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Nokia 2600 Classic review

 Review: October 2008  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 2600 Classic is a very basic camera phone priced at well below 100. With a basic VGA camera and no music player, this is best suited as a first phone for a young teenager. The FM radio, good battery life and practical keypad layout for texting make this phone worth a look.

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Nokia 2600 Classic features include:

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Nokia 2600 Classic user reviews

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Average rating from 23 reviews:

Reviewed by tony from UK on 17th Jun 2013
I bought this phone in 2009 and it is still in perfect working order today, dispite me dropping it more than a dozen times.After reading the other reviews yes I would agree the speed of delivery of info is slow, but I would'nt swop it.You can still buy most spares for the phone including press on covers in verious colours.A damm good phone....!

Reviewed by Ananthu from India on 7th Mar 2013
It is a good phone that it last for years and years but have many limitations . It is too slow , delay of 1sec on pressing a button another problem is that it is too slow especially when turn on . Low memory and low browsing speed . I cannot install an app more than 250kb. It is found be in the middle of SAR Rating is that 0.950

Reviewed by Christopher from Philippines on 6th Dec 2012
My mom got this phone for me,im glad i have a new phone like this,having a nice and consistentively features such as browsing,calling or even calling are much enhanced with this kind of handset.This may not be worst if you are careful in handling. The only thing i will say,this phone had been taken by most Filipino like me.SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

Reviewed by sijo from india on 14th Oct 2011
good gprs speed with IDEA network

Reviewed by asadbaba from Pakistan on 6th Sep 2011
vrey nice phone

Reviewed by tee boeing from england on 19th Apr 2011
SOO SLOW!its buttons feel squishy like poo,talking of which it looks like a poo in that colour.its not cheap anyway,i paid 40 for which my replacement of the nokia,a lg cookie fresh cost the same price!i also fought nokias were tough having a 5210 before but i drop this one on a gravel pavement and the speaker broke. having to buy a new one at 17.i agree with smith below its so slow my lg is sooooooooooo better i threw the nokia in the muzuma bag with crys of happiness and got 3 squids for it.

Reviewed by Eko Godswill from Nigeria on 18th Apr 2011
I don't like the way the phone work, its always giving me problem with SIM CARD REGISTRATION FAILED

Reviewed by Smith from New Caledonia on 14th Sep 2010
Nokia 2600c is too slow... A 1 second delay kicks in after each button press. Whoever in the Nokia office OK'ed this to be released to the public should be put down with tranquilizers and locked in a mental hospital cell forever.

Reviewed by Sajid from Pakistan on 8th Jun 2010
Its a good phone specially if you need a phone for bundle of sms. this phone will work good for you. more than thounsands of sms in phone memory. but more you cosume the momory slower the phon to initialize after restart.

Reviewed by Bob from India on 9th May 2010
slow slow slow and it takes ages to warm up when i switch it on.

Reviewed by Anjan kumar from India on 6th Feb 2010
this is good phone fr 2800 rs only.it has gprs and quality camera and BT

Reviewed by lakshminarayanak from india on 17th Dec 2009
yah first one month its good ..its having battery problem??when u put 24 hrs charge ..its dispalying half only >>>blameto all ihve go to nokia care ..>>spend some bucks ill suggest dont go for 2600c ..slow process

Reviewed by Arjun from India on 10th Nov 2009
I brought dis same set.. But ist too slow. If it is switched off and then switch it on, it wil take abt 10 min to work properly. It wil show "Message storage memory not ready" wen i try to take messages for the first 8-10 minutes. Wat is dis???

Reviewed by alex from uk on 22nd Aug 2009
such a bad phone. unbelievably slow, especially on start-up when it feels like a 10year old PC. buttons are too cramped together making it hard to txt and easy to accidently press send or exit when texting. very very very poor design

Reviewed by SUDHAKAR from INDIA on 18th May 2009

Reviewed by sympology from UK on 25th Feb 2009
This must be the worst phone I've used. I've received it as a work phone and it's replacing my DMP300. I'm gutted The menus are slow, the square menu button is fiddly. To turn up / down the volume during a call, you have to use the square menu button, which means pulling the phone away from your ear. The whole system is just badly designed. Another example? The alarm clock. You have the option of setting snooze. So when it goes off, good luck on guessing which key is which, but that may because of choosen a standard background with Black at the bottom and the font stays black. How stupid is that? The wife has a cheaper Motorola than this which blows it out of the water.

Reviewed by chris from poland on 27th Jan 2009
I've bought this mobile and I'm disappointed...My older 1600 is much much better for me.

Reviewed by jerald from india on 27th Jan 2009
good phone but mine had a problem it gets off on connecting to system

Reviewed by prethesh from india on 21st Dec 2008
best phone for 2800rs

Reviewed by Gearard Teo from Singapore on 20th Dec 2008
The Nokia 2600 Classic is one of the worst phone ever. With lousy text and no music player, it is considered poor to be sold to customers

Reviewed by vaibhav from india on 17th Dec 2008
a very good phone in low range having a good camera in comparison of other vga camera mobiles like nokia 3220 etc.it also supports internet via bluetooth and u get a little less speed in comparison of nokia 3500 classic in gsm network ..... overall a nice phone to be purchase under a estimete of rs 4000

Reviewed by gopika from india on 5th Dec 2008
nokia 2600 classic is very excellent.

Reviewed by steven from nigeria on 2nd Oct 2008
the phone is a vry nice phone, but i have not been able to activate my mms/gprs, you can reply me via onome2008@hotmail.com

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