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Nokia 3109 Classic review

 Review: January 2008  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: A highly recommended phone for those who don't want a camera in their phone.



There aren't many phones around these days that don't have a built-in camera, but for those whose job prevents them from having a camera, the Nokia 3109 Classic is probably the best option available. It's almost exactly the same as the 3110 Classic, except that the camera and FM radio have been removed. The 3109 Classic has all the essential phone functions, and is a tough no-nonsense phone with a good battery and smart looks. The keypad and 5-way navigation key are very tactile, and this is a phone that you can just get on and use without having to worry.

Although it has no camera, it has easily the best LCD display in its class, and benefits from an MP3 player and a memory card slot that can take microSD cards up to 2 Gbytes. It also has excellent connectivity: Bluetooth, USB and Infrared. The only thing it's missing (apart from the camera) is an FM radio - if that's important to you then choose the Nokia 2310 instead, although the 2310 doesn't have an MP3 player.

Nokia 3109 Classic features include:

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Nokia 3109 Classic user reviews

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Average rating from 38 reviews:

Reviewed by Chris from England on 24th Nov 2015
Not long after my review in Feb 2015 I lost my 3109.

I now have a Samsung Galaxy S5 work phone. It's lovely but it feels so delicate compared to the 3109, and I have to charge it every day!

Goodbye old friend.

Reviewed by peter from UK on 17th Nov 2015
Excellent, no frills old-school phone: smaller and easier to pocket than a smart phone with a decent battery life and easy buttons to use (male fingers). Practically unbreakable too; I've had mine for years, loose in pockets with keys and change and, although the case is badly scuffed and the screen glass has a star crack in it, the phone just keeps on working. If you just want to make calls this has a lot going for it and it's built like a tank. It's the most popular model of Nokia issued at my work, much better than other models.

Reviewed by Glenn from Australia on 5th Mar 2015
While most of my organisation uses Smart Phones I have been given access to a nokia 3109c. Whilst a camera and the ability to use exchange, lync, yammer, google etc while on the move would seem important to an IT professional, apparently it is not. Still this phone allows me to make phone calls which is it's primary function and will sync via bluetooth to my car. The best feature of the 3109c is when any of the smart phone users ask me for support I pull out my nokia and they leave me alone.

Reviewed by Chris from England on 20th Feb 2015
I've had a company 3109c since 2008. Seven years!

Excellent call quality. Still on original battery, it gets charged every Friday night whether it needs it or not.

I've always just kept it in my pocket with loose change and keys etc., and generally not pussy footed like I have to with my iPhone with its case and screen protector etc.

I have often hoped it would get broken so the company would give me a new one, but this phone will not die.

More than classic, it's a legend.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 29th Nov 2011
Excellent handset in the Phone only mode. What I love about this phone is the supplied/downloaded nokia suite software allowing the ability to sync contacts, calendar and notes with microsoft outlook.

Reviewed by Uchenna from Nigeria on 3rd Jun 2011
I so much like nokia 3109c becouse it browse so fast,and it is a strong phone but i didn't no the problem it normaly develop.IT is the phone i m using now.

Reviewed by echee leonard from nigeria on 6th Oct 2010
really nokia 3109c is a flexible phone irrespective of the fact that some things are missing it still gives all i need from a phone.

Reviewed by JC from UK on 9th Sep 2010
This is a terrible phone. I would have liked a simple camera but its work issued. I find a the anti camera comments very unimaginative. Understood some works wont allow though. It cant find half of my blue tooth devices. It gets really really hot when used. The audio quality is terrible - very harsh sounding that gives me a headache. I try to use it as little as possible and the screen is a joke by modern standards. I hate the way a text screen stays up after you have sent the message. Im not after a android type phone from work - just something I dont dislike using and is not convenient. Im assuming the official review above was first written many years ago, as this phone does not hack it now.

Reviewed by Chris H from England on 28th Aug 2009
My 3109 is a works issue phone. I have had it now for 12 months. It is probably the best phone I have had. It has proven to be reliable, easy to use and brilliant battery life. Have even used it when no battery life has been displayed and it just kept on going and going. If you want a good looking hard working mobile this is the one for you.

Reviewed by Jimbo from UK on 20th Apr 2009
Acceptable handest for a corporate offering but reception and audio quality are well below par.

Reviewed by Karl from United Kingdom on 13th Mar 2009
This is a lovely phone,it feels nice,is lovely to use with a bigger keypad that suits male fingers, it feels very well made,the screen is lovely too,but the battery life is absolutely rubbish,nokia quote up to 16 days,well the only way you'd get that is if you left the phone permanently plugged in to the mains supply or had a very high capacity battery,this phone on the flight profile that can't receive a signal lasts 60 hours,and mines only 2 months old,use it on stand by on an ordinary profile,you get 2 days and if you dare use the phone barely a day,which is very dissapionting,but other than that,it's great.

Reviewed by Karl from England on 16th Feb 2009
Well I bought this phone mainly for it's good looks and big buttons,also because I didn't want a camera on a phone,if I want to take pictures I'll use my SLR,and also camera phones aren't permitted where I work,this phone is typical of nokia's in that it's easy to use,looks great and texting is a dream,most phones seem to be designed for female fingers with there stupidly small buttons,so if you have big digits,try this it works brilliantly as well and appears very well made,although the battery life is rather poor,but you can't have everything,can you?

Reviewed by Thomas from Ireland on 8th Feb 2009
I lost one of these on a night out and am about to buy another. Best phone I've had and I've had alot. Had it for about 6 months with no problems. If your looking for a phone without a camera (I don't see the point of cameras on phones unless your a 12 year old girl looking to impress your mates) well build, good size buttons and cracking battery life look no further. The way things are going I reckon this will be the last decent non-camera phone we'll see. Big up to Nokia, hope they make another.

Reviewed by D`Souza from India on 3rd Feb 2009
Tis is the best non-camera cellphone I have ever seen that has a bar design & all the features accpect for Wi-Fi. 3G, camera, Radio....

Reviewed by fredrick from wales on 31st Jan 2009

Reviewed by Glyn from UK on 3rd Jan 2009
Good phone, as a phone, long battery life and easy use. MP3 player is a disaster, two of this model have done the same thing and even rev 7 does not cure it. The MP3 player works ok for a bit then it starts to take ages to start, then it will not choose a track from an album without restarting the MP3 player and updating its library. However when it does work, it sounds great with a set of Sennheiser CX300s

Reviewed by Lulu from UK on 30th Dec 2008
Amazing phone. You wont regret it. Basic yet reliable and does everything well. Have had mine a year now and still cant find anything better.

Reviewed by mark from Ireland on 20th Dec 2008
i think the phone is a class phone i am getting it for christmas thanks for making the phone.....

Reviewed by Kalense from Belgium on 15th Dec 2008
I wanted a phone I could use to call people and to send text. If I wanted a camera, radio, or a fashion accessory, I'd buy a camera or radio - but not the accessory because I don't do fashion. I wanted a useable keyboard for a guy with big fingers, a simple, straightforward operating system, and an easy-to-use phone-book. I got exactly what I wanted, and the price was right. Brick? You should see my camera.

Reviewed by Qango Tackhammer from Wales on 28th Nov 2008
Its tough and no nonsense,a real gem of a find.Its a right bobby dazzler. The man at the carphone warehouse was a diamond geezer!

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 28th Nov 2008
Gor blimey, guvnor! Do they all talk like this in Wales?

Reviewed by bob from jamaca on 8th Nov 2008
dont buy this phone it sux!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Lewis from Stoke on Trent, UK on 6th Nov 2008
If people want a phone that does everything then they can't expect it not have a few faults. Most phones these days are mini computers and with that in mind everything needs to be very small, but sometimes small isn't best. people whos phones that do turn off from time to time, this maybe a genuine fault with the phone or something you are asking it to do is over loading it or overheating it and it shuts down. I have owned a fair few phones and at some point they have shut down on me. If you want a phone that doesn't do this and don't need all these extra features then buy a simple phone. My way of looking at it is.....If you already own an mp3 player you don't need one on your phone, if you own a camera you don't nee one on your phone. Yes it is easier to carry one device than it is three, but something has to give. There are plenty of phones out there that can do all 3 very very well. Most are very expensive but even if we buy them they will only be out of date by the following month. If you want a phone to make calls, to text then buy a phone like the Nokia 3109. This is a current model and can be picked up for around 70. It does have an mp3 player built in and you can store photos on it. if you really need a camera buy the 3110. These phones are by far the best out there at the moment. they keep things to a minimum and because of this they simply work very well. I have one of each, one for work and one for my private use and since owning them neither has shut down on me. One last thing.....use a computer for the internet. It cost far to much money to browse the web on a mobile and very slow. Most people have the internet at home or at work. Thank you for reading this. Well done Nokia.

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 18th Aug 2008
Good basic phone that's reliable. What else do you need?! Mine lasts over a week on a single charge and sometimes over two depending on the amount it's used. It also looks reasonable for a low end phone, instead of looking cheap and tackey. I got mine new on Ebay for about 30 just over a year ago when no-one had heared of it. Would definately recommend it to anyone looking for an uncluttered basic phone.

Reviewed by Wojtek from Poland on 30th Jul 2008
Very usefull when working as a journalist or making inteviews. It has a good recorder and files can be downloaded and listened to via freeware.

Reviewed by Sean Hodges from UK on 3rd Jun 2008
I was given mine by work to replace my old 6021, but I am about to give it back and stick with the 6021. The reason? Reception on the 3109 is very poor - I get no signal at home or in the place I stay in Germany, even though every other phone I and my family use can get a signal. Very nice phone in many other ways, but if you can't make a call, it's just a piece of useless metal and plastic.

Reviewed by NORRY from UK on 29th May 2008
I have bought a number of these handsets over the last few months for company use but have stoped doing so due to a higher than average fail rate compared to the 6021 I had been purchasing. users find them ok to use but quite a few returned due to charging problems and one way transmission

Reviewed by Craig from UK on 17th May 2008
Best phone I've had in a long time, very long battery life (over a week between charges), simple to use. I tried a Motorola F3 but was frustrated with text messaging function (otherwise a great piece of design itself) so switched to this instead. Excellent for those people who require a straight forward piece of good design without adornments such as camera etc. Cannot recommend this enough. Outstanding.

Reviewed by carlos from England on 16th May 2008
A great reliable work phone. Easy to use. Good MP3 sound quality for a budget phone and quite loud too. An expandable memory, good battery life even when playing mp3 files. Easy to connect and download media onto memory card. Well done Nokia!

Reviewed by mick from england on 11th May 2008
i have been giving this phone by work,and i love this phone ,does what it says on the tin,this phone is not a brick and feels quality

Reviewed by Alex Meah from England on 27th Apr 2008
simplicity is the key. best low entry phone for years. highly recomended

Reviewed by Mick from Russia on 25th Apr 2008
This is good, reliable tool for many purposes but most importantly communicating and also recording up notes from meeting, mainly for its good microphone reception. It has good coverage and best feature is that you can get EDGE capable triple-band data transfer for $150, not SIM- or operator-locked so it can be used basically in any place with any operator globally. Only negative feature is that it can't be charged using USB cable.

Reviewed by jill from uganda on 5th Apr 2008
wow.... I bought this phone last week .. and its doin wonders in my palm.... Gr8 phone and a cool buy....

Reviewed by Alan from England on 24th Mar 2008
I wanted a phone that was simply a phone i.e. with as few bells and whistles as possible. I already have a Nokia 1112, which is an excellent phone, but I occasionally lusted after a colour screen and a more robust build. I tried the 2310 mentioned in the main review as an alternative for those who require a radio. Don't buy it - the screen is awful. Enter the 3109, which I got free from Vodafone on a cheap contract. The phone is a little larger than average in the hand (it dwarfs the 1112). It has a very bright and clear colour screen (tick box number one), and it has no camera or radio (tick box numbers two and three). The build quality is very good (tick box number four), and the extra size of the phone allows room for a larger keypad, which, combined with the Nokia interface, makes texting about as easy as it is possible for it to be. Battery life is excellent (tick box number five) - not as good as the 1112, but then nothing is. I've had the 3109 a week now, I've only charged it the once when it arrived, and it still has rather less than half the battery power still remaining (though I'm not a heavy user). It has Bluetooth AND Infrared for those who want them, and you can also connect by USB. I can't fault the phone in any way except for the presence of the unwanted MP3 player, but I'm not taking a star off for that. If you want the radio and camera, get the next model up, the 3110. Otherwise stick with this - I can't speak highly enough of it.

Reviewed by Trev Knight from uk on 11th Mar 2008
This is a great work phone....does what it says on the tin....people who say it is a brick dont want it for a phone but an accessory to show off to their no brain mates, if you want to pose dont buy it, if you want it to be a very very good phone and mobile office then do...it is very good.

Reviewed by frank domican from uk on 9th Mar 2008
This is easily one of the best nokias without a camera that iv ever owned and iv owned a lot. it has a usb port but i found the bluetooth really quick it has a very loud speaker on the back great for the mp3 player and ring tones there are good size keys for texting and for anyone not sure of them selfs it is menu driven on screen you will hardley ever if at all have to get the intructions out if you dont want a camera then this is the nokia for you superb.

Reviewed by Banny from UK on 28th Feb 2008
Just bought this phone. Its not rubbish and its not a brick! It really is an amazing phone. It may not be as pretty as some of the phones out there, but it's smart and brains wins over beauty everytime!;-) It does everything well, it's battery life is amazing! Ringtones are the clearest and loudest i have ever heard and great too, unlike the Samsung F210 which i recently bought and sold (low and rubbish ringtones!!) It has all the connectivities you could ask for, the PC suite is easy and fast to use, transferring files is a doddle,(the best PC suite so far). It boasts a fantastic MP3 player, which in my view is even better and clearer than other walkman phones out there who claim to be just that. Its even better than the last sony ericsson walkman phone i bought! Everything the review above says about it in this website is true and more, It does not have a camera, but after owning so many phones, i did not want one, no matter how good they claim to be, putting a camera in a mobile phone was the worse idea ever, i know people who have 5 megapixel cameras on their phones and they are still complaining about clarity! If you want quality pictures, buy a decent camera!! Phones were meant to be just that, phones! I have just woken up to reality and gone back to basics and just wanted an excellent phone that did everything perfect and i am glad to say i have found it! This really does deserve every star it gets from me, and if i could i would have given it more! If its a no nonsense capable, reliable, worth every penny phone you want, this is it! Have tried so many makes and they all let me down, but once again Nokia prove to be the best!!! Well Done Nokia!! A+++++

Reviewed by Lisa from U.S.A on 13th Feb 2008

Reviewed by AMRAEZ from ENGLAND on 26th Jan 2008

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