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Nintendo Wii

 In a nutshell  

Last updated December 2012

Nintendo transformed the gaming world when it introduced the Wii. At its heart is the wireless Wii remote and the motion-based gaming that results. 7 years later on, and despite the introduction of the Nintendo Wii U, the Wii is still a brilliantly fun, low-cost introduction to the world of gaming.



The Wii doesn't compete with the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3 when it comes to graphics, but for sheer fun, it's hard to beat the immediacy of the Wii. That explains its phenomenal success, and it also explains why the most popular Wii games include various multiplayer "party" style games. In particular the bundled Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort are ever-popular. Wii Fit is another example of an activity-based game that exploits the unique features of the Wii.

The Wii's standard definition graphics don't make best use of a modern HD TV, but Nintendo has side-stepped that issue in part by its use of colourful cartoon characters in place of photo-realistic graphics. In particular, users can create cartoon avatars of themselves, called Miis using the the Mii Channel.

The addition of a Nunchuk adapter does assist in game control, and makes a wider variety of gaming possible.

The Wii misses out on more in-depth single-player games, and so it appeals more to younger players. Its family-friendly range of games make it popular with parents too.

Nintendo Wii features include:

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Nintendo Wii user reviews

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Average rating from 6 reviews:

Reviewed by Hayley Wilson from UK on 28th Oct 2009
A really good buy, fun for all the family. With games for practically everyone - nobody has to complain. One downside is that the games are around 30, meaning a lot of money on games if you have a large family with different game likes. But i still recommend buying it!

Reviewed by bryn from UK on 19th Oct 2008
the novalty of the remote system soon wheres off then you are just stuck with a computer with poor graphics. owned mine for a year now and only played it a dozen times. you might as well by an old playstation or xbox realy if you cant aford a ps3, or a 360. my son has hours of fun playing ps2 games on my ps3 which he chooses over the wii.

Reviewed by hianiv from UK on 26th May 2008
I love nintendo wii it is great for all the family from 3 year olds to 300 yrs old!! it never gets old and you never get bored of all the phone games from sport to action to adventure. Buy the wii and experience it for yourself you won't be dissapointed well i was not i've just bought wii fit and high school musical sing it and i've got to say its hours or probably days of fun for all the family you can do yoga, aerobics, muscle workout or choose your activity from a wide range of activities for all the family theres something for everyone on the wii with a game 2 suit every1 in ur family!! i definitely recommend this console it is the best console ever made. Hope my review was helpful !! x

Reviewed by Patrick from UK on 16th Dec 2007
I think this console is for under 15's as older guy wants to have a intense gaming and this console doesn't produce that intense as its graphics and games are that the attraction for the older guys but this console is good to buy for a child under 15's and it will keep them quite for a while untill they grow up and wanting violent games e.g gears of war

Reviewed by Ifan from UK on 18th Apr 2007
By now nearly every kid really wants a Nintendo Wii and begging their parents for one. The Nintendo Wii doesn't have good graphics and the the Playstation2, playstation3, xbox and xbox360 is better than the Nintendo Wii. You can have fun with it but not as much fun than any other console.

Reviewed by Khoji from UK on 14th Apr 2007
If you want graphics and have money to burn get an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3. If you just want to have fun, hours and hours and hours of it, every week, get a Wii. I tried the high-definition tennis game on a friend's Xbox 360 a couple of days ago and after the Wii it was about as much fun as watching paint dry, it just felt silly and pathetic. Playing tennis on the Wii is really playing tennis, who cares that the players look like Playmobil figures. One warning: DON'T get the Tiger Woods golf game. It's a hasty port of the other versions and it doesn't work on the Wii at all. There is no real support for the Wii remote and the player will often swing and hit before you've even moved the controller, messing up your score, and this happens several times in every game.

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