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Motorola V980 review

 Review: February 2005  


In a nutshell: The Motorola V980 is a 3G clamshell-style phone available exclusively on Vodafone.


One of the advantages of Vodafone's 3G service is that it allows you unrestricted access to the web, unlike 3, where you're restricted to 3's own content.

It's a nicely featured phone that compares well with the other 3G clamshells currently available, not missing any essential feature. Battery life is not wonderful, and it's quite heavy, but not really worse than other 3G phones. Overall it's a good phone, but nothing special.

Motorola V980 features include:

  • 3G functionality: video calling and video downloads on Vodafone live!
  • Internal display: 65,536 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • Integrated VGA digital camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x digital zoom and camera light
  • Video capture, playback and download
  • Integrated MP3 player
  • MP3 ringtones & polyphonic ringtones
  • Downloadable themes (ringtones, wallpaper & screensavers)
  • Java™ games: embedded and downloadable
  • In-built handsfree speaker phone
  • Voice activated dialling
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS 5.0, MMS, email
  • Phonebook
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Memory: 2 Mbytes plus removable TransFlash™ memory card (up to 256 Mbytes)
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS class 10
  • Triband + 3G (WCDMA)
  • Size: 94 x 49 x 27 mm
  • Weight: 137g
  • Talktime: 2 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 145 hours

Motorola V980 user reviews

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Average rating from 144 reviews:

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 14th Dec 2008
Can't stand this phone! Whenever I try to use the internet it connects me to germany! And I never recieve calls, even when the person is sat next to me! And you never recieve missed calls either! Also can leave it charging for a whole day and the battery will be dead in 2 hours. Awfull phone.

Reviewed by joe yanks from UK on 28th Oct 2008
when i charge it full it don't take me more than ssix hours and the battry runs down again

Reviewed by James from UK on 27th Apr 2008
I have had this phone for almost 3 years now. It is still working just as well as when I bought it. It has done everything required and more. it is very versitile, hardwearing (I have dropped it many times and once covered it with cellulose thinners!), and has few problems. There are two camera's, two screens, a good LED light.It is also simple and easy to use. Two of my friends also owned V980's. The Video Call function took ages to boot up and never really worked to its full potential. My friends V980 started deleting all of the contained files including downloaded ringtones and videos for no apparrent reason, and my other friends V980 started suffering battery problems and effectively broke. The storage space which can be maxed out can contain over 1000 images, the only problem is when you exceed more than 250 images the phone slows down because of its content. The other problem is that my charger has become a bit tempermental as the pins do not connect properly (but this could be due to over use!), the battery life has never been as good as rival phones, daily charging is needed if you are using it often, however recently I have used it little and the battery life has increased dramatically! I had several problems transferring my photos to my computer however and gave up. Plus the headphones jack is none-universal which was a great pity considering its mp3 functionality! The final nail in the coffin of this truly delightful phone is that is lacks both infra-red and bluetooth which are essential for any teenager to have! But for 80 (when bought) it was good value for money! Quality: 5 stars Features: 4 stars Functionality: 5 stars Looks: 3 stars Connectivity: 3 stars

Reviewed by J Dawson from UK on 17th Apr 2008
The battery life is worse than 'not great' it is diabolical I bought a brand new battery not even 5 months ago and it is already flagging. The charger is not only fiddly but tricky to actually attach. When sending text messages I found that if you dont shut the case instead of pressing 'back' it sends the message twice costing you more money. It's a rip off, I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Moody from UK on 29th Dec 2007
Its my fone so it must/is excellent. The fact that it doesnt have bluetooth you can just get media of the pc using the cable.

Reviewed by Mark C from UK on 17th Nov 2007
My last phone was a Motorola v980 and i thought is was quite a good handset. But the lack of bluetooth on the handset did make up my mind to buy a new phone.

Reviewed by Shona from UK on 7th Oct 2007
I loved this phone, the only trouble was getting to transfer pics to my pc, but it was great having a huge strore of family pictures to look at on my travels and never even realised it had MPS Player!!!!! now someone has purloined, I hope they fell really proud of their sick selves

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 10th Aug 2007
This phone is absolutely awesome i recommened it to every1!! Go buy it now!!

Reviewed by Fiona from UK on 29th Jun 2007
this fone iz ok for memory space. but its poop with reception and quality ov pictures. i h8 how the battery goes really fast i had to charge it like day after day its soo anooyin. i must tht the sharp gx29 iz beta even tho it hasnt gt as many features as the motorola v980. plz do not buy this fone. its like a prick in a pocket

Reviewed by satil from UK on 25th Jun 2007
I am using that for two weeks. It is bulky a little bit.But the main problem is charging device. It takes to charge daily.And sometimes it creates a sound and then shows "emergency only ".I couldn't find the reason like this. Overall it is a standard mobile that fits me.

Reviewed by Iain Green from UK on 23rd May 2007
I find this phone very fulfilling because it has an MP3 player so I can download and listen to music on the move

Reviewed by paul from UK on 20th May 2007
its ok. the picture quality is good and the vidios could be longer. its very slow with the memery card in and very expensive on vodaphone!!!!!!!!!! 12p a text and at least 50p per minute.

Reviewed by Jibri from UK on 16th May 2007
I hae this fone i hate it hate it hate it!!!! It dosent even read my memery card nemore!!!!!!

Reviewed by zack from UK on 3rd May 2007
yes exactly! ive had this fone for almost 3 years now and it has rly been gd to me. there are problems like the usb not connecting properly and the screen just goes white and starts again.... thats annoying! sometimes when u try to ring someone the phone just turns itself off. it is good camera and video especially cus i got it 2004. well its my birthday next week and im getting a new phone.. the amazing samsung d900. AMAZING!

Reviewed by anna from UK on 22nd Mar 2007
mucho GOOOOOOOOOOOD telefon

Reviewed by Nissi from UK on 9th Mar 2007
i have the motorola V980 and just recently it has been giving me strange problems, like my pictures are deleted without my knowing and blank files are left in their place, same as with my music files; and now i can't make phone calls, send & recieve sms messeges and i really can't figure out what's wrong with it. It's been good all the time i had it and i've beenhappy with it but now humbs down!

Reviewed by ahsan from UK on 22nd Feb 2007
when i bought this phone the seller in the phone shop told me that the phone is good. i have been using this phone for 3 months and i think this is one helluva phone. the best phone in the market.actully you just have to know what the best way is to use the best thing.

Reviewed by fans from UK on 5th Feb 2007
Terrible phone. Terrible connection. Terrible battery life. On my third one, because all the others broke. I don't treat my phone with kid gloves, but a phone should survive being dropped once or twice. Thank god I can upgrade.

Reviewed by victor from UK on 5th Dec 2006
so.the phone is great but i have just 1 problem with it.i can't instal java games on it.i have data cable,driver and everything but i still can't instal them.i tried everything i copyed them everywhere but it still don't see them as apps.what can i doo?pls help me!i realy want new games on my phone.thx

Reviewed by Rosie Weatherill from UK on 29th Nov 2006
This phone is awful! Anyone thinking of getting it don't! It's very very heavy, big and ugly. Also I had loads of problems with the charger. The phone just never charged! It's really really ugly and does not have good features like bluetooth. DONT' BUY IT! I now have to get a new phone because this one broke and it is so ugly I don't want to use it!

Reviewed by Sally from UK on 20th Aug 2006
This phone is excellent! The battery life could've been better though. If you need a phone with a long lasting battery life this phone is not for you. Though the battery lets it down the Video calling, Video recording and Camera are outstanding. Another good feature would be the internal view on the camera and the light on the camera is very handy! It's a shame there is no bluetooth or infared.

Reviewed by Llamaface from UK on 30th Jun 2006
This phone is good 4 the first 2/3 months, but seriously dudes, dont get it if your the type 2 take loads of photos. The quality goes down as the memory decreases, and it cuts out alot. Apart from that, its cool. I never actually got the video-calling to work, so that was a bit of a bummer. i woodnt recommend it on pay-as-you-go though, payy-mounthly is the best option because after a year, its seriously kinda rubbish.

Reviewed by Jenny from UK on 27th Feb 2006
This is a great phone even though it is a bit of a brick i would still recomend it to anyone the graphics are brilliant! The sound is perfect, mp3s sound brilliant it is really easy to use and the video and pictures are of amazing quality well worth it!

Reviewed by Armando from UK on 19th Feb 2006
Avoid if possible! The phone broke down 3 times in the past 2 months. Spent more time sending it to Customer Service than using it. No bluetooth and infrared and the data cable might mess the mobile up even more (if that is possible!!). I'm getting either a Sony Ericsson K600i (even though I've read some disturbing reviews) or Sharp V703. Do yourself a favour... Do as I did. Get yourself anything but a Motorola.

Reviewed by trev from UK on 13th Feb 2006
pile of junk mines going in the bin shortly

Reviewed by dAvE from UK on 20th Jan 2006
I love this fone PC software is great too MP3 player great camera great

Reviewed by Dianne from UK on 18th Jan 2006
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE..... yes it is really really unreliable. The battery will not stay charged, and my service provider Vodaphone has changed this 3 times... the new phone that I have just recieved , discharged its battery within 12 hours of being charged up and I didnt even use it!!!! Vodaphone have known about this problem for months, so why are they still issuing these phones to people, they actually recommended this one to me!!! I am really angry because I am tied into a contract with this useless phone. The last one that I was sent contained a letter stating that there is a design fault with the v 980 and that motorola do not yet have the software to recify this,... so be warned!!! this phone could be a nightmare for you too!!

Reviewed by Gareth from UK on 5th Jan 2006
Utter rubbish and without doubt the worst phone I have owned in the 7 or 8 years of mobile usage. Am surprised to have seen so many positive reviews on another site, but then do you take notice of illiterate reviews such as " thiz fone iz wicked" or " omg!!! dis fone am da biz !!! it well rockin guy!" As stated previously, the battery life is awful. For an average user who makes a few phone calls a day and maybe some 3G use, you'll be lucky to get a couple of days. To compound matters, the phone cannot operate whilst it is charging. It just switches off and doesnt even inform you when its completed. On top of this, if you switch the phone off then the inbuilt alarm DOES NOT WORK. You have to leave the phone on overnight if you want to use the alarm, which drains the battery further. The call quality is not good and neither is the overall signal strength. The net result can be frustrating calls with people asking you to repeat yourself. Its also becoming more and more frustrating not having EITHER bluetooth or infrared for sharing files, but then thats my own fault for not reading up about its features. Other issues are perhaps more minor, little usability things that I used to take for granted on a Nokia. For example, the phonebook/contact management on the V980 falls well short. The options for cleaning up and managing text messages is limited as well. If you want a phone with all the bells and whistles, such as an mp3 player, 2 cameras, video calling, a "lighting solution" (errrr?) then this is the phone for you. If you want a phone that allows you to make good quality calls and lots of them on a single charge, buy a Nokia. There are some nice features on the phone, but where it really matters it falls way, way short.

Reviewed by karen from UK on 3rd Jan 2006
hi had my phone for about 7months now everything good on it but when you go to play the full track songs mp3 you have downloaded you can but cant set to use as ringtones also the battery life is rubbish and the usb cable doesnt seem to work e-mail me if anyone nows k.leishman@blueyonder.co.uk

Reviewed by karen from London from UK on 15th Dec 2005
This is the worst phone I have ever come across. I had it for 10 days - pathetic battery life, unbelievable - less than two days if your lucky and that's on standby-I didn't actually get to make a call on it because the internal speaker was faulty - the handsfree speaker worked randomly - no dialling tone - white screen freezes - ring tones rather naff - cannot delete individual phone numbers or data without clearing and restorng it all. I must of been having a very bad day when i bought this phone - it was the worst buy ever! but at least I have been able to get a full refund. I will now buy a Sharp or Nokia phone, never again a motorolo!

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 2nd Dec 2005
Would be fantastic if worked ok - mp3 player freezes every couple of songs and battery goes dead within a couple of hours if I put it on silent (does anyone else have this problem?)- slept in loads cause of this. Battery sometimes last a couple of days and sometimes less than one. Camera and video ok.

Reviewed by francis from england on 7th Nov 2005
this fone is ok the good things about it are the advantage of mp3player and the media player altho most fones these days have that feature, its abit bulky the iv had a couple of problems with this fone the chargeing cuts out a little and sometimes the usb cable cuts out aswel and says the fone is not attatched when it is.o i also forgot to mention the screen sumtimes goes all white and then cums back on afta about 3 seconds and says no service i also dislike the lack of blutooth or infra red. i do not recomend this fone i have had it forbout 3 month and have just orderd an ericsson w800i on contract and that looks like the best on the market.

Reviewed by Joanne from Scotland on 4th Nov 2005
Got this phone on contract 5 months ago, well should say got another 5 months ago, now onto my third V980 due to charging probs and vodafone have eventually admitted (by way of a letter mistakingly left in the third V980 box) that there is a problem charging and that the software to allow to charge is not available yet (will it ever be?). This is the reason they are now selling so cheaply. I wouldn't wish this phone on my worst enemy!!! It's slow and it would be easier lumping shrek around with you. DON'T BUY IT!!!!

Reviewed by Frazer from Sussex: England on 2nd Nov 2005
I bought this fone bcoz my ova 1 broke and im glad i bought it. the

Reviewed by sam from uk on 31st Oct 2005
Ive had this phone nearly a year, and i had trouble from the word go, at first i couldnt get on vodafone live wher u have 2 ring up and register it and then 2 months in the charger broke so having fixed that i now have 2 charge up daily or the battery will die but ther are some good things like the video and mp3 but i am looking for a new phone now as i think its past it sell by date as i need bluetooth and infrared wich ive had on even older motorola's than this!

Reviewed by Jorge from Portugal on 30th Oct 2005
I have my V980 for almoust one year. Never had one problem with it. Its a great phone, the only bad things about it is its size and the fact that it doesnt has Bluetooth. The battery lasts around 3 to 5 days depending on the use, the software is easy to use, and the functions are great. The screen size could be bigger, but the quality is good, still, you need to remember that this is a older 3G phone, so you can obviously find better, but the price/quality relationship is probably one of the bests on the market. Its kinda sad seeing so many people saying that this phone is bad. They probably just say that because they dont have one and are envy from who has it lol.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 28th Oct 2005
I've had this phone for about a month now. At first it worked great, mp3 player was brilliant and the camera is good. The battery however, only lasts a day and a half max. For the last week my phone has been broken though. The light that is used to illuminate dark areas when taking pictures is on permanently, and the screen doesn't work at all. I am going to try and return this to Vodafone. If I do manage to get my money back I will not be buying another V980. The features are pretty good and it holds a LOT of text messages, but the poor battery and likelyhood of it going wrong is too much of a con.

Reviewed by - from - on 27th Oct 2005
this fone is amazing!! for 80 quid, its fantastic. no, it hasnt got bluetooth or infrared, but hey. if you get it from vodafone, you pay a measly 80 QUID for it. now thats what i call value for money.

Reviewed by Hallowwen on Christmas from England on 24th Oct 2005
Tis a good phone if you are having problems using wap it is because you need active credit to access the internet great phone i love the fact you can play videos full screen

Reviewed by wazza from worcester on 21st Oct 2005
thiz fone iz wicked

Reviewed by Luke from Macey on 20th Oct 2005
I really hate this phone. Infact I h8 all motorolas full stop. It is shaped like a brik. It is slow and very boring and doesnt have bluetooth or infared. Very dissapointing.

Reviewed by Gordon Smith from Scotland on 10th Oct 2005
This is the worst phone ever. rubbish quality screen slow downloads and crappy tones don't buy it. it will ruin your life!

Reviewed by emma taylor from united kingdom on 30th Sep 2005

Reviewed by kurtis from zimbabwe on 23rd Sep 2005
i dont know why i cant go on the internet but it is nice

Reviewed by karen leishman from scotland on 15th Sep 2005
just bought the phone this week found phone to be good good pictures etc but have trouble connecting to vodaphone live as says network not available does anyone else have that problem e-mail me at k.leishman@blueyonder.co.uk thanks

Reviewed by keith from uk on 4th Sep 2005
ok i understand sum other ppl's views but for me, i got the phone for 99.99 and it had 20 credit on it already, and it was brand new. The phone has so many features, like camera, video camera, vodafone live, 3G, video calling, really good tones, mp3 player. I must admit it is a little bulky but that aint really a problem as i like my phones lyk that and the battery is maybe a little poor cuz u have to charge it alot but well everyone says that about there phones.

Reviewed by vijaydeep from singampunari on 31st Aug 2005
chanciless! ! ! ! ! xcelent fone.... buy it

Reviewed by richardb4005@blueyonder.co.uk from england on 28th Aug 2005
i just bought this phone and was really really excited when the delievery man rang my bell but then when i opened it i thought "NO WAY" and knew from then that i wiuldnt like it, the screen at the front is tiny compared to the size of the phone,the mp3 player is rubbish its amongst the ringing tones,to big and very heavy,it has got good tones,ok wallpapers but the light sensor that turns the back light off when theres loads of light don't work,it has a good quality set of vga/cif cameras but battery time is awfull,i would say its great if you dont mind or like its apperance and size,and don't mind changeing its battery but not if you want something reliable, with bluetooth and irda. instead i sent it back and now im getting a motorola v550 which has it all apart from mp3 player which i dont mind as i have an ipod.

Reviewed by richard from england on 25th Aug 2005
OMG!!!how can any1 say this phone is rubbish ok it could do with bluetooth but then hey i have had 3 bluetooth phones which have broken for the simple fact it takes up 80% of the phones energy as does video calling which may i add is only there to use sometimes it aint there to replace voice calls and come on this phone is way better than them 3g phones you get at least its small and on VODAFONE, mp3 player is fantastic, screen is brill, tones are out of this world,if you find you are having problems with you batt time write a list of the features u use mostly e.g voice and texts, things you don't e.g games turn of any settings that are not needed e.g vibrate and get in a spare batt, honestly i use mine all the time and i never have a problem with the battery it lasts me 5 days in all min usage with high usage bout 2/3 days. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALL.!!!!! :@)

Reviewed by Kitt Knight from uk on 23rd Aug 2005
Ok, I have had this phone for 6 months now and it is letting me down. First of all, the v980 has video calling, but you cant use it everywhere because you dont get a signal. The camera on the phone is not bad and the video recorder is rubbish. If any one reads this any want to get a decent phone get the sharp gx30. its worth paying out the money for it. sharp is a really good company for making phones.

Reviewed by Danielle from South Africa on 20th Aug 2005
I don't know why so many people are moaning. I agree with whoever said that just because your phone isn't working doesn't mean it's useless. My battery is really good, it last up to a week or more. I don't know how to use my MP3 player though, and that's a bit of a donwfall. If anyone knows please just write how to do it in the review so I can find out how! I love this phone - 3G, two cameras, video...if you want so much more go and make a phone yourself! This phone is really great, with wonderful sound quality, and great storage. I hope you guys go and buy this phone as it is worth it - and when the 3g phones and video calling phones it the world...you want to be one with the phone first! Get this phone NOW!

Reviewed by jeff from United Kingdom on 20th Aug 2005
The Motorola v980 is a poor phone, i had trouble connecting to the internet on it, the video quality was poor, the sound of the videos were also tinny and poor. The phone did not have any bluetooth which made it even worse. The phone is big and isnt as light as other phones. I recommend to anyone not to get this phone as you will be having trouble with it.

Reviewed by namreg from UK on 19th Aug 2005
The battery is a problem guys, as stated below by several reviewers. This is my second phone, having sent the first one back because it had to be charged twice a day. This one I've had for five days and it's exactly the same. In fact now, the phone won't accept a charge at all, so it will also be going back. Someone below states that you should let the battery die completely before recharging it - that's not always possible or convenient. Apart from that, I thought technology had got past all that - apparently not with this phone.

Reviewed by Loz from England on 16th Aug 2005
Don't make the same mistake i did n buy for videocalling wen no 1 else u know has it! The battery life 4 me wasnt 2 bad but if u use the mp3 alot the battery goes ded fast!! I got sick of it after bout 2-3mnths + i'm now lookin 4 a new fone. My charger was useless n went faulty after 2mnths so i ad 2 buy a new 1; the video only lets u record 4 10secs n isnt that good quality; n its big n heavy! BUT........the sound is great on calls, videos, + music; and the pics are really gud quality! overall tho dont buy this fone it doesnt hav bluetooth or infrared or wateva, n its 2 bulky. Its NOT WORTH THE MONEY!

Reviewed by hakster from U.K on 16th Aug 2005
Does any one know what type of music format you can download with this fone. I got this yesterday, i tried to download mp3 audio with mobile phone tools and it says, "unsupported format, mp3 codec may be innapropriate or missing". Then i try to drag it in, it said entity too large?

Reviewed by david from cambs on 14th Aug 2005
hi this phone is great got it bout a week ago from ebay for 45 and its fantastic part from one thing. i cant seem to get on vodafone live or the net. can anyone help me please please email me at dboughtwood@yahoo.com

Reviewed by jassy lad from the toon on 14th Aug 2005
i think tht this fone is a quality one but the only down sides are the battery life and that it has no bluetooth or infrared, but the good point in this fone is, the mp3 player, its a video camera and still camera and has a 32mb as standard and with that size memory you can save about 8 -10 songs on thew fone. So if your going to get a fone don't buy this buy a sony ericson k700i which has the ssame features and also had bluetooth but overall i think that this fone is good value for money so the people who complain it has no memory show that they have no knowledge what so ever so lick my hairy hoop.:P

Reviewed by Philip from Ireland on 13th Aug 2005
THIS PHONE WHEN I FRIST SAW IT WAS GREAT! I WAS MAINLY ATTRACTED BY THE VIDEO CALLIGN! th camera on it is great s0 you can watch video clips.>>>>>>>> but you cant change the bacgriubd and the the batter life is brutal......its not lightight and very happy. you'll get sick of it after a while. you wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by clare from UK on 12th Aug 2005
after having this fone for 5 weeks i had to put away as screen kept on coming up with lines and fuzzy screen ,they sent it to manufacteres only for it to cum back saying it was water damaged ,wasnt happy as had not been near water. so went to vodafone shop thay sent it away for second look and told me there was no fault so got a further 2 weeks out of it and now it has crashed again . worst buy.

Reviewed by barbie from Ireland on 8th Aug 2005
this fone is absolute junk. my friend got it a few weeks ago and she now hates it. the camera is rubbish and the screen is cracked. If you are going to buy this phone make sure you now some one with 3G on their phones!!!!

Reviewed by Ger from Ireland on 7th Aug 2005
this fone is very good the only thing wrong with it is that it has no bluetooth otherwise good

Reviewed by anonymous from england on 26th Jul 2005
this fone is amazin!!! if i use it constantly (dats backlight on, processor goin constantly, speaker working frequently, etc. etc.) then i can get about a day's constant use out of the battery. on standby (close it without mp3 goin an leave it), i get easily a week. so wots wit all these battery problems? the camera is really good. oh yh (for da person hu asked) to get it 2 do 3 min vids, go on record video, press da top-middle button, scroll to 'video setup' an then 2 'video length'. u can zoom, switch cameras, pause and resume, all while recordin. call quality is dam good, i dunno wot dat problem with it changin volume is all about. video callin is a bit confusin, but very good once u get started! the ability 2 hav the camera viewfinder on the outside screen is reali cool, an the smart key is a great idea. da mp3 quality is excellent (not like an ipod or anything, but really good nontheless). havin a memory card is great, cos u can store loads of stuff. an if theres not eno ugh space, then u can get anotha memory card. amazin!! get it!!!

Reviewed by goaty from england on 22nd Jul 2005
this phone is the best ive ever had. every 1 should hav this phone. in 1 word brillant

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 21st Jul 2005
I've had this phone for 4 months or so now. Its not too bad, but I am on a 20 a month contract. I think it is more of a phone for Pay as you go, rather then contract. its got some decent features, its really nice to text with. However, the battery life is quite poor and the screen quality isnt wonderful. Its an average phone, Id reccomend it for Pay as you go customers, but contract customers could get a better phone on the same price tarriff elsewhere.

Reviewed by Matthew from England on 16th Jul 2005
Seriously I don't see why so many people dislike this phone, I have it and it is great just got it the other day, The media player is great camera is great, sound is great, texting nice and easy and finaly calling quality is good. The two very small complaints about this phone though are the fact it has a small-ish screen and is kinda big apart from that great phone! Matt

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 4th Jul 2005
Just bought the phone for 100 Pay As You Go and I think thats quite good value for money, especially when my 3310 cost 100 about 6 years back!

Reviewed by loreit from philippines on 29th Jun 2005
very excellent! i just wish i could use other sim cards for it. alma dejos how did you unlock your subsidy password. im from the phillipppines too

Reviewed by catcha125 from England on 28th Jun 2005
I have had this phone now for 4 months and after a blip at the beginning (external screen)I am very happy with it. The camera is really good quality (much better than sons Sharp GX10i ) which incidentally he is selling to buy the V980 instead.Video is good as you can get 3 minutes of video instead of 12 seconds. It is really easy to use and I especially like the fact that you can download any piece of music from your pc and have it as your ringtone, so no more paying for them! You can also put on any picture you have and use it as your wallpaper. The data cable and software comes in the box, you can even take just a small part of a song and have that as a ringtone. The only thing I was not sure of was that if you want a delivery reply when you send a text message you have to enable it every time, you cannot have it on constantly, but having said that don't let that put you off buying it. There is massive amount of storage for your MP3's and pics. Battery life is not too bad, so go get one !

Reviewed by power from uk on 23rd Jun 2005
i just got a 256mb memory card and it holds up to 100's of videos and a few full length movies but so far the only movie i can get is the shawshank redemption, but great quality video. someone text me a picture from ur phone and i will send one back, then we will know who's camera is better.

Reviewed by Dunno from UK on 21st Jun 2005
I do not know where u lot buy this fone for over 100 or 200 pounds. But i bought this fone for 80 pounds from vodafone. saving u alot more money.

Reviewed by Nigel's mum from UK on 12th Jun 2005
I've taken Nigel's mobile phone away from him. He's only 8 and I think his sister who's 12 wrote that review for him, which I only now heard about. I think it's ridiculous that children should have things like this just given to them. That rat of an ex of mine gave the mobile phone to him as a bribe and he's far too young to have one, as indeed are many of the children who seem to have been given one by over-indulgent parents, or possibly as the result of the proceeds of petty crime against younger children. Nigel, of course, comes from an eminently respectable family, who speak standard English at home, and I'm going to sell the mobile phone on ebay to go towards his sports kit, or possibly remedial tutoring. Homies, indeed. The mobile phone itself is expensive tat which doesn't seem to work very well and whose battery life is rubbish. I have a pay-as-you-go Nokia mobile phone, the one with the little torch, which is much better.

Reviewed by power from england on 9th Jun 2005
this phone is great cus i went to a shop and they told me how to get the video length up to an unlimited time. it is great and you can watch full movies on it . just go to a phone shop

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 8th Jun 2005
omg!!! dis fone am da biz !!! it well rockin guy! I got it fom my dad when he got access 4 da weekend and it reely cool!!! my last fone was totally junk but dis one has mp3 and I got with a card for my mp3s!! I am only 8 but I fink it well hard down with my homies!! Only fing is my mum don't like it an says it will get robbed but I don't care!!! My dad will get me a new one 4 me even cooler!!! omg!!!

Reviewed by Emma D from England on 5th Jun 2005
omg this phone rocks.I got it 2 days ago. I h8 it wen ppl think that cuz somethings rong with their version of the phone all the others must be. The mp2 players good it has a gr8 camera and i can hav 9 videos that go on for 3 minutes. Its that good that my sister wants 1 now and she thought i was waisting my money when i was goin to buy it. I got it for 13o pounds from agros. This pjhone is so far the best 1 i have had and believe me i have had loads. People who moan about it have to learn that u get good versions ov the phone and bad ones and the batterly life on mine is good.

Reviewed by Frodo from The Shire on 2nd Jun 2005
The phone looks nice but the features aren't

Reviewed by Luke McAlary from England on 31st May 2005
There are not much words to describe this phone, i think it is great but there is no bluetooth and that is the phones only downfall!

Reviewed by carl g from UK on 31st May 2005
utter rubbish - what is point of 3g, et al, if sans bluetooth and to compound matters the most pathetic battery life of any mobile i have ever had!! have complained to vodafone and they are swapping it for a sharp gx30i - this is the first time i have given up on motorola - had them since startac days. they seem to have lost the plot re: phones. such a shame. don't even consider this rubbish phone. the final straw for me was the battery expired when in middle of an emergency call - it had been on charge all night and been used only briefly during day - it put me at risk failing at the time it did. this is utterly unacceptable. fingers crossed re: sharp!!

Reviewed by Ben Smith from England on 25th May 2005
This phone is brilliant, but when ever it has lost my pictures, they are still in the phonebecuase its used the memory up still, but i cant find them.Ive had to get a new phone becuase of this, please help if u have any info to help me please email me on burn_da_bunny@hotmail.com

Reviewed by John v. Boer from Netherlands on 19th May 2005
No Bluetooth, no Infrared, one word, Auwfull!

Reviewed by Wilfried from England on 19th May 2005
SUPER, everything!!!!!!

Reviewed by Kitt knight from uk on 17th May 2005
I have had this phone for 3 months and its great. It has mp3 player, camera and video recorder. Everyone says that the battery life is not very good, well its not if you are constantly using it. The battry can last a whole day if you use it properly. I got mine for 115, its cheap being what the fone can do. Everyone should have it.

Reviewed by martyn davies from britain on 16th May 2005
this phone is useless had it a day screen goes white frezzes while makeing a call iam back off to nokia who is with me this phone is lame

Reviewed by Tom from Engalnd on 15th May 2005
Hi i av ad this fone for one week now and its great i think best fone ive add but how do you make the video record for more than 10 seconds? because i read a post on here an someone sed they had 3 minute recordings of video on it?

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 15th May 2005
What kind of software are you using to data connect my software does not have v980 telephone at all thanx avdibegovices@lsinter.net

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 11th May 2005
I did not get to grips with this phone. Predictive text is a method called Itap which, for me was not user friendly - T9 is much better. The battery life was very bad and the phone with the ariel sticking out is just to bulky for your pocket. 3G Video calls worked well and the camera quality is very good. No bluetooth or Infrared port which for me is not too much of a problem. Overall not a bad phone but not good either but if you want a phone that has a good signal, good 3G capabilities and so so in other areas then this is for you, as for me I sent my one back.

Reviewed by Will from GBR on 11th May 2005
Nothing inherently wrong with the phone's functions, style etc. BUT!! Motorola what on earth are you doing with your batteries, totally useless, am lucky if it lasts the day if heaven forbid I actually use the phone!! Reception is not all that good. My first non-Nokia product, I can't wait to return to Nokia. I cannot advise you more strongly to stay away from this poor phone.

Reviewed by Jessie from Ireland on 6th May 2005
This fone is da bomb its pure leathal and the baatry life kicks ass. Out of all the fones i've had this moes(beats) them all

Reviewed by Madda from UK on 6th May 2005
Not too bad a phone.....but....i fully charge and fully discharge my phone batteries at least three times when its new to get good battery life. Didnt work this time, pathetic battery life 2 days if youre lucky, back to nokia next time.

Reviewed by kelly from scotland on 6th May 2005
i think its a good phone but it doesnt say how to use the mp3 player! which is well annoying!! :@ :@

Reviewed by Kitt from UK on 18th Apr 2005
I have had the phone for 1 week and it is great. The Camera is good and so is the video recorder. The phone has loads of stuff you can use, even has a mp3 player, thats not bad. I recommend everyone should have one.

Reviewed by Kitt from UK on 18th Apr 2005
This phone is great. I recommend every have one, just go and get one. you will love it.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 17th Apr 2005
Great little phone...if the battery was not a joke. Make two phone calls on this phone and you will have no battery left,it is crazy. I've spent a decent amount of money on what is a nice phone with a great camera and video recorder,however a phone isn't really worth having if the battery doesnt last longer than a day!

Reviewed by Andrew Bennison from UK on 14th Apr 2005
Disapointed in the 3G service, but it has many exciting features and it is a fun phone. Very stylish. I kiss it goodnight everynight. I put a pink ribbon and a pink frock on it.

Reviewed by Dave E from England on 12th Apr 2005
Guys sorry to tell you but I bought this phone for my wife for a 100 pounds and its a very good phone. Let down by the fact it hasn't got bluetooth but the USB cable helps that out. Not the easiest phones to use, i still think nokia have the best set-up on phone navigation. But still this is a good phone and the pic aren;t that bad and the zoom is about right as well. You can't fault a phone that puts video into landscape.

Reviewed by ozzy from England on 11th Apr 2005
It is the best fone in the world out at the moment. So brill anyone dissing the battery is just a lieing dumbo. video superb as well as camera, vodafone live is gr8 and the storage is massive. 20/10 must ave

Reviewed by Phill Liver from Germany on 7th Apr 2005
Its a great phone. Network could be better but its a outstanding phone

Reviewed by matt from cambs on 7th Apr 2005
quality phone, if you dont have one go and buy it! It is, by far, the best phone i have ever had. If you charge it right you will get a week out of the battery easy! The cameras are amazing. My last phone was on the 3 network and vodafone is so much better. Buy it!!!

Reviewed by british from britland on 3rd Apr 2005

Reviewed by paul from england on 28th Mar 2005
i had the v525 before this 1 and i thought it is better , i know this is a 3g but not that good think i better wait to give it a chance apart from that its the same only with video if u ask me this phone goes off a lot on its own , freezes on me a lot with a white screen the only way round it is taking the battery out and start again. had this fone now for about 3 weeks and now the battery is dead flat as a pancake it wont charge up so gotta buy a new one more trouble than its worth i will be changing my fone when i get the chance. good points is the video mp3 and flash on cam or videos. To me its not worth the hassle

Reviewed by Mark from England on 23rd Mar 2005
Now i have had this phone for a while i will write a review. In general a very nice phone,with a great camera and a nice little video recorder. However,since i've had this phone i've had to send it off to be repaired because the screen went white and it would not come back. now i've got it back it's starting to play up once again. The signal goes,thus meaning i can't get any important phone calls or texts,it often freezes and the battery life is awful. I might just be unlucky and if i am then go and buy this phone because if mine didn't have all these problems it would be a great phone and for a great price.

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