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Nokia 2652 review

 Review: April 2006  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 2652 is an updated version of the Nokia 2650 fold-design phone, available in the new "Cell" and "Fleur" motifs with silver chrome detailing.



Apart from the new look, inside the 2652 is not really any different from the 2650. The polyphonic ringtones have just 4 voices, making them pretty poor compared with 64-voice ringtones which are quite common on a lot of phones these days. The display is also small and low quality. The 2652 is slightly heavier than the 2650, at 97g, making it rather heavy for a phone with no camera or other advanced functionality. The 2652 is a basic entry-level phone with an attractive design and good battery life, but not much else to recommend it.

Nokia 2652 features include:

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Nokia 2652 user reviews

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Average rating from 22 reviews:

Reviewed by pam callaghan from uk on 25th Aug 2008
Absolutely, love my 2652.I'M not into complicated phones.Have had mine 3 years, its still going strong,just hope they are still around when this one gives up! will say though that the numbers on the touch pad are getting a bit worn, but as I say it is 3years old!

Reviewed by MaryAnne from kENYA on 20th Nov 2007
My 2652 spoiled(the pad that covers the buttons has come off too fast)in less than 3 years and I have come to think that 2652's are low quality,but the ringtones are quite ok,though the internet connection is a bit poor,The one thing that makes me really like it though is that the battery is long lasting even though if falls countless times

Reviewed by Amir from UK on 18th Sep 2007
i love that mobile user friendly simple and sweet i recomend this mobile only those people who like ordainry things in good working condition

Reviewed by insaneaxeman from england on 18th Sep 2007
I have been using this phone for nearly a year. The battery still lasts for 5 to 7 days at a time, sound quality, reception on o2 all good. I have dropped this phone countless times and it cost 10 in phones4u. Great value, makes calls and texts ,Tuff useable phone.

Reviewed by someone from egypt on 28th Aug 2007
hello everybody i purchased this phone nearly last year,at the the beginning it was going well although sometimes it didnt work but i guess that happens to all phones but now after nearly a year,,it is almost not working,, -when opening 3 quarters of the screen is black and the screen saver is still there and wont go ,,pressing the keys doesnt do anything -when talking sometimes it displays insert sim card -sometimes it doest ring at all ,,and doest respond to any calls as tall although the network dashes r complete -the cover is nearly removed -the light sequences nearly dont work or usualy hang i feel that i regret getting this phone,, coz it doesnt have so many feautures and now it is almost dead,,,, with this amount of money i could have bought any other brand with better and more features i'm almost worried to get another nokia phone i dont know what happened to them

Reviewed by Steve from Gooding on 10th Jun 2007
I love this phone: it's beauty is not just aesthetic but also functional in that it is just a phone and does not pretend to be anything else. Ignore it's web browsing and messaging, I have a perfectly good computer for that. Inexpensive to buy, easy to use and reliable: how can this be improved upon?

Reviewed by christo from uk on 23rd Jan 2007
This is a very handy no nonsense phone,handy as a spare phone in your glove box in the car or for use as i do when working on building sites,where most phones we use get broken or scratched. very easy to use.

Reviewed by Jonathan from United Kingdom on 28th Dec 2006
I bought this phone around a week ago now, and ever since buying it, it's been great, sure, it has it's down sides, but as my second phone, I think it is really great. My last phone was a very simple phone with low colour and poor battery, so this new phone makes a big change. It's great as a first phone for teenagers, like myself.

Reviewed by Tim Luke from England on 13th Dec 2006
Good quality phone! I use this as my second phone for business calls. It works great as a phone and has a simple menu system and is easy to txt with. The fliphone style is very comfortable. The only thing to remember is when it rings you have to open it to look who calling and if u dont press silence/busy within 5 seconds it auto answers. But this small quirk you soon get used to. It may not have the extras of my other phone a Samsung E900 but do you really need them?

Reviewed by MJT from England on 18th Nov 2006
Just bought this phone described as entry level and find it excellent. Can't understand why all these sad people don't realise that a phone is for making TELEPHONE calls with, a CAMERA is for taking photographs and a RADIO for listening to music. This phone does exactly what it says on the tin, easy to use , clear display etc, what more does somebody who wants to make phone calls without being tied to a land line want? By the way looking at some of the reviews on your site it surprises me that some of the reviewers can use the more technical phones 'cause it's obvious they can't use a keyboard.

Reviewed by S Jackson from England on 12th Oct 2006
As the owner of this phone as my second handset my first being a Sony Ericsson W300i i feel This is a very useful base level phone there aren't many speacial things on this phone, NOKIA have many great phones on there books and this is another, but as it has been designed to be very simple there aren't ment to be many features and is very easy to use. It's a great simple handset and nice to have as a second fone but will NEVER and should NEVER be compared to the handsets that people "RAVE" about. the handset would benifit from having bluetooth but as there are very few features NOKIA must have seen this as pointless, but good on NOKIA for making a simple handset in todays demanding world.

Reviewed by Margaux Geeroms from Belgium on 3rd Sep 2006
Hello, I bought the phone two weeks ago. He's very very good! Very handy and all, just excellent. What I like the most is that he lights up when you got a message or call. So you don't have to always open it. I love him! Margaux Geeroms

Reviewed by the dude from england [where else lol?] on 13th Aug 2006
i got bought this 4 a pressie 4 my b-day, it's a perfectly good fone for what it's meant 2 do, i can recommend 2 younger people, as it's well dumb wen 7 year-olds have samsung d500's an that. It works as a phone, and i think it looks ok. Adios!

Reviewed by hannah from uk on 8th Jul 2006
ok phone but mine broke the plastic so only for the people that ring and txt not use it for playing on

Reviewed by Sara Thompson from England on 31st May 2006
it is the most vile phone out i am telling you never buy this phine you wud be totally disappointed!

Reviewed by KARA THOMSON from UK on 30th Apr 2006

Reviewed by Aya from Phillipines on 30th Apr 2006
if you want a camera phone, why don't you buy a digital camera? can't send it? i'm sure there are some out there where you can do it by e-mail. if you want a phone with a MP3 player, why don't you buy an iPod nano? this phone is simple and elegent. i like the games and ringing tones. nice handphone for people who don't care about cameras and stuff. still in color,

Reviewed by Nokia Adviser from England on 16th Apr 2006
Hi, I work in the Carphone Warehouse in Kingston Upon Thames and I'm a sells manager for nokia and I will tell you about this phone. Guys! I am fed up with people who think a phone is only a phone when it has camera, bluetooth, MP3, Polyphonic Ringtones and features like that. That is not true. A mobile phone is a device that is used to call or text people. Of course your going to get amazing phones out there with MP3 ect. but that isn't the point! The point about the Nokia 2652 is a phone with everything you actually need e.g: MMS capability, speakerphone, colour screen, polyphonic ringtones and loads more (www.nokia.co.uk). The Nokia 2652 sim free is afordable to and will only cost you 74.99 and on contract from free with everything you can possibly need on a mobile phone. I recomend this phone to anyone who has a price budget of around 100.00 or for somebody who needs a basic, normal mobile phones with all key features. Thank you and goodbye! ;)

Reviewed by simon from uk on 3rd Apr 2006
i bought this phone after, i owed a nokia 6111 purely because i wanted a phone that lasted battery wise. i charge it once a week and talk on it for around 40hrs in a week, this is a great phone for those who have had enough of poor battery life, and software problems with built in modems and camera upgrades. this phone nokia 2652 has all the features i require, wallpapers,calendar,contact list, speed dialing,alarm clock,loud speaker. basically a good phone for a good price.

Reviewed by Trucker Roger Bache from manchester uk on 8th Mar 2006
Does it job but no carera no bluetooth no mp3 no video ringtones rubbish but ok as just 2 make and recieve calls only it just bland!

Reviewed by Mick from England on 28th Jan 2006
Near identical to the previous model (2650) with next to none improvements, with the only notbalte addition being the new external design. The phone itself, the same as the 2650 which begs the question, what was the point nokia>? Outdated features, no external display, poor internal display, if you want a very basic flip phone this is it, but there are much much better alternatives on the market.

Reviewed by Ash from England on 28th Jan 2006
This is a very nice good flip phone that has no camera. This would make a very good first phone as it's colour screen, polyphonic ringtones, emai;, instant messaging, very stylish & LOADS more! This is a denfinet buy!

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