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Nokia 1200 review

 Review: February 2008  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: If you are looking for a really basic, cheap phone with outstanding battery life, then the Nokia 1200 could be the phone for you.

Best buy: Nokia 1200 from Amazon Marketplace UK (£36.99)


The display incorporates a bright green flashlight that can be used as a torch - a dedicated shortcut key activates the torch.

Not much else to say about this one - good as a child's first phone or as a spare.

Nokia 1200 features include:

Nokia 1200 user reviews

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Average rating from 77 reviews:

Reviewed by Harding from England on 20th Dec 2011
Lovely little mobile for a "golden oldie Pensioner" like myself, very simple to use and text but mini problem!! how to I get to set the time,not the alarm. It is running about 8 minutes fast and I do not know how to reset it!! Help

Reviewed by Jesper from DK on 27th Nov 2011
Frikking great phone. Went camping with it for a week, lots of power on it when we came home. Holds power up to 14 days, if you don't talk much. It's solid, lightweight, can be dropped a lot, and the torch is very useful

Reviewed by dsfds from fsfsd on 13th Nov 2011
My phone since September 2009. Never saw a reason to replace it. Battery still lasts for a week. This phone fell many, many, many times and is still very 100% alive and kicking. No chips or broken LCD, just a few bruises. I also just realized that my keypads are faded but I love the wear and tear look. Wouldn't want my phone to look as cute as an iPhone anyway.

Reviewed by D from All over on 19th Oct 2011
Originally bought this phone as a secondary phone to make calls when my smartphone would run out of battery. Over the following months I ended up using this phone more and more and the smartphone less and less, and now the smartphone has been in a drawer for 2 years! It's absolutely indestructible and battery lasts forever! Sometimes have to restart it to send SMS, usually every 4 or 5 weeks. That's partly because otherwise it's always on! Have bought again and will in future, if I manage to break it...

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 26th Sep 2011
Great phone. Can be read when in sleep. I do not want a smart phone, I have a computer for all that.

Reviewed by Peters from Nigeria on 14th Jun 2011
A smal bt mighty phone..,

Reviewed by JB from Sri Lanka on 8th Oct 2010
i love my nokia 1200... nice phone

Reviewed by shiju from india on 3rd Aug 2010
this is very good anti shake mobile.

Reviewed by Polly from England on 20th May 2010
I have had this phone for a long time now and I have bought other, up-to-the-minute things, they have all been dumped and I carry on with my solid 1200 which has never let me down giving great battery life after all the years and I really don't need all the gadgets on other phones. There is only one thing I would like to do and have never found out how, is to turn off the voice messaging as I really don't like it. Scoured the internet but no luck and if I ever had a little users guide it has long gone :(

Reviewed by Manuel from Mexico on 10th Feb 2010
Nice phone. I've using this phone while my E72 is been repaired. Good quality and functionality in basic features. Excellent battery life and speaker sound.

Reviewed by donna from kebab on 28th Jan 2010
honestly this phone is so retro it's got me laid

Reviewed by John from Mexico on 23rd Dec 2009
This is a very cheap phone (it costs me 23 dollars), but surprisely it has better signal than a $200 Ericsson!! It works very good to send and receive calls and messages, also it has clock, calendar, reminders, alarm, some nice polyphonic ringtones, even a lamp!! If you need a phone to comunicate with your people and you don't want to waste alot of money, this is perfect. This phone covers the basic needs to anyone (calls, messages, contact library, clock, etc) and if you lose it or gets damaged or stolen, it's not a big loss (i buy this one because an evil person robbed my w395 -> i'm amaze of what how really good this phone [1200] works). The Good: -Very low price -Battery longs days -Very good signal and speakers quality -It has all basic tools -It has a lamp! The Bad: -Is not really pretty (but who cares?? only if you are a "fashionist") -Buttons are made from a some-weak rubber -It hasn't any modern application like radio (this would be the perfection!) MP3, infrared, bluetooth, wi-fi, themes, etc... But... if you have an iPod you don't really need those ones.

Reviewed by caco from Mexico on 4th Dec 2009
I have an palm 700w, where i use to navigate in the internet, my friends always complain that i never have battery when they try to contact me, i bought this phone brand new from a friend for less than 20 dollars, is just plain basic phone,,, one thing that really amaze me is that i had it all the first day sending messages, calling, receiving phone calls, changing tones, playing games,screen saver, etc, and i came to my house and OMG! battery life is in 100%!!!!, after the whole day and my treo is off. resuming: BASIC, CHEAP, AND USEFULL... five stars.

Reviewed by Simon from Denmark on 20th Nov 2009
I bought two for my daughters 1 years ago. The first one lasted about 6 months and then it wouldn't charge up. I took it back to the shop and got my money back.The second one got the same problem last month however this time the shop sent it to repair. Despite still being under guarantee the repair workshop claimed the guarantee was void as it had been damaged. They included a photo of the battery connectors. I had examined them before sending it and they looked fine to me. I was expecting to find others had had the same problem with the battery connections. Being a cheap phone and lasting 1 years its no big loss however if this can happen with a cheap phone it can with a more expensive one.

Reviewed by Pyrokeet from UK on 29th Oct 2009
Upgraded to this from the 1100, as my one of those was knackered. This one is lighter (very light), a very nice size, and has an extraordinarily bright torch. The menu shortcuts have been ditched unfortunately, but to replace these it does offer user-defined shortcut keys, so it's not too bad. However, the one bad thing about this phone is the awful screen. For some reason, they've made the text soooo much larger than on the 1100. In text messages you can see only three lines at a time on-screen, and that's with 'small text' option selected. I was very disappointed to discover this. Also, the keypad itself isn't fantastic, it's nowhere near as good as the 1100's, but it's still ok. Definitely a phone that's worth the money, but I just don't see why they made it a bit worse than it should've been..

Reviewed by Zeeshan Qureshi from Pakistan on 5th Aug 2009
Very Good Mobile Set & No problem of msg sending

Reviewed by shehbaz from pakistan on 6th Jul 2009
i like mobile and software...

Reviewed by adit from indonesia on 28th Jun 2009
it is GREAT for its' class when it is working properly, but on the other hand it SUCKS when it doesn't! can't send message with my sim card, but when i used my bro's, it works!

Reviewed by anubhav from india on 12th May 2009
its the best that a man can get!

Reviewed by me from mine on 10th May 2009
Cheap phone for calls and texts - not much else, but thats all I need. good clock display, and useful torch on the top.

Reviewed by rob from manila, philippines on 30th Apr 2009
so far i haven't got any problems with my own 1200... it's a really good unit which is perfect for everyday use. though again, it ain't for the tech-savvy folks out there; "this ain't no iPhone" because it features really basic stuff. i really like the shortcut function of the cross key while in standby mode though, just press left and you're ready to text! :) also, being a successor to the 1100, the small torch/penlight it has can be really helpful during times when you need that extra illumination, say, when you go check something out at night... Overall, it's really a good buy, being practical and all, as it satisfies all of the basic mobile needs of people today, and all you have to do is slap a prepaid sim in and you're all set! :)

Reviewed by Rony from Bangladesh on 21st Mar 2009
Good for student

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 18th Mar 2009
I use this phone. It is small and can easily fit in a trouser or shirt pocket. The big problem I have is when texting, and joogling through predictive/plain text there is no number option. This is a major bugbear. Otherwise good, and good value. Oh - it is good as an adult phone - not just as a child's phone, please!

Reviewed by mukesh from india on 1st Mar 2009
very bad set

Reviewed by prashanth from india on 25th Jan 2009
its nice and very easy to text message someone and for 1500 rs i think its worth the money!!!! it has decent looks!!! light weight, loud eunf to here a ring!!! on D whole its a decent phone with decent features!!!1

Reviewed by Michael Way from Thailand on 14th Jan 2009
The girlfriend requested a new mobile phone, and I think expected something pretty flash. I got her the Nokia 1200 for 1,000 baht, and she was soon well pleased... it is small, light and all she needs. It is no "child's first phone or a spare". She decided that I needed a new phone because the battery life on my old one was getting rather short. It actually suited me just fine to be unavailable because the battery was (possibly!) flat, or charging..... I prefer my old phone because the keyboard on the 1200, along with most other mobiles these days, is too small for my agricultural work sized hands.

Reviewed by zohebh from fiji on 21st Nov 2008
A light and easy to use mobile. great size to carry in pocket. great value

Reviewed by David Foster from England on 17th Nov 2008
A good little phone to have as a spare! Light in weight and slips easily into a pocket. Good value.

Reviewed by rm from uk on 16th Nov 2008
These silly little childrens comments really do make a mockery of your website. What a joke!

Reviewed by (*)(*) from Latvia on 2nd Nov 2008

Reviewed by ashley from uk on 10th Oct 2008
its ruish cant do alot i suggest the i phone

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 10th Oct 2008
Yes, but the iPhone costs more than 10 times as much!!!

Reviewed by Angela from Uk on 6th Oct 2008
It'sz Okay

Reviewed by Dee from Philippines on 4th Oct 2008
Bought one as a back-up phone. Size is just right and I like it's very soft keypad (however the * 0 # keys are rather too near the 7 8 9 keys that I'd often mistype when I'm on that spot). This phone is highly recommended for people who use their phones just to text or call because it is very simple to use and have an excellent battery life (I only charge mine once a week). Weakest point is that it hangs or restarts sometimes.

Reviewed by Swayam from India on 17th Sep 2008
It hangs sometime

Reviewed by $$$$$$$$$$$$ from maldives on 10th Sep 2008
if i could give it -10000000000 stars i would because it broke after a week and kept freezing this phone is junk

Reviewed by mohsin from pakistan on 31st Aug 2008
a very cheap n simple phone to use..

Reviewed by Del from UK on 28th Aug 2008
In some 20 years of phones I've only ever wanted to phone, text, set the alarm clock and not charge the battery...Therefore it's 4 stars. It would be 4 1/2 stars, as it's great value, but my first 1200 stopped working---cheap enough to throw away. 5 stars is reserved for the brilliant tough little 1100 series, which seems to be out of production. Luckily i spotted a new one last week in saudi, so bought it. 1100 never let me down, my wife uses one,friends have been convinced, and I gave mine away to someone who didnt have one--it had had so much use the numbers had worn off! That had a better feeling case too. Why did nokia stop it?

Reviewed by phone from england on 26th Aug 2008
a rubbish phone

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 13th Aug 2008
Fantastic battery life. A basic simple phone. A lightweight shirt pocket phone.

Reviewed by Katy from England on 10th Aug 2008
I recently bought a Nokia 1200 from T J Hughes for just 12.99! Its a very basic-looking phone but lightweight and with lots of easy to use features. Perfect for keeping in the car or as an emergency phone in my son's school bag. Battery life is excellent and there are some decent ringtones too.

Reviewed by buckboogie from Laos on 9th Aug 2008
You guys should empty the inbox when its full, then it should not have problem sending message.... You know, its not like nseries phone that ct store up to thousand of message without hang

Reviewed by nippin from UK on 9th Aug 2008
Excellent b&w phone. Dual band. Does what it says on the can.

Reviewed by triger detective from philippines on 31st Jul 2008
this phone is really nice,this is good for the children's and for the adult's....easy to use!!!

Reviewed by Bernard Gabon from Philippines on 18th Jul 2008
You often need to restart the phone in sending SMS message. How could we fix this. Nokia 1200 people, help us!

Reviewed by tender from ghana on 18th Jul 2008
your product is good

Reviewed by Sabbir from Bangladesh on 27th Jun 2008
Very Cheap and very basic.Pioneer in It's range.Bottom line is restarts often while sending SMS.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 19th Jun 2008
Yes, Nokia have finaly made a phone the Nokia way, small, light, nice to look at, simple and ready to use. Oh, and the price, its a great little phone!

Reviewed by Firman94 from Indonesia on 15th Jun 2008
I's good handphone

Reviewed by Martin from Thailand on 3rd Jun 2008
Perfect cheap phone. Just right for holidays.

Reviewed by Danya from Pakistan on 1st Jun 2008
I once had this phone and i hated it.it always had errors and viruses and i had to throw it away later on

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 1st Jun 2008
This phone has no internet capability, so it's hard to believe that it could have a virus!

Reviewed by maialina from Italy on 1st Jun 2008
the Italian version doesn't restart but I could fix message sending failed problem by simply turning off the phone and then back on

Reviewed by yeahman from emirates on 25th May 2008
its not got the qualities i like and don't knnow what to do so i play only socccer on it.

Reviewed by david seth from Nepal on 24th May 2008
it is the great phone i have ever have actually i have collections of 80 phones but this the most loveable phone i have atleast thrown this phone for 5 times but this have never brocken

Reviewed by dody from Indonesia on 23rd May 2008
I have buy it for a month, Its very good great phone with low budget, fast respond, and i have NO Trouble with it. 5 days standby mode. Awesome...

Reviewed by vhnc from UK on 8th May 2008
ahh oh dear no .very bad phone it is so stupid and has lame features

Reviewed by arun from india on 2nd May 2008
Its ok but restarts every time sending an text .Sending to a distribution list is absolutely not possible. battery backup is good.

Reviewed by Lindsey Little from uk on 1st May 2008
I love this phone, it is so basic but has everything i need on it. The battery lasts ages. and the light is a bonus. great phone

Reviewed by Asim from Pakistan on 22nd Apr 2008
The only problem which i face is it sometimes crashes while sending texts,or message deliverd failed.

Reviewed by Peter Pumkineeter from SA on 22nd Apr 2008
Dis fone do al de basics Its light en haf a light Aai luvit!

Reviewed by phone from uk on 13th Apr 2008
very cheep very bacic i love it

Reviewed by kev from uk on 12th Apr 2008
cheep and cool

Reviewed by Henrik from Sweden on 10th Apr 2008
Worst phone ever. Restarts every time i try to send a text. Even when i answeres a call it restarts sometimes. not recommend. it's cheap though.

Reviewed by Paul from Canada on 10th Apr 2008
This is a pathetic phone. not very good features

Reviewed by fat phones uk from uk on 7th Apr 2008
I love very bacic nokias so that is why i got this 1 and it is outstanding.

Reviewed by max from uk on 6th Apr 2008
cool phone good batt life excellent even go get it pepole

Reviewed by sam from uk on 5th Apr 2008
when i got it i was on a budget of about 20 and i did not want to wast to much of my cash on a phone as i have alot more important things to spend my cash on i lost my old phone so looking to by a phone was a bit of a rush i do like the phone it is very basic but it do have a litt on it which is very good ok then lets be onist its nothing outstanding but it dus its job.{{{{{{{{{thanks nokia}}}}}}}}

Reviewed by yo man from uk on 4th Apr 2008
hi this is my review of this phone i am just a kid and to weeks ago my phone got niked lucky that it was a cheep one a motorla v3 thank god so at the moment i am on a bit of a buget and dont want to spend to much on a phone i onle wolud use it for texting eney way but maybe i will get sumthing beter in 2 or 3 years time o yes back on to the phone and not my life the phone is good as i seed i would onle use it 4 texting it is very basic reley 4 my gran it has very good bat life unlike my old v3 the screen isent that good but ok 4 looking a texts overall i would say that this phone is 4 sumone how is on a very small buget like me.

Reviewed by jack from UK on 18th Mar 2008
rubbish the quality everything rubbish and it is a hideous shape and colour and i had it 4 a month and it broke

Reviewed by thanika from UK on 16th Mar 2008
Just got this phone as a spare.very promising phone for the price.does what a phone is for. Very good nokia.

Reviewed by Kea from UK on 15th Mar 2008
Its a great phone, its simple and easy to use. I love the keyboard!!!

Reviewed by muzzi from pakistan from UK on 10th Mar 2008
very nice fone

Reviewed by chin from Malaysia on 23rd Feb 2008
Just Bought This Hp Few Days Ago As A Spare Phone... If U Really Need The Basic Phone ..Go For This.. Somemore On Top Of This HP GOt TOrch Light... Nice Babe....

Reviewed by Mr. MUBASHER from PAKISTAN on 13th Feb 2008

Reviewed by rahul pathak from india on 12th Feb 2008
verrrrryyy gud, best cheap fone. ccccccccccccccoooooooooooollllllllllllll:)

Reviewed by rassool from SOUTH AZERBAIJAN on 9th Feb 2008

Reviewed by Saadat Don from pakistan on 8th Feb 2008
This phone is quite smaller and lighter than other nokia cellphones of same category like Nokia 1110. NOkia 1101 and other and ofcourse with a very good flash. The only problem which i face is it sometimes crashes while sending texts, i mean it restarts by itself.

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