and dudettes :)

Reviewed by Jason brown from england on 11th Dec 2003
This Phone is bo shank

Reviewed by bex from england on 9th Dec 2003
i am jst bout to buy da fone on pay as you go n it is a bargain only 100 wit an MP3 u pay dat 4 an MP3 buy its self!!! its gr8 4 ppl who love music but if u lyk da design n everyting but not dat into music go 4 da n-gage ;)

Reviewed by elfa from egypt on 9th Dec 2003
It's a great phone.. I have it for a week now.. however does anyone know how to access the gallery especially the wallpapers through the USB data cable??!!! Sometimes the display just resets and restarts the phone again.. Have anyone seen this issue before???

Reviewed by elfa from Egypt on 7th Dec 2003
I got this phone... it's amazing.especially with data cable.. but anyone knows how to navigate it's gallery.. especially the wallpapers????

Reviewed by Peter Howe from England on 27th Nov 2003
Hi, I used to have the Nokia 5110, which is essentially the old version of this phone. It was (I think) the best phone Nokia had released up to that time. This new, sparkly updated version improves in every respect you can think of. More music capacity (with MMC cards), colour screen, speaker phone, better games, MMS, it looks better, is more sturdy. The only step backward is the loss of the full QWERTY keyboard, but with predictive text being so good, that's forgivable. The only two extra features you could want are a camera and bluetooth. Well, cameras on phones are generally pretty rubbish anyway. They are usually in the low 100s of kPixels, whereas proper cams are in MPixels. Buy a proper digital camera - much better and much more useful (you can even get prints and everything). Bluetooth is an issue, but why would you want to use an expensive mono bluetooth headset over a free stereo cable one? I wouldn't. Overall, this phone is the absolute nuts. Anyone who likes music and cool gadgets will love it as I do.

Reviewed by Justin from England on 25th Nov 2003
kool!! (justinkhliu@hotmail.com)

Reviewed by fredric from uk on 17th Nov 2003
My life used to be a hollow shell of loveless desperation.i used to live alone with my motorola 7200."hello moto" were the two meaningless words that passed over my sour envying lips. until one day i strolled into my local cellular phone retailer(the carphone warehouse). after i'd brushed off the 3310's,the 7210's and even the n-gage, i arrived at my destination the nokia 3300 musical phone.i felt faint. a cold clamy swet ran down my face.my knees weakend then gave way. i fell to the floor begging for forgiveness I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!

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