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Nokia 2630 review

 Review: November 2007  

Last updated April 2009


In a nutshell: The Nokia 2630 is a superslim, ultra-lightweight phone that's cheap to buy and has a built-in FM radio.

Best buy: Nokia 2630 from Amazon Marketplace UK (£49.95)


However, it has a rubbish camera, a rubbish screen, nasty ringtones, limited connectivity (Bluetooth only), not much memory (enough for an MP3 ringtone and a few photos), and is only dual band.

Also, beware of buying the Nokia 2630 on O2, as there appears to be a problem with the phone crashing every time a call is missed. This problem seems to apply to the O2 network only.

Nokia 2630 features include:

  • Camera: VGA with 4x digital zoom
  • Video capture
  • Display: TFT, 65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels
  • FM radio
  • MP3 ringtones, 24-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, Email (POP3, IMP4, and SMTP protocols)
  • Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging: send greetings with short voice clips
  • Handsfree speaker
  • Java games (3 games pre-installed)
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Phone book (1000 entries)
  • Internet: WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE, xHTML, web browser
  • Memory: 11 Mbytes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0
  • Dual Band
  • Size: 105 x 45 x 9.9 mm
  • Weight: 66g
  • Talktime: 6 hours
  • Battery standby: 312 hours

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Nokia 2630 user reviews

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Average rating from 314 reviews:

Reviewed by ijeng from indonesia on 30th Jan 2014
why nokia no signalll . .. emergenci service

Reviewed by jeff from uk on 18th Dec 2013
i love this phone.it's very slim and i dont' know i've got it in my pocket.battery life is excellent.it has large fonts for my weak eyes. ringtones are very loud. if you want a phone to make calls or texts this one is for me.

Reviewed by Shubhs from India on 21st Feb 2013
My 2630 is vry slow and it hangs when i take out the battery for changing the sim.
The battery prblm is dat it takes 5 mins. Only to fully charge and gets low very quikly in 3 to 2 mins.

Reviewed by max from philippines on 15th Aug 2012
my nokia 2630 is very nice. But i cant play any video. And theres no mp3 player either video player

Reviewed by zoe from uk on 19th Jul 2012
My favorite phone! I was gutted when I got the Nokia E72 on contract a couple years ago and have just got a new Nokia 2630, I love it!

Reviewed by Nelly from Malawi on 2nd Apr 2012
Is the best l've ever used.

Reviewed by nemi from srilanka on 3rd Jan 2012
software ok. some time good work. some time phone struck.

Reviewed by Lucinda from UK on 27th Dec 2011
Right so it's not the best phone, so now your probarly wondering why I have given it 5 stars? That's because it does everything it says on the box. So some of you are complaining about the style; don't buy a phone with this style if you dont like it! So others are saying it can't do anything; what do you expect,it's a cheap phone so it can't do everything like 'Samsung Galaxy s 11'. Now with my opinion, I think that it's a fab phone and can do everything that a phone should do, text & call, with ALL the extras including a camera, 5 games, internet and voice recorder! It's an original. ;D

Reviewed by LIAM from UK on 6th Nov 2011
This phone is excelent for txting and calling so i give that 5/5 but its entertainment sux and its games need a max memory of 215 kb per game but i guess i can give this phone a solid FIVE over ONE MILLION

Reviewed by sic from UK on 28th Oct 2011
wasnt that bad. just got fed up of the style and the fact that it can barely do anything...

Reviewed by vamshi from UK on 11th Oct 2011
plz dont buy this phone and suffer

Reviewed by Blayze Milward from UK on 8th Sep 2011
Sickass phone mate!

Reviewed by bob from UK on 19th Aug 2011
how do you connect your nokia 2630 to a pc? It hardely has anything t do on it other then text call pics and fm radio you are better of buying a nokia e5

Reviewed by deepak from UK on 16th Aug 2011
worst phone

Reviewed by )jnahsj from UK on 10th Jul 2011
this phone sucks

Reviewed by Mrs B from UK on 10th Jun 2011
I loved that phone, had 2 of them, and would love to get another one but retailers don't have them any more, too busy upgrading to more complications and waste of timers. That was easy to use, the camera is fine, and i loved the big font for texting. Ring tones are also great.. Good little phone, and i wish i had another one..

Reviewed by Vilius from UK on 17th May 2011

Reviewed by Cham from UK on 16th May 2011
Bought one in an emergency when my Nokia 6300 broke down the day I was going away for a few days and needed a phone. I only recommend the 2630 as a standby temporary phone. I found the call quality to be poor at times, and the handset feels very cheap and plasticky. Good as a spare, hard to live with for long periods of time.

Reviewed by Ojikutu from UK on 7th May 2011
My using it now on dis site with opera application. Dis phone is not good enough for tough/bigger application which is my interest. Only small games, processing is very slow. My camera and radio stopped working i only call/message and browse with it

Reviewed by Lucinda from UK on 12th Apr 2011
At first I loved this phone as I was only 8 when i got it but as time went on I realised how rubbish this phone was: The memory lasted about 3 hours,everytime I went onto drafts the phone crashed,the radio is VERY fuzzy,the signal was rubbish all the tones were stupid. The only good thing is the voice recorder

Reviewed by christopher from UK on 13th Feb 2011
wow i have owned my Nokia 2630 for about two years....originally purchased in Spain....it's fantastic...best phone I have ever had....simple...reliable....light and slim....does what it says on the tin!...love it to bits!! My best gadget.....go get one now!!!

Reviewed by oldbrick from UK on 1st Jan 2011
To anyone still reading this thread - I fixed the crashes by deleting all my texts

Reviewed by ash from UK on 17th Dec 2010
This is my mums phone and I have used it to enhance the experience whilst using it whenever im not on my phone.Its a pretty basic phone with simple 'old fashioned' features ie clock etc aswell as having modern day expectaions like blue-tooth.The camera may be of bad quality and internet browser poorly designed.But it makes up for this with its light weight,small,candy like appereance and also because its a very easy phone to use.Overall I have given it a 4* , because for its price and the time it was released.

Reviewed by Pam from UK on 9th Dec 2010
Got the 2630 as a replacement for an earlier model Nokia, that had worn-out after nine years. I needed a phone and rushed into this purchase. Having had the 2630 for two years now, I can say that this particular item doesn't freeze or lock-up, though I gather many do. What does rankle, is the appalling battery life. Fully charged and left unused on standby, the battery last approx. two days. But use it for a short call or send a couple of texts and the battery life plummets to being dead in less than a day. - Bought a new battery and although this has improved performance, it has only done so be a few hours. My advice, would be to avoid the Nokia 2630 like the plague

Reviewed by QwerkyGeek01 from UK on 26th Nov 2010
This phone is nice, cheap thing. It does what it is supposed to do and if you want a simple phone with a few apps, or for a first mobile, I recomend it.

Reviewed by kennichi from UK on 13th Nov 2010
nokia 2630. is a rubbish fone, i have repented a lot... horrible battery,horrible and slow software, n camera, n had d battery changed twice coz it would get hot n used 2 b a burning smell,,, software is so horrible, got it changed 5 times,,, weneva there is a missed call or an sms received the fone tourns off/freezes, i hav to take d battery out, n insert d battery again and set the date and time,,, its the most irritating cell i have ever used, what is more eyecatching bout this cell is its looks but nothing else is great, the most irritating cell i have ever used

Reviewed by umesh from UK on 26th Sep 2010
i am unable to see call duration during a running call.call summary is only available after call is disconnected.

Reviewed by MICHAEL from UK on 25th Aug 2010

Reviewed by Lalan Singh from UK on 5th Aug 2010
The phone is good but i can not seem to find a pc lead to allow me to get the photos off the phone can you or anyone advise me how. email alderman.carol@yahoo.com Really great little phone England.

Reviewed by Lucinda from UK on 29th Jul 2010
i think this is a cool phone

Reviewed by GEMMA FROM DAVAO, PHILS. from UK on 9th Jul 2010

Reviewed by murali from UK on 29th Jun 2010
this phone behaves erratically suddenly goes on and off, get locked and goes into camera mode and shoots automatically at my wits end, made a mistake buying this phone

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 19th Jun 2010
Brilliant phone had it two years now going strong

Reviewed by Tom Hibbert from UK on 24th May 2010
Good if u want a cheap basic handset, but really nothing decent about it at all. Battery runs out very quickly even if u don't use it much and there is a 2-3 second delay between pressing the buttons and anything happening. Camera and video quality is also poor; only allows for 10 seconds each time. Freezes quite often as well. Then again, i suppose u get what u pay for.

Reviewed by lels from UK on 7th Apr 2010
I love this phone! I have had it two years and had no problems whatsoever! No freezing or playing up. Not sure if the network makes a difference but I am on ASDA network =) It copes with long texts (I am a proper essay texter) and has never cut me off a call. It is superlight and slim so fits into pockets etc. The only issue I have is that it won't send picture messages but thats not a problem as I prefer to send pictures via email and a computer. Also there is a 2 second delay from pressing the button to it happening but you honestly don't notice this unless you are used to super high tec phones. The battery life has been wonderful so far and I am terrible at remembering to charge it. I can charge it for 30 mins from dead in a morning and it will last all day while I am at school. Great phone for those who want somehing to text and call on. Not so great as mp3, camera etc.

Reviewed by buzz41 from UK on 15th Feb 2010
just had this phone last week this the review is a bit harsh think this is one off the best cheap end nokias on the market does everything i need it to guess if i have to be picky then the battery life is not great and could do with more memory but other than that i would recommend this phone

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 8th Feb 2010
Hi, this model has a known bug, which may cause freezing or crashing after a few months use. It's to do with the phones internal processer, which has bug in the code. You can temporarily fix the freezing by removing the battery and relpacing it. However, the fault will return. Other faults include freezing in camera mode and launching applications when on sleep and freezing. You've been warned.

Reviewed by P.I.T.A.S from UK on 2nd Feb 2010

Reviewed by Malcolm Brown from UK on 27th Jan 2010
I only bought it to use while my HTC Touch diamond 2 was being repaired after being dropped down a toilet. The Nokia 2630 is a terrible phone. Avoid at all cost.

Reviewed by carol alderman from UK on 24th Jan 2010
The phone is good but i can not seem to find a pc lead to allow me to get the photos off the phone can you or anyone advise me how. email alderman.carol@yahoo.com Really great little phone England

Reviewed by Manal from UK on 17th Jan 2010
I love my phone nokia 2630 bt the only problem is how to install opera mini hope i found help solution. Thank u

Reviewed by vishnu from UK on 14th Jan 2010
its a nice mobile

Reviewed by jim from UK on 12th Jan 2010
I Bought this phone as a replacement for a Sony Erricsson. A cheap phone (though I've had cheaper). I only use a mobile for talking and texting. This phone is a total failure because one can barely hear the other person speaking. The sound qulaity is abysmal. I stopped using it after 2 days and am looking for a replacement.I wanted to get a Nokia as I had one 2 phones ago which lasted years (can't remember the model. I am turned off of Nokia now. Just because it is a basic phone, the soiund quality should be nowhere near as bad as this. I feel let down and cannot possibly recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Alan J from UK on 5th Jan 2010
I've used this phone for about a year as a second phone . Its nice and light , fits in my shirt pocket and is an ideal basic just so that people can get in touch at the office. Nothing fancy admittedly but its cheap and easily replaced if , like me , your phones go walkabout on occasion.

Reviewed by chris from UK on 3rd Jan 2010
pretty experienced phone user and it's good for the basics but it is very very slow. loading messages takes seconds and it's pretty empty. can't use opera mini with it as it just crashes. if you're looking for a cheap phone sub 30 then this is great if you're just making calls or texts, but otherwise not that great. battery has been amazing for me, i think Pete that your phone needs a new battery as it may be faulty

Reviewed by Mike d. from UK on 22nd Dec 2009
Great phone, a decent improvement on my last one. Since it cost only 25 sterling, I don't mind the poor camera. The predictive text works well and the battery lasts about 3 days between charges before it gets low. The reasons I chose it- light, thin and decent texting.

Reviewed by john from UK on 20th Dec 2009
This phone has been nothing but reliable from day one. Its very light and slim, can put in top pocket of my shirt. Battery lasts for ages. Can connect to PC via bluetooth. If you want a simple inexpensive phone, you cant go wrong (unless your on 02, which no one in their right mind would be)

Reviewed by worried from UK on 17th Dec 2009
The 2630 is rubbish with no time the IC had broken down in like less than a year of its duration after it was bought. I expected something better but it proves to be ridiculous. I think i wasted my money on that freck of a mobile phone and will nevr consider nokia to be the best mobile phone manufacturer

Reviewed by madina from UK on 16th Dec 2009
this fone sucks.....only lasted a few mnths and never switched on again...

Reviewed by olysa pollion from UK on 14th Dec 2009
my nokia2630 gives me problem when trying to configure it,it says (only 20 sets allowed message discarded) and it wont browse. pls i need solutions to that. apart from that my nokia2630 is the bomb!

Reviewed by Chilo from UK on 10th Dec 2009
Its a good phone if you like texting and basic internet sites like facebook, google or wikipedia, the phones web browser wont support anything else, and if you looking for a media device this definitely isnt the phone for you, with its 11 mb memory you can only just fit in two songs at a time.

Reviewed by Cris from UK on 9th Dec 2009
Don't overcharge your phone, it kills battery life. On a side note. this has got to be the crudest review ever. however, it's completely honest, as a friend of mine has it, and also said that battery is rubbish for a nokia phone.

Reviewed by Daphne from UK on 5th Dec 2009
I bought this phone in the summer. It has been a joy to use! Great camera and video action - although limited memory. Clear screen - unlike some of the dim and obscure Nokias which are ijnvisible in the sun. Great range of features and ring tones etc. Slim and light weight. I've had several Nokias, and this is the best yet. Used on Orange PAYG, so none of those awful O2 problems other people have had

Reviewed by JP from UK on 28th Nov 2009
I like it in the first but when it is so very long with me i see that it is so very slow and no yahoo website address and it cant open other site

Reviewed by kevin from UK on 25th Nov 2009
yeah, nokia 2630 is a junk...

Reviewed by nigel from england from UK on 13th Nov 2009
it does what it says on the tin it is a chaep phone it doesnt tell jokes make tea or answer the door if you want an all singing all dancing phone then this is not for you i just wanted a chaep phone to text people and occaisionally ring them for 25 from o2 its a steal

Reviewed by Amanda from UK on 12th Nov 2009
I love this phone, it's lightweight, has all the features I need and it was a good price. But it's been freezing for the last two days now and I can't respond to or sometimes even open texts. Sometimes I can't even unlock it! So looks like it'll be going back to the shop. Even taking the battery out overnight didn't help. Had it 7 months so far, disappointing as I've always found Nokia very reliable in the past.

Reviewed by Mebrahtu from UK on 9th Nov 2009
I have nokia 2630. I have bought it from my friend actually it terminates when i start communicating a little and when I was receiving a call as soon as i say some words it terminates switched off. I should have take out the battery and insert it again to make another call. To tell you the truth those mobile whose made in china are fake like mine. Those made in korea don't have this problem.

Reviewed by Billman from UK on 7th Nov 2009
4th 2630 from Ar*** on Orange (they are getting fed up with changing it). Everything works great except the # to switch from silence (mute bell) to normal ring and vv. Must be Orange software use to lock phone to Orange. Wife has identical 2630 but unlocked and no probs. No one seems to want to help me with is much needed function !Any idead

Reviewed by kaype from UK on 6th Nov 2009
the phone is average mainly because you dont get a usb adapter with it to send all your videos and photos to the computer. if this phone is accesable with 1 please tell me so if not doesnt matter.

Reviewed by hmj from UK on 5th Nov 2009
Bought this without reading the reviews so relieved to find it works fine despite being on O2. It's good looking, slim and mine shows none of the defects others mention. I don't want a camera, radio, internet access etc etc just a cheap phone for calls and messages. One or two niggles about the menu layout but I got to grips with those in minutes. Every phone I've had could have been designed better.

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 4th Nov 2009
I have had this phone over 12 months now, for a cheap phone it is perfect. OK, so it's not quad band, the camera is rubbish, the menus are slow to navigate through, but for such a small phone and a purchase price of 25 who cares...

Reviewed by Andrea Parkes from UK on 1st Nov 2009
I purchased one of these earlier this year and find it the best phone I have had - ever! I am not particularly clever when it comes to mobiles, but this Nokia is more than adequate for my needs. It's a good all-rounder and easy to use; the screen is clear; calendar extremely useful and easy to use. I purchased on recommendation from a friend and now my 23 year old son is going to buy one. Economically priced and easy to use - would recomend it for those who don't want a fancy phone.

Reviewed by pantiman from UK on 22nd Oct 2009
the nokia 2630 is a good phone, very light.

Reviewed by James Waddell from UK on 20th Oct 2009
I just bought a Nokia2630 two weeks ago and the screen went blank, I've had it replaced today,so I hope this is a one off problem. It works very well with my in car phone system (parrot3100).The one problem that I have is that I don't see the point of a camera if you cannot transfer it to your PC, there was no USB connector with it. I have read the reviews and noted them. I am on Vodaphone and I keep getting 'no network available' messages yet My old Nokia1100 has the network in the same place at the same time. I'm not too sure about this phone but I will certainly watch it very closely.

Reviewed by anon from UK on 19th Oct 2009
My bf bought this phone, the screen cracked after about 5 seconds and they didnt drop it. I had one, screen cracked for no reason,very ANNOYING!the phone's camera is unimpressive, and its boring and barely does anything. The only good thing was that it was VERY light.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 10th Oct 2009
Had the phone 6 months all I basically want is to make and receive calls. Other features alarm and photos useful and no problems in this respect plus have dropped a couple of times and phone still ok. It was cheap at 20 and works fine on Vodaphone network and my only problem is connecting with my HP notebook. It just will not do it by cable or bluetooth. Lasts about 5 days on a single charge.For the money it's good value

Reviewed by John Diggins from UK on 10th Oct 2009
Well for a start, connectivity is not only limited to Bluetooth, you also have cable and infra-red. Yes memory is limited so you can't load a lot of pics onto it. It may be only dual-band but I have been all around most Euro counties with it and I always get a connection. My provider is Tesco Mobile, which I believe uses the O2 network, and hasn't crashed yet after a missed call. Summing up, I think its a great little phone for phone calls and text's. Thats all I want a phone for. I have a decent camera for pics. Lets face it, you gets what you pay for.

Reviewed by richard from UK on 24th Sep 2009
great phone but not for geeks

Reviewed by Heather from UK on 22nd Sep 2009
Bought this camera earlier in the year as as mobile unexpectedly got damaged when away on holiday. Pleasant to look at but awful to use as is on O2 network and cannot always make and receive calls -especilly in my own house!! Can't send or receive pictures. Phone also frequently cuts out during a call. Despite putting the phone in silent mode the message alert tone is still audible? Has now driven me bonkers for 3 months and am changing phone and network on Saturday.

Reviewed by ann french from UK on 19th Sep 2009
This phone is useless, it crashes on Vodafone too. it just shuts itself down even though there is plenty of battery power. May be cheap but avoid it like the plague.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 17th Sep 2009
Phone and features are fine and my battery life is around about 1 week. BUT this phone is not very robust, I've had 2 break with shattered screens, apparently carrying it in your front trouser pocket (no I didn't sit on it) is just too streessful for this phone. I have had Nokia phones for 13 years (since the 2110) and all have been good strong phones. The 5110 was an exception, as this was a bad phone built down to a price.

Reviewed by Ross from UK on 11th Sep 2009
I have had no problems with this phone at all. I bought it due to my Nokia N81 dying on me, had no issues, very good sound on calls. Easy to use for texting. If you want a phone for just calling and texting, this is for you.

Reviewed by terry from UK on 9th Sep 2009
Like the phone for the price - easy to use. Just what I wanted - great price. Terrible battery life. Dies after 3 days stand-by, with 4 mins talk-time and NO texts. No use of phone in these 3 days - whatsoever other than 4 mins on calls. 6hours or 312 hours standby my arse..

Reviewed by tom from UK on 8th Sep 2009
this phone is decent, but basic, which you can expect from any phone of this price. TO PETE (below): if you overcharge the battery, it will KILL the battery life!! i can get over a week's worth of texts and calls on one charge. you need to buy a new battery, and DONT charge for 18hrs.

Reviewed by Firthy from UK on 4th Sep 2009
The Nojia 2630 is driving me crazy. It keeps locking up as others have reported. I have just sent this webpage to o2 and demanded a replacement phone.

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 4th Sep 2009
My boyfriend bought this phone and we recommended to my mum who just wanted a basic simple to use phone. Both bought from O2. Both screens have cracked inside within two months of buying without being dropped. O2 just says "not their problem" basically. I would not recommend.

Reviewed by Umaima Bint Zia from UK on 31st Aug 2009
I have used both the black and the white Nokia 2630 and in comparison the white 2630 seems to be having a problem with its speaker and sound quality, which is odd as It never happened with the black 2630. Never crashed even once and also never hangs. So, it is a good bargain with its price!

Reviewed by weav from UK on 23rd Aug 2009
nokia says it all really, a inexpensive nice looking very slim mobile with a good battery life and good call quality, its not got a 8 mega pixel camera but it does take photos pretty well for the camera it uses. all i can say is 10/10 for the phone cost, applications, looks, and operations well worth a few quid that they cost to buy new.

Reviewed by Indika Samarawickrema from UK on 20th Aug 2009
Phone is too slow when you open images and audio files.

Reviewed by kemal from UK on 15th Aug 2009
only 20. I love the Nokia 2630. It is sleek and light weight. It has everthing I need. bluetooth, video and mp3. lovely phone. I paid 20.50 for my lunch. thanks nokia...

Reviewed by kamalot from UK on 14th Aug 2009
> Good phene... but it's a bit slow when u go to the main menu... then u have some problems with the jar aplication, no all the jar games can be run in this phone... but after all is a very good phone for the price that u paid. U could do interesting thing with the bluetooth... Not a very lound sound but it's heardable<-____________________________________________________________________.

Reviewed by kadeem from UK on 9th Aug 2009
it is not bad but it needs to have a memory card slot

Reviewed by Cals from UK on 8th Aug 2009
Had this for my birthday and i thought it was rubbish!!!!Plus it cant take memory card

Reviewed by phone dude from UK on 6th Aug 2009
good phone- pretty much invinvible. i dropped it in a bucket of water- it was fine after 1 hr. i also played catch with it and the only thing that happens is that battery cover falls of if it hits concrete! Good, cheap phone. Has all the basics. Only 4 stars because it cant hold a memory card, and 11mb isnt massive- 1 or 2 songs and about 20 pics. Also, every time you take the battery out, u have to reset the time and date

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 4th Aug 2009
Simple phone very lightweight and thin, great or people like me who only use a phone for making phone calls. A little bit slow but no complaints apart from that.

Reviewed by John from UK on 1st Aug 2009
Basic, cheap and functional. Running it on o2-UK with no problems. It is more reliable than the 20 the SE T250/T280, which couldn't keep a signal where I work. For basic texting and calls it is snappy and solid. Yeah the camera is rubbish but it's an extra I don't need it.

Reviewed by James from UK on 30th Jul 2009
I am not very pleased, with this phone because of whenever i attempt to open the battery slot, the camera button falls off. Bit perfectic if you ask me. Anyways, for its money, it's not too bad considering i only paid 30 for this phone.

Reviewed by Jean Smith Lincolnshire from UK on 29th Jul 2009
I am very pleased with my Nokia 2630. It does exactly as advertised. It may be basic according to some but it is slim, small, lightweight and has never let me down. I don't need a phone with lots of gizmo's so this is the one for me.

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 24th Jul 2009
It is very slow and crashes often. The camera is rubbish. There is barely any file space. Battery runs out fast.

Reviewed by Cicero from UK on 19th Jul 2009
Never had serious problems with this phone and I am indeed at O2 Pay-as-you-go. Only does not seem to like train journeys. Cheap, enormous memory if you only send text messages. Does what it says and nothing more. Good phone, for the money. And stop complaining about the memory capicity. Just take a more expensive phone, if that's what you want.

Reviewed by lee from UK on 17th Jul 2009
after 3days one of the buttons came off and the jag shop didnot want to know (thats where i got it from) so iwill not go back there a gain thats the plymouth shop

Reviewed by shelley from UK on 11th Jul 2009
Had the phone (on Tesco) for ages now and I love it. I like how slim and light it is, fits into pocket without bulging. Having read previous posts its seems mine is not the only phone to show texts one hour behind! Its a great basic it phone and suits me perfectly. Never had a problem with battery life or memory. I now what the white version

Reviewed by Don from UK on 9th Jul 2009
my 2630 is a great little phone, i understood at the time of purchase that you get what you pay for, if you want a good quality camera and large memory then put your hand deeper into your pocket.Great phone for the price

Reviewed by william parker from UK on 7th Jul 2009
this phone is very poor i have this phone on tesco network and its been a trouble phone from day one,the software crashis it turns its self off during a call and when u have a missed call the phone freeze's and then stays on vibrate until you take the battery out to reset it,iv had to reset this phone 10 times a day,and also it runs very slow during the menu's and switching from txt msg to main screen,the whole phone give's nokia a bad name i think as i feel the phone is not worth the 40.00 i paid for it, so if you ask me dont buy it you can find a better phone for the same money.

Reviewed by grumpy from UK on 23rd Jun 2009
i like nokia 2630 but my battery stopped working

Reviewed by ben from UK on 22nd Jun 2009
Just bought this phone the other day and very pleased with it. The phone is very smart looking for 30 that i paid

Reviewed by arunav from UK on 18th Jun 2009
i have just bought this phone. im a sucker for light weight and feel on the hand and hence for me this was a must buy as soon as i touched it.. the silver could have been black.. memory not a prob for me as i have an ipod.. all in all its a cheap phone with all features you might possibly want..

Reviewed by RYANDC from UK on 17th Jun 2009
It's ok for a cheap phone. Feels cheap but doesn't look that bad. Havent had any problems with it crashing like somepeople, and i'm on o2. Features and screen are pretty rubbish after using an iPhone 3G, but for the price (30) you can't complain.

Reviewed by Si from UK on 17th Jun 2009
Was quite impressed with this phone for the two-and-a-half weeks it worked. Liked it so much that I went to extra effort to look after it - made sure I never put anything else in the same pocket as it, was very gentle with it. However, yesterday I took it out of my pocket and the LCD had cracked behind the screen. There is not a single mark on it, yet Carphone Warehouse told me it was because I hadn't looked after it properly. Apparently what had happened to it was "impossible according to the laws of physics". They couldn't tell me which laws of physics, or even name any laws of physics, but hey, apparently they know.

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