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Nokia 3110 Evolve review

 Review: January 2008  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The 3110 Evolve is the same as the 3110 Classic, but has environmentally-friendly street cred too.



The Nokia 3110 Evolve is exactly the same as the Nokia 3110 Classic, except that it incorporates environmentally-friendly aspects into its design and manufacturer. In particular, it has the following eco-friendly features:

OK, so it's not going to single-handedly reverse global warming, but it's a start. Not many people realise that if you leave a phone charger plugged in, it consumes energy even if the phone isn't connected to it. Perhaps if the chargers had a label on them telling people this, then more people might realise it. Anyway, you should always unplug or switch off your phone charger when not in use. But if you forget or can't be bothered, then the 3110 Evolve will do a little bit to help.

Now, let's applaud Nokia and say that being environmentally friendly is a Good Thing, etc, etc. But you know, we can't help being a teeny weeny bit cynical. Mobile phones aren't great for the planet, especially when most of us buy a new one every year and chuck the old one in the bin. The single most important thing that any of us can do with regard to mobile phone ownership is to recycle our old phone when we replace it with a new one. Nokia seem to be trying to make a difference here, but they could have made all of their phones like this. Instead they've created one environmentally-friendly phone, which kind of draws attention to the lack of progress in all the other phones that they make. We also have this sneaking suspicion that the 3110 Evolve isn't going to be easy to buy, and that most people will buy the 3110 Classic, which is flooding into the shops and is looking to become a best-seller. Time will tell.

Nokia 3110 Evolve features include:

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Nokia 3110 Evolve user reviews

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Average rating from 8 reviews:

Reviewed by Brian Miller from UK on 10th Dec 2010
Bought this phone originally on Orange network and unlocked it to go to Virgin. Been a great phone. It does everything I want it to and apart from the lens being cracked it still works well and had a far better battery life than many of the new phones. If it is on standby it will stay on standby for over a week. I need to swop it for one with a qwerty keyboard but I am reluctant to let it go. Fits easy in my shirt pocket. Camera is OK but hey I have a camera to take pictures, Radio is good but hey I have a radio in my car

Reviewed by po from uk on 16th Jun 2010
great priced phone. good speaker. eco is a little exaggerated. a basic classic 3110, really. just better shell. a model which quickly fell into oblivion after launch. no longer available

Reviewed by dheeraj from INDIA on 23rd Oct 2009

Reviewed by M from Ireland on 22nd Jul 2009
Its an ok fon.....

Reviewed by zelda from uganda on 30th Oct 2008
its a beautiful phone

Reviewed by ali from India on 2nd Sep 2008
This mobile is good but some times it restart automatically.

Reviewed by Jon from South Africa on 20th Mar 2008
amazing great phone

Reviewed by Danni from U.S.A on 13th Feb 2008
It is cool.. good camera,mp3 and it is really easy to work the only thing is that its got CRACKING BUTTONS!dont get it! Becasue it good but annoying. 3 keys cracking and i got it 3 weeks ago.

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