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NEC e228 review

 Review: September 2004  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The NEC e228 is an updated version of the e313 which has proved to be a very popular 3G phone.


Like the e313, the e228 is a good value 3G phone that supports video calling, video messaging and all the other features available on the 3 network.

As with the e313, the e228 looks much better in the flesh than it does in our photo here. Physically it's quite a lot less bulky than the e313, although it weighs virtually the same, and it has much more polished styling than the e313's Eastern-bloc appearance.

The e228 shares the same screen as the e313, and it's an excellent 65,000 colour LCD display with an outstanding 220 x 176 pixels.

The e228 features 2 separate cameras - one mounted in the front panel, the other in the back panel. The camera quality is the same as the e313.

The addition of a speakerphone in the e228 is very welcome, making video calling so much easier.

Users in the UK may not be very familiar with NEC as a mobile phone manufacturer, but overseas NEC has years of experience in this arena, especially as a manufacturer of the hi-tech i-mode phones in Japan.

The main issue with this phone, as with all 3G phones is the battery life - expect to charge the phone every couple of days, or daily if you make much use of the video calling feature.

NEC e228 features include:

  • Supports all 3's video mobile services: video calling, video messaging & download video clips
  • 2 video cameras for video calling, recording short videos and taking photos (VGA resolution - 640 x 480 pixels, 2x digital zoom)
  • Display: 65,536 colours, 220 x 176 pixels
  • MP3 player
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice recorder / Call memo to record conversations
  • Multimedia messaging (send photos, videos and text)
  • Predictive (T9) text input
  • e-mail
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Java games
  • Synchronisation of data with a PC
  • Phonebook (500 entries)
  • Organiser features: Calculator, Currency Converter, Scheduler, Notepad, To Do List, Clock, Alarm
  • WAP, GPRS class 8
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Fast 3G data transmission: 384 kbps download / 64 kbps upload
  • Internal memory: 19 Mbytes
  • Optional memory card up to 128 Mbytes (Sony MemoryStick Duo™)
  • Size: 129 x 53 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 125g
  • Talktime: 2 hours
  • Battery standby: 4 days

NEC e228 user reviews

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Average rating from 149 reviews:

Reviewed by Ngwa Walter (j) from Cameroon but know in the uk. on 27th Apr 2014
I just had this phone it wouldn’t come on but i just did the simple;e trick by taking one of my usb cables and cutting one of its heads.then i connected it to the terminals of the battery and then plugged the usb head into my computer after my first electric shucks from my computer. finally it came on another problem is that i couldn’t find my way because it was to stuffy both in and outside of the phone it was to difficult for me to manipulate around but i got use to some things and set up things but the is still on thing and the most wast thing that baffled me is that i couldn't go to the internet i don’t even know have to find the internet in that phone,i couldn’t download my games cause i couldn't find the internet. but this is a really nice phone with many interesting gadgets i think i have a good phone because sooner aim going to ask for help from someone elderly in phones and technology to help me arrange the internet for me someone like my wiz-kid friends in school.thanks for this websites help god bless you and stay well.

Reviewed by Z.Palmer from United Kingdom on 31st Dec 2013
I love this phone,it's got everything,the only problem is battery.very short life

Reviewed by balwinder singh from UK on 18th Jul 2010
internet is not working

Reviewed by Manzoor Ahmad from UK on 30th May 2009
This useless fone no signal no call after so tries makes a call

Reviewed by arshad from UK on 12th Apr 2009
its very good to use i m very happy to use this mobile

Reviewed by Nkhwachi Peter Mhango from UK on 18th Dec 2008
hey guys i have no problems with e228, the problem that i face is that i cant use net. am told here in malawi that i need to consult the manufacturer. if it is possible help. otherwise it a fantastic phone. on top of that i cant get a memory card for nec in malawi ofcourse i understand that i can order from the internet, but here in malawi we dont have the facilities where you enter your card details our banks do not provide such services. so if you can read thei complaint then help. am on +2659345447 thanks

Reviewed by Olatunde Akinbo from UK on 9th Sep 2008
The phone look superb and handy;love to have one.

Reviewed by ebukacaius from UK on 31st May 2008
i love my phone but one thing with it is that i can find the compatible memory card and the USB cable it please can you asist me

Reviewed by Nirmal from UK on 24th May 2008
Phone is Good. but no blootooth, Infrared, Housing for this mobile

Reviewed by Ryan.W from UK on 16th May 2008
I Love This Phone.It Was My First Ever Phone And It Was Amazing.I Would Have This Again If I Could. ITS A LEGEND

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 19th Feb 2008
This is possibly...ok it is the WORST phone i have ever owned...put it this way...i opened it..played about with it...and put it back in its box...3...never again...all of the NEC's are poor waste of money

Reviewed by odhiambo from UK on 10th Jan 2008
Guys this is a smart phone but I've got some problems using this phone of mine i'm residing in Africa and wondering how i can get it's accessories internet,usb cables and anew face of the phone coz mine is quite old the serial numbers IMEI353565/00316141/6SV16 and ma mail address mis kobesting@yahoo.com COCERNED USER

Reviewed by ali from UK on 8th Dec 2007
it is classic

Reviewed by Rushan from UK on 2nd Nov 2007
Outstanding if it had BLUETOOTH

Reviewed by paul from UK on 6th Jul 2007
i think this fone is class man. brill camera and it has a loud speeker for loud music. network is rubbish tho so i got mine unlocked haha lol. it has good battery life and i would reccomend it to any1 hoo is buying a cheap fone because it is worth its price

Reviewed by qqq from UK on 26th Apr 2007
i think phone is not bad, i like it very much,

Reviewed by balaji from UK on 3rd Feb 2007

Reviewed by OLABODE O. S. from UK on 31st Jan 2007
NEC e228 is a good and powerful phone but it's battery discharge so fast and the phone did not come with software thereby making downloading difficult for users. What is the way out?

Reviewed by Ruby from UK on 27th Jan 2007
i've had my fone for a yr nad a half its great at times but not great when your mates tease you saying you've got a brick!!!!mine would have been better if i had more stuff with it like instructions, usb cable,and all that but wj=hat do you expect when you buy fae ebay!!!!!! Wish it had blootooth !!!!!!!!But alltogethor ok fone wldnt recomend buying it tho ITS HUGE!!!!!

Reviewed by danny from UK on 25th Jan 2007
i used to hav this fone in black and it was good for a while but den the battery went and so did the camara but it was good otherwise with the free internet and playin music while on other files.

Reviewed by Ruby from UK on 17th Jan 2007
This fine may be huge which is annoying wen ur mates annoy u aboot it but its still a gr8 fone tho i cnt send fotos nd dat!!!!!also no games dat was a shame but its still a gd fone tho i wldnt recomend buying it!!!!ive had mine 1 yr nd abot 4 months second hand 2 works fine but still figuring out how the hell to use it came wth no instructions anyway bye gd fone!!!!

Reviewed by Fahad Ahmed from UK on 15th Jan 2007
Assalam-o-alaikum..! everybody...first of all the size of this set is bigger so i cut off one star for the looks.Secondly the installation of games is not easy.how can I install games in my e228?? can anybody help me plz??. i cannot send java files to the java folder directly and when i copy the file in any other available folder, it says unable to read this type of file. Please help it out 4 me.plzz... e-mail me at : guy_fahad4u@yahoo.com. write nece228 games in subject please.ohh i forgot!! the sound quality of this mobile set is simply FABULOUS!!I love it!!!

Reviewed by al pacino from UK on 29th Dec 2006
this is the worst phone i've ever had, camera sucks, batery life is about 20 hrs you should have a battery from car conected on it, and the worst thing is when batery is empty the phone turns off and it takes an hour to turn it on it is more than rubbish !!!!

Reviewed by uknown from UK on 31st Aug 2006
The camera is pretty good , video recorder is good but i threw mine in a lake after a monthbecause the network is so rubbish if you have it get it unblocked!!!

Reviewed by Toumas from UK on 13th Mar 2006
I managed to get mine unlocked, although i only started using it again coz my Samsung E330 broke, rubbish phone, i'm only usin it coz ive no money to buy a new one, yet. HONESTLY DON'T BUT IT

Reviewed by james gray from UK on 12th Dec 2005
this phone's battery life, on a scale of 1 to 10, i would give it a 0! It only lasts 2 hours when u talk, and 4 days on standby. Plus, i only get about HALF AN HOUR on video calling. the camera quality is fair, plus it has a removable memory card. this pathetic battery life put me off 3g. i now own a motorola RAZR v3, and it's life is brilliant! i get about 6.5 hours talk time, i think about 7-10 days standby on a completely full charge, and the camera quality is much better. so i would seriously NOT recommend this phone. get a motorola v3 instead!

Reviewed by peter paul balut from UK on 9th Nov 2005
i really admire this phone in terms of imaging and video quality... excellent audio quality-as exemplified by the great mp3 player and loud speaker.but then it is really disappointing to find out that it is not NOT EQUIPPED WITH BLUETOOTH connection: NOT EVEN INFRARED! DAMN NEC!!!!!!!! THERE ARE NO PRE-INSTALLED JAVA GAMES AND APPLICATIONS! I CANNOT EVEN FREELY ACCESS THE INTERNET! IT CAN'T EVEN USE WAV RINGTONES, ONLY MIDI WHICH IS POLYPHONIC!

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 19th Oct 2005
i have this phone i got a new 1 but went back to it, it has a mp3 player but some ppl who have review it are to thick to find it, i have 1 thing to say to them, use a brick as a phone because if you can't find the mp3 player on the e228 you might aswell pretend and use a brick

Reviewed by Great Phone! from UK on 26th Aug 2005
Great phone. I have had this phone for at least 9 months now and I have had no problems with it. The battery does get on my nerves but i soon got used 2 charging it every 2 days. Plz if u are thinking of buying a phone buy this 1. But be aware that you have to pay #15 minimum credit and it runs out after thirty days.

Reviewed by Adeel from UK on 14th Aug 2005
Its got very good cameras,butthe phone hardly allows you to you to record any more than 60 seconds.No mp3 player ,no blutooth ,no fredom on the internet,no push to talk,no USB conection, and the credit bill will at least go sky high!Over all your better off getting a phone thats NOT 3G.

Reviewed by smectzer -romania from UK on 4th Aug 2005
nec e228 is the best fone !!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 3rd Aug 2005
This is the worst phone I have ever had. I wouldnt recomend this phone to my worst enemy.... Get anything else a house brick would work better than this!! There isnt much good to say about this phone the camera is ok... thats it... Battery, Games, ringtones, ease of use, sending images/music, all of these are about a nice as what I just left in the loo. With out complaining to much I shall end this now with a simple bit of advise follow this and you life will be bliss!! GET A DIFFERENT PHONE....

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 12th Jul 2005
great phone 3 is great

Reviewed by emma from UK on 5th Jul 2005
to be honest, its not a very good phone, ive had mine since november and i thought it was the bees knees, how wrong was i! it freezes when it wants to the battery life on its bad, im not going to go into great detail about the phone, it has its good and bad points. i mean the picture/video quality is pretty good and the sounds good and it seems to be pretty unbreakable the amount of times ive dropped it and banged it. but as i sed it freezes and turns it self off when it wants too. anyway thats all im gonna write its up to you if you want it or not niffty but junk phone =)

Reviewed by billy from UK on 28th Jun 2005
YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! too many people here saying "no blootoof n no gaaames, rubbish fone" - you paid 45 maximum for it, what do you expect? You get good quality video, ok photos, cheap calls, n you'll never lose it ; )

Reviewed by tom from England on 28th Jun 2005
bargain phone, but for the price you can't expect much from it... the battery life is poor and 3 generally rip you off so you might as well go contract. However i was suprised by the camera and video capture which is of good quality for the price. being the cheapest 3G phone at the moment, which is slow but reliable its well worth buying if you dont have the money for the more superior models... most sensible 30 buy ever

Reviewed by ozz from england on 25th Jun 2005
the camera on this thing is amazing but unless you like carrying around a brick in your pocket DON'T BUY ONE.

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 22nd Jun 2005
This is the worst phone I have ever had the misfortune of owning. The battery life is ridiculously poor and if the battery runs out, it takes a lot of trouble to get the thing switched back on, even after being recharged. I'm due an upgrade in a few weeks and will be throwing the e228 in the bin and opting for the Motorola A1000, lets hope that phone performs better or it may be bye-bye to 3G phones for good.

Reviewed by Stefan from Romania on 22nd Jun 2005
the mms service is not running.I can't put my recorded melodies as ringtunes. This phone is not that excellent!!!

Reviewed by flaw2less from england on 22nd Jun 2005
this fone is bril i realy like it who cares if its big 30 4 a video fone wat mor do u expect the 3 network aint so good though 15 a month fone is great network is rubbish

Reviewed by Shane Curless from England on 19th Jun 2005
The fone itself is simply amazing! But the network, 3, is a problem. If 3 let you access WAP, i could get free games and ringtones from wap.getjar.com, which would make 3 a better network for me to use, but still, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO UNLOCK THIS THING! I have used the code generator from NokiaFREE.org, but I have the newer firmware so that *#4960# thingy doesn't work for me. WAIT! My email address: curls001@wsgfl.org.uk

Reviewed by Mark from Uk on 15th Jun 2005
gr8 fone, me m8 got 1, and its amazin! the only letdownis the battery life!! WICKED!!!!

Reviewed by Abbeyviewman from UK on 5th Jun 2005
Who ever said you cannot get the nec E228 Unlocked has not tried. I have had at least 4 unlocked from 3 pay to take any sim. my mate runs his own shop and can unlock any nec or lg, and its not a temporary unlock.Its final.I think the E228 is a good phone, mabey the camera is not the greatest but it works fine and takes good pictures.It also has a slot for a memory card. for the price of this phone I see no complaints at all.

Reviewed by Rob from England on 31st May 2005
The attributes of the phone are second to none but unless you use your phone all the time (which i don't) it's rubbish. I bought the phone but was devastated to find that all credit on your phone is wiped off 30 days after you top up the phone. This applies to all 3G phones. I use between 5 and 10 a month so would waste the rest of my credit. O.K just put as much as you need on but to get the most out of the phone you should be putting a minimum of 15 a month. I would personally recommend a normal network. Especially Virgin who I'm on now who are very cheap.

Reviewed by dnt worry from dnt worry on 27th May 2005
this phone is rubbish i advise ppl not 2 buy it trust me i regret buying it

Reviewed by alex from uk on 25th May 2005
this phones rubbish. its good for a few days and then you get bored.the picture qualitys RUBBISH. and the video is only 30 secs long.do not get this phone i would advise u to get better.

Reviewed by sophie from england on 8th May 2005
The e228 is a really good phone and might look bulky but is isnt.The battery lasts a long while and the camera has a really good quality.The messaging service is fantastic and really easy to use.You can also downloads things and record music.The only downside to this phone is having to top it up with 15 each time. Anyone who is out to buy a phone buy the e228.

Reviewed by Sabz from UK on 7th May 2005
The Nec e228 is a very good phone believe me it has alot of memory and a lot of good features! only thing is its a big phone... the camera quality is exellent! this is a gd phone to buy!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Oli from England on 6th May 2005
This is a great phone only 29.99 on 3's website. Video camera is a bit blurred but photos are excellent. 3's Services are also good. Only down side is that you are basically on Pay Monthly even if you got it on ThreePay (PAYG)as you have to top up every month (you only get your top up active for 30 days). Also the minimum top up is 15 not 5 that some networks do. I don't know how to unlock the phone but if I did I might consider switching networks.

Reviewed by Luke from Essex on 5th May 2005

Reviewed by Shahzada Jehangir Khan from Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan on 1st May 2005
The only reason i m givin this five stares is because of the Application SW V 12. I think the phone itself is a brilliant phone . I have been after a phone with all the features like camra, video, colour e.t.c and i got it three months ago its going fine and i like this, i m looking for it cheats if any one got ya pls mail me shahzadjehangir@yahoo.com i will be thankful to that phone fellow, i need its unlocker and IMIE claculater in last the video camera everything on the phone is fantastic. Shahzada Jehangir Khan Pakistan E-Mail: ShahzadJehangir@yahoo.com

Reviewed by tom howe from manchester on 1st May 2005
im not sure who writes these reviews about the phone crashing? ive had mine for nearly a year, and its never done that once to me the camera is unbelivable and the video quality is exellent, there is only a couple of downsides to this phone, such as, no bluetooth, and you have to top up with 15, good value but i cant afford it but no problem if your loaded. battery life is ok last u just over a day, but charge it up at night! overall outstanding phone every one thinks the size is a problem but trust, its not you get used to it very quikly and its just so light! buy this phone if you can afford itand dont mind not having bluetooth! otherwise i have not found any other problems with this ohne! so what are yopu waiting for go out and buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by mr s bandra from england on 24th Apr 2005
this phone is an apselute nightmare

Reviewed by HONESTY from UK on 17th Apr 2005

Reviewed by Candy from Bournemouth on 4th Apr 2005
When I first got this phone I thought it was amazing and even now I still do the only thing bad about it is that it is a bit too big for me (girls like little phones). The other this wrong with it was the internet connection if u dont live in the right area then the internet is quite difficult to access properly the battery life depends on how much u use it if u use it alot then duh the battery goes down quick.. great phone its gonna be hard to find a better 1.

Reviewed by josiah from UK on 2nd Apr 2005
the phone is good, an improvement from the nec e616v, a bit ugly and battery life poor but the phone does take a high quality clear picture.

Reviewed by Nelson from ivory coast on 31st Mar 2005
If i was you,iwould'nt get this remote control lookalike simply because is its huge and its on 3. The network is disgracful to have,the customer services are not even in the uk there in india so what would they know what we r chattin about and its cuts you while your chattin.another reason is because the camera is not clear at all even the nec 313s camera is better

Reviewed by Leigh Bradbury from United Kingdom on 21st Mar 2005
this phone is wicked it looks good has excellent camera and video quality with a whole range of applications thhis phone is da best! i highly recommend you buy one it is superb value for money!

Reviewed by Melanie from U.K. on 15th Mar 2005
Hmmmmmmm!! I wonder when Mr. Invisible will enter the 21st Century? He doesnt seem to like mobile phones, does he?? I found the e228 ok. Not brilliant, but you only get what you pay for!! And for free....who cares? I('m happy anyway!

Reviewed by daniel from england on 15th Mar 2005
i think that it s a brill fone and i would nt swop it for the world

Reviewed by Fahan Khan from Islamabad, Pakistan on 13th Mar 2005
I have got this mobile recently.I have found all the best features in it, except Bluetooth and infrared.But the best part of this mobile is the TFT Colors with excellent voice and video capablities.......... Overall it is an Excellent Phone!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Mr Invisible from Wouldn't You Like To Know on 13th Mar 2005
Unfortunately, they do not give you an option to select 0 stars when writing these reviews. 3 are the worst network in the world! They are on the verge of becoming bankrupt, you have to be in the middle of nowhere to receive a signal and the handsets are bulky. There are restrictions on the sites you can access using 3G, the services are ridiculously overpriced and hardly any of the phones have advanced connectivity features! NEC are the worst! They do everything in halves! Battery life, sound quality, signal. IF ANY OF YOU HAVE DOUBTS ON WHAT PHONE TO GET LISTEN UP! Any 3 phones are rubbish. Motorola phones are good but have been known to be problematic is some aspects (i.e. Bluetooth is VERY SLOW) Nokia phones are fantastic, although pricey and some bulky. Panasonic phones have good cameras and features, but most do not have many connectivity features. Sagem phones are quite reliable, but camera quality is nowhere near as good as other manufacturers. Samsung have only started to get good. Get either a D500 or E800 if you are going to get one. Sharp phones are very stylish but the only model with good connectivity features is the GX30i (250-400) Sony Ericsson are great, they are getting better and better every day. If you are looking to get a new phone, think of your needs. e.g. Nokia Series 60 phones are for businesses, but are bulky, bland and EXTREMELY SLOW at loading. Nokia Series 40 are for leisure, but don't support many features but are EXTREMELY FAST at loading. AND NOTE: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK! If there is something wrong with your phone, call Customer Services. They are almost guaranteed to help! e.g. with the Nokia 6230 so many people complained about their phones that they launched the Nokia 6230 Version 04.44. And they provided everyone with free upgrades (software not handsets). And most importantly, talk to people who have the phone. This site is great, don't get me wrong, but some people on this site are morons. They cannot spell, don't have a clue about the phones they are reviewing and have nothing better to do. Also, try going to a phone shop for a phone demo. They are more than happy to help. Sorry my review has been so long, but thank you for your time.

Reviewed by Faizal from South Africa on 10th Mar 2005
This phone has the potential but i need a catalyst, namely... the software thats compatible with my network - Vodacom SA. I tried everything, have gone through everyone for advise about this overwhelming problem, but to no avail. They said that only the handset manufacturer can assist me. I tried looking them up and contacting them, but shockingly enough, no helpline is available. This phone in itself is fairly good, compared to, the only other 2 camera phone here in SA namely - the Samsung E1000. Can anybody please help a brother out at darriesf@cput.ac.za.

Reviewed by rOOstique from Sweden on 8th Mar 2005
Yo, folks, I think the phone itself is kinda good. Well, considering the money I payed for it, it's great + some of it's features are good for that price. BUT, BUT, butt the network, those guys in 3, are they ... i don't even know how to call them. The network sux. I have to unlock the phone ASAP!!! And I suggest for those who own this phone or wannabe owners to unlock it at once. Can anyone give the unlock code or whatever required for unlockin' it? Please if U know the code, POST it here, so that everyone knows. And send me to my e-box: boozy_r@yahoo.com THAAANX, u can't even imagine how I appreciate that!

Reviewed by ant from uk on 3rd Mar 2005
Excellent phone, got it unlocked now. But how do i install games by data cable, and how can i go on ebay? etc. This phone is supposed to go on the internet! I type in the url and it says "this service is not accepted" or something! Can anyone help? Please send reply to: sirantonycartwright@yahoo.co.uk

Reviewed by hardy from sweden on 2nd Mar 2005
e228 i dont have it myself but my firend kanishka has it. I dont care aobut the size of the phone since i have a motorola a925 but i would say the phone is really ugly. No offesen to the ones who has it. The functions are ok cameras good since it is a new moadel. The thing doesnt even have bluetooth or infrared. It is ugly good camera standard 3g service. I would recomend for someone who wants a big phone but good get an a925.

Reviewed by Billy from UK on 28th Feb 2005
Piece of junk, looks like the TV remote but it's that big you don't have to worry about losing it down the side of the sofa.! Don't bother.

Reviewed by Scott 'O' from UK on 28th Feb 2005
This phone crashes, cuts you off in the middle of calls and the alarm clock doesn't even have snooze ffs. I suppose you get what you pay for...

Reviewed by ScottyB from England on 28th Feb 2005
Good value for money especially as it is so cheap for a camera phone and you get 15 free credit with it! However the thing cuts off in the middle of conversations and crashes!! grrr.

Reviewed by anon from UK on 26th Feb 2005
It's on a terrible network, it's the size of a house and the battery life is awful. Decent phone but the - points outwiegh the + points. + Points MP3 19MB Memory + Card Video Camera Video Calls - Points Size Battery Life Network No Infra-Red No Bluetooth

Reviewed by David from U.K on 22nd Feb 2005

Reviewed by jammie the fly from england on 18th Feb 2005
this phone is brill, the only problem is that you have to pay 15 a month which is kinda stupid, but i am going to change my network to 02 which is 10 times better i would recommend this phone to anyone who will to change the network. this phone is brill!

Reviewed by Chez from UK on 14th Feb 2005
I have just got this phone and think it is excellent! The picture quality is amazing, the sound quality is brilliant. The only down side to this phone is that it doesnt have IRDA or bluetooth, another dissapointment is that you can record sound but cannot use it as a ringtone. 3 Arnt daft are they? Overall a great buy and although it is a big phone I like it that way, Less likely to lose it!!!

Reviewed by spongebob from england on 7th Feb 2005
az dis fone escped from mr crabz brik depo or wot! wen i went to wulliez i ad 2 ask if it woz a brik or a dam big fone an 2 mi ora dey sed a fone! DON GET DIS PILE OV CRUD IT SMELLZ AN U CANT FIT IT IN UR POKET SO UL HAVE TO BE SEEN CARIEIN DA FING, YES DAT IZ D WORST CASE SENARIO BEIN SEEN CARIEIN IT!!! old man jenkinz won b appy. botom line, sponge bob or drinky plus is wel beta den dis brik

Reviewed by Mikey from United Kingdom on 3rd Feb 2005
Overall i think this is a pretty good phone. I'm not all that big on mobile phones, but i like this one. Never have liked tiny fiddly phones so the size of this is good for me. However, the network 3 are absolutely terrible! Currently trying to unlock it, if anyone knows how please let me know at the.cyberdemon@gmail.com.

Reviewed by jib jeep from uk on 1st Feb 2005
maybe if u hav a suitcase 24/7 consider it as it is cheap, but even then as the picture quaility is so bad and the menus horribl theres not much point.

Reviewed by Andy from england on 28th Jan 2005
This phone has got everthing, truly amazing!

Reviewed by Alex Hickman from UK on 25th Jan 2005

Reviewed by sally from france on 21st Jan 2005
This fone is like a brick. When i got it i thought it would fit in my handbag, but it never. It is gigantic, get a fone like the k700i which i got instead, its still a candybar fone but its tiny. The camera is awful and the videoing is kk.l I would not reccomend this fone 2 anyone exceptt people with giant handbags!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Joss Fisher from england on 15th Jan 2005
i got it coz it was cheap but got a p900 about a onth later, i dont care the p900 is expensive this phone is poor

Reviewed by lee from uk on 14th Jan 2005
right every 1 ive found out a way to cheat the phone and get free txt with out no cred first wright your txt send it and it will say cannot send or something like that then go to the out box and resend it and walla free txt with no credit

Reviewed by peter paul balut from philippines on 13th Jan 2005
this phone is good, but the manufacturers have forgotten to preinstall java games. it was so disappointing! there's even no bluetooth connectivity. i guess nec learns something from these words!

Reviewed by Clare from UK on 8th Jan 2005
Love this phone, no more bulky than some clam phones. Camera quality and screen excellent. Only downside is the poor battery life (Please NEC - get it sorted!!) Accessories seem to be hard to come by and a bit expensive (mostly 3 branded goods). Wouldnt suggest staying on 3 as a pay-as-you-go customer, very complicated tariffs. Im gona download a few ringtones and games then get it unlocked and put in o2 sim. 3 are one serious rip-off company.

Reviewed by MaRk from Some were on 5th Jan 2005
The e228 is a great fone but, yes but the 3 network rips u off mor than enof. Get the fone if u hav enof dollar 2 pay 15 quid a month but otherwise.....DONT

Reviewed by john from UK on 5th Jan 2005
See below: Poor network coverage, battery lasts one day (max), size of a brick, ripoff pay as you go. Useful as a paperweight maybe. I've never topped this up and I don't think I will even bother unlocking it as it just reminds me how I wasted 35 quid. Will sell for a fiver if interested. No credit included.

Reviewed by annon from england on 3rd Jan 2005
well well... the NEC e228. its a weird phone and i want to get it clear that you do not 'have to' pay 15 a month. depending on what you decide to do with the phone will determain how you pay for it. lets face it afterall, for as little as 20 (35 in the credit you have to buy)... its simply a gadget! a cheap little gadget just made as a taster of the colourful world of mobiles phones. The phone works brilliantly with or without that 15 credit, and i am happy with my phone without credit (as i still use my old phone). Having got over the fact that the phone is simply a gadget, i only use it as a ditigal camera / video recorder, and i can use the emailing system which they offer for FREE to send emails to my home pc with pictures attached! how good is that?! the memory is good as it is (19mb or so) which can easily hold 100 pictures and 25 videos, but if you happen to need to store over 100 pictures, just email them home in an instant, delete em off your phone and then take pictures and do whatever. you can even use the internet service that they offer to check the news and headlines (without being able to view video).. and all this can be done without any credit. look at it as a portable news system or something to inform you with mobile phone capabilities.. it really does shine some light onto the phone eventually. for a 35 one off payment its a bargain!.. and you dont ever have to top it up again. :p

Reviewed by Mark Anderson from UK on 24th Dec 2004
Avoid the 3 network. As somebody below/above me has pointed out #30 IS too good to be true. The phone itself is marvellous, Hundreds of features, gadjets and gimmicks to keep any child occupied, but the network that it is CONDEMNED to is awful. Apparently, the simply cannot be unlocked* *At this point in time. 3 Network: A topup will get you x amount of talk minutes or x amount of video minutes and x amount of picture/text messages. (x depends on topup value of course) Whatever x's you haven't used 30 days after topping up, you lose. You have to top up again. Minimum topup is #15. So you could say it's #15 a month. Is this a pay as you talk contract? This is simply no good to me, I top up my existing phone with #5 about every 2 months! I rarely call out with it, and only send a few texts a week. If you use a phone like I do, avoid 3 at all costs. And believe me, there are costs. Hidden ones.

Reviewed by Junaid Qureshi from UK on 22nd Dec 2004

Reviewed by Casey from england on 20th Dec 2004
I think the e228 is one of the best phones out at the moment. it has two cameras video calling video text and mp3.The only downside is you have to pay 15 a month but i still think it is worth it.

Reviewed by Chris barratt from london England on 20th Dec 2004
i bought this phone about a month ago and i loved it at first , but soon i had come to realise that it was JUNK!! THis phone is very slow, when you wish to do some thing as simple as delete a contact you have to wait for the phone to react ... it's ok if your new to phone because you can keep up with it then but if your an advanced user of mobile technology then you will find the time it take to do the most simple of tasks very tedious !!! And to top it off the 3 pay as you go option sucks !! I can see looking down the list of reveiws of this phone many of you can see the idiotic way 3 have set this up !!! 15 a month that is ok if your minted and a bit thick (like me ) but for younger kids this phone is a HOLE IN THE POCKET for them ( or their parents)! They could of done something about the sive of this BRICK aswell ... it's a bit to long ! i hate taking this phone out with me , i'm ashamed to let my friends to see it . this is why i shall take a hammer to this retard of the mobile phone world and enjoy putting it out of it misery !!! as you can tell i do not like this phone !! i'm suprised i gave it 2 stars but it it a good phone for rather slower people but me this phone blongs in room 101 where is should rot !! thanks for listening to me jibber on ... HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS !! (and if santa gives you this phone then renounce god and sell your soul for a new one cos you'll find hell more enjoyable than using this phone ) ;)

Reviewed by samantha from england on 20th Dec 2004
This phone e228 is one of the best phones it has all the things you would want.But the only thing is you have to pay 15 per month now that bit is rubbish.

Reviewed by anon from UK on 19th Dec 2004
teribble phone ----------DO NOT BUY------------- was working for abt 5 weeks then completely stopped. when i turn it on now the screen just goes whit and repeats this until the battery dies.

Reviewed by chewittt from uk on 7th Dec 2004
This phone to me is a brilliant phone - it has all the extras you could ever want. Video , video talk / text / playback , takes pics sends them and ALL the rest APART from that it is slightly big and you have to top up once a month!! But on the whole , if you are looking for a 3G phone then you could think about getting this if you dont mind paying 15 per month!

Reviewed by robin corney from england on 7th Dec 2004
the phone i grate the comras are clear and the vidio messaging is clear too. nice and slim fast internet connectivity and good speeded downloading facility very loud loud speaker very good top up service and network coverage is a perfect phone for a textaholic teenager like me. i rate it as as one of the top phones now in the uk. only a few bad points no preset games you have to download the youre self out of your own creadit and battery life is consumumed very fast.

Reviewed by dale from uk on 5th Dec 2004
hey this phone sucks...or is it just the 3 pay network? eaitherway they are both not worth buying as they dont work up to standard.i have looked after my phone well but still it it didnt prevail.im trying to unlock it so i can put a 02 sim card into it.please if any one can help me to unlock it or if you know the unlock code email me at dazzalingdale@aol.co.uk. thank,but no thanks...this is definately a phone a wont persue buying in the future. dale

Reviewed by Rhodri from Wales - UK on 4th Dec 2004
Agree with everyone else really. Amazing and cheap phone, best unlocked and used on another network. Brilliant pic and vid quality, slightly big handset but who cares!

Reviewed by EHSAN UR REHMAN from UK on 4th Dec 2004

Reviewed by Stephen from UK on 2nd Dec 2004
This phone is really great, although the battery life is a little disappointing. Also, it seems to reset itself at completely random times. Apart from that though, this is an outstanding mobile with a fantastic high resolution screen. Image and video quality is excellent and there are some enjoyable downloads from Three. Do not buy this phone if you don't like Threepay, as I doubt it can be unlocked for any other network.

Reviewed by Austin from England on 28th Nov 2004
It's an ok phone, as long as you dont mind carrying a brick in your pocket. Why is it not just pay monthly? its just stupid. it would be cheaper on contact. You get the **** takin out of you because its a brick

Reviewed by Theresa from England on 28th Nov 2004
This is a great phone, image quality is great, more features than you could ask for. Looks cool, easy enough to use with a bit of practice. The bad bit is the 3G network. This is more like "PAY 15 A MONTH WHETHER YOU GO OR NOT". I have had this phone 2 days and have just come to terms with the fact that my 15 credit is only going to last 30 days even if I do not use it. Looks like an unlock job to me. GREAT PHONE, GREEDY NETWORK which will soon hopefully be out of business.

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