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NEC e606 review

 Review: June 2003  

Last updated June 2006


In a nutshell: The NEC e606 was the very first phone in the 3G range. But don't be fooled into thinking this is a low-spec phone.


The NEC e606 has an integrated digital / video camera, so that you can make video calls on the 3 network. You can record photos, video and audio to play back later or to send in a video or photo message. You can also use the built-in video player to download and play video and audio clips.

Add to this a huge array of other features, including Java games, superb 65,000 colour display, polyphonic ringtones, Bluetooth™ & USB connectivity, and the NEC e606 certainly packs a lot in.

Downsides of the phone are the high weight and very poor battery life that seriously reduce the usability of the phone. Compared with newer 3G phones the e606 doesn't make the grade when you consider the low resolution screen, poor quality camera and shocking weight and battery life - still, it was a milestone in its day and brought 3G to many in the UK.

NEC e606 features include:

  • Video calling (when outside 3's video network supports voice calls and SMS only)
  • Video & photo messaging
  • Integrated digital camera with zoom
  • Media player (sound & video) - music player
  • Video download
  • Java Games
  • Polyphonic ringtones (16 voice)
  • 65,000 colour hi-res display (162 x 132 resolution)
  • WAP 1.2.1, GPRS, high-speed internet via 3G network
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
  • Buetooth™ & USB connectivity
  • Multi-tasking
  • Speed dialling & voice dialling
  • Predictive text input
  • Calendar, organiser, contacts (photos can be assigned to contacts)
  • Clock, alarm, voice memo, calculator, currency converter
  • Memory: 32 Mbytes
  • Weight: 150g
  • Size: 117 x 59 x 27 mm
  • Battery standby: up to 41 hours
  • Battery talktime: up to 2 hours (1 hour when using video)

NEC e606 user reviews

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Average rating from 137 reviews:

Reviewed by The dingo. from UK on 7th Mar 2011
OK, so I know I'm six years late posting this, but I hated this phone so much that all this time on I still want to warn the world to know how bad this phone was. Everything on it was poorly designed, the battery was so bad that you actually got two with the phone to get you through the day. The camera was pathetic, really, really poor quality images that weren't suitable for use anywhere other that on the phones terrible screen (poor colours and resolution). The menu structure was confused and as a consequence the phone was annoying to operate, and the phone was really sluggish. I hated this phone with a passion and actually haven't bought anything that I know has been manufactured by NEC since. I don't even think that at the time of it's launch this phone was ready for consumers, maybe 75% of the way through it's product development. The fact that NEC actually released this put me off them for life. The only good thing about this phone was that it was sturdy enough to be thrown hard against walls and kicked around the floor (in utter frustration) without breaking. At the time though this phone was utter, utter rubbish.

Reviewed by Sharaiz Ahmed from UK on 23rd Jun 2010
I own this phone & now i am having a problem with it. This phone is not switching on.... If it switches on it suddenly gets off... Please help me ... Email me at sharaiz_ahmed@hotmail.com

Reviewed by husnain from UK on 5th Nov 2008
hi every one i luv my nec e606 coz its mine i dont have the software cd for my mobile to connect with the computeri have connected the data cable n installed the drivers but it requires soe else software can someone send me the setup of the software for nec e606 toconnect to my computer plz,i'll shall b very thankful to u...:)

Reviewed by tuongachau from UK on 5th Nov 2008
NEC e606 is good but giving problem that it does not show call log(missed calls/received calls/made calls)if some body know about it plz help me.i will be very thankful to the person who will help me. tuongachau@yahoo.com

Reviewed by atemnkeng jerry from UK on 28th Apr 2008
the phone is good in some aspects but just that the is a problem with the blue tooth connection and the mms like play back the audio recorded manually.

Reviewed by naseef from UK on 28th Feb 2008
total rubbish! that is wat dis fone is all about minus three!!! the audio player doesnt function and the camera is poor

Reviewed by mohammadbaqar from UK on 13th Feb 2008
I love my nec e 606 mobile.I am using it for last 3 years.But I dont have its help book. Can company provide me.mohammadbaqar_9840@hotmail.com

Reviewed by serugo samuel from UK on 18th Dec 2007
the phone is good equiped with good technology but mine does not display missed calls .samuel from MUK(UGANDA)

Reviewed by siewedoche from UK on 15th Aug 2007
the phone is cool but one thing is that too too complicated to use the bluetooth does to work or i dont know how to use it and many other funtion that i will love someone to show me how to use the phone but for now it is a cool phone no matter the size please i will love to have more information about the phone hear is my e-mail siewedoche@yahoo.co.uk.thank you i will be wating

Reviewed by Ipswich Calling from UK on 25th Jul 2007
What is wrong with Everyone! Since when does a brick weighs under 200grs.This phone was the first of it's kind and nothing at the time compared to it! The perfect phone still does not exist Today including the Nokia N95.

Reviewed by rav from UK on 29th Jun 2007
got this set in gift . i stay in india and i am not able to use it's all features in a better way. till date i am not able to use bluetooth , games , mms services of this phone .so can any body help me out to use these features . .please send me the steps to use these ..... i love the camera feature in this set . my id is rite_shu@yahoo.co.in

Reviewed by esua basil e.f. from UK on 7th Jun 2007
It was the size of the phone that at first troke my attention,thinking its contents will match the size,but i came to realise this is just an empty box i was carrying around..and not to forget i wonder if the audio playa and bluetooth stuff written here was a kind of way to attract costomers or to make them nervous at the after math because they have never showed a sign of working,i wonder if someone will want to buy this load from me ever.

Reviewed by john from UK on 25th Apr 2007
IT was the BEST IN ITS DAY but compared to the other phones its not all that. I'm rating it on how I would when it was new a couple years ago.

Reviewed by Alfred Corlioni from UK on 12th Mar 2007
People note that this phone has a very good outer body. I've dropped this phone like a million times and it STILL hasn't got damaged.

Reviewed by Rosni from UK on 4th Mar 2007

Reviewed by A.R.M Rosni from UK on 3rd Mar 2007
NEC e606 G Phone Is Very Very Good Iam Loving The Phone Is e606 3G Phone Your Loving The Phone e606 3g Phone Thank You Srilanka

Reviewed by tyrone from UK on 20th Jan 2007
i think its an awesome phone but dont be fooled by these people its great and thank you.

Reviewed by Lee McKenzie from UK on 18th Jan 2007
I bought the above phone off E bay for £24.00 and it is the worst phone I have ever had ,and I have had quite a few down the years. Some days I have had to charge it twice as the battery life is ridiculous . At times it wont send messages and I found I was unable to make calls but by turning the phone off for a couple of minutes then turning it on again I found this solved this problem .I am on three network and found them very helpful and knowledgeable whenever I have had to contact them although I believe their call centre is based in Asia somewhere and I found their accents a little hard to undrstand ,please please do yourself a favour and dont buy this phone. The features are quite good although it is only bluetooth compatible with your pc ,limited ringtones the camera and video feature is only mediocre at best

Reviewed by Mustaqeem from UK on 2nd Sep 2006
It is good having no IR and BT. Bettery stand by time is not so good. Size is so so BIGGG.

Reviewed by g-man from UK on 6th Jul 2006
exelant phone got more gadgets than a computer

Reviewed by Rubbish!!! from UK on 26th Oct 2005

Reviewed by mehowsha-chi from UK on 19th Aug 2005
this fone is poop!yes it has camera, video blue tooth, but its absolute rubbish!! the fone is like a brick, the arial is annoyin- too long, the front has no screen u cant c who is callin, you cant quickly check the time, i had this fone for about a month b4 i got anuva DIFFERENT fone! i find it difficult to use the keypad, hard to press the buttons... and 3 - wot a useless service provider, ur lucky if you get a signal!! it is cheap but dont get it!!

Reviewed by ED from UK on 17th Aug 2005
This is one of the best phones I have ever had. this phones has everything from video playback to java games.

Reviewed by Kaycee1515 from UK on 8th Jul 2005
Awful phone... it feels like carrying a brick around with you! I had the thing for 12 months and didn't enjoy a minute of it, so ashamed to admit i ever owned one. Steer clear of this piece of junk.

Reviewed by steve paul from UK on 17th Jun 2005
NEC e606 it good.

Reviewed by Sainto-Bayo from UK on 13th May 2005
Its a fine tech, but the size and weight could be improved on.

Reviewed by umair from england on 22nd Apr 2005
good phone but just too big too carry around everywhere. also the camera quality is not that good.

Reviewed by m.sunil sandeep reddy from uk on 16th Apr 2005

Reviewed by Guy Ruddy from England on 14th Apr 2005
Honestly, this phone is really trying my patience. It keeps sending messages twice for some reason. I wish I this phone was not existing any more.

Reviewed by Sho from England on 6th Apr 2005
This phone is not even worthy of one star. It is a load of rubbish never ever EVER! get this phone. The bluetooth doesn't work, the audio player doesn't work. It is extremely huge and the camera quality isn't all that good. You WILL regret it if you buy this phone as i do.

Reviewed by CJ from UK on 30th Mar 2005
dis fone iz aite da bluetooth is rubbish but audio player is gd and da camera is betta than the early motorolas but only get it if u liv in a 3g area its rubbish wen ur nt in a 3g area

Reviewed by wag1 from UK on 15th Jan 2005

Reviewed by jon from uk on 11th Jan 2005

Reviewed by jack maloney from England on 3rd Jan 2005
This phone has many good points and bad points. Initially i was very impressed with the phones features, even if it was a bit big. However i quickly come to realise that the battery was very poor, so i purchased a desktop charger, which is great because it means i never have to switch my phone off. Howvever, the 3 customer services is very poor and cannot under stand what they are saying to you. The free internet on this phone is very good along with the great premiership downloads. So all in all i generally have been impressed with the phone.

Reviewed by Seyit from UK on 31st Dec 2004
Hi:))))))))))))))))))))))) Very beatifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 18th Dec 2004
Avoid this phone like the plague.

Reviewed by Michael G from England on 6th Dec 2004
This phone is ok for music videos on 3. But its a little slow at loading. It has mixed reviews and I wonder why cos it is a good phone. The network 3 is ok but sometimes take a long time to answer your calls. So this phones total rating is Excellent

Reviewed by adam from australia on 29th Nov 2004

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 27th Nov 2004
Not really the phone I have a problem with but 3 in general. Lost my phone and tried to claim on the much vaunted free insurance. After finally finding someone in the Indian call centre who I could understand they told me I need a crime refrence number to claim on the insurance, even though I lost my phone and it wasn't stolen! Needless to say the police told me to get lost and stop wasting their time (totally understandable) and I ended up paying for the next six months contract and not being able to use it. Reception is also awful, even in areas like the M5. DONT SIGN UP TO THREE!!! The reason they are so cheap is that they spend no money on looking after their customers.

Reviewed by James from U.K on 27th Nov 2004
Good phone but its a brick it weighs alot and the battery goes down too quickly.

Reviewed by Nicholson_the_great from UK on 19th Nov 2004
i hav had this phone for 14 months and it was kool for the first 6 and then it got too big. I think it grew or it might just be the new phones are smaller. It one of the worst phone's. i reccomend no one to by this. The plan sucks as well. If you want 3 phone go prepaid. Once again this phone is JUNK.

Reviewed by gerard from uk on 17th Nov 2004
uhhhhh....the worst phone ive ever bought!! total rubbish..nothing works..text is so slow, video messaging just forget about it... not only that it weighs an absoloute tonne...3g are rubbish

Reviewed by joe from UK on 28th Oct 2004
all i can say is it poor as well. it too big, the signal rubbish i cant even text any of me mates. only reason im stuck with it so me LG U8120 get repaired. so im glad i didnt by dis fone. i dont suggest buyin dis fone

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 20th Oct 2004
Its true to say that this phone and 3 themselves I believe are a complete waste of time. 1) Battery life is appalling.Even with a heavy duty battery. 2) Obtaining a signal for more than a few minutes is a real challenge. Most calls will regularly get dropped at least once if not several times during a conversation to the point of being farcical especially when in a moving vehicle.(London area) I've had the phone for over a year and the situation has not improved 3 know their shortcomings but have done nothing to address these problems with the consumer in mind . Incidently I changed the phone after 10 days with another 606 ...still had the same problems. I also have another phone on T-mobile I experience no problems on this network.

Reviewed by J Gabbi from England on 28th Sep 2004
Ok, maybe there aint bluetooth, but I've just got one of these for £38 off ebay, and it's great. Take it to 3 and get a firmware update. It's fine now, bluetooth headset working, got it all sorted. The new battery type, which is included now gives me about 15 hours with backlight. So get off your high horse and say hello to the future. 3g. All them features dont work off air. And dont say u dont care about the features, otherwise, why would you have bought it?

Reviewed by ahmed from egypt on 26th Sep 2004
concted from _ to computer

Reviewed by Nitzy from Romania on 25th Sep 2004
Words are not enough!

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 29th Aug 2004
If I could rate it at 0 stars, I would. Hunk-o-junk! SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN BROUGHT TO MARKET!

Reviewed by nick archer from manchester, england on 24th Aug 2004
absouloute rubbish as far as i am concerned. The only thing I use it for now is a dog toy! heres the long list of reasons why.......... poor camera poor reception very big, not easy to carry round poor battery power It could go on forever the phone was a complete waste of money and as others have said i am returning to nokia!!!

Reviewed by Ryan from England-Liverpool on 23rd Aug 2004
1 Star isnt poor enough .... like most of you when you bought it you though nice looking flip phone but then ITS HUGE!!! you cant carry it arround Impossible..... The signal is poor on the e606 ... voice calls are poor the camera is poor no media player is poor... you cant get msn messenger on the e606 but you can on the e313 and motorola !!! so whats left to bad mouth against the e606 erm lets think i cant iv sed enough ..... one good thing but its on any 3 phone FREEE INTERNET!!!!!!! so dont get this phone if u do then u will come back to this review and say u know what they where right !!!!

Reviewed by jamal from Jordan on 19th Aug 2004
Dear sir I'm Jordanian citizen , i bought NEC e606 cell phone from England , i tried my best to activate the MMs ,GPRs & GPS services but it doesn't work here in Jordan , so would you please send me any information or any websites that could help me to solve this problem . Thanks Jamal jamal_has_200@yahoo.com

Reviewed by George from UK on 18th Aug 2004
This ain't a bad phone and 3 ain't a bad service provider. True, it's a big heavy mother of a phone, but if you think about everything it can do, that should be no big surprise. It was the first generation of 3G phone and now you can get better phones that are lighter and have better battery usage, but that's technology for you. Put it this way: some people lead, others follow.

Reviewed by Anne from England on 6th Aug 2004
This is the worst phone ever - you perhaps could use it as a doorstop. 3 customer services are the worst services in the world and probably india. They had just sent a troubleshooter out there because they can not retain customers after the year is up. 3 - cheap but awful.

Reviewed by John Broome Saunders from UK on 22nd Jul 2004
After 12 frustrating months I've almost made it to the end of my contract. I shall shed few tears when I say farewell to my NEC e606. The phone's absurd limitations (short battery life, no IR, PC connectivity only with WinXP...) are well documented. But the bugbear that annoys me most is the interface. Why, when a SMS fails to send (as they do with alarming regularity), do I have to press about 5 different buttons in order to resend the same message? In my golden days as a Nokia owner re-sending a failed SMS was a single-button-press job. Similarly, when a SMS arrives, I need to laboriously chisel my way into the SMS inbox before I can read it. Moreover, the actual processing power of the phone seems to be alarmingly slow - there's a painful delay between every key-press and a meaningful response from the phone. The entire device carries the air of a fairly unsuccessful prototype. Next week I shall be returning fondly to Nokia.

Reviewed by Vasken from UK on 22nd Jul 2004
Guys... Guys...... Why do you all write bad reviews about this phone... You say the battery does not last. Fair enough... Have you ever tried setting the backlight on "off"? when you do so, the screen is still illuminated (and still quite bright) It is the main reason why the battery does not last... Do that and it will run for more than 15 hrs, even if you make 1 hr of calls a day! The phone is not the best I have ever seen, but it does have many features and I still haven't explored any ways of optimising the menues... but I believe once you familiarise with it ... it can be a great phone. And it is not so big... come on it is 3G, probably the first 3G phone on the market, and still smaller than most 3G phones on sale these days.

Reviewed by **timmy** from england on 18th Jul 2004
okay where to start. i know 3 mobile its s$$t. it took me 2 weeks to get the phone activated when i bought it. it takes about 5 tries to make a phone call for it only to be cut off mid flow. it says you can text on this phone thats a new concept to me i couldnt make a text on all 5 replacment handstest i had. the 3 operators are arrogent and cant speak english. and when they could they didnt care, as long as you paid the bills they palm you off with a load a ****. but the minute you dont then only to give you another broken phone. wooow. okay heres the moral of this very long story ^^stick to a normal phone and dont touch the 3 network^^

Reviewed by Robin from UK on 15th Jul 2004
Okay people - here's what you do if you own the e606. Get on e-bay and pick up brand new long life batteries cheap, then get yourself a charger that charges the batteries independently of the phone. (You should pick one up for around £15) Put one battery in the phone and leave one in the charger and swap them when needed. I never turn my phone off, and it never goes dead on me. Unless you are a compulsive yacker & texter, your e606 will not run down, and you will have a fantastic piece of kit. It really is time that people realised ALL 3g phones have a shorter battery life than 2g. It's the nature of the beast. All you folks who gripe about the e606 should try the Motorola A835 if you really want a battery eater. What a piece of junk!!! As for the 3 network - I've been with them for 6 months now and will never go back to any of the other providers. Apart from the price advantage, I have never had a call drop, never not been able to connect with any other network, and never had to pay for a call. (Apart from the brilliant video calls). I live in a rural area where reception can be dodgy, mainly with Orange, and a lot of my mates are now talking of switching to 3. It's nice to know I'm not the only one happy with my e606. But then sites like this tend to be a magnet for the people with a gripe. It's not human nature to take time out to praise something. Robin PS. All you users with battery probs - are you quite sure you know how to charge a battery properly for the first time? Get that wrong and you will have problems with ANY phone. Give it 20 hours minimum!!!!

Reviewed by Dicky from England on 3rd Jul 2004
meh.. the phone on its own wasnt all that bad a year ago, but it should have been far better. 3G are hands down the most appauling network... neigh, company ive ever had the sorry experience of dealing with. Since this is a review of the phone ill stop there, just had to spread the word a bit more about just quite how poor the 3G service is. ;-)

Reviewed by chrisQ from england on 22nd Jun 2004
i wish there was an option for zero stars, one star is far far too many for this heap of tripe

Reviewed by dixie normous from uk on 9th Jun 2004

Reviewed by Phil from England on 8th Jun 2004
The combination of this phone and 3 as an operator make this the most miserable mobile experience I've ever had the misfortune to endure. 3's "customer service" (can they be done by the trade descriptions act or advertising standards for even daring to use that department name?) ensures that you will never get anything resolved, but you'll continue to get plenty of bills, junk mail and threatening letters when you complain. My advice is DON'T BUY THIS PHONE AND DON'T USE 3!

Reviewed by Frazzy D from UK on 3rd Jun 2004
Three words - buy this fone! This fone is amazing, bluetooth, video, picture. Is there anything this fone cant do? The GX10i is nothing compared to this beauty.

Reviewed by Nick from England on 19th May 2004
Well what more can be said? This phone is useless with the smaller battery supplied since it only lasts about 8 hours and fitted with the big battery it just gets sarcastic comments from people calling it a house brick. Bluetooth?? What's that? This phone has Bluetooth according to NEC but does not according to 3 Mobile and despite the fact that Bluetooth is in the menu, it does not work. At this point i am trying to remember why i decided to take out a contract with 3 mobile, i had thought it was for the technological advancements that they were offering but on reflection i see that i was foolish. Battery life that means this phone is dead more than it is alive, ergonomics for the blind, because there's no way you are likely to loose this baby down the back of the Sofa and connectivity which is limited to a cable, yes i said a cable. Of course i must be able to make good comments about the Service provider and their move into the future with 3G data calling. Ermm..well no i can't really. The fact is that 3 mobile drops my calls more often than my original Vodaphone Pay as you Go in 1997 and the signal jumps around more than a child on a POGO stick. Ahhh but i have just remembered why i decided to take out a contract with three, i knew i was not totally foolish. I took a contract out with 3mobile because they offer more free minutes for the money than the other service providers. I have also just realised why that is. 50% of my free minutes are used for calls to my voicemail to receive the calls that my voicemail kindly took whilst i was out of signal range, or my battery was dead or i had my call drop irretrievably. Surely there must be something good to say about this phone and its service provider, ermm No i don't think there is. Welcome to the future, one small step for me, one giant cock-up for three. I just hope their accountants are not banking on many returning customers once their contracts have expired.

Reviewed by caroline from uk on 12th May 2004
It seems as though i was the last person to find out how truly dreadful this phone really is. When i took out a contract with 3g in feb 04 at ideal phones in newmarket i stupidly ignored the fact that the offer of ahlf price line rental and cheap anytime any network calls plus a free handset was far too good to be true. Ever since that day i have had the lowest monthly phone bills known to mankind because i've been unable to use my phone!!!!!!!!!! i've been offered a sales job so it has become necessary that i am contactable at all times so decided that i would try and rectify the fact that my phone does not work in an area shown on the 3g map to have good coverage. After at least 6 calls to 3g some ending in rather an irate manner i eventually recieved some positive feedback from abhijik this is the guy to speak to! not only was his english comprehendable unlike many of the other operators including 3g management, but he was extremely helpful and is going to take some actio n unlike his manager yesterday who asked me to give her a daytime telaphone number when i calmly explained that i could give her my mobile number only it doesn't work i don't think she was amused. I wish i'd found this website earlier before i signed a contract which incidently will cost me £218 to cancel. Abhijik was amazed to hear the number of complaints i was able to quote him from this website a one star rating is far too high for this phone

Reviewed by alexandro from australia on 7th May 2004
well this phone is great, the battery last 4 days straight here in australia..and everything is free, calls, messages, text, all types of comunication is free, not to mention that downloading movies is free 2, probably coz my uncles part owner of 3 australia, i never get bills, but im only 15 and i prefer my n-gage over the nec thing, or if u want a mad phone get a nokia 6600, my 6600 is mad, vids are mad and its got bluetooth sexc phones nokia all the way

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 5th May 2004
I'm feel very frustrated with this phone. The battery life is terrible and although I had heard about this problem before buying they assured me that these were teething problems with very early 3G phones. Nothing but a pack of lies if you ask me. Now i'm finding myself using my old GSM phone (7210) and leaving this brick in the cupboard.

Reviewed by guy from uk on 2nd May 2004
Oh, i've just bought one of these phones and i have read this review page and now i regret it. I am lucky enough to have a degree and post grad qualifications, and i still find it confusing and difficult to use! The customer service is apalling. If i were able to speak urdu or whatever then i am sure i would have no worries. Why the hell are the uk companies opening up call centres in india? Low wages etc, big profits for them, for what about customer service? It seems the bigger a company gets, the worst the service is. I will be taking back my phone on tuesday and they can shove it up their arse. Dont be fooled by the smamry high pressure sales tactics they use as the UK high street store "phones4U". Utter sharks. Don't buy this phone.

Reviewed by neil from uk on 27th Apr 2004
well if ur gonna go by features alone on a phone then this would have to get 5 stars, however if your gonna go by ( and lets be honest here ) a phone that actually makes phone calls then this one would receive no stars. Who needs all this stuff on a phone anyway, as long as battery life is good and the phone easy to use then that's good enough for me. And as for trying to get through to the customer services don't even go there. a nice idea maybe in a year or two when services become cheaper more widespread this will take off. untiil then don't believe the hype !!!!!

Reviewed by MArky Mark from UK on 26th Apr 2004
To put it simply - Don't buy it. Don't use 3. The phone is not intuitive in the slightest, the technology and user functionality, in my mind, have gone backwards. As for 3, service coverage is so poor, customer service is non-existant. Big thumbs down from me!

Reviewed by Colin from Scotland on 21st Apr 2004
I hae just bought mine 2nd hand through Ebay, I had read the bad reviews but jst wanted it as a pay as you go. I have used it for several weeks now having bought a 3 simpack (not easy to obtain and not cheap) I have found the phone very good service has been fine, poor battery life and slightly slow opp system but no real problems. I obviously dont know the problems at the beginning and dont need to worry about the cll centre re billing but everything works well for me and great prices, I notice the phones are getting snapped up on e-bay pretty fast. All in all a good deal and a good buy for pay as you talk. I bought my phone for 50 squid. I was in a 3 shop where someone was paying 300 plus for a pay as you go 616 !!!!!! Ouch.

Reviewed by Yahya from UK on 29th Mar 2004
2 words - DONT BOTHER - Im sick of writing to them, sick of talking to them (if I can get thru!) it's easier getting a tenner out of tramp than getting any help from 3. they are useless repeat, useless. they have changed my phone 3 times (scuse the pun) and still they cock it up. after countless calls and letters, I have given up. I aint even gonna bother trying to get out of the contract cuz its too much of a mission. i am now riding my contract out and cancelling and NEVER going back. just for a laugh I called and told them what I was going to do and no word of a lie, 1 min after i put the phone down, i received a text asking me to upgrade...what a p*ss take. I even left a message on their website 2 weeks ago explaining my problems.... have they got back to me? B******S HAVE THEY. 3G.. I will be looking down from heaven when your rotting in hell...

Reviewed by Clark from UK on 27th Mar 2004
Can I add more insult to this phone? Just got a nice bluetooth headset. I struggled with setup, so I phoned customer service for some help....just to be told that My phone does not support bluetooth!!!!!!!!! I still find it hard to believe .

Reviewed by deborah shan from england on 23rd Mar 2004
this handset is a load of sh***,takes up to 10 atempts to make a call, phonecalls crash- list of flaws too long to write about-i haven't got all week! all i can say is ,it has to be the most infuriating phone on the planet.DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR IT!!!!

Reviewed by Rich from ENGLAND on 22nd Mar 2004
This phone originally was absolutely s##t. More the first few months there was no 3G coverage, calls kept being cut off (when you could make them at all) and you had to charge the battery every day. After this it started getting better with more 3G and better download options and actually being able to make calls. Now I am back to thinking it is effing w*#k. Both of the batteries (why have two when you need the phone to charge them? or did 3 know they were rubbish?) run out in less than a day now. The most recent case was that after charging the battery for 10 hours, it ran out after 5 without a call being made or even using the handset at all. This is bang out of order and I am not going to pay the bill if it is impossible for me to use the phone. If 3 don't like this they can take me to court as, as somebody else said in a review a contract is subject to both parties of the contract complying with it and 3 are meant to provide me with a working phone and the ability to make calls (amongst many other promises). There is no point ringing the customer services as they don't understand English and just end up trying to blag you that everything is OK. This whole network service is rubbish. Don't bother!

Reviewed by Patrick McEvoy from England on 21st Mar 2004
As glamourous as 3g looks it is not as it seems. In the tangles of its infrastructure there is something wrong... THE WHOLE BLOODY LOT OF IT IS NAFF! The service is apalling it drops calls like hell and yes, you could build a wall with its phones. The NEC e606 is one of those phones. Inside its bulky clamshell lies what is one of the worst things that ever happened to communications devices since Bush TV internet. Far from sleek this phone is heavy and feels as though it's going to fall out of your hand. The memory is small, the battery is low and, you better believe it, despite the massive size, the screen is smaller than the gx10's. What happened to decent small phones? Errrm... We wait 30 mis for the phone to answer that then recieve the answer; 3G As you select the menu button it is astounding how ugly the icons are. Unlike that of a nokia the task menu has a dirty blue background and, it gets worse, once you select an icon you are given a 30 minutes wait while it decides that when you press on multimedia you might actually want to go onto it. The advanced JAVA technology (ahem) cannot be used to the full because of 3G's disgusting service, this phone does not let you browse the internet or even WAP. Just within three's walled garden where good gaming is sparce and many games are just old atari ones. God knows why, once we finally got rid of Atari that we would want to go back on it. There is not much credit I can give this phone, 3G's service inability to send mms to non-3G phones sums it up; its a phone that should have flashing redlights over it and a sign saying 'DO NOT TOUCH', I would advise you not to. The image capabilities are good as are the video though it lacks clarity. The audio is clear and smooth as ice. A small thing to make up for its other faults. Not Realy... Great Phone!

Reviewed by steven from United Kingdom on 14th Mar 2004
i must be the only one on here not to have any problems apart from batt life.if you think back to when gsm was launched i thing that 3 have done a remarkable network role out.ive had a e606 since april 03 and have just got another one on vt100,ive had no reliabiltiy issues with my first phone so hears hoping for another good year.

Reviewed by Karen from England on 11th Mar 2004
DO NOT DO NOT BUY THIS MOBILE PHONE 3g are the worse ever. My son's phone completely died 28th Nov 03 cusomer service speaks pigeon English. Paid for all the calls made have refused to pay services charges told them to stick it when they offered no help at all. This week mid March 04 G3 telephoned . Deep joy they telephoned our home land line 'Your son hasn't been replying to our text messages and voice mail', (Doh phone has been dead over 4 months)Sent phone handset back have sent emails faxes and special delivery letters failed to get a response. Perhaps everyone who has a complaint could write to Mr Harry Malik Customer Options Team 3 Customer services, Hutchison 3G UK LTD, PO BOX No333 Hemel Hempstead HP2 7YW. This gentlemen tells me that I am the only one who has a complaint about 3G and the NEC e606 mobile I DON'T THINK SO............... Perhaps all of you like me should contact him and put him right on that. DO NOT BUY THIS OR ENTER IN TO CONTRACT WITH 3G

Reviewed by Andy from England on 2nd Mar 2004
for all the people who say this phone is worth 1 star dont know what they are talking about. al give u that the battery life is poor but all u need to do is put it on charge when u go to sleeep and its good for most the day. people need to realise that this is a 3g phone and not a 2g phone, stop comparing them! the mp3 players great the video recorder is great for when u down town and u mates are making prats of themselves. the amount of online vids of footy movies mv is unrivaled. and stopm saying its a brick yes its big compared to a 2g phone but your not getting that its a video phone. can u amaging making a video call on a phone with a screen the size of the nokia 8310. finally all the people who rubbish this phone are to stupid to get the best out of it!!!

Reviewed by Tony from Wales on 2nd Mar 2004
Don't touch this phone or the '3' network with an extremly long barge pole. Every function you wish to use on this phone requires you to press a series of keys around 60 times just to enter that menu! It's quicker to pen a letter and post it than it is to compose a text message on this damn thing. As for the network itself, diabolical is the only word that can describe the level of service you can expect from 3. Unfortunately, I made the grave mistake of taking out two 12 month contracts, one phone for myself and one for my wife. After trying to persevere with my phone for about 6 weeks, I was forced to take a contract out with O2 because I need a phone for work. Seriously, I couldnt even phone my wife when she was in the same room. Just kept on going to answerphone! I have now refused to pay my wifes bill because they constantly get it wrong. For the past 3 months, 3 have charged her for every call she has made, not giving any of her 750mins allowance. They insist they will correct the next bill but the same thing happens again! Pathetic. I'll see them in court!

Reviewed by Toxictuna101 from England (uk) on 29th Feb 2004
At first glance the NEC e606 looks massive in fact it is quite big, after opening the flip and seeing that huge screen which is so vibrant I new why it was so big, Lets get onto the looks since in today's life looks and fashion matter just as much as features and use ability.

Reviewed by Kris from UK on 10th Feb 2004
What a load of rubbish! DO NOT BUY! Go get a phone from a real operator. It may be more expensive but then again, it will work!!!

Reviewed by mason from england on 23rd Jan 2004
can not make calls battery life very poor received three bills at my adress three dif numbers getting no satisfaction from 3 have to get them to call me back on my home phone thats when i do get to speak to them last time i spoke to them i was promised that it would be passed over to security and managment

Reviewed by Tim Hovell from United Kingdom on 20th Jan 2004
Oh well what can i say that hasn't already been said before. I am actually quite lucky as i did have this phone all for 10 days then thought enough is enough and sent it back to those nice people in Calcutta or Delhi. (3's customer services) and said please cancel my contract under the 14 day satisfaction guarantee. I guess the main problem with this phone is that :- 1 the battery is very poor, 2 The Network only covers 60ish % of the UK and 3 Three have a contract with NEC and Motorola that they are the exclusive makers of the handsets. You make a voice call on your 3 handset on a 3 signal whilst your on the bus as you move the signal is too weak and can't find another 3 cell to lock on to, therefore your call drops out and you have to retry. The e606 cannot lock onto a 2G (o2 uk) signal and will only go on that if a 3G signal is not there, so if you make a call on a 2G (o2) cell and the phone automatically finds a 3G signal guess what happens (Yep your call is dropped) 3 wi ll not tell you this when you sign up but this is why so many people keep dropping calls. The Motorola A920 does however have a signal lock on this phone so you will drop alot less calls on this handset, but the down side is that it is a very large handset. o2 & T-Mobile's 3G network is currently being tested in the Isle of man and they have said that they will not be launching a service until certain criteria are met, Handset size, baterry life, network coverage and cost to the consumer. I am sorry if i have waffled on and not put much about the handset but when Sony launched the worlds first portable CD player it was big and also the battery was #### but look at them now the are thin and a battery will last over 150+ hours on certain models, if you can wait, wait it will get better but not in the near future. You are the pioneers of this new technology and unfortuantely it will slip up on the way.

Reviewed by Aamir Chaudhry from United Kingdom on 12th Jan 2004
i m using that phone it's really wicked

Reviewed by Dave M T from England on 11th Jan 2004
Poor phone but more important a lousy service I spend more time on O2 than 3 or even worse you can not lock it to the O2 so you get a stable service even if you can not do video calls (who needs that in any case) or MMS (you have to be in 3g to MMS) If you want 3g then wait till propper mobile companies bring it out. The NEC 606 is just cheap and nasty. Match's the provider= cheap and nasty.

Reviewed by betty swallocks from UK on 6th Jan 2004
I thought this phone was alright at first, but it really is a piece of ####. battery life is lamentable, every time you need to make a call you can be sure this thing will be dead all my friends call my girlfriend now to get through to me as they're so hacked off with not being able to call direct e606 ... don't even think about it

Reviewed by Mattock from UK on 24th Dec 2003
Just to concur... THE WORST PHONE I'VE EVER HAD... Reasons: (1) Battery life? What battery life? No wonder the tarrifs are cheap, they know you're not going to use all those free minutes because your battery will run out after a 5 minute fone call! (2) Drops calls for no reason (3) Video calling, how pointless is that? (4) The SIZE OF A SMALL HOUSE - Seriously, people live in these up north

Reviewed by louise from birmingham on 16th Dec 2003
i took out my 3 contract in august 2003. like most of you on here i`ve had nothing but problems. the first phone kept freezing, the second kept dropping calls, the third kept dropping calls and now im not wanting to, but have no choice to return to the store again and change this one cause it keeps dropping calls too!!! customer services are absolutley appauling!! they cant even get the bills right!! like overcharging me!! they don`t give a damn because they`ve got you by the short and curlies on the 12 month contract. and YOU can`t bloody cancel unless you pay up the remainder of your 12 months line rental!!! conning gits!!! absolutely sick to the bottom of my gut that ive got to keep paying them for a phone that is rubbish!! sick of the damn answer phone, but your not allowed to take it off. you get the maximum of 30 seconds to answer your phone IF YOUVE GOT A SIGNAL!!! or that damn answer phone kicks in! BATTERY LIFE? HALF HOUR unless you use the big ugly one! then it makes it two bricks!! my advice DO NOT GO TO 3!! USE A REPUTABLE PHONE COMPANY, OR STAY ON PAY AS YOU GO!! i`m so angry about the whole thing that my computer keyboard is suffering greatly whilst i write this! you get through to india everytime you call customer services and i`ll be damned if i can understand what they`re saying!!! cheap wages i spose! yes because 3 are really cheap skates!! the 3 shop told me that! SO AGAIN THINK VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU GO TO 3!! I`M SURE THERE WON`T BE MANY RESIGNING UP WITH 3!! IN THE NEW YEAR!!!!! roll on the end of my 12 months!! LOUISE..

Reviewed by will from England on 16th Dec 2003
what is the point of showing the higher percentage of bad reviews when your company will go rapidly downhill. you would have to be uniquely mad to show such negative comments. I was thinking of buying this genuine amazing phone but the reviews have put me off of ever buying a made product from your company. I am disappointed with this pile of b*** your staff are coming out with. Because of the number of poor reviews, I am now going to buy a NOKIA without all those "great" working gagdets. A real disapointment from 3. p.s make a better phone next time!

Reviewed by Anonymous from UK on 15th Dec 2003
This Fones Ringtones are c****p once you download them they ruleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee But the big upseet is the quality of the camera it so small when u look at taking the picture the camera view is a little box not as good as the moto v300 but video is O.k

Reviewed by George from UK on 2nd Dec 2003
Slow and Ugly!!! Everything about this phone is just not attractive! Just don't be fooled into the media's hypes and ads that make this phone sound superb. Trust the user comments here and make your decision whether u want to risk it or not.

Reviewed by from Manchester on 1st Dec 2003
What can i say.... I have a selection of phones, different makes and styles and never have i had such a piece of rubbish as the e606. I bought this phone for my son as he needed a phone so i new when to pick him up after school. The tarrifs looked good and what happened. First it took me over 2 weeks to get connected in the first place. Then after another week he was disconnected. I phoned "3" and they assured me nothing was wrong. Then my son lost his phone. For £40 excess we were sent a new e606 within 1 week ( the only good thing)But i got the new handset a month ago and 3 have still not connected me. I have phoned them up about 10 times and all they can say is "ill send an e-mail to customer services and get back to you ASAP"-The first time they said that was over 3 weeks ago and they have still not got back to me! To be honest the "e606" is not even worth 1*- Never choose 3

Reviewed by A. Roland from England on 24th Nov 2003
What a dismal telephone, and even worse is three's so called customer service. I cannot believe some of the reviews on this page are over 1 star. They must have been written by some of threes own staff. The phone struggles to make even a a 2g call, never mind a 3g call. If you get one these pathetic handsets, tell all of your friends they will be speaking to your inbox most of the time, as I get about one voice call in 15. I live in central London, and I get 3g reception for on average no more than 10 minutes a week! What a con. When you do eventually get to make a call, you will find the battery life jumps from a full three bars to one bar in about half an hours call usage, and dies completely if you make more than 40 minutes of calls. I sent over 21 e-mails to threes so called customer service (no point calling them. They never answer and when they do did after 14 attempts the woman in India did not speak or understand English at all well)and they still have not resolved my problems. Please remember that a contract in this country means an obligation from both parties. Threes obligation is to provide a telephony service, ie 3g services and normal 2g services, which hardly ever happen, and it is the consumers responsibility to pay for it. So what happens when you do not get the telephony or service you are paying for? In threes case nothing. Lame excuses,poor service,dreadful equipment and patronising comments. Three's marketing campaign is one of the slickest on the market, it is also arguably the biggest con placed upon the British public since the Hoover scandal in the mid-eighties.They should have spent the money on getting their products and service right, rather than giving the illusion of doing so. If you have a regular vodaphone, orange, o2 etc contract stick with it until these companies bring out 3g. I am sure they will improve on Threes chaotic shambles, and I would recommend you steer clear of these jokers at all costs.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 19th Nov 2003
How can any of you say that the phone is worth 5 stars. Are you on three's payroll???? The phone is diabolical. extremely slow menus. poor battery life, i know you get two batterys and two chargers but you can only charge the battery when it is connected to the phone so most of the time you will find your phone is a landline as it has a cord connected between it and a wall.... Customer service is a joke. they do not do a thing. latest now is that they will not replace a faulty handset (fourth time mine has gone wrong) they will now collect it and repair it and hopefully get it back to you in 3-5 days. I don't want to be without a phone for 3-5 days. If i hear another customer service rep apologise and send and email to the relevent department then promise to call me back I will scream. ps out of the last 9 hours i have spent on the phone to 3 trying to get a handset that works i have been told that some one will ring me back 9 times. I have been cut off 12 times and still no one has rung me back. I am very reluctant to even give the one star rating but they would not let me have a negative rating.

Reviewed by Cliff from UK on 16th Nov 2003
Having joined a 1 year contract with 3 in September the only saving grace for this network is the call tariff especially across networks.The NEC e606 is widely known to be flawed though they don't tell you that when you're signing up...and with the other handsets being the size of a wheelbarrow there's not much to choose from .I had a problem with mine locking up when sending TMs and the only way to close the phone down was to remove the battery as all key functions cease.Customer Service ?....well that's a joke in poor taste to start with .The current trend now UKwise is move call centres to India.Yeh fine if the reps are fluent english-speakers which they aren't. Have you tried to e-mail 3 and expected a response this side of your pension? The whole setup is extremely bad to say the least.I think they should've left the launch for at least another year till they solved handset problems and found technology small enough to fit in the boot of your car! The e616 is due for release in.......errrr well this depends on which 3 mobile outlet you visit as they are all equally misinformed....which is nice.I like the uniformity here.I wonder if that will be any better...maybe I'll upgrade when they get the information from 3. I'm afraid the old saying "you don't get something for nothing " applies well to 3. Cheap calls may be great and influence people into signing-up for a year's poor service but why go for cheap calls when depending on the service area you may be in you can find yourself unable to make a call at all ? 2G or not 3G that is the question!Well 3G no, 2G maybe on a nice day at the top of a hill. SO... when in doubt go to the nearest public phone box (that hasn't been vandalised) and put your 20p in knowing that good old fashioned non-mobile tried and tested BT will get you through to who you want and with a call centre (for now) that can understand what the hell you're saying should you have a problem. As BT's advertising once said "it's good to talk" are you listening 3? try taking this on board before you call yourself a "mobile operator"

Reviewed by SteveG from UK on 16th Nov 2003
Originally changer to 3 from O2 simply because of the 500 minutes on the £25 contract. My first query was you are given 2 batteries and 2 chargers in the box, but you can only charge the battery on the phone, so whats the point in 2 chargers, I did buy a desktop charger later and an extended life battery as the standard would only last me a maximum of 7 hours,(no good if you travel alot for work like I do). I have experienced some calls being dropped which is no fault of the phone just the network operator 3 and at busy times cannot make any calls due to the network being busy. My main frustration with the phone is getting someone who knows whether the phone is bluetooth or not, its in the menu system and will allow you to search for devices etc. but the dealers are insistant that it hasn't got bluetooth. I only want to use a bluetooth earpiece when the new driving law is introduced on 1st Dec 03. Apparently 3 haven't activated the bluetooth and they don't know when they w ill. Again another problem with the company 3

Reviewed by nick from scotland on 5th Nov 2003
You would be better of sending smoke signals to the person you want to contact than buy this phone!. On numerous occassions I have recieved text messages three hours after being sent when people have been asking what I was upto that night. Also its like a lottery trying to call someone, will i actually be able to call?, will i be cut off half way through?, will it make strange noises in the background?, or will it simply run out of batteries as it battery life is pathetic. In addittion to this I could draw better pictures than the camera can take and the video messaging is not much better. Im so sick of this phone and its customer service that ive put it in a drawer and am paying a lower tarriff until the contract runs out. On the plus side at least ive built up my muscles by carrying it about for the last few months as the thing is a bloody brick??? Dont be fooled THE WORST PHONE I HAVE EVER OWNED...ps im not even that into phone styles etc but id atleast like one that works .

Reviewed by boring wednesdays from UK on 30th Oct 2003
The phone itself is ok but for the pathetic battery life. If you live on the edge of the 3G coverage area the phone will continually roam looking for the best signal, running the battery down like crazy. If you want to use the phone for more than 5 call a day then get used to carrying 2 batteries. What a pain. All this pales into insignificance when you experience the 3 service though. The concept of customer service is alien to them, the Bombay call centre staff although polite are totally clueless and almost impossible to understand, calls to 3 take hours and yes, the minutes do come off your talk plan. If you are unlucky enough to have to claim on the insurance then they will charge you #40 excess on the first claim and #100 on any subsequent claim - and it takes 7 days to get a replacement handset. IN SHORT, DONT BE SEDUCED BY THE VERY CHEAP TALK PLANS - IT MIGHT NOT COST A LOT FOR YOUR MINUTES BUT IF YOU\'VE GOT NO SIGNAL YOU CAN\'T MAKE MANY CALLS. I agree with the oth! er reviewer who says wait a bit longer before trying 3, like for the rest of your life.

Reviewed by - from uk on 29th Oct 2003
cant wait for my contract to end

Reviewed by Colin from UK on 24th Oct 2003
BEWARE… On the 28th Aug 03 I wrote a giving a “healthy” 4 star review. For me generally I still give the phone itself a fairly high review after almost three months using it within the UK (& abroad – see below). However 3’s “network” itself even with it's attactive tariffs is in need of great improvement as connections can be, & are, at times a lottery as various people have testified in their reviews on this page. But also be aware if you want to use your “3” phone abroad. In my case "3" advised me they have a policy that charged me an additional £250.00 above my main contract fee for the international roaming facility to be "turned on" to allow me to call BACK from Spain to the UK. This £250.00 is, as I was advised, a form of “retainer”, (why ??? - they’ve got my direct debit facility anyway). The good news for me is that £250.00 sum is fully redeemable at the end of my normal year’s contract. The actual international phone call costs are still billed to me as per my normal account. I was not aware of this bizarre policy upon my "sign up" otherwise I would NOT have entered the “3” network under any circumstances. Begrudgingly due to circumstances beyond my control I had little choice but to pay as another phone facility/operator was out of the question at that late point in time. I did register my disapproval by complaining to “3” of this additional cost but “they” appeared not to understand my disappointment & annoyance in anyway. My previous phone operator, “02”, NEVER charged me anything other than the international call costs themselves. “3” are doing themselves little favours by this additional “cost” considering their UK network connection problems & maybe I should have stayed with “02” after all. Incidentally the phone worked very well with the Spanish networks… another lesson “3” could learn from. Again the phone is not a problem with me. However “3” have to get more user friendly. I am to get in touch with “3” with a view to have my £250.00 returned before the end of my normal contract. However if this fails I feel at this moment in time I don’t think I will pursue another year’s contract with “3”.

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