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Nokia 3100 review

 Review: October 2003  


In a nutshell: The Nokia 3100 comes with a cool glow-in-the-dark cover. Never lose your phone in the dark ever again!


The 3100 also has lights that flash when the phone rings - in time with your ring tone!

The phone features a smart design with a user-friendly keypad and has lots of nice features such as tri-band that normally come in more expensive phones. The integrated handsfree speaker and excellent battery life make this is an excellent entry-level phone.

The main downside is that there is no built-in camera, but if you don't mind that, or are happy to pay extra for the optional "Fun Camera", then it's highly recommended.

Nokia 3100 features include:

  • Glow-in-the-dark cover
  • Flashing lights when phone rings
  • Colour display (4096 colours within 128 x 128 pixels)
  • Optional Camera (available separately)
  • Nokia Xpress-on™ Gaming cover (available separately)
  • Java™ games: Beach Rally, Snake EX2 and Bowling, plus downloadable games
  • Multimedia Messaging (Receive messages containing text, audio, and image, which can be saved as wallpapers and ringing tones; send messages containing images, audio and text to other compatible phones; delivery reports; multiple recipients; scaling)
  • Animated screensavers
  • SMS Email
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • xHTML browser
  • Pop-Port™ interface
  • Connect to PC with Connectivity cable DKU-5
  • Alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator
  • Speed dialing for up to 9 names
  • Tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900)
  • Weight: 85 g
  • Size: 42.8 mm x 101.8 mm x 15.2-19.6 mm
  • Battery talktime: Up to 2-6 hours
  • Battery standby: Up to 170-410 hours (7-17 days)

Nokia 3100 user reviews

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Average rating from 173 reviews:

Reviewed by T Barrow from UK on 18th Apr 2011
I have just found a Nokia 3100 where I work. It was still in its original box, and has probably been left there for around 6 years. I charged it up, as of 17/4/11, and it still worked.

Reviewed by Em from UK on 3rd Dec 2010
I love my Nokia 3100 - i got it in 2004 and it's still going strong in December 2010. No major problems that banging it on a wall couldn't fix. It's survived multiple falls onto concrete and, even from a second story window, and barely has a scratch. Has recently started to turn itself off when it gets cold but I can't say I blame it! I'll be getting another one when I've come to terms with losing this old friend...

Reviewed by Jan from UK on 31st Oct 2010
I've been using this phone for almost 5 years and it's really great. I've dropped it a lot of times.lol. If you're looking for a phone that will never fail you (need to send messages and call), this is the phone for you that will always be right by your side.

Reviewed by Nic from UK on 2nd Oct 2010
It's now 2010 I finally replaced my Nokia 3100 in 2008 when I lost it on a night out. I naturally replaced it with another Nokia 3100. It does everything a mobile phone needs to, i.e. I can call and text on an ergonomic keypad, good battery life and a helpful glow in the dark cover. Survives a good battering too. My first one was accidently drenched in saline solution, given a quick rinse to remove the saline and left to dry in the airing cupboard. It continued to work perfectly.

Reviewed by stuart from UK on 25th Aug 2010
i"m gonna by my 4th one of these nokia 3100 phones in 2010, it will be a refurbished phone but they are simple and thats all i want, forget your latest phones their not for me.

Reviewed by Saadi from UK on 9th Aug 2010
it's just great

Reviewed by Neilyneil from UK on 20th Jul 2010
Basic tough small and light reliable little phone with long battery life. Well out of date now but I still use, good reception and good predictive text. I had one wear out after 7 years of daily use, I think that's pretty good going, still got two. Had phones with cameras etc, by comparison they would be heavy and eat batteries, I keep going back to these little Nokias.

Reviewed by Friday Udoinyang from UK on 16th Mar 2010
My NOKIA 3100 mobile phone has gone bad with memory problem. How do I treat this problem especially as the local technicians have proved they cannot correct the fault and the fact that I do not want to miss the phone?

Reviewed by Paddy from UK on 20th Jan 2010
Great wee phone,internet,texing and you can even make and recieve calls.

Reviewed by Dennis from UK on 4th Jun 2009
excellent phone. have it for 5 years now, never had any troubles. tommorrow I am gonna buy the 3120 but I will still use this phone. today people wants: -bluetooth, camera, mp3,... The phone is outdated.

Reviewed by JoJo from UK on 7th Feb 2009
I am not a phone geek at all. I am not impressed by your all singing and dancing phone. I just want something that calls and texts and that nobody would want to nick. A camera would be nice but my sister gave me her Nokia 3100 about 5 years ago and I've had it ever since! What a hardy wee phone it turned out to be. It's been my best friend for the last 5 years and has saved my ass many times. If you want a reliable, no hassle, easy to operate phone, this is the one for you.

Reviewed by scampi from UK on 15th Jan 2009
A brilliant phone! THis was my first colour screen nokia. Easy to use and has lots of features. Even though I have the latest phone on the market (Omnia i900) I still have my 3100 as a back up. Get one!!

Reviewed by khaled from UK on 14th Dec 2008
i thing this nokia to baaaaaaaaaad

Reviewed by s from UK on 28th Nov 2008
I loved this phone when I had it, the glow in the dark case is really useful, good battery life, nice buttons. Shame it doesn't have a camera, bluetooth etc but if it did I would have kept it!

Reviewed by Purple from UK on 12th Oct 2008
Nokia 3100 is an incredible phone. I've had mine 5 years and I still love it. reliable as anything, never had any issues.

Reviewed by khalid a. futaini from UK on 8th Oct 2008
There is something bad about this phone, it's its very, very, limited memory. But if Nokia company intend to release an MP4 player with camer to using it as an exteded device for the Nokia 3100 phone, then it well be the excellen choice for many people, how take them capital in their counting mind.

Reviewed by Pete Deakin from UK on 27th Sep 2008
you can make and recieve cals and texts it wakes you up in the morning, but most of all it is bullet proof. my kids phones with all the gizmos break and mine goes on and on, 'can I borrow your phone dad?'

Reviewed by barry loades East UK from UK on 14th Sep 2008
If you need a basic phone and you can surf the 3100 is excellent value. Phones are for calls not pictures. Cameras take excellent pictures and can be cheap

Reviewed by Lewis Bell from UK on 5th May 2008
Outstanding battery life (had since 2005) and nigh on indestructible

Reviewed by Hamzah from UK on 1st May 2008
Very reliable...I have owned one for three years running, and is showing no signs of breaking down. Very resistant to water, and the occasional knock. Only minor problem is the lack of MODERN features including camera, bluetooth and inability to play mp3 files. On the whole, would rate it 4.5/5

Reviewed by ASAD from UK on 9th Apr 2008

Reviewed by Adel from UK on 7th Mar 2008
I've had my 3100 for about 2 years now, and i find it very fuctionable,its excellent, Good simple phone, its small and lightweight... Adel from kurdistan

Reviewed by Ivan from UK on 24th Feb 2008
For Over 3 years i'm a proud to use this exelent model of nokia.

Reviewed by lewis from UK on 9th Feb 2008
i have got the phone is think is a ggod phone ir ecommend to buy it

Reviewed by Brigitte Lim from UK on 1st Sep 2007
I like this phone.... i have been using it for quite a while and its really great... It colored.... cool. and by the way, nice review noelle. You totally wrote about your horse! what a weirdo hhahahahahah your so funny. this thing is now becomming like a chat. weird.

Reviewed by NISARAHMAD from UK on 22nd Aug 2007

Reviewed by Hanaz from UK on 18th Aug 2007
I think its the best phone ever i had, though itn't equipped with camera but i love it much, i can browse internet page everywhere, everytime, its small but it can fit in pocket, and also compatible for almost game.

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 5th Jul 2007
I love this phone. got it for my birthday 3 years ago. it has been through a lot. run over by the car, played table tennis, badminton and nettball with it. countless droppings, eaten by me, my friend and my dog, kicked down the bus. but guess what?! it lasted me 3 whole years. only now has it started to go down hill. best phone i've ever had and im sad to have to replace it. but considering what its been through its an insanely good phone... =]

Reviewed by Toqeer Anees from UK on 3rd Jul 2007
I thing the Nokia 3100 is a really good phone I love the way it glows in the dark. I have got one myself

Reviewed by ahmed from UK on 29th Jun 2007
this mobile is perfect

Reviewed by Stephen Thatcher from UK on 25th Jun 2007
i like it xxxx

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 24th Jun 2007
I have had this phone for years now, and it still goes no matter what treatment I give it!!!!! Its been through the wash, smashed on the cement (All it needed was a new cover), and it still goes!!!! IT does everything I need to do (msg and ring people) and its dirty cheap!!!! Its been the best ever phone!!!!!! THANKYOU NOKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Ricardo from UK on 10th Jun 2007
You should just buy this phone because off snake. It kept me awake for hours...

Reviewed by mrben from UK on 29th May 2007
I still have this phone (N 3100) since 2003, and although the camera add-on has broken, my phone is still going strong. My only complaint is with the on/off switch, the years of it going in and out of my pants pocket has eventualy worn it away.Speakerphone quality is not the best ever, and mine got water damaged from using it in the rain. Headset volume is fine, I have mine halfway and that does the job.

Reviewed by Mariah from UK on 15th May 2007
I got this phone in May 2004. I wanted a simple phone that has some games when I'm bored. Nothing fancy - just a phone and well I've had it for 3 years now(got a new phone 2 weeks ago) and it served me well! Easy and comfortable to use and doesn't look too bad either. I think it's super for a person like me.

Reviewed by Conor from UK on 25th Mar 2007
I love this phone so stylish user friendly and with a great battery life shame mine wasn't blue though

Reviewed by Tomas from UK on 11th Mar 2007
I like it! It's reliable and comfortable :) And small.So small that I lost it :p

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 28th Feb 2007
Excellent phone (if you do not need a multifunctional robot)!!! 10+

Reviewed by spongebob from UK on 21st Feb 2007
its a brill phone the key pad issuperb and very sensitive and the phone is a good size to fit in a pocket and it glows in the dark what moor cuold u want i love mw 3100

Reviewed by Expression-of-the-mind from UK on 16th Jan 2007
well..simply, its an elegant yet simple...simplicity is greatly visualized in this device blended with a fun touch...simple,cool,basic and pleasing..go for it if ur lookin for a basic mobile phone with the good looks i luv it

Reviewed by Raghib H Rizvi from UK on 16th Jan 2007
When i saw that cell phone in the hands of my boos in CASH & CARRY i became crazy about it & i decided to buy it although at that time my salary wasn't enough because nokia 3100 was very expensive at that time then my cashier Iqbal Bhai gave me loan of rs 5,000 then i bought this cell phone from M.Z in Dec,2005.And i am still crazy about it.

Reviewed by yoya from UK on 16th Jan 2007
hi i think that mobile is wonderful and great too.any body can use it and it is good for childern.it is nice and cool and quite valuable

Reviewed by Francis from UK on 15th Jan 2007
I had this phone for a year after I updated from the Nokida 3330 (this was 3 years ago mind) Was a fantastic phone, handy enough back in the day. The glow in the dark cover was fantastic when it was 3 in morning in a dark room. The phone works as a fantastic tourch, Used it many a time to find stuff. All in all, it WAS a good phone, would be handy for young children (7-10 year olds?) Compaired to my current phone (the Walkman w300i), it is... crap, but there isn't any real point of putting it up against a phone that is only a few months on the market. I'm not really sure on the prices, when I got it - it costs about 90, not I'm sure it would be below 50. If your looking for a good reliable phone that doesn't let you down (It never once crashsed on me) that plays a few nice small java games (Spent alot of time playing Rayman 3 on the thing) Please go out and buy it. If your looking for a phone that has 2GB of memory, plays MP3's and video files while cooking your chicken and making you tea, I'm sure your probably not gona want this.

Reviewed by hue from UK on 14th Jan 2007
Its the first time I use this phone and I find it excellent on any functions.I think I will use it forever.

Reviewed by Ansari from UK on 13th Jan 2007
easy to handle

Reviewed by Milan from UK on 9th Dec 2006
I've had this phone for about 5 months so far..... and i find it quite good for a 12 year old, it had all the kool stuff in it, except a camera, but hey, a phone's for just taking. just recently, i tried out the 6610i, IT'S RUBBISH!!!! EVEN THE 3100 IS BETTER. so dont think the 3100 is rubbish, its kooool!!!!

Reviewed by Student from UK on 16th Oct 2006
For 10 3 years ago (on contract) this phone is execelent. It still looks modern and new after 3 years of being battered around. Has everything I need on it and a bargain entry-level phone. Plus: It's a NOKIA!!

Reviewed by kerri from UK on 25th May 2006
OH MY GOD THIS PHONE IS GREAT!!!! unfortunately i do not own it anymore due to an upgrade but i wish i did and even considered buying another one!! does that make me crazy?? it is fantastic and looks soooo cute... do you love it??!!! if you dont mind not having a camera then this phone would be fantastic. you can be cameras that attach on but in my opinio these are a bit fiddly. ITS HOT!!!!!

Reviewed by Annie from UK on 11th Apr 2006
I had this phone for 2 years now and it's brill. Shame that there is no camera but i think it's great. Plus there are tons of different covers to suit everyones taste.

Reviewed by markshao77@yahoo.co.uk from UK on 27th Mar 2006
I bought a new nokia 3100 last week. I really like it but only one thing turns me down. After the battery has been charged to its full capacity it takes too short time before it becomes low again. I hardly stay with it for 20 hours and this is a problem to me becouse it switches itself of at times when i have serious calls to make. Please we like nokia phones but will u please improve battery capacity. i wiil be glad to hear from you about this problem.

Reviewed by PAUL from UK on 26th Jan 2006
VERY SOUND phone, replaced mine with a 3220 3 months ago after unlocking killed it have bought 3 more of these phones formy missus and kids - A++++++ nokia - nice one

Reviewed by mohammed from UK on 20th Jan 2006
its excellent but if it has radio it will amazing

Reviewed by Roy G from UK on 20th Dec 2005
The battery has a good life between charges; around 3 days with heavy use. When you receive or look back on a Text message, you have to sod around with the menu to find its date and time. For all you kids who want every Carlos Fandango gadget on this planet and several near ones; it's a telephone! It is much more expensive than 2 empty baked bean tins on a string but far better sound quality and wins on practicality every time.

Reviewed by Steph from UK on 25th Oct 2005
Ive had this phone for 4 years now and im about to get a new one (samsung d500) and that is only because i feel its time for a change. this is the best phone ive ever had, its brilliant! i don't have one fault for it at all. it may be going a bit out of date now, but if anyone just wants a decent priced reliable, good phone then i definatly recommend it. and the camera you can buy seperatly isn't bad quality at all, it just depends how you're using it, although it can be a bit fiddly.

Reviewed by Jack a.k.a. Notorious P.I.G from UK on 26th Jul 2005
Dis fone is absolutely rubbish. It is childish and boring. The only feature it has is a light and mine gets scratches too easily. I hav now replaced it with a brand new Sony Ericsson K750i!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Fikrie from UK on 19th Jul 2005
It's very good for me.... :)

Reviewed by NEGA BOYS from UK on 7th Mar 2005

Reviewed by lewis from UK on 20th Dec 2004
robbo is wrong ive had this fone for 10 months and there has been nothing wrong with it at all so there robbo. by the way robbo is the person hu write a reveiw under me

Reviewed by Robbo from UK on 25th Oct 2004
Dont buy this model phone.I bought two 3100's 3 months ago and my wife and I were both very dissapointed with this phone.The quality of the cheap plastic of the covers are well below Nokia's normally high standard. But the real problem with this phone is the appalling standby battery life.I have read other reviews commenting of poor battery life, the instructions quote a 7+ days of standby time, well, from our experience of having two of these is that it really is 3 days tops if your lucky.Weve had new batteries and still our phones need charging every 2-3 days, in fact my wife now leaves hers plugged in on charge every time at home, not exactlly a mobile phone is it?.The audio reproduction during a call is bad too as is poor reception on both phones dropping calls or the battery going flat without warning.Not what we are used to from Nokia.So save up for a better model.Ive gone back to using a my Sony Ericsson T300 where the battey lasts for almost 12-14 days, and sold the 3100 to an Exchange shop.You have been warned!.

Reviewed by christine from south england on 13th Oct 2004
well i got his fone for the camera side of it well i wish i neva got it becuz the picture quality is poor 2/5 and the memeroy for the photos is very poor only store 10 ish of ur own. and the attachment camera sold seperatly is 39.99 a rip off cuz the quality it is is only worth 19 but the good points r the lights glow in dark and size is brill, so 1 point if you want a camera fone dnt get this 1 like i did by mistake thats wht im gettin a nokia 3220.!

Reviewed by disappointed from USA on 14th Sep 2004
What a disappointing find. I was looking for some real data about this phone on a review site, but all this one has is kiddy stuff. "no radio" and "cool colors" or "not enough memory"? Good grief! WTF! How does it work: Reception, sensitivity, handset loudness, headset loudness, speakerphone quality, do you have to reposition the headset to hear properly, does the battery drain quickly, does it slip out of its holster, is the little keypad hard to use, explodes when dropped? How about something other than "I look cool using a blue phone". I hate to be the one to inform you, but if you think that way, you are not only NOT cool, you are a geek.

Reviewed by Kathy from UK on 8th Sep 2004
Excellent phone for a cheaper model. Ringtones were disappointing compared to my sister's Sony Ericsson Z200, but still sounded okay (just not amazing). Other than that it is an absolutely cracking phone. Storage is good and easy to manage. Display is fab for a cheaper phone. Battery life is the best I've had on any mobile yet.

Reviewed by Jonathan from USA on 19th Aug 2004
ok, first of all, i would recommend anyone thinking about buying this phone to definantly buy it, dont hesitate. the good features are: its java compatible, so u could get some pretty cool games on ur phone, polyphonic rintones, it is not compatible with those voice ringtones, BUT it has a voice recorder, and if u mix that with one speaker from ur headphones(place the mic on the bottom of ur phone directly on the speaker when recording, play with it to find the volume that works) u instantly have free "real song" music/voice ringtones, just play the song and record, its easy and free, and u can set it as ur ringtone when done recording, so who needs "voice ringtone" compatibility? it has built in speaker phone, great color screen resolution, download background pics and screensavers, two menu styles to choose from, classic nokia style menu, and grid style(just like a palm pilot), long lasting battery that can recharge from dead to full battery in less than an hour! tri-band g sm capabilities, text and mms messaging, attachable camera, WHICH IS ACTUALLY BETTER THAN BUILT-IN!!!! Because if u get one built-in, and then new camera phones come out with better resolution cameras in them ur still stuck with ur crappy res camera, but if their seperate than when the new better attachable cameras come out, u can still use them with the same phone, small light-weight design , snug and durable fitting faceplates, AND a very good phone if u plan on unlocking it!!! because it allows full customization for internet and mms messaging settings, AND nokia.com provides the correct settings for you regardless of which model or which provider, this i personally know ;-) the only downsides are, not the greatest on availiable memory for apps/games, the built in speaker used for ringing/speaker phone isn't that loud, and no bluetooth(which means no wireless earpieces), but regardless, its a great buy, i got mine for free when i signed up for at&t, i know use it for t-mo bile(since its unlocked) i am extremely happy with this phone

Reviewed by Lianne from UK on 17th Aug 2004
I have had my 3100 for 3 months and i love it to bits! You will never lose it in the dark whilst drunk and it's small and light to go in a girlie's handbag. Camera's OK s'pose, but games are fun and is great for txting and talkin'.

Reviewed by Liva from Latvia on 16th Aug 2004
i got my phone in october2003! I like it a lot, it's very light, you can always find it in dark and the battery is going for long! Pretty simple, but with everything you need included!

Reviewed by Zuhaib from England on 16th Aug 2004

Reviewed by pujo fruity from stupid place on 14th Aug 2004
this phone is annoying and i would give it the worst rating i could, if it did'nt have the game snake on it. you're better off buying the nokia 3200, its an all around better phone plus the camera on it does'nt have to be bought!

Reviewed by chad michael murray from u.s.a. on 13th Aug 2004
i love this phone, but the problem is i haven;t gotten it yet. anyway my brother always says check the phone reviews. well i did and it found there are more outstandings than poor:because the peop;e took it out of the country like india, thailand so don't feel bad just because you got 6 poor reviews, alot of outstanding reviews, thank you the makers of nokia 3100!!!

Reviewed by Jenny from england on 12th Aug 2004
The 3100 is outstanding, it is slim & easy to use. It has a camera which you can take off, so it doesn't get in the way. It has O2 active so you can download backgrounds & ringtones etc etc. Whoever is reading this & thinking to buy it, then go ahead & buy it. It is ace!

Reviewed by Alizeh! from Pakistan on 8th Aug 2004
hey buddies .. i hav had this set frem the past 10 dayz ..its just the type u wanna hav .. its awesome .. the colourdisplay is impressive an the battery is really long lastin.. an the ppl who say that its not up to the mark r insane .. they dunno wht style is all abt .. if ure cool an lukin fer a cool sett as well .. pleez go fer this one.. cuz its the best one u can eva hav... tc palz..have fun with ur 3100 nokia...Byee

Reviewed by jeremy from london on 8th Aug 2004
this phone has all the basic features that any one could need it has an attachable camrea which the quality is quite good the ringtonres are basic for a nokia of series platform the only faults is as it is a basic phone it should at least have infared the memory islimited and can only handle a few java games but for 60-80 pound it is a solid and well performing phone

Reviewed by shishir from india on 30th Jul 2004
its great!! looking for a cheap,reliable,branded & coloured phones ,get it immedatiely ,u wont have any problem with it .only emptiness is that it does'nt have radio . after all who needs it if you have a portable player .Get it guys!!!!!

Reviewed by Phillip Ashdown from UK on 26th Jul 2004
I was really looking forward to my 3100. I previously had a t68i but wanted somthing a bit more modern eg improved colour screen, poly ringtones. Once i got it, i was a bit dissapointed. The menu set up on the phone is very dull compared with the other menue set ups on the other similar nokia ie 6610, 6100, 7250, 5100. Also the ringtones were not that great. They were polythoonic but again not quite up to the other nokias above. The colour screen is good for 4108 colour phones and the phone is very good in shape and appearance. It does lack business features and the glow in the dark feature aint that great. I also bought the camera that takes pictures. The picture quality is good but having to have a camera as well means that you are better off buying a nokia with built in camera if thats what your prioities are. Overal, the phone was good but if you want somthing advanced, this is not for you.

Reviewed by Valerija from Kosova on 20th Jul 2004

Reviewed by dileep b nalwade from bahrain on 10th Jul 2004
i purchased and took it to india and it gave all sorts of trouble.ultimately sold it to local service center and purchased the same model.i wonder where is the complaint service.

Reviewed by MR SUNNY from A SUNNY AND WARM COUNTRY! on 6th Jul 2004

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 24th Jun 2004
I've had my 3100 for about 2 months now, and i find it very fuctionable, the only thing i'd say is that the keys are very close together and when you are writing a text in a hurry you always hit the wrong key,but to sumerize, its light compact, clear screen, good ringtones,downside are that the keys are close toghether and there is no camarea, but that is not so bad because if it had a camarea it wouldn't be as small

Reviewed by Cary from USA on 15th Jun 2004
This phone is great! It's tiny and has fairly good memory. I love it!

Reviewed by Alex from England on 14th Jun 2004
this phone is great, you will allways know where it is in the dark, the games are great, it looks cool and its got a cool symetrical design, the battery lasts for ages and its cool get it !!!

Reviewed by Dunceantix from England on 11th Jun 2004
The phone is excellent, apart from missing Bluetooth/Infra-red.. Otherwise its a good phone with all the good Nokia options and features. The screen is excellent, and the colours are nice. If you're in need of a torch the brightness of the screen could light up an entire town :) luuurvly

Reviewed by ROHIT from INDIA on 10th Jun 2004

Reviewed by Michelle from UK on 7th Jun 2004
I love this phone perfect colours, one suggestion get a datacable and get the extras one perfect phone recommended to all

Reviewed by Phil from Liverpool, UK on 6th Jun 2004
Okay guys, time to be honest I think. The Nokia 3100 is a grat little phone and I would recommend it to anyone for it's superb style, modern sound and looks and for the amount of features that it supports. When you consider the price (I bought mine on PAYG for less that 100 WITH a digital camera included) this phone is brilliant. It's funny when I read some of these reviews and all these little kids (coz that what you are) complain of no inbuilt camera, no IR, no FM Radio. Consider... DO YOU NEED THESE? The answer...NO. Now GROW UP!! You can hook this phone up to you computer no probs (so no need for IR), you can get loads of digital cameras to take your photos separately (so no need for inbuilt camera) and if you want to listen to FM radio through your phone, well, there's really not much hope for you to start with (get an mp3 player, for God's sake!). Bottom line, this is a great phone. Don't spend more time and money buying something twice as expensive for half the price. Oh, and thanks for reading this revie w! ;-) P x

Reviewed by Chamitha from Sri Lanka on 5th Jun 2004
Nokia 3100 is an all round great phone. Its outward appearence is great while its software is also user friendly so it's very easy to use. As it is a tri-band phone it works in allmost all the networks. Its 4096 coloured display is impressive while the keypad is easy to text. The Glow-in-the-dark feature helps to find the phone when lights are switched off. Further the 128x128 passive matrix colour display screen lets you surf through GPRS easily. Loudspeaker feature makes it easy to have a convrsation and it also lets you to use the phone while driving with out a need of a headphone. The battery is also great as it can stand more than three days in a normal usage. Regarding all those facts I bought the new Nokia 3100 and further I would recommend it to any one else who is interested in buying a phone.

Reviewed by str8lolly from united kingdom on 5th Jun 2004
I have owned this camera since September 2003. Its now June 2004 and still going strong! The only let down was the price of the add on cameras. Bought them both and prefer the picture given by the cable one. The battery life just seems to go on for ever. Charge it only once a week. I could not give 5 stars as the camera is not built in although this is not a problem as both types of camera, cable or an independant working one are easily purchased. The calender is really worth it as are the multi functions available. Small, compact with long battery life. Quad band so can be used abroad, what more does one need?

Reviewed by cos from uk on 4th Jun 2004
Ive had this phone since jan, and when i bought it i was amazed how cheap it was (100.00 on pay as u go) its small light, easy to use and easy to download stuff like java games, polyphonic ringtones etc and it glows in the dark!! and there are nice covers for it too!. The only thing that dissapointed me was the lack of a built in cam and infa-red, the 3200 did have these but does looked horrible and tacky, this phone is a much nicer design and layout of the buttons etc and the 3200 costed alot more. im very happy with my phone:)

Reviewed by Tahir from England on 2nd Jun 2004
Generally the phone is good, however lacking two viital things - a radio and adequate memory. But for the price range I must say it is definately the best in its class and the bright light is excellent. It is also very light and has a good screen. If your looking for a relatively cheap phone, go for this as it will contain the most features for the price.

Reviewed by selva shalu from malaysia on 25th May 2004
it"s best and ok.it is the first colour display mobile that i have been used.but it no radio functions and voice recorder.maybe nokia 3200 is better than it.i buy it rm 500 at 2004.it's light much bright and it oklah.that all 4 now..:(

Reviewed by Darryl from USA on 24th May 2004
It's a pretty damn good phone. Love the fact that it's tri-band and that it has speakerphone. The only drawback, like many have mentioned, is that it doesn't have radio. To me, it's very comparible to the 6610, but cheaper in price!

Reviewed by Danny from Malaysia on 23rd May 2004
Tha 3100 is really good and its very cheap too in Malaysia here. The glow in the dark thingy is really cool and the Express-on Gaming covers are soo.. well... COOL!!! The only thing thats disappointing is that if u have to change batteries, u have to set the date all over again.

Reviewed by john from England on 23rd May 2004
this fone is too good we did it again

Reviewed by Sunil from Bahrain on 19th May 2004
Good simple phone....has all i needed.....except for a ringtone composer and voice activation....have been using it for 3 months now....glow-in-the-dark is great...no complains so far

Reviewed by Graham from england on 18th May 2004
Man this fone sux it aint go no built in radio I wouldnt give this to a ho

Reviewed by Phone_Master from UK on 18th May 2004
Fantasic for the price.

Reviewed by bryan from Australia on 3rd May 2004
the features on this phone has very good stuff. The Java, Xhtml, speaka phone, optional cam and alot more. The 2 problems i found was the bloody annoying piercing sound when u call some1 and the Xhtml couldn't go 2 most of the web sites.

Reviewed by Toby Manchester from UK on 30th Apr 2004
Great little phone. Nothing too techy or flash about it, just a great "fun" phone. I'd definetly recommend one. If you love having loads of pictures on your phone it'a maybe not for you cos the memory is quite small. When using the internet / games / talking on it the battery life isn't great but more than acceptable.

Reviewed by Ryan from Scotland on 29th Apr 2004
This phone is great for people wanting games, poly tones, animated screensavers and the ability to use the mobile internet. Plus it is small and light. It's is not too expensive, i got it for 80 quid new.

Reviewed by Hatem from Egyot on 22nd Apr 2004
I like: 1) You can change the tune of the alarm to be a ringtone 2) Good looking 3) The loudspeaker I dont like: 1) No IR (imphera red) connection

Reviewed by chris from austa on 16th Apr 2004
I have never tried this phone or owned it but this phone is great for starters only 269 dollars which is a great price for a little clever thing and the camera has a flash good games but if you want a better phone get a nokia 6100 its got a bigger screen but dearer

Reviewed by Lav from Thailand on 12th Apr 2004
Firstly, Id like to let you know that 3100 is not the phone for anyone to go with. Many people are happy with this phone just because it is cheap. Hold a second, NO infrared, NO bluetooth... the connectivity cable for nokia is soo expensive. I have 4 friends which have this phone, and they are only slightly proud because of the cheap price. Who wants to buy the radio headset? This phone is pretty sad, and it is just like the 3310 in Color... Dont buy it, save up .. and go for either the 6610 or the 6100 if you have a budget around 230 Us dollars in the future.. i think 6100 is the better one.. but they both have infrared.. Also, all three phones 6610 , 6100 and 3100 all have limited polyphonic tones. Only 4 sounds allowed at once. The fun camera quality isnt good, and neither the camera headset. I suggest camera people, go for my phone the 6220, or look at the 6600, or the 6230. If you want this phone and you are in asia pacific, get the 3105, it is the exact same thing, but it has a better casing for the sports people. Only good thking about this phone? Screensavers, and it is really cheap. Seriously Nokia, you could have done a better job with a phone like this.

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