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NEC e338 review

 Review: January 2005  


In a nutshell: Available in black or silver, the e338 is NEC's latest flip-style 3G phone. It's a good-looking phone and is the lightest NEC 3G phone to date.


The e338 supports all of 3's mobile services, including video calling and video downloads. Football fans can stream or download the latest UEFA Champions League and Barclaycard Premiership football and music and film buffs can access the latest MTV and movie clips. The phone includes an MP3/AAC player with stereo headset support.

The e338 improves on NEC's previous 3G flip-phones in a number of ways: an integrated handsfree speaker makes video calling so much easier and battery life has been improved enormously. Yet at the same time, the e338 still has the same poor quality camera as the e616, there's no Bluetooth™ support, and why no memory card?

The e338 may be the lightest 3G phone yet, but functionally it misses out in a number of ways.

NEC e338 features include:

  • Display: 65536 colours, 220 x 176 pixels
  • Integrated rotating digital camera (CIF resolution) plus video camera
  • Video calling, video and audio streaming, downloading and messaging
  • MP3 / AAC music player
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Voice recorder
  • Java™ games
  • Speakerphone
  • Predictive T9 text input
  • 3G data & GPRS (supports data upload of 64kbps and download of 384 kbps)
  • Memory: 18 Mbytes
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Stereo/Mono headset support
  • Address book (500 contacts)
  • Calculator, Currency converter, Scheduler, Notepad, To-Do, Clock and alarm
  • Silent vibrate alert
  • Size: 94 x 47 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 113g
  • Talktime: 200 minutes
  • Battery standby: 116 hours

NEC e338 user reviews

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Average rating from 94 reviews:

Reviewed by kenneth from philippines on 29th Nov 2010
the camera is useless..

Reviewed by adil baig from pakistan on 2nd Mar 2010
phone is bater very good.... but its batery timing is very bad and also no external memory

Reviewed by ali khan from pakistan on 7th Oct 2008
This phone is cute.its works as so good as Nokia..low price, light weight, but it has only one problem i-e low Battery stand by time and low talk time minutes..im using this set almost 1 year..still its working..

Reviewed by Mariola from UK on 2nd Jun 2008
The battery is really bad and the quality of photo is terrible.

Reviewed by Dan Walker from UK on 8th Mar 2008
Had the phone for almost two years now and has just died but it has done well. It is a satisfactory phone for approximately a year. Top 3 Strengths: - Internet services very impressive - Storage Space above average but not amazing - Design is fair and looks different Top 3 Weaknesses: - Camera/Video Quality is very poor indeed - Battery Life is shocking- doesn't last long at all - It doesn't have bluetooth which is a compulsory factor in this generation's fashion

Reviewed by Ashley from Bham on 19th Oct 2007
this phone is rubbish! camera is poor as anything, no bluetooth, buttons are quite hrd to press and the phone itself is unattractive...nothing unique about it at all! RUBBISH!

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 30th Aug 2007
Cute lil phone but really bad battery life AND do not expect to keep for more than a year. Cheap phone. First one I had stopped working after about 9 months (yes, it just died). Second one died after an impressive 12 months of use - battery overheated and just died!

Reviewed by Allen Mwamengele from Tanzania on 28th Aug 2007
can not connect to the internet in my country, unpleasant, very bad, it's looks is a veil to it's performance..

Reviewed by festus amuzu from ghana on 1st Aug 2007
wow!!!! nec e338 great and splendid. But has no GPRS for internet on phones. it is the greatest of all phones i have ever used.

Reviewed by Sameerah from United Kingdom on 4th Jul 2007
This is phone is terrible, the battery has a short life 8 hours. While the phone has lots of features, there is no way to back up all the pictures and videos that you may have there. The only way to upload the pictures and videos is with a USB cable which I have looked for everyhwere and to this day i have not found.

Reviewed by Martin from England on 30th May 2007
Excellent for the money, reliable, handy replacement phone, Good for flip phone

Reviewed by salma from england on 17th Feb 2007
i think this phone is really good. i think the only thing that is missing is bluetooth/ infred but you can still search loads of things so i rated it 4,.

Reviewed by scarface from enland on 12th Feb 2007

Reviewed by kashif from pakistan on 31st Jan 2007
i think it is SO SO,not so good ,,,,,, not so bad....

Reviewed by USMAN from PAKISTAN on 23rd Jan 2007
very bad there is no bluetooth or infrared

Reviewed by Saba from England on 29th Sep 2006
I recieved this phone from my uncle who passed it on to me. I loved this phone it was easy to use an it could store quiet alot of images and short videos. But also had alot of important things missing for example blutooth or WAP. The reason i haven't got this phone anymore because this screen naturally stopped workin, when I recieved phone calls I coudn't see or hear them an had to put the phone on handsfree. Also this phone can't store 1 full song, which was disapointing. But overall this phone is ok, this phone wouldn't really be ideal for someone who wants a top noch phone though.

Reviewed by Donna Marks from England. U.K on 24th Sep 2006
JUST DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF. OK it LOOKS OK and its the slimmest 3G phone but it's also slim on performance. Shame on 3G for letting the NEC338 through. It's not worthy of such a cool network and it can just about handle talk and text. This phone fails on BATTERY power, it flats out and takes ages to charge up. CAMERA gives you fuzzy photos MEMORY can only give really short videos. Video conferencing is not going to happen with such a poor camera. Get a NOKIA 3380 or newer model and feel proud of your photos and transfer them with ease.

Reviewed by Ruairi from UK on 30th Aug 2006
I was using the 338 for aprox 1 year and it never let me down ok the memory is rather poor but it's only a fone not a computer. The battery life was not 2 good but i have recently started using it again as i had a nokia 6280 and it was rubbish so the nec is a good fone if all u want 2 do is txt call and take the odd picture i would recommend it for the money.

Reviewed by Ruairi from Ireland on 24th Aug 2006
always freezing bad camera not @ all good for 3g calling. It is easy 2 use quite good memory for the money but wouldn't rush out and buy 1 again

Reviewed by matt from scotland on 21st Aug 2006
This phone seemed great when i bought it but it can only hold 6 short-ish videos, no bluetooth, no infared. I had this phone for months because I could afford nothing better but i would really not reccomend buying it partly because 3 is a rubbish network. The signal was terrible and the services cost a lot.

Reviewed by Akande Adegbenga from Nigeria on 13th Jul 2006
When my old phone got spoilt, i decided to go for a different brand name. some people have always critisized nec phones but when i saw this brand, flat,portable and upon all, the picture quality, i was tripped so i decided to buy it. Up till today, I never regreted buying this phone.

Reviewed by glozia from england on 12th Jul 2006
This phone is definately not up to standard. i have had two and both are faulty. 1 didnt send messages 2 faulty camera. I advise you to chose a different phone as this one is very bad quality. please pay attention to this review there are much better phones than this.in the features column it says games and music but you have to pay for these features.

Reviewed by Deborah Thompson from England on 4th Jul 2006
I regret the day i walked into my high street "fones 4 u", and purchased this payg handset. £50 with £30 free credit and a years insurance....I thought i couldn't go wrong.........fool me! After a month, the handset was switchin itself off, and i was unable to switch it back on sometimes, until it refused to power up at all. This was less than 6 weeks of buying it. I contacted the 3 company, and they arranged a collection, and repair. I received a letter stating my warranty was out of date, and had to pay for repair myself, so I faxed the warranty and receipts, and also posted them. Weeks later, my handset was sent back to me.........same fault..wouldn't even switch on! I cannot now find the receipts, so I have thrown £50 away, in purchasing a NEC 338 handset. I write this review hopefully, to prevent anyone having to go through the same thing with 3 customer services. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by Eoghan Casey from Ireland on 21st Jun 2006
I love this phone!! great features and cool design!! only bad point is you cant video record for that long:(:

Reviewed by al from UK on 7th Jun 2006
had this a yr on contract, never again. like a brick, v heavy & sooo out of date wi external aerial. battery life v poor n has only got worse over time. 3 customer service rubbish compared to other networks so changing now. guess low price now means ok starter cam fone for kids but def better alternatives. sorry 3, can't recommend ur dealers, network nor nec e338!

Reviewed by yusuph from Nigeria on 6th Jun 2006
i bought the phone 5 days ago and i find out that the phone is not wit a usb cable no Bluethoot enabled no infrared no java games u can not received call while charging u can not use the recorded song as a ringtone but the phone is a great phone nice camera video recording mms and the internet provided by 3G THUMBS UP for 3333333333333333333333333 they are great guys keep up the good work

Reviewed by Nidal from UK on 2nd Jun 2006
I think that is is a good phone for basic needs but it is too big and looks a bit plain. The securitt on it is too strict and not being able to set a recording as a ringtone is stupid. Also wallpapers that are purchased can't be sent to other phones. Looks= -1 Overall - 6

Reviewed by Ryan Williams from Essex England on 18th May 2006
Joe the minimum top up is £10. You should look into 3 before you moan about something that was changed months ago.

Reviewed by joe from uk on 26th Apr 2006
the nec e338 is a great phone but it is ridiculous that it needs toppin up by £ 15 a month!!!! the minimum payment should be a £10

Reviewed by Nicola from Wales on 16th Apr 2006
I bought this phone after my contract one broke & my insurers wouldn't pay up. It's an ok phone. My other 3G handsets have been the Motorola E1000 & Sony Ericsson K608i - but the NEC doesn't come close as far as features go, but the performance is good. Considering it's only £40 with £30 talk time included - you can't go far wrong!

Reviewed by Granny from UK on 13th Apr 2006
This handset now sells at under £40 with £30 of credit on 3. It is a good size - my previous phone on 3 was a Motorola C975. 3 isnít too bad now its changed its charging policies on pay and go. The storage is a bit naff especially if you want to use it to play MP3s as even reduced to the smallest size you will only be able to fit 2 or 3 so if thatís what you want do NOT buy it! The camera is not bad considering. Disappointed to find it is not shipped complete with data cables, however these are available with drivers on ebay for under £5. As a phone it functions well, incoming calls are clear, its easy to use & set up caller ids etc (even texts can be given individual sounds, so you know who they are from without opening the flip) Email on messaging is simple to set up. Certainly a great starter phone on 3g.

Reviewed by jamie from bedworth on 8th Apr 2006
The phone is fantastic!! i love it!!,its brill and i like how the camera can rotate!!!!!!

Reviewed by dnt need 2 know from america on 6th Apr 2006
da phone is poo

Reviewed by Mikey from England on 3rd Apr 2006
This phone is ok for me, but it is quite complicated, and the different buttons and menus take some time to get used to. But on the whole it is good, it is small and light, looks great, and it has everything you would ever need.

Reviewed by Toks from UK on 29th Mar 2006
The size is alright for me, but the quality of the phone is noodles. I can't seem to impress the ladies with this phone and to make it worse, the one I have seems to go into a different mode. It cuts out whenever I reach an important conversation. It seems to have a mind of its own and I can't even connect it to my computer. The most annoying thing about this phone is that no one would try and steal it from me, they would rather pay me to keep the phone, but at least its a bright side to it.

Reviewed by gerard from uk on 28th Mar 2006
great phone. takes a bit of getting used to but still good even though last years reccomend to anyone

Reviewed by james from england on 22nd Mar 2006
Igot that phone and i think is good but not exellent but let me tell you one thing that it dont come with a usb cable

Reviewed by Sid from Hong Kong on 10th Mar 2006
The battery life is worst. Can't switch on the phone when battery is low, can't even check the phone book. Hangs very often. Heats up easily. Very unreliable phone.

Reviewed by Waqas from Pakistan on 10th Mar 2006
E 338 is good mobile. It is not so expensive, but it has no bluetooth oh!God so wat but NEC E228 is a outstanding mobile

Reviewed by Fleur from UK on 9th Mar 2006

Reviewed by John E Smith from United Kingdom on 27th Feb 2006
Plus points: once unlocked, you can use on any network (but no internet in UK :( ). You can load MP4 clips MP3 music from your PC if you have the USB cable. Reasonable camera. Looks okay. Negative points: no access to Java folder from PC so you can't use games you have already downloaded. If phone has been unlocked, then you pretty much have no Java funtionality available on another network. You only get 18 MB of memory and its not expandable. It's only worth paying about £40.00 (max) for it now. Anymore, and you might as well buy another phone.

Reviewed by Ryan Williams from UK on 8th Feb 2006
I bought this phone on Saturday after havin an E616v for 2 years and I'm very happy to see the battery lasts ages. Its got no bluetooth but who cares cos i dont use it anyway and I dont use the MP3 player on it as I got one. I havent got the data cable yet so if i want pics on the phone I just email them to it from my PC. it looks nicer than the e616v and is smaller. I got the all black one which i really like and I'm glad 3 have finally taken away that stupid 30 day expiry things how gay was that. They r a normal, network at last and lets hope they keep improving. I'd recommend anyone to go and get this phone.

Reviewed by Ryan Williams from Esses Englad on 6th Feb 2006
I just bought this phone recently as it was only £50 with $30 credit. Altho it aint got all the features my NEC E616v had I still think its better as its smaller, lighter n looks wicked also people moan about 3 but i find them better as I am a deaf mobile owner and since going deaf al i cud do was txt now i can download footbvall n do more visually so thank you to 3, Also people are complainin abt the batteryb but mine lasts for days whether i use it or not. if anyonr esnts to ask nething on this phone email me: ryanwilliams479@hotmail.com or add me to MSN

Reviewed by Rasheda Yasmin from United Kingdom on 27th Jan 2006
I got da fone with my line rental it is a nice lookin fone but da battery life is really really bad I cant talk 4 an hour it goes dead. There is no blutooth but other then that the fone is okay.

Reviewed by jonroywill from ENGLAND on 8th Jan 2006
Take one fone, add music downloads plus stereo headset one now has mp3/wma file player. add the inbuilt camera good results when sent as multimedia email. now add data lead, now you have a photo to print off your pc. no probs with battery mine lasts 5 days with use. buy a spare as well. read what you can do, from NEC website. Me, Im happy. A REALLY GOOD VALUE PHONE.

Reviewed by Jonson from Nigeria on 5th Jan 2006
This phone is the greatest phone I've ever had!!!Buy it NOW!I sayd BUY IT NOW, WHAT YOU ARE WAITING FOR!!!!?

Reviewed by Haze from England on 31st Dec 2005
This phone is a great phone considering the price i paid for it, it has some good features, but it's a shame it doesnt have bluetooth, and theres Another thing I dont like, you can only send very short length videos, and you can't set a voice recording as a ringtone. Rubbish battery life, but good sound quality. Overall a good quality, reliable phone. Buy it

Reviewed by Cat from UK on 28th Dec 2005
Considering the amount of times i have dropped this bloody thing, it is still in perfect nick unfortunately, so top marks for durability. However, terrible to use, too many niggles - slow text (easy to be faster than the screen and it doesn't catch up well), adds words in for you you don't want, especially if you hold down a key to get a number. Camera isn't too good (nice idea to have it on a spin-wheel though), download ringtunes are quite frankly embarrassing and expensive, and the ones provided make you want to just keep it on vibrate, which isn't powerful enough when in a pocket. I can't wait for my contract to end coz on 3 network - and what a mistake that was too! Stay away from both i say! They will drive you to distraction!

Reviewed by l from england on 27th Dec 2005
This phone is HECTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by chris from england on 26th Dec 2005
dnt get this phone it is the size of a brick and crashes all the time. i dropped mine on the sofa and it broke big big letdown :(

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 5th Nov 2005
The look on my daughter's face was five star on Xmas morning with this incredibly inexpensive phone that certainly looked the part. I was against an 11 yr old having such a gadget for obvious reasons but as she was just about to start high school and would need to travel alone for the first time, it wouldnt have been the end of the world if it did get lost.We found it a bit complicated and the 3 network didnt help. It was nicked at school but 4 weeks later, even the thief gave up and its reappeared after having the battery lead input screwed. We have the charger but I'd love to know how we can charge it so I can do some detective work without paying more for repair than the cost of the phone. Any help gratefully received please.

Reviewed by dave from australia on 3rd Oct 2005
this phone is junk !!!!!!!!!!!! why.......... because their is no card slot so what's the point of puting in mp3 songs! if u can only store a few !

Reviewed by Emran from Macedonia on 6th Sep 2005
I have the phone 2 mounths amd it is the worest phone becouse it doesn ' t has a memori card just 18mb and that is litle. The rosolusion is zero and it is the worest phono DON'T GET IT !!!!!!

Reviewed by Joshua King-Smith from Australia on 23rd Aug 2005
great phone. i bought one as a spare for my mum, she loves it. has all the features you need, a reasonalbe camera, and is very lightweight. one of the best features is the battery life, for a 3g phone that is small and lightweight, it almost outlasts an old nokia 3315!

Reviewed by Johnny P from Australia on 9th Aug 2005
I liked my e616v way better...i mean i like this phone, its smaller, but doesnt have as much stuff(i.e bluetooth, compass, memory sticks) and why cant the nec phones get real tones????????

Reviewed by Billy Mac from UK on 26th Jul 2005
One or two niggling little glitches, like now and again when i flip open the password screen is visiblesaying i have one morre attempt at the correct password!The phone itself is fine if somewhat basic, the only major gripe i have is with 3 pay and its 30 day validity period, my outlook is "I pay , and should be able to use as i want" hence the unlock and switch to Voda

Reviewed by dantheman from UK on 15th Jul 2005
I bought this phone and within 30 mins the screen froze and I had a sim failure so I took it back and got new sim card same problem, and even if the phone did work I would of took it back any way bad camera bad mp3 sound bad resolution stay clear of this phone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Reviewed by Andrew Keay from UK on 4th Jul 2005
Had this phone for about 6 months and have not had no problems with it, the camera quality is top notch and having Music Videos on the phone is cool, Definatly recommend buying this phone!

Reviewed by Brendon from Australia on 29th Jun 2005
Going from a nokia 3315 to a nokia 3350 to a nokia 2100 to a nokia 3530 to a nokia 3200 to a nokia 7250i to a nokia 7600 to this phone, i was disapointed in a number of ways. Firstly no bluetooth connection which is annoying because people need it. Secondly the external antenna, which makes the phone look older than it is. There is no external screen so you cant tell the time or who;s calling. The camera is only CIF and is poor quality. THere is no memory card extra which means that only 17MB of memory is all you are going to get. THe video is only 1minute long. On the flip side, the phone has a large screen with bright colours, great internet and sound quality and an easy to use menu system. Overall a good phone but save yourself $55 and buy a NEC e616v it has bluetooth, better camera, external screen and maybe a little heavier but doesn'tt have that awful antenna!

Reviewed by Nicole from Australia on 27th Jun 2005
Hi, this phone is easy to carry around, however the battery life is terrible, they say it lasts 3 days, thats rubbish, i find myself charging if every night, and if i use the camera alot the battery runs out with in hours. the colour screen is hard to read in the sun. however if u get the right light the camera is good. over all this phone is ok for what i need it for. Ciao

Reviewed by Matt from Australia on 15th Jun 2005
this fone isnt the best ok for vidio calls the mp3 player volume is not loud, the camera has bad resolution i like it because its small but i think my nec e616v had way better features.

Reviewed by Hannah Watts from England on 6th Jun 2005
This phone is fantastic and amazing. It has everything from video-recording to Java-games and video ringtones. I think this phone is magnificent and outstanding . The design is brilliant . Thank You.

Reviewed by marco from italy on 1st Jun 2005
good phone, very light and with beautiful design. Cons are the camera with not so high resolution and the display not so bright, which can be a problem in sunshine. I bought it for 99? and receive 80? recharge... so very convenient! (I like the agenda too...)

Reviewed by frenzie1 from UK on 31st May 2005
I have this fone on the 3 network. it is okay but it lacks a few qualities of a top class mobile fone e.g. bluetooth etc... it is quite basic a it is not loaded with any games, ringtones, or pics. the highlight is the fantastic storage, however without bluetooth isnt this pointless? an okay fone but dont be deceived by the pricing.

Reviewed - by - from on 27th May 2005
i bought 1 of these fones in jan 05 and had to get it replaced with the same model in april as the screen wouldnt work and the replacement i was given has now also broken so if i wer u i wouldnt by this fone !!!!

Reviewed by Don from England on 24th May 2005
I got this 'phone for my technophobic wife. It's on the 3 Offpeak 3000 tariff, as she spends a lot of time on our normal 'phone. It took me ten minutes to teach her how to use it, and she was very impressed with how easy it is to use. I have a Nokia 6630, also on 3, but would be happy to have this as my main 'phone, even without Bluetooth. I bought the data cable and data transfer software off E-bay for £5.50. It enables you to transfer files easily, as well as backing up your info to PC. You CAN use transferred music as your ringtone without too much trouble. We are both very pleased with the e338, as well as the 3 network. Cheers.

Reviewed by Kev Mackie from UK on 22nd May 2005
Had my phone for 5 months now and no serious problems with it, except sometimes it cuts you off when in the middle of a call. apart from that good camera and storage although video clips are short at 11 seconds a clip.

Reviewed by clive from uk on 17th May 2005
this phone is my first phone on 3, 3 pay monthly are great! its just this little phone is not! the phone resets and u often loose calls, the phone is complicated and freezes! i am very happy with 3 but not thi phone, i have brought a notorola v975 for 150pounds out own pocket, go on 3, but not with nec!

Reviewed by cayleigh moore from ni on 13th May 2005
this phone is average

Reviewed by Luke from Essex on 5th May 2005
Brilliant phone!! If you would like any infomation on mobile phone i am a mobile phone speciallist so email me - mobilephoneinfo@lycos.co.uk

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 3rd May 2005
i left a review on this phone below praising it but my views have changed today is tuesday ive had this phone since last wednesday an it has reset itself n m at least twice everyday so i took it back and th guy told me to come back later and he will refund me I tHink i'm gonna just stick with good old O2 from no on

Reviewed by Anth from on 2nd May 2005
This Phone is the lightest phone for 3 i love this phone it is amazing the ringtones arnt that good but the vipration setting ios unbeleivieable it is really strong and you can change how it vibrates i have got this phone and it is the best phone i have ever had the only bad thing about this phone is that you cant read the screen when it is sunny This Phone get a A************** from me

Reviewed by tomi from finland on 1st May 2005
It looks like a remote controller.

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 27th Apr 2005
This phone is wicked muc better then the last 3G fone I had and for its weight and size is a big improvement I love it and won't be changin for a long time.

Reviewed by leon from england on 21st Apr 2005
The NEC e338 is a great phone to have, and the 3 services that you can get on it are good. But what the phone lacks is the capability of having 'bluetooth' or even 'infrared' a big let down for the e338. i'm not saying DON'T GET IT! cause i have it.

Reviewed by chris w from england on 7th Apr 2005
This phone KIKS ASS by it now says chris and all me m8s.

Reviewed by sandra from U.K on 6th Apr 2005
Another rubbish phone provided by NEC. Y do they even bother to continue making phones..... the LG phones are so much better.

Reviewed by Madmouse from UK on 29th Mar 2005
i've had this phone for around a month now on 3pay after ending my contract with o2..i'm pretty dissapointed with the network quality but the hand set has some good points, it's one of the lightest handsets around i've seen on 3 the video is ok the photo quality is reasonable there are better around but for a whole lot more money, the battery life is awful standby and talktime, the phone has a nasty habit of dropping calls on a regular basis as well as turning itself off at various times, the ringtones are average the accessories are a little thin on the ground but it's a new phone still most accessories available at the minute are very expensive, don't try using the phone in sunlight as it's terrible can't read anything whatsoever on the screen, e338..if your looking for something cheap and cheerful go for it...but there are better hansdets around if you fancy paying a little more wish i'd have done

Reviewed by liam from uk on 24th Mar 2005
My m8 has this mob n it would b gud but its on 3pay.It could b smaller n alot easyer 2 work.Dont by it its not worth as tenner.

Reviewed by Razer from England on 21st Mar 2005
All i can sya is this phone is amazing i cant get off it and all ma m8s always want to have ago on the anazing quality video capture ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by dru from UK on 19th Mar 2005
Ive had my NEC 338 for arround 3 months on 3pay. A simple to use and somewhat "basic" 3G phone. To me the whole idea of a 3G is the downloadable services, but with a maximum of 16mb memory and no option for additional memory I found its potential limited. In the last 3 weeks I have had lots of issues (both problems with the handset and network provider). Now my handset has developed a serious fault, during voice calls the other person cant hear me, as if the phones microphone was on mute (which it is not). In sumary I found the 338 an easy to use no frills handset, let down by mysterious flaws and an unreliable network provider.

Reviewed by morrissey from england on 21st Feb 2005
I think that this phone is good and the only thing wrong with it is that you cant set a recorded sound as ur ringtone. You can record some top quality videos as well, its great lads.

Reviewed by Robbie from England on 20th Feb 2005
Looks cool, and has some cool features. Only negative is that you cant set recorded sounds or texted ringtones as your ringtone. Or maybe you can and I'm just really thick.

Reviewed by Daz from England on 3rd Feb 2005
I've had the Nec 338 for about a month now and i can honestly say its the best value phone out there considering the features it comes with. The camera and video recorder are very good and the sound quality is brilliant. The only problems i found are the lack of bluetooth and infra red, but what do you expect for a 3G camera phone for well under £100.

Reviewed by tp from England on 31st Jan 2005
bought this phone on the internet, alot of people think that this phone costs 40 quid but they are wrong the 338 costs 40 quid the e338 costs another 40 or 50 quid more because of its extra and better features. i think this phone is great the only things that made it not perfect was the difficult buttons and the poor coverage in cornwall. seeya

Reviewed by James from UK on 4th Jan 2005
Really cool phone, lots of nice features, small footprint.

Reviewed by darren from england on 3rd Jan 2005
this phone only cost £40 pay as you go with £15 credit. excellent value for money.

Reviewed by Lewis6 from UK on 18th Dec 2004
wow a small three fone i would of never heard of one its so cool except wen its not flipped up it looks like ure looking at the back of thw fone overall ****

Reviewed by The Big T from England on 4th Dec 2004
Lets start with the looks, not much to be said except awesome. It may not have an outer screen but it still looks fantastic. I dont know how it performs yet but as soon as they are out and I have one. I will tell you. I think it will be interesting to knoe how the camera is, the 313 and the 616V's cameras were amazing quality but they were a little big so the new rotating little camera should be similar. Back soon T

Reviewed by mike 3 from england on 3rd Dec 2004
its amazing how u can fit such great features in such a small unit.its on 3 which makes it even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by John Berry from UK on 20th Nov 2004
Ive just had this phone for a week but i think it is really impressive, its light and far from difficult to operate as another reviewer seems to think. Im very glad I bought it.

Reviewed by kash from Wales on 17th Nov 2004
3 mobile what can i say that hasn't been said by others. This phone and the network provider are absoulutley terrible. The phones features are very difficult to get to grips with,and believe me I have had alot of phones to play around with. The screen resolution is not bright so in the sunlight the phones good as a three legged dog, ok you get what you pay for, uding that asumption you might as well get the Nokia 6100 or the samsung X450 for an extra £20 yow will get a much better quality phone. People at 3 and makers of any 3g mobile should know that budget phones doesn't mean rubbish phones, look at the latest Vodaphone phones, ok good features but again ugly, and if people want a justification i don't think i'll have enough space for it.

Reviewed by Cameron from England on 16th Nov 2004
GET THE PHONE IT IS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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