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Nokia 3250 review

 Review: August 2006  

Last updated December 2007


In a nutshell: The Nokia 3250 smartphone is an excellent music player phone.


The 3250 features a unique twisting design that's intended to make the music player functions of the device easy to access. The phone starts off with a conventional keypad below the screen. Twist it once and the music player controls become accessible. Twist it again and it's a 2 megapixel camera. Gimmicky perhaps, but it works well enough and is fun too!

Let's look at the music potential of the 3250 first. The phone is supplied with 128 Mbytes of memory and this is expandable up to 1 Gbyte - not as much as an iPod, but enough for a few hundred songs. There's also an FM radio with Visual Radio functionality (find out what song is playing, who sings it, and other artist information). Sound quality is very high, with audio features such as an equalizer, stereo widening, reverb and bass boost included. Stereo headphones are supplied with the phone, and there's a 3.5mm jack for you to plug in your own high quality headphones if you prefer. The twisting lower part of the phone might be gimmicky, but it does allow you easy control of your music and playlists. The Nokia Audio Manager CD supplied lets you rip songs from a CD and transfer them to the phone in MP3 format. USB mass storage functionality makes it easy to transfer songs between your phone and a PC.

The camera is of reasonable quality, with 2 megapixels with a digital zoom, but no flash unfortunately. The video camera is good, and can record up to 1 hour of video. A video editor is included in the applications. The display is a high quality active matrix screen with 262k colours and a high resolution - not as good as the screens on the Nokia N80 or N90, but as good as other smartphones such as the N70 or N91.

Weight and battery life are typical for a smartphone. It's certainly not a lightweight phone, but it weighs less than a phone plus an iPod! Many smartphones suffer from reliability problems and can be slow accessing menus - we are pleased to report that the 3250 seems to be mainly free of these problems.

Overall this is a good combined phone & music player, with plenty of extra features too. The 3250 has now been replaced by the 5700 XpressMusic.

Nokia 3250 features include:

  • Smartphone (Series 60 Symbian operating system)
  • 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera (176 x 144 pixels, 15 frames per second, up to 1 hour recording)
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 176 x 208 pixels
  • Music player (MP3, eAAC+, AAC+, RealAudio formats)
  • Visual Radio
  • Ringtones: 64-voice polyphonic / MP3 ringtones
  • Ringtone composer
  • Voice Features: Enhanced voice dialing, Voice commands, Voice recording, Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 protocols)
  • Applications: File manager, Organiser, Games, Downloadable Symbian and Java applications
  • Caller ID with image
  • Memory: 10 Mbytes plus microSD card (expandable to 1 Gbyte)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB 2.0
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS class 10, EDGE class 10 - download up to 236,8 kbit/s
  • Advanced web browser
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband
  • Size: 104 x 50 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Talktime: 3 hours
  • Battery standby: 245 hours
  • Music playback: 10 hours

Nokia 3250 user reviews

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Average rating from 248 reviews:

Reviewed by Sherjin from India on 12th Jan 2014
What a phone!

Reviewed by Anik Saha from Bangladesh on 11th Sep 2012
This is amazing phone

Reviewed by louisa campbell from uk on 21st Aug 2012
i think this phone has alot to offer and its on rihanna's usic video even better! x

Reviewed by wentworth o'bryan from UK on 3rd Jun 2011
wel its the best phone i've have had so far and i kynda like the twistin part its kinda fun,the only thing that had been troublin me about this phone is the camera,when u switch on the camera it indicates general:feature not supported,some nokia e65 ar doin the same.i just dont know what might be the problem but anyway i love it...

Reviewed by Azizi from UK on 23rd Sep 2010
I have N73me & the bricky 3250 for two years until now.. Most amazing about 3250 is the sound is better than n73me.. Very superb.. I've tried microSD 8GB on my 3250 & works well .... Nice...

Reviewed by Haidar from UK on 12th Jul 2010
I HAVE IT IT IS SO COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Reviewed by Amar from UK on 25th Dec 2009
it's a best phone... i had it for past 3 years and I just don't want another phone... only problem i am having with it is that my headphones lose contact... i think they are hs-20... it started to lose contact about 4 months ago..i thought it was the headphones, then i changed them... but about a month later, new headphones started to lose contact, and now my left headphone works, but the right one does not...only if i press hard the connector... does anyone have a solution... ?

Reviewed by Prathmesh from UK on 9th Oct 2009
Hi I use this phone and its sound loudness and clearity is very good. I like its unique twist technology. It works on symbian 9.1 os series 60 release 3. So its application support is 10000 times better than its counter part SE w810i. I have also used w810i which has a gud s6und. But nokia is nokia... And its symbian which can never be beated.

Reviewed by NOUMAN from UK on 23rd Jul 2009
I Purchase that in 2006 at a cost of 19600 in Pakistan ann sell it after 3 years at 7000 rs. The phone is Outstanding. It had never any problem in 3 years. Great Great Great Phone

Reviewed by DD from UK on 13th Jun 2009
Worst fone ever! takes about an hour to send a text message anf freezes at the same time so you cant press anything - soo slow! bad camera because there is no flash. Memory is awful - I am constantly having to delete pictures, videos, and text messages to make room!

Reviewed by veer from UK on 11th Jan 2009

Reviewed by sam jackson from UK on 14th Dec 2008
This phone really good it holds loads of songs and the camero is brilliant i would give the phone 8/10 the only broblem is that it is two loud andd you cant put it on silent

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 30th Oct 2008
Ah-mazing phone and great music player, and it's almost indestructable. it's broken in places from where i have mistreated it but its never crashed, or stopped working and i've never had to take it into a shop for fixing. i've had it for a year and a half and i honestly do not want a new one. i love it!

Reviewed by christian from UK on 3rd Oct 2008
its a good phone

Reviewed by faizan rana from UK on 2nd Jul 2008
i like this mobile

Reviewed by DD from UK on 29th Jun 2008
I've had this fone for a while now and i must point out the bad points -camera has no flash which is annoying -scratches easily, especially on back -txt messages take forever to send -mine seems to restart itself everytime I try to find out what my calltime balance is -memory is always full - fone memory does not hold an awful lot -heavy and bulky -freezes randomly alot -text messages inbox fills up quickly and there is NO 'delete all' button - so thats rite! you have to go through ever single txt message and delete them separately! - very time consuming+annoying! overall - dont buy - not worth the money

Reviewed by Steven from UK on 25th Apr 2008
Frankly speaking.. im using nokia 3250 since last year and i'm really enjoy with the phone's crisp and clear audio..plus with twist function which can be customized to music player,communication mode, as well as camera mode..but the bad factor was the phone was too weight than other phone recent days.Overall, it's a good phone with a good audio..!!

Reviewed by Tash from UK on 12th Apr 2008
I have this phone 4 2 years now. Its great at first but then it gets laggy n it freezes when i sms n will oso jam sometimes. Not really worth it in d long run.

Reviewed by Trevor sauerwein from UK on 7th Apr 2008
The 3250 sucks big time!!!! I wud gve it a 1 out of a hundred

Reviewed by hamza from UK on 2nd Mar 2008
excellent phone .better than nseries.best camera. the twisting part is best.

Reviewed by Mitul Gogoi from UK on 30th Jan 2008
I m a music lover i love playing music in my nokia 3250 but recently i lost it and i also heared about it that this mobile is not in the market. is any sunch for me to buy this mobile again?

Reviewed by Sr. atw from UK on 31st Dec 2007

Reviewed by luke from UK on 16th Dec 2007
so far the phone is great..nice sound quality, effects are ok but can be a tiney tiney bit distorted when volume is max with bass boost on...lol im being 100% honest! its a great phone with many features that keep you busy. graphix are good with some games very good for a mobile and others like pac man are basic graphix..obviously this depends on the game installed not the phone itself. i like smart phones personally because of the big screens but this model is a bit too chunky maybe, the nokia 6680 seemed a bit slimmer in style, the 3250 is a brick so if you like small,slim phones do not buy this phone!!! the twist part is a nice feature as the quality camera can be moved around and the keypad can be used easy for playing music etc. the memory is very good, 750 mp3 songs can be stored on this phone which is great if you like alot of music like myself! can store and install tons of good games..more than any other phone ive had so far (and ive had a few) this smart phone is on the whole a quality phone....a quality brick with a huge brain!!!! worth no more than 70 quid i would say tho now days as is slightly dated!!! an i pod and mobile in one..i know about mobiles..not keen on the style would be better with curved edges but only got this phone for the big screen and gimmicky twist section + the extra features obviously! N90 is next to try! :)

Reviewed by santhosh from UK on 14th Dec 2007
excellent. but hanging in between. No posibility 2 connect to a pc

Reviewed by david williamson from UK on 13th Dec 2007
Hi i must confess this phone is absolutely out of this world,too good really into my system. i love it just like ma baby

Reviewed by katie from UK on 10th Dec 2007
i had this phone and it was gud at first but soooo slow at sending a txt message gave up usuing it in the end

Reviewed by Rebecca from UK on 3rd Dec 2007
I've had this phone since May, and I have to say I was actuallt very disappointed with it. Since I bought it, it has had broken three times and has had to be sent back to Nokia for each of those. I would also complain that it is quite heavy and a little large, but the problems I've had with it are slightly more serious. The screen is large, but scratches easily. My cousin had the same phone, and his screen cracked twice, but not from any rough usage; just being kept in his pocket. However, I must say I still love this phone. It may be big and heavy, but it has an excellent music player, and the 'twist' feature is divine. I'd rate it 3/5 because as much as I love it, it does have too many faults. <3

Reviewed by Shanii from UK on 2nd Dec 2007
This phone is a generally excellent phone! It holds loads of songs and it sounds excellent when you plug headphones in! The photos come out as digital camera photos and the games arn't bad! It twists quite easily but it would be really hard to break! It looks sexy too, my friends were jealous!

Reviewed by jordan from UK on 2nd Dec 2007
i have had this phone for about 2 weeks now and it is really hard to type because the phone is so largg it had no good themes!!! i am very dissapointed with nokia for this fault!!!

Reviewed by vineet from UK on 19th Nov 2007

Reviewed by Divya from UK on 13th Nov 2007
I have been using this phone for the last 6 months and am simply in love with it.It has excellent features and the speaker any music phone can have.The speed of the browser is also excellent even if your phone is loaded.looks really great and catchy..overall i would suggest anyone to definetly buy this one

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 11th Nov 2007
Ive had this phone for 2years and its still good as new its the best phone ive had and wouldnt change it for the world the camrea is amazing!! and as for twisting it mine hasnt broken and isnt near it so reading all the reviews saying it breaks easy. maybe you lot need to stop treating it so rough over time its got its minor scratches un-noticeable and now pieces have snaped off e.g the back holder button and the roof of the phone small part cracked off BUT im now on ebay getting a replacement and its going to be fine i love this phone and anyone i would recomend it too!! xxx

Reviewed by JAck from UK on 6th Nov 2007
Perfect phone loveable!!!!!

Reviewed by hassan j from UK on 24th Oct 2007
cant say much just sayin this phone is the best phone had evrey thing works fast blotooth is quick its loud.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 18th Oct 2007
This phone is the best phone i read the reveiws before i bought it and about the message thing but it doesnt happen to my phone it is a very good phone expect its chucky but still it is very good. also it is very confusing to work but you get used to it

Reviewed by Obaid Khan from UK on 13th Oct 2007
I am using this phone for the last one year and more but it is as reliable and good-featured phone as others released by nokia. If anyone intends to buy phone of this range, i will strongly recommend to have this one.

Reviewed by mostafa from UK on 9th Oct 2007
hi my names mostafa and i reviews 3250 is the greatest one after week i buy 3250

Reviewed by nilesh from UK on 28th Sep 2007
too good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 26th Sep 2007
I have just received the black version today and its great! Good camera Easy to use Music player It is quite thick though-but i love it! Its very slick and sophisticated!

Reviewed by Vishnu from UK on 21st Sep 2007
This phone is great. I bought it a year back and there is no problems with it as of now. Only thing is that it's camera needs lots of light; can take excellent quality pics during day time only.

Reviewed by mansourcd@yahoo.com from UK on 15th Sep 2007
very goood i am a kurd

Reviewed by Eagle from UK on 13th Sep 2007
Nice phone..i just like the loudspeaker..its too loud..anyway i hate the camera..its not good..dont buy this phone if you dont mind..its has suck camera..justbuy N70..its have what we needed..

Reviewed by Oz from UK on 12th Sep 2007
I've had this phone for a good 6 months now. It was cool at first, with the twisting features, a descent camera and a good sound + it is an mp3 player. Now I find it freezes up a lot, and is really really slow. Being a fan of Nokia, I thought this phone would of been better. 2/5 stars. Sony Ericsson, I'm coming back.

Reviewed by Gaurav from UK on 10th Sep 2007
i m havin tihs one from last year, very bulkey, sound is worst i hav ever heard batery life is good, one thing of this phone i like the cool ringing tones, and sound(not in earphons). overall its a good phone with huge troubles and now my phone has gone for repair since last 3 weeks, finaly now m tired to having this piece of NOKIA..

Reviewed by kelly harper from UK on 10th Sep 2007
that is ok coz it has got the twist bit at the bottom

Reviewed by luca from UK on 1st Sep 2007
this is the altimate phone. it hase a sexy shape a bit difficult to put it in the poket but its a hard body and it dosent break easy. it has a good camera but it dont have any flas.the mp3 is one of the best i have listend to . over all its a great phone and i recomanded

Reviewed by Ruks from UK on 31st Aug 2007
Well its a good phone..has excellent features and all..one thing thats disappointing is that is gets scatched easily and the keypad's all scrubbed off .i'm finding it hard to change the covers as hardly anyone does it...

Reviewed by anam from UK on 25th Aug 2007
I am 13 yrs old and have got dis fne in pink i wud recommend it 2 any1 its a very reliable/unusual fne i had a lot ov trouble finding it in the shops because it is rare it works just like a all the n-series mobiles b cuz its a smartfone and is really gud at playin music . u can extend the memory up 2 1gb so u can hold a few hundred songs/picz i wud giv it 5/5

Reviewed by duk from UK on 24th Aug 2007
i had this phone 4 a week. when i twist it to camera mode its very slow and battery life is one day or half and heavy.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 19th Aug 2007
i loved this phone, but it broke my heart, it started off as a brilliant phone; proper loud speaker, great features, decent quality photos, easy to use... but then the bad things.. mine died after 10 months, from a cracked screen (twice) after maybe 3months messages took at least 3 minutes to send doesn't sound too bad, but when it's happening it is the most annoying thing in the world, especially if you need to send the message to get out quickly. It seems the outer screen is too close to the inner screen, which has accounted for two breaks on my phone, first one cost 50 to be repaired a week later again the same thing happened, mysteriously i don't know how it happened, i have been accused of sitting on it however it was in a bag & no pressure what-so-ever was on the screen or phone. My memory card was snapped from someone twisting it & every time you tried to take a photo it says there memory card has come out using phone memory or something, this is because when twisted the memory card falls out rubbish design & even worse operating system, it stalls frequently. Even though the screen is good & big & close to the outer screen somehow dust gets into the phone very easily & makes it hard to see the screen in daylight. The video is decent quality for a phone but the video editor doesn't work, & only one game - snake 3d worked which is rubbish, punkwigs didn't get past the load screen, over all the operating system was VERY VERY slow. tbh i don't know why i ever loved it, it was utter ly useless now i think about it.

Reviewed by simone from UK on 19th Aug 2007
ive had this phone for only 3 months and the screen is absolutely rediculous cos the screen has faded and flashes! i also read on another review that the message takes upto 3 mins to send a message mine takes upto 10 minutes! (beat that) its not worth it so dont bother with it i payed 270 n its worth about a fiver!

Reviewed by bhkjh from UK on 18th Aug 2007
not all that

Reviewed by David from Trinidad from UK on 17th Aug 2007
I have dis phone for about 2 months now it is a very good phone with an excellent music player.the camera is good except in the night.the material used to make the back of the phone is flimsy and it scratches very easily whoever made that didnt know what they were doing its the worst i hav ever seen. This phone is not at all slow it is only when i full it with games (over 100) it becomes sluggish. The music opens up in no time at all.i dont know if this phone can only hold up to 1gb as everone says but i an running an 2gb micro sd and it works perfect.overall it is a very good phone and i reccomend it to anyone especially with the low price

Reviewed by aidan from UK on 15th Aug 2007
the phone looks great! however the screen is to fragile. I had mine for 2 weeks and then it broke. I was not impressed.

Reviewed by David-Deckchair from UK on 13th Aug 2007
This phone is acually OK. it has all the apps you could possibly wnt and the twist mechanism is this best part.the battery is above average. the only reason i give it a good, is due to its size!!!! It is V.chunky and the keys are tiny even with its size. Alrite id say.

Reviewed by FRED from Nigeria from UK on 9th Aug 2007
quite a smart phone with beautiful features but the camera resolution is not too good compare to nokia 3230. another problem with nokia 3250 is that you can hardly find an application that is easily installed on in, it will always write-NOT SUPORTED.

Reviewed by Hope Bulus from UK on 6th Aug 2007
i think this phone is outstanding, magnificant, great and it is something else out of nokia's technological power and uniqueness over ither phone manufacturing company. If you haven't, get it people i love nokiaaaaa 3250.

Reviewed by Rachael from UK on 6th Aug 2007

Reviewed by H_MAN 4u from UK on 3rd Aug 2007
i bought this cell phone last month. oh man! i cant forget this phone in my whole life, when i bought it i tried to use all functions and they were working great! and still working great. i love nokia 3250. i can give a suggestion to Nokia company that put this phone in your N series, because i think its an exclusive phone. Special Thanks to Nokia...

Reviewed by anees from UK on 3rd Aug 2007
very very bad

Reviewed by simi from UK on 30th Jul 2007
i love this phone its too tight for me.but d only problem 'm aving with it is d memory card.i mean i still av up to 235mb free but its always telin me dat d memory is low and cant take anyth but i think d problem is dat ' using phone memory.cud u pls tell me aw to switch to memory card.thanks

Reviewed by Nat from UK on 29th Jul 2007
A PIECE OF POO! I've had this phone for nearly a year and it gets progressivly worse. It now takes up to 3 mins to send a text message during which time the phone can't be used. The signal comes and goes, sometimes it drops signal all together during phone calls even when I have not moved. Recently, the screen has started to flash between normal screen and camera screen without the bottom section of the phone moving. But, the overall worst thing that this phone does is not allow you to quickly stop a text message once you have press send. This is an essential feature that has been on all of my previous phones. I hate this phone. Don't bother with it.

Reviewed by H.A.Mansoor from UK on 28th Jul 2007
I can say its a terrific phone. i have just bought it, and i really love to play the music in it. and i always like to twist it even if i am not using it. i love NOKIA 3250.

Reviewed by shane from UK on 28th Jul 2007
i just want to know if you take a pic while the phone is upside down can you view the pic properly when the phone is turned up the right way?

Reviewed by henry from UK on 18th Jul 2007
this fone is so bad even my old 3315 has better features the first day i had it the screen broke then the joystick snapped so i took it back got another 1 and the joystick broke off straitaway poor video and cam even my 3315 has better quality

Reviewed by Thomas Nyasasi from UK on 17th Jul 2007
whenever I copy video pictures in my handset I get the following problems:- 1) I ca'nt locate video clips 2) I cant play video pictires. What's the problem? Well be informed that other features are O.K>

Reviewed by omayhra from UK on 17th Jul 2007
i luv my phone, mine's pink & i luv it. i bought it in Europe, i live in Canada, they dont have this awesome phone here whaaaa, isnt that ugly. nobody has my phone down here im so happyyy!

Reviewed by nick from UK on 16th Jul 2007
what can i say, i never thort a phone would b this gooooooooooood, i LOVE IT woooooohoooooooo....recomend this to the president of america....GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by pat from UK on 14th Jul 2007
the phone seems to often give software problems with the twist function,other than that it is easy to install high quality games via the usb cable and pc software.also video editor is excellent.

Reviewed by Rickcardo rown from UK on 9th Jul 2007
this phone is hot the designer must be proud of himself

Reviewed by JOSEPH OJEDIRAN from UK on 3rd Jul 2007
the nokia 3250 is a very good phone but I still have problem with the mpeg-4 player it does not support it. so nokia should put this into consideration.

Reviewed by pjd cuningham, from UK on 29th Jun 2007
very very poor texting speed ,seems for ever for a text message to get through ,plus every now and then the phone just freezes up and takes ages to start working again - the best way is to take the battery out and start up again

Reviewed by Goutam from UK on 26th Jun 2007
A gr8 phone but camera quality must be enhanced.

Reviewed by Kjarri from UK on 24th Jun 2007
this phone sucks

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 24th Jun 2007
Grate phone best phone ever outstanding phone ltd phone best phone ever..............:P

Reviewed by krishnamurthy from UK on 21st Jun 2007
my Nokia 3250 is my life. i love it and i cant go anywhere without it............its simply awesome with no comparison. i am lucky to have it

Reviewed by jerry oboh from UK on 19th Jun 2007
the phone is excellent, love it and i prefer it to n72,71

Reviewed by laz from UK on 19th Jun 2007
loved this phone but it got stolen, im tryin to buy the latest xpress music version, cant wait to have this phone again!! best phone ive ever had

Reviewed by siddarthan from UK on 13th Jun 2007
man.. this phone is excellent..to hear your music its your best choice.it is fast. but learn how to use it in the proper way. it will be the best music phone...........3250 rokxxx1softwares have come enjoy............

Reviewed by Soumen from UK on 11th Jun 2007
The phone is great, sound and camera well upto the mark. The only difficulty i have encountered is with the handsfree connector on the phone, it started loose contacting within 4 months of purchase.

Reviewed by Ibrar from UK on 10th Jun 2007
Looks Good...Yes something out of the blue..Great Goin Nokia :)

Reviewed by Brian from UK on 9th Jun 2007
To answer your question, it can use a 2gb micro sd card just fine with no problem, i am using the one from SanDisk which i got from verizon. This phone is good. One prob is how easily smuged this phone gets....especially that back piece.. shoulda never took out that sticker...oh well...still an awesome phone :D

Reviewed by Dissapointed nokia user from UK on 9th Jun 2007
This Phone is great for the first six months then it gets rubbish. you think, stylish phone nice functions blah blah but after 6 months it slows down like mad! it took me ages to open a simple text message!!! I jumped in a pool with it but worked properly after a week and then my friend decided to run around with his girlfriend in his arms and bumped right into me and my phone fell on the floor and now the screen is wreaked. Thsi has to be the worst phone i have ever had, my D500 was better than this. I think that the style is only why people go for it. The symbian is the slowest thing ever, i know someone with an n80 and it is a ferrari compared to this thing. I am ashamed to have this phone because they spent loads getting publicity and it's very poor quailty from nokia, i think that the 3210 was a better quailty than this piece of chunky chip highly expensive old broken bottle. and a phone can't be sexy, really it can't and if you think it is sexy why not marry it??

Reviewed by riyad hakim from UK on 6th Jun 2007
I wanted to buy a Symbian Series 60 smartphone,that would support all software with .SIS extension.As I saw that 3250 is running in Series 60 platform,so i decided to bye that phone instead of buying 6681. BUTTTTT, After buying i saw it doesn't support .SIS extension application.So all i can install in this phone are those Java softwares (*.jar extension)only,which is so frustrating,cause i can't take the fun of big bundle of *.sis softwares. Its camera is not that much good as it should be as a 2mpix camera,its picture quality is nothing better than 1.3 megapixel camera of nokia 6630,instead nokia 6630 gives better quality picture than 3250. The only plus point 3250has got is its sound quality,specially with its headphones.

Reviewed by Powel from UK on 4th Jun 2007
i love this phone only coz Rihanna the singer has it. RIHANNA is pretty

Reviewed by mike from UK on 3rd Jun 2007
this phone is rubbish

Reviewed by Charley klus from UK on 2nd Jun 2007

Reviewed by judy from UK on 2nd Jun 2007

Reviewed by Edd Ryder from UK on 1st Jun 2007
quality phone m8

Reviewed by HACKER from UK on 25th May 2007

Reviewed by javon from UK on 22nd May 2007
i think this phone is good because it has good features

Reviewed by artikas iran from UK on 19th May 2007
very good

Reviewed by Ross from UK on 14th May 2007
A truely shocking phone!! Had to send it back 4 times, each time it continues to break and freeze whilst sending text messages. Camera reallyt shoddy and cheap, Got the new k810i so pretty chuffed. Dont wast money on the piece of trash!

Reviewed by Tizzer from UK on 10th May 2007
nokia 3250 is a sfe phone im getting one in next month cant wait to twist it lmao!!!

Reviewed by Abhishek from UK on 9th May 2007
This fone make me crazy.It able to compare nseries & it cost less than nseries i think nokia made best fone in low price all function rocks its runs on s603rd platform sound really gr8.nokia plz think more u make some silly mistake.But anyways this fone make me crazy to listen music it really outstanding

Reviewed by Damian from UK on 9th May 2007
Ever since i saw that phone on the advertisement for last year's world cup, i did'nt pat attention to the Nokia 3250. But out of no where i just felt like buying 1. today i have my Precious nokia 3250 in my hands. i have to admit that i care about that phone more than my life. there's 2 weeks since i bought it and there's not even 1 scratch on it. it not even fall down just once. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK NOKIA. I APPRICIATE IT.

Reviewed by MALIK FROM PAKISTAN from UK on 8th May 2007

Reviewed by MAlik from UK on 8th May 2007
Nokia 3250 is good.but it does not vary with the standard of Sony ericsson walkman phones.because sonyericsson walkman phones have high sound qualitywith woofers mps60.more over their all phones have stereo headphones.anyway in my opinion Sony ericsson cell phones ARE the BEST.

Reviewed by alex_boi_10 from UK on 3rd May 2007
i got this phone yesterday and i think that it is quality. the twisty buttons at the bottom is so cool. it is a black phone and you don't even get any finger marks on the back like you do on the black PSP. The camera quality is amazing. it is the best phone i have ever had. my advice: GET IT!

Reviewed by alex_boi_10 from UK on 3rd May 2007
quality phone. i got this phone yesterday and i already think that it is amazing. it has brilliant camera and video quality. the buttons at the bottom that twist are really cool and iv never seen a phone with the camera at the side. i have already video called someone and that is cool technology. my advice: get this phone because you will never see a better phone than this!

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