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Nokia 1650 review

 Review: February 2008  

Last updated April 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 1650 is a good phone for those looking for something simple, just to make calls.

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It's cheap, it's robust, and it's easy to use. In addition, it has a built-in FM radio and can be used as a torch. One-touch shortcut keys make it easy to access these functions. It also includes 3 games, and you can customise the ringtones with MP3 tones. For the money, what more can you expect? Some users have, however, reported that the phone sometimes freezes or randomly switches off.

You might consider the Nokia 2310 if you want something cheaper, or the Nokia 3109 Classic if you don't mind spending a bit more.

Nokia 1650 features include:

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Nokia 1650 user reviews

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Average rating from 80 reviews:

Reviewed by Philip from Northern Ireland on 6th Sep 2013
Simple easy to use - had it for years and absolutely no problems! Brilliant!

Reviewed by PRANENDU from INDIA on 17th Oct 2011

Reviewed by Beecroft from Nigeria on 13th Aug 2011
2 years now and still going strong. Lovely phone, should get an award!

Reviewed by sivapalani from india on 27th Jul 2011
i use this for the last 4 years even though i had another mob,i keep this for its rugged stand by my radio will be on for the whole night with a spare of just 2points down, also i dropped it a lot of instants that never cause any problem or damage cheap and useful.

Reviewed by saurav* from india* on 17th Jul 2011
its a very good phone to use as i am using it from 01/04/2008.and now july 2011 if i shall sell it i shall got rs 800 as my handset is in very good condition.

Reviewed by SANKET PADALIYA from INDIA on 5th Jun 2011

Reviewed by Clint from Australia on 5th Mar 2011
Ok when I buy a good phone I do not want a crappy camera in it. Similarly If I but a good camera I do not want an integrated crappy phone. This nokia @ $49 is cheap but it is far from crappy. On the plus side it's robust and reliable and more importantly it's simplicity means it has fewer features and systems to go wrong; including(excluding) internet/bluetooth/camera/kitchensink/etc/etc/etc. On the minus side the simplicity is certainly reflected in it's style and appearance; but if style and appearance are features you are looking for you should not be buying a $49 phone in the first place. I appreciate this no fuss phone without all the 'nonsense' features as I have a good camera and my internet connects fine from the home PC and laptop already. Thanks Nokia!

Reviewed by chloe from england on 24th Feb 2011
I don't really like the nokie 1650. you can't recive picture messages or go on the web, the texting is rubbish and the phone is not the best it self. it dose need a camra and bluetooth, the thing i do like about it is that when you drop it dont break, maybe the battrey may comeout sometime and it is small so i will fit in quite small places.

Reviewed by srab from nowhere on 11th Feb 2011
ive owned this phone for about a year now and its avery tough little phone its taken a few tumbles and come out with only a few scratches its also got quite cool styling but does seriouly need a camera or at least bluetooth. so on the whole its a good phone but i would definately consider spending about £30 to £70 more ona touchscreen :)

Reviewed by Lolli from UK on 21st Dec 2010
I've had this phone for over a year now, it cost me £10 and its a perky little beast. Can I repeat, it cost me £10! And it does everything a phone should do with no fuss and no tantrums. I have even dropped it a few times. I think it probably enjoys a good tumble!

Reviewed by parthi from chennai "INDIA" on 30th Aug 2010
In this model the sound is very low while using headphone.... nokia is not provide good headset for this device. compare with this model to other old models like 2300, 3310, sound quality and quantity are very heigh...

Reviewed by AZ from UK on 18th Apr 2010
If you need an instruction manual for this phone, you shouldnt have a phone. This has got to be the most simple phone on the market. And i only bought it becasue my Tocco Lite is off for repair, and i need a phone in the mean time.

Reviewed by amina adia from u.k bolton on 17th Dec 2009
it is ok but rather spend good money on a better phone it also needs a camera and bluetooth to make it better.but it is user friendly and easy to use.

Reviewed by r from india on 5th Dec 2009
i Love my mobile

Reviewed by Cerys from UK on 25th Nov 2009
I had this phone for the past year or so and I would say it is a decent phone for the price. I found the keys fine to press, although I do have small fingers. I liked that it was moulded from one piece of plastic, so it didn't get grime in between the keys like others. Sometimes if I dropped the phone the keypad would pop out, but it was very easy to pop back in. The texting was admittedly slow, especially trying to delete words, and it didn't seem to adjust word choices depending on your usage frequency. But I found the menu was user-friendly and robust. The battery life was good, and didn't diminish much whilst I had it, I was charging about once a week I reckon. I recently lost the phone and will be replacing with a camera phone, but if I were to go for another entry level I would be happy with the same phone again.

Reviewed by user a from uk on 8th Oct 2009
Typical modern Nokia: Poor screen (hard if not impossible to see in daylight), hopeless tiny keypad and rocker key, slow menu navigation, weak ringtones which are easily missed, as happened to me several times just when walking along a main road due to traffic noise. I went back to my Nokia 1100 after 8 months, and what a joy it is to use for calls and texts (i.e, all any adult needs a phone for)! I can see these newer phones are much inferior in terms of usability. Going to the 1100 was like a huge upgrade. Why oh why can't Nokia do a simple mono screen version again - without the daft rocker key?

Reviewed by jim from Wales on 24th Sep 2009
Can a fool alter his review? [Editor's comment: Jim, it takes a wise man to change his mind!] because my judgment was clouded by the company which I bought the phone off rather than the phone itself. If it were not for the keypad on the 1650. Then this phone for the money would have five stars and upon reflection it is far better than the Nokia 1208. But you take hold of the 1650 in your left hand if right handed, and vice versa if left handed. And tap the keypad with your other hand and then there's no real problem with this phone's keypad.

Reviewed by jim from Wales on 23rd Sep 2009
Typical Nokia but the keypad on the Nokia 1650 is a drawback but nevertheless for £8.90 unlocked plus £10 top up and £3.99 postage total cost £22.89 not a bad phone for the money. However, as cheap phones go. I prefer the Nokia 1208 which I bought for £4.95 plus £10 top up and post free total cost £14.95 but unfortunately locked to Virgin but which I think is the better phone despite not having a radio as the 1650.

Reviewed by mar b from uk on 14th Sep 2009
battery finishes in 1 day on standby

Reviewed by willis from england on 9th Aug 2009
I've had no trouble with my 1650 its a good little phone if you just want a phone and not a camera,internet,computer,coffee maker super deluxe high grade weapons system of a phone , which I didn't.

Reviewed by Emily and Millie from England on 2nd Aug 2009
This phone is actually the worst phone in the whole world.!!!the keypad is rubbish and easily breakable DO NOT BUY IT !!

Reviewed by Yogendra from India on 1st Aug 2009
Worst keypad I have ever used in my life . The KeyPad Sucks. I got this 1 week ago .Ita a pain typing anything on it .. You'll hate texting on it .. Only yesterday did it slip off my hand while I was standing and it has developed minute cracks on the 2 sides besides the display top ... The only good thing about this mobile is the display .. else it sucks .. Stay away from it ... Honest review!!

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 13th Jun 2009
This phone is great, mega cheap and does exactly what it says on the tin. Already explored big drains using this as my only light source. Excellent.

Reviewed by james monksfield from england on 27th May 2009
excellent piece of kit,but dont try to teach it to swim. Makes a vey sad phone.

Reviewed by stinky socks from australia on 21st May 2009
good day mate, this phone is awesome it even has snake, snakes are great mate. its triple A (AAA) AMAZING, ANCIENT AND ADORABLE =] its a little cutie pie

Reviewed by Tehseen Ahmed from Pakistan on 5th May 2009
i purchased 1650 it is very beautifull cell phone. just $41

Reviewed by James from USA on 17th Apr 2009
I purchased my Nokia 1650 In Thailand. I purchased a sim card with the phone and used it for 3 weeks over there with no problems.I only charged it a couple times. I thought it was great for the price. Now I wonder if it will work in California.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 14th Apr 2009
Great little phone £20 from the CPW with £10 top up... Stunning. Simple to use never let me down and the battery life is awesome.....

Reviewed by Antares from Romania on 7th Apr 2009
It's a simple but highly reliable mobile phone. No software problems to date. No fancy features such as a camera or even MMS. PRO: battery lasts more than a week on moderate usage. CON: the small, unconfortable, rubber keypad.

Reviewed by Landy Mann from UK on 6th Apr 2009
This is one of the best phones I have had it is also the only one I have bought brand new but when you consider the fact my previous portfolio includes several high power Nokias and a samsung, something must have been done right. at £15 from the carphonewhorehouse it even feels like it is high quality! A++++++++

Reviewed by SAUMYA MISHRA from INDIA on 26th Mar 2009

Reviewed by VIKASH from INDIA on 20th Mar 2009

Reviewed by John from UK on 14th Mar 2009
If you want a basic phone its good i dont want any fancy gadgets just want a phone.If you are poor sighted like me you can configure the contact list name for large font.

Reviewed by Mohidddin Basha Syed from Rajampet, Kadapa Dist. Andhra Pradesh. India. on 6th Mar 2009
Simple and most usefull

Reviewed by mcorien from Spain on 24th Feb 2009
I bought a Nokia 1650 and found the manual instruction limited. I went to internet to find out more but no avail.

Reviewed by IKRAM ULLAH KHAN from PAKISTAN on 17th Feb 2009
HI N1650 is a great mobile phone

Reviewed by Jon from Taiwan on 16th Feb 2009
So far so good. If you want a good radio or mp3 player - buy one - not a cellphone! I've never used my phone for anything but calls and txts. I don't see the need for more.

Reviewed by alex from england on 6th Feb 2009
This phone is a banger.my nokia luna is getting fixed so i bought this to tide me over. tell you what im going to cancel the other one and keep this, you just dont need all those fancy options,thats why they go wrong in the first place. keep it simple and be happy!

Reviewed by alden from philippines on 12th Jan 2009
this phone sucks always hangs when im texting, i dont recomend it! ^,_,^

Reviewed by Ernest Stephens from United Kingdom on 9th Jan 2009
Completely satisfied with the mobile phone bought on line recently (Nokia)

Reviewed by Peder from Sweden on 29th Dec 2008
This phone sucks. I can't even figure out how to set the volume. Unusable.

Reviewed by Billy from England on 18th Dec 2008
i am getting this phone for christmas it's just such a basic little thing and it quite cheap i really love it and i can't believe it hs an fm radio and can be used as a torch just and amazing phone

Reviewed by Racheal odis from Nigeria on 16th Dec 2008
This is the best phone i have ever used so simple and easy to understand.I love it.

Reviewed by Joseph from india on 11th Dec 2008
I am also using this phone and for me its the best phone in the simple phones. It has got FM radio. torch facility also and even the melody composer for monopolic ring tones.Although volume in the headset is too low.Then also if it is compared with other phones with same range, It will stand above other phones eg. nokia 2310 majority of facility is same but nokia 1650 has got bigger screen than 2310and morrrrrrrrrreeeee...............

Reviewed by rodger from zambia on 5th Dec 2008
The o/s is nasty;it has decided to stick in silent mode, whenever i try to change the ring tone it switches on and off..... any help would do or is it another reject

Reviewed by ACS from UK on 4th Dec 2008
Almost didn't buy it after reading some of these reviews but am glad I did. Basic but with some good features (love the radio and flashlight) and all I need for day to day use. Can't find anything wrong with the buttons or the sound and it was free with a PAYG top up.... So far so good, except I can't find out how the shortcut keys work...

Reviewed by bee from uk on 26th Nov 2008
its simple. may not have alot on its but easy to use. v. user friendly

Reviewed by panneerselvam from india on 20th Nov 2008
Everything they said fine but the os in this mobile is not good at all.. some times the phone is restarting and i have lost all my contacts in my phone book.. So if you buy this means dont forget to take a backup of your phone book contacts

Reviewed by Moses from Uganda on 4th Nov 2008
Its a good cheap phone with built in FM Its receptin is very good too.But it has a fake battery.I have used Nokia Phones since 2002 i have not been impressed with this one's please improve on the batery other wise the phone will loose market

Reviewed by maria from spain on 30th Oct 2008
i bought the nokia 1520 3 weeks ago. The phone itself is great and very simple to use my only problem is that the battery only lasts for 2 days maximum ( 40 hours) and then i have to recharge it. Can anyone offer any advise? seeing that the battery standby is supposed to be 420 hours

Reviewed by omair from pakistan on 12th Oct 2008
it never happened in history that nokia made a perfect phone of its class, whereas other manufactures have accomplished such models which can be called perfect for its class at a time. nokia 1650 is a good handset: good points: good battary, charges and handsfree, sophisticated design, torch, sms memory, FM radio. bad points: slow software, no mid button on the D-PAD, you can see both contacts from sim and phone so to make you puzzle. menu for recieved dialled and missed calls is pretty difficult than sony ericsson phones. no MMS cant even run GPRS and its price is still higher than it should be. in pakistan its 4100 rupees and in my opinion it should be around 3300 rupees. it can be a good phone if nokia lowers its price a bit.

Reviewed by Glober from Belgium on 21st Sep 2008
What a huge mistake of NOKIA! After using over 4-5 nokia phones I hate to tell, but this phone is just rubbish. I'm absolutely stunned that there are people are recommending this phone. This is a typical example for a low budget phone with way to many whistles and bells for the hardware design! You can clearly notice (get frustrated) by the slow response, not mentioning it can speed-up and "ignores" your typing (ex when browsing trough your phone numbers; isn't that essential for a phone?) The processor is clearly not designed for all these animations. If they made it much simplistic it would be just fine. Summary: a nice phone if you don't use it...

Reviewed by Louis from Serbia on 9th Sep 2008
Wery good basic phone! Battery last for 9 days, clear tone, good display! Only keypad is small, not for big fingers!

Reviewed by gabesz from hungary on 9th Sep 2008
wallpapper change: ok. screensaver: ok. random restarts: always. software: no upgrades. suggestion: do not use it for alarm clock.

Reviewed by Sunil from India on 22nd Aug 2008
There is a problem in system software in 1650. But if u reinstall it from Nokia Care with new version this phone work great. Althow ringtones are low otherwise phone is a good deal

Reviewed by comfort from Nigerian on 20th Aug 2008
Hi, its great to have this type of phone with a good grade level of technology. I enjoyed the facilities of a mobile radio on my phone, recovery of each incoming and outgoing calls on my phone. More grease to ur elbow and highly respectable knowledge in setting Nokia phones. Bye for now. ayo_commy@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Linda from england on 6th Aug 2008
RUBBISH! I hate this phone BECAUSE.... 1) freezes up 2) rubbish memory 3)not clear speech whilst in a phone call 4)Chipps EASILY 5) RUBBISH battery 6) EVERYTHING resets when you change a wallpaper or even turn the phone off 7) once turned off and on again it resets to silent. and can't find the menu to change back again. The only thing i like about this phone is its thin.

Reviewed by pavan kumar from India on 2nd Aug 2008
Nokia 1650 has very bad audio while listening FM.

Reviewed by SHAMAK from INDIA on 4th Jul 2008

Reviewed by Renιe from The Netherlands on 1st Jul 2008
I currently own my second Nokia 1650 and cannot recommend it. My last phone was replaced by the phone company after I discovered a restart bug whenever I wanted to change a wallpaper. The phone I currently have in my possession has the same bug whenever I view a screensaver. I've found more complaints on the internet about random restarts in this model. It's no stable design, the software is just faulty.

Reviewed by Slobodan from Serbia on 1st Jul 2008
I bouth two Nokia 1650 phones for my parrents two months ago. This phone is exactly what they need. A simple and good phone. Exelent Phone book, nice calendar, easy text messaging, loud and good ringtones, relativly large display and battery life up to one week with ~30 minutes of talk time during the week. The phone has a very nice design, and a quite impressive themes. If you need just simple phone with FM radio, Nokia 1650 is good choice.

Reviewed by M - HASSAN from Pakistan on 24th Jun 2008
"Main Drawbacks, Flaws and Technical-faults in Nokia-1650" • Bad Keypad’s buttons setting that interrupts in texting flouncy. • Poor quality of FM-Radio reception. • Very Low sound of the Ringtones, specially the composed tones. • Absence of SMS storage meter, that is why the users are not able to watch that how many numbers of messages are stored in Inbox-folder, Sent-item folder & Drafts-folder in Phone-memory or a SiM-memory. • Assigned numerical values for the Contents of Menu & sub-menus are missing. For example if an end-user does press 1 or 2 or 3…8 or 9 after pressing the menu key, (s)he could not browse the desire location directly. • Where the 8MB memory does exist in Nokia-1650 and how could we utilize this utility? • The back-light timing is required in form of Time-duration (i.e. mm:ss) neither in the pattern of (Normal, Extended, Off) time-periods. • We can fix only ten reminders in the dates of calendar and user can not view their assigned schedules with Date & Time individually as well. • User can fix the Time-tracker only above than 30 seconds not less than 29 seconds.

Reviewed by vijay from a.p on 23rd May 2008
nokia 1650 is average hand set but low sound,poor ringtones no voice recorder & very delicated buttons totally it is aveage hand set.

Reviewed by bob from india on 9th May 2008
I have the 1650 , its the one of the worst nokia phones that i have used , it hangs almost every day …. i need to pull put the battery to reboot the phone …. the ear phones are the worst , the volume on the hear phones is toooooo less for FM . the best is the flash light …. can use this phone instead of a torch i am tring to sell it off …

Reviewed by kulaa from uruquai on 21st Apr 2008
best lephoner is nokya 1650 on the earth

Reviewed by Milan from Serbia on 17th Apr 2008
I just bought it yesterday, as a second phone (next to 6300). I love it so far, cause it is exactly what I need - great connection, FM radio, (better then 6300 in terms of clarity of voice/music) durable battery (BL 5C). Decent choice of themes and graphics. For 60 euros, this is a good deal. The only thing that could be improved is a slow response from the system - browsing through menu, writing messages. But still, I am quite happy.

Reviewed by Khurram Shakeeb from Pakistan on 15th Apr 2008
Well totally rubish cell i even seen in my life. I m Nokia lover and i never change my brand but only this set disapointed me really.I need a simple cell phone to use for homely purpose so thats why i saw the review of this cell and purchased it from market.First of all the keypad is very hard to use.When i typed messeges my fingers started pain.It was totally uncomfotable and hard as well,after that i saw the display which was not actractive.and when i on Fm Radio and put my headphone i was surprised to liston its voice that was very low even u cant liston ur radio in rushy area.nothing speacial in this cell.and even 3rd day my bettery was finish.so i tried to sale out this device and i m succeed now purchase 2310 which is 100 times better choice then this cell.2310 headfone has outstanding sound.and better look n features then this cell. Hey i would like to recommend u to avoid this cell phone perhaps after use it u will hate Nokia that i really cant afford.cheers

Reviewed by Mirkata from Bulgaria on 30th Mar 2008
Super GSM for me.

Reviewed by jai from India on 26th Mar 2008
When I saw the phone I liked it very much and I purchased. it is a good phone but it hangs so often. Leaving this only one disadvantage, it is very nice low cost phone used for a common man.

Reviewed by george from UK on 21st Mar 2008
not the phone i thought it would be and too expensive for what its worht

Reviewed by Bagas from Indonesia on 15th Mar 2008
It's nice... I love the battery. I love the user interface. I love the desain. I love the radio. But, I hate because after I change my operator card (I take off the baterry) and I turn on it again, I must set the time and set the some others setting... It's a very hard thing in my life for NOKIA!!!

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 15th Mar 2008
So glad my life isn't as hard as yours, Bagas. Having to set the time on your phone ... that really sucks.

Reviewed by chandu from india on 11th Mar 2008
its a good phone, but some of the futures are unknown like voice recorder how can i use voice recorder.and how can i record a sound and use it as a ringtone.

Reviewed by Shaad from Pakistan on 6th Mar 2008
Its a good phone. cheap phone with built in FM as well as awesome graphics

Reviewed by S Ahmad from Pakistan on 5th Mar 2008
Its a good 2nd phone for someone who just needs a phone set to stay connected. Looks: Very good and seems one of the expensive phones to an unrecognizing eye. Display and Screen size: 5 STARS! For a phone of this category and price, its superb. Colour combination: (in black and off white scheme) very nice Battery Life: Quite Impressive Themes: Very good and contemporary Torch: A good bonus Sound Clarity: Better than my other phone (D600) Extra features: Surprisingly many and quite useful Radio: A good one, good reception. But ... having said all that: KEYPAD: Frustratingly hard and extremely user UNfriendly. Maybe for fingers half the normal adult size, even someone from MARS wont be happy with the keypad. For the 1st many days, i failed to dial a phone number using the keypad correctly without having to erase and rewrite as the keys are very narrowly placed and they have to be pressed at 90 degrees. RING TONE VOLUME: Good if you are in a library :), and quite low in a public place (though the vibrator tries hard to make you aware of the call) But, for the price and features (if you could ignore the keypad at least ... its a very good bargain!

Reviewed by chandrakant from india on 3rd Mar 2008
i have purchased last month and it really nice piece for me but i want to know more features such as display name should be bold which we type.

Reviewed by shezy from pakistan on 28th Feb 2008

Reviewed by jatin from india on 18th Feb 2008
the mobile set is as ok as its price

Reviewed by sam from pakistan on 9th Feb 2008
look is elegent. battery time is excellent. but sometimes hangs on, while running. good phonebook and huge message memory. overall a good set in low price range.

Reviewed by Gibbs from Philippines on 4th Feb 2008
A good budget phone. For those looking for a phone - not a camera, not a computer, not an MP3 player - but, a phone. Then this is for you.

Reviewed by M.Tariq from UK on 3rd Feb 2008
But I cant see my digital clock screen saver in silent mode in Nokia 1650 but its very excellent

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