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Nokia 220 review

 Review: January 2015  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 220 is a low-cost phone with an alphanumeric keypad, a camera, music player and an FM radio. Its larger-than-average colour screen and long battery life make this an excellent choice for a backup phone.

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Nokia is one of the few manufacturers that continues to make these basic old-style phones with alphanumeric keypads. They're suitable for people who mostly just want to make calls, and also as spares to take to festivals, etc.

The Nokia 220 is a lot better than many of this type. It's based on the simple-to-use Series 30 operating system, and has a flush keypad that's easy to work. It's lightweight and highly pocketable, and has excellent battery life. What makes the 220 really stand out is the larger-than-average full colour display. This measures 2.4 inches with a reasonable pixel density, and makes it much easier to navigate menus and to write texts, compared with smaller screens.

The Nokia 220 is quite well equipped as an all-rounder. It has a 2 megapixel camera, a music player, a memory card for storing music, and an FM radio. To give you an idea of how long the battery can last, the maximum music playback time is an extraordinary 51.5 hours!

The phone is not at all expensive, and we'd recommend this over some of the cheaper Nokias. Even if you're just looking for a backup phone, the 220 has some nice features that make it a better choice over the more basic phones.

Nokia 220 features include:

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I’ve got a Nokia 220 and want to connect to a Nokia hands free kit.

Asked by Jackie from England on 25th Jul 2018

Need security code of Nokia 220?

Asked by Mohammad Omer liqa from Afghanistan on 4th Jul 2016

Has it got YouTube?

Asked by Henry from S Africa on 4th May 2016

Reply by jim desmond from ireland on 12th Sep 2016
Just bought this. How do I connect to home broadband?

See all 4 questions

Nokia 220 user reviews

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Average rating from 8 reviews:

Reviewed by Franky from Scotland on 28th Feb 2016
Uselessness presented in black.

Reviewed by Richard Pickel from Virgin Islands on 31st Oct 2015
I have tried to like this phone as I have had Nokias for donkey's years but it is rubbish, the text message facility is wholly inadequate, it can be extremely difficult to find photos in the memory because it lacks a file manager.
No java games available, found some games by searching for .vxp apps however they've proved lacking in playability.
Please do not purchase the Nokia 220, you will be very disappointed.

Reviewed by jano from italy on 28th Aug 2015
worst phone ever and very expensive too..... bad phone... dont buy it..... bla bla bla.

Reviewed by Shaweel Ahmed from India on 15th Aug 2015

Reviewed by Mr Dickleburgh from EngEngland on 4th Aug 2015
Nokia, this is the worst phone ever, no java, no document support.
I put it in blender.

Reviewed by Richard from England on 26th May 2015
Nokia have stepped 10 years into the past with the 220 and other phones based on the Series 30 software.
To say it has 'Bluetooth' is totally misleading... probably the most common use for bluetooth on a mobile like this is for wireless hands free comms in your car. But the 'Bluetooth' on this phone doesn't support voice comms, so can't be used with any wireless hands free kits.
To make matters even worse, the Nokia PC Suite can't be used with these handsets to upload your contacts from your old Nokia.
All but the most basic Nokia phones have had the above features for years... Nokia really has stepped backwards in an appalling way. They might as well sell bath-taps that don't support water flow.
Hardly surprising that Nokia is steadily putting itself out of the mobile phone business with this sort of behaviour.

Reviewed by Shouvik Bose from India on 15th Mar 2015
Its a good all round phone as a second choice when you have an android or windows or something like that. But any first timers using this set will find that they can not download anything not even a picture from the browsers provided in the phone. Just download the browser OPERAMINI.VIET.VXP through the nokia browser and it will be the way to downloading and everything within its limitations such as no apps as java or symbian wouldn't support.

Reviewed by Walter Bruderer from Portugal on 15th Feb 2015
I am very satisfied with this cell phone. But I also have a question: where can I download the manual in German? Thanks.

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