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Nokia 3200 review

 Review: January 2004  

Last updated October 2004


In a nutshell: The "cool feature" of the Nokia 3200 is that you can create your own custom covers, using photos or your own design or artwork.


The Nokia 3200 has an integrated digital camera, which you can use to take snaps, send to friends, download to your computer, or print and use to make your own cover design. The 3200 also has a built-in FM radio, as well as support for wallpaper, polyphonic ringtones and Java games, making it a good all-round fun phone.

Overall the phone offers a surprisingly large range of features. Apart from the quality of the camera itself, which is really very poor, the only things that Nokia could have improved are the ease-of-use of the keypad, and in common with most other Nokia phones, the poor colour resolution. 4096 colours is not really adequate for a camera phone. This is really a toy camera phone, and the new 3220 is a much better choice provided that you don't need the built-in radio.

Nokia 3200 features include:

  • High resolution display (128 x 128 pixels)
  • 4096 colours
  • Integrated digital camera (352 x 288 resolution)
  • Custom "design your own" covers
  • Built-in stereo FM radio
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Picture editor
  • Predictive text input
  • MMS (max 100kb per message)
  • Java games + 2 built-in games
  • Wallpaper
  • Flashlight
  • Speed dialling
  • Handsfree speaker
  • Voice recorder (1 minute capacity)
  • Alarm, calendar, notes, calculator
  • WAP/GPRS/HSCSD with XHTML browser
  • Pop-port™ interface
  • Size: 108 x 45 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Battery standby: 150 - 300 hours
  • Battery talktime: 2 - 4 hours
  • Tri band
  • Vibration alert

Nokia 3200 user reviews

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Average rating from 202 reviews:

Reviewed by Diane from UK on 21st Dec 2010
I just have to say that this is my very first and only cellphone. I have faith in the Nokia brand because this phone is still with me staying strong for over 7 years now and going. I got it in the start of middle school and now I am in college. Although I must say that it's a little outdated for me because I need more room for my text messages.

Reviewed by Marigold from UK on 20th Feb 2010
I've had this phone for years. It's a cheerful little brick; it tells the time, wakes you up in the morning and you can also phone people on it. It's all I need from a phone, and for 25 quid five years ago, (including 15 call credit), I don't think you could find better value. It has good battery life and I like the simplicity of the menus. The camera isn't great, but I don't need fancy games or screensavers, and if I want to take a picture I'll use my proper camera. The buttons are a good size, and I got used to their slightly quirky arrangement long ago. There are just 9 oval buttons in total, with the top and bottom of each behaving as two separate buttons. Sounds odd, but functionally it is a very comfortable phone to use. It also seems very robust. I've dropped it umpteen times and it just refuses to die. I admit this phone might not be to everybody's taste, but it gets a big thumbs up from me.

Reviewed by H. UK from UK on 2nd Jan 2010
I absolutely adored this phone.

Reviewed by Keijo Berberi from UK on 15th Jul 2009
The operating system is HORRID, the camera is bad beyond comprehension, the calendar is completely bogus, they even messed up the sms sending. I have no good words to say about this phone... well, maybe the radio is OK. Please, steer clear of this one. I'm from Finland myself and I tried to love it because it is a Nokia but it is just plain bad.

Reviewed by Cerisssss from UK on 12th Jan 2009
oooooo retro i used to have dat one im gna sell it to an old phono website now i think i dno why im writing this i just saw sum1 slaging it off n it was an old fone u cant expect too much from it n it did actually have the most awesome games which i will miss dearly =] xx

Reviewed by mr cool from UK on 22nd Oct 2008
this phone is durable, sexy, and handy. they keys get need a bit of getting-used to, but with the awesome games and powerful flashlight, not to mention the FM radio (!!!!), that won;t take very long at all. all in all, a worthwhile phone to have for anyone - particularly kids :)

Reviewed by Andi from UK on 11th Sep 2008
This was my first phone which I brought back in 2004. Four and a half years onwards, it's still functioning well and providing me with everything I need. It's also very durable and is yet to fail me. It may not be the most flash or have the most functions. But it is reliable despite being dropped so many times and pretty much scratch proof =]

Reviewed by pat donohue from UK on 23rd Aug 2008
my nokia 3200 was the best phonei ever had i accidently let it fall into water last week and it stopped working im lost without it

Reviewed by Tawanda Tongogara from UK on 5th Aug 2008
I have my 3200 for 3 months now i belive it is strong. nokia is the best phone

Reviewed by Richard Maparura from UK on 9th Jul 2008
Well, above standard but, believe we can get more utility on improvements.

Reviewed by John from UK on 1st May 2008
I've hd my 3200n for 5 years. It has just recently died on me. I miss it very much. I really, really liked this phone! :-( I hoe my next Nokia is as good as this was!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by blakey from UK on 19th Feb 2008
i have had this phone for a long time it is very strong can handle a fair beating lol the light is very good but mine just died i found out they dont like goin for a swim lol rip 3200

Reviewed by Mr.Poker from UK on 17th Feb 2008
this nokia 3200 is a great mobile... i had one at one year ago... and dan a changet for nokia 6280 and now i miss it...

Reviewed by zac from UK on 1st Feb 2008
I like it but the camera gets really blury and its buttons get worn out really fast. The vibration gets falty aswell

Reviewed by benny boo boo from UK on 18th Nov 2007
i hav had dis fone 4 2 years. It is so bad that the camera sux!!!! kk, da bottom line is only buy it if u r an idiot.

Reviewed by ivona tinkle from UK on 11th Nov 2007
ivve had this fone 4 like 2 years now and its always been there 4 me my lil fone bob he nos how a fone should work no complicated stuffs just simple n easy the only thing im not happy wit is no video recording poo!... :( but still a very nice fone. ROK ON PPLZ!!! :)

Reviewed by Leticia Krauss from UK on 29th Oct 2007
I have a nokia 3200, and changed it for a newer model 3 times and those 3 times while the others kept failing I turned back to the 3200 and it has never failed me.

Reviewed by Anonomous from UK on 9th Sep 2007
It is a horrible phone with a poor image camera and the voice recorder is crackly.

Reviewed by mahesh from UK on 14th Aug 2007
this phone is really tooted up.. the colours are screwed up.. and the camera is a piece of toot.. the recording isn't as bad.. but the infra red is tooted up slow... overall its a garbage..

Reviewed by Lemon from UK on 29th Jul 2007
I've had this phone for over 2 years now and I have to admit when I got it i thought it was the coolest thing on earth! I have to admit the changable covers are cool but come with a major downside - they're blimin' fiddly and annoying after about 2 weeks. The camera is rubbish - it can't zoom and if you take a picture of a hand moving very slowly all you will get is a fuzz. However dispite it's rubbish qualities I have had it for 2 years and not once has it broken or done anything weird! Nokia phones are known to be able to last it's while but once you've had the phone for about 2 months it does get pretty boring. The voice recorder is pretty rubbish, and it hasn't got bluetooth so you cannot get any music on your phone. Furthermore the memory is pretty rubbish, it can't even hold one song, and you are limited to the amount of pictures you can have on it. I would reckomend this phone to people who wish to use it for texting and calling but nothing more. On the whole a pretty rubbish phone.

Reviewed by n from UK on 29th Jul 2007
jus dont buy it people

Reviewed by blar from UK on 26th Jul 2007

Reviewed by Kelda Remington from UK on 17th Jul 2007
This is a very strong phone which has lasted me for three years!! The camera is very poor but i would recommend getting a seperate camera from a phone anyway. It is a very easy to use, reliable phone and the only problems I have had is that one button dosnt work very well anymore (ok if you press it hard) and that it is starting to cut out when phoning people if the battery is about less than half charged- but what do you expect after 3 years? Brilliant, it looks pretty old school now but would be ideal for someone who wants a strong, easy to use phone!!

Reviewed by deon from UK on 6th Jul 2007
this phone was great they should make a new verson of it.

Reviewed by Caroline from UK on 17th Jun 2007
I loved making my own overs for it and i put a galaxy bar wrapper in it. mine lasted for years on end but then bit the dist and i still dont know why...

Reviewed by #NAME? from UK on 10th Jun 2007
This mobile was okay, but the colour wasn't so good and the keypad was a little bit hard to use. The camera was awful! I would give the camera a 3/10.

Reviewed by Tayo from Nigeria from UK on 8th Jun 2007
I think i like the phone. The Handsfree speaker is fantastic. One can conveniently receive calls upon activation of the speaker while driving.

Reviewed by baby girs from UK on 6th Jun 2007
i love mine its very good it also has the light and sometimes i can charge it and then it works again. thank you!

Reviewed by cam from UK on 1st Jun 2007
my power button doesnt work

Reviewed by jenni from UK on 9th May 2007
this was my fave phone eva i abso luvd it!

Reviewed by me from UK on 6th May 2007
i thought it was good until it got nicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

Reviewed by LOLO from UK on 28th Apr 2007

Reviewed by Agim from UK on 25th Apr 2007
hello Nokia 3200 is Wrey wery Good

Reviewed by jordan-lee from UK on 23rd Apr 2007
i have just bought this phone and find it extremely usefull except the buttons as you say the could of created them easier to use

Reviewed by rumahn from UK on 22nd Apr 2007
useless, worthless, rubbish, waste of money. and thats all ive gotta say about this fone if u want a fone u want summet a bit better like a 02 ice or a samsung d500 i mean compare the looks and the features i mean dis is imbarasing 2 nokia.

Reviewed by njh from UK on 5th Apr 2007
tis phonereally sucks load of rubbish

Reviewed by rumahn from UK on 22nd Mar 2007
poor poor poor poor thats all iv gotta say it barely has connectivity, iv got the motorola pebl and thats not that good but i no it will make the nokia 3200 look like a joke.

Reviewed by fahimy_yusoff2000@yahoo.com from UK on 13th Mar 2007
In malaysia .. we call this phone NOKIA BUBBLE .. its because of the keypad shaped like bubles .. anyway .. now i am still using this phone .. IT IS FUN FOR YOUTH .. my tooth is already yellow , so , i do not need a bluetooth after all ... hahaha ... I LOVE THIS PHONE ..

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 2nd Mar 2007
Ok its abit old now... but my fone is amazing!!! And i wouldnt swap it for the whole world!! Im lovin the cases and stuff u cn buy for it!! 5 stars baby!!

Reviewed by richy from UK on 9th Feb 2007
great phone reliable and easy to use with great features i would recomend this phone

Reviewed by michael from UK on 31st Jan 2007
this phone iz DA BEST!!! i have had it for 4 years and i never want 2 change and i never will

Reviewed by bean from UK on 20th Dec 2006
haha this PHONE is a brilliant peice of rubbish. i love its brickness and it comes in handy when people are stranded at 3 ha. dont yell at it. its a phone. it makes PHONE CALLS to other phones. that was a phone is supposed to do and this phone furfils that purpose. love the bean x

Reviewed by Dunno from UK on 14th Dec 2006
This is a rubbish phone, i've had this for only a week now, and i think its dumb, the camera quality is rubish and not much memory either. The screen is dull, and has the most dreadful ring tones. If u want a better phone than this, just get the nokia 3100 I'm so dumb for trading my 3100 for this!!!! What ever you do dont get this phone, its rubbish!!

Reviewed by I love good phones from UK on 6th Dec 2006
I totally hate this phone, its so rubbish, sorry "NOKIA" but even alcatel make better phones than the 3200!!!

Reviewed by catinthehat from UK on 5th Dec 2006
This phone is great if you want something a little bit different. It's really boring when everyones phone looks the same (like the pink Motorola RZR). The camera is a little bit rubbish, but honestly, if you want a brilliant camera you should get a camera, not a phone. The fact that you can zoom in AFTER you've taken the picture, and not before is quite annoying. I never use the radio, but I'm sure it's quite good. The ringtones aren't that brilliant, but as it has a voice recorder, you can set them as your ringtone. All in all a good phone, and it's more stylish than the later model - 3220.

Reviewed by kempy from UK on 2nd Dec 2006
i love this phone, and had it since its realease i advise anyone in the world (even james bond) to buy this far-out gadget

Reviewed by No Name from UK on 11th Nov 2006
This phone is sooooooo bad i looked at what it has and its so bad. The Camera is awful, the case is flimsy and the buttons are really wierd and the screen colour is seriously bad. The camera is really bad because you have to put your camera so close to the thing you want to take a picture of. REALLY BAD!!

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 28th Oct 2006
I had this phone for a few years.It was very epensive for its poor quality.Whenever i took a picture i couldnt see what i had taken it of.I have to disagree with a comment though.You could have your own screensaver.But the phone was dreadful!!I hated it though i got a new one.An excellent black motorolla razr v3i which i definately reccomend.I lost that within a week.So i got a replacement and lost it the same day.Haven't got one now.This phone is rubbish!!

Reviewed by olivia higgins from UK on 3rd Aug 2006
it is a very good phone from the outside but that is just becos it looks funky and the fact that u can change the cover to ur own thing but the picture on the camera is ssoooo bad i always put it into night mode when i take a picture in the day time just becos it becomes a tiny bit better. the music on the phone is just ssoooo ancient it is terible plus i have lost this phone about 20 times or more in the last 2 years becos when u put it down when it is switched on sometimes it automaticaly turns off after leaving it for just 2 days any way DNT BUY THIS PHONE unless u want to show it off at a party so i say it will be good as a second phone DONT BUY IT plus dnt buy a motorola phone they break down

Reviewed by Ridhwan W Nugroho from UK on 24th Apr 2006
Not-so-bad of a phone,that's what it is. It has got FM radio, flashlight which is very bright, and a oh-so-poor camera. Although it's seem complete enough for an entry-level phone, but the design doesn't have any distinction except for those of you who can make a design for its cover. I'm a designer myself, but I didn't find it quite fun to design the cover. don't know what to do with it now, maybe sell it someday.

Reviewed by Zenobia from UK on 9th Mar 2006
I've had this phone for almost a year on the Virgin network. I have had no problems with it at all and it does it's job. But no one can deny the camera and screen are really rubbish when it comes to taking and displaying pictures! But apart from that the phone is fine. A lot of people complain about the memory space that it is very small, personally I don't take many pictures (what's the point with the rubbish camera and screen?) so if you're into your pictured and videos you may want to invest in a different phone. But in general it's a pretty good basic phone.

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 22nd Jan 2006
This fone was cool but now its way beaten by the 3220. sorry. Camera quality is disastrous, other than that its a good phone. Looks nice and nice changeable front and back.

Reviewed by Matthew from UK on 19th Jan 2006
i wnt on da park and da screen stopped workin!!!!!!!!!! it absolutly brakeable i payed 50.00 at argos dont get it get a samsung e350 their way better !!!!!!!!! NOKIA IS RUBBISH

Reviewed by Oby from UK on 2nd Jan 2006
I hate this phone, because: 1. 4096 really isn't good for a CAMERA phone. 2. Camera is fuzzy. 3. Memory is TOO small. 4. Buttons are useless. 5. Could not get no signal. How disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry Nokia!)

Reviewed by Rebecca from UK on 12th Nov 2005
A decent, fun first phone. Camera is pretty crappy, but the phone is easy to navigate, and you get used to the different shaped keys. The radio isnt that good, and the colour screen isn't as decent as some of the other similar phones, but comes with decent games and the changeable covers are always fun. Poly ringtones are good and u can download more games and ringtones off GPRS connection. No composer which bugged me a bit first, but aparently most poly phones dont have it. Perfect size, not to big or small. The 'plastic' look when i first recieved the phone made me think it was badly made, but after 18 months of having this phone, it has never caused me any problems. Comes with flashlight, which i found useful, and slightly amusing ;) can store pictures with contacts and many numbers, emails and adresses under the same name, which makes it easy to find people. Voice recorder is pretty bad quality, but u no it works, so no complaints here. Can store quite a number of photos which is great, so u dont run out of space that easily. Over all a great little phone.

Reviewed by moira from UK on 2nd Nov 2005
This phone is quite good, but the memory is v small and the camera is not very good. However, the changable covers are fun . The radio is annoying as you need headphones even when you listen to it on loudspeaker! This phone is good for a first-timer as it is simple and cheap.

Reviewed by Happy from UK on 26th Oct 2005
When I first looked at this phone my enitial thought was that it looked trendy and 'fun', however, when i got it back home I charged it up, registered and started to explore the phone. The buttons were unusable, I found it so hard to navigate my way round the keypad, as for the camera quality, well what quality? It was a real let down, the night mode didn't work properly and when I took a picture in normal day light it was fuzzy and out of focus! I bought the phone on vodaphone and I'm not sure if it was the network or the phone but I could not get a signal, and I live in london! Although the phone had it's faults, I have not given it a one star rating because it had some strengths. I like it's design apart from the un-user-friendly keypad, it was a fun and young design, the phone had a very good voice recording compared with the Samsung E300 which is absolutly usless! Ok, this isn't Nokia's best phone, infact it's not worth the 70 I paid for it about a year ago, however, I would recomend this to anyone who just wants to ring people on there phone because if you want it for texting and camera use it's usless!

Reviewed by nath from UK on 24th Oct 2005
to " havana" that asked how to use the flashlight, on the keypad, there is a button at the bottom with a star on it, with a little light, hold that button down, then it will come on. Good fone, cool design, but the camera and memory are poor!

Reviewed by Rijeka from UK on 22nd Sep 2005
It is a good phone. Camera is CIF, not VGA so you can't expect some quality.Memory is also poor(1mb). I got used to the keypad emediatley,that was no problem. Cool design,oslo supports EDGE.. it is a solid phone...

Reviewed by ash from UK on 16th Sep 2005
this fone is a decient fone

Reviewed by havana from UK on 16th Sep 2005
i just bought it from e-bay but without a manual,but i cant get the flashlight to work as i dont know what to press can anybody help! it is a very good value for money phone.

Reviewed by Holli from UK on 4th Sep 2005
I have had this phone for what seems like an eternity - for the first few weeks the buttons were a novelty but now they are just PLAIN ANNOYING. Also after about the first 3 weeks the camera was more grainy than before, I have just taken it back to the store because its the biggest piece of junk i have ever owned - the speakers broke for what seemed like no apparant reason, the radio although good quality has to be plugged into a headphone before its able to play, when i bought a mobile phone with radio i bought it so i wouldnt have to carry my headphones with me everywhere. Unless you are nocturnal do not buy this phone as apart from being not able to see the screen with anymore than a streetlamp shining on it, you will probably be too embarrased to go out with it. Next time i will buy something a LOT better.

Reviewed by katie tollitt 13, uk from UK on 8th Jul 2005
I have had this phone for a long time now and i recomend you read this review. I got my 3200 basicly because i was 12 and wanted a phone to have some fun with. This phone has not a very good camera i give you that but its also good in ways that make up for it. The making your own covers addition was a little hard at first and i ended up cutting them out with scissors most of the time! with only 3 very good ringtones but it has a good voice recorder which is good. The games are proper phone games, just like snake the game bounce is a simple highly addictable game and you can play it almost anywere. overall this phone is a very good phone but only if your young and like to have fun!!! katie, expirienced nokia user

Reviewed by Kizzi from UK on 7th Jul 2005
hi, wots up, im spanish but i live in Australia. im 14. i have had both the 3220 and 3200. this is what i think about the 3200: What an absoulute waste of money!!!! seriosly, nokia makes great phones, but in my opinion, i think the 3200 is an absoulute waste of time, money, EVERYTHING!!!! i had one for two weeks untill it wouldnt work for no reason!!! i traded it in for the 3220, and i am extremely happy that i did!!! i even think cavemen had better quality, more advanced, mobile phones than the 3200!!! it only has 1 mb!! thats a joke!! the 3220 has 16 mb!!! why would you even consider getting the 3200???!!! the camera quality is sooooo poor, the night mode does not work at all!!!! the images look like a redish, blue, blurry splat with squares all over it, when it was ment to be a photo of your friends face!! go back to this websites home page, click on the 3220, read my review on the 3220, it also has more bad points about the 3200, and it also mentions alot of 3220 features. if your thinking that, "i want the phone to look good, and the 3200 has cut-out covers" the 3220 also has cut-out covers, and coloured lights that flash!!!! dont make the same mistake that i did, by getting the 3200!!! please go to the 3220 part of this website and read my review on it. i hope it changes your mind, and trust me, it would be for the better!!! it will save you atleast $200!!!!!!!!!!!!! cyazz thnx 4 readin!!

Reviewed by Mazza from UK on 7th Jul 2005
hey!! look at this!! i know my maths!!! this is a formula you HAVE TO remember!!!!: 3200= waste of money, time, dumb-ass, ugly phone!!! i give it 5 stars, for outstanding...... outstandingly bad!!! i have.. i mean, HAD one. i got so angry at it, that i threw it in the lake, and left it there to rot!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Leanne from UK on 14th Jun 2005
i got this phone last september at first i thought it was great but now im bored of it and the picture quality is pants tis pointless even taking pictures... the flashlights cool though so is the radio but somtimes its hard to get a decent signal n u gota wave ur phone around in the air for abit before u actualy get one lol makes ya loook abit daft :P the buttons are cool too, people sayin that there hard to use just aint got used to em yet :P the cover making things also fun :D if u get sum decent paper to be cut out it looks pretty good. i braught this phone for 100 squid and now within a few months has dropped down to 50... before long it wont even be for sale cuz the price is droppin so much.. ive just braught a samsung e600 for 58 squid and the picture quality on the phone is much better. buy this if u want a funky standard plastic-filled phone :D

Reviewed by lewis simpson from UK on 9th Jun 2005
i REALLY h8 this fone!!! the camera is poor quality and also the screen is rubbish!! as for looks its not too bad on the website but when you get it you realise its plastic it looks cheap!! complete rip-off!! it looks lyk it as cum out of a McDonalds happy meal!!! im gettin a new 1 in cuple of days! thank god! im gettin da nokia 6170 its sooooo much betta!!!

Reviewed by Pipman from UK on 9th May 2005
I ve had 2 Nokia 3200s. The first one broke after I dropped it stepping out of the car. Although the plastic covers fitted together again. The switch at the top did`nt. Unfortunately the switch is very delicate, and can break off while pushing it too hard! For those who just want a `phone`, then the 3200 is a good phone to use, but if you want more, it can be limited. I think the camera is quite basic, and the screen is quite small to make out the picture. The pictures you send over to the internet are of better quality. Dirt, dust and fingerprints can get a tad anying after you take apart the plastic covers, and having to for ever clean the screen. Overall this is a good value for money. If you wnat to look for the mod cons such, I think you should look elsewhere. This is a mid range phone that does the various basics.

Reviewed by a-1991 from UK on 21st Apr 2005
I bought this phone last year, because the design appealed to me. THE CAMERA IS NOT GOOD. Battery life is iffy.The screen is hard to view in bright light. The plastic on the front and back is not ideal as it scratches easily. And, as said before, it does get boring quickly. To be fair, you do get used to the buttons, and they do respond well, and the ringtones are loud. Overall, a nice little phone, but Nokia have made the 3200 with too many faults.

Reviewed by u muva from UK on 12th Apr 2005
cool cool cool cool cool cool cool!

Reviewed by phone person from UK on 7th Apr 2005
Do not get this phone for it's camera. The Nokia 3200 appealed to me for the look of it and it's camera. However, it gets boring quickly. Although it lacks features such as bluetooth and a GOOD camera, it it is good for talking and texting. The loudspeaker is useful. The keys at first look odd and difficult to use; You will get use to using them. Overall, I am pleased with the phone, but if you want it for features I would not recommend it. PS: Does anyone know how to use the cover cutter ?....!

Reviewed by Bubba from UK on 14th Jan 2005
In less than six months I have had to replace three of these phones because of a broken on/off switch. Poor quality. Made in Korea. Enough said.

Reviewed by little madame from UK on 10th Dec 2004
This phone is alright but after a month or so i got really bored with it. The camera quailty is alright but not the best I have seen. My friends phones have got better cameras, so I would suggest not to buy this phone but all of the other nokias are reliable.

Reviewed by rob from UK on 8th Dec 2004
i thought this phone looked good in photos but in real life i thought it looked cheap, plasticky and rather basic.it is ok but there are not many features, and the camera is not of high quality.there are so many better phones around

Reviewed by Owen McGovern from UK on 23rd Nov 2004
This is a very basic phone.. When I connected it to my pc, it was recognised as "Fashion Phone" !! Which was quite amusing. It doesn't allow you to set individual ringtones for each caller in your phone book. This phone doesn't have an internal modem. I wanted to develop some J2ME apps, and was dissappointed to realise this. Most/all other phones in the Nokia range did have an internal modem. If you want to buy a USB cable to connect your phone, don't get ripped off buying the DKU-5 Nokia cable... get a cheap USB to IrDA (infrared) port instead. Which you can also use for other applications too. regards, Owen

Reviewed by Sacha from Australia on 1st Nov 2004
I thought it was rubbish when I first got it. But then I found out that I can get plain normal covers and different buttons. The radio is pretty cool and the games arnt too bad. But what really gets me is that you cant have a screen saver! Its just the time. Thats real poor. I would still rather something different but I'm stuck with it for 2 years. hurrah. Optus wont even swap it for something different. Really invest in something just a bit better.

Reviewed by Lucy Coulter from Canada on 31st Oct 2004
This phone is suprisingly at an affordable price. It has a built in camera and a pretty background.

Reviewed by CHLOE from ITALY on 30th Oct 2004

Reviewed by syed from uk on 29th Oct 2004
its VERY much like the 7250i but has a few additional features. i'v currently got this phone. the camera quality is like 7250i. . you can change covers. it has voice recorder. but apart from that. its another 7250i. save money for something else. not bad though. there are better phones available for the same price.

Reviewed by Mathew F from Australia on 28th Oct 2004
The buttons are take a bit to get used to, the camera is good enough for a phone, (if u want something better buy a camera), the only problem i have with it is that the amount of memory/storage (1.1MB) is too small, and the fact that the radio requires the headset to be plugged in even with loudspeaker on is ridiculous and a nuisance.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 27th Oct 2004
DONT get it!!!!!

Reviewed by davster from on 26th Oct 2004
this phone is the best!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by COTTER from IRELAND on 25th Oct 2004

Reviewed by scorpio from philippines on 25th Oct 2004
It would have been a better phone if it had a good quality image.The memory is extremely low and no memory card to cope up with this.And I wonder why people say they can only save 20 images when I can save around 40 to 50 of them...To sum it all up,it has very low memory,bad images,handy flashlight.But it's fairly good

Reviewed by Natasha from UK on 22nd Oct 2004
Really? You could only store 20 pics? I had well over 60 b4 my Fone died n i had 2 get it fixed, wheni got it fixed they updated it and it now hasn 1.2Mb memory!CAREFUL WITH THE SWITCH!!BREAKS EASILY!! pretty funky covers and i liked the buttons-so original!!

Reviewed by Micheal from England on 19th Oct 2004
Well its a great fone but it as some annoying little features,like only being able 2 store 20 pics before its full,and thats without games and ringtones! The camera is slighlty bad,it has about only 4500 colours which is rubbish for a camera fone.On the good side its a fun,easy to use and looks really good.One for the ages 10-13 bracket.

Reviewed by Emily from England on 14th Oct 2004
This phone has everything the cut out covers are brilliant and the camera is pretty good exepct you cant zoom when you are taking the picture..... apart from that there is no fault in this phone at all the keys do take a bit og getting used to though dont dis the phone recomended to any1 who wud want to buy this phone.

Reviewed by aldo from mexico on 7th Oct 2004

Reviewed by Mixxy (Ms Nokia) from Malta on 6th Oct 2004
Mrs siemens dont dis this fone it got everythin i like it and that means its nice i barley like any fones so get a life and choose a mobile dat works!!! siemens r H.O.P.L.E.S.S. and wat eva u do to them they break if they fall they brk i mean a nokia could fall in a pool and will come back to normal after some tie i mean come on a nokia cant have a cold night cause it will jam beyond repairs!!!!! nokias r d best nokias possible

Reviewed by Jennifer from Ireland on 4th Oct 2004
I had this phone for 3 months, then sold it and got a motorola v300. The nokia 3200 is a good fun phone, more suited to the younger person, great features, fm radio was an excellent extra, making ur own covers..great idea for kids. The only down side was the memory and the picture quality. So if ur big into games on ur fone or taking lots of pics then u cud b better off looking for something else. But in general found no faults with this phone.

Reviewed by Blahhh from UK on 12th Sep 2004
Overall this phone is alright, its worth buying as it comes with many other functions such as FM Radio, Voice Recording, Integrated Camera etc for a reasonably cheap price. Although the camera can not be considered good, it isnt bad eithier (too slow). The buttons are weirdly shaped, but once your used to it then it should be fine and the memory is a too small... other than that the phone is a good deal

Reviewed by EbsTa from AusTraLia on 10th Sep 2004
this fone is sick, mr nokia get a life. no probs wat so eva. its handy when shannon noll came here i captured pics of him and sound recordings!! i get lots of pics of my friends and the cutting out covers is AWSOME! all u ppl dissing this phone its sick and i luv it. by the way it costed $200 AUSTRALIAN MONEY! quite cheap and convenitent lil fone. BYE IT, ITS 4 YOU come on U NO U WANT IT take care ppl may god bless you luv ebsta

Reviewed by micky from uk on 1st Sep 2004
the fone has good sounding ringtones but the camera quality is rubbish blury pics don't but it

Reviewed by mrs nokia from uk on 1st Sep 2004
man this phone is tight it has the best ever camera zoom and what not it is onestly the best phone ever MAN! but i wud jus like to say that the sad techno nerd who sed this phone is for peeps with no life. well he prbably still lives with his maa and shud get a L.I.F.E that depends on how wel his dimwitted brain can focus cos he probably got his maa to rite this out cos hes to thick to do it himself peace to all u peeps!

Reviewed by Sam Jackson from England on 31st Aug 2004

Reviewed by sarah from England on 31st Aug 2004
The nokia 3200's camera is quite poor as it only has about 4000 colours on it, however you can store loads of pictures on the phone. Many things, such as the FM Radio,cut out covers + voice recorder are great. The games are ok, though i dont really see the point of virtual me. I have to admit, i did have to return the phone after about 6 months as the screen had frozen, other than that i've had no problems. I would call this phone standard - nothing special!

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 28th Aug 2004
The Nokia 3200 is well gud i got it for my birthday this year and it is so ace. For all people stuck between buying it or not: 1. The buttons are not hard to use, even though they look weird. 2. The camera is ace 3. On O2 wap is free which is so cool 4. The phone has everything you need and comes with cool covers (even tho the back is hard to get off!) 5. It has loads of cool little features like different colour scemes 6. Overall it iz just wicked and the coolest phone around BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) U WILL NOT REGRET IT! ***** 5 StArZ *****

Reviewed by Clare Rogers from England on 25th Aug 2004
I hated the phone when I bought it but it got worse the camera quality is rubbish night mode doesnt work, i only have 3 pics stored and it says memorys full, how stupid, I never have signal sometimes people ring me and say why didnt you answer but my phone never rang and I wouldnt have any missed calls, ringtones also rubbish, WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!

Reviewed by Jennifer from UK on 25th Aug 2004
I luv my phone, it is a dream phone, it does everything i could ever wish for, and all my friends were SO jealous when i got it (ha, losers) but recently it has started lettting me down, its getting all scratched and its all dusty, ok not major but yeh-it annoys me!!!!! Clare-Y DID U BUY THE FONE IF U HATED IT, thats just plain arrogance, u have no right to complain about this ideal phone!!!

Reviewed by Lewis from England on 23rd Aug 2004
The photo quality of the Nokia 3200 is sooooo bad!!! Also, the keypad looks cool, but it is very hard to use. I got this phone for christmas, but in about 3 months, I changed to the Nokia 6220. the photo quality of that is betterrr, but not amazing! Hopefully, for my birthday, I'll get the Nokia 5140! Dat fone is WICKID!!!! But I give the 3200 1 star cos I hate it!!!

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