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Nokia 3230 review

 Review: May 2005  

Last updated August 2005

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: The Nokia 3230 is a budget smartphone.


Nokia have tried to pack in as many popular features as possible into this phone, so on paper it sounds great, with a megapixel camera, video recording of up to one hour, MP3 player, Bluetooth wireless games and fast internet access. It also features a compact design and is one of the lightest smartphones available - at 110g it compares well with series 40 phones - and it's priced to be popular.

The 3230 isn't a great looker, except in a boxy retro kind of way, but it's got a sensible keypad and a nice-sized screen. The screen is standard spec for a Nokia smartphone, and feature-wise it's comparable with most of Nokia's series 60 phones such as the 6670 or 7610. There are a couple of extras such as the Visual Radio, Push to Talk and Tunes Studio (polyphonic ringtone composer).

The 3230 comes with a Kodak Mobile Service which enables you to upload images to the Kodak Web site and then have prints delivered to your address. You can also print the pictures using Bluetooth wireless technology at any Kodak Kiosk at selected Nokia retail locations. Obviously these prints have to be paid for!

However, the downside of the 3230 is that corners have been cut to make this phone fit the budget. The phone menu is very slow, audio quality is poor, and there seem to be bugs in the firmware. Before buying this phone, you should weigh up these factors. Read the user reviews below and try to test the phone before buying.

Nokia 3230 features include:

  • TFT display: 65,536 colours, 176 x 208 pixels
  • 1.3 megapixel camera, with an effective resolution of 1.23 megapixels (1280 x 960 pixels)
  • Video camera (176 x 144 pixels) with up to 1 hour of recording
  • Movie Director software for video editing
  • Series 60 user interface with selectable themes
  • Push to Talk with dedicated key
  • Voice features: voice dialing, voice commands, voice recorder, integrated handsfree speaker
  • MP3 music player
  • Visual Radio
  • MP3 ringtones & polyphonic ringtones
  • Tunes Studio application for making polyphonic ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, instant messaging, email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, and APOP)
  • Java games, including multiplayer Bluetooth games
  • WAP, GPRS class 10, EGPRS (up to 118.4 kbps)
  • HTML/XHTML web browser
  • Mobile wallet
  • Memory: 32 Mbyte reduced size MMC card
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Triband
  • Size: 109 x 49 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Talktime: 4 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 150 hours

Nokia 3230 user reviews

Love this product? Hate it? Please share your experiences to help other people choose the product that's best for them. Please do not review this product if you have not used it. This is a review site, not a forum, so please don't just ask questions. Please do not use swear words or offensive language, and please, no advertising!

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Average rating from 225 reviews:

Reviewed by Erick from Philippines on 13th Aug 2014
I own one of this phone and i can download full movies without worry but sometimes i experience slow procces on menu but with my 2GB memory card i can download as fast as any mobile phone in my country can i also love the downloading features of my uc browser i never regret when i buy it! Its the fastest downloader!

Reviewed by RASHID MALIK from PAKISTAN on 26th Jun 2014


Reviewed by xy1154 from China on 10th Jan 2012
I own this phone.There are tons of old Nokia 3230/7610 left on the second-handed market here,so I decided to buy one.Except for the really poor sound quality (which is simply unbearable for me),it's a decent phone with many useful features.

Reviewed by Patrick from Kenya on 31st Dec 2011
I'm a student in a Kenyan college pursuing Engineering and In my opinion, the 3230 series has been so helpful to me. Since I acquired it as second hand product I have never visited a Cyber Cafe as sometimes I had lot of assignments for which required browsing to write down reports. I'm happy to be associated with Nokia. My next dream phone is 5700 series. Contact me on (paztmilo@gmail.com)

Reviewed by krishna from UK on 4th Nov 2011
i am using this nice

Reviewed by Ayobami from UK on 7th Oct 2011
Luv d phone

Reviewed by nik from UK on 8th Aug 2011
this phone looks and acts very cheap and nasty, I wouldnt buy it if it was the first smartphone in the world. every one knows nokia stands for cheap and nasty so i'll just have to play with my samsung galaxy s2 and this phone looks like something out of the early 90's. every one please stay well away from things like this and buy samsung, my rating would be -1000

Reviewed by Rohan Vyawahare from UK on 16th Jul 2011
hate the joystick

Reviewed by Mary jane fom philippines from UK on 15th Jul 2011
I have this phone for almost two years now. I just can't find the MP# player.huhu

Reply by Erick from Philippines on 13th Aug 2014
To Marry jane: you can download a mp3 player application so dont be sad...

Reviewed by chris from UK on 17th Jan 2011
one of the best phone i ever had though for now im using a sony ericsson

Reviewed by ashok sharma from UK on 7th Dec 2010
I have 3230 nokia mobile,using since 2006.this mobile is very nice and iternet connecting speed is 112 Kbps and i enjoyed every feature any time.i am using 1Gb MMc with this mobile due to be this reason my mobile hanged sometime,even them i proud my purchasing this mobile.

Reviewed by tosin from UK on 22nd Oct 2010
Good symbian phone

Reviewed by Ramu from UK on 7th Oct 2010
It"s really nice phone

Reviewed by Goutham from UK on 22nd Aug 2010
Great feature but poor sound quality and slow

Reviewed by vinay singh from UK on 3rd Jul 2010
i bought this fone on 01-05-2010...means after 5 years ..i used many nokia and other phone but nokia 3230 is still having something special which include...camera...the great quality it provides...2nd is wide screen.....but one problem is here with this fone which is keypad hard to press....actually main problem is not in the phone...but in the person who using the phone ...everyone wants everything in the phone...and how it possible....in my veiw nokia 3230 is good but not best.........best of luck

Reviewed by Adrian from UK on 6th Feb 2010
This is one of my worst phones i have ever used...It is slow..Sound is not very good..And it sometimes shuts off by itself..But hey its just my opinion..

Reviewed by srinivas from UK on 6th Nov 2009
i love 3230 phone,it has good features. but only one problem,it hanges some times

Reviewed by Prathmesh from UK on 12th Sep 2009
I m a computer engineering student and love my nokia 3230. It is also a gaming mobile which supports Ngage games 3d graphics n u can also load it with intresting softwares. I use 1Gb memory card and it works fine.

Reviewed by raja from UK on 14th Jul 2009
its a very bad product from nokia.

Reviewed by Pankaj Mhatre from UK on 19th May 2009
nokia 3230 is best mobile for me from last 3 years. The Web broweser is very fast. Downloding speed is maximam 15kb/s Rally pro is multyplayer game in this mobile Please buy this mobile

Reviewed by praveen jain morena (m.p) from UK on 19th Jan 2009
this phone is very nise,i also used since last 2year,it's outstanding performer,praveen jain morena (m.p)india

Reviewed by Beastboy1991 from UK on 27th Nov 2008
IGr8 phone man, using since last 3 years,overall good phone, comparable to s40, nope, given a chance, i hv time and again proved it to be better than N70, N72 n N80 to my uncle who own them all.The bad part is its sound, however, the headphones give a crisp stereo quality, loudspeaker is somewhat mono.Only problem i ever faced with it in whole 3 years was from battery, which actually was not problem of the phone.

Reviewed by Ridwan from UK on 19th Oct 2008
Nokia 3230 looks nice. I used it. It is no rocking but no bad. The camera is good. The imaging quality is GREAT ! However, the sound quality (MP3) is very poor. When i press the menu button, the menu opens slowly. So i am bored. Wallpapers, themes, applications/softwares & games are good. But some applications & games do not work to this phone set. So it is no good but no bad.

Reviewed by abhijeet from UK on 15th Oct 2008
i have a sony ericsson z555i and 3230... image quality is more than expected... and large clear screen makes it a good handset... audio is way too bad.... and too slow slow slow processing speed.... i wudnt recommend it to anyone.... but its a great piece

Reviewed by shreyans from UK on 2nd Oct 2008
overall a good phone to buy n use..!! been using it for some time and finding it quite good...

Reviewed by Prathamesh from UK on 18th Sep 2008
I had used nokia 3230 which is very poor which i had ever used.i goes on hanging while listening music. Audio quality is very poor. Display is good but its life is very less.camera is average .video quality is worst when we use zoom in it. Dont waste your valueable money on this phone

Reviewed by Rosemary from UK on 2nd Sep 2008
I baught Nokia 3230 in the month of August 2006 and it use to hang very often and cannot send picture messages.And Now it started giving funny problems.It gets off by itself every now and then though the batter is full.

Reviewed by Jagdish from UK on 26th Aug 2008
All features are well but speed is bit slow and mp3 sound quality is not good, so pls check these two things before purchase of Nokia 3230.

Reviewed by MLong from UK on 21st Aug 2008
I've been using Nokia 3230 since December 2006.When i 1st bought it e problem i faced was that sometimes e screen would just fade off.I had to switched it on again but it was rectified. However i like e phone bcoz it is user friendly. But a few days ago i received a sms. I read it and then went back to main menu. Later when i reopened to reply to the sms the 'message' option has disappeared ,(i might have accidentally pressed delete to it) and now i don't know how to retrieve it could somebody help me please. Tnx

Reviewed by Gina from UK on 12th Aug 2008
I've got this phone for almost a year and it stil works great! It has so many features. The 1.3 MP camera takes good pics but needs to have good lighting in the room. It has a real player but the speakers are mono so quality and volume is bad. Internet access is quite fast and I can fully access most websites almost like I browsing from a computer. Disadvantage is that I can't lock applications like my messages and phonebook like Motorola phone. But there is a wallet program that allows me to store any info like notes,credit card nos. etc and locks it with a password. Another thing is that the phone isnt completely sealed so tiny dusk tend to get into the screen. The only way to clean it is to open the phone. It has a 256MB memory card but its a nokia brand memory card. It did come with a Data cable so I would have to bluetooth my pics to my other phone then transfer it to my computer. It can only bluetooth file size limited to the amount of free space available on the phone which is around 4MB which isnt alot. because typical good quality music files are larger than that. It has a real player but like any other phone it can only play MP3 and 3G files. I would think it would at least be able to play avi or rm files. I still adore this phone tho.

Reviewed by Dayz from UK on 23rd Jul 2008
I like this phone,it's great feature.

Reviewed by Anil Kumar from UK on 5th Jun 2008
I am using Nokia 3230 from the last 1 year and as per my experience it is very very BAD phone I ever seen. In this period of 1 yera I visited atleast 25-30 times at Nokia care because of the problem of RESTARTING & HANGING. Now this is my 3rd phone (2 changed by company) and this also has the same problem. So anyone thinking of buying it,please don't even consider it.

Reviewed by Anna Ipu from UK on 25th May 2008
Yes i do love my mobile and i dont hate it.

Reviewed by Gezahegn from UK on 28th Apr 2008
Nokia 3230 is an average phone. It does not give font choice, its full screen is not as good as some of its relatives. The analogue clock is almost invisible.

Reviewed by Heradius from UK on 12th Apr 2008
My phone does not allow me to make settings,to receive or send messages why? Also a failed to get its software in the internet can you give me procedures answer via herady2006@yahoo.com

Reviewed by tayo badmus from UK on 8th Apr 2008
terrible,the screen of the phone will just go off.. i mean am not hppy at all........

Reviewed by Naresh from UK on 7th Apr 2008
Its great

Reviewed by Yusuf Dawasaz from UK on 7th Apr 2008
I owned this phone. The phone is not so good. it has many disadvantages such as its joystick somtimes work and sometimes it becomes so hard to use, it has no MP3 player, it does'nt support 1GB card. But its camera is too good. With 1.23MP camera it views a clear picture.

Reviewed by Anish Bhagwat from UK on 12th Mar 2008
I am using it since last 1 and half year it has outstanding performance. I can surf, chat, e-mail it is nothing but my palm top. Its amzingly good.

Reviewed by Anne-Marie from UK on 15th Feb 2008
This mobile is so slow and the camera is a poor quality. But the worst thing about this phone is the volume! When is rings in my pocket I can NEVER hear it unless the room i'm in is absolutly silent. The loudest it can go is not even loud enough to be the QUIETEST on my new phone. Definitly DO NOT buy this phone.

Reviewed by anand from UK on 8th Feb 2008
i got 3230 4 months ago and now it is giving problems to me that is when i turns to start camera it gives me "system error" and dont know exactly what kind of problem it is and also iam trying to repair it from the nokia care but they also failed to rapair they suggested me to send it to the company ,company will repair it or they will replace it. the whole process will take 2 months.

Reviewed by sam from UK on 23rd Jan 2008
nokia mobile 3230 is good looking.....i lke it very much.....

Reviewed by Abhishek from UK on 16th Jan 2008
have it for last year n half... though hav few bugs n probs like beep b4 tone, slow menu, delayed image capture. It does hav a poor mp3 audio quality bt with earphones plugged u wont miss ur sony walkman !! really. Pic quality is gud, n all provided features work fine. feel sorry for those who got a defective piece. all in all a decent phone at an affordable price.

Reviewed by muhammed roshan from UK on 1st Oct 2007
the best phone amoung in the s60 series with a good megapixel camera,good mp3,more good than nokia 6600 i hava nokia 6600 for the last 5 months , it fall into a water tank and damaged i buy this phone because i hava a big use of camera which has a good 1.3 megapixel camera which is better than 6600 which has a vga camera 'nokia 3230 with amazing feaures'

Reviewed by Brian North from UK on 18th Sep 2007
I have had my 3230 for 3 years now!!!!! and I wouldn't be without it. Of ALL the mobiles I have had, (and I have had dozens) this is by far the best by a 'country mile' I run the 'tomtom' sat-nav through the 3230 and it works perfectly with absolutely no problems what-so-ever. My only concern is that Nokia will stop producing this fine example of a mobile phone.

Reviewed by Auleear Farish from UK on 28th Aug 2007
Its really a bad phone. I regret having bought it.

Reviewed by sabyasachi from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
bad sound

Reviewed by sharriff from UK on 20th Aug 2007
Still I am not able to under stand that my phone does not function propoerly, when I maintained it in normal way. Some time when I scroll to natural recorder, it doest open and shows " no data'. And some times it gives late response to any command, why it happens? Is there any advise from any body.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 18th Aug 2007
i got this phone on contract, and it was exactly what i expected, the mp3 player is, as everyone says, rubbish. the camera is fine for quick shots, and i think the best part of this phone is the ruggedness, it isn't built to be tough but i dropped mine in a river and its fine, i got rather annoyed with it because the mp3 player was bad and i threw it at the wall, and all that happened was the battery came out! nothing wrong with the phone, u should buy it

Reviewed by shanti from UK on 17th Aug 2007
To say in a single sentence Nokia 3230 is a Hanging and slow phone.

Reviewed by Bokia from UK on 9th Aug 2007
Image quality is not that bad!, Mobile to PC and vise versa File Transfer it slower than other s60's (IrDA & Bluetooth) A Very Poor Output sounds it's Mono and Pls don't ever try to play MP3's when there's people around if you don't want to put yourself into awkward situation or if you want to gain embarrassments ok it's your time to shine yeeepooth! and the most annoying to this phone was the camera shot time! it's too damn 0.08ms delayed! so if you are a type of person who really most in image capturing (in instant) well go for another phone!!! Oh! there's so many features into this phone a blurd camera z0OOoM!, Push to talk -(to yourself) LoL! and don't forget to activate the built in suicide bomb! (joke) Open the menu and wait ok just wait oh there it go. huh what's wrong it restarts? don't worry just add 1.13minutes on waiting time hahaha! overall i can't see anything nice into this phone it's looked like a bar soap, it's mono, it's love to hang, it's slow, and the last it's a.......JUNK! anyway nice screen huh!

Reviewed by Ram from UK on 6th Aug 2007
I am using Nokia 3230. Now a days i am facing some problem with it. when i open camera then "feature not supported" message will displayed on its screen. may i konow why it happens? if any one knows then please help me. email: soundless_love@yahoo.com thanks for help. and all the quality of photo, mp3 play, playing game, connectivity and other features are very good and i like to use it

Reviewed by S.Rama Krishna from UK on 28th Jul 2007

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 24th Jul 2007
Dont buy one. Don't borrow one. Its dreadful. Great features, terrible life span. I'm on my EIGHTH one now and I really take care of my phones.

Reviewed by blade runner from UK on 21st Jul 2007
this phone is not worthing!!!!!!!!!!! not good enough feature. dont buy it!

Reviewed by a;klsdjf from UK on 25th Jun 2007
unfortunately one of the worst s60 phones in the market. its wierd that nokia did a shabby job with this considering the earlier models were better. id suggest the 6630/7610/6670 instead. 3230 has lower on board memory. bad software(there is no way to store messages in the memory card directly making transfer of large files with bluetooth difficult). old processor. the only reason this thing is selling is because of its all in one package appearance(visual radio is a new and presence of irda)

Reviewed by saradha from UK on 18th Jun 2007
i luv the phone but it is very slow either in upload via bluetooth or infa red device.anyway i like the style.it's bulky to carry too.not satisfied

Reviewed by prabhakar reddy from UK on 8th Jun 2007
my cell number is 9849776018 first i had 16k airtel card working in 1100,6030,8250 i bought 3230 in dec'06 it is not accepting only the first call outgoing or incoming call after that it is not accepting any other call i approched service centre they flashed and said it is better to chnage the card to 32 k i changed still tha same problem again approched nokis service center they chnaged the software at that time it worked for two days the problem again started i approched the service centre again they refashed it and asked me to change the card 64 k i changed it still the problem persistes if i ask the airtel they are keeping the simcard in the other cell it is working so don't by nokia 3230 and the sound quality also bad.

Reviewed by castro from UK on 24th May 2007
got this fon not long ago maybe a month now nd it started developing sum problems. i thought it was the phone but i realised it was the sim card that had the problem. i changed the sim card nd the problem stopped. its a gud phone, so many features nd softwares 2 install. pretty gud!

Reviewed by greg stewart from UK on 23rd Apr 2007
I bought this phone of eBay about 8 months ago. I was deeply disappointed to find out that yes it did have everything but everythig on the phone was awful. The mp3 player was muffled, scrachy and very quiet. Even with headphones in the sound was poor beyond any other i have heard. The headphones are mono. The phone was slow (despite the phone boasting a 123mhz processor). The video playback was far from smooth. After a while the phone started restarting for no reason and freezing. The battery is fairly bad for a nokia and does not hold its charge like other nokias.the one redeeming feature was its software compatability. This, running on a symbian OS, ment that it could support more powerful mobile applications which linked to the bluetooth and infrared. Anyone considering buying this nokia should really reconsider. This phone has really let nokia down.

Reviewed by harshana from UK on 8th Apr 2007
I got a 3230 phone 1 year ago and now it's battery life decresed to stand by time to 8 hrs . i changed the battery as well . but problem still going on. please tell me what to do is it can repared . is it's OS has broken . should i have to boot new os for it?

Reviewed by mehdi from UK on 8th Apr 2007
i love it . the screen is nice and you can do anything you want , but keypad isn't comfort and user friendly .

Reviewed by s.z from UK on 6th Apr 2007
Just wonderful

Reviewed by Amjad from UK on 27th Mar 2007
Exceptional phone... Its a really nice phone... i have been using it for a year now.. its awsome.. i feel ppl who didnt like it need to upgrade their brains...

Reviewed by Sudhakar from UK on 26th Mar 2007
I bought this model before 4 months. -Restarts automatically (i don't have any third party s/w installed) -Hangs frequently when accepting the incoming calls and you cant speak -Slow -Mono MP3 player(really boring) I will not recommend to buy this, my colleague also having the same problem

Reviewed by sandeep from UK on 24th Mar 2007
this fone is trash......very very slow,MP3 is jus dun wanna talk bout,it is very confusing,i have 2 use almost all my energy 2 just select da messaging munu,ABSOLUTELY STUPID!,i had to change the software of dis fone,but its still stupid,I SAY DO NOT BUY DIS FONE,IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Abdelkrim from UK on 23rd Mar 2007
I love this phone , it looks great nice camera with a fast blootooth and internet conncetion. nice options as well I love it

Reviewed by NOBY from UK on 19th Mar 2007
hi guyz and dollzzz... about 3230..loooks great camera great.. sound really dumbooooooo. but guyz i wud say.. put u r ear peice.. get onegb memory card.. enjoy liek anything..sound from headset is great.. se wat u pay for it.. wat u get from it.. value is definitly there...then problem it`s got is slow menu slow.. and pallicatios too slow... all those we can afford but one of the stupidity tht the r&D nokia done is tht.. wat ever things u downlaod onto u r mobile.. it saves to u r phonememory first if u wannaa dowlaod a song thru blutooth.. it comes to phon memory first... liek other phone we can change the option to memory card in the test message seeting.. thats a bad news for those who are goona buy this phone..but if u got a card reader.. tthings goin to bee so easyy.. uuuf enuff... i wud rank 3.99* outta 4

Reviewed by daniel from kenya from UK on 10th Mar 2007

Reviewed by arpit from UK on 5th Mar 2007
nokia 3230 ROCKS

Reviewed by blackjack from UK on 28th Feb 2007
its jus an awesome phone... the best and affordable in its class... but however the messaging is quite crammed because of the small keypad but its got excellent features to compromise for... what more could u ask for.. go for it.. will give it 4/5...

Reviewed by bobby from UK on 27th Feb 2007
To all who dont know ythis mobile phone , they are simply DULL! This mobile can have everything u would like! It's like a pc.The only inconvenience is that its battery doesn't last for long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by ganesh kondeti from UK on 26th Feb 2007
i have this phone since from 6 months. this the best phone for this money. One advantage and disadvantage of this phone is size of Display screen. Sound clarity is just an average.

Reviewed by thurston from UK on 26th Feb 2007
well the phone is good but it has a litle problem that disapointed me and that is when you want to use camera it shows system error and till now i dont know the reason why!

Reviewed by Prashant Srivastava from UK on 24th Feb 2007
I have this phone since aug 2005 now and i think its superb..Visual radio is very good,1.3 megapixel camera produces great and clear pictures, video shooting is very good but sound quality is a problem .But except sound quality everything is best and is highly recommended to all those who want a nice sleek smartphone at an affordable price with all the features. I would not hesitate to give it 4 stars.nokia 3230 ROCKS

Reviewed by Ahmad from UK on 23rd Feb 2007
It is slow in opening application, a slow camera, but it has a lot of good functions....

Reviewed by Nitin from UK on 23rd Feb 2007

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 17th Feb 2007
Had this phone over 2 years now, and I can honestly say it is the best phone I've ever had. It hasn't broken or done anything wrong at all, apart from the rs-mmc card failing, which wasn't the phones fault. Admittedly, the MP3 player is useless in it, but who cares? It's a PHONE.. Screen is bright and clear, if not a little scratched (it's nearly 3 years old). Camera is good too, when using it in the daylight. Overall, a great phone. p.s. I've looked it the call log, and it's logged over 1,200 hours of phone calls (business phone), or about 2 hours a day.

Reviewed by Osama from UK on 8th Feb 2007
This phone wont receive any laurels on its looks...even though it supports lots of different formats it fails in many regions. The first thing i noticed about this phone was that the sound quality was very poor and you always hear an annoying beep before you receive a call or a message.The other thing is that it crashes often.The camera is good(1.2 megapixels) but the video recording is very poor as the sound recorded is very poor as well.The last thing is that its phone memory is very low.All in all go for this one only if ur on a tight budget...

Reviewed by Tanmoy Das from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
every thing is allright but the sound quality is very poor

Reviewed by MabZ from UK on 2nd Feb 2007

Reviewed by Diane from UK on 26th Jan 2007
I've had this phone for about a year now and love it. In fact i can't find another model to update to that has all the features of this phone plus its so simple to use. Had a few problems with it at the beginning. The screen would lock up and turn off but after taking to a local repair shop and finding out it has a 3 year warranty they sorted it and no problems since. Really love the large screen and the fact that i can sort and store so many text messages into its files

Reviewed by stu from UK on 19th Jan 2007
I've got a nokia 3230 and without close inspection when buying such phones, you could find yourself disappointed like me. Most features of the phone a good to OK. The best part is the metal case which feels like better quality than a plastic case. The worst part about this phone is the mp3 playback, which is actually mono and really, really bad quality. Don't buy the headset extension unless you want a mega expensive fm radio. What gives, surely decent quality playback wouldn't blow out the cost of the phone if it can already amp signals through the headset at a decent level.

Reviewed by Imran from UK on 18th Jan 2007
The most beautiful,stylish and well functionable mobile i love nokia 3230.

Reviewed by ken from the philippines from UK on 13th Jan 2007
the 3230 screen is big but disappointing. It lacks richness of the colors. Sound quality is extremely disappointing when playing mp3 songs. It sounds really aweful and unacceptable but using visual radio, it sounds ok. Why did nokia make that compromise? Why nokia? Why? Fortunately the images captured by the camera are clear and colored accurately(well lit conditions). Response time is also a bit too slow and really frustrating.

Reviewed by orangejuice from UK on 13th Jan 2007
got the phone 8months ago. the phone is ok. may have a problem when accepting files from bluetooth when it's bigger than 4mb. camera, music is ok. but just today when i picked up my phone, it won't stop vibrating even if it's off. it would just stop when you take out the battery. once you put the end of the battery just on to the slot, it vibrates again real bad. just reformatted the phone same thing... tried other batteries, same thing... bad bad bad.

Reviewed by venkatesh from UK on 10th Jan 2007
this nokia 3230 is one of the hanging phoe

Reviewed by Darwin from UK on 27th Dec 2006
this very very very poor phone almost drown all my money because i have to go to Nokia Care often because of the bugs and errors of this phone. It is very very very very very slow, if you will compare this to an animal, i'll classify this phone slower to a turtle. I had this major disaster once, this phone wont boot, it only has whitescreen and then it will shut down again. what a patethic phone. taking picture is hell because capturing a shot is very very slow and inconsistent. OVERALL, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PHONE TO EVERYONE BECAUSE YOU WILL JUST MAKE THE NOKIA COMPANY RICHER AND RICHER,,,... Hate this phone .. A LOT!!!

Reviewed by jonrichco from UK on 25th Nov 2006
Great phone - I don't find it slow, but I don't have many to compare it with. Menu is not fully intuitive, and takes time to master. USB connection to PC is excellent, supported by Nokia PC Suite. Presume bluetooth and infrared work as well.

Reviewed by Enyinnaya from UK on 23rd Oct 2006
the nokia 3230 can be best described as a replacement 4 a much loved sendo x. Yes, its way cuter and installs much more software. i bought this fone because of wat i heard it could accept a wide variety of application which is the main reason why i dumped my sendo x. the fone has its pros and cons but there is absoliutely nothing to worry about. nokia 3230 is really impressive with its sleek shape that gets u noticed. i think its really of quality standards both mechanically and technologically. the price is cheaps in relation to wat the fone has to offer so pls dont miss this opportunity. GO GET URS NOW.

Reviewed by Mustafa I Rangwala from UK on 2nd Oct 2006
This phone is good , But software is slow and hangs when we operate in speed,ie to many functions at one time. Can anyone help to improve its speed thanks

Reviewed by Phone reveiwer 06 from UK on 20th Sep 2006
this Phone is amazing a great buy all the reviewers who said it is bad are WRONG you should buy it its brilliant

Reviewed by jake answaar from UK on 13th Sep 2006
this fone is without a doubt the stupidest fone ever!!!navigation could not have been worse,and mp3 quality i jus don wanna talk bout,stupid as in stupid i spent 960 bucks on buying it and 1200 bucks on repair,cmon nokia i love ur company but this jus...rubbish,i bot it cuz ppl said that it was good,and the results was pure rubbish!!but if u noticed i gave it "2"stars,it gained 1 star more cuz the game's graphics were good,and if i were just left with this fone(witout options)would take it,but i have 2 say once more,THIS FONE IS ABSOLUTE RUBBISH AND I ADVISE U NOT 2 TAKE IT IS JUST A WASTE OF MONEY!!

Reviewed by Moazzam Moin from UK on 1st Sep 2006
I ve this fone one month ago. this is not bad, a descent and graceful look fone. it has some problems e.g. soung quality, beep before ring tone. but its screen and camera are great. I recomend this fone to buy.

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 14th Aug 2006
i've had this phone for 9 months till now, well i normaly keep a phone for 8 months do this is a record :D...this phone is FANTASTIC considering its price..but it has some problems which are: 1.voice quality not very good(but not bad)..it'll be better using good headphones. 2.it's head phone is not very good. 3.there's zoom till 4X but uchange from no zoom to 4X by only 2 clicks (no gradual change of zoom like 6630). 4.image quality not very good (not like other 1.2 megapixel cameras). 5.taking picture takes long time. 6.phone memory is low (stated as 8 mb but it's actually 6 megabyte). 7.messages can't be saved on memory card only on phone memory. 8.voice recorder is only for 1 min. 9.generally slow...but acceptable not too slow However,There are some advatages: 1.contains bluetooth and infra red. 2.accept mp3 and wav ring tones. 3.of course, accept memory card. 4.good games. 5.video recorder for an hour. 6.generally it's great considering it's price 7.easy to use

Reviewed by Stanley from UK on 2nd Aug 2006
my experience with nokia. Dear friends, This is my experience with nokia after spending 14500 on a 3230. If you are planning to buy a nokia phone please read this before making that decision. 1) March 2006 - I purchased a new nokia 3230 phone for Rs 14500. It was very slow, restarting very often and after two weeks it went dead. I took it to a nokia authorized center and they told me that it was an "Unrepairable issue" an replaced the phone. (Much later I came to know that it was a refurbished phone). 2) May 2006 - The phone once again went dead. I called the customer care. Every one spoke all those sweet words but without any result. I kept escalating the call and finally spoke to Mr Srinivas. He claimed to be the head of the entire customer care. He assured me that if anything happens again with the handset he will replace it with another model. So again I got another refurbished model. 3) June 2006, The third phone again went dead. I got really frustrated and called the customer care. I stated them that three phones has gone dead and I donít want a replacement but need another model. But they never obliged. I was never able to speak to mr srinivas. I tried for nokia corporate office. After lot of search i got the number. The number was 01142799000. June 11 2006: I asked for the GM customer and got connected to one ms pinky sharma. Extn: 9214. She told me that she will assign to one manager in customer care and the case will be resolved faster. I was "Assigned" to one mr abhisek. This guy was a very smart guy. He kept dragging me with various models and keeps on asking for many "48 Hours". Finally he committed that he will be able to offer me 6260 which has got all the features of 3230. Suddenly the price of 3230 went down. And he stated that i have to pay the difference of 7000 rupees. I told no for that. Then I suddenly got a email from nokia offering me a "BOX PIECE of 3230" and stating that it will be "The final offer". I finally accepted that. I also deposited the dead handset to the nokia care office. July 26 2006: I got email stating that some one from nokia will call me in 24 hours letting me know when and where to collect the hand set. August 1 2006: After almost two months of struggle i was again back to start. No calls, no response. Then i tried speaking to pinky sharma. She was not available. I tried speaking to the MD of nokia, INDIA. He is Shiv kumar and he sits at extn 9202. I was able to speak to his PA, Monica. She told all stories and stated that some one will call me back on this. August 2 2006: Tried calling, Abhisek, customer care, Pinky, GM or Monica, PA to MD. No one seems to be available. Friends if already have nokia phone and if you are facing issues, please call these nos 1) 01142799214 (direct line of GM Customer care, Pinky sharma). 2) 01142799202 (Direct LIne of MD, NOkia india, Shiv kumar). Please don't call customer care. It is waste of time. And if you are not having a nokia phone, please donot buy one. Kind regards. Stanly

Reviewed by Jay Wakefield from UK on 31st Jul 2006
I've had this phone just over a week and I love it. After many phones, this is the second smartphone that I have had and so far I am impressed with the Symbian operating system although it isn't that clear cut on how to do things such as change the text tone. Compared to my other phone, the Nokia 6230i, the speaker is of low quality (it sounds like AM radio) but this is improved by attaching the Nokia headseat that came with my 6230i. Some people say that this phone is slow, and yes, compared to other nokia phones it is but you try a Windows Mobile based smartphone, such as the SPV C550 and you will think that this phone is like greased lightning. The 1.23MP camera is very impressive.

Reviewed by Kanan Abdullayev from UK on 26th Jun 2006
I have had not many mobile phones. This phone is the second in my life. When I was buying this phone I did not notice that it is a little heavy and big. In the shop things seem a little better they are. Sellers tricks works and goods feature are always exaggerated. Besides battery life is poor. You have to keep your phone on power charge in every two days if you like sometimes to play with phone. Also every time after fiddling with phone you have to be careful to close all application that is raiser annoying. I was distressed when my phone speaker strength and quality occurred to be poor than other models. In all I am not impressed by this phone. I expected much more. And the worst thing is I do not like changing things. I do not know when I will buy next phone that is why may be I increased the problem.

Reviewed by Prashant from UK on 18th Jun 2006
In single word it good phone for its price. Screen is very good. 1.3mp camera gives good quality pictures under sunlight. The major drawback is very very poor sound quality(especially with spekers). FM Radio is stereo but the mp3 is mono. Dont know the secrete behind this??? Overall its good phone...

Reviewed by Pach from UK on 16th May 2006
this phone is the best i ever had and i like it so much

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