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NEC 343i review

 Review: June 2006  

Last updated July 2007


In a nutshell: The NEC 343i is an entry-level phone that features an i-mode web browser.


i-mode is a new standard that makes it easy to access the web and use e-mail from a mobile phone. The 343i is a very thin phone, but apart from its thinness and the i-mode capability it's an undistinguished phone.

The phone looks nice enough, and has a cool blue backlit keypad. However, the keypad is hard to use, especially when texting. The phone also tends to scratch easily, and won't look so good once the paint has rubbed off! The camera is very basic, as are the display quality and the ringtones. Frustratingly the available memory is one of the smallest on any comparable phone, so there is hardly any room for storing photos. Reception is also not the best, and users are reporting various reliability issues. Really, not a phone to be recommended.

NEC 343i features include:

  • Digital camera
  • Display: 65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Voice recorder (50 seconds)
  • Java games
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, email
  • Memory: 1.3 Mbytes
  • Connectivity: USB
  • GPRS, i-mode web browser
  • Triband
  • Size: 109 x 43 x 13 mm
  • Weight: 95g
  • Talktime: 200 minutes
  • Battery standby: 200 hours

NEC 343i user reviews

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Average rating from 79 reviews:

Reviewed by geoff from england on 21st Apr 2010
its been great but now on mms it says not enough area cannot send, can anyone help

Reviewed by sidsmith from uk on 15th Dec 2009
does your 343i have the same problem as i had?? my handset has frozen up with the message "the phonecode is locked" anybody out there can help me to unlocke the phonecode?????????

Reviewed by max from spain on 7th Oct 2009
first rate simple to use phone. well built and slim enough for breast pocket concealment. why dont manufacturers sell similar well designed phones just to make and receive calls/texts without all the compicated add ons and features that many of us dont want or need. only problem my charger broken and now difficulty getting replacement. any suggestions or has someone got one they would sell??

Reviewed by dana from uk on 18th Sep 2009
I love this phone, I refuse to let mine go even though it doesnt work any more-it is my fault i treated it rough, dropped it in water, on teh ground everything and still it didnt give up, its what i need a simple phone, nice big easy to use buttons makes phone calls and sends messages, yes the camera is crap but i use an actual camera to take photos, is it possible to get this phone anywhere any more? any one want to sell a fully working one to me? i alked for three hours today to find a simple phone and just ended up trudging home depressed and empty handed, everything out there is tacky rubbish that will fall to bits in my hands in no time at all!

Reviewed by helen from england on 31st May 2009
wow this phone is just great. love it. But they dont make it anymore such a shame you know. I would be lost with out it.

Reviewed by jack from uk on 3rd Feb 2009
i have just lost my one and am surprised that i miss it so, would like another one the same.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 30th Jul 2008
It doesn't have millions of functions, like many modern phones do, but it does the job. I have dropped mine a number of times and it has not broken at all. The keys are nice and large. All in all, a good phone. Until a few weeks ago. It has recently been playing up. It's been freezing when I try to ring someone, send a text, open the phonebook, etc. The only way to switch it off when it does this is to take the battery out. Also, I am having difficulty charging it recently. But I can accept this, as it is now over 3 years old.

Reviewed by Dimitris from Greece on 4th Jul 2008
This phone is rubbish!It was my first phone and it was rubbish!No mp3 player,no FM radio,no Bluetooth,no video,no memory card slot.I now have 2 Sony Ericssons(k610 and k550)which are A LOT OF BETTER!Do not buy this phone.

Reviewed by Esther from UK on 23rd May 2008
I've had this phone for 2 years, and it's the best phone I've ever had. Sure, the camera's not that good but then I have a digital camera for taking photos. I've never had any problems with the phone - I've even dropped it loads of times and it hasn't broken. Plus, I love the game and no-one I know has the same phone which is great!

Reviewed by Lucie from UK on 29th Feb 2008
My NEC died last June and I'm still in mourning. It doesn't have great features, it's not massively reliable, and there's even a spelling mistake on one of the games, but it was the free i-mail that made me love it so much, and the fact that many people mistook it for an iPod. It's undeniably a beautiful phone, but unfortunately looks aren't everything when it comes to technology. I would've gone as far as four stars for the 343i if I hadn't seen the same mortal problem in two seperate handsets of the same model. When I first got the phone, it was faulty - an image of a hand with a SIM between its fingers would appear, with text telling you to insert your SIM (which was in), and all you could do was ring the emergency services, who probably don't respond to broken phone issues. When I got the replacement, the reason THAT died was exactly the same, and I'm old fashioned, I don't think 14 months is a massively good phone life. I had two, and they both went wrong in th e same way - that's not a good sign for the 343i in general. It's gorgeous, and i-mode is fantastic, but it's no good if you want a lasting phone.

Reviewed by xxx from uk on 17th Feb 2008
i had this fone a few yearss ago and it was a good phone for a week then everyting went wrong and it has no bluetooth but loks great

Reviewed by Hidrift from UK on 30th Jan 2008
this phone is a worthless piece of junk! it turns itself off, the back cover falls off really easily, it doesn't charge properly. Do what the guy below suggested and what i did and buy a v3. i wouldnt even rate it poor

Reviewed by Abraham little from UK on 22nd Oct 2007

Reviewed by marty from Ireland on 24th Sep 2007
send/recieve messages and calls, what more do you need...its a phone; if you want to take pictures buy a CAMERA, if you want to take video footage..buy a video CAMERA! All phones are overrated!

Reviewed by Berryboy from UK on 11th Apr 2007
I bought one. Sure it makes phone calls and texts (although sometimes the buttons don't always work when you push them)but I wouldn't recomend it. I found that downloads eg ringtones can only be used once and although when you use it for second time it says that it's done it, when in reality it doesn't change anything. I mode however is quite cool. But the imode is really exensive. metal plate on the back does scratch easily. No bluetooth. No computer syncronisation. No mp3 player. No infrared. no video recording or playback. Camera is average athough doesn't work at all in low light. I bought mine and had to return it cos the screen went crazy whenever I took a photo and then it froze. It also wouldn't accept my old sim card. In my opinion it's worth paying an extra £10 or £20 for one from a more reputable brand.

Reviewed by Rhys from Langholm on 23rd Mar 2007
I hate this damn phone! It has no mp3 player or bluetooth! I want to change phones as there is no video playback on it or anything! The camera's pretty bad as well.

Reviewed by jock from scotland on 19th Jan 2007
best fone for value ever had...if you want to pay over the odds for some popular names,don't but this one,does what it says on the label.. never had any problems,have not seen a better one for the price

Reviewed by Zog from Mars on 9th Dec 2006
An average phone all round really. An entry-level phone for those who dont care about looks. Sure it's less than fifty quid but surely you can get better phones for sub 50 quid! WOuldn't recommend one but if it's finance that you are bothered about then buy one

Reviewed by mandy from eng on 30th Nov 2006
i odnt like this phone i hate it in fact i hate it i really dont like it i dont know how any body could put outstanding for it get a life

Reviewed by Aly S from England on 23rd Nov 2006
THis phone is awesome i have had it for several months now and it is very reliable the i-mode is great which i saw in Japan a few years ago it doesnt have an mp3 player but i got a 20gig zen which is much better. Its so slim and light and all my friends say its wicked and it looks like an ipod the keys are big. Texting is a bit difficult. The phone has been through a lot and it still works (Including being left in the rain.) This an excelent phone and i reckon id recomend it to anyone.

Reviewed by nadia arimba :P from bonnie scotland on 10th Nov 2006
hiya peeps i don't actaully have a review lol but i did just wanna say that i found this phone for just £5 somewhere! 4gton the name bt isnt that a wee bargain! i was going to get it but i was told im not alowwed by my friend because it's so 'ugly'!!! i don't think so!!! it's so cute and would be v. good 4 a wee ones 1st fone! thankxx woops amybe i did just review it lol!

Reviewed by phil from england on 25th Oct 2006
the phone looks good enough but really it is terrible. the camera is poor, the game is awful, it has no memory what so ever. i always break my phones so i got a cheap one. i saw the n343i and brought it. i brought it because it looked good. this phone wasn't worth the money and is proff don't judge a book by it's cover, or in this case a phone. DON'T BUY IT!

Reviewed by emma barron from uk on 21st Oct 2006
my sister've got this phone.i love it.when i went to wales,i was playing with this phone but there were no probelum and i didn't get bored!!!the key is sooooooo easy to use.the game is great fun!!!i dont know why people say this phone is rubbish but it's just great!!!

Reviewed by lilly from uk on 24th Sep 2006
I don't why everyone says its not a good phone it is i ve hade and it was great. All of my friends thought is was cool,and the memory is plus you can go on the internet and check the weather and news plus lots more.

Reviewed by Soozie from England on 30th Aug 2006
Love this phone - love it love it love it!! I played with it first in work and fell in love with it - the day of release i was there to get one. I think the imode is awsome and imail is fantastic. Camera is poor but seriously what are you planning on taking a picture of?? a beautiful butterfly nestled in a rose or your mate drunk as a skunk wearing underpants on her head!! No mp3 and no memory but who cares because this phone is cheap and cheerful. I have this phone as a back up when my battery goes on my main phone and i find it a pleasure to use. Key board is perfect and menu is fine to navigate. Not for the phone fanatic but a definate one to be concided for a kids first phone. People giving this phones bad reviews - im not sure what you were expecting - for 50 quid this is an ace little phone.

Reviewed by manda from england on 28th Aug 2006
This is the worst phone in the world - i only bought it to replace my beloved, yet dying samsung e700 - and i wish i had just not bothered at all. you can't even hear it ring when it's in your pocket and you're walking along the road (even one with not much traffic) and it is true - it keeps vibrating for no reason at all and will only stop if you take the battery out. what is more, is this phone actually cost me a fortune when i went to italy - i know texts cost about 40/50p each when you are abroad, but this phone kept sending the same message continually, meaning i was charged £4 for ONE text! and over the course of my entire trip, nearly each one of my texts sent itsself mutliple times, and you can only stop it by taking the battery out - so to overcome this, i actually bought an italian SIM card to use in the phone, but then it was locked, so i couldn't even use the new SIM card, so overall this phone has cost me a fortune, and it is rubbish. i know it is only about £40 , but seriously, you would think that they test products enough to eradicate errors such as spelling "score" as "scroe" and game instructions which look like they were written in chinese and then translated in an internet translator. i would stick with the cheapest nokia going if you don't want to pay much, at least you know it will work, and you'll be able to hear it ring! avoid this phone at ALL costs.

Reviewed by lil me from wales on 8th Aug 2006
this fone is propa junk!!! dont buy it cz a) its ugly b)it gts bad reception n c) no bluetooth d) it scratches far farto easily DONT WASTE UR MUNEY!!!! i dnt have it bt ma sis duz. THE SAMSUNG D600 ROKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! (thats ma fone)

Reviewed by Chris from Scotland on 7th Aug 2006
i got this phone when my k750 packed in, just for something beofre i got a new one, i used it for a month and that was enough, the reception it very very poor, it switches itself off and vibrates for no reason and doesnt stop until you take the battery out. it was an anooying phone. in saying that it did have a nice keypad. and it accidently got dropped out a 3rd storey window onto the road and didnt break... but im much happier with my n70!!

Reviewed by BOBIESHARFTER from ENGLAND on 30th Jul 2006

Reviewed by dan from england on 23rd Jul 2006
i bought this fone cause it looked smart n it had a camera. i relised wen i bought it that the camera is rubbish n u cant c the pictures u av taken. this fone scratches really easily. i cant believe it doesnt have BLUETOOTH OR INFERED

Reviewed by al man from on 12th Jul 2006
Hey got dis phone for christmas and its da best phone i have ever had i would deffently recomend it. its not just good lookin it has got email, mms,sms, vga camera, picture messaging, java and much more. its da best

Reviewed by capricorn from UK on 4th Jul 2006
This phone is exactly what it is supposed to be - a mobile phone. It has one of the best keyboard layouts. It does not fold, bent, screw, pack, etc. - so it is ever ready. It has poor camera but be honest, do you really believe you will take quality pictures with a camera phone - nah, for that purpose you buy PHOTO camera, the only real purpose of the camera phone is to take a snapshot of your contacts. No MP3 and memory - come on, be serious, do you really think that Motorola R3 with 5MB is a MP3 player, if you do then you all-time-favourite songs list must contain two songs and they are evergreens (only a evergreens will fit into that memory). Also it has decent browser and e-mail client, believe me, you won't use them more than once in a month (if you do then you have a communication problem, you have become a faceless information processing unit - go and see your best school friend, tell him your problem and ask him to punch you right between your eyes and pray that it helps). So, in conclusion, you do not buy spade with remote control, wireless interface and true colour LCD screen - you buy phone, the ideal phone for talking and texting for the ideal price - think with your head do not let big businesses shape your mind!

Reviewed by james from ireland on 2nd Jul 2006
great buy the camara i wicked not much more you could want in a phone.

Reviewed by Simone from U.K. on 26th Jun 2006
I am rating this phone only Average as of follows : Good Points: -- *I mode* - This is great, as you can send your pictures to your comp. and can send some messages to people , but some people can't recieve them. -- *Cheap* - Quite cheap only £40-£60. -- *Slim + I-pod style* - This is a great feature if you want to keep it fashionable. Bad Points: -- *Switches Itself Off* - Yes, Ennoyingly , if you also get a text it sometimes wont stop vibration. -- *freezes* - It freezes at the most ennoying times and sometimes vibrates for nor reason. -- *Missing Some Features* - Such as : Bluetooth and More memory and prefrebly an mp3 player. Other than all of this .. Its not such a bad phone . But im going now for a Motorola V3i. Got everything i need on that!! xx.

Reviewed by Lora from England on 22nd Jun 2006
this fone was great!! i looked around on forums and saw that people had said the camera wasnt upto much and the memory wasn't good! however this is not the case, it was very good the camera, for the price of the phone, was fantastic!!! the memory was fine for me and i used it alot!!! i wished i had kept!!!??!! :)

Reviewed by James from UK on 14th Jun 2006
Overall, I'd have to agree with everyone here... If you want a phone loaded with features - this is junk. On the other hand, if you want basic functionality with a couple of bits and bobs thrown in, this is awesome - hence the average score. I got this phone because it looked the best out of the phones (in my town) that met my other criteria: Sub-£50, PAYG, O2 - in that order. As it happened, O2 knocked a tenner off the handset if you bought it with a £10 top-up (i.e. I paid for credit, not the phone), and I traded in an old phone for another £10 off(worked, but didn't hold a charge longer than an hour ;-P). The reason I'm happy with it is because my better half has a much more expensive phone that does all the hi-res pix/video/Bluetooth/mp3 capability - so if I need that, I use hers (Samsung e350 - it's pink, you see!). I, on the other hand, needed a phone so she could reach me when she had finished shopping, or if we got otherwise separated - and she was fed up with me nicking hers when I wanted to text my mates, too. So - cheap phone for basic functionality, with decent looks. The only thing that irritates me about it is that it doesn't have a standard 2.5/3.5mm audio socket. I was hoping to find a Bluetooth adapter for the (non-Bluetooth) phone in order to use the headset we got with the Samsung, but I can't find one with a mini-USB input - and only one with a standard jack!

Reviewed by kelly from wales on 3rd Jun 2006
it is an ok phone but it have doesnt have much things on it like bluetooth or infra-red. i would recommened a samsung d500 for all teenagers

Reviewed by Big D from UK on 23rd May 2006
Yes it looks pretty cool, & yes it's inexpensive.. .. but it's the NEC's ergonomics that REALLY bug me. I bought this phone as a budget replacement for my (stolen) Motorola V220- which was in turn a replacement for my (drowned) Trium, etc.. I'm only interested in paying £50 for a PAYG phone, but even at that price point I do expect it to WORK! My problem with the 343i is the keys. As other reviewers have suggested, this is a great 'Mum' phone.. but if you're at all speedy at texting, the flat, square keypad & dodgy keys will DRIVE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!!! If you want a 'n', you'll get an 'm', if you want an 'x' you'll get a 'w'.. basically, you can't rush it- it'll only go at its own (v.slow) pace. The lack of menu / icon customisation is also bit of a drag, but other than that, a nice basic phone. (Can't comment on i-Mode, because I don't need / use it) Conclusion: Let's face it, you wouldn't even be looking at the NEC if you had more money to spend- so if cool Apple-ish looks are important, go ahead & buy it. However, if you really want a quality, usable, £50 PAYG phone that feels good in the hand and really works- get on eBay and buy yourself an old Motorola / Nokia. Your mates might not be impressed, but you'll keep your sanity!

Reviewed by Lynsey Carr from Scotland on 23rd May 2006
My mum has just purchased this phone and I wish I'd gone with her. It's the most awful phone I have ever seen. The picture quality is just dreadful - there is barely any colour on the photos she has taken. She has a picture as her background and its barely visible!!! It is a nightmare to text on it too - I'll be buying her a decent phone when her birthday comes around. Don't waste your money on this piece of rubbish!

Reviewed by Sergito from spain on 22nd May 2006
I like this phone, but only if u want a phone for calls and SMS.Is the perfect phone for a mom.

Reviewed by *~laura~* from hastings england on 20th May 2006
its a brill phone for the price only downside no bluetooth or much connectivity but i guess its got free emails so if u wish to upload onto pc you can email the pickz to the pc, camera is pretty good apart from the fact that sometimes it freezes and ends up takin a completely diff pick, apart from that its an ok phone!!

Reviewed - by - from on 13th May 2006
this is a nice eyse phone no it dousant have blue tooth but who needs it who ever saYS IT TURNS IT SELF OFF IS WRONGTHIS IS ECCELENT.

Reviewed by holly from the uk on 13th May 2006
it just looks soooooooooooooo cool!!!!!

Reviewed by Paps from United Kingdom on 10th May 2006
Ok people! Let me just explain what you receiving for £40: -A Camera (poor quality..so??) -A sleek looking phone -A Blue keypad -i-mode(Don't know what it is, apart from glorified wap!) -A game called 'Fruit storm' where they spell 'Score'-'Scroe'! I think this phone is amazing! I needed a phone on a miniscule budget, and here it is! A good looking, gimicky, feature packed phone, immersed in charisma! I have had so many phones in the past, but I think this one, by far, is the most cost effective! Yes, I do agree, it's a 'NEC', but you have to try and look at it asthough it's a skoda! Ignore the badge, you just won't realise! I say to you people looking for a new, low priced, phone, go for this! You won't find a better looking phone, for as cheaper price anywhere! Have fun! PS: All you people that are insulting the phone, stop dropping it! Because: 1) The paints not just going to fall off! 2) The phone's not going to break, unless you drop it on the floor, or throw it in water! Muchos Love Paps

Reviewed by Phil from uk on 7th May 2006
I have no idea why everyone dislikes this great little phone yes it dosnt have bluetooth of infrared but then who wants it. The phone does pretty much all one asks of it ..you can email on the go using imode texting is easy and prdictive text is better than a lot of others . The big plus to me is it looks like it should have an Apple logo on it as it has the same smooth lines as Apple computers ..It has just the one socket on the side which is for charging ... handfree and you can link to your computer using a mini usb lead and with the right software available online for free you can manage your phone simply .at £49.95 its superb ...Only real downside is that nobody does a crystal cover for it to keep it in great condition ..having said that as long as you dont keep it in your pocket with your keys it seems to stay new looking longer than most ..So to me its a great little bargain for those who want a simple phone if you want better camera results then buy a digital camera . .

Reviewed by naz from africa on 4th May 2006
A good phone to use with quite good features.This is a good phone.

Reviewed by Andy Disco from England on 2nd May 2006
As a second "pub" phone its a star, its looks like an ipod, it has free internet access and cheap calls if you top up regularily. + when ure p****d the lightup neon blue keypad can show you where your front door lock is... Ok the cameras rubbish as are the ringtones, but what do you want for £50??? if you want better pay more cheapskates..

Reviewed by Liam from Englan on 1st May 2006
Ultra poor phone, had it two months, turns itself off when it feels like it and now won't charge!

Reviewed by Gemma from England on 27th Apr 2006
i bought this phone as an emergeny after my motorola v550 broke. worst mistake i ever made. all the paint on the silver casing chipped off in a matter of weeks. the camera is rubbish and it only stores about 20 photos. it crashes all the time and the battery would run out really quick. sometimes the vibrating function would turn itself on but not turn off again. and wots worse is it is now broken and will not charge which means i have to buy yet another phone. i have only had this one for 4 months. i do not recomend it to anyone

Reviewed by Erika from England on 24th Apr 2006
well i think this is a rather dandy phone! i got it for easter and i think it is excellent! especially the camera. the camera makes everyone look great. although sometimes there“s not enough light so you can“t really take good pictures. And also sometimes when you get a text it just won“t stop vibrating but that“s only happened to me twice!! get this phone! it is excellent. and really good value! and i think the model is really good.

Reviewed by Omar from England on 23rd Apr 2006
This phone is rubbish

Reviewed by John from United Kingdom on 16th Apr 2006
This was the worst thing i eva bought! If you like a poor signal, a mediocre camera that only takes dark grainy photos and shoddy construction then the NEC 343i is without doubt the one to go for. Forgive me for the sarcasm...

Reviewed by Kiki from UK on 16th Apr 2006
Stylish and compact phone however it drops calls and has terrible reception. Fiddly to text and i'm still trying to get used to it despite being heavy user. Also key numbers/letters are starting to rub off. On the whole it's one of the worst phones I have owned and the only plus is that I did not pay much for it.

Reviewed by simone from U.K. on 16th Apr 2006
i am giving it 2 stars cause i think its only just about average! This phone is good - the layout, and espeically the blue lit colour key-pad! lol The i-mode is great as its free if u keep topping up every month! lol The bad points would be whenever i get a text - it starts vibrating and doesnt stop unless you take the battery out! Needs Bluetooth! and video! And the camera sometimes doesnt come up whe u want it to! other than that its not a bad fone.. I would not reccomend it though, Only if you want it to text + take pics!

Reviewed by tasha from england on 16th Apr 2006
it has not got a lot of memory and the style is very bad and it looks like you have bought it off a market for a fiver!

Reviewed by Tom Howe from Manchester, England on 15th Apr 2006
what a bag of junk! i mean looks like a brick, performs like one too!!!!! i dont get the point of this phone at all do u???? If u have any sense at all u wont get it if ur nt so gd on money then id advise to either get the motorola V600, V620 or the SE K700i, K500i or K300i. dont get this pone!"£$%^&*()_+

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 14th Apr 2006
This fone is rubbish it looks OK for £49.99 but the only good things about it is the size and light up blue keypad.You can't get on to any good websites cause there all to big. There are no good ringtones on this fone and no wallpapers. The camara isn't good either. If you want a thin easy to use fone try the Motorola SLVR or V3x.

Reviewed by anthony from london on 14th Apr 2006
Yuk-my partner got me this as a gift. The buttons feel cheap and tacky and the camera is all fuzzy and dark. The silver casing scratches so easily and now my buttons have started sticking.

Reviewed by Eddie from Scotland on 9th Apr 2006
Ive had this fone 3 months and it looks like its 3 years old, camera is rubbish, texting is difficult for fast texting, cannot view loads of webpages as they are 2 big, the paint comes off the fone easily, ringtones are rubbish honestly the worst fone ive ever had, on the flipside the blue keypad is quite snazzy, i would NOT advise any1 to buy this fone, even if it is only £50.

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 8th Apr 2006
I read many reviews on this phone before buying it, and was almost put off by some of the reviews of poor battery life and very poor reception. I have always used and trusted Nokia, although I am not a fan of their latest colour screen phones having owned the 6111 and 8880, I feel they have "lost the plot" I work in an area of poor mobile reception - but since owning the NEC reception is actually BETTER than the Nokia! The phone is very slim and battery life is acceptable, plus you can buy car chargers off ebay for a few pounds. It's taking a while to learn how to text as things are in different places than the Nokia, but the T9 predictive text is the same and the keypad is very nice to text with. All in all for £60 I'd recommend it, after all I paiid £400 for a sim free Nokia 8880 that turned out to be a complete pile of ****!!!!

Reviewed by Michael from doncaster on 2nd Apr 2006
The phone itself is good althought the fact that i had it less than 2 days and the 2nd day it wouldnt charge

Reviewed by lauz from england on 31st Mar 2006
this phone is brill! my boyfriend got it and within 2months i had to go and get it myself, the features are great n the camera is good quality, and for only £50 its a bargain!! plus having free internet and that is a bonus, the only downside i suppose is not having any bluetooth or infared but hey...beggers cant be choosers...id say deff go n buy dis fone!!! x

Reviewed by euki from uk on 28th Mar 2006
Looks good, slim, pocket sized, nice simple design, metal backed. And it's cheap, £50 on o2. The main strength is their deal, which makes this currently one of the only phones you can get push email (ie emails arrive like texts, so you don't have to check for them). The tariff works out really cheap and this is why i give 3 stars. The functionality of the phone is awful, bad reception and heats up so it's uncomfortable to talk after 10mins. But for £50 + £10 a month pay as you go for 100 free mins + emails, whatchya gonna do?

Reviewed by Phil from England on 27th Mar 2006
The fone looks minted i love the blue keypad but it operates really poorly. I would not recommend this phone to anyone the camera only works when it wants to and it always is searching for network!

Reviewed by jonathon from england on 23rd Mar 2006
this is a good phone. people who say this phone is rubbish are wrong the camera is good and i would reccomend this phone to anyone. get it on 02 and the internet is free that is the most coolest thing with i mode. get it or be sorry

Reviewed by Peter from Ireland on 18th Mar 2006
Not a bad phone for £50 - looks good and performs all the basic functions.Dont expect much and you wont be disappointed.

Reviewed by emma from UK on 18th Mar 2006
It's a rubbish phone with one of the worst cameras i've ever used. The buttons are hard to press and it keeps breaking down. I wouldn't even recommend this phone to a begger!!!

Reviewed by MIchael from Ireland, Republic of on 17th Mar 2006
... not much to be said, it is quite simply, the least attractive and most overrated mobile phone I have ever owned.

Reviewed by - from Ireland on 12th Mar 2006
This phone cant get a signal where other phones on the same network have no trouble. Battery life is poor - probably because its always searching for the network. Typing texts is frustrating. The phone scratches easily in your pocket. On the plus side it does have a good keypad and looks good. But overall, its a cheap phone and it really does show. If you want an imode phone, go for Samsung.

Reviewed by Jack from Englans on 11th Mar 2006
This phone has a cool look to it and when the keys light up its wicked but the camera and ringtones are rubbish!! so its up 2 u if u wana buy it!!!

Reviewed by Noeleen from Ireland on 8th Mar 2006
Looks good, good battery life. Signal not the best

Reviewed by dav from england on 7th Mar 2006
great phone. cool game on it like tetris. 02 are doing them at £35.00 for a refurbished one all in although this might meen the have a steady supply of them coming back to them as faulty so slightly cautious. anyway comes with 6 months warrenty so who cares at the price. camera is very poor quality but how often do you really use it.

Reviewed by JasonJ from Ireland on 5th Mar 2006
really good looking phone with OK extras, nothing much. Looks like an iPod Nano.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 3rd Mar 2006
Excellant value for money! A camera phone at under 50 pounds! Worth its money and nice looking too!

Reviewed by jonathan from wales on 1st Mar 2006
this phone is amazimg, but i had it for nearly 5 months now and my camera will only work when it wants to work. its a phone i would reccomend to buy but be careful. take great care with it

Reviewed by joe from Wales on 26th Feb 2006
fab if ur on $50 budget its the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Billy from UK on 23rd Feb 2006
awesome phone!!!

Reviewed by eli from n.wales on 23rd Feb 2006
very nice small phone, get it.

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