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Nokia 2310 review

 Review: December 2006  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 2310 is an entry-level phone without a camera. Nokia are the only manufacturer still making these kinds of very basic phones, so to be honest there isn't a lot of competition!

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The 2310 has a smart design and is a compact lightweight phone. The keypad is functional and the 5-way navigation key is easy to use. The display is a colour passive-matrix display, which is small and not that easy to see outdoors, but is standard for this type of phone. The phone comes with an integrated hadsfree speaker and supports SMS, picture messaging, animated screensavers and has three pre-installed games. The 2310 also features an FM radio, so you can listen to music whilst on the move.

The phone's closest competitor is the Nokia 1600 which has almost exactly the same specification, except that the 2310 has the benefit of the FM radio. The 2310 is an excellent choice if you're in the market for a bargain phone.

Nokia 2310 features include:

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Can I download the contents of my Nokia 2310 phone memory to another phone or computer?

Asked by Colin Apelt from Australia on 24th Jun 2017

My fairly new 2310 nokia phone is not working put a new battery in still no sound?

Asked by Inge Hohmann from uk on 4th Mar 2017

Does the Nokia 2310 work in Thailand with orange sim card?

Asked by Al from USA on 27th Feb 2017

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Nokia 2310 user reviews

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Average rating from 186 reviews:

Reviewed by Frederique from Denmark on 16th Mar 2015
An absolut perfect basic phone! Have mine for 8 years now, has been dropped many times, driven over with a bike and still working perfect :)

Reviewed by Jock M. from UK on 30th Jan 2015
An excellent basic fone and good companion - and especially useful as a reliable & simple Emergency Communication Device in difficult places.

Reviewed by DAVE from united Kingdom on 7th Jun 2014
Brilliant phone,had mine since 2006 like Tom(read below)
Use mine as a wet phone when on the water, picks up signal when offshore when more modem phones have lost there's.

Vodafone/Asda you both have got it wrong. Vodafone where are your green credentials ??? how many phone will end up being binned,failure to release unlock codes means I will not subscribe to your service ever. Even if I have to pay to get this phone unlocked. Asda switching to EE now means I have to get a 2nd provider to cover the EE black spots. That was why I had your original service. The 2310 came as a bonus, was as good as my old 3210. but with better battery life.

Reviewed by tracey from uk on 13th Mar 2014
i have had my nokia 2310 for a number of years now.my husband brought me it.the battery lasts for weeks,but i keep needing new covers as it keeps getting scratched as dont have a pouch thingy to put it in.id like a red cover but my bro got me a blue one.

Reviewed by Tom. from UK on 9th Mar 2014
After reading these reviews I realised I wasn't the only lover of the Nokia 2310. In 2007 I bought it from ASDA on a £20 promotion. So the phone came with £1 of airtime but ASDA then refunded the £20 through further airtime. So I gained all round.
Unfortunately, that has now been spoiled by ASDA changing over from VODAPHONE to EE and getting it all wrong ( long story ). I still have the phone and it's box etc, but it's now useless.
One of the great things about the 2310 was that it could get a signal in places like underground or in a basement, where other fancy phone on the same network could not.

Reviewed by Pete C from England on 21st Oct 2013
Had mine since 2006... lasts days on a single charge over a week if not used to make calls... I keep it as a second phone and have my smart phone diverted to it if unavailable i.e. the battery has died...been dropped hundreds of times...still works fine...picks up a signal where other phones fail

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 28th May 2013
If you are going/about to replace a Nokia 2310 and want the same simplicity with as little as possible extras (useless rubbish} on your phone? Then the Nokia C2-01 is the one to replace it with. Because that has GSM Quadband and UMITS 3G but still has some rubbish on the phone such as a radio and camera.

Reviewed by JoD from Belgium on 15th Dec 2012
I have this phone from 2006 on, never any problems, works great and FM radio is handy now and then.
Previous phones went broke because I have an habit of stuffing them in my pockets.
The battery was very good, loading 30 minutes to go on for days, but now it starts failing. I'll buy a new battery because I don't want another phone. I love this little thing.

Reviewed by John Butcher from UK on 17th Oct 2012
Had phone from 2006 to 2012 when i replaced it with a Galaxy S3 (big difference). Still worked as well as it did from day one when it recently went into its recycling envelope. Legend of a reliable phone!!

Reply by Jim from UK on 28th May 2013
Like your review John Butcher and still have my Nokia 2310 working perfectly and. . . what more do you need on a mobile phone for text messages and calls? Person the other end whom you text or call can't see your "smart" mobile phone.

Reviewed by Jennifer Yates from UK on 1st Aug 2012
I just love my Nokia 2310. Thought about an upgrade but the salesman in the phone shop just thought my phone was lovely so I decided to keep it. These are going to become collectable soon. Just wish someone would make a fliptop pouch for it.

Reviewed by John B from England on 25th Jun 2012
I have used this model for 5years without a problem as an everyday phone. Easy to use with claer sound.Although I have an android it is not as convenient as the nokia.

Reviewed by tracey from UK on 30th Aug 2011
have had this mobile for years,battery life lasts forever.have dropped it and it still goes on.it needs a new cover though,but love the phone.xxxx

Reviewed by Adil Syed from UK on 24th May 2011
Best mobile phone. Easy to use and a life time guarantee.

Reviewed by Shubhankar from UK on 4th Dec 2010
It is old mobile.

Reviewed by Ehtasham from UK on 28th Oct 2010
Wonderful and amazing handset with long battery life and FM radio.

Reviewed by ESE from UK on 11th Sep 2010
After more than 3 years of daily use, I still love this phone and it's extensive battery time. If all you want to do with your phone is calling and texting, this is the phone you want. Also, the silver keys and the black slip I keep it in make it look as compatible with my MacBook Pro as an iPhone would.

Reviewed by chrissie from UK on 4th Aug 2010
I Love my red Nokia 2310. I've had it several years now and I would never buy anything else. Its light compactyet very sturdy. The buittons are large enough to press with confidence without being cumbersome and its look is fresh and easy on the eye. I use it everyday for the past 3 years and it's only just getting worn out on one of the main keys.I could buy a new cover for it easily for under £6.00 on line if wanted. Basic easy peesey to use and very nice looking great for a basic no frills easy to use phone. I am going to replace it soon with an exact replica. You can get these on amazon.co.uk and ebay. They also do the chargers and other acessories aswell. (I am on a great contract with 02 at the momment. only £15 per month and unlimited texts and 800 minutes which is very reasonable!) The battery lasts for ages. My only gripe is the light does go out quickly whilst still in use occassionbally but that's probably because its getting too old like me! lol. But you can still find it used on the web locked for as little as £5-6 or almost brand new nice silver colour with charger and unlocked for any network etc for under £19.00 (as of today's date auguast 2010) so this is a bonus. Overall I can see why its not an obsolete phone as price wise quality function and style is excellent.

Reviewed by Sohail from UK on 25th Jun 2010
Dear i have a nokia 2310 set from last 3 years but it is not any fault sofar. it is very good condition too. i like nokia company and my pyars always with nokia company . always take good bunisess and good facilitis provide for people. ok take care

Reviewed by Subija from UK on 12th May 2010
I like this mobile, It's easy to use. I already have this mobile nokia 2310.

Reviewed by Secret from UK on 17th Feb 2010
I bought my nokia 2310 three years ago and it's still going stong after being in the sea and my cereal. Not lying when i say this is the best phone in the world love it!

Reviewed by khan from UK on 20th Dec 2009
greatest mobile nokia ever made wonderfull

Reviewed by kamran from UK on 25th Sep 2009
its GOOD phone for Simple Peoples ...txt msg can be type very quikly on this so i recommend every one to buy nokia simple products like 2310 ...

Reviewed by Thouhedul Islam Suchi from UK on 27th May 2009
Not bad

Reviewed by Sadiq Alam from UK on 29th Mar 2009
I’m going to break my review down to the advantages & disadvantages Advantages •Great price for the phone (can be picked up for under £10 on online auctions some retailers e.g. carphonewarehouse charge maximum £20 with credit installed within it) •Brilliant battery life (up to 400 hours stand by time, which is excellent compared to upper class phones with some of them going for less then 200) •Fast charging time •Good for basic needs •Can be used aboard (do check before going) •Small & comfortable (doesn’t weigh much) •Has got FM radio (does it really matter? I tend to listen to my Ipod) Disadvantages •Can be hard to read the screen when in day light (only in some cases) •Can have low reception in a crowded area (a lot of houses) and in the suburbs •Can not just unlock with codes have to go to a shop which costs around £5, which is quite a lot when the phone is max £10. I went to Bangladesh for a holiday and got it unlocked for like £1 & you can basically get any phone unlocked there for that price so my advice is to go to one of those countries for a holiday •Ring tone can be hard to hear (this is from my mum when she put it in her bag, I cant really make a comment on this as I just but it on silent) •I found it a little bit difficult texting (pressing the wrong buttons) I am use to it now but giving a fair warning Overall review Good for those who want a simple phone for calls & texting & for those who just need a spare phone (I do this to take advantage of the other networks cheaper price plans). I saw that some reviews people wrote that this phone isn’t very good but take no notice to them, they are just comparing the phone to upper class ones with cameras and GPRS, if you want all those gismos then go for it.

Reviewed by Haidee from UK on 20th Mar 2009
As a student I wanted a very basic phone... Well, after 2 years still fantastic and I won't change it. You cannot imagine how useful it is in your hands! I combined it with a international sim card to call home, trully speaking... no other basic phone could beat it!

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 11th Mar 2009
This phone just goes to show that great product design doesn't have to be expensive. This stripped down bargain basement phone is just as well engineered as, and probably shares many of the same components as, many of Nokia's more expensive phones.

Reviewed by NIHAR from UK on 7th Mar 2009

Reviewed by Demetri Loizou from UK on 17th Feb 2009
Had this for over a year and I can't stand the thing! It's embarrassing using it outside! However, it is a reliable phone with a dodgy, but fun Snake game! The alarm clock is not able to multiplex. It does its job!

Reviewed by pramod kawale from UK on 25th Jan 2009
I liek it

Reviewed by John Matthews from UK on 5th Dec 2008
Just got this as a hand-me-down from my son, and I wasn't expecting much. And to be honest it hasn't got much, but what it has got works well and is easy to use; I'm really starting to like it. Although the display is colour, it's quite small, but the menus are easy to navigate so it's fine. It feels quite solid, and the key action feels good. I think the FM radio reception depends on where you are and how you hold the headphone wire (which is the aerial) - I haven't used it much, but I wouldn't buy the phone specifically for the radio. So not ideal for a kid who wants lots of 'fun' features (son now very happy with his new 5310), but great for someone who just wants a reliable easy-to-use basic phone.

Reviewed by Alexx from UK on 29th Nov 2008
It's simply outstanding

Reviewed by paulga from UK on 22nd Nov 2008
Would agree with every comment made in praise of the Nokia 2310.As an elderly user its simplicity makes it very easy to use,and being so light to carry an added bonus.

Reviewed by eeh eeh ehh from UK on 15th Nov 2008
fab phone cost me just 29.99 well happy had it 14 months now no problems whatsoever

Reviewed by nokia aikon from UK on 13th Nov 2008
Was a good little phone while it lasted, but unfortunately it died earlier this week. Not sure why, its not like im Cashley Cole and put it places it shouldnt go.

Reviewed by Alan Brown from UK on 8th Nov 2008
I was a member of the'i must have the latest phone'brigade untill i realised i didnt use any of the gadgets on these top range phones and was so fed up with carrying batteries around because of the useless battery life.I sold all my 'top'phones and paid about 20 quid for my little gem of a phone the 2310.Tons of battery life,and does what it says on the tin,Calls,text,alarm,radio,calender,what more do you need.Ive even bought a 2nd one for if ever this one brakes or gets lost.I love it.

Reviewed by Khurram shakeeb Lahore Pakistan from UK on 2nd Nov 2008
hey well i m writing this review when i lost it and i really miss this phone here in pakistan this set is not available more i really big nokia to plz resend it to market becoz it was the best choice i ever use for small set useage.It was perfect every aspect the voice quality,ringtones,functions and speacilly Fm Radio i never seen this sort of sound quality not even in my nokia n 73 music.The hand free sound was owsum like a 3.5 audio jeck.Now i have to get i from any where i will look used cell but i really request nokia to resend it market becoz these sets r 5 star and for all seasons. Love u 2310

Reviewed by Osman from UK on 1st Nov 2008
i have this phone and its really easy to use. but i however get sick of it and now i have purchashed a really upgraded phone.. LG viewty:)

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 8th Oct 2008
This is a brilliant little phone that does everything you really need and cause it's cheap, no one wants to 'nick' it.

Reviewed by Esta from UK on 27th Sep 2008
I LOVE THIS PHONE! its brillant, it's so easy to text the keys are smooth and you'v finished a text before you'd thought you'd even started its so light and hard wearing my last one, got bashed around, drenched and burnt and still surived but meet its death after been thrown out of a top floor window and onto a road to be run over...many times but it still managed to protect my sim card and i'c just bought a new one, couldnt live without this phone it's a gem!

Reviewed by Fish Fingers from UK on 21st Sep 2008
The Nokia 2310 is a very basic bargain phone. But when I say bargain - and I tell ou from expeience - you get an FM radio, a few fancy shortcuts from the startup menu, some, er...interesting ringtones and that's pretty much it. Oh yeah, apart from the games. The games are quite fun at first, but if ou are standing at a bus stop or waiting for your late mum to arrive, let's just say it's not perfect at the best of times. HOWEVER. Don't dismiss this a rubbish, cheap phone yet. when you first get this phone it can be truly delightful. If you are looking for a basic, affordable to keep you entertained for about a year, your quest is done. This is perfect. P.S. Please excuse any typing errors that you find in this report;my keyboard seems to be going coo - coo. The most common one is 'ou', which should say 'you'.

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 9th Sep 2008
Excellent - easy to use once you've mastered it; radio is good and batery has good length of life. Wouldn't swap it for another

Reviewed by Maarja from UK on 9th Sep 2008
i had that phone but dropped it in the water! miss it. :D

Reviewed by darees from UK on 3rd Sep 2008
its a junk other than the radio

Reviewed by Linda Bishop from UK on 1st Sep 2008
The phone is easy to use and lightweight, like many others it has no caller i.d. just the number which is a real pain. Does everyone have this problem?

Reviewed by R. NARAYANAN from UK on 30th Jun 2008
THE SPEAKER GOES VERY SOON. In this phone the speaker, ear piece, ringer all are one. Hence if the speaker goes you will not get ring, cannot talk. bad design

Reviewed by michael from UK on 19th Jun 2008
its a decent phone for entry use, however i use the radio everyday and find the reception poor sometimes, and call volume low. but its really cheap. mine cost £8.99 with a £10 dicount of virgin mobile. i will recommend this phone though for its easy use and price

Reviewed by hf from UK on 17th Jun 2008
Yeah!! i love this phone

Reviewed by UMMMMAh from UK on 12th Jun 2008
nice phone but gives headche after 1 year continous usage it automatic turn off and u can learn more by trying ;)

Reviewed by sparky from UK on 3rd Jun 2008
great phone, simple to use and graet battery life

Reviewed by samoo from UK on 24th May 2008
ive had this phone scince it came out and for what it was made for (calling and texting people) wich is all some people want its amazing its durible dosent scatch or break eisly ive nevr had any problems with it apart from the fact that it isent very loud. hope this helps :)

Reviewed by Bryan Orgar from UK on 16th May 2008
Value for money phone cannot be faulted. My only criticism is that unlike the 1100, 3210 and 3310 you have to press more than one button.

Reviewed by Kumar from UK on 14th May 2008
One major bug - Radio volume increases by itself if the visualisation is ON. If visualisation is OFF then the volume is higher than required. Apart from this everthing is fine.

Reviewed by shariq jawed from UK on 13th May 2008
this phone has a very illegible display only good for beginners

Reviewed by kevan from UK on 9th May 2008
very happy with this phone. i actually prefer it to my razr which i just sat on and broke as the speakerphone actually works properly also has the best FM radio of any phone i have had so far, i had a 5110 and the radio was pathetic at best. also dont think this phone can be broken by being sat on, not unless your as big as an elephant

Reviewed by S from UK on 4th May 2008
this phone was absolutely terrible. the screen was very small and so is the keys. There are no camera, mp3 player or video camera so what is the point of this phone. The radio is very poor and there is nothing you can do with this phone but waste time.

Reviewed by Bamba from UK on 28th Apr 2008
I have the NOKIA 2310 - it's NOT my main phone, but my spare but it's a great little phone. I got it from Virgin Mobile and also got the unlocking codes from them so I can use foreign networks' SIMs when using my mobile overseas without paying extortionate Roaming charges, which is what happens when you make & receive calls overseas on your own, home network. I got my brother one as a gift & he's had his unlocked too for the same reason. It's what's known as an "entry level" phone meaning it's basic & doesn't have GPRS, BlueTooth, Camera & picture-messaging, InfraRed etc... However, for an entry level phone it's very good in that it has a full-colour screen, 3 games and a built in FM radio. Where else can you get a small, portable FM radio that you don't continually have to buy batteries for? And of course,like any other "entry level" NOKIA it doesn't need charging very often! If you want a fancy phone with all the bells & whistles on, then believe me, it's i n your interests to have a basic phone like this too. If you're in (or going to be in) a situation where having your phone stolen/lost is a possibility then you don't want your expensive handset to be the one that goes missing! That's why my brother & I would ALWAYS use an "entry level" phone overseas!

Reviewed by derek from UK on 27th Apr 2008
Phone is rubbish. Dial a number, press the Call button, and it reboots itself!

Reviewed by Stephen from UK on 15th Apr 2008
i have just bought this phone today and i am very impressed all ready

Reviewed by Conor from UK on 31st Mar 2008
Toby O'Brien, That is right, it's Menu, then quickly press star. (*) All, I am thinking of getting this phone. What do you say? Yes or no? PS: Every nokia locks by Menu>*

Reviewed by jas from UK on 24th Mar 2008
its very good

Reviewed by Gajendra Chaudhary from UK on 11th Mar 2008
I Like This Phone Because It has a FM radio and vesuliation and this phone has good show.

Reviewed by vinod from UK on 9th Mar 2008
its cool

Reviewed by Kevin from UK on 6th Mar 2008
This phone is basic but very good for just sending texts and making calls very easy to use and navigate your way around this phone also the games on this phone are addictive especially bounce this is a good value phone and is highly recommended.

Reviewed by Toby O'Brien from UK on 5th Mar 2008
Gooid phone, great games (Bounce), good menus. Clear, precise and very easy to use. It's a phone and not a camera, gamestation or toy. At LAST!!!!! Well done NOKIA, only downside is I cannot for the love of me find how to lock the keypad (Menu* or something life that). Any help would be great. Get this phone.

Reviewed by azaaz from UK on 27th Feb 2008
i think this phone is an exellent phone to use

Reviewed by stephanie cadman from UK on 19th Feb 2008
this phone is good it has really good music and games and has very good pictures

Reviewed by Adenekan T.O. from UK on 16th Feb 2008
Love this phone b'cause of it's durability and strongness. Its highly recommended.

Reviewed by riki from UK on 15th Feb 2008
loved it, cheap and reliable

Reviewed by ibrahim umar abdulkarim from UK on 7th Feb 2008
nokia 2310 is the best phone for someone who wants to use the handset just for calls and other additional functions and a real money-saver. i bought the sim-free phone and find the keypad to be too close for a blind person to identify the numbers therein. it took me four days to be able to use the keypad effectively; but i like its slimness so much that you could put it into your shirt pocket or trouser pocket. it's hands free mode is superb and the phone has a sound quality when a caller is talking to you. i wish i could see to observe its colour screen.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 31st Jan 2008
I bought this phone because my sony ericsson K800i packed up, and i didn't want to fork out too much money before my contract ends next month. I am very pleased with the phone appart from one feature. In the message inbox, it will only tell me the name of the person who sent me the text if the number is stored under +44, not the usual 07. I find this strange and very annoying as I hav to change every mobile number in my phone book. Does anybody know why?

Reviewed by imran akram from UK on 28th Jan 2008
Its very very cheep its very very comfortabel.From pakistan faisalabad

Reviewed by Mohammed irfan from UK on 24th Jan 2008
Best phone in tha world 2310 model mobile

Reviewed by NICK from UK on 21st Jan 2008

Reviewed by Susanna from UK on 18th Jan 2008
I love the neat little phone but I don't know how to check my credit. I t is wonderful and i got it for only $10.00!

Reviewed by anjalee from UK on 14th Jan 2008
there is not any caller ID on this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Dom from UK on 11th Jan 2008
It is good, for the price. If you don't need an MP3 player or a camera on your phone, it does everything really well. Long battery life is a good feature and the radio is reliable , you wouldn't mind losing it so much at the price. If only Nokia put the flashlight that was on the 1110 on this phone and it would be great for holidays, if you were out of phone signal at least it would still be good to have it around. It could do without the games as they are not very good on the small screen anyway- only snake is moderately fun but ultimately tedious. Most kids nowadays would turn their noses up at this phone anyway, ....wot, no mp3???

Reviewed by Leonard Finch from UK on 11th Jan 2008
Great Little Phone at any Price. It is what the Mobile Telephone is made for. Contact by phone between people .withou any Gimmicks

Reviewed by Samuel Ashira from UK on 10th Jan 2008
Have succesfull recently owned the nokia 2310 fm type of phone and i have really enjoyed myself with it.the phone is nice&outlooking i really like it and love it too.thax for nokia company excellent job.am from kenya.

Reviewed by mike from UK on 29th Dec 2007
I got given one free from my service provider as part of a promotion (Vodafone) - I pulled the simcard out of my N95 and placed it in the 2310 and turned it on - the blocky low res screen caught my attention - WHAMMMM I was transported back 5 years in time - well actually my phone from then had a basic camera and MMS and a web browser and other features like switching off at night and back on in the morning aswell as a higher res color screen! - The battery life is better than my N95, then again a laptop from 1992 with one of todays batteries will last longer than a new laptop, you just wont be able to do much. Pros - the blocky screen blends well as a background for the tetris like game and it was free! Cons - Nokia has made any inventions to go back in time unneeded.

Reviewed by johnny from UK on 28th Dec 2007
well for the price of £9.95 i think its one of the best mobiles on the market today.. people who have given it one star. needs to have thier heads examined. they dont know quality and style when they see it. great battery life super little radio.so if you want to get a life GET A NOKIA 2310.

Reviewed by - from UK on 26th Dec 2007
it is a prity good phone for wat I payed for it considering that I payed 25p, if u can't get it any cheeper don't by it!!!!!

Reviewed by Joseph from UK on 26th Dec 2007
My phone doesn't tell me the name of the SMS sender - only the number. Even though I have them in my have them in my phone book. Advice please

Reviewed by - from UK on 25th Dec 2007
i love very much

Reviewed by - from UK on 24th Dec 2007
When getting text messages it doesn't tell me who sent me the text - only their number, even though they are saved in my contacts. Please help.

Reviewed by bobby from UK on 19th Nov 2007
dis fone is rubbish

Reviewed by Riz from London, UK on 7th Nov 2007
Just bought one of these from T-Mobile for a bargain £14.99!!! Needed a phone as the other Nokia of mine has packed up. Back to basics for me I'm afraid. Simple is best.

Reviewed by Henry Perry from UK on 28th Oct 2007
Have recently purchased a 2310. The only problem is the instruction manual is absolute rubbish. had a Nokia some years ago and the manual ws good. Come on Nokia you are not only selling to competant users some of us are mobile phone virgins and need guidance H G Perry henry.perry@ntlworld.com

Reviewed by kumar from india on 30th Sep 2007
I liked very much Nokia 2310.its body is very nice and also FM.

Reviewed by Hans Menon from UK on 30th Sep 2007
Its a cheap and simple phone which is often what people want ... BUT when calling from my home phone, you can see that there is a call coming in but you cant hear anything. It wont even vibrate to say that there's a call coming in. It works from other numbers. The only difference on the screen is that there is a little red cross below the phone icon when the call is being received from home. So. As long as calls from home dont matter, the phone is perfect.

Reviewed by EOIN BLANEY from N. IRELAND on 26th Sep 2007

Reviewed by Jeerawan from Thailand on 16th Sep 2007
Nokia 2310 It used easy and don't expensive I love Noikia 2310

Reviewed by Hashim Zameer from Pakistan on 10th Sep 2007
It is a exelent phone every one can purchase it the enjoyment of fm radio is very good every one can enjoy it if he is rich or poor.............. thank's to nokia corporation for introducing new model nokia 2310

Reviewed by Jimmy K from Australia on 3rd Sep 2007
The Nokia 2310 is only available in Australia on one network, the only network that doesnt work in my area. Although I didnt know that at the time. Its also the only mobile that you can't get unlock codes for without paying just as much as what the phone cost! Unless your in a larger city in Australia, don t buy this phone! The phone it self is great!

Reviewed by Allan from Estonia on 31st Aug 2007
Bought this phone to my son. At this price and features it's a really VERY GOOD phone. I recommend!! + 5 stars

Reviewed by Mopheus from Zimbabwe on 31st Aug 2007
Nokia really did a good Job on this phone. it has taken the 23-- series from being quite handy to being very handy and classy. a small HOWEVER is its design FOR ME! overally i d give it "toe" thumbs up. Yakapenga-Shona TRANSLATION: EISH-SA, Of the wave dude-USA, off the shizzle my nizzle-USA(brothers), i say, totally wicked gov'ner-UK

Reviewed by vijay from india on 30th Aug 2007
very good

Reviewed by Tezcatlipoca from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
Very good Nokia! Clear screen. Easy logical menus. Good keypad - better than expected. An excellent little phone - simple but effective.

Reviewed by Lokesh from India on 20th Aug 2007
In this price range compared to rival products its quite good. The main problem with this phone is low ringtone volume. Otherwise everything is perfect is this price.

Reviewed by Uma from India - Chennai on 20th Aug 2007
It's good,very very comfortable.

Reviewed by ashdude from india on 19th Aug 2007
i am having nokia 2310 i dislike the mobile alhough is cheap but have problems.1>not having a good storage for msgs.2>have a poor receiptivity of radio.dont buy nokia 2310 it is waste of money.nokia has dishearted me.

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